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Lieutenant Governor Will
Possession Today, Insisting
That Impeachment by Assembly
Has Forced Out the
Present Incumbent Eackcd by
tho Secretary of State Who Has
Great Sea.
Declares Ho Will Resist to Utmost
All Efforts to Oust Him Even to
Defying Action of Court Loses
Point When New Jersey
Recognizes Glyn in Request
for Extradition.
ALBANY. Xow York, August 14.
(By Associated Press Cable)
Governor Ulyn will tomorrow eall
cm fluornor Snlzer ami demand
of the cxe?utivo ollice, on tho
ground tl'at Sulzcr, , huving been impeached
by the assembly, is no longer
governor of tho State. Jn this move,
the lieutenant gojemor, il 's
will have tho support of the
secrctnry of state, who has tho great
neal nnil is opposed to Sul.cr.
The governor today accepted servico
nf the impeachment papers, but holds
that the assembly lias no ngnt lo impeach
Mm mid reiterates his intention
of iiL'htinu to the end, even to the ox-
tent of resisting tho action of tho court
KlioiiIJ it MM linn guilty.
Mm. Sober, who made a heroic effort
to save her husband by declaring that
ttlie, and not the governor, li id used u
iart ot t)i i anipalgn Xund,s, and this
lor the puipoi'a of paying household ex
penses, isrejiortei to bo recovering
fiom 'an lit 'nervousness wh)ch
followed her action in delonre of her
Sulzer received a hard blovy today
when tho governor of New Jersey
Cmn as governor by address-lug
an application for extradition to
Ily mere accident,' one of two escaped
iuuiatea of (ho lions' Industrial School
at Wnialee;Oahu,vvus captured Wednesday
afternoon and returned to the in
Tim story of his capturo only serves
to relate what a hold the genial probation
otllccr, John O. Anderson, has on
tho youthful mind.
Anderson nml JUobort Parker, dr.,
wtro out Wednesday nlternoon enjoying
tlio seonory in tho immedlato vicinity
cj Pacific Heights, fmin the vantage
point gien thorn by stiaddling tho saddled
backs ot two real
.. ..
1 11 11.... 1.-.. l.n..
wool ,muwuiiuii jiuiuu?, niieu m'j tar"-'!
somen hat ahead ot them, a couplu of
and ill clad urchins. That
something was wrong with them was
appureut. i
As Anderson and Parker rodo past
them tho former beard tho Portuguese
lad remark iu nn audiblo
he hlmj dat Johnny Anderson."
The "flee, he him" referred to
looked back just iu tlmo to see the.
euuncintor dart into tho glue bushes
and vunlsh from sight. Piqued with
some warranted excitement, Anderson
wheeled his short mount right about
face and gave chase. The Portuguese
was too slippery and beyond pursuit,
but Anderson caught up with tho seen
ond half of the urchin party and
"nailed" him.
"What's the matter, boy I What yon
run ',wuy fo'f" asked Anderson, as
ho laid a ceutlo baud on the young
ster's, besoiled end ragged shoulder
"Oh, T been wash my panties, fo' 1
want to Five mo von int."
Then the cat leaped out of the bag
nnd the whole thing was made as dear
to Anderson as tlio lig Auuanu
wilder. Tho youngsters had deleted
themselves, witliont leac, 'from their
nappy dome on .Nortnern vjanu.
uot been so pleasant, after
all," io the twain and when Anderson's
well-known youthful features hoe in
Bight the two decided to give
up, if they fouud it
In escape.
The Portuguoe boy is still nt lirgo,
but his mate has 'been leturned to
WASHINGTON, August 14. (By Associated
Press Cable) miniature
Itcpublle nf I'anmnn has hailed the
pence Plan of Pocrctar.v.uf Slate llryan
Willi delight, orfeptiiig' It in. all it
details Panama It tho foiiriir'couiifry
to uccept tho plan.
Palmyra Proves
To Be Paradise
Luka Home from Expedition
"Scientists Say There Are Fifty-Two
Islojids in Group.
