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l Where Lind is Arranging Peace Plans
Japanese Driver Victim of Ghastly
Murder in Iwiloi; Body Discovered
When Horse Attracts Notice
of Passer-by Robbery Not
Motive of Crime.
Man Wearing Blood - Spattered
Uniform of Soldier Found Near
Scene of Tragedy; Too Intoxicated
to Give His Name, But
Ravings Supply Clew.
With bend almost severed frum the
lody by a dcop knlfo vvounri which
passed from no car to the other, tlio
corpse pf If. irirnt, ilrivcr of liack No.
378, vvnc found hanging half out of tlip
vehicle in Iwllol at nine
o'clock last night, Tlio discovery lias
started tlio police, on still another
case, one combining so many gruesome
nml baffling Ventures tlint tlio
details of tlio crlmo are still unknown
to 'the detectives. Ono whito mnli,
wearing a soldier's uniform, mid too
intoxicated to give his name, lias liecn
arrested, and tlio pollco liavo information
which tlicy liellovo will result in
the capture of others concerned within
n short time. Buck evidence as was
'securtiK by Deputy Sheriff Itoso and
Chief Inst night indicates the
'crime to l)o ono more prompted liy revolting
Tho nicker of a tired hack horse,
standing patiently in the road nflir tho
Iwelci tockado, drew tho attention of
'.T, Ti.vtlin, residing at l'ort street und!
31crcrnnia avcnuo. to tho vehicle. Ho
jiaw tho thcwhcci;'
and believing linn drunk, walked up to
invcrtlcato. What ho saw caused liim
to Btart'on a quick hunt for a police-'
McDufflo Reveals Wound,
Meanwhile tho roport reached police
headquarters that a Chinese had boon
run over by a hack in Iwllei. Chief
McDiifliotdmrricd down to investigate,
and found a crowd around the hack,
Tot none had been so bold ns to touch
tlio body, and only when the ollicer in
drawing Hack, tlio Head, rov ruled tun
ghastly wound in tho thrn.it. did thoHO
proscnt understand that another murder
hud been committed.
Tho first, clow to tho solution-was
given to tho ollicocrs iuiidvortentlv by
a. man nuniod Owen Itoltrwho had been
driving in a hack up the roar Jwiloi
road, lie had lost his hat, and on
getting nut to hunt for it had found
an army hat. .lie refused to pick it
l'P, but tho hnckninn did, and when
they unexpectedly ran into tho crowd
at the end of tho road hn gave it to
the chief. Tho latter examined ltnnd
found bloodstains .on it. McTJuOin was
taken to the plur,o, and after a hasty
examination found a plcco of gas pipe
wltlj 'pot of blood on it. There was
no murk of an abrasion on tho body,
howevor, so far as could bo determined
last night. A furthor -search revealed
the body of llfo man now under arrest
beneath n fence opposito the Hawaiian
fertilizer works,
Tho man's legglns. trousers and
were covered with blond spots but ho
was so iirunic tnat it was not until a
pollco auto arrived thnt lie recovered
from his stupor. At no time last night
did ho become sufliciuiitly sober to give
iii name, niui aitmmgii it was written
in Ids hat, it could not bo nindo out
Tho prisoner is further connected to
the crime, it is claimed, by an incident
which tlio polieo learned occurred in
one, nf the Iwilol resorts. Last night,
tho prisoner, apparently raving In
was brought before. Shoriir
his deputy, and tlio chief, His
first burst o( langungo rchoarsod tho
scene in (lie brothol with which tlio
police, were already acquainted,
Whiskey in Evidence. , ,
Tho two men had (Inured in this incident
and tho chief had u good description
of them from one of tliu I'nrto
Wean inmutcs, Ono of the mon had a
bottle of whiskey In Ids hand, it Is
saw. A Dottlo or whlsKcy with n
blood spot on It was found in tho hark.
Jii'toetlvo Ulesou later rtlfcovcrcil that
this' bottlo had been sold by Uunry
Walker of the I'ltist saloon to two men.
