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Explorer Dies After He
Reaches His Goal
in South.
Hung er and Exhaustion
Overtakes Devoted
LONDON, Tobruary 11. (By Associated
Press Oablo) Following tho report
from Oaraaru, Now Zealand, of tho
death of Capt. Eobert F. Scott, commander
of tho South Polo expedition,
tho Eoyal Geographical Society, or
which Captain Scott was a distinguished
member and under tho auspices of
which ho was engaged on his voyago,
issued an official announcement of his
doath and that of several of his party.
Beside Captain Scott, tho names of
who perished In tho South Polar
snows Include Dr. E. A. Wilson, tho
physician of tho expedition; Lieutenant
H. B. Bowers, Eoyal Navy; Capt.
L. E. Gates and Petty Officer Evans.
It is stated that Captain Scott, Bowera,
Wilson and Gates died as tho result of
hunger and exposure, while Evans was
tilled by a fall.
Other members of the party aro reported
to bo in cxcollcnt health and
to have recovered from the terrible experiences
through which thoy passed.
The rescuing party discovered the
bodies of the dead on November 12,
last. Thoy also recovered all of the
records and paraphernalia of thoso who
Captain Scott's Bhlp, tho Terra Nova,
ta expected to arrive in her New Zealand
port tomorrow, when complete do-tails
will bo sent to tho geographical
-society of the last workjnd the death
of Captain Scott and his party.
News of tho Disaster.
OAMARU, Now Zealand, February
10c (By Associated Press Cable to
Star-Bulletin) Capt. Kobcrt Scott,
i i-" -"" Wi n ,mr m m i urn i m h win -, wi. 'v i: '
MKBBQEfflsm&mBBBnnBK ilfrlPiEgfiFav6 ... Ba..M';;i..i Hghrt.jJ
t limil i tBMpMrliW ' 1 F3iLBUL !wr Captaiktcott (at HEAD OF tablejW
mUmmSBBSSSi' JmKA lm. jzmfflmmP
WWI'ffTTWtJHW mi MLjtfGfimP, ,VI jffiJBTVL' luiuM artfifiirilV I Ml.' . YWk flRfllK?HW
vt , mi I'WBk Wf IByi fr wyl ip2r
, niiMtTilffT ffl I TFT in I iilPUP'1"1 B...Bw ;, ......
British Royal Wavy, ami on ining tho C0Iltincnt oi tho nntarctic.
the scientists nnd picked men who Cnj)tam Scott in iSO0 i,nea at tho pole,
-dared with him the dangers of the South Unt j tho Smckct0n jash
Volar regions in a brave dash toward ie ,ia(, thc recor(i lor roaching the
pole, are lOBt, overwhelmed in a tliest point south. His discoeries wcro
terrible blizzard. - of tho greatest importance, both to
This is the report that bhacU.oton nnd Amuuilsen, and. without
amo to Oanmru today when Terra detracting fro'm tho s'orJ' ot their
Nova, Captain Scott's ship, coming nehieiements it is only fair to award
from tho remote port of Cardiff on her to Captain Scott tho lunor of Lo ng the
Teturn to civilization, signaled to this pioneer.
