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feaii uuhp
epidemic in i
Ifouth Emulates Assassin of Di.
rector Abe and Plunges Sword
Into Abdomen While Waiting in
Anteroom of Foreign Office for
Interview With Minister.
player of Director of Political Bu
reau Makes Exit From Worjd
With Eye to Dramatic Effect,
and Details of Death Arouse
Admiration of People China
Concedes All Demands.
TOKiO, September 11. (Special Ca-
lo to tho Nitiu ,llji) Impressed by
be harakiri pf M. Okailn, tbc youthful
issnisin, who, after confessing to the
iiunler of Montaro Abe, chief of tbc
olitical bureau of tbc foreign office
nded bis life drniTiatically, Kutsusbigc
ifutsuuioto, a young Jairfiuosc, today
llttempted to cmuluto Okmla's example
iv plunging-a short sword, into his ab
jlomcn while waiting .Uv.-an nutoroou
if the foruigu ofli;c.',Jrid attempt at
liarakjri in this instance proved uusuc
cssful, ami physicians who are attend
I lie; the wounded man in a Tokio bos
ital tay that bo will recover.
Details of the manner In which
I H u 'I his UlCf alter the iiissfie?
,tbo n mi i, Jiavo the I'ojfl
I a ii with a. in ration ot bis doc), an; I
1 1 is feared that the attempt f Mattu
jnutn Is but Ibc bogiuuing of a
iri epidemic.
It was a little before, noon iodav
Ivlicn Matsumoto called at tho forcigt,
nice, iiu eiaimei mat no nan a serious
I natter to bo eoiihidcrcd and ilciunudei.
conference with Huron Nobuulii Ma
'ino. minister of foreiirh affairs, ifcclar
Ing that such a conference war of vital
mportaiico to him, i''
Maklno Was Afraid.
L'seorlel into tho waiting room
Mat uiooto united for some timo ti
icnr from Huron Makino. 'Makino wai
eluetant to be interviewed by the
,trange caller, ami as ho did not tend
or Matsumoto. the voiihl' Jnimncsi'
a short sword width be had
rought with him, and boforo any one
nub! reach him thrust tho sharp
veapon into bis stomach.
, .vatsuiiioto was tarried to a
nearby, where tbn tilivxirlnnt
Ilressed Ibo ugly wound. His Condi
ion v.as tonight reported as bcina
lenons, I at bojio is entertained b)
iic iniysicians mat ins life will lie
Today rumor were current that Mnf'
'uijiolo is one of the two assassins who
ire responsible for tba ;niirder of Abo
jut tno investigation by tho police nu
Usui's snows mat no nail no con nee
ioa with tho crime. That he was dcen
y impresfcd by the of Okadu
mil dcclred to emulato him Js glvci
is tho motive for bis attempt 'at self
Dramatic End of Okad.r,
All now'snuncr in Toklo tndav nrini
id tio iartculars oftbn biirakiri of
Jkuda It is now known that bo was
'i student and a native if I'likimkn
D'rcfietiirc, not Olto a nrovluuslv re
I ported,
Oliada made a dramatic exit. He
ipiend a birgn man of (!hiiiu mi the
floor und sitting upon It calmly stab
I In. I t. .... If flM... It I - t
"'i ii nr "i ihi iijoiiu irum uv nccp
is hi iilidiiuieii am Ibroot tinted tjv
r bit of t hump territory on the map
I utv effort is being made by the
'4lco und the detective to nrre.it the
tin r lupuiiii) iihMimln, btil so fur
iliiit mi ' TImimjJi limy art' work-
iig da iiim luiflif, (Iiey have no clow
o win riuijiut ,f io nmrilertr.
