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(Hy Federal Wireless Tclcfiraph.
MOOADUlt, Morocco, January
2.1. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
Heavy losses '.were Inflicted on
n lame force of Moorish rebels
which last night attacked a French .
expeditionary column noar this w
placo. Tho fighting was severe for
nmo hours and three hundrod
Moors wero killod or woundod, y
they being finally routed and fled. j
The French casualties were: kill- .
. . . j ....
fs CO two, wounuou, lurfc'uno, -
. t
IRr FMirrtl WlrelM Trlrcrspk.)
(Special to The Advertiser) Moalem
sapcrsUtlon u amply provided with
fnel, following an earthquake which
rocked Constantinople for a few seconds
early today. Tho terrified natives,
confident that It presaged great trouble
for tho young Turk elements should
war with the Balkan States be resumed,
arc urging Enver Bey and his follow-era
to back down from their decision
to recall tho Turkish envoys from ton-don,
theroby ending all negotiations for
Grand Vlzlor Mahmoud 8hefket
Pasha, and other members -of the ministry,
were not disturbed by tho earthquake.
A meeting of tho general assembly
was called today to
a new reply to tho note of tho Powers.
Tho new ministry U determined to
retain at least a part of tho territory
which their predecessors wero willing
to surrender to tho Allies, and it Is regarded
as absolutely certain that efforts
will bo mado to retain Adrianoplo
and part of tho Aegean islands.
- ji.i.... i.iMi..f. co not
think there will bo resumption of
itios. Enver Bey, Turkey's new military
dictator, is onforcing martial law
and while tho native element was panic
stricken for awhile over tho earthquake
thero was very little disorder.
Tho streets aro patrolled by troops
and all crowds aro kept moving.
Whllo thero was disorderly fighting on
tho streets last night It was not of a
Berlous nature and complete order prevails
Beports prevailing in European capitals
last night that the young Turks
bad dethroned the Saltan and proclaimed
a republic were denied today.
(II 7 Pedfirtl Wlrrlou T!Tph.)
PABIS, January 25. (Special to Tho
Advertiser) Cheerlf Pasha, a friend
of both Kamall Pasha and Narlm
Pasha, lit an Interview today, emphatically
affirmed that Oermany and Austria
had been working strenuously in
secret to bring about a return 'to
Turkey of the- Committee of TDju
ion and Progrts recent
visit to Constantinople, he said, high.
Gorman diplomats did tholr utmost to
lnduco him to reconcile himself with
the committee.
Cheerlf fnrthor declared In an inter
view that the Sultan would be dethroned
and bo replaced by the Grown
Prince, who maintains close relations
with Mahmoud Schefket Pasha, the
now errand viiler,
Cneerif Pasha said he believed Turkey
was certain to lose Constantinople
and all her European empiro and that
a country-wide revolution was immi
nent for the Arabs, surds ana
of Asia Minor, all of whom had
suffered from tho Dan-Islamic repres
sion of tho Committee of Union and
Progress and were ready to fight
against the return to power of their
Earthquake Causes Damage.
(By Associated Preaa Cable to Star-Bulletin)
Adding to the plight of this
city, an oarthquako last night caused
damage to the city, shaking down many
bulging and injuring scores. No deaths
havo been reported, but it is feared
that some hayo lost their lives In tho
debris caused by the tremblor,
. t .
n rrinti WlrdM Teletrii.)
LONDON, January 25. (Special to
The Advertiser) Militant suffragettes
had mass meetings throughout London
today preparatory to Monday's meeting
of the house of commons, when tho
debate on the Btruggle to obtain votes
for women will be contested.
The commons adjourned at six
o'clock yesterday evening after a day
marked by bitter discussions of the
amendment to eliminate the word
"Male" from the franchise amend'
Louis Ilareourt, secretary of state
for the colonics, who made a Hitter as
sault on tho suffrage amendment, waa
a target today for tho wit of tho suf
In his address be referred oneny to
..,. .tt.mnio nt tti unman tn hnra .
down bis home at Nuneham Park. I
"I am against any form or
mentary suffrage for women," liar-
court argued, "on tho ground that It is
bad for the state and bad for tho
women themselves. If It were given
them it would contribute nothing to
the happiness of their homes or the
safety of tho country."