Pilled with enthusiasm over the
Hystericus I'.ilmyra Islands Judge
II. K. Coopvr and his party returned
bite last night lrom the magistrate's
little island kingdom on tho
schooner l.nku, which is unco more
moored salely to the foot of Fort
street wharf.
The little party, consisting of tho
owner of tho schooner, Judye
Cooper, Captain Oeorgo IJ. Pilt, ,
Joseph K ifoc1: tmi ht Montagrie
Co'oko cheered tho harbor -lights
busMPr last night as they camo
into View ,aml wore soon p.issed
into port -where the vessel was
made Ming-Jaud each member of
tho party,rt turned to his home.
Sixteen jJajM were hpent ,ou .the
islands altogether and they were
explored, as far as time allowed,
lrom end fo end. They proved to
lie extremely dlllercut Hum the
idea conceived ot them; instead of
barren littto spots of hand and
coral with a few eocouuut trees,
Mr. Hock, who as a "botanist reveled
in the island foliage, deicribes
tho moht luxuriant mid beautiful
vegetation. ; ,
Nino days were spent going down,
tho 'vessel getting caught iu doldrums.
The underbriish was so 'thick pays
Hock, that it was with duiculty that
it could bo penetrated. Trees were
found over a hundred feet hlh
with trunks seven to nine feet in
Itoth he and' Mr. Cooke, tho oth'
er scientist f tho party, collected
many notes and 'specimens on tho
islands which proved "to bo fifty-two
in numlier and situated in a
circle, sajs Jho party.
Judge trooper sajs ho is no less
pleaded with his possesions. The
agricultural possibilities aro great
and tho beauty of the Islands, their
balmy climato and every other circumstance
surrounding them, lie
sa.vit, would niako tlio promotion
ai'muiiltco turii green with envy.
TOKIO, August 14. (Special Cable
Jo tho Nlppu Jiji) Hitting an obstacle
on tho rails whilo running at full
speed, a Tokio-bound express train from
Aomori jumped tho trnck at two o'clock
this morning near tho Knroiso station
on tho On lino nnd was completely
wrecked. rive coaches wore turned
lijto matchwood and most of the passengers
aboard .were injured. One of
these may. die.
-HIROSHIMA, Japan, August 14.
(Spccjal Cable to tho Nippu Jiji)
Tho excursion party composed of
students from the
irougwanji Mission high ijchool at Honolulu,
nrrived hero this morning and
lecclvod a warm wcleomo from the
Later tho students went to
YONKKIIS, New York, Auguit 14.
(Ilv Associated l'ress Cable to
Janie Piifley, tho noted
strikebreaker, is dyinglicru, of lulMff
euiosis. , . . a..
Japanese May Protest
To Embassador Chinda
Intend To Press
Charges Against
fnrrjlng out their announced lnien
tion of bringing the matter of the dc
teiition nnd the threatened deportation
of five Japanese humanluas, members
bf a recently returned excursion party!
to Japan, to the attention yX their diplomatic
representatives, the editors of
the four local Japanoo dailies presented
their facts and their allegations before
Consul (icneral Kitaki yesterday
and received tho promise of tho consul
general to tnko up the matter. Mr.
Kitaki will seek an iuteriew with
nnd an explanation from Immigration
Inspector Halsoy today. Should ho not
bo able to obtain satisfaction locally,
the consul general will lay all the facts
in the case before Ambassador Chluda,
with tho request that ho tnko tho mat
tor up with the secretary of stntc.
When the matter is placed in def
inito shape for presentation, it will in
elude, it is reported, direct charges that
tho local iiumigratiou ollicers are discriminating
against Japanese subjects,
refusing tueni tlio same general treatment
that is accorded at this port tu
alien immigrants from Kuiupe, and Iliac
this is being dono under direct orders
lrom Washington. It is expected that
tho consul general wfil seek for information
us to why such discrimination
ns is charged is being practised and
will endeavor to find out from the head
of the immigration department if it
going to bo the pulley of the American
government to continue iu this discrimination.
Quote Halsoy ' Letter.
Thesooharges are to tho elTcct that
Washington, Sv specific given
lnspct6r'lialscy power to discriminate
against ithe Japanese iu (aor of
Ather ulieris who may bo brought into
the Territory under the auspices of tho
territorial board of immigration.
