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"- ' '- mm
Is In Readiness To Face
Any Strike Of Its
Eastern Mates Sign Up
Contract, Is Latest
(From Thursday Advertiser)
According to Information received
Inst night by The Advertiser from n
reliable source, tliere is grave donger of
nnothcr strike on the part 01 mo masters
and mates of the
Steam Navigation Company, and n consequent
disastrous tie-up of malls,
Jroitrht and pnscngcr trnflic.
Arriving by the steamer Wilhelmina
from Hnn Francisco, on Tucsdny, were
Cnntaln Allmnn, erstwhllo master or
the Pacific Mail S. S. Chinn, and Messrs.
Robertson, Smith, Hcllund, Claude, Per-Ty
and Mclvln, the latter nil from New
York, and holder of mates' certificates.
With tho exception of Captain Allmnn
the names of none of these appear in
tlio Wilhelmina 's passenger list, notwithstanding
the fnct that they traveled
from tho Coast first-class.
Arriving by tho same steamer as tho
Eastern seamen was .1. A. Kennedy,
president of tho Company
The report is that President Ken
ncilv intends discharging John V. Hag
lund, port captain for the company, in
the immediate future, and that ho has
broucht the men named from the mnin
land in order to fill tho places of tho
masters of the company's steamers who
are rccarded as certain to walk out
just as soon as Hnglund's displacement
is announced. Haglund is said to bo
in disfavor with Kennedy on account of
his attitude in connection with last
year's strike.
Honolulu Harbor, No. J54, Amcricnn
Association of Masters nnd Pilots, is
said to be apprised of tho pending action
of the company and to havo laid its
plans to fight to a finish, if necessary,
in the upholding of the rights of its
The Last Strike.
It was in August last thnt tho masters
nnd mates of the Company
went out on strike, and it was on
August 10 that tho diffprences wcro
amicably adjusted and the tied-up fleet
Tcleuscd and the steamers despatched on
their usual runs.
A question of holiday pay led up to
tho strike, the amount involved not exceeding
$140. This amount the com-
pany reiilf? io pay ami, in.
quoncc. tho men reformulated their de-i
viands and it is alleged to hnvo cost
tho company in the neighborhood of
$25,000 ocforo friendly relations be
tween master and men were resumed.
When this trouble was settled the entire
community breathed n sigh of relief,
for tho movement of sugar was
rvimusiv uiiLiicivii tjiii, .in tt;ii no
that of mail, miscellaneous freight and i
passengers, nnd It was sincerely hope.l
that the pact arranged between the
company and Us employes would remain
uniiroKen ipr ninny years.
Kennedy Hardens Heart.
President Kennedy was nway when
the last, troublo occurred, but on his
return is known to havo expressed his
opinion of the settlement arrived at
with the men, in no uncertain terms.
Shortly thereafter he again left for the
mainland nnd little was heard from him,
as far as the olliecrs of the company nro
concerned, until, a week -or so ago, tho
local harbor of mnstcrs and pilots received
word from their New York representative
which instantly put them on
the qui vivo.
This worrt was to the effect that Captain
Nichols, a discharged master of
the American-Hawaiian S. S. Columbian,
was in New Yorlfnnd trying to
contract with sixteen mntes to go to
San Krnncispo for $110 n month, transportation
paid, nnd with tho understanding
that they would not be called
on to go to sen nt once, but that they
would lie on call in San Trancisco, dny
nnd night, pending definite appointment.
Captain Nichols was engaged in tho
work of trying to hire tho sixteen men in
New York on January 2, of this year.
The contract was to be of six months'
duration. It was further stated thnt
investigation showed that Cnpt. Nichols
wan working in tho interest of one
J. A. Kennedy, of Honolulu.
Captain Nichols, it transpires, was
discharged from the
Company, and since then is said by
tlio men of the harbor to hnvo been n
bitter enemy of tho master and mates'
New Men Arrive.
