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5. 1"H M MI I l.KI Y
(Jly Federal Wireless Telegraph )
WASHINGTON. Aueut 4. (Special to The. Advertiser) It
Announced at the ni;cutlvo offices today tJiat tin oUcIal announcement
covering, at least' In part, Frosldcnt Wilton's policy toward Mexico
will bo mads within twenty-four hours. It la stated the announcement
will not deal in any way with tho susgcstlon of arracd lntcrreiit.on.
Action of President and Secretary '
of State Bryan Taken as Virtual
Dismissal of Diplomat;
State Department Issues an Announcement
of the action and
Gives Reasons.
Announced at Executive Offices
That Outline, at Least in Part,
of President's Policy in Mexico i
Will Be Made Within Twenty-four i
Hours; No Suggestion of
Armed Intervention.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, August I. (.Special
to Tlio Advertiser) Secretary of btato
Hryan iiniiounccil this nfternoou that
lie lupl uciopteil tho resign ition of
Henry Lnno Wilton, United States Ambassador
io Mexico. It is bcliovol
his successor wjllfbc.n. f. I'd Vullc
of Los Angeles'. 'At"n' conforencu between
tho President nud Secretary
Uryan today tlioy discussed thqstatus
of Ambasratloy
the outer ofliccs. Ho did not sco the
President but had an appointment with
Secretary lltyan. His resignation fol
lowed this conference.
No statement was issued ns to tho
exact cnuso of Ambassador Walton 'a
practical dismissal but tlicro is no
doubt it Has dun to his opposition to
tho government's course in Mexico, to
his close relations with llucrta and to
tho hand ho is bellovcd to luio plnjcd
during tho days when tho forces of
Ilucrtn mid Dili. assassinated I'rcsi
dent Miulero.
Kcclgnatioa Oonfirracd.
Tho following iinnounccnient regarding
Ambassador Wilson's resignation
Has issued from tlio state depirtmeut.
"Ambassador Wilson's resignation,
to bciomo cffectlvo October 14. has
been accepted. Tho part lie felt it his
duty to tako in tho earlier stages of
tho revolution nuido it dillicnlt for him
to roprospnt the views of tho present1
administration in view of tiic situation!
oxisting." I
Ambassador Botlccnt.
Wilson rotiihed to dikcuss his rcslg
nation at length. j
"I still am an emplovo of tho Stato
department," ho said, "I bnc no
ctatomcut to uiaka und hno not nmdo
any j ilii ii t. I do not wish to criticizo
my chief. Today is the fourth time I
have prcsoiitcd my resignation. I hao.
no apologies to make legarding tlio
ioutbc I pursued In Mexico."
According to a dispach txotm Wash
lugton, apifaring in tho lns Augelci
Times of .hly i, II. F. Del Vullo n
liO Alleles litis In on Hrj nil's confidential
agent In lliftignting tho oitu
Htlou III MuKlro. AIo it appear he
"nlmiloweil" Aiiiliiikmnliir Wilson on
the InttiT trip to Waihliigton. Tho
diiutih stall's
'Poll ale I'limo up fnmi Mexico
1 t) mi the mtilu ti'iimer VkJMi Ambus
aiioi WiUmi mid uriivixl In Wimhliig
Inn dii Urn inuie Iraili. Ho stopped (it
the tamo hotel in New York, lullon!
tho iiuiltusiMiior talked. !
