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Hans Schmidt Makes Detailed
Confession of One of Most
Brutal Crimes in New York
Police Annals; Commanded by
St. Elizabeth of Hungary, He
Cooly Tclb Examiner?.
Murdered Girl While She Slept
in ,Fiat Where Couple Lived
Clandestinely; Church Credentials
Branded as Forgeries;
Suspended for Misconduct in
Germany, According to Cable.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
NEW YORK, September 10. (Special
to The Advertiser) "It was by
command of St. Elizabeth of Hungary,
my patron saint, that I killed Anna
Anmnllcr," Hans Schmidt told rather
Luke Evers, the Tombs chaplain today.
"St. Elizabeth commanded mc to
offer up a sacrifice," he continued,
"and, like the sacrifice of Abraham,
it must bo one of blood. So I killed
Ann?. Aumullcr and drank some of hsr
blood to consummate the sacrifice."
After questioning Schmidt, Father
Even cr pressed tho opinion that the
letters and other .credentials which the
young man presented to Manager La
Velle, through which he obtained permission
to celebrate mass, were forg
eries. Tho Impression which Schmidt
gives, perhaps intentionally, is that of
a lunitlc. but the police are not sure-
whether his mind Is really unbalanced
or if hi is shamming. Expert alienists
will cz&micc him.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
NKW YOIMC, September 15. (tfpe
(i.il to Tim Advertiser) Hans Schmidt,
who confessed that ho wronged Anna
Aiimvller, then murdered her, drank
her blood, dismembered her body ami
threw the piece into the Hudson river,
was under scrutiny of both church,
medical and legal authorities today.
Tho church representatives sought to
determine whether ho Is a real or a
rhain priest. Tho doctors wero trying
to decide whether he is n real or a
tliam lunatic. The f.rosceutor's
were gathering tho evidence they
hope will send him to the electric chair.
Smiling at home in his cell at tlm
Tombs, Schmidt talked calmly and
jieculiurly with his visitors, gave nil
tho detail of perhaps the most shocking
murder in New York's folic,c history
without a sign 'of emotion, and
to nil appearance failed entirely to
com prebend tho tcrioiisncs of his own
l'onitlon. Coroner 1'clnbcrg declared
that ho never saw so marked u case
of dual crsouaIity,
Dual Personality.
"Oho side of his facp wears a sanctified
expression, just-such a ono would
expect on tho faco of a priest," said
the coroner. "Tho other side is marked
l.y a devilish brutality. From one side
tlm eyes have n beatific naze. I'rom
the other ship, n diabolic leer."
It was learned today that Schmidt
mnde his confession In much detail,
Unwell lie dive ut different times dif
ferent reasons for tho murder. At one
(inn lie tniit that lie killed tint girl
Icniun) Iiii ovil derj at another that
he feared on account of tint relations
lie had lind with her ids rniiselciim
would trouble him If lio permltled I er
i live, nml nt stil nnotlier that nt.
'UrtirlU liliu to take hi
vjttni'g life.
Met Olrl t Parish House,
lie met Mis Auniullcr, u bvuiillful
Cenimii firl u( twenty two, Kelimldt
raid, whi'e the was working In the
iMipsli linntn of fit. Hoiiifiiee I lunch
In ew York. Hdjmilt. Iiliinelf wis a
ninitu ul hi, Hoiilfacn Chureli at tho
line, lut whs lalw lruifnrre. ti Hi,
,Iiisijdi t He t'Oiillliuml, linwiiHT, In
lileel Miss Animiller liiiiilitlncl,v for
Ihu weeks iiftr l fill tw dlx'lwrKI
I'tniij bur ilu in the piirMi Iioum iiii
iieimni of ir loixhllon, tht rwut of
I if riiiiioii wild rJiliinl'lL
MuidM CJfrl III nn,
It vtu on Itiif mJuIij of HtitHuliT7i
HliiMi.il . .iiluiid, llMl lus kilUI I bo
voi. nu wumsu iu u HBi Lui lisd rsjlnl
. ii i r ne iKiiio u AwHuAtbii, nu4 l
mn U i' i'S'1 iMiivu Um Aumullix, In
Ifi.iim iii lur h Ilk II wui
ii i I iir l' lij, ui b lpl, itrttsy
Mj N kind rM Iwr iMIkMI mi 4i
ii st i uitvr ufsntisst linr Nl
'W suit I'riHiibiNj, ItvMUMir iw M4
imiii,. it4ih, lfl lici , 'id, I In
I "I !! III lllV Of I III I I'UNil .liall.rUI
I 1 1 1114 till
I ii ill im y i i - i
I '.,1 ll.l ll.illK .., --..,
. i i. iii. tki ) Mf U
it ill Ik.. nl ii B km ui HNy
Franklin K. Lane is Now
Planning Trip to Honolulu
So rrctaryyjf. Interior at Berkeley, Recovering From Breakdown
at Sa:i Francisco, May Come to Islands; Plans Under
Way Already fcr His Reception.
