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VOL VI., NO. 155 HONOLULU, HAWAII I LKKI TORY, lUtim. IMlIkU ?. l'U - si mi x I ..KI.Y. WHOLE NUMBER 3J41
rcvisional President of Mexico,
Reported to Have Agreed Not
to Become Candidate for Re-election
and Not to Insist Upon
Recognition from the United
(resident Wilson Said to Be in an
Enthusiastic Mood Over Report-
ed Favorable Outcome of Peace
Envoy's Trip to Latin Republic
Representative Murray Scents
(By Federal Wireless Telegrnili.)
AVASHINGTON, September !.
Special to The Advertiser) Of-
licifil continuation was given late
today that the main points in the
iiroposal submitted to President
lluerta of Mexico through Envoy
luul, have been accepted.
It became known that President
NVilson believes that lluerta has
kilfdL'od himself not to be a
llute to sueceed himself both or.
illy and in the second Ciamboa.
luote, nu( lluerta has also waived
Ihiir demand (hat the United .Slates
li'econizo him.
Ptesidont 'all
Itlmsiastie mood over the tmccess
lof the Llnd mission which is re-Lm
riled in admiiliKtralion
as a ,'reat diplomatic, victory.
Murray ol Okla
homa in llie hiiiise today by inference
eritleied the Mexican
of President Wilson. He declared
that it was absurd to urp
Americans to flee from Mfdco in
the face of a declaration that war
is not oxpeeted. .Murray's decla
ration was made over an item in
the deficiency bill making an ap
propriation to lirnig Americans
out of the country. Murray said:
'If we have war after the war
is over how will the billion dollars
be collected' I can see nothing
but a resoit to firms'. I am
against war but rapine and murder
are wor.se than war. TJi"v
talk about moral suasion to hring:
about a settlement in Mexico. On
the same theory why not remove
the guards from the gahis at the
White House? AViiy not abolish
all hangings and persuade men
not to commit murder!"
Hoprescnlative Murray .continued:
"Never have we had a war
because we stood up for oitr rich's
Under treaty obligations."
(By Teilernl Wireless Telegraph.)
C'OMO, Italy, September
einl to The Advertiser) Interrogation
of Porter Charlton, the
American, .by Kxnminlng
Judge liogomi and Slguor Mellini was
comjilctei! today. Charlton was con
fronted with the trunk in which ho hid
his wife's body in Lake Como.
Ho gazed at it intently for n few
moments, looking at t lie brown blood
stains, but did hot flinch.
Tho Jite of tho trial will bo fixed
next week. j.jjy'
Hly IVilrnil Wirelcfs Telegraph.)
LONDON, f. - (Hpnrlsl to
The Lord Klntnre nn
iioiinceil linltiv that If tlin Ilrlluh goi.
iTIiincnt .ci.itK In refuting tn inhibit
nt the I'niiuuiit I'nulllf I'ji'o.lllon In
Hun Truii. mm in 1115 tho iHmmltlrrt litf
ihiirtfn of the Ainslo Amurlvwii l.xpoil.
tloii her Hint veur will uruaiilo mid
inanuiii' th Kiiih oInLH ul Hmi
1 lUlalr' 0
Toyn yiped piif
Byva Hurricane
Eellhaven Destroyed in Storm
Which Swoops North Carolina
Ccast Damage Estimated at
Two Million.
CHAiU.OTTi:, North Caroliiia,
September T. (lly
l'ress Cubic) Two million dollars'
worth of propurty has been
in lieiiuford lonnty, the
entire town of Hcllhiivcn has
been wiped out, runny head of livo
Stock litwc been hilled mid it is not
iuiirob:ili)e that lives hao betn
lost, the resull of n liiirricnnc that
swept along tho North CiiroliuA
coast yesterday.
Ihillrilugs' were ra?ed to tho
groand as if they were of flimsy,
telcgiaph mid telephone poles for
miles were rnzed, communication
amis crippled and tlie full extent of
tho damage cannot ho learned for
some time.
The storm, coming from tho
south and enst, broke with sudden
fury, espeeinlly in the little town
of I!cllhticu. The town has a population
of nbont si bundled. Many
of tho residents took refuge in
eqllars, thus escaping with their
i ;
Wreck of Ear -Harbor Express,
Costing; Lives, to
Be Thoroughly Investigated.
(I!y IVde'ra'f 'ittles Telegraph.)
