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III 1 Part of Ancient Capital Turks Insist on Keeping JOIN FOR FIGHT LEGISLATORS
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Passengers In Rough Experience
Off Northern Coast In
Many Ships.
(By Federal Wirelesa Tclcmph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, Jnnuary 20.
(Special to The Advertiser) Storm'
lashed and bctcn, passenger steamers
and lurcher schooners are arriving to
day from tlio iNorth and have brought
reports of fearfully rough weather
which 'prevailed along tho upper California
and Oregon CouBts the last three
days?, ,
Ato.re than oughundrod and fifty
passengers on YttqjBtcamer Goorgo AV.
Elder, from Portland to San Francisco,
tnc rougncst, voyages jn mo uisiory pi
the oliltime coaster. They were- flooded
out of their staterooms and for a
while it was thought the vessel would
founder. t
While tho passengers were at dinner
a huge wave broke over tho bow of
the vessel, breaking in two frame partitions
and flooding the diningroom.
Temporary repairs "wcro made hero
and the Elder proceeded on her trip
south last night.
Tho steam schooners Nann Smith
and Speedwell both made port many
hours behind time. The Nann Smith,
out of Coos Bay, fell in with tho storm
oir Cape Blanco. Tho deckload of lumber,
valued at .$50,000, was carried
away. Tho forecastle was flooded and
members""of tho crew narrowly escaped
death. Four passengers were washed
out of their staterooms.
The Speedwell, with fifteen passengers
and a cargo of lumber, also ran
into the terrific southerly gale off-Capo
Blanco. Tho supply of fresh water ran
short, and had not tho gale changed
from the south to tho north dospair
would doubtless havo followed.
In Fancy Costume, "Will March at Head
of Woman Band and Troop of
Petticoat Cavalry.
(Br Federal Wlrelen Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, January 20.
to Tho Advertiser) fliss Inez
AlilliollanJ, of Now York. City, designated
as "tho most beautiful girl in
t)io bullrngo movement," is to load
the suirraguttes' purauo, March 3, it
was nuuouuccil today,
Wearing tho livery of a herald of
Mediiii'Viil tiiiioi, -Mis Milliollaud will
go ilowii I'unnsylvuiiia ucmia ahcud
of u woman's baud, which, iu turn, will
lead u irooji of "pottlcoat cavalry."
Awmgoiiitnt YiDri) iiiiulo to huvo
vnvuriil huiiilruil ftrikln umen
worker from Now York und Unl
tiinure muri'li in tuttcru mid ms Ito-hind
a Host iluJiU'tilig (ho Injuttlto of
tht "snuNt'thop" nyaUui.
(Mr I'm)wI WlrW.M THer4i.)
rAlll,Ili:, ruiiy!vuwl, Jununry
tu - (Mimiivl lo Tb A4jwii.er)
Uutuutf Wxlcb, lh UUippuwit IwJlsii
wb ii l'i iMrlriUMiJt uu tb Cr
liair .UfMi tut tlio ll IWu ari, bw
iitmu tie. ImI muulu of the 14m fMl
beJI lemi lur ui rr. II it lU
fn4 woo lu k io wow lit uejiUio)'
, ON TfllAU'Ojl nniliRHY
I IU, td WualMl Tite: I
., ... .... li. .!.. Ifc.. .L. .
f ttj lo it A4t4Ufi) ni loo
' i .... ..... .I. U.fcJ.u.... l....il...
urn ihi mrtr tut m'mmmmtw mtimmmw
. Himty pmmmmr
'? MM" WN mmomn
iofe '' o JoloeJ wo o Mio el
Utliitt o WW tt iU fooo
Doubt Tale of ' Angolia Troubles
To . Protect American Missionaries
(By Federal Viroless Tolcgrnph.)
BOSTON, Massachusott's, .Tanunry 20. (Special to Tho Advertiser) A
reassuring message from United States Ministor Cyrus K. yoods, at Lisbon,
I'ortngal, us received today by the, American board of commissioners for
foreign missions, concerning the situation in the colony of Atigolin, 1'ortugticso
West Africa, whero, according to recont cable advices from Lisbon, tho natives
have committed many atrocities.
