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VOL VI., NO. 154
resident Huerta Directs Gamboa
to Begin an Investigation That
Involves Head of tho Waters
Fcarco Oil Interests in Latin Republic;
Others Also Accused.
lo Transports to uarry xnem
From Country; Many Are Pen
niless and Being Cared for Pend
ing Arrival of Vessel; Huerta
May Submit Controvcrsy7to Arbitration.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
IriTV OK SIK.XICO, September 1.
Special to Tlie' Advertiser)
onnl President lluertu has ordered an
ivcstigatiou of charges submitted t'o
mi confidentially to the effect that
'rtniii Americans hao plotted to chubc
io United States to intervene in
oiby totting officials to work in "Wash-
igtou. ,,
1 Huerta lias referred tho chargos to
loreigu Minister Gamboa, -with
Ions to probo the nfatter thoroughly,
lad he uho brought them to tho
hit .of American Chnrgo U'Allaires
J Amonir those accused are: .1. X. Gal-
raith, head of tho Waters-Tierce oil
iterosts in Mexico: Gem n. Small;
. A. Gruinmonte, president of tho
merican Colony; II, ii, DicfTenbach
f tho Hank of Commerce and Indus-
ry; It. (. Murray, Burton W. Wilson
nd Charles A. Hamilton. .
It 13 charecF that tho Americans
Irojudiccd tho mind of William Unyard
alo against lluertn whcn,.yrtiin(n.
las sent hero hy President Wilou to
livestigato Ambassador II. u. Wilson s
onncctlon with tho downfall of Jin-
(Hy I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
VKHA CHUZ, Mexico, Bcptonilicr .
-(Special Mo Tho Advertiser) Fifty
jvmcricnii refugees uro hero and no
rnusport available to carry them to
ho United States, no regular
oat bails lor several days.
Consul Conada has arranged to
omiuodnto tho peuiiilcss at tho local
.lohn lund, President Wilson's en-
oy, will upend tomorrow at a
ion near Terra Hlanca. Ho has given
o indication hero as to what ho be
icves the future holds in the American
dc.tico dispute.
(By redcral Wireless Telegraph.)
September 1.
ial to Tho Advertiser) An old treaty,
n disuso years, probably will
io invoked by tho Moxican govcrniiicnt
n tno -present controversy oetwoen
'resident Huerta aud tho United
States, It was learned from
ivo sourco that the Mexican ministry
a considering tho advisability
representations to tho state do-
mrtment upon this treaty.
Tl'c convention. Known as tno
Treaty of IblS, provides
nut in the oveut ot disagreement no
ween tho contracting parties, commis
doners should bo unpointed to urbi
Mexico 'probably will niako bucIi a
llemnnd. This is tho first occasion for
(recourse to tho obscure treaty, and
of tho stnto department forgot,
if 'they uer knew, that such a trcutj
(Ily redcral Wireless TeleRrnph,)
( ITY or MEXICO, Heptctnber I.
(Special to The vx
pui'ted i'XoiIiin of Amerlraii residunttf in
Mexico, n u result of wuriiiugs Milueil
In Iriid ut ilium's Mnxlinn uii'Miiue,
lm failo I tu iiiirteritillzo,
A few uieiii'UiiH left the enpltul to
day but the majority will rviiiuln, being
mmillluu in tuirltlrn butluon
iinli'is hu situation berouics
liiote uluruuuij.
Vera CruzlMex.Where American
Refugees Aivait Tardy Transport
r 1 i
t2mb . iH BL . Air' fdHI w tl
Leader Pays Tribute to Men Who
Toil and Says Organized Labor
Cannot Help But Win.
.a . . "i-
'(X'yT'eera! Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, September 1. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Thankfulness
for present well being and prophecy for
greater government to come for tho toilers
of tho United-States' and of t"
world, was tho keynote of a Lalxjr Day
message issued heic today by Samuel
Ppmpers, president of tho American
Federation ofI.nbor. His messago satd
in part:
"Though the common people still dig
and delve, go dimn into dark and
weary places and do tliu work necessary
to maintaining that intricate
which Btipplles our social
needs, yet many of them tiro
and happy beyond tho conception
of former ages.
