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Vol. I , NO 1'0
CITY. OF MEXICO, August 19-;-(By Associated Cable)
President Wilson has until twelve o'clock tonight to recognize the
government of Mexico
the cojnqecjuences. Official announcement of this stand on the part of
Huerta was given out from the Palace late last night, following negotiations
which have been attempted by Special Envoy Lind for the past
week. The ultimatum is direct and unequivocal. There is little doubt
here but the announcement means the severing at once of all relations
between Mexico and the United States. Representatives of the American
government now here, in the event of the failure of the Dnited
States to accord recognition, will probably be asked to leave. It is admitted
that the situation has now reached a crisis that will be decis
ively determined within the next few hours.
Troops Are Ready Along the Border,
Battleships in Gulf of California
and Vera Cniz, Ready for
Any Emergency and Invasion
Could Begin at a Moment's
President Will Probably Submit
Message to Senate, Situation
Will Be Discussed and Decisive
Reply o Haughty Provisional
President of Latin Republic
Will Follow;
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph)
WASHINGTON, August 18.
(Special to The Advertiser) A
night session of the cabinet was
called. President Wilson, Secretary
of State Pryan and the members
assembled booh after receipt
of news from the City' of Mexico
that Huerta had hurled his warlike
deli at the United States.
Though no IntYu'atioti has been
Kiven out as t (lie action President
Wilhou will take, it is believed
that the administration now
realizes that hopes of liriii(;ii);
peace to Mexico art1 at nu end.
The result of the cabinet conference,
will probably not be kIvcii
out tonight It Is expected that
the Piesident will send a message
to the Senate tomorrow imuiiiiiK
mill beforii uluht a decisive reply
will bo made to the ultimatum of
tin Mexican iiiovIhIoiiiiI
Cavnliy iiIoiik the Texas bonier
am in i iiiliuess, trooiiK at Korl
ItnM'cniiiH. near Hun )ie(fo nie
Iiiiiiwii In liae been in )eniiuiiH
fw iluh for ihiyH, while United
ul piiivlsloneil.
plxil Willi men inn) mimjiiiIiIiiii
Iinvi lii'fii In llietlnlrol nillforiiln
iiihI nil' i'rni for iIiivh.
Tllii lniml' Cnllfllllllll Wil on
nRmHiK t 'ii
Special Envoy to Mexico, on wliose
ettuits liopcx for pvaco were based.
the drydock at Mare Island last
week, was lepoited as ready for
service today mid will probably
he ordered to steam south at once.
There are those here who still
maintain that Huerta. not being
i econi.ed as the President of
Mexico cannot be treated as
for an established government
by this country, his deli tonight
being simply that of an outlaw
driven to cover and attempting to
save himself from capture and annihilation,
'Contrary to repot ts il is not believed
the entire country will unite
ngHiiikt the United Stilton,
General Cnbrnl, with a force of
four thousand men has left
mid in now jiiuioliin:; mi the
City of Mexico, Huertit's latest
stauil is believed to have been
by the knowledge that Ca
liral ix miiirhiug toward the city
mill that the Huerta rrlau nt the
best Iiiih but ii short time to exist.
Unheal, It l li'iirneil, will be fob
Inwuil lip by the foiecM (if Deiieriil
Ohiugoii. These two rebel lenders
Being on Leave or Passing
Through on Transports Will
Make ho Difference,
Says Order. '
OIliceM panting tlirooj;li Honolulu on
lrnniorte will be required to wear tlieir
uniforms if ttifjr coino 011 shore,
to a notice which lias been
to till! varjouH transports mid
ordered ported in n roiifpiuioim jdnco.
It in anno'iiifed nt headquarter hero
that it Is the intention to rigidly enforce
the regulations prcdiibitin the
ncnriiig of rivilian ilrets by either
or rnen In Hawaii, and nhu that
oflirerft will he required to strictly
the rules which require that white
uniforms ahall be worn when Uniting
the ilty after sunset.
It is stated that the regulations as
to uniform apply to ollicers on leave as
well as thos in service, and that the
uniform cannot bo dispensed with,
when leaving Hawaii, until the ee of
Under the new order issued by
runjton. goeming thu ronjiict of
oulisted men while in the city, the
weariug of civilian clothes will result
in the offender being plated in Class (J,
and so debarred from leaving the post
where ho is stationed. ,
Unlisted men passing throuph on
transports ara also subject to the uui
form regulations, it is stated, ns well
as those governing thu conduct of sol
dlers while in the dtv.
it is undei stood are willing to cooperate
with the United States in
bringing pence to Mexico, with the
understanding that the United
States would withdraw when a
permanent government was established,
Confirmation of published re-ports
that the American embassay
at the City of Mexico hail submitted
President Wilson's peaeo suggestions
to President Huerta was
received early today. The general
feeling wiw, however, that the
suggestions will not meet with
'm appioval.