The suffragettes are confident the
measure will carry, counting largely on
the support of Sir Edward
drey and Lord Hugh Cecil.
Lord Cecil's reply to Harconrt's
srjeech was: "Harcourt's antipathy to
the Oroy amendment suggests that he
Had UDUll PfJauiicu invuwj) w, muj
never got over the indignity of being
bom of a woman."
(Mr rV4rtl Wlrrtru IrlrfiMiti )
HAN rilANrlSCO, Junuury 23.
(Hlfinl to The Advertiser) Kdwurd
R ( Iiudo. rhuiilnin of the Tnolfth In
fan try, who hud boon ktatloiiod nt Manila
for tho last two oars, died oil
board the Unitod Btnte trampurt
en lutito from Honolulu to Ban
Franclieo. Doutli mm due to
i, tn i.
Ti'o hlieiuiMU riMteliK'l this lHort this
inoruuijc bcirlag the body, which wn'irU nond trial, the (lr. n few
Mrriuiipuuit )y thi rlmiliiiu's Pgwl w"f -, JtHving eiidiid lu u ditngrrO'
inotlivr. Mr. I'liBMl (lias. lilMtv
l,r. ! Illd Th iMCtv l I I
ni to J'urtUml, tbt forunr heiMw ut
1 "(Bl"1;.:.:;,:T.;.,irJr,,:tl1 ,. IU .!
urucr tur U yimri, duriitf Mbtli !
lu. i... was kfild h hit mulUr'
ill m tmt. VkUrit Mum wm lbs
Mte urwr lU$ (-1 fowily and
in i a in i iin .
Itf mmmmmwfrm'immuw.mmi MffMiffmtHmmtmw'fmmMittimf'vr
tho only support of bis mother.
Mm. Ohns required incillcnl
nnre thrmichotit the vovaBc ami lior
condition Ik Mich thi physician say
sl.o will not long survive the shock.
VASiltVi,TON. .1 muarv in. fltv
Associated l'rc Cnlilo) The department
of juttlco wld rontlnue to pros
tho silt ncntnat the socnllcd "hath-
ih .t:,!.,'n.:,;.c"ri"t",u.u"ls:""..0
day nftemoo;. '
Tho r'C'iilcnt has hail pronoit,iom
dismiss the suit placed before him
anij jmj hccn considering theso for
fome tmn before tho announcement
- gterday, which was to tho effect that
J)o reful!C, t0 (tisniiBit th actions and
Bn ttcmpt n nccordlngly bo made
, '.,. .... ., i ,,, Vi.rn.n ,...
1U UU, fcC i.o MM " ." .
the neat administration takes over tho
H Wlr'M TrlrgralA I
DKM0DO800LA, Italy, January 25.
(Special to Thii Advertiser) Jean
Ilieloucci, thePeruvlan aviator, flew
across the Swiss Alps from Ilrig to this
city in less than an hour today. Ho
ascended at Brig in his monoplano on
tho stroke of noon and landed here at
exactly minutes past
Ilieloucci had been Waiting for favor
ablo weather since January 8. He followed
the sntre course over the
Pats, a was taken b Chavez in
September. WW. Chavez
the flight, brt in descending ra hurt
ovrrely mid later died from hi" in
Mir F.inl WrM... Tirrrr I
.... ....v t nt. a l I
NKW YOI1K. Junnnry 25. (Special
to The Advertiser) To obtain, reRt
nnd diversion from tho strain of official
duties Wilson
came lo New York today for tho wcolc
end. Itn went shopping with Mrs. Wilson
most of the nftemoon, visiting a
dozen stores without nencrnl recount-
Itlon. Tho Oovernor, hnving no politi
,al oniriinenioniH. was uiu guesi oi .
friend at tho theater tonight.
(Il VlrlM Triumph.)
LONDON, Jnnuary 25. (Special to
The Advertiser) Mnking tho only
score of the panic the Prince of WnlcB
kicked the goal for Magdalen College
fifteen agatnu Kohtiio College In nn
Oxford rugby match, and is today be
ing proclaimed a rugby star.
Judge Soawell Declares Budolph and
Qua Have No Valid Claim to
Gift Property.
(Hj Ptdrl Wlralru TVcTph.)
BAN FRANCISCO, January 25.