.Mr. Woods caljled: "Tho Portuguese government has no knowledge of
any Angolia insurrection and therefore doubts its existence. They todny
telegraphed the Governor specially to protect American missionaries iu tlio
Province." ' ' , 5
The mission of tho American board located in tho interior of Angolin
Province is an important one, cmbVacing six stations with thirty-two American
missionaries. ,
"V h.aiMn MM
Eight Seriously and Many More
Slightly-Hurt in Fight
Which Follows.
(By Federal Wlreleu Telecraph.) H
NEW YOKK, January 20. (Special
to The Advertiser) Rioting mnrkedjTho Advertiser) "Frank Chanco was
today's developments in tho garment
workers' strike, when eight Btrikcrs
were badly hurt, Bcores of others
slight bruises and a number of
men were arrested. Troublo started
when strikers clashed with strikebreakers
at the entrance to a Spring
street factory.
Three guards and five strikebreakers
were roughly handled when they attempted
to enter tho snop, a
fight following. 1'ollco reserves
were rushed to the sccno, and they
charged with drawn clubs when many
of tlio strikers sliowod fight.
-Moro than 25,000 waistmnkors and
dressmakers were reportod as having
returned to work today.
, h
(Bjr Federal Wireless Teleeroph.)
WASJU.NUTON, .January 20.
to Tho Advertisor) Tho United
Stutes Supremo Court today annulled,
i'B iu valid, tho "reciprocal demurrage
rules" of tlio Mississippi railroad
which imposed churges upon
railroads for delay in delivery of interstate
or iiitrostatu shipments. Tho decision
was based on tho fact that tlio
ruli a did not provide f&r ilulay iu cuso
of unuvoidulilu accidents,
Olr rV4rl Wir TifmA.)
W aiUNUTUK, January go,
tu Til) A4vrUr) (au-ml
WUMmuhui Um alwudeaod the
jtropoMtt lo utiuBk ll" Amwlrmi
J Tl$nnit Compii)', or thu
Ihtll tyUw, uua tb Niwruiftu Auti
'Inm I aw, u4 bat referred tho whulv
tliba nn4 tlf4j tullmt In lb
IuivrUJ CvmiuMcy (iowuiiaeiuu or
iu)oiiiioo urn fuiouou
My fttliuku VVIfWou.
IU ' eioil lioer Mile U4 uilM
I " fci (MM toto Uo
i iuHHrhgill u4 It? tl low id ! Hi
H oiroet iJii. Wv to
...... I a. ii., JJ M I Wi,W40
) H-' liort Weoi4
4 '4-
,V- ?
c v iKHjJVflBW4Hj
- -
President Murphy Says There Is
-Difference Is Jobs for
;. Frank Chance.
(Bjr Federal WireleM Telecraph.)
CHICAGO, Jnnuary 20. (Special to
suceeesful as a playing manager; 1 am
not prepared to say that he will prove
ft wizard as n bench manager," said
Chnrlcs .Murphy, president of the
League baseball club of Chicago,
in n signed statement made public
here today.'
.Murphy declares that the popularity
or unpopularity of a manager or owner
of a club docs not figure in tho success
ot a club; it is tho winning aggregation
that counts with tho iolldwcrs of
the gume.
The loeul owner intimates that his
club hud boon reorganized because
some ot tun players woro going stale
with age.
CHICAGO, January 20. (By Asso-
J elated Press Cnblo to Star Hullctln)
'.City Dctectlyo I'etcr Hart was shot
down and instantly killed by men
to belong to tho band of
bandits today. Hurt wns ono of
a number of detectives who have been
at work watching an nuto garugu where
it wan believed the b.iiulits had their
headquarters. No nrrists havo been
inado as yet.
CHICAGO, January 20. (Hy
1'rpss Cubic to
Tho bonds put up or the release of
Kugenu CJuiicv, tho Bun Frauoiiico labor
leader, convicted of tomjiincy to
iiyiiamito non-union ttnieturj, worn
tnduy ri'duoil by tho fcdornl court lieru.
Thu jmjgo liuhl that tho liability for
lh n t'litlro ltly tliguuMil ilullnrs mutt
I'll HM0ind by Mt'li iff tho IriihIIkiIJ.
tit Indlvlduslly, wlivruas the illpuju
lion uwu wbib tbo boudiHien ruil
to uruMli tlio hand we Diet eeuh
lliuuk) bf rvuiialbU for part only.
