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' xtnt mi" k i.ir. HONOLULU. HAWAII HRKirom. 1 K11JW.
wl ' U
i i 1 1
Fears Arc entertained That
Lind Will Meet With Violence
on Visit to Capital If So,
It Will Precipitate Stern Action
On Part of United States.
Senator Bacon Appeals for
of President in His Policy,
Urging That -the Present Situation
in Affairs With the Latin
Republic Is .One of the Utmost
(By Tedcral Wiroless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, August 7. (Special
to The Advertiser) If General Uucrta,
tho do facto President of Mexico, insists
that John Lind, President Wil
son's emissary is persona non grata
and refuses to consider his mggestions,
this will not of itself mean armed intervention
jn tho JJcpublic ol Mexico,
This was mndo pluin by administration
officials hero today. If that, how-
over, should be dcvclopod as lluortaJa
iiosition, it is prouabjc that tno om
liar co on the Mexican insurgents im
porting arms from thp United states
will immodiatciy bo raised. A majority
of tho senate luv.ors such action.
Hiicrta's official declaration that he
will not unless the United,
Htatos recognizes him ni President Uv
not taken seriously bv either President
Iiind reports and jnill assume that not
ubstartn will ho put in Lund's .way. It
is nutnoruutiveiy. nsserted that tno.
President doos not belioyo Huerta w.lll
regard Limtyiftision Us anything but
The Constitutionalists, through Col.
Ivdiiardo Hny head of thoir junta here,
today odviscd iiPresIdcnt Wilson and
of Btato Drynn that if they
nro permitted Jo purchaso amis in tho
United States' they will overthrow
Hucrtn within three months, l!ccauo
of this it is bollovod Huorta will Ao
rotl.ing moro until ho hears Iuid's proposal.
- Tl.o most serious dangor in the
is the possibility that porson.'fi in
suits or violence will bo offered hind.
If sn sternest measures will immediately
(Uy J'edcral Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, August 7. (Special,
to Tho Adcrtlscr) "The Mexican siN
untion is ono of tho utmost grinlty:1
Xlioro is ijotluug beyond that word 'utmost,'
" Senator Bacon, chairman of
tho senate foreign committee says.
This was his declaration in tho sent
ato in a discussion bf tho
in .which ,ho openly and eloquently
pleaded that iartisnn politics be
eliminated in handling a crisis liich is
admittedly vital. Senator Bacon's
statement came at tho conclusion of
nu appeal that Iho President .bo allow,
ed nn opportunity to peacefully settle
the existing crisis. It was railed forth
as tho result of a refusal by Senator
Clark to allow his demand that tho
senate inquiro into Mexican affairs to
be referred to tho foreign committee.
Clark taunted the Democrats with
no definite policy towards Mexico
"It has coma to n point thst"Jn,
owing allegiance to the American flag.
Wo should have tho fncU." Senator
Bacon immediately responded: '
Of Utmost .Gravity.1
"This is n situation of iho utmost
cravitv. There is nothinc bevond thnt
word 'utmost.' I spent advisedly when
I say tho public welfare demands that
this is a matter of tho utmost import'
unco to m handled rarofully. I believe '
that in lots than a week tho ecnato will
be in a position to disquss the whole
problem openly. Tho Psidont has formulated
a pVn and jm&bout to
Boferring to Huertn's refusal to treat
with John Lind, the President's envoy,
Senator Bacon said:
"This message, evidently sent by an
offlejal in a moment of hent and temper,
should not be considered as indicating
final failure of tho President's plan
and tho adoption of this resolution,
Clark's resolution would not lead to
early results."
Should Support President.
Bacon also asserted that the members
of the senate foreign committee with
one voice declared, the President should
Gallant Captain Matson Comes
T 6 Rescue Of Maiden In Distress
Orders Honolulan to Make Quick
Run and Blow the Extra
f ni
'(By FctlcrnlfelVlrclcss Telegraph.)
