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VOL VI., NO. 152
Frotest3 Filed Against Him From
Hawaii Handed to Wilson
Pinkham Will Be Given Opportunity
to Make a Reply Before
Further" Action IS Taken.
WASHINGTON', Aug. 23. (Special
Cablo to Tho Advertiser) It is now announced
that President Wilson is so
riously considering withdrawing his
nomination of L. B. l'inkkum as Governor
of llawaii because of tho strong
opposition that hns de eloped against
his nominee in tho senate committee on
Pacific Islands and Porto itico. llefore
tho matter is definitely settled,
Mr. PiuMlmn win hao tho opportunity
of replying to tho charges
which hao been made against him, to
tholtert that ho is'politically not entitled
tp consideration, and tho
filed with tho committee from Hawaii,
.baScd on the fact that ho U not
eligible for appointment under the residence
Clause in tho Organic Act.
Today, Senator Shafroth, chairman
of the committee, Called at tho Whites
House and icft with tho President
copies ot tho charges and protests
which had been filed with the committee.
Aprojiqs of the charge that I, i:,
I'inkhapi. lonjlnatcd as Governor of
Hawai, js not a resident of the Territory
and ief licio with tho very definite
Intention of not returning, as d
resident, it apicurs that Piulclram's
name no longer appears on tho roster of
tho Pacific Club. ,
During his residence here. I'inkham
was n cty active member of this clul). I
no in tact." tnafireTnSn,tb(T"mr.
taking the affairs of thd bulldinir com
ihitted, of which ho was a incmber, ,6n
his ovii shoulders and mndo a number
of repairs, surprising his fellow club
members with a bill a good deal larger
than thi amount thoy had expected to
expend, it is said.
According to' $. C. Potter, secretary
of tho Pacific ('lub, I'lnkhnm, when ho
left Hawaii.iu lyoS, had his nnmo transferred
from tho list of nctivo membors
to tho non-resident list, plainly showing
by this nctlon that ho no longer intended
to cpntinuo as a. resident of Honolulu.
He paid non-resident dues for
something liko two year, and then
nbout two j ears ago, socrcd nil connection
with tho club by sending in n to
letter1 of resignation, so indicating that
ho did not oipect at that time to over
again bo in n position as n -resident to
take ndvautago of a resident or nonresident
membership in the tlnb. No
During his residenco hero Pinkham
lhed n thfl Young Hotel for a year or
two prior Mpi(s departure. Ho owned
no homo here, or any other real property
according to tho tax lists, and
his name does not appear nmong thoso
who paid poll tax situo 100S. i
(By Federal Wireless Teh-graph.)
WASHINGTON, August 23. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Testifying
the houso "insidious lobby"
probers today, Martin II. Slulhull
that the editors of Heart's
Jlngaziinj refused o buy" his letters on
tho actiwlles of lobbyists on tho ground
that tho puhlicutipti of tho
would aid tlin candidacy of
Woodrow Wilson for President.
(Ily federal Wireless Telegraph.)
Kl.'MIKIM, August 25. (Special to
Tim Advertiser) All the German sovereigns,
including Hmpcror Wilhelm
nnu inn iicuus oi mo city rcpuimcs ot
Hilmburg, firemen ami I.ubock, Imvc
hero as th'e guests of tho l'riucn
ftegent of ljurlu to loinincuiorqtn in
tho great hall of JUicratiun, (ho defeat
of Napoleon In 1813. Ilosldcs the
this little town of -only four tbnu
sand 1 nfiii Uit.int x U I'litertaliilug nearly
70,001 win liurii traveled hero ner
the single rnllroml or in union fluni all
parts of (Icrmuny,
UiMlDN, August hous of
Cdiiiluniii it n inlu uf S0 n 134, In
iliiy i'iiri'i tltf uintrninrut ngrrsf
incut glMiiK t tli4 Msrronl ('oiup.iii
H rniilritl for t In rrmlinii of it n iin
pirul ilium ii f wlri'lm, tciorui'li u
ilvui uttliiiy Ha wvili,
h. w t
. . t:
k ; - i r
IN flfEW OA?
i -i
Whose nomination ns Governor of 'Hawaii
may be withdrawn fjonj Senate
by President Wilson.