WHlhor was brought duwn to the sin
tlou and identifled the unknown mini
ns oue of tho pe I'm lib ho hud dealt
lu tlio tniiudlin Interview in which
tlio iirlsnnor almost iilouo tallied, ho
sluicked obscenity at a llgiuoiit nf Ids
imagination which appeared to him tn
take the shape of his lite companion.
This phantom, bcuoat the skillful qu
tloulng of tlio chief, gradually nln
shape and form In the officers
wfio listened tn Mm, nud when I lie
man had completed (he plnturo It idond
complete. In the likeness of the inuu who
hold ,a whiskey" bottle In tlio IwlUJ
H U u('n iulp Jcscrii'tlou Ilia I tho
'"bicf cxe u'r e of onto ot New York,
who now f ei impeachment.
mm re
Governor of New York Declared
Guilty of Dishonesty; His
Removal Demanded.
AI.HAXr, New York, August 12.
(Hy Associated Press Cable)-Invents
transpired in rapid succession in tho
joint legislative investigation ot
charges against Governor William Sulz-or
yesterdaj. As u it is now
that tho chief Kxecutivo of tho
Kmpiio State will bo compelled to
make n strong tight to prevent his impeachment.
Tho first nctipn of tho lengthy investigation
came yesterday afternoon with
the adoption of tho 1'rawley report
charging Governor .Snlzer with diverting
(umpaign contributions lor his
gala us well lis falsifying sworn
"riitoniPiitn. 'fi'he report was adopted by
ihe v - a"i
A resolution was introduced in the
assombly by Majority leader Ivy
calling for the impeachment of
fiulzor on tho ovidenco contained
in tho report holding him guilty of corrupt
conduct in office.
Sulzcr was chosen at tho last election
t the peoples idol after u bitter rain-
palgu. ills administration lias been
fraught; with bitter attacks culmlnnt
ing at tlio beginning of tho present
session nl tlio legislature wltu the lillng
oC charges which were declared by the
committee jestorday to have been substantiated.
The testimonv' of witnesses before
tho committee tended to show that Gov
crnor had speculated heavilv in
Willi Street, losing thousands of dollars
In investments mid meeting his obligations
(lrit by securing loans and finally,
it is claimed, by using campaign
funds whkh had been intrusted to his
Throughout tho hearing Hulcr lies
maintained that ho did not fear the
result, for the evidence would prove
Unit ho hud committed no dishonest net.
i... .
(Ilv Vedernl Wirelers Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, August 11, (Spe
ciul to Tlio Advertiser) Tho famous
Culebra cut in tho Panama Canal may
bo rcudy for shipping by next Decern.
bor, aciordliig to latest reports from
the A'anal Zone. Light draft vcsselsi
it was tald, nro likuly to bo jiasslng
through tho watorway by October
(Ily lVderal Wiroicss Telegraph.)
SKATTI.i:. August 11. S.(cial to
,3'lift, Advertiser) General 1'elix Diaz
vaiiciniyr, . v.,
whom f.jQiiruAbnarcl shlii to sail on
Wednesday fu'r Japan,
pollco iiopo to land In prison tho per
son or who they believe ns
slstod in -the cowardly killing. Ho far
n u the iiollco wcro able to Ic.irn last
night thero was uiijiureiilly mi motive
for tho murder, A sum of money whs
fun nd In tho pockrts of the dead .Inp.
anoso. Nothing in tiio.elotlilug win dls
Ono tlieory l that tlin supponedly
drunken miirderom luid rented Iholiaih,
ordered tho unsuspecting driver to pro
cecii und when ho una started wiin
them they reached over, pulled his
head "back and probably before ho
eiuihl struggle or cull fnr hulii ono of
the fiends reimlioil nvor, puliod liack
tho head of tho Japanese nud drew a
harp knife anrpu the throat uf bis
victim, "no vloious, piuriUrous slah
ws inpde, It would be judgml from the
appearand of o vvaniul, 'I'Mr
WtUfllh t)ip iniirrierar t)in
fjujn (ue hk nud igught tufoty In
Mysterious Cable of Approval
From Local Democrats An.
nounccd Acceptability of Wil-
B0P 9A?,!d Snarlcl Up
Political Opposition Going to
Bo a Progressive.