rorclt'i) Olice Again fltorined,
Tl'ii Jiipuii'i'ii formgu oltlcii was
Ht u iiuiiiiii f,.iiiyht by unr ulti
'ii T fn.t llial III llulfrs warp
ll nil H' I ii .imu r und lliul I be IUf
I ,M n plh u ill) ll)SIK0)
M f'"i Illi loiiiKU u4l' wily lif
ml 1 , r .i luiiiuuii ,Muj tiuUQ
A r 1 1 'I'll dnvbu ,t lliii nullr of
i) it in i in furc. Jb nilHi', i lie riiiUirs
hi'i It. in 1 1 ii mi I iini ..ii
' lu .g. In 1 1 1) HI
I I I ".l M.l,. Hi ., I,)
N "' I II III I i.HH.HJ JflpSU ,
i ii i JM 114 lii pruui in
I I ' " . ,111111.1 II I.I 14 Illllt'Hi
I ' Jl I'l(( , .' I.'l lllvll.llll u
. . ..Ii. tu ' 1 1 ui ttbu nit
i i i i. I i i i i,i J ,p0iiii'
' I .1 , Xiplli. Ijm I
i. I Idf I 'ii'H1 .Jiinauil
' i n u swutl to Uln
i " lmb It l IVMhji
i i i I. ilM J Vim J lll
i . n hJi In m
' t bf J.ij
Program of Entertainment and
Business Presented at Session of
Committee on Conference Banquet,
Theater, Auto P.ides and
Instructive , Lectures and Discussions
to Fill the Hours.
IVoKreim in ail coiniuitteer prcpar
iuj plans for Uic Ciwc t'ou.fercc to'
be held from .September 20 to i wns
rejrtcd at a meeting of Ibe general
committee yvtcrday afternoou. ( iajr (
man 1'red i, Waldiou presented a ten ,
tative program, the outline of I
each day's entertainment and business i
which was adopted. Tho details under
eacn ncad will lie Idled out by a ipe
cial committee of ninth lil Towse Is
the bead.
The committee adopted the rciolt or
a sub-committee for a banuuet .to .Li
Biven at tho itoana Hotel. Tuesday
.... .. . . . '
vrcniiiir, i5'jiiemiier .s. iri aOilition to
the delegate from the commercial and
civic organization", about twenty.five
invitatiou will be olliriaU.
Including Acting Governor
uencrai i uuston and aide, ucucral Macomb
and aide, tho Presidents of the
chamber of commerce, merchants' asso.
elation, commercial club and ad club, f
and a few others.
As omc of the out island dclegatos
may be accompanied by their wic
lllo commit tft. ivill rn.i.riil ., hi.,.I,.h ...
the opera house for them that cveiiuis.
...... .
l...t .1 :
mat in.-.v may miiicss a .jiroauct.pu or
tho Virginia Hriseac company.
1'hn finilfirn ...iimnfttnA . v,.....n.l r,.. ...
-' -..-.
able progtcss in collecting fluids, about
u.. n.iMni; .juicauy ucen suu
Autos Will BeEeady.
liobert W. Hhinglc and Krcd C. Smith,
the committee appointed to sccurp aiito
Sw the round-the-island trip, for Sun.
i5)f, Mopteinber 21, rciorted that the
fVfJ"H"1 be on hand nt
Jino in the forenoon iu, front of thp
promotion committee rooms.
On Monday everting, when roads will
be the Kiihipi't. itmlfir ,1laM'.iu:,.n n u
3cro will iiresent a paper on road build-
.. ..u.i nfli hip., iiesignaio others to
iiresent road to the conference.
City ilngincT Whitchousc will
oc among these.
On Tuenlav evening, when
and Industries"
is to be the subject, Dr. H. V. Wilcox
'r the federal experiment station, will
open the discussion with n paper in
he will touch upon pineapples,
rubier, dairying, tobacco, nlgnroba
Jieans, sital and niiny other products.
He will also bo askc1 lo irpiiaro an
The conference will open at nine
t clock Monday, September 22, instead
it half-past nine, following tho call,
nig of ibe roll, the address ot welcome
will be giien b" former Governor Geo.
It. Carter, after which there will be a
temporary organization followed by the
permanent or;aniiiitioti. The business
of the session will Mien bo opened, pro-notion
being flic subject. This will
yo bundled primarily by h. A. Thurston.
yVili View Regatta.
The Island delegates arriving on the
Manna Ken will bo met by a local cpin.
nitteo representing all the coujmerrial
organizations. Ju the forenoon tho
delegates will be guests aboard the
steamer Kluaii, which is to be anchored
in .the harbor along the regatta course.