"Down through tho ages in gouio guise
despite its varying ideals, tho labor
movement has existed wherever tliero
lias been need of freeing workors from
oppiesslon. To keojt full and strong
this tido of energy and rouro the purpose
1o strive for more years ,is tho
great purpose of Labor Day.
"Tho organised Labor movement
must win; it must, cannot fail. Tho
triumph of Labor for justice and humanity
is assured."
(Ily 1'cdcrnl Wireless Telegraph)
DHNVKIl, Colorado, September
to The Advertiser)
tif dollars in gems uud rare presents
rarely duplicated in the history ol
weddings aro being showqred on Miss
Kato Vidler, who tii'morrow , will "bo
como tfio brido of Theodore Itcvillou,
a I'aris banker and capitalist.
Miss Vidler is tho daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Hecs C. Vidler, whose homo Is
lit Lookoht Mountain, near Denver,
where the marriage ceremony will bo
Iteiillon presented his flanceo with a
check for 1,000,000 and gems valued
at 7 1,000.
WAhlUMITON, September 1
Opeiilil to The Advertihor, Thli
nfllcp today reported
n uii't llutilla of icebergs In the
iniirM) ,if the tronsutlaiitii ship
ping, 'till, ialK stated that inure
than soil bvrRs Imui lighted
lit Incoming tewl. Warnings to
nttippnrs liutu liven sent out.
BBF?jamiMil '''
J'resident of American rrderatioa of
Labor Issues Message,
(ily Associated Press O.iblo.)
SAN ritANClHCO, California,
Scptemlicr 1. With advance information
in the possession of
tho authorities to the clfcct that
tho Pacific Mail steamship Manchuria
hnd an iftformous
of contraband opium on
board, tho vessel was met at
ipinrantine today liy a small
Jlect of revonuo cutters, l'orty
customs inspectors nnd a sqilhd
il United States sailors boarded
tho steamer. Tho searchers
found only $4100 worth, far
below tho amount reported on
board when the fhip left China,
it is said, and fo.tr was expressed
that tho ro?t of tho contraband
mny Tiavo been safely
landed at Honolulu.
i H;,,,,
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
KObTO.V, Scptcmbor L (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Mrs. Stuyvosant Lo-Toy
and Mrs. Amos Tuck Trench of
New York nnd Newport, who wero In
jured in an auto accident
lakt jilghl, wero resting comfortably
lit their hotel horo today. It was ijuot
cd by attendants that Mrs, Leroy, for
whom great anxiety hud been ex preyed
last night, has, apparently mll'ered
nuthlng more fcerious 'than a bad -slink
lug up. Her daughter, Mrs. French,
a red no worse.
HAN niANl'lHfO, hpt(.inber 1.
I'rOM Cable In
till) for both Hie pruiwntlon
Klld defi'iiio In tlirt white slave hum
oguinst Maury I. 1)1 u Imvu agreed to
u pottpbliriuciik (if tho duto of scptiuio
until brptcuiher (i,
FircrLighta Ug .UidtOlty While
EfIqrts(Ai;e, Bring, Madq.q Save
Valuable PJant; Outfit Btirns to
Water ,'s Edgo; -Los, Etches
Thousands; One Man Injured.
Watchman. Battles, Alone, With
Flames Escapcsa Siio Give
larxn Explosion,
Mntpri?vl Adds, .itpDftngpr of
Those Who Tried to1 Save Plant.
Starting Ui llib stored. oil tanks, lire
last night drove tho watchman from tho
Hawaiian Dredging 'Company's dredgo
Governor, in tliu Jlwn basin of the
and guttcd'it, with the
loss of thousands or dollarj, before it
could bo subdued. Onlv lliJ lier.iii. of.
fort of tho captains on duty1 about the
uaruor saved tno uroilger Irom becom
nig a loiai josf. names weio
driven back beforo they had attached
tho hull to tiny appreciable degree and
ii is expected that It mil Jio rebuilt.
Watchman Fights Flames.
Tho Jlrst alarm of tiro wni givuii from
the pilot house about suyen o'clock.
uiscoiineeieii irom tlie shoie, th watch
man on board had fought, tho llunies
as long us ho thought tliero was hope
of putting them out himself 'and then
jumped into u skitr and pulled nshoro
for help, almost wild with anxiety.