By Ernest O. Walker.
Oluil fpccinl to Tho Advertiser.)
WASHINGTON, July 23. Them Is
only one thciun of Hawaiian discussion
tn Washington for tho moment and that
is the nomination yesterday of I.. K.
I'uikham to bo Governor of Hawaii.
Tho first inkling that friends in congress
of various candidates for the office
had about it came in cablegrams,
sent them here from Honolulu, based on
Tho Advertiser's exclusive information
from Washington that Secretary of the
Interior I.nuo had recommended
for the place. That rocoiumciida.
tiou was virtually equivalent to n uouil.
nation. At thjs writ.ng the nomination
is before the senate, awaiting commit
tee consideration nud report.- Thero is
nothing yet to indicate whether there
will lie opposition. Soma Democrats
would like to oppose it, uinong
them Senator John Sharp Williams, of
Mississippi. Tho most likely grounds
of opposition would bn that I'inkham
is n Ilcpublicaii and that tho nomination
would bo olfensivo to Japanese.
However, a cablegram today from the
Democratic territorial committee of
Hawaii, stating that I'inkham would be J
acceptable to them, is likely to blanket
any criticism about I'inkhnm being a
Kopulilicnn, If I'inkham is a
the licptiblicau senators would ult
tho laoro likoly vote for his confirmation.
Democratic senators are very
much disposed these days to support
President Wilson's nominations. Ono
certainly can not predict with uny assurance,
but tha chnnccs arc that
will bo confirmed and will take tho
oath of ofllce, olther liore in Washing.
(Continued on Pago Two,)
iff J,
m I
Fort Shafter. pldi,er Gets, Knife
Wound in Breast': Uot Seriously
Hurt, Despite Rumors.
(Husky, "...Willis, i nn onlistcI .linnu
of. tiiq .Second ; Infantry,, statlnui'd at
l'ort Hhaftar,.who has, appeared dn sqv
cal ring, tuulcst holdl ou .Onluv .was
iituliled'iliitlio.lircast'.dnringiuii alterca
tion witln aiiother eiillsted 'inaiu yesterday
nftornooni 'Itl is" mild mnrf wlm
did tlio stabbing belonged to Iv Com.
iiuuv nf tho rcuituciit. It wan ulnlml ut
l'ort Bhufter Jabt liitfht that Willi" w
ant seriously hurt nud vfniild rcovur,
but it was npiiurenftlmt an elfort wu
lieiiiK nia.ii) trf keep tlln.matteriiif the
MnMilnlf iih iiiiUt.m .'iiilir, und no
iiifoiuiutlnirVHifi filjfii ", to tlif delalln
Aei'iirilltlif to rJif tn t'lrouliilml in the
ly. "illliii njjmil
unldlerfi while ou hU'wny to (ho fucif
v4jnn from tho onii.hf t)ia rurljne, and
ffir lioiliB thht!l fjur Himch vvuK uft
forpeud in tho romlr
gXS&l&JZ. -Zt
i City Koilcral WirolesH Tckwipli.)
Cnlcullii, India, August Jl. to Tin- lliiinlrcds ul" lives Iiavn In'.-n lost, in
heavy Hoods vvhiilh nro swci'piiiir (ho Province of leaving death and devastation 'in Ihoir
tviiko. 'i'iiis iintndiitioiis aro roporti'd to lie jiiori hcvuri' tlinn ever hufort, the full
deatli toll, vliuii:iiiiiilly. rcmirdud, is expectt'd U rcucli into tho tlninuands.
Property losses nro oxpectoil Id iiKi'Oi;nti' niillioiis of dollars.
It is ini)ossil!lo to ohtjnuito the loss so far. Only iiieiiKor reports nf tho floods havo ronohed
liore. All meaiiH o iniiiiiiiuiiiuatiiiti hnvo heon cut oil' and flimsy hits of iiifonnatioii reauh hero from
time to timo hy ejniriers.
