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OKIE UK One of the Reasons For Resumption of the War 1 M TIG PRESIDENT PUTS
Turkey Reply to Note of the
Ambassadors Refusal of
Terms Offered.
Bulgarian Envoy Says Next Time
Peace Terms Will Be
Much Larger.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
30. (Special to The Advertiser).
Turkey's reply to tlio Powers
was handed to tho ambassadors
hero today. It proposes to givo
tho Allies half of Adrianoplo,
talnlng tho Holy City section,
whero the MOBlem shrines aro lo-
cated. It declines to surrender
the Aegean Sea Islands or sea-
ports and proposes that tho status
of tho government of these lBlands
bo left to tho Powers.
Tho noto suggests tho
tlon of 23,000 squaro miles of con-
qucred territory In European Tur-
key bo also loft to tho Powers.
Hv Wdernl Wirelen Telfrnph.J
LONDON, January 30. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Confirmation of re
ports that bloody fighting is In progress
among tho Turks at Tchatalja was obtained
today in dispatches from
These say that many officers
and men have been killed and tliat more
than two hundred have been wounttca.
rn Federal Wlrelew TeUirmph.)
(Special to Tho Advertiser) War
Turkey and tho Balkan Allies
-will ho resumed at the expiration of
jfour days, according to formal notlco
served on tho Porto this afternoon, The
Turkish foreign minister thereupon
.notified the Balkan representatives that
armlstico would terminate at soven
o'clock this evening.
The Turks, ho said, would respect the
.Bughtcho agreement and would not
start fighting until the four days had
(Dy Federal WlreleM Telegraph.)
LONDON, January 30. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Conunontlng on
reply to tho Powers, Premier
yenlzclos, of Greece, today said:
'"My Information Is that tho Porto
proposes to leave to tho Powers tho disposition
of all the Aegean Islands, except
those nearest the Turkish coast,
which they will refuso to cede. If correct,
this is unsatisfactory. Greece
fought hard for tho Aegean Islands and
we aro pledged to get them."
Doctor Danaff, chief Bulgarian envoy,
"Peace negotiations cannot bo resumed
on the basis of tho Porto's Toply.
They cannot be resumed until Turkey
agrees to cede the whole of Adrianoplo,
and also agrees as a basis for bargaining
that tho European frontier of Turkey
will bo a lino running from Mldia
on the Black Sea to Bodosto.
"Tho present demands of the Allies
will not be renewed. After the first
shot Is fired, If war Is resumed, our
will be larger than ever."
LONDON, January 30. (By Associated
Press Cablo to Star-Bulletin) The
"Labor party, representing threo million
voters, added a new and almost
feature to tho women's suffrage
tontrovcrsy last night when its representatives
aunounccd that the party
has resohed to indorso no suffrage bill
that will exclude women from tho right
-to vote. Tho announcement is hailed
.as a big victory for tho suffragists.
()y Kalml Ttilcgmpii Wireless)
WAniimiiTiJNi Jwiusry su.
(Bposlsl to The Advertiser)
4- friit liii qt vartli und rock into
tb Oiilebru Cut will umUu
ury urrt livlly if the l'nutuis
I.'uIIhI ll III l)M WJHHIO.I Imfori lbs
m Hid of tho yrsr, s bm btu
iIUImI by Ct)ul Oo.jLsli,
Mrp CiMU Ml h Mllloii yrJ
of iwrib Miui imk U fIW tutu O
Lo mi tftti mmll, uA tlio twil
4 DMfl (m imftMittt
kiMik st l'.U lltll will nd4 But
SOraW' tJ8$mm&m '.ill
s a ajHliNY 1 iI352KmHiBBK' SM 1' m life
irnm ii"v mxvm'mm'wmmifflui'mmMmr'yr
Urn i IValiil''lr'pgTV'isssssssssssssKTIssssssssssssssssssFnal - f
Above, a general view of the Mosq.ue
Is held as sacred by the
Question in House of Commons
Regarding Treaties of
(Br Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, January 30, (Special to
The Adcrtiser) Tho British government
has not reached a decision on thu
question of resuming negotiation for
the ratification of tho Anglo-American
arbitration treaty which Secretary
Knox somo time ugo declared the
United States was prepared to ratify.
Sir Edward Orey, secretary of
affairs, made this announcement
today in reply to a question in the
bouso of commons,
"The whole United States noto will
bo carefully considered," said
Edward Qroy, "before any reply
is sont to Washington,"
Tho Inquiries suggested thut other
1'owers might bo asked to join in a
simultaneous reply.