HAN J'BANISCU, August 7. (3pe
tial to The, Advertiser) An interesting
race between two big steamships was
enjinncnccil Tuesday aftcin'jou, . when
the Mntson steamer Ilouolulan, Captain
Greene, left for'Jloiiolulu with orders
to proceed to the Island Jiort X .the
best speed po'jlbli even if hundreds
of barrels of fuel oil in excess of tlio
usual amount bo burned.
Miss Mabel Thlirlow, ivu.no brother
is nn nrmy ollicer in the 1'liillppincs,
bad been booked to sail on the transport
Sherman, which sailed at noon on
Tuesday. The train was latp and the
United States quartermaster department
rctmed to hold tho ship.
When Miss Thurlow arrived she chartered
a launch and chased the Sherman,
but tho raeo was lopt and the young
woman returned disconsolate to port.
It was then arranged that she sail
far ms Honolulu on the Jlonolulau,
which was sciicdulcd .to sail at flV4
Asks Pay Tor Loss Of Precious 'Be Still' Trees
r 5j J S lV fc C
Botanical Wonder Described By Banana Jack
"Bo Still" trees figurccTjiromlncntiy
Ijesterday before tho banana court, n
number of this now botanical gjiccics
,of arboreal sbnders bcngfsaid -to hnvo
Ibcen destroyed by tho minions of tho
(board of health during
campaign. Just what tho "Bo
Still" trees arc, is hard to say, but
"Jack" Kulnkielii, on behalf of, a
,cjiarnnnr client, volunteered tho
.mutton tuat "tnoycurj! mo Kinu
ivmi fret undor. on moonlliht nichts.
Vhcn everything around be still.", J!re-,
pilling uuiifeu awuiiiv aiitiaivu )
hvoiild bo well to ilant a largo num
ber of " Ho JStill", trees along tho
jii n
ADfe muoil .A estinlnv nml t.hiH In ia..
' - , V --T- -1 ... V W
ounica uie Juct tliut all of
uLwuituu nnicn loott uiaco
4w,ithin tho forty-eight hours previous
to tno session. Just'wjiy this showd
vauso them to bo lenient .to tho
ants ou tho stand n&sscth all under
staudlnir. '
A Hawaiian woman, Kumeaatiiui by,
jiamc, exiainca io tno uaunua judges
No poubt About Wonderful Xime
Made by Kalianamoku in
i Latest Exhibition.
(1W' Inderal Wireless 'Telegraph.)
SAN FRANCISCO, August 7. (Spe
cial .to The Adverfiser)
moku, established new world's marks
in the twenty-five, fifty and seventy-five
yard dashes last night in- tho
Olympic Club tank. Ropes wor stretched
at the twonty'flvo and fifty- ard
marks and JlnisMug marks and as lie'
passed these points 'bis tlmo ,was taken
by the throe timekeepers Btationod At
each plate. Duke wout undex the
twenty-five yard ropo in 11
onus, which beats tho former world
mark of 11 3-5 socojids, lield by Charles
Daniels of New York. The Hawaiian'
timo nt tho fifty-yard Topo was 23 2-5
seconds, whlih -betters tho long
ing mark held liy Wickham, Uie
Duke finished tho full
yards in 37 2-5 seconds. Ho held tho,
former world's record for seventy-five
ynrds himself, establishing' tho timo of
30 3-5 in the Pacific Coast championship
, i m - I1" . .
(By Federal Wireless -Telegraph.)
PAJMS, August 7. (Special to The
Advertiser) Uy a ote of 245 40 370,
the seuato today passed the three-year
military tervlcp bill. Jt passco, thu
chamber qf OeiiVticg last month.
hao full opportuuity to deal with tho
problem as ho had planned. Ou thbi
Sejiator Norris aid he saw no disrespect
to tho President in," Clark !s resolution,
tn which Bacon retorted:
"The Cubau affair 'was, a mere temp.-est
in o teapot compared with the gravity
of undertaking to restore peace in
Mexico. l)isrespet in the casp is n
trivial matter."