Tlio outside cities and towns in thd province nro reported to have hecii wiped o it hy the
Jlotids. . . .
,...VrrA, W."M'
Marshall, Slayer of Guertlcr, Does
Not Deny Firing Fatal Shot;
Sees Lawyer and Former Employer.
Without denyiiiL; that ho idiot C IE.
tiiinrtler in Mm. fuahi'a hula lioune, I
Knploluni I'ark, .1. W. JIurshall, formerly
ii Huperintiindcut of ciiintructlon
ou tho Walaliole tunnel, yeHtorday inudu
Ilia 11 rut fitiitement to tin! police olll
lials. ilo wiiK granted nn interview at
his own rcipiest liy HherilT .Inrrett and
1'ronccutor llruwn ycnterdny, tho latter
tukiiiK the ntatouient in which Marshall
admits the shunting.
At the of Attorney Trnnlc
Thompson, Marshall wan removed from
tho city roceivint; utatlon to tho county
jail yesterday afternoon.
Olllclal Inipilries into. tho. death of
Oiiertlcr, manajjer ot the ,.T. G, White
KiiKlnccrinj; Company, Hunday nomine;,
will betjin at two o'clock this afternoon.
Deputy Sherlh Hone yesterday aworo
in a jury conipoWd of CJiarlos Oiidler,
A. V. dear, lldmund Norrie, l.ovi
J'orkins, l. Hay and K. N, "Voeller,
who will hear the evidence. Mnriihall
Is not yet charged..
Later in the day II, K. llishop,
of the Wniniiojc1 Wntcr'f'nin
Ininy'ic entire work, under whom
Maridmll wah employed, ealleil at 'the
pollco with Attorney Trunk Thompson
and reiiestd to son the prisoner.
"Marshall was called and n short confer
ence was held- Tn nn 'olIlccr'B'room,
Thompson will probably rppresent
Marshall in the coining Uyiil heuriuKK.
Tlio shooting of fliiertler liy Mursliull
lu Mrs. Piiuhi 'h hula house, Knploluni
I'ark, vvhlth was witnessed by six or
seven persons, commanded K'iK'ral attention
yctonliiy, owlntf to the iiroin
inunee of tligse oiuiuncted vrlth the
tiauedy, Ouertler died Queen's
llnnplliil yesterdiiy niornlnit.at two
n'llock. Nn hope was ever .held out
for his recovery from tho tliua ho was
laid nn the opcratl'ii! tnb'e.
Mrs, I'linhl, proprietress of the resort,
uiiidi! her statement yesterday ndilliiK
uuthluK to what was pruvlouslytkuimii
except that in nveriil "roiiKhhiinsm"
she saw him u the liottmii nfHIio licnii,
Thut was ln'fnrii he returned to his
room nt ( usably h nud secured the re
v'lilv'nr with whlrh he iiftorwurds shot
tliiertlerV body will be embalmed and
sept tn the iiiniulniid lu tliiiteinm'r
Williejinltip tonnirniw. It will lie
iirrjiinpiinlnd by the widow und Ids five
viyir old sum. Iiiterinent will mii Ids
hoiuo ulty. fJllstun IVinl. nulnlu. It
lias nut ynf biwu ilwliln Wlwlher niin
nil fTVJfi ll h held In JlAjinliilu nr
noi, uiicfHVr w a ,i!Miii'"l Vv"'
bur of bn i (lie iUoiis uiiinliu I'Ikm.
-. ..iC fr4Ui,i'llm.t.. . , .1. ,
if! ..! H-- C-
(Ily 1'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
if! WAHIIINOTOK, AiiKiist 11.
(Hpcciul to Tho Ads ertlfcor) The
house Democratic currency caucus
begun today. The program Is for
the iidnptiou of the (llass bill as
approved by tho house cmrCliey
committee. Scores of Democrats
havo rctuincii fiiim their
tlons to participate! in the caucus.
(Ily. JVdornl Wiieless Telegraph.)'