NNW IIAVHN, September 4. (Spe
eial lo 'I lie Arivei titer)1 Tho formal in
ipnst In' to the wreck of the liar Harbor
Hxpress, which cost tho Hies of
peisons, begun buhinrii
closed doors this niorning in the ollleoa
of Cormier' Klmix. The facts adduced
wero tiirnei over to tho Htnt'u's
Tho pri'iiialuru pulilliutinu of these
facts miglt pre)iidice the State's ease
in the interest of justice, was the
given by the uirouer for holding
the innuejt In secret.
II. W. Ilclkiuip, chief Insjector of
the Interstate Common o Counnissioii,
wliich will begin n public lliipiiry here
tomorrow, was preterit at tlnf inipiest.
A. H. Miller, engineer of the White
Mountain KxpresH, width crushed -into
the li.ir Htirbnr train, mid Flagman
Cliarics II. Jkliirrny, of. (he doomed
tho most important witnesses,
wero t,'m first cnileii. Hoth have been
lucked iiii since. Tuesday night while
out on bail. Tho condition of five of
the injured, who wero List night hovering
between life and death, was described
by the hospital surgeons testimony
as critical, All but two of tho
bodies of those hilled have been ship
ped to their Homes.
(HvPedernl Wireless Tcleirranh.)
IIOMK, September .(Special
to Tim Advertiser) f'ope f'ius is
HI again. His Holiness Is suffer-
ing fioui a cold accompanied ,liy
1 hnnrsejiess. Although adiised by
physicians to toko ;m absolute
rest today ho insisted unon carry.
ing out his eugilgeincifts wliich
incluiled the reception of n
her of pilgrims at tho Vatican.
(It I'edcriil Vlrc.'IVh'ijraph )
M.W VDIIK, heiiteniber I. (Hpeilitl
to The Advertier) 'I lie
AlHerlriiu liner I'renldeut I.liicnlli went
uurniiuil' lit leven ii'liisk this mnrnliiif
in n limit) fug uflr Iluy llidgn while
(lUlMMld buuiid. It u lloalcd later
Iv tug 'filed bi , wlridi'n, Nu iliini
ski vm dune I he burr ri'tnrni'd u
iU .iu t
Transport Buford Receives Hurried
" Sail For Refugees Along Wes'c
' "" rSfn
, n r t
Government Transport Leaves for
West Coast Next Monday to
Care for Americans Attempting
to Get Out of Troubled Country.
(JJydrVilyrnl Wireless Telegraph.)
SAN JTtAKtJIBCO, September !.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Acting
on iutrntions receiied from I'resbloiit
Wilson, United States transport
Buford is being made in readiness to
night to proceed to thu ports along the
Wt'e5.1SfTof MeVlcoVnid'take abu.ird
he large number of iuericaii rcm,;ces
whith nif) now reiinj'ii to be awa.tmg
an eppojtunlty to get out of tile sec
tionj uf (Me'xk'o where the revolution
has been most stubbornly fought,
The (llacier on a ri'ceut cruise from
Cunymas, MumtlmiJ Maiizanlllo and
other .Mvxlc.ih pirrjs in tlie west coast
brought Hiltyyfiiilti' refugees. 'Hliicu
Ihen I'resilldnt Wilson's advice to
leave Moxlca has been received, and it
is believed many, will take advan.age
of it. '
Captain firifliu will be In command
of tile lluford. Nurses, elolliing mid
provisions' will bo taken, and it is
planned to have thu lesscl start for
thu south next Monday. Last yo ir the
Huford' went on a similar miSM.iii, re
Inrning with more tliau two hundred
American refugees from the -nest roust
of Mexico.
Dramatic Sceno, in Court When
Woman Takes Stand for
Drew Caminetti.
(Dy I'eOcMl Wireless Telegraph.)
SAX riiANCICCO, September 4,
(Special to Tho AiUertiser) "I told
Caminetti that If 1 over caught Mursha
Warrington with my husbauit,' I would
shoot her down 111.0 n dog," shouted
.Mrs. Muury J. Diggs, from tho witness
chair today, when sho closed tho ease
of tho defense for i Drew Ciimincttl,
accused of violating tho Mann White
Slave Act, when he went to Heno,
Midn, with Lola Xorrls, Diggs and tho
Warrington girl.