Under these exceptions,1'pcrmitted ill
favor'of aliens brought in by tho Territory,
those fonud to' be Biiflering from
trachoma or hook worm, are not
ed but aro ponuitte'd . to
pitul ireJtmCnt here, u it ho estimated
that n euro can be effected within, a
3 cur or lets.
Other aliens Buffering from tho same 1
ailments, who are nut brought in , oy
tho board of immigriiiiop,are depprted
with all possible battle, generally un f,hi
uexi unur iiiuib urrvui.
Jn Biippojt fifthis jchargo of
the luxuuese cite a paragraph
from a letter written by Inspector Hal
soy to the territorial board of iiumigra
tion and bearing dnto of June 1, lul'J,
iu which, referring to the exception
to bo inado in the case of territorial
immigrant, ho sajs: "1 have been given
general authority to permit liospitul
treatment in the enso Ot such diseased
aliens, provided it is estimated that
a euro can bo effected in a year or'
'Direct attention to this discrimination,
has been called, it is Btated, in
the case of a Korean, an educated man
of tho higher class who recently arrived
here with, jiiswife, the graduate of a
mission Hl'4l " Korea. The Kire.tn
had 'previously established himself iu
business hero as o icrchuut, but the
immigration ofliclals held that his witn
hhd ttachyma and ordered her deported.
The Korean, heartbroken at the
idea of being separated from his wife
landJ'uPttWc. to return w.itk her becaujo
pf hisJnvestmentg here, engaged Attorney
A., h. C AtkinsQii to eo if
could not be done.
The attorney took up the matter with
Halsey, who said that ho was only permitted
to liftko exceptions in cases of
inuuigrauts urriviug under the auspices
of tho board of immigration. Jle
saj'a Mr. Atkinson, that tlJero
1b nothing exceptional in the ce of
the Korean being separated from !iis
Ininlly, and retues to permit the Korean
to secure hospital treatment fox
his wife, although the husband offered
to bear ah expenses. Ho nltfo refused
to delay tho deportation pt tlio woman
until tho caso could no taKon up wiiu
Washington, and the woman was rent
away from her husband ou the last
As. the Korean, is o Japanese subject.
it is ,undcBtood that this case will
reicrrcd to tho Japanese consul general
as one instuneo whero
agaiust Jupaucfco subjects
is being sh'jwn," while ho will also point
out' Jhat .direct discrimination will bo
shown if ithe nve returning excursionists,
ail kamaainas, arc not allowed to
be at leaBt held here lor treatment.
Japanese Press Opinions,
nf tlm Jananeso paperB
day mado oxteuded reference to the
question. Tho constitutional right of
frco travel was raised by two of the
editors, whilo the Hawaii Hochi announces
that it will be necessary now
-to work for the dischargo of Inspector
Halsey from m position.
Trying to Disturb the Peace.
"We lieploro'tho steps taken by tho
immigration authorities with regard to
the fivp Japanese," says the Japanese
Phrnnlele. "We believe this simply
means that feeling is
growing nt t station, .Perhaps this
hn tieiMi nrcelnitated bv the fact that
out of the Jopaucso papers leceutly
made a strong uttack agaluit the in
Jnmn'n representiilivo at Washington,
who may bo to demand
nf charges of unfairness
ngainst immigraiiou .inspector Jiai
sey. ,
lilde working of tho immigration sta
tion. j
"As to tho Japanese now held, they
simply left Hawaii for a certain period
to visit Jiipnu, ii nd therefore thero can
lie no UOuljt that tliey hae domiciled
in Hawaii nnd hnvetho intention to
remain here. To question the facts is
quite nonsensical, und it is grnuted by
tho Constitution that any Jiersou who
has nn intention of staying is to be
treated ns nre irtlier domiciled people.
Notwithstanding these facts and
rights, tho imiuigrntioii
huvn relucd tlicso .Inpaneso their
lawful right to reenter Hawaii.
