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ARTILLERY DUE Where Much of the Desperate Street Fighting Is Taking Place miERVENTl
American Club and Government
Palace Are Wrecked by
Shell Fire.
Ambassador Wilson Doing Great
Work in Providing Safety
for Foreigners.
(Br Federal Wlreleu Telegraph.)
CITS" .OP MEXICO, robmary 13.
(Special to The- Advertiser) Both
sides firing promiscuously without any
regard for tie rulc3 of civilized war-fare,
the artillery duel between tho
forces of President Madcro and General
Pclix Diaz was resumed shortly after
eight o'clock today and hardly an hour
had passed whon additional tremendous
damage had hoen dono and many
persons, belligerents and non-combatants
had been killed and wounded.
One of the first buildings to suffor
was that of the American Club. Tho library
was wrecked by shrapnel, which
was fired directly into tho building.
Bullets perforated scores of "pictures on
tho wall, including portraits of Washington,
Lincoln, McKlnley and Taft.
No one was killed
There was a brief lull in tho battle
at ten o'clock and when it was resumed,
Diaz levelled hfs guns on tho National
Palace, and portions were soon
tottering. Great holes woro torn" in tho
"walls. ,
Madcro 's forces assumed tho aggressive
today and supplied with additional
ammunition pres30d heavier guns
into service Diaz Teplled with cannon
and machine guns.
Tho entire population is terror
stricken by rumors of attacks and massacres.
Even the red cross society is
not respected by tho belligerents and
in one of tho skirmishes today the Bed
Cross president was slain.
Members of tho Whito Cross Society
who wero detailed by Diaz convoying
ammunition wero summarily executed
by tho federals.
An unconfirmed resort today declared
that two thousand revolutionists
havo arrived at Sin Louray, en route
to tho City of Mexico to aid Diaz. Members
of the Whito Cross Society today
intimated that they had carod for from
two to three hundred wounded, and the
Bed Cross for two thousand.
Ambassador Wilson has been authorized
to call marines to guard tno American
embassy. Hundreds of foreigners
aro flocking to San Luis Potosl for refuge.
Tho Is infested with
(Jly Federal Wlrelem Telegraph.)
CITS" OP MEXICO, February 13.
(Special to The Advertiser) Today's
change in the position of tho cannon
and machlno guns subjected foreigners
in rmblic bulldinire to a raking crossfire.
Government troops have seized and
occupied many houses owned by ior
Americans and other foreign resi
dents of the capital spent a night of
Marauders, liberated convicts of
Balem nrison. roamed the residence dls
tricts, pillaging, sacking and burning
deserted houses. This continued till
daylight. Thousands of foreigners,
representing all nationalities, flocked
Into the American quarters last night.
Ambassador Wilson pressed twenty
sutos into service and before daylight
these had carried seven hundred Americans
out of the danger zone.
Despite the whito flags, the machines
were fired on them several times, but
no casualties resulted. After all American
women had been conveyed -to
points of safety tho autos wero turned
over to the representatives of other
Thousands of natives are fleeing from
tho city amid great confusion, Prac
tlcally no ellort has been made to care
for tho dead and wounded. Many of
the wounded have died for lack of
medical attention and tho city is
-threatened with a pesttlenco, as a result
of the presenco everywhere In the
business district of decomposing bodies.
The Olty of Mexico's magnificent
public buildings present a dismal front
battered by bursting shells. The loss
to public buildings alone wilt run Into
mil'ious The loss of Ufo has been
heavy, but the exact figures may never
be known. Many have
been killed by stray bullets and bursting
Tires Americans, including two
women are known to liivt been killed
m.j iM ore of other Injured, rrantio
Pixtls by the American, (lernun and
Hpanlfrb amliMitdori have go" unheeded
by otli Madero and Dim
Mdro !. (XPrCMed WllllMIIKM to
wore the ami of goniwt, if tit
Miuaon iuhni no t Improve within a day
r two but this 1 it fur m be win go
Dm flatly rir'4 to IliUn to any
umi f pra tiuw H lnvlvrt cv
jhiii MttirwMr by Mdw
iH? I BBBfcWBBBffjVMRy MvaSttJiJFidHBJniBFi' trlEBwjIimnBMilMltiufftKM
Officers of Cruiser Denver Are
the Victims, But Escape
(Br Federal WIreleu Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, February 13. (Spe
cial to Tho Advortlsor) -Anti-American
feeling at Acapulco, Mexico, culminated
in an assault by a mob upon
two ofticors of tho cruiser Donvor, be
fore sha departed yesterday for
The victims of tho assault wero tho
cruiser's surgeon and Ensign Guthrie,
who woro passing through tho streets.