1 l i w .1 (il i . . i.
Thedc Fagelund, Laden With Ex.
plosives', Strikes Steamer Okla-
homa in Harbor at Astoria.
(By federal Wireless Telegraph.)
August 25. (Spew
elal to Tho to-
cuiiiiiuimi it iciiiuriiiiuio mat mere
was no resultant explosion nnd attendant
loss uf llfo when the Norwegian
steamer Thcdo Fageliind, laden' with
dynamite, and the German ark
in tow of the steamer Oklahoma
came into collision In tho harbor here.
fToth vessels wero damaged to tho
oxtcnt of sov oral thousand dollars. No
ono was injured nllhough tliero were
many narrow1 escapes,
Tho Fagclitnd wni ct route to tho
mouth of tho Columbia nnd tho Oklahoma
with its tow was coming in from
tho upon wator. Tho vessels did not
sight each othcr until it was loo Into
avoid a collision and they came together
with a tremendous crnsh. Tho
Thieluck us so (Irmly embedded in
tho bow of tho Vngclund that an hour
ellipsi'd before they could be separated
water tight compartments wero
broken and tho vessels wero kept afloat
without difficulty.
CANTON, August 3. (Special to
tho Sim (Jhun Qnock Bo, via Ban l'ran
cisco) Tim rebels nro recruiting
troops and preparing for another uprising
against the government in the"
eastern part of Kwangtung province.
Their headquarters are at Shah Mien,
Hunan and Macao. It das been arranged
that tho rebels wear white caps
with red banils when tho signal is
given to reolt.
Governor Lung of Kwangtung province
hns been kept ii ignoramo of the
plartj for tho uprising by his attaches,
who are for tho most pirt rebel 1 sym
patbizers. President i nan bhi
however, learned of tho preparations
through a spocial conimissioncr whom
ho had sent there, and Is preparing to
str.ike quickly and hard.
(Ily lVdvnl Un'les
I.ON()O.V, Augurt to
Tho Advrrtisurl .lack Johnson's haliit
of talking too inurh hos ejist him money
again. Tho big Mnclt pugilist was to
hac, npiica'ell horn In vaudovlllo tonight
but he gno,out In nn IntcMfcw
to tho .iHect that niiyono whofl brain
wns properlv develnpei) should know
hit is nut tho man tho nowilpapurs reported
liliu to bo nild Xatiniror Torrr
of the vaiidovllla circuit, promptly can-.
ccicn mi enrtPgenieni.
(Ily IWerul Wlielrnn Trlegrapli.)
Klt'TIIAMITON, August .1.
(Hiuvlnl in Thi Ailrrrilsfr) Mflkinu n
seriind iitteliipt tu win a V,Vli!0 prim
fur u unruly iwn hour livdroplaui trip
uroiiud the roatt uf (liout llrltuln,
lleiir) llnrther srrlwd t(nla) nt llama
Uiitr lln madu lu Hut 111 mile in
loy uiiuutt'.
(nMrXUlD A, (ily Pcderul Wi(co-s Jclcraph.)
.lOIXY.iQF. MEXICO.August 25. (Special.toVrhc' Advertiser) It was reported that President
Wilson special icmitsary,i John Lind, has. .notified tho President that Provisional President
Huertafs'stubborness renders further friendly relaifcns between tho United States and Mexico
imposaiblc. t y. ,. (-, "
" tLInds. attitude waa .assumed, it is said; as. a rcsftU of the lulling -of Sorapio Rendon and
BcrrieatiMangel, Maderista congressmen, ur.d tin perfunctory investigation of tho affair made1 by
tho authorities, - Mnf ,i , '
The;diHing,i coming tat a time "when relationa jivoro already strained, throutQi refusal o tho
United States tA recognise Huerta, has complicate tho Eituation.