The iim department responded lo a
bo alarm but though all companies
turned out from Central, they found
themselves helpless upon arriving at
the waterfront. The
out dosit to Qmirnuiiiio Jslund,
ing a short time, ngo cnmincnceil on tho
federal contract for tho deepening of
the bnsin on the iiin1.nL side, part of
tho extensive federal harbor Improvements.
After the flames mounted higher,
considerable alarm was felt for the
juuruntino wharf uud shed but the
dredgo proved to be fur enough away
to prevent them from catching. On its
other sides lay the vessels bunched closo
together in "Itottcn Itow."
Intrepid Goes to Aid.
Tho first boat to reach thu scono was
the Matsou tug Intrepid, closely followed
by Hben Low's steamer Kaena,
and to the efforts of these aud of tho
lighthouse tender Kuktii is duo tho fnct
that them is nn thing left of tho
Kukul Does Good Work.
The Kukul was lying in the WaiUiki
basin when tho alarm was given uud
Captain Warriner, who was at home,
was notified at once by tho first ofilcor.
lie hurried ilmvn uud leached his vessel
beforo Jitcajn was up. Ho moved arrows
tho hafbor ns spun as possible and with
pretty seamanship run his vessel up
against tho burning dredgo on tho Lwa
sine, turning si- streams on tho bla.o
and lulling out his entire irew, Including
his cooks and engiuo room force to
Cuptnin Teterson of tho Intrepid and
Captain Lehniko of tho Kaenn lmth
joined the lire fighters, who advanced
slowly against the flames until they
wero on tho dredgo Itself. The dredgo
was moored uii against the bunk uml
tho bargo into which it wns dumping1
wns uii jib inniiKu sine, ino Intrepid
ran tip against this and turned Us tiro
apparatus on tho bla70 so closo that tho
heat blistered ifs nalnt.
Ties to Burning Dredge.
Tho Kaena worked even closer nnd
quecziiig in past tho barge, mooted to
tho dredgo itself, fighting down tho
lames on ono corner of it until tho
crew could leap uboard and fight the
liro with chemicals. Chief Thurston of
tho liro department sent four men and
tho assistant chief out ii ono of tho
vessels with chemicals and lis soon as
the boats could subline tho mil'.
flclontly to allow a man to approach it
they went Into it, also, fighting with
Captain lelimko wns the first man to
dare tho flames and tarried an 'extinguisher
up to tho engiuo room of tho
dredgo where tho fire was burning
long after It had beoit driven
from tho upper works. Tho Iiltrepid
was in vnln trying to depress Its stream
over tho bargo into tint fiery hole but
until Captain Lehniko and several of
his inch, stripped In the waist mid wilh
their skin almost peeling linili'r the intense
heat, kept the extinguishers idny
lug steadily on it until the only part
of the dredger thift remained uflro wns
the muknl shin.
Nono of tho (teoinors could get to
tliu side owiirg to the sh inllug water,
and tho heavy streams from tbo hose
under ninety and n linn. I red pounds
pressor Inst murk of their force after
Coins tkreurh the friuaj'tvnrk
that was fnft Mfbuve Hie duck. This
part of the 1iUr, I tun, hail to b,i
foiUht by hand, uud this wis daiut with
Ki mueJi ueM thai at eight n'ttlovk
thu dm was practlciiJIy nut, It still
binned, wiiiiftlincs btlelitly, in spots,
uud In little jiian'cstiihlii lornom, but
(Cuutiuuii) pij 1'pgu '!.)
2,- W3 WltFkLY.
Jerome Has Neiu Plan to
Get Thaiu Out of Canada
" ,yJ.xV' ' !
V $
Fugitive Fears
That He Will
Be Released,
(Ily I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
HIIL'ltllUOOIvf:, (Jin-bee, Hqitcinbcr
I. (Special to Tlie Advertiser) William
Travers Jerome is preparing a
new plan to get Harry Thaw into the
cusludy of tho Dominion Immigration
oIlicinN, with a view to tho speedy deportation
ot the escaped Matteawan
.! or oinc's p!u.u will bo revealed, It la
expected, when Thaw comes In a la-
bens Porp"iiHliKiriiig' tomorrow. "
rnlico Clilel Jtoud(eau of Coutlcotilf,
on wIiiko request the habeas corpus
writ was isuued, refused to withdraw
his request, despite tho fact that
Thaw s counsel pointed out that under
Ciiuadiau law a habeas corpus writ can
bo sworn out only by a prisoner or his
linsiiig his opinion mi this fact, Thaw
mil his lawyers uro confident that .Justice
Hutchinson, before whom tho application
will come, will refine to order
Thaw's releaso on u pleu from tho opposite
(Hy 1'edcral Wireless Telegraph.)
