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with tho theater crowds in tho street
escaped without leaving any cluo
The robbed train is known as tho
"Stock Yards Special" nnd is usod
to curry money, valuables and express
matter between tho Stock Yards and
the downtown district.
(By Federnl Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, February 1.
cial to Tho Advertiser) In tho debato
today In tho senato on tho proposed
Work's constitutional amendmentwhich
umits a President to a single
team, by proposing to permit voters to
amend tho constitution uirecny
previous election of congress, when
"a bubstantlnl majority" wanted such
a change, Senator Cummins declared
that with tho exception of Gcorgo
Washington those Presidents who have
Mrved two terms would havo been potter
Executives had tboy served but one.
Senator Cummins declared ' President's
duties were "often neglected
and badly performed."
"I bohovo n President would do his
duties more elliciently if uo iulluonc.es
can effect him," ho said.
"I think tho Sherman anti-trust law
will lin more thorouuhlv lived U1 to
nnd moro energetically appliod to all
persons alike if tho President of tho
United States is mado freo from all
tho influences which tho interosts might
Bill Passes Senate.
WASHINGTON, February 1. (By
Associated l're Cublo to
tin) Tho sennte today otod. forty-
sevonto to limit tho term
of tho President of tho United States
to six years, without reelection. Tho
vote came as a surprise, although it
wiih Known tliat I'retUiunt Tint and a
number of tho older loaders of the
favored tho plan as a protection
ngalnit tho third term idea.
1JMKi.N, 1 -(Uy Ao
eiiitoil J'rtM Cable to
Ono of tit luilUsiil ultrMttM
tliix inoruliiK mitvrvd the THwtr wild
Viunlidd tlit Bl of I lie kltoiv MM
coiiintiMti rrjilietis of lit (mmiu
rrowu iwU of (J rent UriulN. iul
l'nliil! tliU HtUick, ilia ittuumat bt
bnUivl th e Ionium ii f oitisr bow
l.lwiM, kUi0 UI eun t(fiMllrtull
whrv llu fmuoi.s fi wuMruiu
li.ut.it, liUiluli . ..nil nn.) lji.l)
r. i I j.tititc
WWWfWWIT r vh&w g m wmwmUte' rt MM W &frnM mu'wyJuiFP"'
LONDON. Fobrunry 1.- to Tho
King Mcliolnn of Mimionogrn, on mio aide,
mid Crown Pi'lnco roiistniUliio of (Jrooeo, on t.lip
cither, lira roportwl to lmve dpHnrwl tliey will take
the forlresmsa of Srittnrl ami Jniiinn by storm or
lose tltotr Hvos in tho attempt.
H Is assurtod here Hint Uio Monlonogrins and
the (i rooks havu rocoived assn ranees that Hns.sla and
Franco will support their retention of Scutari and
.lanina if they succeed in capturing thoin while the
Unitarians are taking Adrinnople.
iw rrdrral Vfrli
10NDON, February 1. (Special to
The Advertiser) Tho members of tho
Bulgarian poaco dolcgauon nave
Hawaiian (mzkttk, ii isnw. h. hm - wbkkly
Hr t'Mttral Wlrflrss Tolnrapli.)
SOFIA. Bulgaria, Fobruary 1. (Bpe.
clol to The Advertiser) Turkish do-
onmmiinlrailnnji from tho front sorters who rcacliod Uio Bulgarian head
ift which Ocncral Sivoff asserts that quarters of Dcmctica today told of tho
tho array surrounding Adrianoplo is ono recurTonco of sanguinary conflicts hoof
tho most efficient over gathered to- tween rival factions of Turkish troops
ccthor. Ho declares overy detail for ' in the Tchatalja lines,
tho storming and capturing of tho city Tho deserters declared that they nod
has been carried out properly. from tho Turkish camps because tho
Tho general commends tho BPlrit of 'Young Turks wcro persecuting
rivalry between tho Sorvlan and sans of tho lato
Bulgarian troops who, in an equal Kazlm Pasha, who was killed during
bcr, invest tho fortress and they freely I tho outbreak at Constantinople,
offered wagers among tho besiegers, ho War Scaro in Franco,
says, as to which nationality will bo tho IWMS, February I. (Hy Associated
first to enter Adrianoplo and plant on l'rcss Calilo to Tho fear
tho walls tho victorious nags of tho of war becoming general throughout
Should any fresh contingency arlso to
prevent a renewal of tho war which
givcR promise, of success, tho Allies will
now put as a condition of peaco, not
only tho cession of Adrianoplo and tho
Aegean Islands, but also tho surrender
of Scutari and Janinn, to Montenegro
and Greece.