"This attitude of the immigration
nflucr.s tan be ns an nttempt to
inult Japanese intentionally and thereby
stir up a feeling
the two nations of Japan and
America, and as a result wnrm up the
America and Jnpan controversy toward
bringing ou warfare.
"Possibly wo buvo gone too far in
arrling at this Tho relation
between Americans nnd Japanese
1.. lfn.. nir ! . ..... 4..!.t.t.ll.' n...l ,1,1.
frroiidxliip li.'iH,h:ul"ri'iuehtcriJo tovardB
plomotlng lIuwaiiaii'industriiH, in the
pant ami up to tlio pieHCiit tlmo there
litis been no discussions
1ndulged iu. Hut the iinmigrntion
l"rs am showing n Inutility to tho
Japanese and by their unjust acU arc
stirring upnu unrnlletl for fTgitution.
"This is'tho reason that wi tall tlieiu
Jlipnnei exclusinnistH and destroyers
nf the pcaeoful relations now existing
between Japan mid America.
"This unjust discrimination against
these .Inpiinose brings us to n realization
that xtioug steps must bn taken
to attain our rights, else the .Japanese
cannot look for fair treatment In flic
future, nnd a Japanese, could not vibit
his uutho land with any ussuraneo Hint
he ould return to Hawaii or nify other
country iu the world.
"Ho our uiUice is that tho whole,
Japanese community help lu this common
(nue mid haa our consul and
embassador lit Washington take im the
matter and have tho question fully
Axles for Justice.
Tho Hawaii' hliinpo, whilo more moderate
iu its expressions than in
takeii trolig stand iu
of tho resldiyit Jnpnneso and
their guaranteed right of -free trael.
It (alls for a rigorous iinestlgatlou into
tho threnUned deportation of tlio lie
Japanese ami uu uppoul to Washington.
The Shiupo biivm:
"J'im members of the second ex
enrsioiiHts which left hero ou March
2S, nud returned July III, according to
tho prearranged schedule, having been
detained at tho immigration station, aro
now to be deported on account of tra
choma and hookworm, wliith decision
of the local immigration authorities
(iiiim to us like n thunderbolt. Our
hearty sympathy la with these men.
"Inspector Halsey contends that lie
is adiug according to tho law. There
Is no question but Hint he is better
poatcd iu regnnl to tho law than we
are, but wo doubt if tho immigration
law is not in this case applied to do
miciled Japan residents, who should bo
protected by the Constitution of the
united Istntcs in tneir freedom of
Hitherto, those who return to Hawaii
have been admitted, oven though
.they worn afflicted with thcRO diseases.
Tho decision in tho local United States
district (ourts were always favorable
to tho returning Japanese,
"At San l'rnnclsco and nlso nt Bent-
tie aro afforded treatment in tho hospital
run iu connection with tho
rgrntlon utation, oven thoso who Btajed
anroan n numiicr ot yenrs,
'llio present cases dillcr lrom those
coses in that the Ave men joined an
excursion with the full intention to re.
turn hero within ninety davs. They
have returned according to the
schedule. They mado known
these intentions to the local immigration
officers prior to their departure.
Thev buvo deflnlto professions In Ha-"all;
thnv wish tho continuation of
their renidence in Hawaii, thev havn n
desire to remain iu Hnwnil. Tn other
wordr. thev nre domiciled foreign residents
lu Hawaii who left f,r n trin tn
their native land nnd Hint for n very
short llm. Upon their return thev nro
treated the panio ns new comers and the
Minn ns IhrMtri who iiuv have staved
nwav ior many j'enrs ami nrn now to
lie- i1t,1"",ir', '
vvontlnued on I'ogo.'Two.)
One of Two Held for Murder
Acknowledges That His First
Tale Was Invented to Help
Out of Trouble Acknowledged
Now That There Was
Trouble With Hackman.