'Del tulle it w also wid, muds
In hfuclurv Hrn;i a riumuioiilul.uN
tmtl Dm Aiiiciiii fimliumy b kpi,
111 iliurfiu " a (iiiiimi) 101 inn pro
nit and lliul AnilMwadoi Wil.un'
1 ihnat on iu iii'U'jilei
I'r.iiu no iifreuufiitf it ail Mrs I Im I
! I 'Ho wh nil dluU)ul ' iMi r
fur Ho. nliir HritM, B ' 1 l Will 1
10 io i n on my urn 11 1 1114 1
IV mm di(llilll lul " 1 i 1 'h I
)ol r1Iu l u Mokiiii mnuiir
lligujjli bum l lltD lnl'l rilal" i'l
Will i'U V IJIUlU lttWU ' i'I"IH
jfzmmk. . wmMmM&mmzgmMrTM.mt
. j l: mniiiiiiiiBa it r i. a' . rsaiHsiK mi mKm ,ii r vu s " i .m iua?mwi v i wm v .sua.
isHHi&s ill Vlmi WslWWi III" 11 0 Whlf 1 Jin ii
EfflPwtlfeW , ' W m i1 Hi i III
"" J , j?Ff'rssrJcX. - , r ---
rjn ..' an
I iwillllilllillllllHlBviillillHi JillllllllllllllllllllH I
Says Free Trade Will
J 0 0
LMonlana Senator Defends iha UhUerwcod Bill
(Hy Federal Wirekkl Telegrnpli,)
WASHIMiTON, August (hpocial
tn The Meyers,
Denidi rut, of Montana, told tlio sonatu
today that tlio West did not fear the
tarlir bill.
"Amldtt Ilia hue uml cry about
in this hill against the
Wet, I nUli to Iju liejiril on behull of
nun of Ihu Wenlnrii rilulos wliieh feels
iwlt rellani and U ut (umplalnlng
iibnul ilWirimliiutllm. This illicrllillna
tmimlalwl Inio HhjjUsIi, In my wplnjon,
ufleu mu 'Wn am not gellliiit imr
.U'e of the graft; wn urn bainy, nvnr
luwkml lu I ho distribution ft tlio plua
Tbn wo'l uroifiHU Uttjit." no
1 out uiiml. "slier 11 uuuilrMl fir ul
irniiui on nuurly onuiury u( 6'M U'l
vml 111 r.u.g 1. u dutudoul iMiliNtf
,, ., 1 ' v tits 11 mil Iml.l its WU, 11
1 i ,..1111.1, mi u 1U.I1111., jj W
in l.n r (IiiiiiiUIi M al Hi oiIKtf u(
1 ii 1 j Hi. 1 . 1 , 1 , ..r 1 im hsid urn Miij;
ii.ni.ll 11 .if li 1 Io M'cp 11 up 1
I i w , ...i.'i M'.si 1 tpjuw" (bJl
BecrtUryyol Statf, Ambaixidor Wilton, Vi-x IUi Bei Forced to
ncslgnaJBi ProlllonU rrenldent of Mexico, for Whotn Wllsou
Evincefl'Too 0?cat a Dsgrco cf friendship,
Not Hurt the West
v- v" v
if' the Fulled Hlnti'ii inuld lint emij)ete
nth tint Korld lupvoul growing after
nearly u contiiry'.ol protnetinn, "I him
It, hud hotter go out of the IiinIiiois. "
Ho fnnteiMliM, lum(itor, that nol grow-era
ruuhl loiupetn without a turill.
Oly IVdMml Wlml'ts Tulifeiiiiili,) '
( .U.I 'MIX Mulligan, Auuut '
lUKlwl lu'ilis Advertiser) A M 1 1 for
an iiiiiMnlinli) loalniOHin of llio lieailsi
ul all Uiiluii DlUlintiiil wild lb AiNiri I
IHII I'MiUtiilOM 0f Ulllir Willi llii vuwl
Ml WjlsMiiDy (l(rl hi, I lliiumiiil sup
NMt tm ik ouppi 1 liln m 1 1
luJ itf "Hi' ml- I 'I ) ' hi
I'tutniiliuii of MilmiS Uu mli al I
iliHI llm siiiko is I 1 I 11 Im n lii.(
ml II III" I M'l Hi I' I III' mini 1 iiiu pin
1 1 jiiii lut $ bvuk Ujii"
lion Man of Mexico Now En
Route to Japan to Meet Nephew,
Felix Diaz; Both Will Start for
Home via Honolulu Next Month
May Moan Return to Power
of Former President.