(hi fHuol Wirol 'J lt(tt.ijiM )
r.i. rw I'tm, ilm.vt v
& aiorlel iv 'liir AJii() - f
Uln) I'tlm1 Meb ! ulit
IrM am ok'l IU ! Ibiol
liOlUltuti u4 (lfaU lo Jlef
,r. l Vil Ajeoo4 t
Jit' ul t'biebo ''it, ho lb f
Jiioo ' el' Jlejiiv oo
. 0h liie;
Japanese Political Parties
Oppose the Cabinet of
Prince Katstira.
(Ttjr Federal Wlreleu Telesrarh )
TOKIO, Japan, January 20.
to Tlio Advertiser) I'lnrn to im-;each
the Jiipnnese cabinet, nt the
of tho diet tomorrow, linyo
been nindo by tho or
party, which has u majority
in the lower bouse, but it is thought
probnliln nu adjournment will bo taken
until February o, when It is oxpeeted
that tlio budget will bo introduced-
ijhould tlio opposition Insist on its
impeachment plans the diet will bo dissolved
at onco. Tho cabinet, howover,
will remain In power until the elections,
which will demonstrate the
strength of the now Progressive party,
which l'rinco Katsura, the Premier, intends
to Jorm.
Ktitsurn declared todny that tlio now
group would bo drawn from all the old
parties nnd factions. Tlio platform
and policies ot tho new combination
will, he said, be made public shortly.
Opposition Organizing.
(Special Cnblo to the Nlppu .Tiji.)
TOKIO, Jnpnn, January 20. Two
hundred nnd sixteen members of tho
or Constitutional party, of
which Mnrquis Saionjl, former premier,
is ono of the lenders, met here yesterday-
in caucus and declared open war
upon Kanryo-Hn, br the bureaucratic
larquis Saionji, who was forced out
of oflicc a short time ago by his political
rivals pressing upon him the
for tho establishment of two divisions
of thu Japnnrso army in Korea,
made the opening address. Ho urged
his fellow members to stand firm
against the bureaucratic cabinet. To
put an end to such government wnH vitally
necessary in furthering Japauesc
progress, and its downfall is required
for "tho wclfaro of tho nation, ho said.
General debate followed, with tho
to fight ngainst tho
on tho floor of the chambor
of impeachment
of Premier TCntsura anil his cabinet.
members of tho
or Nationalist party, ono of tlio
most powerful political organizations in
Japan, also met in caucus yesterday
preparatory to tbo opening of tho Imperial
diot this morning.
Thcro -was a difference of opinion
manifested ns to several questions of
grnvo importance nnd moro particularly
ns to tho policy to bo adopted by tbo
party toward prlnco Kntsura's cabinet.
Ono fnction insisted thnt a stand similar
to that of tho should bo
tiiken, while another fnction expressed
much friendliness toward the bureaucrats.
It was fully decided to oppose
ICntinra's ministry and it is probablo
that tho Nationalists will unite with
tjie members in tlio impeachment
of the promler.
Anticipating the dissolution of tlio
thirtieth Imperial diet wlion tho action
to impeach tlio premier is taken, l'rinco
Kntsurn is iu constnnt consultation
with Viscount Oura and Baron Goto,
both well known ns figliti;ig mnchinos
of tlio bureaucratic wing. Katsura 's
plan, it said by those in eloso touch
with the Prince, is to organize nnother
great politicaj party to bo known as
tho or Constitutional-Unionist
party. Humors aro current
that a ccrtaiu faction of the Nationalists
will desert thoir own party to join
tho now organization,
The total number of deputies in the
.hainbcr is 381. Of thoso 21(1 belong
to tlio Constitutional pnrty,
to tho Nationalists, thirty-four to tho
bureaucratic division, thirty-six aro Independents
nnd fivo non-partisan.
.... :
(r Pcderal Wirtlcii Telerrapti.)
WASHINGTON, January 20,
to The Advertiser) Secretary
Jdnyer today dcejdoil (hat one of two
iiuiv fuel )ilw for tlio navy should bo
built ut ilnro Uluml navy nril, Hnu
FronelMo, Jt hue not yt boon ilncldnd
Ml wlnuli yonl thu nthwr la to bo built.
Tho limit of I'liit fur eoeluiive
or iirmor Mild ariiioiiiout, wo plnciM lit
0J io.uuo, on oooiioiit of ouuijreoo profiling
I but Iboy uliuulil be built in
uov yntii.