A bnrket luncheon will bo served
aboard. Ladies accompanying the
lolegatep will be welcome on tio boat.
Kd Tow'so w, juuit.,l as "Capluin" pf
the vescl on Ibis occasion.
Tho entire list of delegate named
from the chamber of rnniiew, merchants'
JIMQCiMtioii, (Jomiiiercjal Club,
und Ad Cjuji f as follows:
C. (I. HoHus, Jeorge A. Hrowu, Albert
Wafrhouse, C, (j. HeUer Jr., .1. M.
Young, V. Jl. Milnerny, Gcorgn JU
Angus, I'red C, Hmllh, .1. J'. ( lilld, f.'Jnp
unco H. Cooke, fjeorgo W. Biulth, T. M.
L'lnirili, VM Towe, GenrKe II. Cnitis,
I'.. H. I'lins, Olio Jler)ijib,,JI, II. Trent,
lame I,, Mil.oun, 15. A. II, lon, .1. M.
Hnwuett. (J. J', Wider, K. A. llendl,
fl. J'. Jliu.h, ilohn JJn'w, .A. fljlmnn,
i. i. n. I, i. IIISIIIHIII),
f. A. IliilrJi. I'red T Wildruii. .. W,
Wilngle, JJ. '. Won.), J.' ),. Himiiat,
li. V.. IJiiijf, i', II, 'ncr, ,. fooj'r,
inni ,..,., ul.fi.i, ir.,iiii.. ,, ii if.. rPi.. ,.i.... ii
,.,...,., ..fMi.n.w. l til llMWIffl,,
if, )uiiiiwiii, .1 i. iiui ii, i' a ntviri
Murine Tilings
Jlv Kslmku WlreJcu,
Tl Hiiili Mu v fin y nullm
TIm4Ii I'lildWU I'lMlliriii), wlUtil UM
l'MI (UtWIIUW SMJIIil 111 Alusisn UMJfl
lul lUu lil MVWiJ WMlltis Is Sgtjli
Ji4iJ !ntij IIuuImIm 'J'lrf kmi
tt in iuuh witb linkuku wir&m
iii viybi u'nii'uii iiii mgbt ii wn
lllKII mnu lllltllJfCfj K4it J MMI 'l
. iii, . , w,i , nut tvM iii im m& m )
Iluhifli'ii' lfln, 'I'lni TUMI Wpi.lo
iu mint i.Mr limwiii mfMfiulMH I
JJHbMrM till IMW IU tuMil Will' IlM
Ulu Mr umf WllMwm, JmwmI Id
ku V'iummu J m 44 wilt's u
ii, 1 1 tii miiiwii n u4 li ! 'Pltfi
il'l"iii., i.puiUil tm J'i'Ui uiibjis Jl
Collrt Ruling Deposes Her
As First Lady of New York
(Hy Federal Wireless
KINGSTON, .New York, 31. (Speeinl lo Tim .Advertiser)
.Justice IJunhnitick if llic Kupruiiii! court nf the Stale today
dPcidcdtluitjyoyiyjKir Sulzcr" vns fliid whilo
mvaitinjr iiiiiciicliiiiciit tiiul b divtiitcd of the riiilit to uxcreihe his
executive functions, including the potver to pardon.
The ipiCKtion of thp li'tinlity of Kulcr'u iiiiju'iteliiueiit cmiie beforv
.Justice llaslirouck in comifctioii with habeas corpus proceedings
brought to compel I In- New York City nuthorilicK to Junior (Jovernor
Sul.er's pardon of Jioliin, the hanker convict. He decided
that KoliinV pardon was invalid, qiiaslied tlie writ, and sent Ifobiii
back to prison at Illackwells Island.
Fly Almost Lost Eye, Also Fat Ox
Jt Jt Ct & .'8 j
Lusty Bullock Juggled by Gar Fender
John I'ly came. i?car oin un eye, a
fatted buiioek reeelved u severe shaking
uji, und rur'18 of the Honolulu
Itujiid Transit & Land ('omjmiiy was all
but wrecked when it ran into n huiirh
of cattle heine; driven to market on
I.iliha street near Wilder avenue at
(ighMwi'ntY o'clock Inst niRht.