port that Captain Scott and the men Captain Scott was horn in 1808. Ho
had perished in a blizzard on tho South was lour jears older than Amundsen,
Polar Continent. although ho appeared younger from
Twenty-eight officers and scientists thoir portraits. Ho was twelve years
and picked men from tho younger than Admiral Peary. His
British navy, according to tho signals birthplace was Dovonport. Ho entorod
from tho Terra Nova, wero lost with the mny in 1882 and sened first on
Scott. , tho Hover, became a lieutenant and
The same signals brought tho trunsieired to the Amphion in 1889. In
mation that Captain Scott had reached g98 aa j890 ho serlC(i on tuo
South Pole a few days after Cap- tlC) tll0 jiagaip 0t the Channel
Amundsen, of the Norwegian ox- r0Ui n 1900 roso to lho rank of
pedition, hnd reached the goal toward commall,ier nnd tho garao vear BaiIoil
which both wero racing, bcott found , t0 Dll)Covery on hig firBt antarctic
Amundsen's hut and "cords. By ms
oxrieuition iIo was mado a captain in
own statements ho confirmed the report 190, 0JJ uig roturn
of Amundsen's prior discovery. , j ri,C0Rnlt on of ,lis acbievcmcnt he
Tho last message of toft rf , t0 Vlctorian Order and Locame
plow was delivered on March 31 1DU, , fcIlow of tho Koyal fTeographical So-to
tho captain of tho Terra Noa. It an'
Up wag honorary doctor of
' j am remaining another winter to ciBl:o tf, Cambridge and Manchester
" nn'1 n RoIJ n""10'"1' of half a dozen
complete mv worn. I
geographical societies. Captain Scott
London Is In Mourning. maftiei in ioos Miss Kathleen Bruce,
LONDON, February 10. (Uy Asso- daughter of tho late Canon Lloyd Bruce,
ciatcd Press Cable to Star-Bulletin)
u, p, t a,,,,,.
Tho most profound grief is felt horo ,,..
over the report of tho death of Ca,.Uin Tho first expedition which Captain
Scott and his men. Tho whole city is in D co" commanded was sent out by tho
mourning, and the government is male Jy Geographical Society, aided by
ing ever v effort to gam some additional tho British government. The ship wai
-details, 'it is believed here, however. I tho Discovery, especially built for the
tht ti.io int will hn ImnnsiililQ until purpose. Captain (then commander)
tho Terrn Nova reaches Littleton, Now
'caluiid, which she will probably do
Asuoc'atod Press Cub'o) A bill
tho liitermarrlagu of whites
with negroes, Ulilnciu, Japanese
or Malayi iu tho District of Columbia,
jiumoiI the house or reproreniutivoi to
'af Tim iiii'imuri' hn been under con
snlerution for sumo time.
15 iiiiMl
m man Uliuii), i niiivrtiis, iii
4 runry II, (11 Afmim 1'idm
I W iri iMlnril t Mm
MftniiMM in lb rillUul murk uf
Un IMUiutfkin ut Jwil ims M t
( MiHiM Mt UA iww. l0 U
4 Iim ".' vi vt rH ami li
auatitM un iiw ktmkmtup
Capbf Robert Fnlcrfn Scotf, com
rounder of tho British antarctic expo
ditiou, was the first of aU explorers in
the tar south whoso efforts rose to tho
piano of continental exploration. Tho
0thprs had confined their work to out-
Bcott wus ni,lcJ uv Wout. A, Armitage
of tho JackBoii.Harmsworth north polo
expedition; Lieut. 0. iods, motcoro
legist; Liout. M. names. Lieut. K. H
Plinckloton (now Sir L'. IL Bhackloton),
iwoniiuuca on rago tour.;
IIWtl.JN, fJurmuny, JVlinmry 1
(ll Aoeluted I'rw Cublwj 'I'ho tu
gugKiiient of l'iiicti I.ouite, ilaughlvr
of Ilia Lmpofor at (U'riuuiiy. and I'rincn
)!rnt Augutt, u son of lliu Duku of
fuiMbwrlmiil, win Ullllilnlly kiiiiuuihuI
liorti Iwjuy. Much iiilefwit III this lulwl
nyu luult'li is Mug ijiutui,
it gmisrlly r'purltw In Im u lovu
luululi )ih (hi) youny iwiipli',
M,W uUli, I'vUiauiy u . ( At
I'l... I l I l Mr UuilHiH)
1 1.. niil yin4 )ui) Ui l. U
i nwnif llnii, rub Li.fci
tM wj''"i.ji IUnr; ikIuuJ, ii t
14. t Mf Mm mmtlm fnti tw
! lti i'kjw Ut4iytikV
; eMssr away in hukhy
;--- n" (
"' Tup
Mrs. Robert I Scott, wife of the ill-fated
lcailor of tho South Pole expedition,
will probably reach Honolulu tomorrow
morning on tho Hamburg-Amer
ican steamer Cleveland, according to
ndices from Jicw York to Tho Ailvcr.