(Special to The Advertiser) Holding
in effect that Itudolph Sprockets nnd
Qua Spreckcls, Jr., as executors of their
mother's will, nave no valid clnims to
the pTOperty'bivcn by their father to
his other sons, John I), and Adolph B.
Srreckcls. before bin death, Judge
well today sustained the demurrer to
the complaint through which tho plain-tiffs
sought to havo tho gift set aside
and an accounting mado of tho entire
Clans Snrcckeis estate.
Judeo Seawoll held that the action
brought by Rudolph and Gus
Snreckcls was not mid could not be nn
action to recover property, for Mrs.
Anna U. Bprcckeis never nad nnu pos
srasion of any of tho property in qncs
tion and never could have claimed nny
thing but n right to it ns community
One Thousand Cooks and Walters Have
Quit 'Work Proprietors May
Call Upon Troops.
'IIt Triml Wlrtltca Ttfogrspfc.)
NKW YORK, January 25. (Special
to The Advertiser) Service in more
than thirty big New York hotels is
paralvieil here today by tho spread of
the strike of members of tho International
Hotel Workers' Union, more
than 1000 men already being out. The
labor leaders maintain they will be
joined by 80,000 Others within threo
Following last night's disorders, the
proprietors announced dissatisfaction
with the protection afforded by tbo po
lice nnd will apply to Sheriff liar
burner for aid. They mny ask Cover.
nor Sulzer to send state, troops here, but
if such a reqnest is mado tt is not uc
lioved it will be granted.
"Helen Gould Bhepard", Will Be the
Signature of Millionairess
(IlT Fdrl WlrtltM Tdfcrsph.)
TARKYTOWN. New York, January
25. fBneclal to Tho Advertiser) Mrs
Finley J. Bhopard, has mado it known
tnnt to continue er luuimucuuuu i"
philanthropic worit anil uusmess suu
will use the namo and sign ucrsolt
Ifclen Gould Shcpnrd. '
Since their marriage on Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Bhepard have remained
nt Lyndliurst, much secluded from tho
public nnd guarded by tho men they
aro still keeping about tho estate.
Tho eouplo were out yestorday for a
twenty-mile nuto ride. It is under,
stood they aro planning a trip abroad
in February.
... '' .
(ll V'paerol Wlrli Tlftrih.)
LOS AN0KI.K8, .lanunry "5.
to The Advertiser) Carl
bach, tho "Human Iloinb," who terror-
ixnil lllll ciliumi fiiuiuii Miyniui
inontlis nuo, when ho entered it carrying
an iiifcrnnl iiinrliiiiw nnd calmly
that ho intended to blow everything
tn "Kingdom f'oine," was
luuvlrtttd bv ft Jrv todnv of the nlwiree
of IibvIiii' iltipoilttMl dyiiHiiiile in public
lilmm Tli I'diivlvtloii iiiau.l lllmloll
WAmilMilTu.., Jiumy . (Ily
Awictatrd Vtm 'lW lo Htar Hull
AiUtM, uf IU bwi
commitlee on commerce, In nn inter-
view today announced thnt he btliovct
Wlison hn nlrcnrty
made up his mlml to work for the ro
leal ol canal bill,
lor f tolls to Ainorlcnn coast-so
ship, as toon ns possible after
inauguration, ilr. Adam ilcelineil to
say why he had reached this decision.
court orders arrest of
(Ml Kdrrn! ' TlrrDh.)
ALHANV, Now York, January 25.
(Special to The Advertiser) Upon
plication of the Rtnto authorities the
supreme court today issued an order for ,
the arrest'of General Daniel Sickles,
who la chairman of thu New York .
- - ' , .. . .
Monumont Commission,. He is alleged
to nave iauei to account lor vzc,m
of the commission's funds.
AfEftlPHIB, January 25. (By Associated
PWs Cable to Star-Bulletin)
Reports from up and down the Mississippi
arc tn the effect thnt millions of
acre, of the rich delta lands are now
under water and thnt the floods are rising
teadlly. Hundreds of famll'es arc
marooned, and scores are reported to
have been drowned Tho damage will
reach into millions of dollars.