(By Federal Telegraph)
BHHKKLWY, Unliforiiiii, September IS. Kr.iukliii I. L.inc,
of the interior will, unless intwoiit plans full ihrmicli, visit Hawaii
)vHliiu (lie tiu.tt fow weeks. It wiih iixiuttunvil today thut hu
w toimiileriiijr ;t vnyup to Honolulu before- ruttiruiii;; to his work nt
WnhltiiiKtoii. lie believes that I In' cluuico would be of bemtlit to
liim allljoimh he in fast (ecoverinir ii.s health, mid bo iiIm wishes to
Wither information in rujiiird to I In Territory at lir.st hand.
An hooii iis it is learned definituly that Sexrotury Lime is coming;
arrangements for his rueeption unci entertainment will be made hy
the territorial ofliuials ami the Democratic lenders, it was stated hint
'There Will Be
. .?
Miss Brcssee is Determined to Forget
Planning a long stay in the Islands
away from reminding her of
incident Miss Gertrude
of Jlrs. P. Bressce
ami heroine of an unfortunate romance
arrived on the steamship Sierra
Tho young woman was rctircnt about
her broken engagement with Vincent
G. (jclcich, the young Ids Angeles politician
uii'1 Hull Hoowr, which is the
Fugitive From Matteawan Given
Into Custody of the United
States 'Marshal.
(By Federal Wirelers Telegraph.)
COLKUHOOK, New Hampshire,
IS. (Special to The Advertiser)
For the first time in his stormy
career, Harry K. Thaw today found
himtelf in the custody of the United
bratcs government. United States
Marshal K. I'. Nute arrived hero with
an order from United Htatea District
Judye Agar Aldricb directing that he
bo given custody of Thaw, jointly with
.Sheriff Hol'nan Drew of Coos county,
as the result of the federal writ of habeas
corpus signed by Thuw'n lawyers
Thaw was delighted at the new turn
of a If airs.
"William T. Jerome or no one else
can railroad nio while Uncle, Bam is
about," said Thaw, cheerfully.
The fugitivo spent several hours
writing a long "question and answer"
interview with himself, giving the do-
tail of his flight and deportation from
Canada and describing his sensations.
It is expected that Martial Xute
will L'llto Tfiaw to Littleton, New
Hampshire, tomorrow morning, as the
writ is returnable, there tn tho United
States court Tuesday uiomiuj; ut eleven
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
JfKW YOltIC, September 15.-(Special
to Tan Advertiser) Frederick. L.
Colwcll of Voukors, regarded as a star
witness against Governor Hulzer at hi
furthcoming trial on impeachment
charges, ban disappeared according to
announcement today by tho assembly
board of managers.
raw, lie rut tho body Into nine partsi
Knell fragment, ho said, ho wrapped up
n'pnriitiily Jn heavy paper. Ho mii'lo
five trip from tint flat to the river
with tliu bundles, dropping ona or tyro
Int'i tint water on each trip until all
WIT" llispOU'd of.