According to n rcporl which rc.ii he 1
Honolulu by mail from London,. vetter
d.iy this city is to see both I'orflrlo
Diaz, the former dictator of Mexico,
and hit nephew, Felix Diar, .candidate
for thn Mexican incsidcncy, and now
' in California en route to .la pan as
cnoy extraordinary fur tho llucrta ad
ministration nnd tho carrier of an oflcr
on tho part of Mexico to 'bciomo an
I ally of Jupan in North America. The
two men aro tn bo in Honolulu nli'jut
, tho middle of HeptemLcr, en route to
Mexiid from Jupan. -
' The news which cam? yesterday, from
nu uutl.ontic source, Is that the former
dictator, whom Mndero oxilod, nrrhcl
lu London from I'aris on duly 1 1, in
(ogmto, uml sailel from Houthamptoii
on July 1(1, for Japan via tho Hnon
('anal. He is to meet Fplix Diaz in
Toliio ami uceumpany him Lack to
.Mexico, Tho writer of the. letter, who
will bo In company of tho two
leaders, says to look, fortha party
lu Honolulu about Keptclnbcr, 112.
This is the llrst news to reach I ere,
or any other part of tho ITuit'd rjtutes
for that matter, that I'orllrlo Din, is
ri turning to Mexico to lake part in
thcelei.tlun'of a President in, (Motor,.
Jimt what 'Ills' return may portend or
jnt what Ids' mooting with his noi'lii'W,
(lent ml Felix, In Toklo may nioiiu aro
(pievtioiiM that upon up a broad held for
i onjeoture
1 li Federal Siroless 'JVIonrapli 1
VVAHlllMi'iUS', Augljit i,.(Hpe ml
to Tim Advertiser) Tliofi) wlij no ex
iiiwmnurvj'loiii in uilMiIiisjratliiii ilr
lis hii tO'M over flroal llriUm
runiiritid Inliuttui Jjj inprutu ur nuvsi
ill llnruukju Isbjttdb in lummif
in uvi iir sjrnjiiiajioMi ill IMI
lM)l ,1 IMM8JM Ju ilM Ml, Jl iJjUk llmff
m urn thMte jBJ "ftKUi) If 11)0 MM
I'Wi NMUlf Willi any kioiuiiiiii 01 IM
MuDNW mmyMmtilM Mild IM
ui; Wr RUSH I'lS FMLr4 Pl.
Interstate Commerce Commission
Mrkcs Sweeping in
Charges of Carriers Throughout
the Country, Following
Lasting More Than Year,
Clly Federal Wireleis Te'"gr.iph.)
WA811IN0TON, AugtMt I. (Special
to The AiUertiscr) Following the lead
of the Kailroad Commission of California
in the Wells Fnrgo Fxpress Company
decision, tho Interstate (Aimmcrcu
Commission today ordered sweeping reductions
in express rates for parcels
nil oor tho country. The cut will range
from ten per cent to sixty per cent
and will become oiTcctive October 15.
In addition, tlio Interstate Commerce
Commission declared that for two years
tho rntes will bo "experimental,"
when, unless the companies loso too
much, they will become permanent.
When n proposal wns llrst made to
reduce tho rates alt tho companies vigorously
opposed It, und in 10.1- the
pro osed rntes were sut'pended pending
an imestigatl 111. Today thej were ordered
Into effect following admission
by tho companies tliut the cut in rates
which they orlglnnlly claimed cut their
roeuue thirty per cent would really cut
it only 115 per cent.
Today's older will force close com
petition between tho express companies
and tho parcel post, lu many instances
the new expross rates will bo lower
than tho postal rates. Practically all
rates on parcels under fifty pounds In
weight aro radically lowered. On small
packages carried morn than JI)0 miles
and less limn 3000 miles, tho rntes will
be, nearly all lower than parcel post
rates. For distances over 3000 miles
the cxpiess and parcel post Votes will
be about equal.