SAN FRANCISCO, January 30. (By
Associated Press Cable to Star-Bulletin)
Stitt Wilson, tho Socialist mayor of
Borkelcy, California, has refuted to accept
an invitation to tho $3 banquet
to be given by the associated charities
of this city. Ho gives as bis reason
that tho moving pictures, which will
portray scenes ofllio starving poor, aro
vulgar ostentation, and nothing short
of pagan.
NJJW VOltIC, January 30, (Uy
1'ri'ii Cablo to
Tlio of commerce ami labor
i today definitely deeid4 that Csatro,
- - I
forumr lrelJut of Vouetus b. Is an
uuilrsimlild fltltcii uml turned down ,
Ins ippltetioi fur mluiUsioii into tho
Uuliud Hlolw, Cttstru's mtonmyi de
lr that Uey i wry thu Hni
liiibr up
Ihr YttHtA YVlrtfeui T44i I
WAailJNilTOK, Juwiry M. (!
nsl u TUt l'i4i
'fl wluy iuHiill JVi4iMUb Mtmi
ls u nuim Uwril h iitUr ut
iktiu fi lit fnii ut An Ptik
of Sellm II in Adrianople, and below a sccno in its interior.
Turks and they refuse to givo it up for tho sake of peace.
Suffragettes Try
o o
Police Hustle Them Out Roughly
(Uy ffdrrol Wirtltu Telfiri.h.)
DUNDEU, Scotland, January 30,
(Sjccial to The Advertiser) Shouting
"traitor" and "coward," as thoy . i
charged through a crotyd gathered liero
to hear Premier Asquitii, a group of
militant euitruRctte tried to mob the
premier, following n wnrin ueleomo
gien him, und were roughly hi stlcd to
the strei't.
The mayor of tho city had just introduced
the premier when the suffragettes
.LONDON, January 31. (By Associated
Press Cable) In tho House of
Lords today tho Homo Rulo Bill was
lojoctril by a most emphatic vote. Tills
action upon the part of the lords was
Effective work is being done by Aliis
Allyn, the librarian, to bavo tbo books
In shapo und shelved and catalogued
tor tho opening of tbo new Library of
Hawaii tomorrow. Tho librarian and
asslttunti have worked day and oven-lug
to ll r run go the thousand mid thou,
sumli ul books Into their proper
Chairman A. I,uvl, Jr.. of the
a ....... ... ...
'X "mm hiuim mat tlio iiiirnry will
bn opoiuvl without wrwuoiiy, but tho
UtibJiNg ll be "pnrojifUuly iltwk!
wJ.i. ' m,ilkt '""w iiu.l w" b "m
No tMwk will lm Iimba) (or tliti tint
wb, iIm librrinB fA gMl4nt
imt iiiMv uyi) Mly litv iMcliirs
iMM rMsVliwt. 'hut UUiiy it it
i til rl4iu, wW miiwi 1m 4)y
This mosauo
To Mob Premier
o o o o
appeared. They made n contbrteit rusli
lor tbo rostrum, but were interrupted
by tbo julieo nud despite the hot fight,
"' ,Wcn naiJ cratchlng vns n feature,
iti.u ui nrn rtiiniarii, .- ... a ..n.i m
Durinjr tho height of the- affray one
suflragette elirnbed on tbo rail of tho
Inlcony in the hall and proj nred to
jump on the beads of tbojo below,
wneii a man sitting near iezl her
and draggej her Lack, scrnmLlinj; and
WASHINOTON, Januiry 31.
(B.v Associated Press Cablo) Tho
bill carrying appropriations of
5,21S,U30 for fortifications on tho
mainland and islands of tho
United States pussed the houso
lato jestordny.
The appropriations as thoy
fact tbo Toirltory of Hawaii in-
elude: Scucoast batteries, for
1013, $,170,000; for 101-J, $70,000.
Light and power plants, for 1014,
$34,409, Searchlights for import-
ant harbor, for 101 1, 1U,SOO. Pro-
tcctlon, preservation and repair
of fortlfliatlons, for 11)13, $500;
for 1014, $500, Preservation and
repair of torpedo structures, for
IIM I, $r00. Tools ami supplies,
seaichllght and light mid power
plmts, for 1013, 750; for 1014,
An iiutoiimblln party muilim; tuwti
lain lust night report ixl tlmt hIiIIhiwini
lug Hlunif tho intilii loml liwu nt lbs
lloiiullllu I'lSHtMlluH IWC MlSklinl WU
vim tinHiiltifl, WIimi Aiti llit
WHfiWl(ibl uf Hit wU 4wUd vn tbimi
l tUf iliMt) Uwld Him rn4 TbX
Wiir wjm Itw luirr
wirt ul Imi r fs TU) mmnhmI U
Lit UtkAttr VMllUJ llMli bfbr llittlillAl
rvis(wtul, imi m4m U lowMwl ti.UtjiU Mum 4s)gfM rlrtbw ui lurw
toiUI mf Ubf Us if iy M Uw Mt4 HhmU IIwm N
4inl tUpmil Im li irtMt nt tHitn sn u4 by ih m U livbt uf
& , J i k xU wi U t
fMMl Mi&ldlttoQM 'SSUsasUlSLISMtMiSUtMSllttJIJSlh
But Statement Is Reiterated to
the Effect He Will Be Next
Secretary of State.