Most of tho Greek and Servian peaco
delegates loft for their homes today.
Wrirral Wlrilma ldirrr.l.
MELHOUHNE, Australia, February
1 (Special to Tho Advertiser) Suffering
extremely from hunger and exhaustion,
the crow of the steamer Ikaln
were given government assistance on
their arrival at tins port today, after
a ternblo experience in crosiing tlio
Pacific from Astoria to Australia with
lumber. Tho vessel reached this port
with coal ami food gone and with only
a few ot tho crew ablo to do any
When the ship was first sighted making
for this port curiosity was ini
mediately aroused owing to the slowness
with which alio was steaming. Entering
tho harbor the vessel immediately
dropped anchor and raised a signal
of distress (SOS).
Investigation proved that tho oil
fuel firing apparatus had failed early
in tho voyago, thus compelling tho uso
of a small supply of coal and nil tho
wooden fixtures of tho stonmer in order
to mnko port. Tho vessel arrived
many weeks overdue.
(Hy Fodcral Wireless Tclecraph.)
CHICAGO, February 1. (Special to
Tho Advortisor) A lono bandit last
night held up an express train in tho i
Kuronc lias aeimi sci7cd tho banks of
Franco anil todny it is almost Impos
slide to secure nnv roM. Tho precious
mctnl seems to havo disappeared from
circulation, mid the banks arc refusing
to disburse it.
heart of Chicago's business district and ,
jnadl Ills way to freedom with loot (ur' Federal Wireless Telcrraph.)
riously estimated at from $50,000 to WASHINGTON, February 1.
. . cial to The Advertiser) Scampering
The robbery was the boldest in Chi- rats and mice arc counted by college
tago's history und was tho work of a '.students to stumpedo tho suffrage pa-steel-nerved
man. Using n bluo bilk : rado on Mnrch 3.
handkerchief, tho bandit forced tho ex-1 Tho unusual demand for rodents was
jiross to turn over the hoy explained today when tho plot that has
to bis safe containing yesterday's spread through nearly every institution
ccipts at tho Union 8tock Yard's. Tho pf learning in the (Japitul was
were thrown Into n leather ' cred.
bag nnd the bandit started from the, Tho collcginns intondod, it has do-car,
velopcd, to post their forces along tho
Tho conductor, armed with n length of Pennsylvania avenue and at
ver, attempted to block tho highway- a prcarrnngoil signal dash into tho
man's rath, but was felled by a blow marching lino with handbags or par-
from tho robber's fist. Then tho ban- ceis containing the mice, shaking tnom
dit jumped from tho tram nnd mingling out into tho street; They expect tho
greatest display of hosiery and lingerie
over seen in Washington.
When tho plot was discovered tho
suffragist leaders were dismayed and nn
appeal to the police has beca mado nnd
tho commissioner has promised
(lly Tederal Wireless Ttlecrph,l
PA1US, February 1. (Special to Tho
Advertiser) Dispatches Tcceived by
tho minister of tho colonics from Ad-
rar, an oasis in tho Sahara, northwest
of Timbuctoo, reports that n French
detachment was surprised by turbulent
tribesmen near Adritr on Jnnunry 10,
Tho troops mado a heroic resistance,
but all thoir four officers were killed
in tho fighting. Tbo othor mombors of
tho detachment mnnaged to cut their
way through tho tribesmen and rcachod
A punitivo expedition has been sent
in pursuit of tao tribesmen.
... .
IBy Federal Wireless Teltcraph.)
WASHINGTON, February 1. (Spe
cial to Tho Advertiser) H.P.Schworin,
vice-president of the Pacific Alail
Steamship Company, denied before the
house "bliipping trust" committee, to-
i jav that thero existed a rate nerree"
ment between his company and tho
Kosmos Steamship Company us to rates
on colTco from Central America.
"Tho stuto department is informed,"
said tho chairman, "that a conference
ngreemont exists between jour lino nnd
tho Kosmos lino."
"Thon tho stnto department's information,
is wrong," said Bchwcrin. "Wo
have no agreement with tho Kosmos
liuo, cither as to tbo partial division
ul trallie or us to rate.
