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lavdlry and Artillery Hurry Out at
Midnight It Is On$m Stop
Smuggling Though. '
(By JVilcrnl Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON August 28. (Special to The Advertiser) Cable
uhiccs received at the state department today from John Litid do-
lured that Provisional President Utiorta had made many
,ioiiK in a new note, virtually nskimr only that this uoveriniH'iit If
natters stand as they are until after the Mexican general election
in October.
Troops for Border.
Annv officers todav said that one soldier to every three miles of
Mexican border, would lie sent to Texas, iiltlioiisdi one soldier pe
hiile iii needed, it wn.s said, to successfully prevent lilibiistorin;.'.
'L'he soldiers comprising Uijj at Uiownsvillo, Foit
oii, tort ijcaveuworui, l'ori uook, ron iiussuu aim muse ol cue
jlieat Lakes division are expected to start for the horder first.
The President does not intend to issue any neutrality
ilion, merely relusnif; turtlu'i; luture ol the two Mexican
tactions for poriui&Mou to transmit arms across the holder.
Transports for Refugees.
Transports will probably he sunt to Vera Cruz and Tampico to
.Americans home. About eijrht thousand Ainericans, it is said,
I.re still left in Mexico. Many of these are expected to risk the
lani'cr of remainiiiL' there until pence in restoied.
Cavalry and Artillery.
Acting on orders from the state department, one troop of the
IThird Cavalry and a company of the Thud Field Artillery were
Jroin fori sum Houston, jexas, at miunigni 10 me iwcxicaii
More than one thousand other soldiers at Fort Sum Houston are
Liwuiting orders.
lesents Idea That Loan
Idp.i of tho extent of tho damage Uono
is civeii when It Is ltjioiu that in
Tokjo nloiio thero aro 15,000 houses in
Tim cut eminent U taldinr mensures
to telievo ns far as pobI1i1b the distress
faiiM'd by tl.o Hoods and wiiius,
HWTV liVIIIIAItA. Aucust IS. Ill
the oil Hold ut Hiiiumnrlaud, lh
I)ii iui'"iie Oil Cflinpnny has u well,
winch, in the patt has produced eon-n
lorni le oil 1'er vuinn tlmo, Iiohcvit.
the ol' cuised tn llnw, nml thu well
(iinuiii'iiri'l tnlt'ld ( Irri'diiUrly (it
that 1'ulknuii; uu curtliqiuiku ulaink
u fiw wi'fHs ugo. tint welliMlddeiily
tin i Ion i mid lu(i then bus bren u
Ht'lur m yiKlmr, Tim linlu Is iibuut
ilou fi'i't iflli
WouldHrelp Restore Peace
(Hy IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
CITY OF MEXICO, August '28. (Special to The Advertiser)
Tin llnal text of the answer of Fredcrico Uamboa, Muxiean
of state for foreign affairs to the second note sent him by John
lljind, President "Wilson Vs confidential agent in Mexico, under date
Jul' August 25. was made public here today.
It contains several interesting clauses. In one paragraph the
JMexioan diplomat quotes Mr. hind's statement Hint President
G()n, it .Mexico acts immediately and lavorubly on tho.lorcgomg
igesuon, wouiii express to .American un inters assurance iniif. xne gov
rnment ol the United Stales would look with lavor on an mime
li'iale loan to Mexico.
AnswerinL' this, Sennr Oamboa begs to bo excused from a direct
leply for the lime being, other thnn to suy that this suggestion ap
I'ears to be all attractive antecedent proposal to the end that, lunvcd
by petty interests, Mexico should renounce a right which
upholds the country at a time when the dignity of the
nation is at stake.
'l believe," he-adds, " that there are not loans enough to induce
Ithose charged by the law to maintain that dignity to permit it to
I bo lessened!"
Huerta Disqualified.
In another part of his long note, referring to the insistence of
President Wilson that lluerta bind himself not to be a candidate
for election to the presidency at the October election, Gninboa quotes
from the constitutional articles ol the Mexican luipnlilic to prove
that under those regulation., "the secretary' of state in charge of
tin executive power shall not be eligible to the of)ico of oitlipr president
or vice president wheiitlie elections shall take place."