(Hy Ftiilnml Wireless TelfgrHpli
MKW yolIK, Moiitvnihcr K (V
'in! Iu 'I'Uu iilMler i liiii(jiinr
Mouwkv, wur nt I till lllOMWll ii f
hvw YuiU, tUiiity roofed tk folk'
ld bl HMtiiJt (turn U kiri4ry
lit lit l4lMtJl U( itlUH, (iUfsUMMfl
"J M4l MH t lulMfrMljufvli
u n ftfi00t u( Itu jMt (if Mniu,
urdaii.nij iii I Will Umi II war flftiil M
uli U humi ul ttunfttimi tmwt) nm
vnsii'i i. iIii Ih'iBjmi titwiur l
.uiiii. mil .1 limye I )Ufiiii if
''i ' ' '' WiuuiHj
ii '- i i ' '"'it Utmm h
n in mn
No Reconciliation"
k .
direct result of her present visit to Hawaii.
"I have nothing to iay about my
trip to Honolulu ami nothing to deny
nliout that engagement," sho said, yesterday,
."We havo brnkiin it and there
will never be a reconciliation. Wc havo
cpmc to Honolulu for n visit nml will
probably be here a lone time. During
our stay we will visit the Volcano ami
otbr places."
jrrs. Krcssce accompanies the young
IieircsA, ami the party in .nt present
stopping at the Mooiia Hotel.
Manuel Garcia Who Killed Friend
at Aiea, Hangs Himself in
County Jail.
Strangling himself with a blanket In
his cell In the county juil yesterday
aftcrmion at six o'clock, Manuel Garcia
expiated his murder of Anton
at thoAlea ranch of Hlioriff Jar
sett, two weeks ago.
The man took advantage of an opportune
moment when the nctiwty in-the
jail was greatest nnd knotting hh
blanket into a loop, placed it around
his neck, hung Jt on tho hammock hook
and deliberately strangled himself.
When found his knees were hanging
a few inches from the floor.
Ah is customary with all murderers
awaiting trlar a guard inspected his
cell every few minutes, day and night.
At only a few times in tho day's routine
docs the interval vary and ono of
these Is when the cells are being locked
on tho prisonors at six o'clock.
This was tho moment he selected and
'choosing the corner nearest nnd to the
right of the door, the hanging body
could not bo scon through tho bars. On
tho next round, when tho guard failed
to see him on hi? mattress as usual,
ho notified tho turnkey. Tho cell mut
unlocked and tho body was found. Life
had been extinct but a few seconds.
Tho body Is now at tho morguo and
an inquest will bo held, possibly today,
by Deputy Sheriff Hose.
Garcia, aged GO, and Wacnckas, aged
19 wero employed by Sheriff .larrett on
his Aiea ranch, the former for about
seven inonthx and the other man about
five. Friction sprang up between thorn
and on tho evo of tho removal of Garcia
for that reason, ho bought a revolver
nml shot IiIh companion four
times. Dacncka lived only long enough
to give tho name of his slayer.
tliu obwirvation ward In the Tombs thut
hu is Insane.
"As fur n I kuow there Is no Ilev
i'WH'l Father llrtns Seliuililt III New
urk who Is u ItuiiMiu Catliiille priest,"
rind Iteteri'ii'l J'ntlier Nteplien of tlm
' MthnllK CiitlieiJial vcsterilny, wlilln
dlrniMing tlm tory of the arrest f the
iHiemlo.prl'wt who Is ueeiited of nnirder
ihu miuh .Mummer.
I "We have here li lute illrwtnr)'
In nuiies of all the Itomaii
' ' uttuiliv prJW in the 1'iiltml Hint
mul imwluire uiiii ids iiuiim of Hans
Moluiiblt bit fowinl, 'I'd ui' lire four pur
IIih in Kmm Vurk MNiunl Mt. iluii'l'li '
um in (tie Hit ui pvrlil'iv nt ew Yuik
if III iHiwlmy hI'U fulls n(lve
mum iw" i hi ii nllg4 plt. ttoiiutr !