tiser received Inst evening. ' Mrs.
a,, ; .t ,1 , ... .
scott is probably coming here with her
little three-year-old son by tho Cleo-J unable to do; ulno nil effortR to com-land
to take tho next steamer from Ho- immicato with the Cleveland have
iioiiiiu 10 oyuney, Australia, or to New
livery offorl was made by wireless
last evening to get lntouch with the
Cleveland, but without success. No
answer could he secured from the vessel.
Mrs. Scott and her son do not appear
in tho passenger list of tho steamer,
but this is explained by tho fact
that finding, if she sailed on tho
which left San Francisco the day
before the CIc eland, sho might be delayed
nt Tahiti and Samoa nnd that the
ship wns "nn old tub," slio would pro-
An Impudent Forgery is Given Publication
O sOs s0 s0 OOtv
Waller Letter Given Out is a Rank Pake
I'orgiry is a nasty thing to charge,
but no milder term cau bo applied to
wlmt purported to be a letter sent by
,,', . .
... ...
n M
0. .. Kahalepuna, feretory ot tho
Democratic territorial central commit-
tee, to Gilbert J. Waller, publlihed ln
thc nftoriioon luipcr vestcrduy In its
flmt edition, omitted iu its ntcoiid .U- i
tiou, The forgery makes H upjieur that
llis voiiiuiltlw, in doeliulan to tote mi
miioreii ent nf Mr. .Waller's fumlll
laiy lur the goteniorshlp, wfiit
strongl; on rwurl lur , h. Aim
,l"" I
"I du nut I. now vvlmru the Star
'""' wu''l Imtn got whAl tl.oy . It
lliu l.iiur J wiiiM to Mr Uuibr,' uiid
I'faM liW lMi iiu'U
inn 'In MuhlyjifUiiiK ia; tuJw
!i MNHl NAiiM Ul Ktk tttL
WA4 4 t iHtii
ibi M)bl iu 4u mii itb
"ill l,u
Mln tll U'l lbl MI.UM ,U,
fcr connecting at Honolulu with one of
the fino Canadian-Australian liners
upon which sho would be able to iravel
more romfortably, und so at tho last
moment took Uissuge on tho Cleveland.
hUortx nave been mado by Manager
IHalch to get into touch with tho Hteatn
fr or""Ri l? YeltJ " rf,,'0Jt,f0niol10!?
by tho Associated Press that Mrs. Scott
!.,. nrt i,nf .!, Ti.i. , i,n. i,n
Mrs. Scott it well-known in the
world of art and 1 a sculptress of more
than national fame, lor five years sho
vas the pupil of Rodin, tho famous
.French sculptor. One of her striking
pieces of modoling was that of a head
of Pridjof Nanscn, tho Arctic, explorer.
Mrs. Scott started from Kngland last
month to meet her husband upon his
return from his expedition to tho South
I'nln and it In believed that she Is as
yet in ignoranco of the terrlblo fnto
of Captain Scott and his party.
Mr, Kahalepunu last night, "because
I signed no such letter as that. In
"" t0 Mr; nller nnd jo myelf. I
want u contradict oil published in Tim
Advertiser. Tho letter I sent in reply
to .Mr. Wiiller wns fjuitu illirorent. My
'ottnr represents the attitude of the
J""'ltt'". for only tonight, at it o
',al hieetilig, tin romm by oto
thanked urn for writing us I .Ibi."