This provision, Simor Guuiboa intimates, prevents lluerta from
Doing a candidate.
TOKIO. AiiKiist SS. (Ily Associated
Press C.iblu) Ktunsho loss of life
nml property has been caucd through
out tuu Jiiuplio ny mo lypnoon wiiun
lias I een utfirte; for several days. Somo
(By IVderal Wireless Tclcgrnpli.)
ST. LOUIS, August 2S. (Special to
Tho AiHertiser) Bloting in the gar
ment workers strik'e was resumed hero
last night. When tho crowd had Jieen
iljaporsod by tho police, .lohn fatter, ft
nrKato dutertlo. was found with a
stnb wound in tl0 shoulder. It Is believed
to Imvo been inllictod by a.
About oue thousand men and women
.'liirt and shirt makers aro out on tho
strike, demanding higher wngiw, better
working condition und roio;ultloii of
their unlnu,
(JIILAT I'ALLH, Mnntiina, Augiut
15. CitUens of llrudv, a town north of
hero, lingered lit tlio pcruMfnt icfliful
ot trumps tu work desplto tlm urgent
need of linm'fct Immls, nru selling tin)
numlult rants nml iliieMup tlifiii In hnrsu
wiitorlng troughs until tlmy .ngreivd to
uteept cinpli,viuiiil, 1'very nigh) this
Mesk ii vlgllnuli' I'Miiimllleu lia.s oieiily
tint kftl iiiliiint dlr(
3'r.T . '..
(Hy federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, August 84- (Ueelal
to The- Advertiser) Hear Admiral
I'lctchcr, commanding the United
States fleet in Mexican waters cabled
the navy department today that the
bjittleablji .Louisiana in aground ut
A'eru CuzK!lM5''i''t V Ijoiilaiaiia is
the flagship of Adlniral i'lctchcr and
it was 6'rl tiili vessel that Jinvoy Lind
had planned to leuvd Mexico, but was
roquested by l'resulent Wilson to return
to Mexico City.
Big Gayifring afiHague for Cere-monies
Theosophists Sing
Ode Written for Occasion.
(Mall Special to Tho Advertiser)
TIIE irAQUE, August 28. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Queen WUlielmlna
today dedicated the, Palaco of Peace
here in tlio presence of two thousand
olllclals and delegates to the recent
poace conference. President Van
of the Carnegie Foundation
and Foreign Minister Van Swinderdcn
dqlivereil addresses nnu a peace, oue
was sung by Katlierine Tingley and
twenty-four students of her
H '
(By redernl AVlreless Telegraph.)
IbTIIUBnNVjLLj;, Ohio, A"-
gust 28. (Special to Tho Adver-
titer) Six men were shot and
two probably fatally wounded in
a riot nt tho Pope till mill last
night when guards fired into t..n
thousand strikers who threatened
to nuh the mill. The most, eru
ously hurt wero Joseph Jiiller nml
H .lohn Doran, strikers. Chief of
Police, Train; llauspr was. hit in
the head with buckshot.
WASHINGTON, August 17. Oflklals
of tho department of qgrlculturo baQ
been viewing with nlitrii) the possibility
Ol IV Inrgp lliciu.isq la mu ptiru t'l met.
duriin; the coming full and winter, duo
largely to the drought in the com bell,
wlich will make feed fr beof cuttlu
scarce nud ligh. They regard as ridiculous,
stories front t'hicugo uml
that slrpii steak will sell for
fifty cents u pouud. A muterlal riso
in tlm prh'i) Is exiocted, but not to
that extent,
Unfortniitoly tho department experts
nru olijlgo'l in confirm tho (Iguris which
slum n diminishing supply of beef cut.
tie. Huvcrnl fnrmnj ntutejnunts luno
beou issqed r'iitly 1 whlcli the
showed n fulling off i tlilrty wj
cent slura 1W0.1, The fulling off lias
rnutliiiu'd gradually. This, combined
with tlm corn bell drought, will Imui n
Iwiiiliiiey tu luot frlevs cuiinlderubly,
Steel Trust Companies All Ask,
Same Price and Secretary Daniels
Holds Up Their Offers, and
Will Try and Forco Compcti
tion Has Suggested Govern
ment PJant.