The order reduces tho rntcs on n'l
articles-of food ami drink to seventy-
live per oent class ratcsJJ; I
sa) in pan:
"Tho Interstate f uiiiinerec Commissions
conclusion is that any losses of
business In the future will bo easily
replaced by new liusinis if tho express
cniricrs are so Inclined. The establishment
of the parcel post does not justify
a higher scale of rates than tho ono
hero shown to be reasonable, "
With Wind and Tido Favorablo,
Cannon Will Bo
Unloaded at Fort De Russy.
If wind and tide proo faornblo the
big gun which has been
reponing on a barge in the harbor since
early Hiinday morning, will bo towed
to Fort Do Hussy this, morning. The
lighter will bo beached, and then tho
work of unloading tlio gun and mounting
it in its emplacement will begin.
This work, it is understood, will be
accomplished for thu most part by the
brawn and muscle of the gurrison
011 tho bars of a capstan.
A runway witli sldds and blocks has
been prepared, and when the tackle is
lociired tn tho gun the labor of moving
it gradually up tho incline will l.oglii,
It is poKih!u that sudoral days will bo
ciinsumod in getting tho cannon in position.
Tho new gun is of the wlrowoiind
type It is composed of an inner tube
with thn rilling, around whiih wire has
1n en wmiiul at an extremely high
amounting to thousand of pounds
to the Mjiiuro inch. Our this thu outer
Jacket of steel has been shrunk, Fx
jierU dcolire It the safest gun made,
li that the daiiuer of destructive ox-
rpjnsiiiu of tlie gun is luluimlcd, llx
pmiillii!f gases wituiii tee gun nrt nave
'11 ovoruime the ros'stnuon nlTcrcd by
the enormous presturo (if tho wlro
wouinl iirnund tlie Inner tube before
the deslriictlvv power ciiu reaoli (lie
iiutor ui'kot, mi that in this ro'pcit
It is rogarilul li superinr t) thn built
', gnu, in whii h there Is 110 iuillor bo
Iiiocii "io bursting giiit'iiii the iliaiii
ler und Hie jaiUot Ui , I
I . I-
illy IoiIhisI VAnslos '1 1'li'grnpli)
IIIWI'.H, Ulu ul Wialil nuul I
(i4viitl to TU Advoii Usui 1 Tl lie yasli
llrilHMii III, owd by King Hmtiyt Q(
Uiil HrlinU. t fuunl row Id
lll 'Mtil lmt)i llJj lUlM
3L1 Ailwil M sWiU
Revolution in GWna Now Believed j
Crushed; Residents of Rebel
Stronghold Cclcbrato Return of
Peace After Abrogating Constitution;
Skirmishing Reported.
(Ily FoilornI Wireless Telegrnpli.)
IIONOKON'i, August I. (H ccinl to
The Advertiser) Tho toiithorn Chinese
rebellion has been practically snp
pressed ami tl e declaration of iude
pondenco of tho reolutiouary province
li.is been abrogated.
In Canton the populnro today Is ecle
brntiiig tlio ending of the uprising
with put lie rejoicing nnd tho explosion
of lire crackers. It is .said that
l.ting Chi Killing the victorious
fommntidor of tlio govornuieut troops
from Kwang Hi, hns been appoilitol
(lovernor (lenernl of the province of
Kwang Tung.
The rebel governor Chun of Kwnug
Tung who said at tho beginning of the
1 evolutionary movement that ho dlsap
proved of the idependciit policy of tho
southern states Is expected in
tonight. He shot his two mill
tnry advisers, Chang (hung Ylng and
Wang Suit Sua and an unity o'lloer lis
he suspected them of intrigue.