"U the negotiations fail," said
.Senator llncon after a visit to the
White House today, "llm govern,
ment atleiist will have shown that
It tried every penpyfiil menus to
icMuri! onliH' in the dlstiubed
IBk"? 'r nlftMPJBwtfii ?w ViMTnMlJiiiiiiiiiiM
iHillViillBlliHiillllVL 3;flBjlMHMMHL''tsiilHillllllllllllH
In control of Mexican government who hurls wailike defi at
United States.
Action' Means Severance of Relations j
War Now Seems Only Alternative -Between
the Two Nations i
under Provisional President Huerta or assume
Noted Murderer Sends Letter from
Hotel to Mother, then Continues
Plight Asylum Attendants
Charged With Aiding His Escape
Former Wifo Being
Guarded by Police.
(Ilv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
N1SW YQIilv, Auetist IS. (Special
to The Advertiser) Tlmw's mother to
ilny leieiu'd u letter from the escaped
uiuii which Mas pustinalu'd nt midnight
at a New York substation, showing that
either he or a represeulathe was in
the illy then. It re.nl:
"All well. 1 shull talto a rest bo
fore lomiii),' to Klmlairat (the Thaw
country pljco near (.'reason, I'enusl
unia), as I miht be ashed lor nn
intenlow and do not want to refuse.
1 do not care to make any statements
ns jet. Hope It. and (I. (Sirs. Carnegie,
his sister, and Utnrjje Carnegie,
his law) arrived safe, and
tint miu will go home together.
11. K. T."
.Mis. Thaw gave out the letter,
It was in her ton's handwriting.
.She said she would Ie.no for her
homo tomorrow morning.
i r
. (lly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
I'lTT.SFllIl.n, Massachusetts, August
IS. (Hpecinl to The Advertiser) liar
ry K. Thaw, who escaped early yesterday
from the Mattcuwan State llos
pita), eluded the police this morning,
nfter staying all night at the Lenox
Hotel here. He escaped in an auto at
daylight, tlw say, after lm had
'been positively identified. flho polko
nre in pursuit. ,
Br Federal Telegraph.)
gust IS. (peflal to The Advertiser)
Harold Iturjium (lute, at Mattenwau
insane nsyliim, was arrested this after
noon nnd clurged with bribery and
nrgllgeuin in connection with the es
cujio of Thaw. Vurranls were also Issued
for the arrest uf Thomas Flood,
Kugene Dully, llichnril O'Keefe, Itoger
Thouinninn ami llahnril Holler, who
lire alleged to Jitivo 'aided Thaw to
(lly 1'islerul Wireless Telegraph.)
IMN'ltl'IIY, ( inncelkutt, All(Ut IN
(Hj'Wliil to The Aihertler) ft i
bellnvisl here thut Harry Thaw, who
llftl from Mutlisiwnn, hus been in no
Nrry In twnpe iiiii he i fixed th
Htnto llnii. When Ids null) slopped
liwu yeilertlay for him to l.iiy u ffaur
lie sImiWihI Hi) niilullon. BoV'etiil lit
lliuw Mbo ww hlw roimrhrsl his r
iiiblHiis In Tluitv, but IHtlo utlen
- l'. I'M I Ml 1 I Kl
If War Game Is Played on Oahu
Guardsmen Will '
Part. T n
If general nuiuemeis urn held by (ho
troops on O.ihu this juti, the Antloii'il
(liiunl of will be ready to participate,
according to a high oOiier of
tlie organization. Tin) nn uibeis of tho
guard ilid not purtleipato last jear lor
several reiisoin, one ot which was thai
it was shy on tho necessarj funds.
This ear, it is stated, the guard will
have enjugli money, ami II nllovved thu
ledeial appropriation for the purpose,
mil bo in :i position to talui part.
While no aiiiioiimeuieut has been
made as yet nt Army heudiiilirters us to
whether or not there will bo uiuiiouvcih,
it is understood that tlrey will be belli.'
probably in October nod that problems.'
pnriiciiiariy adapted to llm ilelenso of
Osi lin will be presented,
It Is possible, tot), it is said, that
Iheio will be a hil.o around tho Inland
in which ever leglment nnd organization
on Oahu v.'ill talu part.
Under the regulations, hihes nre ta
ken each J ear, by companies, battailous
and reginieulr, and it is possible thai n
hike ol the brigade commanded b) (len
eral Maiornb will be oidcml, or that
the entire department will bo turned
II is intimated that if iiiii:ieuers an,
held this ear, modern methods of dealing
with "war" correspondents such
us proved sucitssful in the llnll.ans will
prevail, unci that if correspondents are
ierniittcd to observe the maneuvers at
all, they will he placed under strict ecu
Heirship such as would bo enforced dur
ing actual w art are.