Tho locnl harbor irota to their New
York representative for further information
on the matter mid were
n reply, when on Tueduy morning
a bolt dropped from the blue In tho
form of the nrrlval on tho 8, 8,
of Captain Allmnn nnd Mows.
IrobcrUnn, Smith, Helliind, Claude,
lV'fv nnd Mev(n.
Ilv tli ii miue teuiir word was
leaving no doubt that the men
mine I nith the oireptisu nf Alliimu,
l'fil feigned MiutrMt with IVtrldnnt
KiMinedv mid hod mmp to Ilmwilulu
under W imrwHdl HiprvUluti. Cptilu
Allmnn, it Usi been laurHtul. I brn U
Inbii n putitlua with U
t 'inn 1 4i n v.
Jut how L iMlftl out Ii Urd
in trine, lmt, lit tin Mute uuMI frBi
the oml, mum fMrtfcur '! Ikut
1'n.i.liM Uaanavtv ' iriu "
Pull i apUlM HIiik I i "ii. wlMl(iy
Mflvr tils reUfii U II' " i4 Itml
Im iieia4 kli in .. I. ulk .ml
Ih rUjUiM Mil . 1.1 tin lka.tr
lira Wllb Hm i' -I...... I... UJ
nrwui nam i i .u, ....
IIMl l tvwi Or ... H . ul III
lifdr OmvtuM
llarbiir K hm iu tt.it. l
UlKtmi, ! MM l l Mil p. Me li
I t f i
fcyfc 'mJv i. k
President of the, Steam
N'nviijntion Company,
get enough members together, and do
tr. ntnitil hv wltnt. rliev hnlinVA til
bo their rights and to fight to tho last
ilitcl,. if iieeo.sarv. Tho nttltudo 0f
those present was that while they nro
not looklnc for trouble they aro not
rrninir lo Tim nirnv from thn trim
I d Uo,,'" ' TVi" Wrl'
, bridegroom's sister;
amI -Mrs Drexcl and tho Duko
' luelicss of Unllcyrnnd and their
stirs it up. I Th" nltar was constructed of lilacs
Under the federal lnw no man can and loses. It was reached by a path-net
as the ciiptnia of a steamship in way marked with white satin ribbons,
llauail unles be hns resided in tho An hidden behind a bank
Territory for at least twelve months. In 'of palms nnd rovs provide1 themusic.
the face of this law it is thought that I Tho bridal procession was led by tho
tho plan of the Company
i.s to mane eaptnini oi tno mates, u
ine present captains go out on siriKe,
nnd then to placo tho
rived Eastern mntes in tho places of
those promoted, with tho proinio that
they in turn shnll ho given captaincies
when they shall havo resided here long
enough to qualify for n muster's ticket.
It is understood that the local harbor
is in possesion of certiln correspondence
which is nllcccd to havo
passed between President Kennedy nnd
the representatives of tho harbor in
New York, as well as other important
documents bearing on tho matter, of
which the following is a fair sample:
Reported Agreement.
"This memorandum of agreement
made nnd entered Into this
day of ,191.., between Inter-Island
Steam Navigation Company,
Ltd., n corporation under tho laws of
the Territory of Hawaii, party of tue
first part, hereinafter called tho Com
pany, and of
in tho State , party of
the rCPn(1 I'urt, hereinafter called the
Witncsseth: Hint tn uompniiy is
.nn.,.i in nm.mt!niT n linn nf ntnnm
'vessel,, between the riorts and landings
of the Territqry of Hawaii, oml ii do-
s'itous of engaging the services of tho
employe on the terms nnd conditions
hereinafter mentioned;
"That tho employe represents that
no . is nn . expert , navigator, .. capable of
ruerfornl,n "o duties of . on
" "' 'qraD n ?,! tat
iuV - -
he is not ft. member 6f ah' Union nr na-
SOtlat'on which may interfcro ill tiny
manner vlth his rendering services ns
such to the Company; that
ho is desirous of entering the service
of the Company for the period and on
the terms nnd conditions hereinafter
"That the parties hereto in consideration
n ho promises, nnd of tho promises
niado by each to the other,
mentioned, have agreed nnd do
now agree nnd promise, each to and
with ench other ns follows:
"(1) Tlio Company hereby ngrocs
to employ the employe, and tho
hereby agrees to enter tlio service
and to servo tho Company ns
on one of tho vessels of tho
Company operating in tho waters of
tho Territory. of Hawaii, for tho pcrioo
of six months for tho salnry of
Dollnrs per month.