Seuntor Smith of Michigan then
charged that a skillful lobby was at
wotK to niouiu tno policy of the gov
ernmeut in regard to Mexico. That
settled the matter and the resolution
went to the ioptfol.the'calendarj
15Bft& J
fliillnut "President of the Mutson
Navigation Company:
o'clock. A wireless was sent to
of the Sherman informing them
that Miss Thurlow would catch them
at Honolulu.
When Cnptain Mntson learned of the
girl's race after, tho Sherman ho
skipper of his steamer to
burn .All tho fuel needed to bring his
command into jthc jsland port .before
tho Sherman continued m to tho Par
'nhy sho had placed n high valuation on
Uie plants sue Jinil htui cut.
"J was uiiuaniluu and linhu whdiil
itJiat hapjicned, pleuso your honorslult
now l reel aiueront," siio Haul. ,rr
Aslicd Jf sho still Jicld to UipT V-M
per, sho rcjdied "it is up to cs:
'I will take what thev thukiHfilJht
One claimant lost n vr vHiluublo
lguaa plant, even if JhvM51tcrrnncnn
Ifruit fly has found theTguvji "bushes to
lio excellent breeding.'8''03) ml(1 ll0
iwnnts only tcu doJnXJp tho destroyed
110 hJKT Alu tPwuu ruro
rrcos'? aji(li)?n. rtoUaTsrrach was not too
juuehfoilcsrrn'sui(i. J' our mango
"itrqeS" r'rIVOi, rained at tcu dollnrH
...'O-.i- L.LA.i !. inv...linii..M.
..fnii' ifijoitirntnit his bill of .parties
.ubrRhnt be-all dowh saTlly when lie
jipjimaifforly.two cotton plants and
US1.C4I onu" u,nqinr npiece.
"Bay, I'yo lost ajiot otiinoney in coi
ton plants," saidfudga Iinwlins, ami
Associates f ronmnrfes and Hopkins
flgrecd tneii"coiiengiiey "nut 11
'.tho price knflftitali that high when I
took u.Jlye ,L cottni 1 "P'' ,)0 u
inilllionilro today." A"d he sighed.
mi urn
Situation in Rebel Stronghold
Serious Troops Sent to Protect
Liycs of Foreigners.
(By lMdernl Wireless "Telegraph.)
UANTQNJ August J (Special to The
Advertised) ' Jt was estimated today
Jhat five hlindrod soldiors met death in
yesterday's fight ut tho cast gato of'
Coutou between northern government
Jroops and rebels.
Tho city's position is regarded us
A dutaelftueot of up Indian regiment
from Hongkong has, arrived to guard
the Jives and property of foreigners in
tho iJhainicn district,
i -"! 'I:
Japanese Government Js Criticised
for Its Lack of Diplomatic
Adroitness in Mexico.
TOKI0iJuly 20. ome of the load
in ncwMiaper toduyinccusc tln la)a
pese cabinet ol lack of, iliplomatici
adroitnoss in tho negotiations connected
wijh tho California ulicn laud ownership
legislation. They urgo that uJ
antago should bo taken 'of Mexico's
friendliness in. order tovfurtlicr Jnpnu's
cause. At'the sane time t).ey question
tho sincerity of tho United fitntes.
Jt. Haahinioto, vice-minister of commerce,,
made the following statement
in connection with Japaupso participa
tion lu the Panama-Pacific Exposition:
"Tho authorities understand that it
Is reasonable for .Jnpaucse merchants
to reftife to exhibit at the Panama-Pacific
Exposition, owing to their natu
ral resentment against the alien land
ownership bill, but such participation
would ease the situation and the Japanese
government hopes that tho nation
will ecntl, us'iuanyeiiiiuits.as possible.''
Elia Long, Riding Horse on Young
Street Late Wednesday Night,
Is Struck by Automobile Num.
ber SID, According to Report
Handed to Police by Witness.
Joy riders were ngaln repnsible for
an automobile accident which took
placo Wednesday night nt half-past
olecn o'clock on Young street between
Piikoi and Kceniimoku street, In which
a horse and rider weio thrown. Jloth
horEC nml ridtr wero injured.