WASHINGTON, February 1.-(Special
tg Tho ..dvortUer) Army orders:
Cupt. Samuel A. l'urvlanco, Second
Cavalry, will report to attending surgeon
this !ty, for pliyical examination,
i'imt Limit, 1'. Jlumcll, Jr.,
llifuntry, It dutallcil as
protnuaor of uitliury sclouev In ths
ljeuiittMUH laiUle l.'nlvorslly uinl
snil Hchool, IUIoh
lluun, IaiiUUiiu.
Ordw of , Jnuunry !!3, minting to
lint Mutit. .luliH 1. Uhiwh, lufnnlty,
Mr ruvoktul.
Hnvy or4iuft i
Maul. H. M. OftHikiy, mmmnuiu
atrlialutui, Ui "vl r4i mutloti,
Umt 11 I. tftuttr to vy ytrd,
Say They Will Win or Die on the Battlefield
w :,iwtmH W&7SISSEWEit335SStti f jr,, "".sssslssHsHsHssBiiin
' " w4 ' 1HsWsBIssK7v jjiUHr Sfacsl . IS' iaku9rvEft&. siilBBuMBSaE?
. u, tai W KMrvK&iWir" wKHSt r MW ntiWiTivi
y; . y" ' "
-" -'
-If :Z ZTTfr
to Alimony.
... . . .. . . . . I The
J- tt.? :KfflBSSS
irw,' &.?
llli Federal Wireless Telegraph.,)
(Cancellina of Inauguration Ball
Plans Shocks the Ones Who
Have Subscribed.
By Ernest G. Walker.
CMail Special to The Advottlror.)
WASHINGTON. January IS.' There
is npparontl' to be an inauguration
without the inaugural bnll. Tho beautiful
and spectacular' feature which lias
ushered in every administration for
qtilto half a century. is to bo omitted.
Tho first public nppcaianco that a President
mnkes, after "lie has taken tho
oath of oflice, delivered his inaugural
address, ridden back up Pennsylvania
avenue nnd reviewed the parade, is no
longer to be at a brilliant gathering,
wlieio dancing and supper nro attractions,
but, probably, at some formal reception.
Washington is ngapo with amazement
at tliis innovation. Some very worthy
people, who have part in the business
of financing and conducting
nro shocked and inconvenienced.
The country, however, will euro little
about them. Thero aro arguments for
! and against ,tho inaugural ball and,
PARIS, February 1. (Special to Tho perhaps, the 'country will think thoso
Advortiser) Tho chamber of deputies j ngainst the ball arc tho weightier.
,..., rTZ . , ,,,, ' dosed today tho incident arising from I ,u,novcry cmot reason lor the
Charged With Contempt in Criticizing .i0t,i : .1 ,, 1 l"1' has been tho tickets at five
Action of Court in Regard ' thTCQTl "'"fT" '" T" !ars cac1'' That nt a WK- ico in'
i j.u i.nj o .a..i, uj a come oi many inoitsanus or uollars,
vote of confidence of 533 to 3. with which tho inaucural committee
vote was reached after an am- coud reimburso citizens of Washington
illy federal wireess eirrann.1 .-i ii.... ; i.:.i. : .i ..' .. . "."."
KANSAS CITY Missouri February nllueu liu ' wmcu vurmus jmases tor contributions to expenses ot tho in-
I.-(Special to The" Advertiser) Wil- o V'0 Pr'rVf V" " Vr.0USh nuguration generally,
UP b J.- Millorand, former minister of stopped in Full Flight.