'The Ifttlo wlfo talked fast for ten
minutes, Unifying Marsha Warrington
ami Lola Norrls, branding them us
homebreakers and unfit to associate
with decent people,
(Uy federal Wireless Tclegrnpb, )
WA8IIIN0TO.V, September I. (Special
to Tim Adiertiser) 1'residcut Wilson
scrit il upeclal message, to the senate
lAtn .today stating that ha has
to the of Its finance
committee the protests uf foreign nations
ugalntt IIh provision in the tariff
hill grunting n rebate of tlie pur tent
nn goods Imported in Amurlsiui hot
Tlie iMi'ungn Inrliided n stutemunt
from Couinel Moore of I lie nlfitn
luiitmi'iit lluit I lie priiimivil rebate
liolule Ircutles of llm I'nlled Hlntnt
with fiiri'iifu nalloim The proiiriuu
WAS lUICtiiiii fium the bill,
2 C-Ok- .Jf - ij.11 JBitKtMoi
."a.iACjLtlJCvr 'WP
ri -a iwa e rjTML"" hi i mi
I3r fcJH IKS 4T
til jJHKBBRt
Han-y Thaw and his captors
at Coaticcolr, Quebec. On tho
made the arye3t. In the center
Alleged Use of "Dummies" to So-
cure Contracts to Bo Probed by
Thayer and Caldwell.
Following the story flrBt published in
jestcrilay's AiUertiser, of tho ciiargcH
made ly (foyer .lames, a
on tho Waloin.'io liomesteud load eon-
structioa work, that roster and l.'oss
weie nitiiig inerelv for Mntsuinoto and
Voltomizo, iilieii", as eontrautorii'for tho
ioh, .fainos mid ,1, 'J , Dcgmuii, his
had nn interest ing consultation
with .Suiriutcnieiil Cnldwijll of the
public worhi ilcpiirtment.and Deputv
Attorney General mid Arthur 0. Smith
0trrila.v.t 'fbu consultiitioii lasted
r.early' all day.
Steps ure being taken to substantiate
the 'ilturge nud'it is uul iibuiidnut
is being retched to boar tliiwe
out. 'I he iuiostlxatiou, it is (rinlmcd by
.lumen, will bring out nvhlutito. that
oilier ciliilrudiirn, while not fniiwewful
in landing the ub, lime run lly liwn
blilillui fiir InpuueMi ciintrnclors who
brn not ejliiuiis. In this comnetiuii it
Is nlli'iiei! thltt one eilbuia Wdilt'r was
iij'pruiisliail by a ,laiwM
who ulTuieJ him WW to lininljo I lis Jrili
lu riw llm rilliuiii culitrgotfcr van
liwilrdml I he iniilrHit for tint buildlinr
nf i ti t it i it iouiIs iiinl slufiu drums in
Orders to ' ,
Coast of hdexido
"i.'r'TTa n&
-'i VT "IWDB
4 u
i4bIB Imr i i&j&t Stt 1 n
I'm MN a pnsr w taw
JW tv, n tsiu j nl
in front of the Registry Oillcc
left i3 Constable Bodreau, who
is Harry Thaw.
Rig Demolished, But Driver and
Horses Are Not Injured
to Qreat Extent.
A wagon owned by tho Onlm Soda
Works it'ompnuy, while being driien
over an O. II. ic L. railroad crossing
near W'aipahu nlmut file o'clock vester.
I Any afternoon, was struck by nu Inbound
train mid demolished. The
Ihorsis est aped 'with a few scratches,
while the driver, who wus pinned bo
lieath.tho wreckage, was tnl.cn nut
unhurt. 'The driver did not
IpriifthMilly realize that lie was ill
mid (lroijj uucoiiieriiedly oer tho
i track. His fiunio was not taken by
those who iu.ostitfiifcil thu nrchlcut.
The slemncr Nile, en renin from Yo-
kohu'i.R, was in touch with Knhukii
wireless lit eiulit oVIo.k last night.