' Automobile No. S15, owned by K.
llaiinoka, n, Jnpaucso cleaner on the
Young Auto stnnd, and driven usually
by M. C. Corren, Is reported to thu
police as liiMng been tho machine,
whoso driver, apparently deliberately
ran down the horso which was pro
ceoding uloiig tho right hand side of
tho street, going towards Walhlhl, and
with tho full glnro of tho autu lamps
upon the nnfmah
Tho horse was reported, to the police
to ,bo owned by frank Andrade ol Ma
noa, and ridden by yoijng Klin hong,
,who works on tho Audtado ranch. Tlio
rider fortunately fell without breaking
any bones, but tho Jioro was bruised.
A householder, residing across the
street, went out W investigate jinil got
the machine jfumhers and nsQd some
questions. Ho was told it was none of
his business and to show that it was,
ho reported tlus matter to the police
(By federal Wiroloss Telegraph.)
WINUMUNOB, tlermuny, Au-
gust 7. (Special to Tlio
User) Seventeen ptrsojnCweroOp'
."drow'ned off the bench hero this
aftenioon in sight l hundreds of
bathers and strollers, when a pow-
4: or boat capsfzed. Twenty-two per-
sous wero aboard, and onlyifivo
wero saved.
-. -
Bill Thrown Out tn the Same
Manner as Was the Irish
Homo Rule.
LONDON, July 23. Thobill
for the disuslablishmai.t of tho
church in Wales win thrown out by
the hoJibu of lords lust night in exactly
thu sanio way ns tho iiomu Bulo Bill
was rejected. By a oto of 212 tn IK
tho lords refused to give tho bill U
second ru'iding and declined to proceed
with its furthor consideration until it
had been submitted to tho judgment ol
the people. This bill which with lionfo'
Rule is one of tho great incisures Of
tho Liberal party, is being put through
under tho Parliament Act by the government
in exactly tlio same 'way as.
Homo Rule. The whole church party
is against it, but it lias thu support of
the Nonconformists who are the principal
body of churchgoers in Wales.
Thus there is tho spectnelo of tho Nonconformists
backing their brethren in
Ireland against tho Homo Bulo Bill and
supporting the government in England
in order to put' through the Weldh Disestablishment
Bill. Tho support nf tho
Nonconformists for Homo Bulo ii said
Jo have boon gained merely by tho
promise thnt Welsh Disestablishment
should Jake precedence of ' any other
guXcrnment measure after Homo Rule.
The house of lords evidently intends by
in its power to force un
appeal to the country before either
bill heroines' law. By rojecting the
AS'elsh Disestablishment Bill tho lords
ftlll further eonfuho the issue before
the electors when such nn election docs
conip. If it had passed, the Welsh
Disestablishment Bill under protest and
rejected tno nomo kuio iniiisomo
'lo jiiiovi tne jioMtiou wouw
Iiave tactically gained thereby.
(Bv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CAI.FSiKT, Michigan, August 7.
fSppclal to The Advertiser) Governor
Ferris todav wired his approval of tho
plain to withdraw trotqn gradually from
the copper strike district, and General
Abbey, in command of the State militia,
men, :iuiioumd thnt tho first detach'
meat of soldiers would start for-home
If War Is Hell So
Tariff Bill Says
Hs wtiSs .vStawE J
;; J.-V ' y va&AZrtTT sm. w
j(lly Federal Wiroless TelcgrL.)
WA8UUv'(rrON, August 7. (83jj(nl
to Tlio Advertiser) "According to tho
declaration ,of ono of .our great wak
leaders, war is hell," Sonntor Warrpn.
s'Fid iirn speech today discussing the
schedule of tho Tariff Bill,
"Tliis l)as never been ilcnleiliaidj
tui. '.
Police Search in Vain for DayP
light Prowler Operating
in Kalihi.