(By tVdcral Wireless Telegraph)
clal to Tlio Advertiser) When bids on
a largcj quantity of armor for the Amer
ican battleship defiKuateu number Jl
were opened at navy department
ycRterdn., It "Win fouinlth.it the bidl
of the Steel Company, Mill-
ale Steel Company and Curnoio Steel
Company wqrc idtntleal on. all classes,
r.nd al'o Identical with the lijnS
pri6uly by tlio same coiir
panlM for nrmor for thq ,1'euunjhanla,
now bmldlne;.
.Secretary Daniels held uji'nll the bidi
ami iloei not propose lettlliu contracts
until another cllort haH b.evn m.idn to
secure (ompetltion. With tliis end in
he has asked tliu olhcinls of tlio
Midvale, ltethlehem and .'atiiejjio Companies
to confer with him.
Jt tl.o similarity o the bids for
the Pennsylvania's arinfs that c.ulmvI
Secretary Uaniels to suggest to con-
l,riu;s Inn construct ion. ot a, eoM'rninont
plant as till,' only means olVjorciiie; real
competition noioiifr tlio tlireo conipauies
wldch uioJLho ouly ones in the country
njiiijijicil to lu.inufaetviro all the an
ous types of armor used.
Jt js beliovod, however, that a Knv
oriiiuenl armor plant, if authorized ly
longros, would ruquliu ten je.ns in
building, Aiiniir for battleship nun bur
!i! must bo niillable in u year.
(By IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
SltEJtBIiOOKK, Qlieb, Au-
tlser) Many K. Thaw'aMawyersi
today are giiRnliuj; tlio fugitle
ulturnately, fearine; nu iitU'ini
will be mado to kidnap 'fhaw and
tnho him to New York, J'oriner
District Attorney .leroino of Iew
York Ins roiio to Quebec to toll
$ Premier floullu (hat jesterday's
proceedings in tho Tliaw caso
hero wero farcical.
Hcalani Amateurs Put on Amuse
hiont Fealuro Which Scores
. Hit With Public.
Ilonolulii peojde, niniisemeiit Iiungry
for mouths heuiuso of thu a)scoco of
any theatrkal attractions worthy of
the name, turned out in full forco Inst
night for the "Somo Big Show" given
by tho iiealnni Yacht and Bout Club
under tho direction of "Sonny"
It wns "somo big show," too, speaking,
lroin the heart and with no intention
of tossing bouipiots, which is considered
tho prober thing when
appear, whether they ure good or
About tho strongest compliment that
can bo paid tho aggregation is that it
would havo scored tlm .same hit if every
porsou in tho audience had been a
Tho music was good, tho gentlemanly
cliorus well drilled and tuneful and
tho tango dancn which closed, thu show
was most grucotully u.wuted, tho
ypung men wearing skirts as to tlm
manner born, nlthough ouo or two
n lacn of knowledge of
secrets by failing to pin their hair
on properly.
Teddy Vaughan as "Oeu. Hank
O'Flyn," and W. II. Button
Hank," wero particularly good in
their respeethn parts iiud Mutton's
filio tenor was heard to ndyautngu In
"Let M Like n Hnldlur Die."
Thu skit was full of local lilts which
camo fii the form of imbles from Washington
addressed to (loncral O'l'lyn,
I'inkhnm and his (J. t). 1 record worn
touched upon in n cloer topical song,
" ow. How. How." remlered by WII
1 f n in Warren, and f. (lllliert brought
down the Iioiisii with "When I Wbkf
Up This Jloriilng."
Other songs wlilih scored through
their rendering worn "(loodbyo Hose,"
sung by Nell Hlnttery, with n double
ipiurtet, uml "lu tl Triidc lljes,"
snug by B. Allen.