$0jW Message Will he Sent to
Congress by President Wilson Today
. .1
Mn i
1 hough Comtents Are
IVnown I hat a, tiourse or
ence VYill Up
reared at
W VI i M ( v.
"WASIIiNOTONr Atiirust 25.- (By
receipt' of h mes;Kc from hipeeiiil
tlio Qity of Jlexicii wi finite to Vera Ou. to board mi
Anierieiui and stsirt for lilinie, nil hope for briiiKiiiK end
to the trouble iii the Latin liepuhlic iiJoitj; the lintMT tvlticrlt
huVo bceh followed by thy tidmiui&t ration fs believed to hue
been abandoned. ,
The, action of Lind has sot at rest ;11 doubt as to" tho President's
intention of Htibiiiittiiifr a bpecinl lnetisnfre to eotigrc. It will be
Hent in tomorrow. Thniifrh its contents bavo not b'iiinatle public,
it 'is aiinoiinced that the President still reeominentls' a'cpursu of
on the part Of this jtoveriilneiit iii bo alfau's of Mexico.
It was reported today Unit delay in sending tho message bus been
occasioned pending a, replyfroni an liltimatuiu Huerta urging
the latter to accent mediation or Have tin- nipsxniw imhiI in iinmnwu
i g
i "
V .
Secretary of State Bryan has read nitdM is' believed
lip w,Ul,aayisoaiic suiiHtc foriMrnrCoir'iiittcc'rof'itriaulciitir'U'iforb
it' is read to tlC senate ioinorrow
This much is known, Unit the document h couched in the most
kind terms 'toward the people of Mexico, the President fcejing Hint
the world generAlly understands that the situation in Mexico is abnormal-
in that it is controlled by u small group of men. These
President Wilson believes, should not obscure tho real
feelings of the people of the United Stales toward Mexicand, which
is one of friendliness. It is the desire of the President to refrain
from the use of words of harshness or hostility, it'is said.
Every step iii the President's plans, it is said, hiw boon taken with
the utmost caution. The European Powers tlimmrM tl,,.;,. ,i;ni, .,
here. are neing acpi ill constant
Outbreak Feared in Lower
Border; Residents
Appeal for Troops.
(Hy Fedora Wireless Telegraph.)
CA1EXICO, California, August 25.
(Special to The Advcrtlsor) Mexican
rebels and tho Federal garrisou at
Lower Oallfornia, will be at each
other's'throa'ts within1 hours,
with tfts attendant danger that the
struggle will extend across tho Amer
ican line, according to popular belief
Fighting already Is progre'Bing near
snarp'a iieaotng, Lower California,
wfieref two small parties' are engaged.
Hundreds- of rebel urn renorted to b
In- the Mexlcalt TiaiSr country reaiy for
the attacfc Mexicill Merchants today
began moving their perlshaule goods
across tho international border into
Calcxlco. For two wooks unlcown
Mexicans havfl' been gftherlng Ifero.
Siturday 230 strangers were counted
situated on euros and In various spots
about tho town. Lata Saturday tho
mon mysteriously disappeared. It is
expected that tbey are mobilizing for
n attach on Mexlcall. Appeals wero
mode today for United States troops.
falfa. lllfi" Murray, Democrittlc mem
ber of the liouio from Oklahoma, today
received a letter from Bklbo Crow, nn
Indian, living in liU district, usking him
tq please1 tend at once 300 pounds of
jne -Tree nugar" pruviiloil in the
Titrirf mil,
HkIImi added that he also had written
to Iti'lTfn'iitHthe Clnirl( 1).
"Mr. Carter ray I not iiiideritnud,"
foulluufd tlm loiter. "I kmitv ou
honi'il mull. I send li'ltnr In lltipubliraii
iiH'iuiicr aii'i bo not nmwer una Ktvp
Not Given Out, It is
Urged: Uprising
AbNoeiatcd Press
Unvoy Liml that Ji6 would leave
immli jl. .It t
toucli with tlie silimtioii.