(Mr I'edwtJ WlroloM TbvrH)
nWl.lW, Utiumut, Joouory 0.
(Mobl u Tito Alrtierjjiiiil
I'oul, tominly 4hv r ut Ibo Jllto
1..1... iKuLju... uiijI.Iu..Iu .ui...iu.. . Jl
wh.m VfT4Wfei PMV'IFHf f"MHVMi B Ut
imiuf U tbo koyol titHVt ot liotilo. Hi
e.'liHO Krt4ing In rxirl 4ue
o diNomwoe ot epunue mho tuoiiriur
jNvflNTon mm AWAY
lilt t'inti Wu.4w itie I
WttWH MM Uwll. Joeul;
Oil iMlutFlal lu 'I tit Aduillau)
Vltti 4lo 0i l IbO l0l 10
b tMitoo bM' la 4'0 be,
mfi alitJ lew fi Ui IO'Ol4
Lower House of Wyoming Stage
For Disgraceful Violence
By Speakers.
Republicans ami Democrats In
Uproar Until Agreement
Is Reached.
(Djr Federal Wlieles! reterraph.)
CHEYENNE, "Wyoming, January 20.
(Special to The Advortlscr) Scones
of violence, which lasted fully three-quarters
of nn hour nnd which included
two separate oncouuters between
Speaker Jlnrtin L. Trntt .and Speaker
W, J. AVood, throw the lower
houso of tho Wyoming legislature into
hopeless confusion just boforo noon today.
, """
Absolutely no parliamentary ordor
obtained and tho sceuo only ended by
in agreement among tho members on
the lloor, when cool-headed londori of
either iactioa announced an agreemont
lo let tho matter stand just us it was
until later.
Both Pratt nnd Wood claim authority
over tho house, und with Wood
sitting In tho speaker's chair and
rratt wielding tho gavol the show of
authority seemed about equal in a way.
Tho immediate occasion of tho trouble
was thu attempt of Speaker Pratt
to call to tlio chair i O. Hunter,
of Carbon county. Au appeal
had been takei lrom tbo speaker's
ruling upon tho offer of substituto
committees by tho Democrats for thoso
ho had named nnd in which ho
JicUV tho pnlntico of power in
tlio two' important committees of r'ulos
and elections Mr. Huutor"tobE' the
chair and Pratt eut to Hunter's seat
en the lloor.
Judge Aloz, Beniocrnt, nroso nnd declared
thnt tlio. speaker could not designate
any other than tho speaker protein
to take tho chair, nnd'cullcd upon
ISoprescntntlvo W. J. Wood, of Crook
county, speaker pro-tern nnd n
to preside. t
This AVood proceeded to do nnd Hunter
yielded the chair to him. Then
Pratt claimed tho chair himself. Wood
sat stanchly in tho sent until l'ratt,
grasping him by tho shoulders with
both hands, throw him violently off tho
Wood slipped on both hands and his
lacu, but promptly aroso and rushod
back to tho chair again. The man
grappled with each othor until Chaplain
Davidson, and others on tho platform,
held them npart.
OottingJiold of tho gavol, l'ratt declared
the-' bouse, adjourned.
Having tho prestige of tho speaker's
chnir and using u paper for a gavel,
Speaker I'ro.tem AVood shouted to tlio
to eloso tho doors and
allow no ono to leave tho building. Ho
I lien called for a rollcall on tho appealed
Standing ovor the chief clerk, gavel
lu hand, l'ratt forbade tho calling of
tho roll.
. Hoth sides were lined up nnd
reigned on tho lloor of tbo
house, ns well as on tho platform, but
the adjournment was finally taken
lifter it had been agreed to adjust tho
mutter later.
ES ftT
(lly Kahuku Wireless)
WAIMJKir, Jununry U0. (Special to
Tbo Advcrtikeri') Arriving on tlmp
from Japanese aiid Chinese- ports, with
n cnul ami lirljrk cargo for the Knliulul
railroad, tlio Dollar lino trump Mourner
.M. S, Dollar Is now a culler nt thu port
of Knliulul. The vessel raiiin in
( (imir ri'pnrta an miovuiitful
trip mill all on t.onr.l iiru well. Thu
llollur hua u I liiii. i rcw
(lie Uoboku UliWuaa)
UAIM'KI', Jouuury ju (Njowiel
lit 44rliM( Mll tbrm. tieiUiuto
.Ijrlu.l mill iu Hi, ji. llul Klxl I liO
I'uilii l ii an b4lv uf a Hullwlii boll
yluiJa u'obl lo Ibo lu u
tU iw ibi lu.Ui bo
Ml o milium otf, lb lb lacel.