IMith Klblluu won the uiiilioiirq with
Lher Imolt nml wing iluuwi nml l(if'
sor (1, Diimliigo drow sunn bttautirm
Uklim. Udlr . 1"13 - si Ml WI.IKI.V.
Presidents Daughter Hurt;
A jt K Jt jt jt
Horse Throws Jessie Wilson
(By FederflJ Wireless Telegraph.)
C'OHNISIl, Now ltimpsliivii,1 August US. (Special to The
-it was iiiiiiouiiin'd at Hie Wilson Kiuiinicr home today Hint
Miss Jessie WiIhou, diuiirlitcr of President and Mrs. Wilson, was
lliiown from lior while ridintj with her llanee, lruncis 1J.
Pnyre, late yesterday and was today -hut .that lifer
injuries are confined to liruises and are not dangerous.
MiNi WihswArullrilmtcil tlio looHO'girt.
Sayio had been riding ahead and knew nothing of the accident
until tho riderless horse dnwhed past hint.
Dr. ahii,H. V. Woitlien found Miss Wilson lyinj,' unconscious in
the load. She regained her fcenses about hull' an hour later.
Giant Liner Imperator On Fire
v. , i''L't jt
Steerage Passengers In Panic
(By l'edoral Wireless Telegraph.)
IIOIIOKHN, Now .lersey, August 23.
fSpeci.il to The
at four o'clock this morning ami racing
for five fire stnrtiMt' in
tho proiisiou loom duiunged tlio liner
Impomtor, tlm lJrgej( btiauiship alloat(
to tho extent of .IBO,000. Becon.l
(lobruoht was sulTocited whllo trying
to extinguish thu (lames.
Supervisors Aid in Campaign of
Extermination of Disease
Carrying Posts.
"Swat the l''ly" is now tlio slogan
of tho board of supervisors, that body
having; last night passed at first reading
n now ordinance, prepared 1y Deputy
City Attorney Weaver, designed to
eliminate files on Qallll. Both tlio dep
uty city utturuoy nud. thu health com
mittee declared tho 'lly to bo ono or
tho most dangerous menates to health.
Tho ordinance is ono of tho most
drjidic ever promulgated here, and will
probably bo tlio target f touslilorublo
ciltlcism by property- owners, agents
for properties and lessors, Inasmuch lis
tho health (ifflcer is given almost unlimited
powers to bring nction against
l,property owners or residents who main
tain fly breeding conditions, uml Is authorized
to iniiko thu, ,osts of action
a lien nu the property.
Tin) properly, nftor bnlng attached
may bo sold after sin cesjdvn
weeks of publication in u newspaper of
intent to so dlspnui of the property.
The property may liu bought buck by
tho original onuer, but thu ruto of
mil rent skull run miMilnhllo at ten por
emit per hiiiiiiui.
Tho hoard1 uKHiibiMs, In passing t'i
pro'iMxl niiUuiiH'ti at first rwiilliig, ih
cldixl not tu publlik It, us there may bu
Tho. fire muscil a piinlc among tho
11 13 passengers in tho steiirugo, but
they wero landed without Injury. The
ImpcMtor listeil ten degrees to starboard,
owing to tho awiUt pumjied
Tlio big liner duelled yesterday with
.'I1O0 pusH'iigi'rt abonnl, of whom the
first and second elapses had been
boforo ,tui tiro began. Tho
(itccrugo jiiissi'iigers' were sllll aboard,
awaiting tho ciintonis examination.
Supervisors Decide to Investigate
Before Mooting Demands of
Public Works Department.
A sheaf of bills for water, preferrol
against tlio city government by tho
Territory's department of public works,
was heaped upon tlio desk of City
Clerk Kulanokalanl lust night, and
mado such an impression upon tho members
and tho mayor that tho former au
thorised Hid latter to iipxlut n committee
of three supervisors to
the watery situation, Tlio bills
npproxlinulo about ipl2,000.