NE miE
Red Badge of Murder, Rapine and
Plunder Overhangs Desperate
' Stand of Chinese Rebels.
(llv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SIIAN01IAI, August 25. (Spoclal
to The slaughter,
with inhuman atrocities td prisoners,
including Women and"chlldron are reported
today from the Vicinity of
whero robtl forces arc violently
resisting tho attack by three govern,
niont armies. .
Chaotic conditions exist in tha Yang
Tee Valley, nnd over all hauira tho red
badgo of murder, rapine and plunder. '
xaKtng advantage or tile culatonncsS of
the government troops, the rebels aro
Facking "villages and farms throughout
tho valley. work of destruction
carries with it a vindictive, thoroughness.
Rising ina dozon differont placics
at once, the dcllcra of provisional authority
arc dcvAstattnsr crops, burning
buildings and destroying everything of
value which they canaot cairy away,
Cold-blooded murders of unarmed
men and defenseless women and children
run well into the thonsands.
At Nankin1? the fighting is desperate,
vith tho advantage on neither sido.
The robcls sewn in a better position
to prolong tho fighting, however, and
It is tho general belief thjt tho government
troors will be repulsed today
unless ouU'do help arrives.
choice in era
(II 1 1 ml Wirvlcts Tolrgraph )
M.W I'uirr, llhode Iilnnd, AuriisI S.'i.
(f'iM'clul ti) The Ailicnlmri
nic M !.oiijililin of Sail rtiunlMri lo
dn defjamd W. i". roliilloii in tif
tlllll fllllll IfllMln iAl. 6.0. 7 8, IM.
It. Nnrrl. WIIIIiiiiki nf l'lillrtdslihiri df.
fiMt.d .Sat Sib l llont.il), IM, ; ,1, .id, I
lmt H I M l.omililin will mi..t Wil
ihiih ioiuoih m me miui M. ,
l.uuijliliii thi tip unto hi b betting,
1015- SFMI WP.I'KLY.
o ' rm; u
Whuso mission of IVnco, to Mexico lias"
resulted in failure.
Ml T
Prominent Chincso Merchant Declares
His Wife Was Hold at
Station tfntil He Camo Thropgh
With $175 Paid to Outsider,
But Produced Results Does
Not Charge Halsey.
I'liargcs that tliero Is graft in connection
with the present administration
of the immigration stutlon; tbaf Chinese
ure foned (o pay mouoy in vari
ous sums tu secure what is rightfully
due them, uud that ho himself had to
pay fl'.'J to wlfo through, after
situ was threatened with deportation,
urn made by Turn Quay, owner of tho
New Oahu C'nrrlngo Munufaituring
Company, w'ho is nu American eltiren
and a limn of high standing in tho locnl
buslnciis world. Jlo oxprcsscs rcudincss
to furnisli tho federal grand jury with
some Interesting oviduncc.
Turn Quay elmrges nicclficnlly that
wliijn he brought his wlfo from China
some tno months ago, she bad been
passed by tho government physician nt
Hongkong nnd by tho surgeon of tho
I'neilie .Mull steamer blberiii as being
absolutely frto from triielioinn or any
other disease; that on arriving here,
tho assertion was made that she had a
deportable disease, und Unit silo was
kept (.onflned at tho iulmigr.ition station
for week until Turn Quay wits
approached" by H Chincso who said ho
could secure her rcloaso for 175. Tnm
Qua) says the money was paid over at
half-past eight) o'clock in tho morning
nu that beforo noon his wife was
somcono having nppnrcntly
suddenly that there had been
ii mistake
"I miil.o no charges ngnlnst any person
or persons nt tho Immigration sta
tion " snld Tnm Quuy. "I am naming
no muni's now, luit 1 can namo tliem
uud It is u nmt (it for tho fcdcrnl grand
jury to invrstfgnte.