liam S. Nelson, editor and owner of the
h?,s0 "ln3tatc'nont ln ?ff"0. of President-elect Wilson has his
Kansas City Star, this afternoon was "a,r' put
Colonel Uc Clan, followed few
was a bnn tho inaugural ball, at tho
fined for contempt of court by Judge upon
Joseph A. Guthrie, of division ono of nys later by his giving up his cnbinot very eleventh hour, when preparations
tho Jackson county circuit court. i-or.."""- iuraii "u uuomer ox- tor it wore m lull swing. Thoso who
The citation for contempt followed ' n'so explained their official at- complain sny that he is the son of a
tho publication in tho Star of an article tltudo today in connection with tho Presbyterian minister and
saying that tho payment of attomoys' Minstatenioiit of Do Clam. ai,out such a function. Mrs. Wilson,
fees was given precedence ovor the M. Etionnc, the present minister of ls0 0f Presbyterian training, is averse
jmvmont or alimony in a Uivorco suit - "., ". ", ,; - ;u du hum ucuniunwiw, wi a niat
recently tried in the circuit court. clam f" repeating in letters to tho bo ns it may, tho good substantial rea
Tho editor was sentenced to ono day IrC8B charges agaiiiBt his chief in tho t0ns against an inaugural ball,
in tho county jail. His attomoys im- """'! "nmeuintcly after tho dally ngainst ono in the pension office
meilintnlv ntmlln.1 fnr writ nf tlona' f!lV0r of icinstotement had beon building, wliero it has been held for
nr.r.u.0 accorded him. many inaucurations bv snccinl author-
4... I ity in congress and where it would
flly Federal Wireless leleeraph.)
NEW YORK. February 1. (Special
to The Advortisor) Elenora and
Wilson, daughters of tho
have taken a hand in tho New
xork gnnlment workers' strike.
SAfl FRANCISCO, February 2.
(Hy Associated Press Cable)
It has been decided that tho New
.. cial lo Tho Advertiser) James 11.
duL klMllllat tUt sit tbtflr UHHI MMtt
ajr Im iuiihh1 trwiiilfi ytitkt
mm tmi bM ru
ull 41wimmhnI dm4 iw
havo been hold this yenr, aro that it
costs the government nbout $23,000 because
of the enforced idleness of pension
office clerks for sovcral days and
because it delays the granting of pen
sions to tho veternns and also becauso
Last night they attended tho iorK iononBis nnu uio inicago it cn,anRers valuable records on ac
women's court nnd watched tho Americans will tour inc. worm next (.n,, 0f tll0 hazard of fire,
sitions of tho cases of cirl strikers winter and leave San Irancisco Not a Danco Ball.
arrested for picketing. Today thoy aro or tl10 "cn' n November 1. As a speetaclo tho inaugural ball is
still investigating aud aro interview- Tl' firBt stol wi" l)0 InaJe ? nlwnys magnificent. It is not n placo
hie a number of colleco women who aro Honolulu, where tho teams will where people danco. Some try to
aiding tho strikers in their fight for l,ay ,ocal "ines and following dnncc. Tho pension oflico building
higher wages and better hours.
(Hv l'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, February 1,
SANTA l'T, Nov Mexico, Ftdiruary
1, (Dy Associated Press to
-What advocates of tho federal
income tax amendment to tho United ,
mates constiiuuou neciaro to no n
ciiivo victory was won in the Now
it- mio, win 1'iuy uu k'u" num noor 1B 0r nagging ana while ono can
gamo between tho traveling nines. trip tho light fantastic there, if ono
From Honolulu tho Oiants and , m0st persistent, there is littlo pleas-
Whito Sox will jouruoy toJopan r in jt beyond being ablo to say that
and China nnd gradually work Ono hns stopped tho mcasuro at tho
A tlmir nrnnnil tln (tlnbn Ai lnn.nl 1...1I .lnnl ...... I..,....- rrl.A..
cia to Tho Ailvertisor) President 1 ; i, V "--7! - J, '"""' "' "","' u.u" ,v uu '.w,u'l;, """
fivo six mouths of
T ft todav tho eonorressioii.il 'Suming or thero is tho inovitnblo crush. The pen-
solution nrovidinL' for tho orjetion of travel an'X ',,a'5"S tho Crcat nn" i"a offlco building is an enormous
aniSirpi nt t,,e metttnt i,orta "
"xiisr,,,p !i? at ani
parj. , visited. its capacious galleries, but turn sovcral
i- - iiiuutmuu puupiu iinu 1L uuu vuuiu in
ifciltiic: hardly elbow room. It is nlco to go
(Hy Fedornl Wireless Telegraph)
NEW YOniC, February 1.
there to look nt tho beautiful decora'
tions and to hear tho band play and to
wntch tho procession of peoplo. Thoso
nttcndliic aro very lamely innugurn
Hon visitors who take tho ball in as
ono of tho sights. Along in tho even
ing the now President nnd his wifo,
Mexico legislature today, whon tho f"orpe has signed a contract to CCo,panicd by tlio chairman of tho
senate voted in favor of tho tax. If l,la' wi"1 tno Jjow ork Nntional inaugural committee nnd his wifo,
tho houso ratifies tho plan on Monday, k'.T'Vi"1.'1 , J'10 isa'oa ol como to the ball. That is tlio moment
.,., io .,,..,!.! ii.. f...i.,...i ,.i ..; w iuja. viiiouier no oocomes n iirsi
t ii, ,.!,,w.ii,',.i., !.... . baseman or n pitcher makes littlo
tu .aiv .! IllUllllll LUklll'D. 1 . - .
dllTercnco to Manager McOraw.