Tho .mayor appointed Messrs. l'etrio,
I'lichcco and t'ox a special committee
of Investigation,
Borne of tho members wero pointed
in their remarks that the rates charged
against tho city for wutgr aro high,
nml many unreasonably so. The ruto
for water supplied tho firo hydrants
taused I'm lu to to declaim ugalnat tlio
pulllle works department. Tho
also, "include water supplied tho
out teliool houses Uml grounds.
niiiPlidmeuts or' eliminations, fu which
citso.it would liavo to bu republished,
.thereby untullliig heavy expense. Tho
members will bo furnished with typo'
'written iiiples, tun! uu Tuesday uiuy
nslf that a piilillc meeting bu held, as
tho. nidiiiaiicu uiriicts Property rights
JlfSr inilrii than any other order
UOtql by the city gorenuueiit, u is
Recognition Comes in Form of
Accepting Messago as Sent by
Acting Governor EpitheU
Freely Bounded About Between
Friends and Opponents
Bitter Dobato Precedes
Accepts Communication With. Understanding
That Objection
Can Bo Mado Later to Then;
Official Rccoption - Majority
Leader Levy Declares Criminal
Indictments Cannot Swervo
Him from His Duty.
(By Federal Wireless Tolegrnph.)
ALBANY, New York-, August -28.
(8peei.il to The Advert leer) Lieut.
CIov. Martin II. Olywi was formally
recognized as acting gowirnor by tlio
assembly early this morning after a
bitter debate. Tho oto In faor of
such lecoguitlon stood 48 for, -8
ngniiist. Tlio recognition c'amo In thu
form of tho oilkial uecuptanca of mC9
Miges sent by (Uynii iih actliig goreruer
to tho legislature.
'I ho messages also wero recehed by
tliuHi!iato, but with tho express
that objections ..could bo made
later to their ollicini reception us
though they had not been reconep.
The senate session was brief 'ii'nJ
but tho assembly rciuninedju ts
iou' long after imdulght. j!laiin
'I'roceeillngs wero enaracierizwa oy
sharp criticism and.' tlin, bjaiidyiiig of
C)ilt!iot between tho friends and opponents
of Sulzer.
Itcierring to tlio ulli'ged attempts to
punish him through the inodtum of
iuu inuicimeiiis lor tuo part uo nan
taken in tho Impeachment proceedings,
Majority Leader Levy bitterly
Lynn B. Arnold, aim or Gov-
ornor Saber's trusted lieutenants, who
has been aitlvo in this matter. "Let
indklinents eomo if they will,", Levy
nddid. "They tannot swervo mu from
iiiv dutv."
If Convicted Will Get Seven Years
Solitary Confinement Which
Is Usually Fatal.
(By IVderal Wireless Telegraph,)
(JtJNOA. Italy. August 28. (Special
to Tho Advertiser)- Accompanied by
tho two carabineers whp havoMiot left,
his side since ho was taken from the
lorsny prison on August 11, ,1'orter
Churlton arrived today on buard tho
D'ltalla to stand trial fur tlio murder
of his wife.
Tears that ho might attempt suicidn
during tho oyngOj rather than faco
the, Italian courts, wero entirely ungrounded,
according to tho ciirabinen.
bhould Charlton bo convicted) ho
would probably bo given tho usual peu
ally vif life imprisonment. This carries
with it seven joars of solitiiry confinement
which in Italy usually proves
(By IVderal Wireless Telegraph,)
WASHINGTON, August 2S (Special
to Tho Advortlsol) -John Llnd,. President
Wilson's envoy, was autlrurUed
to return to tho City of Mexlcu from
Vera Urns', if in Ids discretion Il'seilii
ed advisable. It is believed hero lie
will go nud that negotiations over sonni
of tlio disputed points. piinciiHilly thu
retirement of lluerta, may bo reopened,
(Ilv IVderal WlrolesA Telozrapli.)
HACK AM UNTO, August 28.
to Tlm Advertiser) .Tohn H. Chum
Lliers, managing edltor'of tha
meutii nee, was iiniay iippp)iiiuii mnin
controller by Governor Johnson lu
A. II. Nye, deieuscil, '
. f

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