"I do know mid will say at this
tlnii', thiit snuin two months ngn, I went
to I mini ami married my wile, wlmu
we left Hongkong Sim was given n
uf gund health by tlm government
surgeon there, und the surgeon on
the Mlbcrin pronounced her in perfoct
health. -
""NVlieii wo iirrlvml linrn. to my
It wns i'IrIiiiim Hint she hud
.1 iIIm'iixu wliii'h might riuire her to
lie iltu)rli"l. nhn whs held lit the Im
i1 out naid (in I'agu Tluvvj
cite fwynlfhT
LiL j..4
Pill 7r
vM2s?it&f isss; 'Jut,. H
. i"J ?RBtBBKflrPililiiiM
JilHHilllllSSBllH&V ' Zt TAW.' M'iBIIIH
Governor of New i'ork whoso downfall
lajiiiiinny lcaderi aro charged with
Friends of Fugitive Would Pay
$50,000 to Oct Him Into
Virginia, Is Report.
(Ily IVdcral Wiicless Telegraph.)
HllIIItlHlOOKi:. (Juebec, August 23
(Hperinl tu Tlm Advertiser) luuijl.jrrf
Hon olllrers, Thuw bellmes, will iifrest
him immediately after bis hearing tomorrow
and lie" will bo tuken to Conti
cooko to appear beforo the immigra
Hon court which will iissemblo thern
Thursdiiy, If tho govcriinient mnkei
a sntisfiirtnry showing regrlrdlng his
undesirnbility, Thaw will not resist
deportation to tho nearest point. If
tlio government's caso Is weak, however,
Thaw will nppenl to tho minister
uf tlm interior, nnd In the nvent nf
fresh defeat wiU. continue to appeal,
iinniiy carrying mo caso iicioro i-'M
laiid's jirivy council.
ltuuior of bribery nnd attempted
bribery wero frcoly circuliited hero today
and as often denied. It was do-
clurod that money lind been otTerod to
both Amerlenu und Canadian olllclals
tu fin or Thaw. It was asserted thnt
a Inember of the ThnV party intimated
tliut f'0,000 was available If a method
whh1 found tu get Thaw Into Virginia.
An invcstlgxtion is tu follow.
(Hy Vilerril Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, August 25. (rpc.
cul to Tho AiHurtisnr) Slawry in tho
full meaning of the exists
throughout the I'hilippinc ami cmmi m
tho eity of .Miiniht, und peo,iage is geu
oral In tho Islulnls ucdirdiug to a spo
clal report of Commissioner
Worcester, made to the insular go
criimunt It has not been re
eeived by tho war department, but
copies ii ro In the hands nf nthci olll
caN. J'llipinns in jmrtH of tlin Islaif.W
cupturo (liililreii ami sell them into
slavery for profit, says the report.
Soinu nro sent to China whero they
aro dressed in tho native fashion. Poinn
childien have been enticed from their
by sluo ligonts on iiromisci of
scnourships n schools, sonio nf
these, In nu jnstaiK'u which AVnrcestcr
reports in detail, wero sold and others
loaned out for uidm'.v.
Marine Tidings
By Kahuku Wireless.
NOMI.. AUskB, August 21 -(Hy
I'reis Cuble) Vllhjiiliniir
who Is leading u Cinndiaii expedition
on mi exploration nf the Arc
tie it In trouble in tlio ice olf Point
Harrow, iiri'iirdlug to mhicen brought
liere, It Is reported tliut tlm iviirluk,
elaborately lilted for the expedition and
bellcwd tu be staunch enough in re
sin the lee llims iif tlio north, hiu been
ivrluusly duiuugcd,
Declares Boss Murphy, State Sen
ator Frawley and Assemblyman
Levy Entered Info Coflspiracy
Bribery and Coercion Charged
by New Yorkers.
(Uy'Vederal Wireless Telegraph.)