;rir Federal WItelou Telecraph.)
-MIAMI, Florida, Jnnuary 30. (Spo
cinl to Tho Advortlscr) Declaring that
Henry Alcxnmlor, of Tronton, Now
lerscy, did not cnll upon him on political
business, "Wlllium J, Hryun
replied to reports sent out from
.Miami to the otToct innt Mr. Bryan,
!mil given nssurnnccs tlmt ho would no
cept tlio portfolio of secretary of state
in Mr. Wilson's cnblnct.
Mr. llrynn doclarcs tlmt no nttcntlon
whatever should bo paid to such re
forts s wcro sent out from Miami last
"JNo friend would prosunm to speak
for me in such n matter ami no man
who would nssumo to sponk for mo can
be cohniderod. Tnko it for cranted
that Wilson will rjvo
out nnjthiiiR ho wants published
tUMthor of us should bo held respon
siblo for what nnybody says.
"Speaking for myself, I do not enre
to discuss unnuthorized reports. Mr.
Aloxnnder did not call upon jioliticnl
busincH niid the conversation was
nbout an entirely different snbjoct."
I'ollowing Mr. Alexander's
with Ilrynn, tho Miami Herald,
today, made tlio nnnounccmont that
Mr. Bryan had given positlvo
that ho would accept tho portfolio
of secrotary of state in tho Wilson
Mr. Alexander loft today for Trenton.
Honolulu Growing Faster Than
the Business Men Realize:
Is Crowdect, Full.
In view of tho ovldont fact that
tliara.1 to be a, largo Influx of tourists
hero during thornSxt few'wooks, the
proposition of establishing n "tent
city," suggested some jenrs ago bj
Promotion Secretary AVood, is being
discussed ugain, This year tbo robriir
ary Uarnial and Ploral
,Pnrndo is bringing bore moro people
tliun over ennio hero bctorc, mm 'tinny
of them will be people who would like
tho idea of living in n "tent" city in
MMiii'tropieal Hawaii.
"Tho plan is ono followed with
in Homo of the southern California
communities," said Mr. Wood,
"I liavo not hoard any definite,
details of nrrnngements to carry oat
such an idea here, but do not see whv
it would not lie n success. There will
be many among those who will come
here in tbo near future who would liKo
to llvo in a 'tent' city. Somo of them
might rather desiro to Ihc in such n,
place than 111 any other, It would be
a new oxporionco to many of them."
Chance to Crowd a Tent City.
Honolulu is apparently going to bo
ho crowded with visitors during tho
next couple of months that there would
bo liberal patronage for a "tent city."
Already tho promotion committee is
worklnjr to list places at which visitors
may obtain suitable quarters, and it
teems certain that every hotel and
boarding- house, will bo well filled.
Henro, it is thought, if someone with
control of some good beach property
should start a "tent city" there Would
probably bo very big returns,
i "It is likely n lost opportunity
as for ns this jear Is conccrnod," said
ono real citato man who discusiod tho
matter yesterday. "Thcro may be
hardly time to make tho necessary sanitary
and other arrangements, on any
lots along the bench which are avail
able, and without them it would not
be wise to go nhend,
"Uonolulans didn't realize in time
bow big n list of visitors they wcro going
to bnvo this year. I notice, that
tho promotion committee is asking for
addresses of people who bavo rooms to
lot, with or without hoard. As a contrast,
you can seo in most mainland
cities, 'to let' signs In every block, all
tbo year round.
"Tbo promotion work is making Honolulu
grow a Uttlo faster than many
of her businessmen teem ready to
"As far ns future prosperity Is con-corned,
tho groat thing Is to mako
good' this year on tbo big show wo
liavo advertised all over tlio world. If
our citlrcns get togother und givo tbo
kind of a pntrlotlo celebration thoy aro
ublo to give, noxt year will goo such
a growth of Honolulu as wo can hardly
keen pnen with, and next February
wo will tolubriito Wellington's
on a scale lilgger limn wo aro ablo
to coiitempliito now."