Otto I.udlnlT. mnnacer of the Kanco
lie ranrh, who with several vaticros,
was ilriviu" a liuncli of fifteen bead of
Republican Attempt to Keep tho
Amendments Out of Conference
(Jly IViliral Wns Tolsgrajdi.)
WAHJIKT().V, 'jilwilir ll.
(Kjiecjal lo Thu AiUurlltor) lly h
von4"nf 87 in W), hIoiik jrty IIijik,
till' boimc toiny iMeriiilnnd In mud lb
lurlT bill, willi ll"" s(nnti,'7
dirmt lo Hitful.
I icon iHtuttt lo Jiuvn lbs HiurndiHsnt
MiiisliNniiJ in Hie iwnt tir WM6
(Minimi afiir u jrllsmi iluhfit, i.i
Um whii h iju nilin'iHy hmwJIiJ tin
u K ruin liitiirjbi in by lliu IwmimI.
Tin umfntim who U Imiw ituiimt
wpnn it ivfirnMNt lb Uimm nud wku
Hill m IwlWlllly M'U0ul"'V'l ll", 'f
UifisnHMliMi IiwImi il), KH'Ium.
JIlo nud JliMIll, Iwumnuit, I'uyui'
nut l'unly, HimWtmi, sml Uui
ib"s, I'lwriiMi'x, all uiubr til i'
WIX d mun iMMMlll
riviSfr -wt - snwii
mm twih',' ih nvi'i
i0 Winlis '(vgnti'i i
iuiwru, mthiIim ii
iM'iuisl iv Tk A4t4Ht'i it'MmUDt
WtUuK it m til 'ik Ibv UrllT
sUutfliiiU IJmI i lfl .l"Kfli.i. I'll
lilt. ..Il.llil I tlt ll"" l "llil'l.
llslnl'sbllt, li
tattle to the Honolulu market, says
that ovvry ircrimtiun was taken lo
Kiiard iixaiuit an incident nud that tho
ur strur): the bullock despite thesn
prrcnulioiiY. The falling miininl struck
a luirsii beini; ridden by b'ly nud ho was
thrown to the j;riiiiiil his right eyo
ftrikin;: tho iur i:s ho fell. His injury
is not thought to be serious. Tho
wu badly hurt, it la said. Tho
front f nder o' the car was wrecked,
but none of the occupants was injured.
Issues an Ultimatum to China,
Which Ik Required to Ajc.
cept Terms at Once.
(lly J'wluruf Wireless Telegraph,)
l'1'.in.VU, fcuplnmber 11. (Special to
Th Adviillsor) .JnpniiDso di'inundi
WlpUa out of th illlin iif snvcr,tl
,lijwnMi nt A'unklai; went presont'vl
In Iho Cliliii i) (niuniuiunt tmU.v,
TIhimkIi full dUII worn not B)alliibi',
U0Uilit IvflUIIMItluil H lilcanCjj tu
tilUW I Ullt III (MMftttdi l)vl' Mt
uiuunut to un iiltiwutuiu. Aii mmUiny
hn Iwdwtiiilty ami tho Hiiil)iii!Ht iif (ho
ullly obhiUrf nud otfUInU In Viiutihi
Mm duiaud nud 11m i'IiInsi iifo
u mirt tb Urws without Jv
tuy ami ilhnul any liii'drln((,
ai iiu, .ispantfw. iuai inn br it was
aid Ibm Hid lUuiauds of th JajMiiyga
ytiaiiirul aam Mfprlslwi(ly HUhlniHlt
aad I ha I la vlay of llunr 'Mhkb
mi., and llic piflille vsfilawaul iiidvmI'
ml In Ja an uudun i8Kll)ijllii
in .iiiiinliilsil ifiwlluai') uu Iliy W u(
Ibf i IjIiii'w gwilluuirl.l iuuIiJ l&t ba
li d .iiJ ai ' i.,uaa ffalan
I nm nm Ik i'wn' imm
imnnfi Utti nu liivt li
luaai wvar lu l'iloaal
twav kliili fai lm l'h 'hr M MMMM
ii Ails If . iuaWi'riav " '"' ''
ii ! i
VOL t NO 17 lMiOI:UU. HAWAII IlKKllOKY. MM)V. .H'lTKMr.l K 1.. Pi I I WHO! I NUMIUiR. 3843
Special Agent of Madhouse Is on
His Way to Take Fugitive Back
Jerome, Jubilant, Says He
Will Brook No Delay in
Where He Belongs.