7C'V YORK, January ?5. (Tlv As-
focintcd Prcs Cablo to Star Bulletin)
Charles Finley, one of tho wealthiest
rnnKcr ot tnis riry, louay cnoicu an
olTor of one million dollars to Doctor
Frcidmnn, the famous Berlin specialist,
for n successful demonstration of tho
cure for consumption which Frcidmnn
rlniirs (o have found. Finley wants
the specialist to cure his ncphcwt who is
a victim of the whito plnguc.
(From Sunday Advertiser)
Victim of what may provo to bo
Ices piling of heavy iron pigs, or his
own carelessness in working around
them, Knmaka Kunhine, an'employo of
the Honolulu Iron Works, was crushed
to death yestorday afternoon, at two
o'clock, in the company's plant on tho
Ho, with a was
working aronnd n pile or soven or
eight iron bars weighing in the neighborhood
of seven or eight' hundred
pounds- apiece and 'through pome Occident
a supporting block beneath them
was kicked out. The wholo big pilo
toppled over at once and the little area
in which tho workmen stood hold them
as if in a trap. Tho second workman,
Puu, esenped, but Kamnka was caught
beneath the fall nnd horribly crusbod,
probably being killed instantly.
Puu refused to return to that part of
tho shop and had not got over his terror
lato in the afternoon. Knmaka was
crushed almost flat, nnd although tho
police auto was rushed to the sceno
even before the bars had been lifted
off tho body by a crane, thore was no
need for anything except a morguo
Deputy Sheriff Rose, took charge of
the enso and has ordered nn inquest.
Oceanic Liner Reaches Port on
One Engine After Remark
able Voyage.
(From 6ondny Advertiser)
(living no indications of being badly
crippled, tho Ucoanic liner Bonoma
nosed around tho corner of her wharf
at the foot of Fort street at midnight
last night and proceeded with all haste
to the discharging of Elw,UW pounds
of Australian beef. The order was
lot tho Hawaii meat company and is
75,000 pounds short of the amount
originally ordered.
Tho long journey from Sydney on
one engine, a proposition few captains
would havo cared to' tackle, was mado
without any accident, except tbo one
that made n lame duck of tho liner.
The Sonoma waa two days out of Sydney
when tho propollor was Jlrst injured.
It had apparently hit a sub
merged log, so far as ti.e oincers could
dctcrmino from tbo nature of the injury,
and ono of the blades was bent.
Umlor this strain tho shaft gavo way
two dnys Inter and twenty foet of
shaft nnd tho propcllor shot out and
becamo nltogotucr useless.
The .-..... accident established . a marine ..!
freak lor instead ot ilronDiuir oir. tuo
broken shaft hung twenty feet out, al -
though what held it has not been sat - !
tsfnetorily determined. There it lung,
bowover, and Captain Trnsk had it
u. u.v. .-- ."" i
it looked its if the veescl would bo nblo
to get to 1'ngo l'ngo with it, but it wns
fish, pol, .. .. ..
Already with tho first application ot
tho now parcel .post, law in tht Tern-
tory ot Hawaii dissatisfaction is ox-
prtfted with the result ot this long
tlio acrnge parcel than is the iraenr.
parcel properly insured ia gicatcr lor
published tho expense ot sendim; n
shown below In tho comparative tablj
which do.-s not relieve. As will in
looked-for relief from hih latei
n.nr.pii rnt. wlitln !, ia vnnlir ntn.!,
moro cxpenshe to send n parcel of
four pounds or Jess tuan under the olJ
Another matter of dlsiatiffuctlon U
that the public is forcod to uso tao
pared post, compelled to stand in lino
to get scivico, to buy special stamps,
w v.inu uu. 1UOU1.1UW, iu nuaiu i.wiu
ocr the saving of cents that may
bo valuatjlo or a hardship to waste.
Altogether tne present arrangement 0i,ipmn,ts coming to llnnnbiln. Dinin? printing establishment, died vesterday
appears to be one of those hybrid coin- f10 paF.t hrCc wcekR during which the morning n't seven o'clock at St.
winch can ploaso only the o:- puree post has beeq in operation hero orino" hospital. Santi Monlcn Cali-
press companion ana tuc Benators w o
lojstcd thu expensive imitattou gold
bnck on the country.
in Honolulu the present parcel pot
tcculatioiiH havo resulted in tho loss to
the postotUce of all the business lrom
tho banks in sending money from hero mw the express company wns tho mam tho widow. Tho body has been
tho other islands. Heretofore tlio factor in reducing tho old-time rate ed and tho ashes will be brought to
banks paid sixteen conta a pound to for letters in rivalrv with tho govern- Honolulu for interment,
send through the mail cash for their nient. The following is taken from an Mr. Langton was born in 1801 at
clients, now it would bo thirty-two article about Hcnrv Wells, tho pioneer
cents a pound, nnd tho oxpresa com- founder of the company, in the Weill j
pnny gets an tne business, aoingj it at
a cheat or rato nnd more expeditiously.