It is said that on the mainland tho
maneuvers In several instances were
rendered practically valueless from a
military standpoint because of u vigl
lance of the correspondents who
"tipped" olT movements in ndvame,
causing deep laid plans to full through.
Hon was attracted because he Ind frequently
autoiiiobiled Into this viiinity
when aecoinpinied by nu asylum guard.
lly Federal Wlioless Tcli'griiph.)
FU.I, lllVIIl!, Massachusetts, Am
tust (Kpcciul to The Advertiser)
Attorney (leneral Swift of Mnwa
churetts U of the opinion that Harry
V nlirtu'rf Itftui im il I nun In Ttrlili Ii In,
can lie returned to New York by extra ,
"Wo can handle tlirf rase practically,
though." raid Hivf. "I'rohablv we
ran take him to the Ktate lino uud nil
nulclully hand him over to the N'ow
York authorities,"
(lly Federal Wlinloss Telcyrsiili.)
MIW YOltK, Au. list IS -(Hiral
to The Advertiser) New York
today uie iiiiiiulimiM' lu the
ilmrge thai n rli niiirderr ii uf
In this Btntn. Stywill of I hem itftV
who Thaw will kill immt. Ills urlty
Hvvkn Kiwlilt Thhw, Is under heavy
Kiianl uml uiliuiW her terror.
Upon whose action within next few hours probably depends thq
inininvvuLvn Annua
, ,
peace oi
Pacific Coast Company's Steamer,
Carrying Sightseers on Alaska
Ciuiso, Hits a Rock Ninety Miles
From Juneau and Goes to tho
Bottom Within a Few Minutes.
Wireless Call of Distress Brings
Aid, But Not Bcforo Half of
Passengers and Many of the
Crew Had Perished Vessel,
Onn of Oldest in Fleet, Valued
at $400,000.
RKATTM4, August 18.
to The Aiherliser) The
steamship .Slate of California,
Htti i y Caiiu, captain, was wrecked
Sunday in (lambicr Pay. TIiij
steamer tan agioiind wliilc; negotiating
Stevens Pass and sank in
a few minutes. Word of the
was received at Seattle at
noon today. .Mrs. K. 0. Waid and
Miss Lillian P. Ward, wife and
daughter of General Manager E.
(J. Ward of thu Paeille Coast
Steamship Company, lost their
lives hi the wreck. Besides its
erew the vessel carried
pnsseugeis, mostly tourists making
the round trip.
Tho hiss of life in connection
with the wiccked steamer turns
out to be much greater than first
icpoitcil. Twenty-Jive passengers
are known to have, perished and
seven membeis of the crew also
lost their lives. Ten others who
reached .Juneau tiro said lo be in
a dying condition.
The wreck occurred at
o'clock in the morning when
the steamer was going at full
fipoeil and ehished on a rock about
ninety miles south of Juneau.
Virleri inewages sent out by the
Stale of California hi ought the
s(mijiur,!t)fViirtin lu the muuiu mid
Hip survivors who hail lalieu to
the miiiiII bonis and nifls weie
two nations.
(Jly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, August 18. (HpJelal to
riio Advertiser) Five thousaud
sons were killed, iucliidlug. 3500
in tho recent rioting ut Uautou,
uetonllug Jo udvlces receie( herj to-
uuy. ii was niso nei tared .too. Canton
mini had been looted of ouo
. i
4C J)C 4( 3C
(lly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
to Tho Advertiser)
motion from tho state department
today ts that tho aduiiiilstrntiou
will not oppose tho reported plan
of Jap in to pass u law prohibiting
Americans owning laud lithat
Finpire. It is iindorstoml that the!
l'reaideut believcst it would be un-
fuir to protest against Japan's
law, it beiuj; nu Imitation
of the Webb Law of
(Ilv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
N'HW VOI5K, August
to The Advertiser) Mis. JIary Iiko
and her four children, Horace, ukc1 17,
Walter, need S, Stella, op.ed 08, ami
Dorothy, ngod IJ, all nude, A-o re found
deud in their Brooklyn home , today,
with their bodies horribly ..mauRlcd.
the father and husband, lfejiry l.ulte,
a rostuirant chef, was found ilyliic boo
side thu otliTH. Tho pollen .say .Lake
killed hu family nnd theu , futally
wounded himself. , '
picked up and taken to Juneau.
The vcnscI went ilowit a few minutes
after i.triUing. A greal hole
had been torn in the bottom.
Many of the passengers were in
their Matciooms at the time The
vessel. left hiirujast
for .Sltagway,' ' It was
valued at if 100,000.
.. f f r'
. t
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