Ono robbciy and an attempt to rob
were reported to tho polico yesterday
mumiiig from Kalihi, in both instances
tho perpetrator said to bo a man wear
ing it khaki uniform. This monger
scrintiou of tlie nruwlcr was I'll en thu
rpolico wlio hunted all day for he sus
pect but without success.
Burly in the iiiuniiug Airs. Pant .Tar-ret
t went from the rear of her homo
to tho bedroom and stirprised'ii man
Standing before her bureau. Shu was
frightened at first, but finally sum-'
moued courage to demand tho
ing of the intruder's prescuee. IIo
turned quickly and said ho was "looking
for Captain Parry." Hlio inquired
why he thought ho .lived in her homo
and he said ho thought it .was a
home. Shu ordered him out uiul
ho went quickly.
Later, u Mrs. SiUa, roilding also ut
Kalihi, was asked by a littlo girl in
tho next yard if soldiers wero living in
her house. She was surprised at the
question and asked why it wus asked.
The girl said sho saw ii man wearing
n dirty khaki uniform leaving tho buck
dpor. Mrs. SiUa went into tho liodsu
and looked in her purse. Tho nine, dollars
sho had thero uu hour bcfoie was
gone, Sbu looked down tlio street and
saw- a man clad ju khuki running away,
sho says.
- H '
WASHINGTON, July 1. Complications
are predicted in certain to uriso
over tho installation of tho direct
election method for tho selection of
Pniled States senatoiH. Most of tho
ttoublo is expected to result from tho
fuiluro of state legislatures piomptly
to provide appropriate methods for carrying
out the recent amendment to tho
constitution. .
Lenders of the senate majority nro.
anxious. Miuuiii two or moro vacuncles
jn thp Democratic sldo nf tho chnmbci.
rcqur, the narrow margin of power lu
the body would be gone.
There nro .thirty-two senatorial terms
which will expire March 3. 1U15, Somo
of tho Stales nffectod ulrendy havo pro
vided u method of populur election of
senators, but u great number of tliciu
uuo not.
, t
Is the New
Senator Warren
!riw,M'WW'J1' w '
therefore 1 beg tho liberty of saying
that this bill isi to bo .also Jiull so lar
nsitlio Ynrmcr u th.o Northwest hi-Con
cerncd. About 'everything ho' has to
Fell, tho use of hit cuftitul nml his labor
udtho prodiict")tTbnth('w!tli fjnt foW
exceptions "must meet tho competition
or the World (viiu iiH eiiejiji, pcoi
licr labor. whllo.uKrvtlilltir lie has to
57.W.I ..- ' - , ...' 3,. i ..
!,flliiinsi"W laxcy '
TO' mm
Tuberculosis Can Be Conquered
and Spread of Disease
To piesent consumption two things'
aro required: (1 to collect and destroy
the germs in tho consumptive's spit, and
(2) to keep tlio body in good guuerul
Jicalth, so Hut it will bo ublo to resist
tho germs, according to tho territorial
board of health in u health
bulletin issutu yesterday.
The ;y caielets sidttiug,
almost certainly will givi) the disease
to his family, fripuds or fellow workmen,
but if lie carefully destroys all
his spit, ho is harmless. He should,
preferably uso paper napkins, which
ean bo burned immediately. They should'
not bo curried loose in tho pocket
after Using. When loughing or
no vhould hold ono of these beiora
his month. If thu handkerchief is ever
ued for this purpose It should bo Immediately
dltiiuiccted, by being placed
cither in boiling water or lu u three
percent solution of curboliu acid.
Ho should spit mto u pasteboard
sputum cup, which at thu end of caeh
day ciui bi,Jjuruedi or Into u vosscl
Nvlijcli can bo eusU and! eomjilotely
cleaned daily. Tho oidlnuryi spittoon is
must dillicult to clean, and should never
be uicd by u consumptive, When a consumptive
lu ut work or riding on a
ticet car, or traveling, he should uso
u pocket sputum cup'or Husk which can
be kept tightly closed until ho can
empty It at 'night.
Paper napkins und sputum cups nro
cheap. Vim can learn whore to get
thoiu through your physician.