Another thing is that all areola sent
through the parcel post must be un-
sealed, except when going by first-
clax mail. Also these parcels are sent
to their destination by fast freight
instead of by passenger, trains, whils
the express companion still send by
the latter and thus deliver quicker.
To mail a parcel under the new liw
one has to go to tho postoflleo .while
tho express company picks" up tyour
'packages for you and delivers it. and
ono ,hns to go to tho postouieo, wnilo
special insurance stamps havo to bo
placed on a packago to send it proper
ly safeguarded through tho parcel post
Inconsistent Bates.
The following table will show tho
of tho parcel post zone.
ratca and also shows tho express rates
to tho same delivery points:
Expert Is Caustic.
James L. Cowlcs. secrotary of the
postal progress league, of the United
States, comments caustically upon tho
now law, saying, among other things:
"Coitain it is that if the exproes
companies ihcmsclvea had framed tho
new law they could hardly have sue - 1
cceueu in maaing it more intricate, or.
bettor calculated lo disgust tho public
ZZ$t? 'III OTS .
the express business. I
Continuing. Mr. Cowlea in a state-
ment to tho San Francisco Chronicle,
says: (
This amazing law is tne worn 01
Senator Bourne, of Oregon, chairman
of the senate committee on postal mat
Ho enumerates eight special
t'ons to the present. law as enforced, as
Eight Objections.
"Virt- infttenri .- nf nrnvidincr for a
..--, 0
JI.4 In - n ...!, . n,mJ nn.nihnl H f H In W.ITH1T1 1 TVO! II Tl WlUlHd
spective of tho distance sent, eight con-1 Gorman origin and Invaluable services fornia, owing to ill health. Mr. Lang-centric
zones aro established around for his adopted country afford a unique J?" wa". onB f "l0 best pressmen n
..., .nir: : -ii:.i o.i.. - ,. . !. :i. r, t:. California in his tlmo and had always
a different rate is provided for accord-
ing; to the. rone to which the parcel is
to bo sent.
"Second, the new law requires the
lire of special stamps for the parcels
post system. No other country in tho
world has any such requirement. This
is ono of the minor details which
throws unnecessary troublo on the pub
a comparatively low rate."
Express Company's Work.
gQ fQr as tB Torrjtory is concerned
iue express accommodations have been
a aTga factor in its commercial
reE3 an,i Manager 'Wlll'nms has seized
every opportunity to extend nnd add m
S uSOIlllnCSt!. TOnS Ot Irillt, VCge'
tables nud fish are transported by ex
nroa evcrv dnv in Oahu. most nf the
the Mr. Williams,
.ns tie same month last
nr. while t"he nevr law his caused no
appreciative loss of business to tho
Wells Karon Cotntmnv.
Incidentally it is o"f interest to Ici'n
1'argo Messenjjor ror January.
"In 1842, tho oxpresa company of-
fcrcd a cheap letter service five cents
for a letter from Buffalo to New York
instead of the government's
five. The innovation wns immediately
popular; hundred) of letters went 1 v
express nnd few bv the government
mails. When an nttempt was made to
punish tho express messengers and
fieials, public opinion was intensely
aroused. Prominent men were olwnvs
i.. to rt. bail 1 - -
ready ofTcr when a mcfscnf.iT
wtis arrested; popular icctrngs wc.'e
neiu in ncionse ot express; nnn wuen
t!.e ease against the oxprcss company
went to a jury, tho decision was made
for tho company. The feeling 01 the
public was unmistakable, and the
and immediate result wns the adoption
of' ehcip postaee rates by tho
ment .Thl VY important re;
form a blessing to nil tho people of
the country was brought about by th
cheap" and effective servjeo of tho express
i-Tom that time to a practical par-
., poat for the ,,cncflt lot tho people
te(;ms a onK pcri0a. Mavbo it will he
to tho exprcSB f0mpanieB to hasten
je trjck again,
HBRL1N. January 5. Ostcrhaus. a
well-known German officer who figured
conspicuously in the Union ranks in
tno Livii war ana tne lamer 01 au-
miral Osterbaus of the Unitod States
Navy, celebrated his ninetieth birthday
in excellent health at Duiaburg, Rhine-
land, yesterday.