"(2) 'Iho Company agrees to furnish
transportation fr in
to tho City of Honolulu, Territory of
Ilnwnii, free of charge to tho employe.
"(3) Tino employe agrees to dcpnTt
from on the day fixed by tho
Company uml to proceed with duo diligence
to the City of Honolulu, nnd immediately
upon his arrival at tho City
of Honolulu to report to tho General
Manager of tho Company, nnd thnt he
will faithfully perform servicoj,to the
Company ns on anyWof tho
steam vessels of tho Company to which
the fleneral Manager of the Company
may nsslgu him for duty.
" (4) The time of employment nnd
tiie minry ot the employe shnll commence
to accrue from tho data that
the emidoy shall depart from
to tho City of Honolulu.
"(fi) At tho end nf the said period
of employment, If the Company shall
no longer require the services of the
emiiloje, It will furnish him, if ho so
noire, free transportation to
"In uitnei't thereof, tho eumpnuy
nn i'hiihni iiiiii Biiri'iiiiietii to iio cxemit
in lt unmo by Jompli P. NIchoN,
lU unmrlutiindniit. I hereunto m
fliorlwil. miii thu eJiiploy httd hermintn
cl hit IihiiiI, the dnv mid yimr Uielu
f)rt nbo wriUM. IhwuUJ In dupll.
"Hy ,
If Id lv rii b ra It
I hv MiMrr) allmiiiiUK in I La
!' at (WMnIn AUtMai U IImui. I
l" " "pUll ii it iier4 t'4a
T' ,ll,,i bx rwalfiitxl
Nunh" t piftWMit nmutAy
J A. UrtuMr ,,f (hi U
(., ,ahl; Mmut k.wM.lltii, I iillL,l, .
,,,,, .,. U ..i.,,!,... ,.,. ,.. . '
ill llial l did liiii (ma In uiLi
- - ' ':- "
. ... "
j M
ariai AHmtfl itttriitift li li4
ritlk H''4. -i lu mV .. turn
..vol jwa lit n l.ill uul
I I I,
i,,, ii
S G mm
Miss Helen Gould Becomes Bride
of Railroad Man Amid
Gorgeous Settings.
It'v FeieraJ Wlrrlm TfiTi)h.l -
TAUltYTOWN, New York, January
22. (Special to Tho Advertiser) Miss
Helen Miller Gould and Fin ley J,
n railroad man of Est. Louis, wcro
married nt noon today in tho drawing-room
of the (Jould mansion at
It was hci aided ni a. wedding of
mnrked simplicity, but the rich tloral
decorations, hundreds of costly presents
nnd n brilliant wedding
hardly would bo culled simplo by
tho average American.
The llov. Mr. Kusscl), pastor of tho
Irvinjrton Presbyterian church, read
tho service.
Tho b'rido's only attendants wcro her
little nieces, tho ,"nlsses Helen and
Tho wedding was witnessed by seven-
guests, all members of tlio
Lriue's and bridegroom's families.
The guests, included George Gould,
Mrs. Gould and their children, Misses
Kilt tli nnd Gloria Gould, Frank and
;Iit, the
jliev. Mr. Huaccll, the- hutte
tho nrm of her brother George. Louis
.ghepard, n brother, attended tho bride
groom. Uenchiag tho nltnr the minister
read the simplo Presbyterian service.