Neither were injured. Officials hero aro
Acapulco has been a storm center for
revolutionists for several weeks ana the
Denver was protesting Americans there,
when thq assault of President Araujo
of Salvator and tho gathering of war
clouds over all Central America mado
It necessary to send tho cruiser to
Officials of tho state department feel
tho gravest concern for the safety of
Amoiicans In Acapulco, pending tho ar-'
rival of tho cruiser South Dakota, duo
thero Sunday.
Hi federal Wirele TelfErapa.V
LONDON, relruarr 13. (Special to
Tht Advertiser) Ambassadors of tho
Powers met informally in tho foroign
office today to consider tho request of
Turkey for tlio intorvcutiou of tho
Powers in the Balkan-Turkish struggle.
Tho Turk defenders of Adrianoplo
aro said to have lost more than one
thousand men by sorties in tho last
two days. Tho claim is also mado that
the Bulgarian troops hold the wholo
coast of the Onllipoli Peninsula, from
Bulnim to Scllvri.
The bombardment of Scutari is said
to be proceeding.
CINCINNATI, Tcbruary 14. (By
Associated Press Cable) As tho result
of the trial in tho fodoral court hero
je'stcrdny officials of tho
National Cash Itcgister Company havo
been found guilty of violation of tho
Sherman Anti-Truit Law. Tho charges
wero technical and Included tho forming
of u combination In restraint of
(Jljr r4rel VIHim TlxrM.)
HKATTMt, WimMukUii, I'ubruury 13.
(MfrtMlftl lo The Advertisr)Th
Times building, h four ttiiry brlek
internr Ml BMewl Avenue muI
strMt, aw lh llMmjr IwIUIIm,
five lirv building adlwmliif b
Tltti, ! iniy virmkml Up Are
Tl Utw la njil4 at nwu liuictrid
l 4(1 v IbttuMMd itulUl, fully t'r
ilk. in.urni.'a 'lk rati f t hri
la ul hi linn
1 llVVS ( T & X A S - s
Jl) lllRip SB'J GULF
Map Showing Probable Concentration of American Forces Should
Cold Is Intense and Poor of the
Fastern City Suffer in
(Dj Federal Wrelea Telecraph.)
NEW YORK, February 13. (Special
to Tho Adcrtiscr) Gripped by tho
lowest temperature of this winter, ten
.degrees above, zero, New York's poor
today aro suffering terribly and aro
facing tho prospect of worse conditions
if the 'neathcr bureau prediction of
still colder weather comes. true.
All last night and today charity
workers wcio busy on tho lower East
S'de, rushing fuel to tho poorer classes
where many of tlio tenoment dwellers
wcte dismantling tlicir homes and burning
the fittings of their tenements to
escape death by freezing.
Every rescue mission and bedhouso
in tho East Sldo was jammed last night
and the police stations wero overcrowded,
nnd over every heat grate in tbo
streets scores of freezing wretches
fourht for n plnco to get some warmth.
Tho bread lines throughout tle city
today wero loncer than 'nt any time
this winter. Several deaths have been
Hy Federal Wlreleaa Triepaph.)
TOKIO, Japan, February 13.
to Tho Advertiser) The new Japanese
premier, Count Oombci
and tho members of his cabinet,
liuvo postponed tlicir official installation
to oil Ice, owing to tho deciuion of
the old Conititutioual party not to appoint
any purely non-party cabinet.
Tho diet met today and immediately
decide 1 to adjourn,
itahuku Wlrolcs .
Ti.c Knhuku wlreliBH station receU
1 n iiiMauiju last night stating that
the M. N. 8. H, llilonlun would arrive
ut six (i'i'li)clt Tuoiilay morning,
The T K. a 8 rinyo Muni rojiorted
Imiiik in Lut, i dec S.I in in N., ImH
ISi 53 iniii. W, nt night o'rlork
al n I tf lit Tli" itulinn wan ftltu iu
lourh w.tb thn H. B C1cvlmii.
An i xllngly iwitnn( inedtlnu of
ttu iinml rmittr coiiimlllaa will l
lil.l iu lli auuate rLouilHtr tlili oieu
lu, Itylnnluif at half Mit ioii
i.VIimI. 11k i., uulllim DlWtrMlwr Ita
amritdcl al ttn Utl umtHuf will rw
ii lur rohalilriatiuti All lliirati li.li
)'! in lie wnrk fur li w rWirlir
.' in ii.il in 'ti'4 tliv aluD, wLtru
i, i'u Iu Ilia I'lilllr
c o o c
Turks Lose Many
(Djr Federal WIreleu TeZesriph.)