The tauiuer reported Unit it will arrive
nt lliiiiiilulii nt six oVIoili Huuilny
i luomllig uud would I' S" '" iiinlie
to elmr fur rfan iVanclno
mi i .!ui. the uiim evening. It
ii- I rinui' i: llirne enhin, siv second
1 1 1 iiiel lull .even ticrac passeu
lfer lor this port,
"Keep a Bravo Heart, I Am Com.
in? t0 P W ?uetBTrl,hs
Loyal Woman Whose Bon Ha
i.i J . V 'in M Wliiise Eon
Brought Qreat Sorrow Upon
-I. (Special to 'llie Advertiser)
Harry 'it. Tlmv
iluy the hnmlgVntinu 'hoariV'of In
quiry thilt U expected to order
him sent1 l'nc; to tlie (jnltril fjlnjes
ni nn escaped madman. Although
Thilw' had lieeni wh'rn'eil Jiy
W. ). M'cKeown'tiial tlio
of IhiMioirii' proj)libly"woiihl
be ngnlint Llm, iV wns inolre
than he had llee'ii several hours
earlier. ' "
Thaw rfliiinlncd in his quarters
lu the OnlnlgtatiJh ilepfirtfnHit,
declaring thtil liltlcllil Vif ' tlirf ftn.
ieiartliieht ami Wllllnra
T. .leronie, tilrnlet 'UUlrv
hf Nhw Viifk", wufo' bf lfrfljue
to "rnHrOHit11 him liA'eK til
Shortly hWori' seieil'd'elilk,
however; Thaw" received n ihcAhgo
friini lils iliother, Mr's. William
TJmw, which rend i
"Keep a briu u heart j I am coming
to help you,"
Immediately the prisoner took u
brighter view of things. He sent
nut for his- breakfast, which liuatti
with apparent relish. Then ho
summoned (he newspaper men,
"There nro reports abroad Hint
I collapsed last night Hud ant a
nervous wreck, but these nro untrue,"
declared Thaw. "I havo
not lost hupe, and 1 bellovu that
those, whtPHro in conspiracy to
rush mo out of tho cunntry in defiance
of law mid justice will not
Tho board of inquiry Is composed
of K. l!lak,e Itobertson, deputy
pcrlntf mleut ,of thu dcjiaxtan.cait nf '
immigration, ,und Inspoit(irs T. D.
Willlnips, JbfivlA lleynoldf and T,
E. Gnrccuui
, .,
Lieutenant Love of Army Aviation
Camp, San Diego, Ono Victim ;
German Officers tho Others.
(Hy I'ediral Wireless Telegraph.) (
HAN 1)1 LOO, September I. (Special
to The Advertiser) Lieut. Hoss L.
Lovo of the Army aviation camp on
North Island was kilUd (his inurnlfig
whclt he lint control of Ills neroplHna
In his glide tn earth and fell about
three bundled feet. He roso lit shi'eii
thirty o'clock uud was in the ulr forty-four
Lieutenant Loiu watt n member ol
the eleventh stationed nt
h'ort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Ho had been
assigned to aviation duty lit April 'and
caiiio here In .liint'. His was tlnf first
accident since the nrrival of the Contingent
of flyers.
Caiiti A. H. Cowan, In charge of the
cuinpi spol.c of Lieutenant Loyo ns u
careful mid conservntlvu nviator. 'Tho
only rebltive of tho young man known
ig Judge .1, Lou ol 1'ulrfftx, Ueorgili,
HllILO, (lermany, Soptimber 1. ,
(Special to Tho 'Advertlsc'r)
Von LTck'eiitarcplfcf aifd Meutcliatit
i riux ill Iliu liir iiujii ui iiiu iiujieriui
Army were killed while flying today,
fulling a liqudr'ed feet.
TOKIO, Heptembor 4. (Bpeclal Ca
ble to the Nippu Jiji) Tho situation
In Toklb of Japan's participation lu
the KxH)iitioii at tiuu
Truncisco in 11115 took a decided turn
In the past hours" and (ho
general outlook today is iffuclf brighter
than nt any prnvioii time since the
ngitatlon began' In tlio:
Japnnese capital. That .In pad should
put up a tine hIiow in tho world's fnlr
at tho Hay City is now iiudoiibtediy
The opposition sentiment of tlio public
to take part in the Sou PrumWco
show, which bus been caused throucli
euatii.eut In California of tho Woblr
Anti-Alien Lnud Law, whirli is looked
upon by Japan as an oppression on tlio
esldeut Japanese ami uhlo'mi Insult to
tlie iiutlnn, is gradiiiHly weakening, and
ludnv ninny tiroinlneht buainom men uf
thn Ihupiro exprtwied their opinions mt
l.euig in favor or llie uecision ny tlie
goieriimeiit heads In noticing the
Wuthliigtou guirruuient nt tlie formul
ncceptuure of thu Imitation to Juiu
III the Unix l'rauclco f ulr.
ine'iiit '
.Populace at Tokio Reported to Be
Clamoring Either for Armed
Action or tho Permanent' Occupation
of Manchuria for Alleged
Wanton Killing of Subjects qf
Nippu Jiji Correspondent
Negotiations jf Mjnhter
Yamaza Will Suoceedt . Yuan
s ii.