'I l.i wuetso hlmiiia yio, of obl"b bo
f t.v luiliiliMl lev M40fb WUla(
I lb mimi b boot niMumju bur
lteef o loojltf WlUM
to bit fart) 0 y Irloolo Foo! to
111' tfi!iit2L "'" w
wL$ii zkiwAtgkJietX&iiSfitkJ & k ijt fit j, j? j.
mmiimmmmumnnMMrmMMmMiMMliiM i'lffiriMiiitifi,iwitm'riiri
i "I
Turkey Offers Half of City to
Ailiesas a Last Peace
Greek Officer Tells of
Battle With Turks Near
fllr Federal Wirelesa Telerraph.)
LONDON, January 20. (Special to
Ibo Advertiser) Offering to cede half
jf Adrianoplo to tlie Balkan Allies,
vriiilo retaining that half of tho city
comprising the Moslem section, and
asking for a resumption of the peace
conference- hero that this may bo
a communication is boing forwarded
by tho Porto to tho peace
envoys horo, according to unconfirmed
dispatches from Constantinople today.
Doctor Dancff, tho chief Bulgarian
nvoy said today that if such an
la made tho Allies wiU accept It, as
it would be but a stop to tho acquisition
of. the entire city.
Diplomats hero were ploasod with tho
development today of the Balkan-Turk!
ish situation and tho impression Is
growing that Turkoy will at the last
.moment agroo to the demands of her
foes, rather than again submit to ths
arbitrament of war.
(Bv Federal Wireless Telerrapti.)
ATHENS, January 20. (Special to
The Advertiser) A Greek officer who
nartldDated, la. too naval battle be-
twoen thToleeE; iSa TUriasn tteccfvtti
the Dardanelles last week, and closely
followed the Incidents of the fight, says
that during the pursuit of tho Turkish
war vessels by the Greeks the battleships
Khoyr (de) Din, Barbarossa and
Tongut En Boih slackened speed and
-showed a list to starboard.
He believes that both vessels -wore in
& sinking condition when they reached
tho Straits.
Two Weeks for. Peace.
.LONDON, Jnnuary 20. (By Associated
Press Cable to Star-Bulletin)
Turkey has been given fourteen days
in which to yield to the demands mado
upon her by the Allies. This was
hero today after another
meeting of tho delegates to the
poaco conference. The statement was
mado that if by the end of that time
tho Porto lias not reached the decision
to surrender Adrianople the delegates
will notify General Savoff, and after
a iurther wait of four days hostilities
will be resumed.
LOS ANGELES, January 21. (By
Associated Press Cable) At the State
convention of' tho United Building
Trades hero yesterday, Tvcitmoo and
Clancy, now in tho federal prison at
Leavenworth, Kansas, convicted as dynamite
conspirators, woro rcolected officers
of tho organization. P. H. McCarthy,
former mayor of San Francisco,
wns also reelected au ofllcer of tho
Jt wns nunounced by tlio San
delegates that industrial peace
would bo certain in tlio Bay City iu
(Ily l'wImrMl Wireieao J ei. isrei.io
WANUINMTON, Jnuuery go.
Buju1m1 Iu Tim AflkertUerV -
tfkurii mi' to lb eoeorltaa
by MoJ ' liri, mitMtM
tiv uuiubr tut lli riUii of
Uurtii OnUrin U lli i'u4iwi
MrUivMi, ll.tti ! rnll4
M4 HVt "I DW4
WrflH) i " .Airf(i MiKH !"
u4 h K"d u'tnli 8u4 tuuial
"HIUIIir lt tn l p
f NNli'r '4WI tMt(. Ilia
9 MP"' i'Ha itre oliMtri etiiJ (
M $ iiutiijw4 iD Out r
ttmmt "' w n; mum
fttt Ml ylMl
biw o jew OS Mm oeJoMtok f
,.!,! ' ..U Hi W1lblw :
$ t f i

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