WABUINUION, February la. (Special
to Tho AdvertiFor) Secretary
Knox and Ambassador Jusscrand, of
Franco, today signed a convention to
extend for another period of five joars
tho nrbitration treaty bclwecn tho
Territorial Head Hands Out Copy
of Organic Act to Quell
Speaker's Alarm.
Speaker Holsteln yjus very muth
yesterday over what ho clainiod
constituted a lack of foresight on the
part of Governor Frear, because the
latter had failed to issue a proclamation
convening tho seventh legislature
of tho Territory of Hawaii in rogular
"It is euitomary for tho Governor to
published a proclamation calling the
legislature to assemble," said Speaker
Holsteln yesterday afternoon to Tho
Advurtiscr, "but ho hub evidently let
it slip his memory.
Tho Governor smiled when the matter
was broached to him, diroctly afterward.
"Why, nq proclamation has
been issued convening tbo legislature
because none is needed for a regular
session," said tho Governor, "The Or
ganic Act speeiucally provides now mm
when the legislature shall convene.
There is us much reason to convene
the legislature by proclamation as thero
is to issue a proclamation convening
tho supremo court or establishing my
oflico hours."
Speaker Holsteln will now euso his
mind for, on the question of tbo laclc
of an official gubernatorial proclamation,
tlio legality of tlio coming session
will not bo attacked at ull.
Ilolitelu was iu full clmrge of tho
former throno room yesterday and the
homo of tho lower branch of the legislature
Is beginning to look (lily mid
liuslnrasllko ngnin, CoDildornljIo monoy
I had lo he spent in renovating the fur-
iillure had uwn allowed to remain for
I two solid years on tho Walkikl lunul
of old rojul ilnte.
Tim oli'rk of lliii house is 111 alt bit-
hind ii litmutifnl new divak uf ampin mid
liioliig pruinjitlon. JIu will be utile
I to pise hi finger m auytlilng
'wl, limlimd of liHvliig to rumwBH 'or
hour UirouKb H mH ut pllil up stalf
lilab thn futuuti lupptvpriutc diwk
I Ml II I (wl I
I In ii tnuath ur two w ilrapory will
Uka Hi plant uf (ha au falirta whlrli
do mr I'i'i ib iU' wIim for
(JWnllN4K ur !Kt l"(a t
Interven tlon Tako Place.
o o o
Men in Sorties
ted States nnd Franco, which will ox
piro Alnrcn l.
This is similar to tho British
lonvention, which expires by
Hmitntinii June I, and which it wns
lironoscd to ronlaco bv thn L'unnrnl ar
bitration treaty now awaiting oxchnngo
of ratification.
Speaker Holstein Approves Advertiser
Suggestion It Is
Now Up to the Clergymen.
"That oditorinl suggestion la The
Advertiser in regard fo tho city minis'1
ers taking rounds and one of them officiating
daily at ' tlio opening of tlio
sessiunn of tbo respective branches of
tho legisliiturc, is n good one,," said
Speaker Holsteln yesterday.
"It can be dono and I will bo glad
-of the .opportunity to avail 'myself of
tholr Und'ofllccs nnd thereby save tlio
treasury quito a littlo sum," continued
tho speaker.
"Kindly invito the gentlemen of tho
cloth, through The Advertiser, to send
lu their names to mo up to Monday
noon and before tbo Republican caucus
takes place, so that tho matter may bo
properly placed boforo tho caucus.
"Should tho souato and tho house
combine on the proposition, it would
require tlio timo of only two ministers
of the gospol each working day during
tlio session but Ave or ten minutes.
WiMnrmlny, tho opening duy, tlio houno
vrill begin its labors at ten o'clock, but
I expect Unit after that tlio cessions
will begin nt nino o'clock until worK
slackens down nml wo go back to the
ten o'clock opening hour. It will bo
iiei'eiisnry'for the olllcintlng minister to
bo on hand about fivo minutes of tlio
opening hour and a quarter of an hour
niter tluit his survlren "III buvo been
imiipli'tcd for tho day."