1.1. Ml . 1 0..1 .1.1... 111., -l
NEW LIFE TO CONDEMNED. Thorpe," sold tho Olant leader,
NKW YOIIK, February l.-(Iy As- "ought to have in him tho
Koclated Pre Cable to ! ings of n groat ball player. Ho
Mrs. Ilockcr, wifo of Meiiteimnt luu tbo mincle nud brain in him
flecker of the Now York police force, U- ami it is up to urn to find the spot
and now nwnitlun exKutiwn for tho I where ho will bo of most value
murder of Hurmnu Itosentlml. uuve. to the teuin."
liirtu lo a .iuugiitar this umiiuIii The
lnnvn whs iii to the romlmiiiitf.l iiiuu,
who it In Hit. dMlh cell m 8lUr Hiutf.
Molliur nud lUiiHlitur uto r(Mirtd well.
A. U ilcl'hrii of Terwitw, Cyaan,
a luHibruiu wbu kblpsi WUlk Hiiibr
to Ik bu rnHimil iw trlu
lj Maul, iu.1 i loud it lii priii of
DM lll fouml on IkMi tllMd KNJ
tl Wdlluku iu Miilculir. II iitMU
lit Nrturti tu Maul In frw is 4
1M)4 SUUic llw liter
lr i'deral Wlr.l.n Trltirsik.)
iu TU Ailvwrllwr)
dlWt ilMIH ut 111 OUW.ltluU rf4VNl
n talDUNW ftom iL lll Ydtlit
to wbich very many of those present
look forward. Tho presidential party
Is received in ono of tlio upper rooms
nud, after a little, tho I'resldcnt, with
tho wifo of tho chairman of the inaugural
committee on hi arm, nnd followed
by others of his party, mnkes n
circuit of tbo big floor. Oentli'inunly
usher" huvo to clean (lie pattagewny
ami mtvo is iremi'iiiiom inieresi.
In tho eoiimi) of a very short nlillo
the new 1'ro.iiluiit nnd uuuubors of bis
jwrty ri'iir uguiu to the upper
where they enter n gorgeously
iifortiid box and look diiwu upon t lit
HsMMtibhtfti, Purine all this tliern U' a
Hill ver l mniug uf iimm, vnry
Ilvurvbod) Wriuts lo bu n
KllMk of Ike 1'rMUttni nml of lid
wlfr, Hy dlvxin u'utk ot Mildnlitlit
Ik lrMilrlil Uhsvm tht bll. Hir
j tale iti yr uf uuiiiilntf ik u.tr j
WSSW IS mt4fWtVH wistl S4l Mas.?
ikaM wJ,b milf Mwt dt I.ve a
10 Mite fUMSl n Mttte.
oluui fiuljiJribu.
, Jflst wlfKt Will lfom or Waihlnglon
mberl lions te) Ike lHMititil fund,
i'".w "limit .,, it j.cl , he ,,.
r'1 rl hm,,i illin.irti Wnoiilng
tu I. mrn who lm tnha. rllie.l
I. in., (fu to mm, wit, tlif
li.m t nt tl e money would b
tO tiliu. urp yrl glmi J.Brin)w Homo
sii Hitute pln mm bc worked out but
the outcome mut lnnvltnl.lv lie that
tho ontortmtiment for tho multitude
W!ll bo innterlnlly cutUilrjd. I'ojsibly
f '""I'1"? of flfovorks on tho
XMnto i.ot, which mnkes nn Interesting
owning, wilt bo omitted. That will
cIToct n saying of many thoiuand
I ostlbly tho prices of seats on
the reviewing ttandii, up and down
Icniisylvnnln nvunuo. will bo sold at
'higher prices (if tl,0 visitors can bo
made to pay more) nnd this will help
out tho revenue situation.
Wants Simplicity.