Ambassador Leishman sent him this
telegram: "1 beg to offer my hearty
congratulations on tuo occasion of
your ninetieth birthday to so
wbich so closely bind both nations to
'each other."
NEW YORK, January 10. Former
Police Lieut. Charles Becker, under
isentenco of death for tho murder of
uamuier Herman iioscniuai, continues
in a hopeful frame of mind in his cell
nt Sing 8ing prison, according to one
of h'a - . recent - fellow-inmates. ....... Lawrence
j. Knolir. former corporal ol tbo
ted htntcs Army, who was condemned
to'dio for tne murder of his sweetheart,
but wi,0 ), jUBt been sent from tho
0cat!i house to tho jail at AVhito Plains
" scronu trim, tens tne Mury oi
jeccer's days at S!nj: Sing.
Spohr snva ho was known ns tho
coiii.Mlf'th ..... . , .
dcath house,, t ,rtu0
- ., , b t juf.atca m.Jn ,uer0
.,, K? arrived anJ succeeded to
g nYcconOdeX - -
- 'nllT r,0; Z ,,i,Yynnl
, , ,
1,al l will
- ! ,,01(7 i if n S !i "ul. .. T,
- i -i -,-....
mo" religious man in the place ana
"very n.ght reads the Biblo and leads
In tho singing of two or t ree hymns
l and sometimes popular songs In which
tho 'gunmen' join, llcekcr docs not
talk about hi case, but spends most
of his time studying up tho legal points
- .of It, and be is utunuy jn a uopcfui
i frame of mind.
' Tuko Laxative Hromo Qutnina
Tttblets, All druggists refund
tho money if it fniu to cure.
K V. Grove's cignaturo i on
fOfll bos
u Uv v ft A
lost, however, shortly before shoiit need have been owing to the
reached Samoa. - plicated system of rones and rntes.
Thero were only two passengers for cry one of 00,000 postotllccs throughout
llonolulu, they being W.' Ilcrkln nmljlfo country lias to be provided with a-
Thouuis McCarty, J. Juback, bettor
known as Jack Lester, the "whlta
hope" Hums took down tn Australia to
clean It up, is returning on tho Sonoma
nnd tho possibility that he and sov.
eral other prixeflghtors on board, including
Krnio Zander, remaining hure
nni mentioned Inst night.
Tho second cabin Is shared equally
between iiilMiouarlo. and thentrlcnl
peepliv Thu chIiIii llt through It not
larL'ti. but n number nf disiinmiikhod
Autrailan are lnriuiiiM in the tn iiamiie sirixes, ngnt pneo
bcr. ' neliu, which he did by bunding hi own
One (if IIimo Is II. Clump, n loading butcher shops and other buildings,
rebitrt of Uidimy, nud .Udnm II. A. , ovmituully making a paying iiroosltion
U loirs, ii iiiMiiitte uho is uuIiil' to.uf tho mine in mute of it all.
ItottoM lo (HI an eiiiiiKiieit. A Sjm
kauo mN. II. ('. llslllwigiir, who for five
vim has bwii hiiwinI In the ardumi
4ulv f uniting an AwMrttUun miu un
Mi fl. U tm route tkiwuuu ta I.ndou.
DuriMg W May in Aiutialla I list bad
The following tabic shows the cornparativc rates for packages up to eleven pounds as charged
ly the ells Fargo Express Company and Che parcel post, the rate in the latter having the extra
ten cents for insurance added to the postal rate to even the total rate with the express company,
which is held responsible for loss or damage: -
1 2 3.456 7 8 9 10 11
Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Yost Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Post Ex-Post
At-a 2515 2518 2521 2524 2527 3030 3033 3030 3039 3012 30 15
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, f !! M TO
William LangtOPj Paradise Of tfie
. Pacific Publisher. Dies in
William M. Langton, former editor
nnd proprietor of tho 1'nrndlse of tho
Tm.ifin ..,1 t i, r..n.n
fornia, a cablegram being sent to Mrs.