The artillerymen of Canton killed
their lieutenant colonel and then
inarched tn the Governor's oMices where
IheV looted the treasury. One of tho
"hells flred by the artlMrrvmeu tell in
the prefect's oHIfe and killed twelve
persons, "
Fighting coiittnuiw along tlio west
.IV or where the rebels' have captured
a gunboat. The chief problem of the
authorities is the siiipreusioii of looters.
ays That Soon
Show Contempt "
In an indignant editorial on tl 0 Cnll
forniii trouble, the N'lroku of To'tio, in
n recent issuo, culls, tho .lup.iuesa an
"hysterical people." Nowadajs( it
complains, they treat tho Aiueiicnu
question us if it lui'l been n iiiglitmare
and lire looking for something now to
engage their attention, "Do the mem
bers of tlio chuiiibcrs of common e,"
It asks, "consider the, atlair of less
moment than tho electric light (pics
t Ion f Lot them remember that the
dispute still, remain
a question of national rights and racial
dillercnces, Tho Japanese In tlio UmtM
.Stntos are now groaning undOr insurer
ublo oppression,
"One of them, who has just rctiiruel
homo, 'omplaiiis thnt h's conntryiiign
here gOt too ens Ily excited ami cuul
down tou soon. .lupaiicso in tint cities
of I lie Western States cannot go out
ut night, lor to do so would bo tn e
pose themselves to the danger of being
grossly Insulted, of I eiug pelted,
or oven assaulted vth knives by mol s.
If tho Japanese treated the Americans
as tho latter are now treating tho for
ner, It is provable that all 'tho white
nations would regard tho matter as a
question of Importance, and
range themselves 011 the sido of Amor
lea against Japan.
"If tho present imbroglio lasts long,
(ho Japanese gentleman feels certain
that lynch-law will soon lie applied tn
his country men 11s ruthlessly ns to the
negroes. H is important that the Jnpn
nesu should now study tho means of
obviating tho slaughter of their com
piitiioU thnt would otherwise ho sure
to occur. Distinguished Juiiaueso visit
ing their countrymen oil tho other ido
of tho l'ailflc arc Jirovonted from im
coming eve-witnesses of their pitiful
coTiiiitiou only by the strenuous oiTorts
of tho lending American oillclnls mid
"Thoso statements must, of course,
bo taken ,nt a discount, but they show
beyond doubt that something must In
doup without dolay tor tho amelioration
of the conditions lu tho Western btutes
Why Is tho imperial government quib
bliug with Washington about llio Alien
I, anil I,nw only, instead of resorting to
ull iTio menus It ha of eradicating the
tumble, Tho Ainurlculis lire peisncut
Ing thn ujiauese not merely by legls
latloii, but a 1ii by speech making, liter
utlirc, ph.vsioiil force, weapons. Tho ex
ccutlvn, kjiiidlvvkujind, judicial '
piirtnionls of tlio 'Ainnrloan'govoniinf'iit
urn all iigulntt tlnim. If uu uliio Jupu
nesu uinsill turtle notil of all the liluans
by vvlili h tho Americans uro lurrying on
tlio jigltiitluii, und gave them full pub
llflty, Im inuld 1 011 lnto thu world that
Jupu 11 would lie iorfootly juslifled m
Inking wliiilovur stop hu oouslaois lit
Im doulliig with mii li outrugss
"Wliiiii thu mini who dyiianill I u
Jiipuiii'tii iiiiHpNiur nil Inn In Aiimri'U,
wi'iii ittimlud, thv judii'lniy HoqiiiMu.l
ilioui all 1111 the (II 9illi I of iuwrnuoni
nililomo. 'I Im iuii hIui briiV Imn 1
J Mils II 10 Imllk Midi IIIMdu sin Wit!
UJiHu imgolUlilo llwUHHiiiiii. w. 1. ii
m NWlty IDDIkDI lionln.i.l W.r,
NVli 'null wuilii knimii n 1 iii .ril
AlilJ)'l ''! '' 'JriviH ' 11
aiutr uf '''"''i N'liu'i I UU
' 1
Governor Johnson Orders Out National
Guard to Combat Murderous
Striking Hop Pickers
Who Aro Terrorizing Ranchers
and Residents of the Wheatland
Six Companies of Infantry and
0:i2 Troop of Cavalry Form
Cordon Around Troublo Area
While Officers Arrest Suspects;
Four Known to Bo Dead; Six
Sericrsly Injured.