In any event a simpler inauguration
"'"'' I'o assured. Thnt is what
I Wilson ilnvimu D.,i i,
lis much rcaJon'ln tho stnn.l ho has
1"7; 'niiugurntioiis of Presidents at
Washington have been taking on too
much ot the spectacular alnl tho timo
"as Tjounil to
como when somo ono
would Hsist thero bo n simplification
of incidcntnl ceremonies. Hut thoso in
' hnrgo of tho unoflleinl part of tho
(ofliclally it consists solely
of the taking of tlio oath and tho
of tho Inaugural address) linvo to
ntch out carefully lest too much simplification
make tlio ovent less
so that people will hnvo loss interest
In coming to Washington for tho
occasion. As n rulo tho good people
who spend their good money to attend
inauguration and pay high prices for
their keep while there, want something-for
their coin. Tlio blaso metropolitan
'?f! w,' ro accustomed to such
things may not euro but all the
HZ inauguration means
much to oO.OOO or 75,000 people who
travel nil tjio way from their homes
0 see a President start his administration.
Democrats WiU Flock.
I rohably thero Will not bo . much
trouble on that icore, however. Thero
are enough Democrats in the land to
to nslnngtpi, to make tho coming
inauguration n success in point of
numbers. But tho inaugural committee
is award that wlieio tho people will
como thero is danger thoy will depart
grumbling becauso thoy had so little
lor their money. That would hurt tho
city of ashington and possibly reflect
upon tho new administration.
Some substitute lor tho inaugural
rnll can be found and tho most likely
substitute is a state reception. Tbo
1 resident nnd his wife, of course,
would attend that nnd it could bo mado
a onlliant affair, with superb lights
und decorations and all that. Suggestions
havo been mado th'at it bo hold
in tho Capitol, largely in the rotunda,
nnd that everybody bo permitted to
,come without money and without prico.
That would bo exceedingly democratic
and splendid but it would yield no
gate roceipts, which is tho important
thing from tho Washington standpoint.
No "(Had Hand."
Tho new Presidont .covjld hardly
ohuivu mums wim an tno people who
would como and somo restriction would
havu to bo placed on that feature of
the ocasion. But matters of detnil
liko that could be worked out and tho
rnct remains thnt tht stato reception
would furnish nn evening of entertainment
on tho day of inauguration. Tho
reception could not bo held nt tho
White Houso because, largo as it is,
there would bo insufficient room and
thore are good arguments against
throwing tho doors of the mansion
wide open to tho public, at least whon
tho city is filled with many thousands
of visitors. Nqt a fraction of them
could enter the building, under all tho
circumstances, in a spaco of twenty-four
hours, to say nothing of two or
three hours, such as tho limits of a
reception would Lo.
Concerts by tho Marino and Cavalrv
bands will bo mado much of inaugural
week. Thoso always please tho
who como to Washington and
who want to linger two or three days,
at least, after inauguration. Thoy
need somo timo to see tho sights and
make tho littlo trips which aro of so
much irtcrost to visitors. But it is
also necessary to provide something
out of tho ordinary for so many peoplo
and that is ono of the big undertakings
for the inaugural committee.
NEW YOKK, January 15. A flood
of petitions for damages through the
loss 01 tno steamer Titanic, hied today,
included one from Mrs. lrono Walach
Harris, who claims $1,000,000 for the
loss of her husband, Uonry B. Harris,
theatrical manager. This is tho heaviest
of tlio 270 claims filed so far. Mrs.
May Futrelle of Scituate, Massachusetts,
asks $300,000 compensation for
tho loss of her husband, Jacques Futrelle,
author. The claim of Mrs. Lilly
ii. Millet, widow of Francis D. Millet,
artist, Is $100,000.
The total claims amount to moro
than $10,000,000. Tho White Star line,
owner of tho ship, contends its liability
is limited under the United States
stututo to loss than $100,000, the value
nf recovored wrockngo and passago
Jn his first message tp tho genera
assembly, Ohio's now Governor, James
M. Cor, Democrat, strongly favored
the direct election of United States
senators, tho short ballot in tho government
of the Stato, tho establishment
of long-term farm loans, compulsory
workingmen's compensation, reduction
In the hours of labor for working
women, and a law based on a recent
amendment to tho State's constitution
to shorten legal procedure.
We presume that the imMmlslrcij
who lined to reiil thu potUI cards is
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