NWV YOnif, Angitst' 23. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) When tho judiciary
committee of tho State assembly
met hero lodnyj Lynn J, Arnold declared
that ten prominent New York-men
had furnisher him with evidence
Satuulay night which thoy thought sufficient
to coinlct Charles IV Slurph
of T.unui.tny Hull, State Senator Frawley
and Assmnblymnn Isvy of
nnd bribery and J'ft fiendish frarriej
tin' In 4tin Imtiiinnlimnnt nfViiiAJiitni
- II IIIV IM'VII(.lllll1.lll JA l UltlttA
ngnlnst Cocrnor Sulzer of New York.
He demnnded that tho committee
summon Murphy, X'rawlcy. Levy and
others to testify.
J lie committee rcluscd to hear Ar-
fllllll lnvltft' Itillf .lll.linu r Clnmtii
n wealthy ifow Yorker, had told him,
that (loicrunr linnenchment
wiw duo to bribery nnd coorcion,
(inrrison wns not nblo to givo
tostimonj beforo tho l'rawlev
gators und nscinbly.
Uhf'ii (ommittecmen Bibbs arid
Rihmipp protested against the bottling
up of Arnold, tlio gallery applauded.
J'or Severn I necks chawe have been
mndo invoking tho Integrity andkaiM
iiilAillims nf Jturpliy und his MliiwCj?i
I., ii... c,i,. ':....' .......:.... i.:iif
.ii .jmi 17111ui jiivvouKUbiiii
urged iho committee to4iintn)oaMnf)
J.. P.1.....1 Rr'n e-i.
l"Y , iiii,...ii .1., viiii, ...uuiinii jaihck,
William I'ltzpatrick Lierttcnaut Jov
'nior (llynii, 1'ntrick JlcCabe,
Corey, Victor Howling, Ilobort Wagnir,
Senator Vrnwlfiy, .Inmesl'oiey, Alfred
I., tr'mith, Lory, Thomas
Ciirwody und others. , ,
TlwMf mi.'ATnnni lo lell"
the lommlttw. would bo ablo to throw
light on tho situation.
WASHINGTON, August 25. (ily
Awicintvil Fresi Cabin to tho
The senate today agreed to
tlm entlro fteo list of tho Wilson-Underwood
Tariff Hill without debate.
(Tin Oimii, president of tho
.Mercliaiits' Association, yesterday
morning received a cablegram from
(Tiin.t, stating that tho Western river
is in flood mid has devastated a large)
ire i of farming country in tho Quong
hu district df Kwnngso province, and
Hint oier 100,000 persons" are Ii6mcles
liml starring. Chincso of Ilnwati am
uikcd, through tho -Merchants ' Associa
tion, to extend financial alii for the;
relief work, which In In charge of the
ICwong T.il Hospital und other benevolent
Tho flooded area! was previously tho
iceno or battles between tho revolutionists
and the federals and Buffered greatly
nt that time,
l tu tho closing hour of the banana.'
court session nn Saturday a total of
3r7 claims hml been heard beforo the
commission, of which number three
claims had benn peremptorily thrown
out. Yesterday, during Hi two sessions,
about twenty moro claims wero
heard, nnd still tho eonrtx hai not
reached the halfway station.' There
is a total of 701 claims to bo considered,
-It is expected tho Chinese tlnimi
nill take the balance of the week,
nfter which -will be.hfard iu tho neighborhood
of eighty J'ortuguese. wh,o bava
lllo'l (heir chums. These are tlieuixt
highest In number. Tho Japanese will
hiip following the
liml then will coma a dozen or
so other nationalities, including Amtri
There will be only ono session of lb
liHiinim court today, beginning ul two
uVlockfjIio inonlpg session bolilg
with a Clnlnnau llawllns will
be nimble tu iittend. During the
of tho week two dtily sessions
will be the rule, except on Saturday,
when oiilv Mich cases ns liavo btjrn past
noned will bo hnard duriiiL' tho mornlnir
t 2
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