I W tit NiMH' V p'lll )M lt
itwtHiW iw lilt Wt) ilup of IIhhm
rvitW uiMktm t ul Mi uiitlm lUl
lb mm 1 n M)Mff turn St Ml l
tl .wtiiisW wit tW I'ttitm 4M
ut hut Twll ui elM iu ilm L'bII
I vt HUl '
Hon. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary
planning trip to Hawaii to get
sssssssssssssssHsVS Jt"!. ,ttlbb 1
fssssssssssssJ'i 4tssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssUK ' "
MissssssHHN' ti lisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssB
,isssisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssH tHBitississssHiissisliHtsV
lssssssssssssssssssssssssslssssssssssssssssB8lffifSss V
" ' iissssssssssssssssssssiisssssssssssssBPiisfc N-- i pPi8i3BjBp
3?.W"4V ti &
Friends in Broadcloth and Rags
Pay Tributo to "Big Tim"
(Ry Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
N'KW VOltK, September I.". (Spe
cial xo i ne iiuvcriiser; iwoiiiy
thousand people, a fe.v in broadcloth,
the vast majority in humble garb, and .
many actually in nigti, .lined the How-cry
today when the funeral carrying
"Hlg Tim" .Sullivnn's body rolled
through the historic old thoroughfare
of old St. Patrick 'a Cathedral In Mott
street. Twenty congressmen as nu es
tort of honor marched bciidti tlio car
and hundreds of followud.
Nearly all the buildings uu tho Itowcry,
.Mott street mid others iu the vicinity
wero draped iu mourning.
!(-. $
H (Hv Federal Wireless Teleflrnph.)
c WASHINGTON, Hepleiul.nr U
frtywliil to The A'lvRrtlsur)
l'liate ot Hawaii
I ii trod ii .'I'd a bill in the liMuo to
dav for nu upproprmtion of i'iim,
'mil for a Duwuiiuii uxlilblt at thu
fun Hxpositiou in 1UI6.
infMui'iis fwi
posse m M IIIAIL
Illy I'.'.lin! U,i,l, -, 'I Ii umdi
ilCHI'lll '.iiuii fcviiUiifliiir I .
('Mi ml Iw 'the JiiIi.i) ) ,ul .
vhpiiiis Mini i'iiiiiw mi Mini ruing Ii'
MMWtrt "liuul Miniplii lurH4 fluUer,
8 luiMHf, ttbu shut U4 IlilUsJ s Ml lie
Mil fWII lui. lluslM IHU'"' '
Mattui ut uIm ( - i . i i
kiim 1...... !:.-.- '
lMr, bis bulb ill Jw utHi Ul tl;
Mr Jtutiiv itmlw,
of the InUrior who is now
in touch wish conditions.
Leading Members of Party Dominant
in Nation Plan
in Hawaii.
A cleaning up of the Democratic
in lluiiolulu uud lhroiighnut
the Territory is being planned, it is
said, by a number of Democrats
ulio heretofore havo stood by and
the organization licing dragged
into disrepute by heelers surrounding
Banana duck Kalikuala.
The first meeting with this purpose
in (imv was held last night. O. W.
Ashfonl presidud. Quito u number of
Deirui rats wero in littciuliiiicii. (lllbort
.1. Waller, who returned yesterday from
Wasli'iigtun, was iimoug tho speakers.
lie told of tho need of getting- tho
Hemixratic party on a solid footing in
the Territory, of the absolute neceBity
of luulng the nrnaulzatloii in tho hamls
,.f intellieiA, honest men nml of
the nntional organization that the
IHmoeints in Hawaii urn different than
uou'il prooalily be glouued from tliu
tenor of some of the moMugc which
luixe lioeii cHldoil to Washington from
the Dunocratie orguiiizntlon
iu Hawaii and vouched for by sup-
repriiiitiitlvii inoinl.ors of tho
part;. Him lava ueoii vlsltiuif washing-Ion
trom lloaolulii,
. tlm inetiii liikt night n commit-
lee is MJI to bftVS hi'liu lUHKllllted til
out I' ne a elan for ronrgMulMUon. This
iiiiiiinittei. m ill report ul ii niiHitlntr to
lui i ailed later. Pour wuilMr of tie
. .iiinii ii 4. aru .Judyo Wilder, NcuNtnr
i ii, i., V,'itmtul t'lty Tteasiirer
Mi Jiitli.
OTainse i drlaykd
ii I leibl Wirnldw Til"iupli.)