The bride's two little nieces dressed
in white, acted as flower girls and her
nephew, Princo Charles De Sagnn, garbed
in whito satin, acted as pngo.
A private dctcctivo stationed nt the
mnin door to tlio mansion did not recognize
Gcorgo Gould and his wife nnd
they wcro forced to remain outside in
tho cold until identified by tho butler.
A hugo forco of dotoctlvcs guarded
tho grounds nnd no ono but tho invited
guests was allowed to entor,
Tho estimnted valuo of tho gifts received
up to date is $500,000.
republicans' elect
(Bjr Federal Wireless Telecraph.)
SAtiUM, Oregon, Jnnuary 22. (Sno-
vcial to Tho Advertiser) Tho legisla
ture today conurincu Jlarry .Lane
(Democrat; Vnitci Spates Senator
from Oregon.
In tho November election Lano received
tho highest popular vote undj
although the legislature is heavily Republican,
only three in tho house and
two in tho senate voted against tho
people's candidate.
WASHINGTON, January 22. (By
AshoctlitiM i'ress Cablo to Star-Bulletin)
Secretary Wilson announced to
day that he has ordered a strict quar
antine ot lexical! irun. mo .Mexican
fruit lly has been spreading and
its rnvnges aro said to bo n (Treat dan
ger to the fruit-growing interests of
Southern California. In his statement
today Secretary "Wilson says that tho
Mexican fruit Hy is fully as dnugeroua
ns the -Mediterranean fly.
I Ilv HVdrml WlreVM Tel'ernph I
Villi' T nn rd !l
to The Advertiser) Leaders of tho
striking garment workers today stated
they oxiicctcd to loreu legislative in
vestigation of factories nnd sweatshop
conditions. Thoy promise disclosures
rivaling thoso in tho canning Industry.
s (Hy Podernl Wireless Telegraph.)
I: SUAK1M, Egypt, January 2-
(Spccinl to Tho Advertiser)'
Threo hundred nml fifty pilgrims
huve been drouiied in u flood
mIi! til wiped out a- raravnu
tneen Mecca nnd Medina, tho
'.' sacred cities of Arabia,
ing to mlvlco rccolvctl licro to-
The flood Is mid to have been
one ii f the, wont on rvaanl nnd
will prolmhly innteriullv iilleet tho
pilgrim travel to Mtwllua and
The pilgrim ecimlitHil of wo
iiiuji a inl children us null ut men.
, ,. ; :
JuUpu l)iii II. Dlakay Ld Mptoluttd
DhuM WIiIUui lltwii m lurk f iu
Aflb tlinutt wud on Komi, lu pUi
uf Phillip U UtM, rtwlrfHM). Th i
IMIailwut wtml iUUi WIlM JsMMf) 17.
IIumiIuIm. JaMiwrr It, lull.
Iw Ui. tut M'f. Jm. II, U, .u
In ruHMawl.Mu mIIm Ikr n....44 .i
tn'H " 4iu iKfiuua. Mr
nail UnlaJ II.mi "Ii i. .11 .. ...
- ' iw vai. ii if an ara iw
m" II iUu H.iri ilt.i h. m u,
...m ut tk ytiwi MrWHtutlim yf
I'avuta Allwan (w 4 lb .n.i.l
aMMtanJMt iif IiiUm ll4 Uat
One Powerful Factor In Forcing Peace Terms iPfllllUPIl flPRFft.
i jv;.v,..iv upon PEACE
.,, ' f .! TE1S
Which took nn aetlvo part In tho naval battle near tho Dardanelles in which
tho Turkish warships were defeated with loss.
Suffragettes Plan
4 &
Will Parade In
(By Federal Wirele.i Ttlerraph.) ,
WASUKXnON, Jnnuary 22. (Spe - ;
cinl to Tho Advertiser) PInns for the
oman suffrage March hnvo
pageant 3,
. . . '. . '
been porfected. Tho novel spectacle of .
women wearing medieval or nncient
Greek costumes will be witnessed.