Langton here yesterday by some of his
friends in tho printing businefs.
l'noumonia wns the cnuso of death,
a ,rnnj ;..o.i .Dtwin
ovening making this nnounccment to
Williams Photo.
Kamaaina publisher of Honolulu, who
died on Friday in San Francisco.
Downioville, California, where his
father had crtnblisbed the first pony
express company. He lived thero
iv vtyitrn nml irntni, tn Snn TiVan!aA.
cntcred Tiacon's printin" houso and
later established ono of tho largo print-
ing nouses in the city. Later he went
to Southern California, remaining thern
five years.
Ho came to Honolulu in 1899 nnd
rcsidod hero ever since. Ho and Mrs.
Langton established tho present largo
printing house which waa conducted by
them until a few months ago, when
Mr. Langton turned over the establish-
productions always being works of art.
piTTSRlinnir. .Timnrv in At n
n!nth annuai meeting ot tho Carnogio
i..rn f.,.,,1 ,nm,nllnn horn M. n.
noonj President Charles L. TayloT's
port jhowed 1051 new cases were
mlttcd in 1912. an increase of four nor.
cent over 1911
nni.i .,,..!... ....... ...i ,r
bronzo medals wero awarded. During
ti10 ycar $iG9)03 was awarded to he-
IOes. 25,000 for disastors and S100 000
in 8;eciai appropriations. Tbo commit-
. 0 BlnCo it waa ostab isboil has
..iPLAf68' $015,200.00) disasters,
!on,lr,,ou' T eciui appropriations,
2?,'0()l0' a aM total of $1,010,008.00.
llnoinliAr ftl IflftT ninniint.
JT U.fM? u V .,-
cd to 840 'x"6 baa in"ca K 58r
38.- Tho money goes to eighty-two
wiuows, iiJ uepenuent cnuurcn unu
,ourtc(.n otiier dopendonts of deceased
noroc8. Eighty-two education awards
j,,, bcen Jnntl(j Tlcro ro twonty.
,our ,tu)cni8 j technical schools at
jj1(J epcnso of the comiinsitlon. Threo
Bro in art schools and twolvo in
wiM ani nBj, tchooli. Teu havo com-
,,cjej their eourseii lecn havo
continued their ktudles nud twenty-two
are not yet eligildo to attend schools.
The oilier of Just yixir were lo
"How do yuu Unow you htvt ben
fnrlliest Nurlhl"
M got lioro I couldn't buy J,0,'
card. Sure l'e been." IUiiisi Oily
"Third, tlio system of rates is so tn.
and complicated that a person sub-who
wished to send scvoral packages
would ..... hnvo to 1.. a considerable .n . -
liart or tne iinv in tne posiouice wuu;
ltho overworked postal clerks figured
out the rate on such ono.
"Fourth, tlio rates nip enormously In
excess of those charged in foreign
""- "
"Fifth, tho expenso of atlministering
the new service is much great or man
specially printed map showing tho lo
elitlou of tho particular zones which nf
feet that postof.lee, new plates nail to
bo prepurod for the unnveetrary new
riea of stamp, nnd additional clerks
will have to bo employed simply to
strnlghton out tie entanglements which
this coiiipllfnted law makes inevitable,
"Sixth, parcels must bo mulled at
curtnln pnetoftiecs only.
"Boventii, the system bail ueen nr
! The vnr! will get nwav for Han
I'ranrliro at noon today livln token
on during the night a largii
, uifnit uf svgiir and Iwnanai, to Uho (he
dm of th niMt dlhr(!Pl hem. Him
jus not a liavy eatga thretigh.
ranitod to go into effect on January 1,
f0 tbtit the express companies might
pet the enormously profitable Christmas
Wines', nnd have nt lenst ono last,
great haul from the public pocket.-
"Eighth, the rono system is a gross
d'ocriminntion asainst'points on the
Atlantic nnd Pacific coasts, for thcyt
Inve no territory on one sine, while,
points in the center of the country can
vnn.il. nm. nil... rn,. nf .tn An.mt.i. ni

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