(lly IVdoml Virelei Ti ltenli
i:O,HIIIt()0KK. Nm llau.; Ii S,
teinber 1 1. (Sjierial to llic ,l er
"apt. .loliu I.bii' (in ot e
York, nfrnt of th Muttenwan
AkvIiiiii for the criminal mi- i", w.n
this nftortiottu burning t i i i lirouli
to demand that .Jljiri K. Thaw I.e de
iiverml to him its bis keenri I..uiou
woa'illMyd'.it Ijineustrr In n break
doivLii of his auto.
WJtli u)inu whhb bad
been somewhat subdunl by the utle '
'triuuoiie and event
of Hie last twenty-four hours. Thaw be
nun his ireliminnr.v lilit with the do
rlarations that bi lawyers would nut
let V. T. Jerome "railroad" linn bark
to the asylum without u hard light.
Jerome, former district attorney of
Xcw Yoik, who is bere as a sjioeial attorney
genera! of the Htato of New-York,
said that th? extradition
woubl be runliod with tho
"Vic will try to jmitnto Canailiau
eelentv," raid Jerome. "We shall not
allow iiiild,lin to" interfere with the
transfer of Thaw back to the limatie
asyjum, where ho IjclonK"." In fact,
Jerome indicated strouxh that he had
from (lovcrunr Samuel IVI
Iter of ew mid Attorney
d'eneral James H. Tuttlo that there
would be no delny jn khIiik thn fugitive
a licarini; in the extradition
lit UlVtt
(Hy 1'edcral Virelis Telesraph.)
COHI.KNZ, (lerinany, Hcptember
11. (Hjiecia! to The Adicrtiser)
I'our persons wero Instantly
killed and seventeen others injured,
two probably fatnlly, Hour
lluchculieurcii today when u biplane
suddenly dived iiinoup; spectators.
A woman iud u boy were
cut to jiieces by tho liijilano's propeller.
A man was decapitated
and a patrolman's skull was
eriished. The spectators wero
watchiuc tho flight when the biplane
divel among them without
$ H
(lly lVilcml Wireless TelcRnipbO
1'OHTIfANI), September
to Tho Advertiser)" Just say that I
am through with rreddio Wolfh and
that I am K'nk' back to ban l'raiicisco
to accept tho lirst Ud dlfht olVt'r I
receive. If I don't Hud nnythliij;
for mo thcro 1 will leave fof Now
York." This was tho stnteiucnt of
Willie llitchle, IlKhtwiiiKht champion,
who spent a minute iu I'ortlaud lust
evening on roiilu to huu I'raliciscii from
Vancouver where ho called olf thu
twenty round bout scheduled for
20 with J'roddio Webb, because
of alli'Ki'd unfuii treatment.
ill Ji'ii'ial Wirel'iss '(I'li'iirnidi.)
I'l.ATIXH ltd. New Haiiiplnr, Hep
leinlir II Ihiiiuial In Tlie Adver
User) .In nun I'mlc), tbn taiHous
"slrisi lirriil.i i," iiml nt his buiua
heir loda.i of IHlMitiil4Niis. lie was
forty ears obi, anil 4uring Ihii lutlnr
yaar ol ln lift, when lie hud lo ul v
no hi. Irmuons work of lii'iikiiiu;
ilrili In 'liuliil uJniMilf to Imrw
isnnil dull. nHUfni'l flinii llu' l'
Iiu, i i i lie M i, mU. alto
imimowfi1 ohdjsh
tiiJ'.iiN daitln, ii. i l
Aasufislad I'ivm kbUO l'4.l hml,
uudr iiidlrliiufni la Volt lu IU'
MfuM.lllW llillOllM lit llfbkll"
aili'stfl nslirdi) l) u'dsi i I Allnfi'i
in in 'ul it . lii . in. 1 1 i nu. nl at.il
i,li l.'OI If
f 0
aHBHl lalallHiiallllllH
aillallK vl2allialllllllllllH
aHR ilPaalllallH
Major of Mow York, who died ot sea
Police Bu3y Yesterday Serving
Warrant? for Violations of
City Ordinances.