Tue proo ssion will be divided into
five sections nnd with each section will
bo horalds dressd in medieval costumes,
who will, iroin time to time
Testifies Regarding Sanction of
Merger of Steel Trust
fDr Fderat Wlrehu Telegraph.)
NEW YORK, January 22. (Special
to The Advortisor) Theodore Roosevelt
submitted to an examination by
Attorney Brown in tho government suit
to dissolvo the Steel Trust today.
Roosevelt wns examined regarding his
'reason for having sanctioned tho Stcol
Corporation 's absorption of the Ten-
IncFsce Coal and Iron Company.
I 'Plin fnlnnnl ilnfnmlAl 1!.. ..!!... !
V.W.WUV1 uviiuuvu ilia ui:iiuu lu
sanctioning tho absorption, declaring
it was justifiable, both because of tho
specific conditions and because 'it was
within tho law,
tujr feders! t VT!r!es Teleiraph.) .
ROCHESTKH, New Tork, January
22. (Special to Tho Advertiser) The
Rochestor team in the Star Bowling
ucuguu csiuuusui'u a worm s recoru ior
three games by spilling 3497 pins. In
Chicago, on March 15, 1000, tho Howard
Majors rolled 3358. Syracuse was
Rochester's opponent tonight. Not a
Rochester man rolled below 200.
Officers In local Garrisons, or on Way
to Coast, Affected by Latest
Commands Given.
(Dy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
HAN FRANCISCO, January 22.
(Special to The Advertiser) Mnj. Wallace
Bo Witt, medical carps, now en
loute to this city from Schofield .Barracks,
Hawaii, on arrival 'of tho transport
Sheridan ut this port, will report
to the commanding olliccr, Fifth
for duty to accompany that regiment
to Fort Ilunchuca, Arizona. On
completion of that duty ho is author
Big Spectacle
Greek Costumes
along tho routo of the parade, repeat
f nmous suftragc speeches which have
been made in tho Inst few years in this
",? fr'en countries.
The norade will bn enmmvfd nt flnnio
with nlleirnrienl flmirps nnrimvitut con-
dltiuns ol women froih the ilnv nf ,
uon uown to mo present.
So far as possible women musicians
will compose tho bands, and the
ons will bo reinforced by the presence
of parading men-sympathizers of
tn cause.
Calls Conference of Republican
Representatives to Help .
Pass Bill.
(Dy Federal Wlrelcaa Telecranh.l
WASHINGTON, January 22. (Special
to The Advertiser) President Taft
conferred today with more than thirty
iJcpuulican members of the hoiiBO,
whose support he asked for the bill
passed by the senate appropriating
uu,uuu memorial structure to
Abraham Lincoln in Potomac Park
The President has heard reports that
tho house might shclvo the senate bill
and expressed n fear that' such might
bo the case. Some of tlio Itepublicans
present favored a memorial road from
Washington to Gettysburg battlefield.
An act providing for tlm mnnnmont
unicorn nt wnsnington, tho President
wild, need not interfcro with tho bill
for a memorial road.-
ized to avail himself of any leavo of engaged to bo married to Mary Garden,
ubsenco that may havo been granted t prima donna, ilnrcoux admits
him iu orders lrom tho department of , nnt ho is engaged to an American sing-Hawaii.
Cnpt. Joseph A. Worthington, I"
eal corps, now casually at the Presidio GUNBOAT WHEELING SAILS.
ot S.m Frnueisco, on nrrival in this
city of tho Fifth Cavalry on the j ,T Vfimn. Wlrf,, T,,ph)
port Sheridan, will report to the com-'
WA8mNGTON, January 22.
olllcer for duty to accompany ,.,, to T) gunboat
that command ou route to Fort whce1ln ,, rcportC(1 'to , a
chiica, Arizona where, upoa arrival ho 1nttme bcr (lcparturo from Tm
ll s,.,nd ..ssigned to temporary duty i,Ioria( for Vera Cru, where she nJ
BtA f.t.l?J . . .... t -iii- ordered to protect Americans for whoso
. IHUII U II V1IL0 CI IIIU loiiowin
trausiers ol olitccrs aro iiiailo. iirst
Iileut. Rnt.oii Warren from tho iiltJi
ruwury io ine i ouun tavniry, nun
JllPt II III. Jl. IUIYIfB truin i uu
Fourth Cavalry to the Flttli Cuvulry.