"You had better take care ot
llrst," sftid Chief McDufllo
day to tleorgo L. Lyons, private, 1'iiMrtli
Cavalry, when the latter suddenly reversed
his previous story to the police
concerning the murder of Klkurp lllrnl,
explaining that he had told the ilr.it
story because it might help his friend,
ltay 0. Smith, held tor the samn crime,
lint though the police say they arc
dally becoming more convinced tint in
Smith and l.jon they hold the pcrpc
trntors of the crime of Monday night,
the evidence brought oul tintore tho
cornncr'fi Jurj jcjdordny was not sut
flcleut to implicate tluuu beyond a gen
erous doubt and the jury refused to
iucludo their names lu the verdict,
which was ns follows:
"Kikuro Illral came tvi Ids death
from a wound severing the corotid artery
and vessels iu neck, leuinun ,by bo
ing cut with so nio siinrp instrument
herd in the hand of some person to
this jury unknown."
Aiiiviig the witnesses whu testified
were two Japaueso living in Iwilci,
and Henry Walker of tho frost saloon,
but iraiTiing that has not been
made public concerning the .case was
brought out.
Tno jiollce, whilo bcHoving that tho
testimony ot " lllack .Annie," tlio
of the Iwilel resort visited by
Smith und Jjyons by their own confes
sions, would bo importaut if honest,
uro not seeking it. She informod one
tif tlio detectives that slid wbuld not
testlfv for feur 'of ben L""l olio uu
by the'soidlers and Chief Uf Delectlvos
. ,..
ti...t., i I, it x
iuciiuiuo ttnys, Jin ii airam tunv uny
thing told by Hr1 would likely be far
from tlio' truth unit only help complfcnlu
mutters. , 4,,
Clutiffos Ills Story.
Tlio' oillv new ilevulopincnts mado
public, was tho keconilistor of Lyons
.which agulu Tiring the erux. of the ease
. .. .
i!..: P-' filial. 'fn
uiic.t to juucit viunin s ittvr
tint police had obtained n description Pf
a man who accosted her Monday night
three minutes before tho murder, iinA
nail inane sure- tnai it iittcii i.yous,
tho latter denlMl' that hi) had over Bono
to Iwilel with'Miiltli. Then Otllcer Katii
uf the Identified tjmlth ns
the man he had thrown out oMho ilacp
at the wvmaii's rv'ilest.1Vhile"lie po
llco were wavering betwocrrtho'twd nl
vernatives, Lyons suddenly enaii'rfod his
story jesterday and said that ho had
gona to Ivvllei with Hmith and had
gouo into lllack Annie's place.
Particular attention is being paid by
tho pollco to the incident lit this resort
us it is tho only definite outside
(Continued on Pago Two.)
SpreckeLi Paper to Be Absorbed
by Chronicle After Long
SAN I'ltAXClSCO, August II. (Uy
'Associated Press Cable) The Sun
cisco Call, owned by Clans Hpreckols
for many years und by John I).
els sluco the death of ids at her, has
been sold to M. II. Do Young, owner
Lof the Sau PraiicJsco Chronicle, nnd will
go out of existence September 1.
The Call for tho past six months has
been published Ijy W. W. Chopin of
Seattle, who, it was "understood nt tho
time he took charge, had ncnulred an
option from John 1). Spreckeis with a
view to purchasing thu property.
My the ntiforptiou ot tho uy tno
Chronicle, San IVanclseo loses a morning
paper find the Chronicle's circula
tion is largely increased.
A slight delay is reported to hava
been occasioned in tho work of the
special committeo appointed somo tlmo
ago to formulate a plan for rcorganlz
ing tho debilit ltcipihlican party in Honolulu.
Tho committee was scheduled
to submit its report to tho Itepubllcuu
Territorial Central Committeo lust
night. It is understood that It was decided
jeterd"y to hold another conference
go over tho plans thus far suggested
and prepare a report to be submitted
tn the territorial commlttoejit
u snMal meeting next Tuesday even.
OH jni iHHflHHHH
Prcsidont Wilson and AmbaEsador Wilson
whom ho has publicly reprimanded.
Will Remain in Session to Dispose
of Tariff and Currency
Wheat on Free List.
WASIIINdTON, August 14. (By
Associated PreBs Cablo) There will bo
no adjournment or reiess of the senate
liulll thu tariff und currency measures
have been disposed of by that;
The Democratic senators in caucus to
day decided to uccedo tn thu wishes of
President Wilson and, I lie senate will
remain iu cPiitluiiuns hcssiou until these
two'admiiiUtratiou measures hnvo bOeu
wiped oil' tlio calendar.