It is now up to the gentlemen of the
rlolli to proffer tlirlr voluntary nervlces
both to the president of tlio teniitu nnd
tin- apeaktr of tin huiiae, und It will be
mi onsy mutter to nrrungn between
t bein who la to nuirluli in either brunch
of the logUlnlurc aid mi vvlilali day of
thn weak rtwpertlvi'h. lima making tlio
iouiiUi during thn uaUn
Auiung (jtlitrn, Hixmkur Ilolttajn
iiiautlniidil IIUIiop I.lbait, llistiop
llurlor Kcii'Mit Itev A A
I Itaraula. (aiiuu Vmhuttir. Ilav. II If.
I'oiiiMMi, (Jnnoti Aull, nfiiil II II
I'arl.nr ami Vunt Vatoiitlun, h mu
tli'iin wb would prul.al.lv l,r ulad to
nrfvr Ibwlr rvlrir In a I llir ib'l u
ruli' iu Iwlb liuut"
Ambassador Wilson (Reports an
Alarming Situation in
City of Mexico.
War Department Recalls Leave
of Absence of All Army
(Djr Federal Wlrcleas Tclerraph.)
Pebniary 13.
to The Advertiser) Alarming reports
from Ambassador Wilson of conditions
today at the City of Mexico
caused President Taft, at Bocrotary
Knox's request, to glvo Wilson
Blon to draw funds to any amount for
tho caro of Amorlcans and foreign
These dispatches told of vain appoala
of Wilson and tho Qerman ambassador
for cessation of hostilities and confir
mation of tho killing of Mrs. W. Holmes
and Mrs. Forclo Griffiths, both Americans.
"Amorlcan rcsldonts," Wilson's dis
patch said, "aro sleeping on tholr arms
prepared to defend themselves and
property, if necessary. '
"President Taft," said an official
horc today, "will ask congross for permission
to lntcrvono If anarchy con
tinues to spread, if tho demand of tho
ambassadors for all cessation of hostilities
continues to bo Ignored, if another
Power throatens to interfero, if tho
Madero governmont falls, if rules of
civilized warfare are ignored, if communications
between , (Washington and
Mexico, Olty are" severed, and if
riots cause 'death.' "
The Cuban battleship Cuba, with two
hundred troops aboard, will land a
forco at Vora Crumz which will go to
tho City of Mexico to protect the Cuban
General Gteever, commanding tho
American troops in Texas, wired tho
state department that nil waa quiet at
Juarez, hut added, "Lightning gener
ally strikes from a cloar sky."
Instead of only two transports pro-paring
for a quick trip to Moxico, from
Nowport Nows, Virginia, four transports
hero aro being fitted up. They
aro tho Sumner, Meado, Kllpatrlck and
McCallon. The four transports aro provisioned
for thirty days' service and
can accommodate three thousand troops
with their mounts and packs, and easily
roach Vera Cruz in five days.
Tho war department has recalled tho
leave of absenco of all officers, and absentees
aro rejoining their commands as
quickly as posslbio.
Local Chinese Hire Theater for
Dr. Sun Yat Sen to Speak
on March 9.
Is Dr. Sun Yat Sen, first provisional
prosldent of tho Republic of China,
coming to Honolulu in tho near future!
Htutemcnts made yesterday by a
delegation of Chinese, who waited on
Manager McQroor of tho Liborty Theater,
nre that tho famous revolutionist
mid will arrive lioro
early in March from China, on routo
to tho United States to raise a wur
fund to vvrost Mongolia from tho grasp
of KuBsin.
Tlio object of tho local Chinese iu
conferring with Manager McOrcer was
to muko nrruugoments for renting tho
tli enter for Sunduy evening, March U,
whero they proposo to havo Doctor Sun
lecturo arid ehow a lnrgo number of
moving picture films of Kusslan atrocities
in Mongolln upon Chincao ns nu
object lesson and to aid in raising thu
war fund
Should Doctor Sun return to Mono
lulu, wlinro much of tho plot to over
throw the einplro of China wns plan
ned by tho Doctor nnd his adherents,
ho will bo nxmirrd of n great welcomo
pml n large addition to the proposed
The rumor of Doctor Hun' roinliiir
next month liml not reached tba heart
of C'hliialonn last writing. Mnnv lend
I iii iiierlinnt nml riilnoso who wero
and nre backers of the republican
movement ilalixl thev hint heard noth
lug f'lm floiii. mm of the leaillng
mIi) It wm iihwi lo him. Mom
I cm of tl'it nhlniwfl fonu)la slitlii'l
I ha I lh?v bad tui liifnrinnllou wlmt
vnr tit t I lie Owtur waa mi routo or
would airt lu tkti nr futiim for
llnari." Hi.' I'iMtar it rnggi'l for
Mm.. Ia iilitbl, Marah 8

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