' WASIIIMITON, .lnriiiury 22. (Hy
TRENTON, New Jersey, January 23.
(Hy Associated Press liable) It was
announced hero today that'
Wilson will hold a 'conference
hero today with Representative Kent,
of California, who was elected on tha
-Progressive, ticket in that State. This
s tho first Progressive with whom Governor
Wiiion will havo held an official
(Tlv Fedeml Wirelesa Telecraph.)
BOSTON , Massachusetts, Jnnuary
22. (Special to Tho Advertiser) Reports
nro current in grand opera circles
hero that Vanni Marcoux, the
of tho Hoston Opera Company, is
ft,. fe(lr8 aro entertained, becanso
nf loTur.coiitinucd disorder and furthor
i,IU,(1ng outbreaks.
, )
- wir... t.i...j.
WAHUINOTON, January 22.
dnl to Tho Advertiser) Army order.!
i U. irnueri ji, waunce, 'ientli
nlry, will report horo for tompornry
Hint, Hubert C. Toy, Fourteenth
avnlry, is tniiiiferrod to tho Third
KoiiiitI A, .lonlpu, Jr.,
tfimulr Corpn, will atauinu clmrne of
nlrnrlim work at Wii)ilni,toii Hur
,W'"J'"' "j L''
. nrn i.iiwii, i,ooiiBr, n, idok, nixin
Jufantrv, l iliiluilDil h riMMiriler of tin
",- rftlmig liiwrd, tjaii rmnilwo
I lfl lAWl! NuiMileon Wllny, Sl
Uulii liilnutry, am Mnj.
Ilubar, kUtual (Win, will imtt I.id
, Ut fftrr duly.
UmlA'al. Wllllaw 11, AJlr, Bv.
fUtaaUlli lutHHltr, i IHUW TrWII Hi-lie
Ha I aititin.
Mwil. Pruk lliMaU, u mf )rd
WmImb,T). V
IlMlp J. II. Uinniti, IUkhi u.
Axo luted I'tftt. l ii hln to
The peroiiu phyxlclnii of Wil-
Ilum IldfLi'iYllLT Iniliiv ttutHIml Itcforu
tlio Pulo . m iiioiiHV . I nut . liivcsiiuHtiuif . '. . :
uuuiiilltvi) reuurdlug the lulu of health
of Ihn nil iiiiiuiiutii. Ho Dalit Hint Mr.
Itneli.fillir'ii throat l In a mtIoiim con-
dllloui Uml Hie
ftifaid repitKlly from lutinurriinijrn
lllg Ibtt VOyiHIO IwltttM)!! Nhwmiii uml
I'lurtJu, uuil lluit ut I limit hi llfn yu
UMiwIrail of.
' dliir iuiittnl Ibal IwpMty
ulna' lUi.w.'aal UU would llklv rhok
Mr. Iturlmfailur ami iilit rl(0ibly
l cii.4 III kill Ului
TaIm Drouio Quiiiiia
TaIiIoU. All ilrwKHUU mfunil
th iiuiimy f it (itlli iw cum.
II W Orvvu' ulyndUmi it nil
tuill luX
.lnn..Uhlri.n I uu i t.
u A Muk-im, fi
. itUn4 IIM
Turks Give in to Powers and
Will Surrender City of
Albania and Aegean Islands to
Become Wards of Great
(Dj Federal 'Wlreleaa llepapn.)
CONSTANTINOi'U3, January 22.