MS nt. Si 14 J, MiriileiiiUi r,, -
i p. mi 1 1 Tin Adrvrtlm ,
'lut l"iri srliiih wat to H ttA
Mwjwr imhi ti, liunh, ewWr majyr
of ' rim iliy fin "1 M IW'
did Hut HMtVM ' l"ltW
,-if llugltm ukmitd fluti . l
inning ui imm I'ceu piifn4
SLI.,,1 In III,
Iron Man Coming:
Back to Lead in
Another Revolt
Porflrio Diar, Former President
of Mexico to Be Aided hy
Nephew, Felix Diaz, in At.
tempt to Overthrow Huorta.
(Hy Federal Wileless Telegraph.)
Ni:" Oltl.llANy, September 1.1.
(Special to The Advertiser)
That the former I'rcsldent of .Mexico,
l"rtlrin Din?., and his nephew,
Felix, will be at the head of a, revolt
against I'rovrslonal President
within tno nmntlii wns asserted
hern today by Carlos
leal, former attorney general of
Mexico, un 1i!h way to lhiropc.
rinttcrs ngniust the llucrta regime,
Villerciil itddml, will confer with
the elder Diaz nt llinritz.
(Uv Federal Wireleis Telegruph.)
SAX FHANC1&CO, September
IB, (ypecial to The Advertiser)
The 1'ni'lfie Mall liuor I'eru,
from the eit const n Mexico,
mndu u special cull ut ifuu7.anlllo
and brought from that port a largo
number oC refugees from all parts
of Mexico. Many of them camo
out in respjuse to President Wilson's
warning, which among tho
AinericiuiM in Mexico is regarded
as the first step toward Intervention.
Tho majority- of those who arrived
on tlm 1'c.ru declared that intervention
will be necessary to restore
order in the trouhhd Republic.
President Wilson's nusir.'e, they
fay, has had the effect of Increasing
tho activity of the bandit
horde who have been making lifo
miserable all over Western Mexico.
(Uy IVderuI Wireless Telegraph.)
HICAOIHT, Now Jersey, September
15. (Special to Tho Advertiser) A
world's rillit record for bull's oyos on
a live hundred yard rango wit' a
target was establish jil here
this iifternooii by ('apt. W. H. rtichards
of Ohio, lie hit twonry:threo times in
u row without u miss.
(Hy 1'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
SAN rHANCIBCO, September 10.
(Spocial to Tho Advertiser) Murdering
his wife by cutting; her throat with
a butcher knife iu her apartments nl
Jin Uough street this afternoon, .1. V.
Hogan committed suicide iu tliu bath
room of a house ut S'Mi Oolileu Gate
avenue, where he hud been living tducu
lie separated from Mrs. Hogan two
weeks ago alter a violent ijuarrcl.
(Ity Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
GENOA, Italy, September
to Tho Advertiser) Persistent
inors of irregularities led to the beginning
ot an investigation today into
the admiiiisfration of tho aviation corps
of tho, Italian army. Sensational revelations,
aru expected,
1.11. ! I I
(Ity I'Vileral Wireless Telegraph.)
I.OS ANtlllliKK, Sojitembcr 13.
(Special tn The Advortiser) Petitions
to initiate an light law in
California ale being circulated with the
baokiiig, of the congregations of one
huudraiin.os Angeles churches.
A nivslerbi'iH orrainl will end
three detectives out tn the Pucltle
Mail liner Manchuria this morn
lug What It Is the police ppifeas
nut In know and so do such steum
hip iilUmiils of the agents, ,
lilies fehl (V I nniiMny, im cniild bo
wit a. 'I'll o pnllun ii
Vtill nut dlsi'UM the muttnr ujnipt
In My Hmt they have rnelvel
sui'li riul ami will hIjh)' It,
llntifelil ulllaluU tlHli tlutt
Mtitklim uhuut (i mid
IlltU IU I'MliUiH WHt hi wlm
4i IhM.1 iu fur lb UmW. II if kumh,
f wyevnr, ht ! i&lMti ilw mww 4
flujy lUvltfiiU k iiiulujwjr tiid 4
f Ml Ibti IMM4MI hf Mil bs r
mm bX iw mun n ismhwii. t
flr f f
Executive Committee Arranging
for Civic Conference Beginning
Next Saturday Will Make Territorial
Highways Ono of Leading
Questions. Discussed During
Many of the Best Known Citizens
of tho Territory Included in
List of Speakers and Delegates
Who Will Be Present During
What Promises to Bo Interesting
While there will bo other subjects
full of meat uud interest discussed ut
tho civic conlcrenco which convenes
hero next Monday, tho liuiln, and
topic Is going to bo
roads. subject which is near the
heart of every business man, resident
and citizen of Huwnii is allotted sever
al hours ou too program In order thut
it may bo thoroughly covered by experts,
and by diiciissiun.