What mukes the forgery published
yistirilny mich h glurlng iiltmnpt to
.leculve Is the fact that Its opening
piirwgmpli l a ilnpliimte f tlimipwiiiw
paragraph In the huiimIiib It (lor, the
illirnrencu belKoen the gunuinu Ivllor
ami tliu unu ulJUIiu. ywttrluy uvur
Air. Knliuli)pun ' twins delug shown
(t'lmtlmiml ou 1'iigti i our.)
iimiiij tlw mair lty at tkuUrl.
Alar lliun lUkKI ium war klllwl out
tigitl in Umi ummuIi, wltlih vi jfuUW
lb Hiui diral ut llii. oiitirv wr
iuii mint liiKu luuu txr. muuuu.i
'I'k 1m (if lb Turks tm. j.folnldy
ksH, llMl I Mid In kv nmuuiit'J In
mm ibh Vi ki)k4 ul '"") . und
i lb riuti
'11- Mbyiu ttiiHlvM tuiivti hk, u
UmA lM itiUi mUi lb U ),
JivHin, luwl fiim it Pftttwm
M M"Wlll" blub MMl4 tbl II
Muld alii, i Hi it)ijt jbl I 'iili.1
Navy Department Sends South
Dakota to Mexican Coast
Without Delay.
SAN Dinao. Cnllforniu, Tcbrunrv 11
(Hy Associated Press Cable) Ordors
wore received here lute yesterday from
uio navy department at Wiishincton. or
'lering tho cruiser South Dakota to nail
for tho Mexican West Coast this
to look uftcr Amorlcnu Interests
in that quarter and to bo prepared for
emergencies. It is understood that tho
uruurs aro comprolieusivo in their do-tails,
lloports from tho Stales nf Hnnmmi
and Hinuloa aro to tho effect that
hrigandago and plundering is rifo nnd
that the authority of tho government
practically extends only as far a Its
troops havo control. Conditions sre reported
as deplorable.
"Madoro Gathers Strength
A1KXICO CITV, February 10. (By
Associated Press Cablo to
Under the leadership of Generals
Angeles, HIanquet and Huerta, all adherents
of Madoro, a largo forco of
loyal troops is reported just outsldo tho
city and ready to open tho bombardment
of the arsenal, whoro I'elix Dins,
is entrenched.
President Mndero appeared in the
palaco this afternoon, and issued a
statement in which ho declared that ho
hnd been in touch with bis ofliccrs und
was confident that the government
would bo In control of affairs again
within twenty-four hours.
A now clement was added to tho
troub'ed situation this afternoon whon
iriiied troops of tho Zapatista forces
entered the city from tho south mid
announced thoir fruity to General Diaz.
It is ovldeut that tlie Znputistu nnd
Dlnz have reuihed an iigreciiiont to
tTght Mmlcro togolbor.
Washington fcuftj mdpe.
WASHINGTON, rohruary JO.-Luto
I his afternoon It was decided Iu rail)
two lmttlnsliiis to Vera 'ru nnd T.im
pica nnd semi lesser fchips to
mid Aniulco. Hecriitiiry Knox Is
miud n stati'iui'iit in which m said tliut
lliu ships will go merely fur purpomts
of "unblaiiNl obiert alien "
Althmigli tliu nubiiiit ut mii oxtrn
smmIqii Lahl tjils nmriiliiK leldnd tbal
no tluw will lit) lukau to liilitrvvmi In
Urn IrcublM nuw rnlDg in ,Mxlro, II
w ImtriH) Ibftl tk naUIM tlilf II f
lb iirtujr bfij mad i iiiMifMry iaji
rlbuii la Mjj;ciii Uflou mm ou
Ik liauilit abuuM lil.piiiiiis ii
MMlra II.