(Special to Tho AdverUuor) Tho
council of the Turkish. Empire this
afternoon almost unanimously agreed
to accept the recommenrintinn nr !,
European Powers for peaco with tho
Tho Porto is expected to ratify tho
council's action later, nnri ir tut.
done, it means tho end of' tho Turko.
The result of this decision, it Is
tnou6nt' .will be that Tnrkoy will code
to the Allies Adrianople and at least a
portion of the Acgoan Islands.
The terms suggested by .tho Powers
will leave Turkey in Europe only the
district surrounding Constantinople, tho
Peninsular of Qaliopolis and a narrow
strip of 'land along the Sea of Marmora
and tho Dardanelles. Tho Aegean Islands,
except the straits, will go to tho
Allies and tho States of Crete and
Albania aro left to the Powers.
Forty Turks -warn WlleH nj . a.--
dred and sixty others seriously injured
in' Saturday's naval on?airimina ru.
Ihe Greek fleet, according to
Tcports. Three Turkish Battleships,
it is said, were badly damaged
and experienced difficulty in reaching
the Dardanelles in safety.
It was not stated whether any Oreek '
vessels wore damaged.
(Dy Federal Wlreleu Telecraph.)
PORT TOWNSEND, Washington,
January 22. (Special to Tho
It is understood that tho government
is preparing to convert tho
Dinmovd Point station into n leper
colony and transfer the marine quarters
station to Port Townsend by next
(Br Federal Wiieleta Telegraph.)
LACROSSE, Wisconsin, January 22
(Special to The Advertiser) Willie
Kitcliie, tho new lightweight champion
pugilist docs not draw tho color line.
He thrashed a porter on n sleeping car
hero yesterday, beennsn Jm n.ni.i.,1 :
making a noise which kept passcnecrs
......,yj. i,lu puner uiu not know who
or what had struck him until hn o
(By Federal IVircloss Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, January 22.
(Special to Tho Advertiser
America's reply to Grent Britain's
note protesting against the. law
which exempts American coast-
wise ships from Panama Canal
tolls will bo handed to Sir Edward
Urey, foreign minister of Great
Britain, next Monday, according
to an announcement hero this
ternoon by Secretary of State
The note will bo presented to '
parliament January 30, when its
text will be published.
. a
An effort to Bavo a nieco of drifting
wood in tho Wnhiawo resorvoir,
nay uiivrnoon, cost liumnsuKe Asato
his life. Kamasuko's mother and two
companions witnessed tho tragedy and
iiiougn iney tun ovcrytning possible to
rescuo the struggling man, ho sank before
they could reach him.
Kamasuke, with his partnor, were
working n small pineapplo farm near
tho rcservior. Kaumsuko saw tho wood
iloating in tho wator and attempted to
get it to uo for firewood. Ho reached
tho wood in safety, fastened n ropo
nbout his snlvugo nnd was an 'mining
hack to shoro when ho seemed to get
caught in a current anil wns dragged
to lila death beneath tho surface. Tho
body win afterwards recovered.
Henator Archibald Campbell, sixty-eight
yenri old, formerly a member of
the house of commons for Kent county,
Ontario, died at hit homo In Toronto,
m tub bbbt
"A great ie hui boon written and
aid In the riowipnperi rv.'rlliij Chain.
Iifflolll't Couuli Ruined), ' iuy Mr
"f. ty" i,oort J,',ul ('
'Hllll only u few people urn uwem of
La himiI mlun nf thit rnuiu.1) 'lh.ro
It n t)li provarb thnt )hwi.nu U
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warn ullnrkad by tvvi. rul.li and
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MMhJ'lMlt aula). iUwji. I tai4, try
'bjuWrlliU1! l!Kll MaaHKiJy a Hi
wbHi wa iHjirILn luid aMiiliml U l,ei
tla Mr Harp all uM. 7 rrun.
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'. M, ittMiU tut Hwi AWr

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