Originally, it had been intended to
devote but tho Monday oveuing session
to roads, but at u meeting the oxecu
tivo committee which is arranging for
tho conference, held yesterday, tt was
decided by unanimous consent that the
people, tho delegates to tho conference,
and the arious cynnnereial bodies wero
strongly desirous of hearing all tbcro
is to bo limrd on' tli'o subject of roads,
and consequently, the papers ou this
subject will be read Monday ovonlng,
fulluned by n discussion which will be
taken up again Tuesday murnfrig and
continue until half-past twclvo o'clock."
Xload Building Topic. , ," '
"The Itolutlou'of Politics to Honda,"
is going lo lie tho subject' of uno of
tliu papers, ami ,nn effort will bo mado
to liuo county supervisor discuss the
niiuucc.i ami oilier mutters pertaining
to road building.
Iu order to prevent all this discussion
from ending iu nothing, resolutions
aro to be prepared and Introduced, ono
calling on the next legislature lo authorize
tho issuauco of another $1,000,-(HU
loan fund bonds In order to complete
tne belt road systems ou tho Islands
of Hawaii, Oaliu, Maui and Kauai
The estimate of tho sum. required
is that of It. W. Shinglo, who also
declared that as good roads wero'suro
tourist getters, tho promotion committee
was inlet rated in the work, and
that another resolution should urgo a
territorial appropriation for the promo
tiuu committee.
Public Invited,
Ono announcement which tho execu
tive committee wisli to make as cm.
phatic us p.issible, is that tho public,
-without exception, is not only Invited
but urged to intend nil the sessions ot
tho convention lor the committee feels
that the mutters to be taken up are
those which affect tho entire community
and tho discussions and the papers can
not help lint lie of tho greatest benefit
in creating the sentiment necessary to
secure tho fulfillment of tho alms of
the convention.
Auiniicr notice of pith and moment
dirVltei 1 In tho delegates ot tho vari
ous Ouhu commercial bodies, that either
they or their organizations' will bo
expected to pay for their tickets to tho
.Muana pampiet 1 iiesdny nigut.
It was deuided that ou the
trip of tho visiting delegates
next .Sunday, tho visiting Mouieu should
accompany them if they so desire, and
that the executive committee should go
with the guests on the tour.
The meri'hiiiits of 'the' city will bo
nuked to decorate their business houses
In ordor to show thut there is u real
live convention iu town.
Program Tractfcally Complete
The program for tho convention us It
will stand, mi ve possibly for u few
minor (hiinges, Is us follows;
Saturday, September "!0I a.m.
Delegate received ami escorted to ho
tela ami reslilunsiM lr Ail Club.
(I ii.m. ltnuittu ly'i' t'Otit races in
hurlior. VUitlMK iubgMltM to be guest
uu board tni) Klnau. Thuy will be ear
riml out to the m1 by the luutlcli
lluki lluki, whluh will hwve tliu 1'ort
I runt wlmif ut eight uVlusk,
U p.m. Trip mil to lUfeu ll.wud to
lusjwi't the Mar. on i HlrebiM ll.aiit now
III prui eia nt i lei I mi
T I" pin Momhu pi.iujM slwwing
Hi,...,!,,,, il M Q, A.
:v i I,, r.,1, Mlr J)dO ((.in
v i i i i iii it Ialiij n'I
'' . I ll, , e ,il(rO,pBj
i, ii ii , i i" n, ui urn MuihiIiiw
i i'ip ariiMmj tit Is
-' ' ' ... 0 itJtb "on
s ii.i ion uiriis iii Mmliiil umljou u(
CouimunJ nu J'sgy Tbtit)

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