Two shots wero fuedj'rouijiiruvolvcr
held Ji; Yce WnuVTaful Yl MaiT"i.ad'
ilpiO? niorii'iiiT nt jjfinJ j'clocl,7ono
ol jvhich tool, effect in tho loft baud
of the Intlfr. Yeo Won Taf was ida'cpd
muter nrrcat find a charjjo of attempt to
niuiiler placed xiiKaIiist him, while, thn
Hounded man was taken to tho Queen's
Hospital fur treatment.
Tho to men, who am Koreaus,
on Jack laue, Xiiuanu, had nu
urfiiiiiit'iit over uiouev matters. Yeo
Won Till attempted to deeido matters!
ijuickly, when ho drew bin icvolver. Tho
jlrst shot missed tbn intended victim,
but the second took effect iu I.nd's left
baud. Tho bullet did, not pciictiato thu
muuiber, but made nil uly llcdi wound.
I'our warrants wero snrtrd lust nlKbt
nu Jiimi's W. Achuck fur vlolatine; Act
(I of tho Session Laws of lllKl,
to liionses. The warrants wero
sworn to by It. I. Iteedy, llrcniu collector
for tho city Kovermneiil. Achuelc is
churfjed with coudiirtliio; a moving
uboiv on AiifftiBt 'ii, 'li, 'M nud UO,
without first ubtuiuini; licenses therefor,
I, AV. Ilrbos wus jilacod under arrest
for funvus and heedless driving in an
auto, particularly at the comer of Klii(j
and Kalakaua uvcnuu on .Septembur H.
The warrant mis sIkuciJ by Motorcycle
Olflccr Chilton. Ainnui; tho witnesses
nalust Krbes U Miss Itcnn Ilcrtclinan,
slenourupher to Sheriff .larrctt, Miss
Ward, Miss l.ucy Ward, Miss (J. Wnrd,
K. Hutchinsoii, X'. Hchocninc and Ted
Cooke. Tho wurraiit alleges that Hrbes
drnvo IiIh car regardless of the safety
nf others. '
Kn Hlug. peddled cakes without a license,
nud was last evening arrested
by tho pojlco.
If, Ah Irong, 4I10 wealthy Chlnoso
merchant ,,was placed under arruit yesterday
nltcrnoon by Ollicer Kuiino for
oliUuctiiii; the sidewalk With
iu front of his place of business
011 Kmj; street, nenr the I Mitnmarket.
' " 1 '
f lly IViUrul Wireless TelcKriipb.)
WA.NIIJN'1'rO.N, Hcplfiuihiir
10 Tho AdvertisirlH. W
IhturiMiii, n West Viriiinlu coal operator,
dwlarml liifiiro the mhihUi luvitiu
lion iwiiiiMiiltae Uidnv that npurulnii 111
I'MMUayltnnin nud IllliioU Imn- uri'cd
with I tin llnitml Minn Wurkeis to limit
llui nf run I in Wnt Vir
l I'imIiihI Wind.... Tvtgrb.i
1 UlNlMIV HilMlil.ir 11 llrlsl
I if Thu M'liinn lli,.l,m.lui Well.
ha iiiu'lul nl' 1 n ' iu ll" Ui)
alwluilMsaa), "' tiuMUnd ag tcaufiNt
, ('tMlfiif for a iiiiu ilafval, b)
! suu'liiba' 'ii' iiiins'r M n, lU Iwaisf
iliaiapiou 1 ilu Ufili luuini l Ilia ''
iiubai muni hall
Death Was Duo to Heart Failuro
Caused hy Constant Coughing,
Result of Lodgment of Missile in
Throat Was on Way to Europo
for Benefit of His Health.
Strain of Campaign Aided in Exhausting
Him Adoiph Kline, a
Republican, Becomes Acting Executive
of City as President of
Board of Aldermen Body to
Be Brought-.Back.
(Hy IVderal AVircless Telegraph.)