(Hy Federal Wireless Teleginpb.)
WillJATIiANl), CulifornlaAiiguiit I.
(Special to Tlio Advcrtlsor) Martial
law was declared herd today by Adjutant
Onorat Forbes following n night
of terror lu which four persons are
known to bo dead nnd six others were
injured ns result of noting
between (ouutv ollicinls and striking
hop pullers.
Adjutant (lenernl Forbes at the head
of six ooinpniiles ot infantry nnd one
troop n r c.ivnlry of tlio National (luard
arrived here on a upeolnl train this
morning and lit onco tuolc personal command
01 tlio situation.
'llio troops wero ordered out at
ut tho instance ot (loveruor
wh( lui'l beeinppcnlfid to by tho
Utl7onn und county' ollicinls of Yuba
Count v following tho bloody riot pre-
lipitnteif ivhn ,"i)jstrirt Attorney
peace among the strikers wasihot and
Tim trouble nrbse ovor u demand
by tho employes of tho Dutsl
llrothors for uu incrcaso of wages paid
to hop pickuis.
Adjutant (lenernl Forbes, this
thiow 11 picket lino two miles long
around tlio Durst llnncli hop fields. No
one was nllowed to cross this dead lino.
Immediutely n search of tho hop
quarters was instituted by Chief
of Police Mi Coy of Mnrysvlllo and
thieo polito ndlcers, und SliqrifT Ilcnan,
Deputy Shcrift II. I'. Illuo anil Doputy
Mieritr .schouten,
As a result of theso precautionary
measures, William Brock, who, it Is alleged,
is 11 n agitator, was arrested 011
information furnished by eyo witnesses
to tho affray, who, it is alleged', told tho
ufllrerw that tho man was seen in possession
of nu automatic revolver immediately
following tlio riot.
Whether it is siguiflcnut that District
Attorney Muiiwcll was killed by" a bullet
was not decided today.
llieok was looked tip in tho Whcnt'
land jail nu suspicion. Five other
pods fell into the police dragnet dur
ing I lie sonron. 'incy urn t anion Hanto,
( hnrlos Holm, .1. Quiiiu, J.' McConucIl
and llarn Dagnn. All nro employes of
the Durst Hunch owners. They wore
locked up with llrecl..
Wireless messages from tho Matson
liner Willielniliia last night indicated
that the last evening out of tho big vessel
wns tlio occasion of considerable
high jinks on boardi An nflioal
message) from, tlio steamer stated that
among otliervcveiits of tho evening the
p.issengois had tendered a testimonial
to Captain Peterson in appreciation of
Ids elfnrta to make tho voyage piensavt,
ami lu leiognltiun of his innideu Mijugo
ns commander of tho Willielmiua. ills
prodocessor. Captain Johnson, is no.-on
his wu l.ust to t.iko coalman 1 of
the MaUiitna
Mi. Mnrthu A. f'liamlierlnin dial
lute lii nikhl at her homo on Y1111114
.ii,, I Mi. 1 liumborlaiii had been ill
for a uiiiiilivr of years ami for the past
. wrirt .lava her miiulitloii w'j such
tiist li" In boon for her recovery was
held mil
Mi. 1 liMMiliorlaln was a unlive of
HihimIii ii aic'd i4bty itfm, bha lud
n.ili.i in ilin 1Iii4s nil liur t. Hlio
,. , , w.i by two brotliers, Warrsa
a 1 n I 1,1 v T. Cliuml'criii'u,
I ,11 ir II.hhiImIii
in. 1 in 1. will bii in 1,1 fruui (Va
ll Inn ll III lljiflOtllllly
1 him iiiumi InU'iniont will
1 vi , ,11 muolnry it Kawll

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