By Kilinku Wlrslto,
At lJht o'sJurk Im.I night lb Ks
buku wlrlM iUiJwi wm In tuiwJi with
lb M. V. (i, U. Willirlwius, wl.Uii
4P0 HtiiM nil lloiiululu, m
MMMlll, Hill Mil W.l At L MM bulir
lbs 4tWu ww in mi4i will) lb f'A
H b MsNtuu, wfeUli irtll ttlfbir
vhm ftfM iM nfit, Utyift
k4 ! MMotiK!, l iut tirl
"! MsHi.u kUu III tull
'! Ih Nipw Wr
1 E
Vigorously Attacks Democratic
Bill to Give Philippines
Speaker Clark Replies, Defending
His Party's Policy of
(Dj Federal YTlrtlesa Teltenph.)
WASHINGTON-, January 30. (Special
to Tho Advertlsor) President
Ta, in his f arowoll speech to tho Ohio
Socioty of Washington, last night, vig
orously attacked tho bill now pending
in congress granting autonomy and in-
dopcudouco In eight years for tho Philippines,
"Is It possible," asked tho President,
"that tho Democratic party Is
going to rescind a policy that has vindicated
itself hy ton years' oxporionco,
merely for tho purpose of adhorlng to
tlio cohwobbod planks of a forgotten
platform. Will thoy not, before thoy
take such an lrretriovablo stop, obtain
reliable Information as to tho conditions
that obtain in tho Islands."
Spoakcr Clark, who followed tho
President, declined to dobato with him
tho Democratic policy for indepondenco
for tho Philippines.
"I am not going to dobato tlio question
of Philippino indepondenco with
Prcsldont Tart," said Clark.
"I havo no inclination to make a
Philippino speech and I am not going
to, either. I wish wo wore out of thore
In as good sliapo as wo woro when wo
got in. But according to tho Demo
cratic platform, which I did not make,
wo aro committod to a policy. I
that when a man gots offlco on a
platform ho should llvo up rollgiously
to the planks that tiro in that platform."
Banana Claims So Far Are From
Others and Said to Be
. . I
With tho intention of doing
thing in their power to fulfill pledges
inado by tho Democratic party during
thu last campaign, Democratic members
of tho nest houso and senate,
lrom Oahu bavo been holding almost
daily eaueuses to dUcuss bills to bo
introduced lor tho purposo of covering
every plunk in tho platform.
At a recent caucus, a commlttoo
headed by A, J, Wirtz, with J. M.
and J. B. Kalakiola as tho othor
members, was named to secure exact
information as to tho oxtont of tho
losses sustained by the people during
the mosquito campaign by tho destruction
of banana trqcs, togother with
tho names of those asking for redress,
A bill based on this information will
be introduced to provido for a settlement
of the banana claims us provided
in the party platform.
"Whilo this is of necessity a party
measure," said Chnirmau Wirtz last
night, "wo want to settle it in a
Lrouil nonpartisan spirit and politics
will cut no figure in It. The data secured
immediately after tho campaign,
wo do not think covers the matter.
Tbero aro soma eighty-four claimants
for damages to thu extent of over
$JO,000, and of these loss than half a
dnzoti aro Hawaiiuus. Wo want to settle
the matter oucu for nil and, if possible,
reimburso all thoso legitimately
entitled 'to redress, 1'or this reason
no have issued tho following statement
lulling on persons who considor they
havo claims to fllo them with Secretory
"Tho Democratic- legislative caucus
contemplating measures to reimburse
all persons who have claims against
tho government for the destruction of
property during (he, so callid
campaign, Is iWirous of obtain
lug nil possible information us to tlio
extent and nature of these claims, and
would reijuost all persons interested
to flic, either in person or by
mall, with tho undersigned secretary
of tin) emiiiiilttco " U'rlflcd stiilemeiit
of their loss. This Information Is
rought irroipuollvo of party rilllllutlon
uiiil with tho solo (ibjeH of preparing
ItUjislntlYt) liii'usuriw for proper relief,
All piirtlMs Interested nru furthermore,
htfjiisttil lo fllo tliolr tntcmuiiU prior
Ui I'lilimwr 1A. 1PI8.
Wo. 0, I,, h, lllvsk, nr
tir Kiwimi Hint I'Huubl lr(tl,
II If. UUIuiy, tuiMirlulMkilMit of (Mill-It
Mirtiui, ytobtrfay smmIh hk'
uiMif t riwir tb Wstiww wlmrf.
ifiitiNi U ll. Itirt, wbisff sjiiif tit
tb 4iM(iistl ij wtUi wmi, Ul
Wo 4(ll4 U 4llt lis iUrKlug vt
U wk k t

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