.lAVISV, 1'rancc, Heptember I.
(Special to The Advertiser) The most
sensational aviation feat ever seen ill
1'raiico wns witnessed hero this
when Aviator 1'egoud, driving an
aeroplane, Ioojh'iI the loop at an altitude
of 1300 feet. IYgoud started his
plunge at a height of -Mill feet turned
over nnd before descending to an
of ."(!() had easily righted his machine.
Hundreds of spectators cheered
I'egoud's oITorts.
(Hy redcral Wireless Telegraph,)
WASHINGTON", ficptembcr 1.
cial to Tho Advertiser) Xock of
ing sill's and drill of Kb is civou .out us
"tho distinctly important weakness of
our naval stations located north of
Capo Iliitteiasj" in a report today
to Secretary Daniels by naval
Hoard or inspection ror suoro stations.
The ilrydoeks on the North Atlantic
(ViiHt. in (he nnlninn of the linnril. are
(sxuntial fur tho needs of the Atlantic
ilect, and it suggests that Jamaica 'Island
and Clark's Island, at the Ports
mouth Van!, should bo acquired
as 'he tutts of two additional ilr docks,
(Hv federal Wireless Telegruph.)
rHitATOIIA. NfW York, Heptember
I (Hpe. ,nl to Tho Adertiser) -I'd
p,-i will be Hgneil tnmorrnw by which
I, MiTNggnrt, the most famous Jockey
of tlie will lieriiiim thu properly
uf August lUlmniit. The jockey is under
I'oiitrixt to ride far II. IVmiy, but
he Inn indeed to yiv u Hcluiont tin icr1
ll fU' l5,Wd
William Travoro Jororao (upper)
tliroagli wlioso efforts after most
bitter criminal trial Harry K. Thaw-was
declared lesftne and comnilttort
vtOi.MaUeatnin nnd who succeeded
la preventing Ills local dlschargo
from that -institution, and Harry K.
Thaw, fugitive Kurderer who again
'has Jerome on his trail.
Fifty Also Known to Bo Injured
Result of Clashos Bctwcon the
Tramway Strikers and Police
(Hy I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
TUmiilV, dveland, 8eiteiuber 1
(Speciu! to The Advertiser) ltlotlng
in :oiniecti6u with tho tramwny strike,
which started yesterday, was continued
today on tho city's outskirts.
Violonce was 'prccipltatod wlien Jiimcvi
Lnrkln, ope ot the strike lenders, was
arrested. The police, charged repeat-
e'liy Willi tueir emus, knocking down
vvomon ami glrN, and this led th pitched
battles. Htfiinw brti.M.i.tM it.,,i i...m,..j
wero hurled by tho infuriated rioters,
unu run streets soon wore covered with
prostrate forms.
'two persons were known to hnvo
been killed in yesterday's disturbances
and at least "fifty injured. Scores of
men, women and children fill the various
hospitals. '
Scores trf strikers and their
wero arraigned in court today
mid were remanded for trial -without
, ,
s i ,-.-.,
(By rcderal AVireless Telegraph.)
8T. XOl'lb, Hoptciubcr 1. (Hpecial
to Tho Advertiser) That llrunch
Itltclioy, scout ami legql adviser of the.
Hrowns, vv)l succeed (Jrorgo Htevnll ns
Irianagcr Heptember 8 when the club
leaves on its last eastern trip was
authoritatively reported today. Although
tho local management would
ntit confirm this report it -was generally
understood the ehnngo will be
(Hy rnlernl Wireless Telegraph.)