. Said to Fear, Intcrvgntiqn Will
Spoil Ambitioij to Bgcorao'
(Special Cnblo to tho Ntppn Jiji.).
TOKIO, Bcntemlior. J. ilferinapent
pccupatlon by .Tupan of Itnnclinrla or
nrmeii iniervciipon in Ulilna. Buci s
emphatii (leclanittou 'tflday'tnntlo
by an lingered ToUid popiilhco With
refrnrd tb tllo alleged' fltroeltlW ftho
Nanking' C'hliiem feilcnlN, In' which fife-Ii
red fdur innocent .lullailese, wllo wefo
killed by tin Chinese! soldiers. ' ' '
Tho nidlcal papeM of Jupau nniledly
took advantage of tlio Jxiniklng' incident
to approve the Indignation' Tit the
poiiernl publlu and bodly urged tha
gov ernmciit Jiends to occupy- withopt
Hesitation certain ,'hineso torrUo'rV
w!tli armed .lupuilese fqrees.
yiion iisseu louay iiiei(ier or 4iot
Japan should take sue! 'rustis action,
a high go eminent o(lclnl, vhose
name he wished WiUih'cldjassureil'jroilr
lurrispomleut (hat Jupair'pjjqiosfs'to
take no drastic uiea'siirej' jpst(t " Jlis
The occupation of any'Chlneso (i
ritory and insistence;, Yor "pcrniineut
iai nteniilice uf it by .laiiani .ho ii-
clareu. mav surelv lend tn'tlutdts'
llcrmont liv thu world's Dorters ot'the
Chinese Hepubllc. diipaii' policy yi)
regard to China is for,iniilbtorianCH qt
that country ns it is, mid (jiV'jntR. o'C
illsmomberment has no 'pi a CO with tho
Japanese government. Thereforq Is
Japan's Intentlun, tho hifjU oflielal aj'
milled, lo seek n peaceful 'Blutloii
with "i"Juun gqyornnlo'nt at
Peking entirely throagtiuyuiponlatjo
chuiincls. ' ' t "
Japan's representative at, (h Cbt
neso capital, Minister Jhijiro Yuinaza,
hud already entered into tie'gotlilti'eifs
with tlio Chinese iiuthdrlteiij and'lt Is
believed by foreign nfllclals' at- Tokl'o
that' Yiiuili7a can obtain ijVeil whaif
armod IntcrVentlbil cannot sJcufe'. Tle
Japanese Chinese sltuitlliif aV ubsorved
from tho standpoint of "glJVe'niiiient
hero U not considered ai bcnTg
' "
Tlio" latest word from l'oklnr; reports
that IVesldent' Viiaii mnch
annoyed with tho atrocities 'ot federal
soldiers at Nanking, fourlifg 'that Japanese
Intincutiou may upset Td minions
plans lo become tho emperor. '
T 1
(Hy lVdornl Wireless ToU'Kfali".)
HAltTrOltl), Cunueeticpt, Sepieinbor
4. (Special to Tlie, AdvcrttserJ
(Jeorgo M. Cohan, the ncfor playttrlgbt,
mid his young
WUIIacu nml Francis K. Hojiej
tho latter two members of the Cobail's
new coftipany, wero seriously injured
near herd this afternoon when thu Cohan
auto- collided with a farmer's wagon.
At tho hosnitul It w'as found that Co
han's urju hsd been shattered lit two
places and that tho little.' girl'sskull
had probably been fractured. It. was
also behoved Cohan was injured 'ntert
nnlly, Tho two actors wore, badljj cjlj
and bruised. i t
(lly Perioral Wireless Telegraph,)
WAhlllNaTON, .ptombiT 1. (Bf
cial to The AtlvertHert All IiAr6rtin
cities nf thu Hulled Atntcii aref tn be
Invi'stlgiitrri ns to their nfatkat prlcei
on perisluible fruits undo vegetables
under n resiilutlou lutrodiicedMiy Jtviy
rexeulutiu Ilurnsoii of MtsHisti'piri!
Tlio proposition is to fliidjuul, wlmt
is canting the high cost uf living, ''
The ileiiartiueut of commerce' ami
labor Is Instructed tn report to thu

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