The senatu today placed wheat, on
tho irco list. There was little opposition.
Tho house bill Imposed u ten
per cent duty.
A child's savings bank containing
about ona dollar iu chnngo was tho polo
loot of u sneak thief iu the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. II. 0. Lowry, 1815 Kin
street, lust night. Mrs, Lowry was
not nt hviiuo at tho tlmo The burglar
was beard lit work by a servant girl,
who witli Mrs. liwry's daughter leap
ed through a window, run to a near by
.store and spread tho alarm, Iu tho
meauinue tlio nurgiur esenpeu. oiiiiut;
el'so lu tho houvo was dUturbcd.
Suvernl times within the past few
weeks prowlers have attempted to gain
an cutranco to tho Lowry home, but
each tlmo have been, friglitened away
uutil l.iht ulght. .
o ,!
Nation's Executive Instructs Min.
ister Page to Express Regrets of
American Government That
Diplomat Wilson Has Been Guilty
of "Such Impropriety."
Ho Denied in Effect tho Official
Statcnlent of Great Britain That
Its Government
Followed His Speech of
Wcleomo to Usurper.
WASHINOTON', August 14. (By
Press Cable) President Wilson
today publicly reprimanded Henry
Lnno Wilson, mubnssndor to Mexico, for
his criticism of tho -British foreign
. ,.y,
The President directed Ambassador
J'uge, reprcse'iting tho United States at
the Court of Saint James, to express tho
regret of tho American government
that Ambassador Wilson had been
guilty of "hucU impropriety,"
Ambassador Wilson had attacked a
statement of' the Hritlsb. foreign ofllco
to tho effect that Great Britain did not
extend recognition to tho Htiorta government
In Mexico uutil Ambassador
Wnlspu mado a speech congratulating
Huertu ou assuming tho government.
Wilson declared that tho British foreign
ollieo's statement was n contradiction
of two bundled years of British
diplomacy, and added that Jho speech
liu mndo for Huertu was prepared with
tho assislaucu of tho Itritish minister at
Mexico City nud that Orcot Britain did
lint rocoguiro tho Hucrta government
tuitll n month after the Bpeech was
tf. rt f
VICTORIA, British Columbio, August
1 (,- (By Associated Pres Cable)
t A regiment of militia is on gunrd
at tho coal enmp of J.adysmlth
where yesterday tho atrlklng eoal
were iu possession. Order has Ijcen
restored and nogotlntipns are now under
wny for 'lie settlement of a strike
which has been attended by rioting and
blood bhed.
CALUMET, Michigan, August 14.
(By AHsocinted Press Cable) Ono
striker was killed vyfille' resisting arrest
and two deputies werp woundod
today during tho fighting between feseo
ofllcers aniPtho striking copper miners.
had been uiadn for tho
wltl drawn! of thu Stale troops now in
the Held, but tho renewal iot disorders
will probably result lu their stoy being
prolonged until poaco . has been assured.
Advices recoived from Hilo yesterday
nnuouijced thu arrest of David Mattoou
on a charge of forgery. Mattoon is a
bookkeeper. Tho arrest followed the
discovery that ho had padded the pay
roll of tho Laupahoohoo Sugar Company,
it Is said. The amouut is given
as $100.
Mattoou figured ns a witness agafpst
Supervisor John Kealolia in 'tho graft
SAN DIKGO, August J4. (By Associated
Press Cablo) Seven counties In
Southern California have declared that
they will not participate in tho
Imposition at Hun
uujoss they nro giveu free floor1
spate for their exhibits.
NLW YORK, August 1L (By Associated
Press Cable to
Having lost his easd lu tho Supreme
Court of tho United States, wliK'n decided
that ho could liu extradited for
tho ullogcd murder, Porter Cburltun,
tho uuiig tnan who 'killed hlf
and throw her bodylntnLnhe (Jomu,
Italy, in 1910, lefufor Italy today to
face trial.
f .

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