MINi:oi.l), Long Island, Now
York, Heptember 1. (Hpecltil tu
Thu Advertiser Ouorgii A.
er, un employe nf Col, Theodora
Koosevvlt, ut HuRHimirn Hill, ()y-
liter liny, was Jailed hero uliiirged
with hutliuf stolen flllMl worth
nf jewelry from llimserelt it
houiu Tim Juwidry,
Mhlsh liirlmled u peurl neclilun'
with ii illuiiioud pendant, ins re
i ni mnl.
Nippu Jiji in Honolulu Endorses
Sentiment as Expressed by Populace
in Cablo Advices from
Tokio, Urging Japanese
Against Alleged Insult of
Regrets That Government Has
Formally Agreed to Participate
in World's Show at San Francisco
in 1915, but" Insists That
People Havo a Right to Show
Their Disapproval.
TOICIO, September 1. (Special.'Cahlo
to the Nippu Jiji) Iii.sjiito of tho decision
by tho Japanese, government '
participate in the
position at 8an rraucisco in l'JIC, tho
general p'lhllc it expressing its opposi
tion to tho move and to
have a lino show ing at tho'fnir is moot
ing with little eiicouraguiuelit. 'The na
tion us n whole is apparently uninter
ested. ?
Commenting on tho above dispatch,
Jiji uf Honolulirviii u radical
editorial upholds thu opposition, ou tho
pat Ion in the San rraiiciscpfaixsSilie
translation rcaqui , ,
Itcscnts Alleged Insult.
"I'rom our point uf view it is ipiilo
proper to rco tho nation opposing
strongly the pbui of participating in
the Hap I'ranciseo fair, ospociillly when
our nation is i" oppressed anil insulted
in tho Wale of Cnliforni.'ij through tho
dopriviug of .Inpuiieso ill that rit.'ito of
tho right lo hold lands through tho
of tho Welib anti-alien land
law. Tho United States deserves to
take tho eonseipienceii. '
"The decision of tho .Iiip.mer.o government
to participate in tho fair cannot
be cancelled, bocnuso tho" official
notice of aceepliiiieu has ulready been
piciil to Washlnglou, Hut tho peoplu
aro on a wholly freo nml illlTcrcnt footing
from tho government and can decide
lu their own way ns to participating
or refusing to participate in tho
world's fair,
"Our desiro in tho mailer is that
tho general public, should tuko a firm
stand in showing tho Americans what
our- feelings really are, .ami to make
them remember it us long as possible.
Humblo modesty on tho part of, Japan
will of course 'be helpful hi settling tho
controversy with America, but any
notion whicli may innko Americans feel
that they uro grc.it and eminent, and
moreover which may tend to heaping
further oppression and insult on tho
resident Japanese is entirely out of
place at this time.
Disagrees With Soycda,
"Wo aro urged by. Doctor Sovcda.
who has just returned from u tour of
tho I'uited btatcs, that Japanese par.
ticipution in the Panama-Pacific
possibly may result in enuring
tho feeling in California
and thu .States to subside.
"We hellevo ho Is mistaken. Doctor
Boyeda does not seem to comprehend
tho real character of the Americnn
pie. They are sjmplo nud'fruuk In their
muuners, and act without foar and just
as they think proper. Thcroforo wo
should nUo bo frank aud fearless In ex
pressing our feeling with regard to tho
legislation by tho Califor
nia lawmnKcrs.
"There is not tho slightest reason
why we chould keep our tempers in
order to please (honi at tho cost of oar
own satisfaction.
"Wo take tho opposition by the
Japanese people aguimt jiaitlciputiou
in tho Han rruic.'lwt) fair for grautc I
uild wil uphold Uicm.ln It,'.'.., ..
(Hy I'ederal Wireless Ttfltfgruph)
MCNM II, Il.uans, rtpeiuber
to 'Hie Advertiser)! Tim
erimes of .lew.,. an American
perierl hIm i a life prliou'r 111 Ho
inn, weie Huulti her tdti. when a
hu. ut vet on, luuud lit Ills iyi);rls in
this my, whs UlseutottM tp' liitve
buti Iick'iI v iiiiiu girl tkrruuyiijtr old
The bu ImJ tUanwl tli, Cl'ljit with II
dull uml thuu tut her HQilTop'tiu mul
ev I her units Hint li'U. Ho U Im
liiivid i j t itisuue.
, i J
P '
- l

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