Di;.NVi:it, August U. (.Special to
Tlio Han JVimi'mecf I.os
Angeles ami New York nro mailing u
strong light dieforo the thirty-second bi.
ciinial conclave of Knight Templars for
tho 211 1 0 eonclnvo vvhiih will be its
ecdebration. Tlio general feeling
among the KnightH hero is that tho
(Clitemiinl should go tn the Coast as tho
ism eonclnvo was Iichl ut lu!l!;iiurv.
(llj i'ederal WirclesB 'J'olegniih)
HAN niANOJSCO, August 11.
fKpoeiiil to Tho
I'olev, acting foi Willlo Ititchin left for
Vancouver lode;; to arraugo fln.il do-tails
for Hitchie's twunt.v -round contest
with I'roildiu Weloh at Vancouver
llrst. llitchliiuill from
ids hunting trip on TlitifsdiiyVmBlft nud
will lea"0 for tl'0 north AnJIrjunilay
nioriiliig. No hitehps, in tho niattor of
v eight and rofereo uro expected. Ild-
die (Irnney is siitlsfaetoiy to liilth men.
(Hv IVdnrnl Wireless Telcgruph.)
( M.I'MKT, Mifhlgini Aiiuust Jl.
(hiieiial tn 'J lie Adviirtiser) Two thoi
sHiid inililiu men uhn eamo hero at the
witM't of the copper strike, ulurled
liuuio tnduy.
(Jlv IVdernl WJyiJlpiMi
Nll.VMUIAJ, (llilmi, AimUM II.-.
(Hpecinl to The Adiitli) -Th iiflV
efiiuiuiit'imivuU titumi (urmit ,ijwil 111
river vtuuflninj' tjuu inmuu iiimd njnih
tllllt Dm gUVifniBlnt U III eontrol J
lias imiurni unmr at nni.iim,
? t iifi.. it
Turltcy Flatly Rcfusss Demand
of Great Powers for Evacuation
. of Holy City Prepared to
(I!y IVdnrnl Wireless Telegraph)
(h'peeinl lo Tlio Advertiser) Neither
tho I h rente nor tlio pleadings of the
great powers will induru Turkey to
again ovneuato Adrianoplo. J'lat
uf the douinuds . uf tho Powers
that Turkey should -give up tho city
was voiced by .Turkey last night in a
eouitemiH'uota handed to the powers.
Alwnja n sacrod city, Adrianoplo
since its fail before tho lliilgariau gnus
ufler, n heroic defense, und
finally the Turns durincr tlio fighting
among the llalktiu allies, isaiovv considered
dnubly sacred and the Mosloms
are prepared to defend their tltlo to
tho cfty ouco more, by force of iirms.
Wni'O Its liy tlio Turks,
the defenses battered down by tlio
guns of tho besieging armies, have been
rebuilt. Numerous heavy guns linyo
been mounted, tho city has been well
provisioned, and vvitli tho tinner of tlin'
Turkish uriny within its w.ill, !h prepared
to stand another siege with bet
ter success.
JJIy I'ederal Wireless Telegraph)
LONDON, August 11. (Hpeellil to
The Advertiser) WVitlng "nn a
Merchant" to the Times Hir
Tliomns l.iiilnn today critieied the
HnUsh governiuent lor ileelinlug to
tunc part In Inn Jvx
position and siiyn he is going to have
an exhibit In Hni I'runelsen whether
supports It or not
"I'lltllnir flililn fill Hut Inf iiriiiillonli
andf seutiuienlul ipiostlons Involved,
writes Hlr Timmiis, "it is absoliitoly es
ecu 1 1 nl for strirt business purposes Hint
DrcNit lliltfllu be oltlidnlly represented."
(V IVdeial Wlrii TilBrndi.)
)N', Auiitud lo The
itisitt)fAu miptlHMtuil l)i of
nud oar lb In the i'nrto (liiclln
iirry teaHyhlJiotj IhlttiPii iMborcn.
&M fe .;..
Wasliington Admits President's
Envoy Was in Jeopardy But
Believes Crisis in Mexican Situation
Has Been Averted
Peaco Plans Await Report.