'tllKN'ION, N.. J, on, t'..liurv
I A'"Ui"l I'fM.i i b li
Wai IMlatluj II.' Ilukiiivi '.uii
MM' ( H ' Ittiwf u
uaalH tl Ian iMuiui Mlii Me
ll H4 Ml, .lll. I kl Mttltt;
D llllbll Julll
.- 1 F
Many Arc Killed and Wounded in
Clashes Near Palace of
Premier Katsura Attacked and
Cahinet Resigns Threat
By Mikado.
TOKIO, I'ebruary 11. (lly Associated
l'lcss Cable) Six persons are
dead, aro wounded and Tokio
is practically in a stato of siogo today,
tho rosult of rioting which culminated
with tho resignation of Premier Katsura
together with his follow cabinet
members nt noon yesterday.
Armed troops aro pitroling tho
streets todny, the city is in n stato of
cxcilcmcut bordering on panic nnd
conditions aro such that the Dmporor
has announced that a stnto of siegowlll
bo declared unless peace is rcstorod.
Tho present crisiH has bcou impending
lor some time, and as members of
tho opposing partioi announced desertions
lrom tho r.mks of their rivals tho
lcoling boenmo moro tense.. Sunday
night crowds began gathering, demon
strations Mero frequent and throughout..
the night tho police wero cnl'ed upon
to quell clashes between opposing factions.
Yesterday the situation heenmo
moro tense und rioting uas frequent
during tho morning.
Premier KatBura was tho objoct of
tho wrath of a mob of sovcral thousand
infurlutcd partisans of tho
BUpportors.. As tho prcmior was
seen leaving tho palaco tho crowd
charged. Tho premier was surrounded
by Imperial troops, shots wero fired to
repel tho attack and mombors of tho
mob wcro mowed down. The stand of
tho troops for a time rcpellod the mob
nnd tho premier was ruBbcd to a place
of safety.
Ambulances wcro sent to the scene
and tho dead and Moumled wcro carried
lrom the. street lacing tho palaco.
Soon afterward the resignation of
thc entire Kntsura cabinet was announced.
Hy this timo tho mob hnd divided
into sovoral divisions, each numboring
one thousand or more.. Pblico stations
woro attacked and ollicers wcro driven
back. Students from tho Japancso
schools and universities joined with
tho populuco in stoning tho police and
others who woro dcfoiidiug tho ministry
or known to sympathize with tho
Katsura policy.
Troops woro hastened first to tho do-fence
of tho palaco and thon to tho
different scenes of rioting throughout
the city. As rapidly as tho sojdicrs
would bo withdrawn from one scono of
troublo tho mobs would re-form to continue
the nngry demonstration.
Not until today was tho rioting finally
qucliod and a semblance of poaco
it is announced In official circles,
however, that tho situation is still serious
and not until tho policy of tho
government in regard to tho now ministry,
-which must now bo appointed, is
mado known, will conditions again become
C1IAKMT0.V, West Virginia,
ruary 11. (Ily Assoclatod Press
Cablo) Tho Keimwhu county coal,
fields' strike ansiimed mora serious as-
prcts today when the str k nir miners
mid miiiu guards clnshod. Hlxteeu nro
dead us a result. Twelve of tint dead
wero miners und four were guards,
'inu siaio minim nas arrived ou tuo
scene. 1 ivo companies nf cltliun soldiers
nro now en guard In un effort to
protect the mining property us well a
the lives of the guards which the
tins employed,
WAIUA, 'Jim l.liroKft II (lly
AkMiciali'iJ I fua i uiiiu II m muii
MUUgnUfi lK bd U viMiwwi uf
luiaU kw4 flybl eu lb Ucliitfili Uriel
li.-U wilb b feaull Ibftt IWlWW
ll.. ili.i, Jim, , , rtlHttr auit Ja
i i i .i niib Jit.t4ir (iiiM(
mkiv u( aad wMuaJ ftttmtnU4
II... iiMiKtv wtm twsWiu ihtt
lvx 'I isJUim ub ibf ltl wf lb
f nUi abtir ib illn mwi4 4f
,,44 ijji m. tMmmU,

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