Tho cnieful consumptive is not
Tuberculosis is not contagoous
by breath (except when tho consumptive
coughs or sneezes), or in tho samo
was as smallpox, or diphtheria, or scarlet
fever, but through sputum.
Kvcu though every effort is mado to
collect and destroy tho germs, it is
probublo that every one ot us on account
of tho prevalence of the disease
and the large number of consumptives
who ,are curelesi or do not understand
the inipoitniice of destroy ing their spit,
will receive ut some timo or .other tlie
germs In our lungs. It is most important,
therefore, that the lungs ho
in proper condition find that the gen
era I health bo good.
Thorough ventilation of bedrooms, Is
ono of the most important means to
this end. Too of tcu thu -bedroom U
I 7
Bulgaria, as Result of -Bucharest
Peace Pact JBptween Balkan
States, in Addition to Ceding
Valuable Territory, Is Also
Forced to Surrender Seaport or
Oivo Up .Sofia.
Powers Servo Notice on Ottoman
.Government That Adrianople
Must Be -Evacuated and Ttiat
Terms Agreed Upon When
Treaty Was Signed in London
Must Be StrioUy Observed.
(By Federal Wiroless Tolcgraph.)
BW'UAKEST, August 7., (Special to
The Advortiscr) Bcprcscntotivesoftbe
Balkan States gathered In conference
hero today toaign tho treaty of pcco
which has practically boon forced ty
Thd now frontier, to which Bulgaria
agreed 4inly when Koumauia threatened,
to occupy Sofia, u --further dolay irfas.
.caused,, will run from a point on the
old frontier west of tho struma river
iiu mo rivir. fJVa Klvu&
port of hnvala to Oreoce,
I Duiguria's uisappoininiom -is suitccu
iby the hope that tho frontier will he
revised by the Powers. "
LONDON, August 7. (tipoclal jto
Tho Thp first steps .taken
i'jy eprewentativos of the Powers o
.compel Tiirkoy to evacuate Adrianoplp.
.iiiiiie today when, tho Ottamap
was notified that it .rospect
itlie ticaty signed in JLpiiduii between
the former helligereiits.
Tlie Turkish troops, reoccuplod
uftej war broke out between
.tlio former belligerents.
Engineer John Palau Falls to See
Protruding Obstacle
Left, Arm.
.folm Pnhui, engineer of the Oflhu
Jtnilroad Company's yard switch
while running his engino over '(o
tho company's oil tanks to take ou
fuel, wus Btruck hy au -obstruction,
knocked from the engine cab auil
a fractured loft arm..
The police, who took tho ipjured map
to the hospital, report that .the engine
was running slowly toward the tanlts
at the time of tho mishap. One
was down and unpotiqod by I'siiii,
who was leaning frpin ,hij cab. Wo
was thrown from ,thp engine to tio
grpund, und in addition ,to ,ikp ,brpkdp
arm, received u severe shukjng up,
TRENTON, Now Jersey, July 2?.
An Involuntary petition iu bankruptcy
was filed hero today againat. the Buffalo
Bill Wild West and Piwiijo 0111
Orent I'ar West shows. Bervlcai r
made ou Gordon W. Ljllie, president1 ot
tho company, controlling the shoivs..Tho
tompauy is n New .Tersely eoriKVlllQn.
Ancllhiry iroceodiDgs w;Bl po
in Denver. '
Tlie usscts and liabilities werp riot
stated in the petition.
small, dark and
sometimes being nailed and Jlhltt,
To .nail one's bedroom wiudpiv. shut-Is
to drivo a nail intp oneU cpilin. i
spend moro hours each' day in pur bedrooms
than id any other jooru In the
housej yet they are .usually be smallest,
least lighted, and .least vintllatad.
Sleepiug out of doors is urged ,upcn
tho consumptive, and it, is probable
thnt most of us wputd ho in far better
condition to resist tuberculosis U
wo slept out, of doors av good-portion
oi ino ear, , UjMt
j ;l4,jlfcail,Htl.J1t!tli(ri.

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