Majority of Mexicans Said to
Favor Claims Demonstration
for HUorta By Students Ex-plains
Lack of Interest in Ar-rival
of Wilson's Agont.
(Jly IVderal Wireless Telegraph,)
MEXICO CITY, August 11.
to Tho Advertiser) John Und,
President Wilson's porsoual representative,
who arrived hero afoly lato last
night, today hold a long conforonco
with Charge d'Affolro3 O'Slianghnessy
of tho American ombaasy. Lack of In-Wrest
iu Lind'a coming and consequent
lack of disturbance wa duo
largely to tho fact that a great student
demonstration In faveV of Huorta
was In progress when ho rcachod tho
(Ily IVderal Wlroloss Telegraph.)
to The Advertiser) Whilo llio
Mexicuii situation stilt' la graYo, both
I'rcsidont Wilson und 'Sdcrctary Bryan
liellovo the most imminent danger Is
past. Now that, the crisis' is over it
is frccjy admitted thajtjtiiodlfe of John
Hnth . rwsiy0nt, VOjrH Jiijln
1 danger, SecrotaryVHryan" eat' at hla
desk until o'clock ddiis morning,
refusing to leavo until efflcJal word
enmo of I.lnd's snfo arrival. In Mexico
City. Now tut Lind, is. (n tho American
embassy in Moxlco City tlio dangor
uf any outrage dlrcctod at him is
to havo lessened.
.It is oftlcially statod that no further
steps will bo taken to carry out tnfl
Wilson administration's peace, plaus
until Iilnd enmplQtes Ills investigations.
He Will make It plain Unit the United
States cannot rocognizo lluerta us
president of Mexico in any circum
stances, nnd will do nil in his powor
to induco Americans to leavo Mexico.
OcUlnn; Amcric.iiu Out.
It Is admitted that the work of (rot
ting Americans in Mexico started homo
li ins liecn unostentatiously in progress
for some days, Tho crcatost danger
in tlio situation is that soma positive
outr.igc ou Americans would force stern
niMRiircs by the administration.
I'rcsident Wilson believes the air has
cleared lu the Mexican situation and
thai President ITucrta is more willing
to adopt a conciliatory position. Thn
Presldont todav saw newspaper men in
his regular Monday conference, and
while he Is not tn there is
litth doubt that ho hopes for a peaceful
outcome to tlio Mexican ombroglio.
It is declared thut John Iind is not
required tn report directly to tho President,
but ho vyill work UirdTigh Charge
O'fihnuughnessy ot the Auicricnh
mid will proceed in such a manner
.is to arouse no resentment.
Tt is probably too much to oxpect
that lluerta will retiro immediately,
but bocniiHo nf the government's financial
embarrassments he is expected to
hasten tlm election of n stable government
in Mexico. If lluerta, however,
should iirnvn obdurate, Unit plans to
discover definitely what forces ore behind
Carrnii7a, and will ronort fully to
tho ndmiiiistrationmn his diteqvorics.
Mexicans Favor Carranza,
Senator Hhepluird of Texas has told
the President that sixty per cent of
the Mexicans favor Carranza's c'airos
to'lbo presidency. Thc'T'rosliU'nt thmks
'thai would bo hard to prove, but it is
reportcil ho is impressed with tne
claims of tio Constitutiounlist. faction
to recounllinn of fhelr belllKerencV
and is willing to be shown that tlicy
nro as much entitled to recognition as
lluerta nud his party.
The I'rcsident does not agree with
Senator Williams that an' organized,
finniired movement exists to force
American Intervention. Ifn told his
cullers today that tho movement is a
Iving one. but hn'doos not bo
Ileve uiuiiv persons approve of Its views,
CJIv redernl Wireless Telcgruph.)
WW ANOJXIIS, August U, (Bin''
rial Iii'TIib IVIkv
nud his manager Tommy Dunn left
today for 8uu Diegu vvhero they will
finish n scrip; nf Iheulriciil engagement
lifter which I'elliy will rnfiirn to Ui
rtiigeliu tn prciym for'h BuptemUcr
iiii'dina wllh (,'lmrllu ..Miller, '

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