NHW YOltlf, September 11. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Succumbing to
thu effects of an assassin's bullet which
two years ago lodged in his neck, Mayor
William .1. (Jayuor of Now York, diod
today aboard tho steamer Iinltic. f)cath
wns due to heart fulluro, caused by con;
stunt coughinu duo to tho bullet which
wounded him and which i)iuh,juicc, been
lodged at tho baeo of bin tongue. Ho
was vory weal; when taken on board
tho Ilaltic, which was dono secretly in
view of tho attempt to assnssiuatojilm
made tho lust timo ho started on a
Kuronciiu voyngo. Kiifus Oaynor, his
yon, vvJip was ncconiianyiiig the mayor
iu Ji)S'trll,'Vout tho following messngo
by wireless: , - -
"Abonid S. S. Ualticy Via Cook-lmvcn:
1'nlher died Wednesday ot ona
o'clock. Deutji was duo to heart failure.
Notify mother."
Tho cnpluln of tho ship also pont
word of Mayor Oaynor Vdivatji, by wireless
lo tjueenstowu. whero tho ?ljip ,W'I1
arrive. It wns expected tho Jjody .would
bo taken to Liverpool r.inilJrought back
from thuro to tho United Htntes for
burial, Though hourt failuro was givon
us tho Iinmedlato cause of mayor's
death, it was indirectly duo to tho bullet
from thu revolver of bis, assailaut,
Weakened Ills Heart.,
Tho ball lo.lgeil in (Inynor'a nack,
wlii'io it wns it constant source of discomfort
to him, and recently caused repeated
fits ot vomitingweukoning tho
victim's heart, gradually breaking
down his hcallh und compelling him to
spend much of his timo nt liis country
home. On tho day ho nulled ' Mayor
fiiiynor told I'rivuto Secretary Adam-son:
"I am constantly couching "and suffering
from iili'cssunt itching in my
thioat. It is terribly weukonlng nnd
wenring on me. I cough bo muoh that
I am ufiaid of weakening my' heart. I
feel sniuetiinrs us if ft would burst."
The strain nnd excitement of tho
mayoralty nominating campaign
was still further exhausting to
thn iigod city executive.
Mrs. tluynur, at tho
lollapscd when she hoard tho npiys, but
recovered and is uow lioiring up woll.
Too Weak to Speak.
M'hen notified of tho nouiinntjoii,
3, Mayor (Jayuor was too w"a(c
to apeak, nnd his ocRcptanco V'as rend
for him. Secretary! Alninsou described
him tod 11 v as having thrown hjmself
into 11 chiiir in hi olllco follovying he
iioinlii'itinn ceremonies und murmuring,
"I nm tired out." Ho added that hi
expectd tn remain but n short timo
in Ihigluud, depending nn tho two
ncross the A (bin tic rather than
his htn" nbroad to benoflt him.
With Oaynor's death, Adoiph Kline,
president of Iho board of uhlormen, u
llcptibllran,, become ncting' mayor. It
was uiiiiuuiiced ul tho city hull this
afternoon that Mpyor fjayilof's body
woiildle tukon liore it'four p'cofi:
inorniiig, wjion. is
sriifiiuiiHi 10 riuirii 4ueeiip)vnr II, Will
1 11 plnrpd aboard Illi) Cijdrjjl.'oijlng lit
seven 0 Vim k tomorrow iMiinilnuv
! ru ellhor iioxl .Thurs'iluv or
(lly 1'wdarul WirilM Tel'.Bmpli,)
WAHHIMiTiiN, Hvpianibsr I
(Nnril Ul 'fin. AiIvnlnr)"Ma)nr
(luyiwr wmi 11 ilmiij; inuu wllh a uanl
u tut umuIU Ufa," nhl BffQUry Jlry
w luda) iwi IsamlnK uf Hi inlh,
"llv was tlruai nul uuly in he trutM
lbi hv aiwwaiT ability lu ifi d(sju
tjiM ill JKlblU ijuiaiMU m Ids ffm
IsjIbliM ntv broad UM Jilu hrt
8Ul)sl4 lu rafuini JIU djtl Hill lm
bard iu nil i him dhlmMml o jrum
ul tils Uftlt b ''
mmtmmtlmmlil .yA'ia,

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