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W W j, i . Tf7n KsmammmrM
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?ar- v
Jovernor of New York, Whose
Office Was Declared Forfeited
by Legislature, Refuses to Put
in Appearance Before Those
Who Assemble to Pass on Accusations.
kody Composed of Fifty-seven
Members, Thirty-eight of Whom
Arc Necessary to Secure Approval
of Action of Lawmakers
Effort to Be Made to Resume
the Trial This Morning.
(Hy IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
ALHANV, Now York, September IS.
.(Special to Tlio Advertisor)
am Sulrer, novemor of Now York,
t tin' outset of tlio proceedings do-
gned to rcnifiro Jilm from his offlrinl
osition, defied tlio of mi-
enchnicnt ami declined to recognize its
utliority to hit.
Tlio nction caiiio today after
t meiiil crs of tlio senate) and nino
idges of the c,or,t of. a)peals had sol-
ninly constituted themselves a court to
ry tlio Oovcrlioi". ' Tlio . members bail
ecu sworn, Uio c6iir( had decided that
II nine, of tlio present members of the
ourt of appeals should sit as judges,-!
our.scl for Gbvciliur 'guUwrttliait
to the sitting of the members
f tlio l'rawley committed as a part
f tho court and tlio' preliminary
had been completed.
It was at this point that Chief Judgo
Idgnr MeCaulIcu decided that Governor
nlcr bo called to tho bar. And then
nlzor, offprint, through his counsel,
lerely a formal nppcarancc, which did
ot recognizo tho rinht of tho court to
It. failed to respond to thu call.
Tn these circumstances' the court,
vhich had enlivened at
ii., adjourned until ten o'ciock to
norrow. At that time tho committee
pf three will report for the procodum
if the court and tlio jireat legal con-est
will be formally put in motion.
Tho court ns it is constituted
n total of members.
of these, or thirty-eight
'otes, will be necessary for a
The judges of tho court of
will not ilirst express their views,
mt will voto upuu each proposition
uereiy as individual members of tho
Authorities Determined That
Schmidt Shall Pay Ponalty
Lived Under Many Aliases.
(Hy Pcdoral Wholes Telegraph.)
NUW YOMC, Septcmlior 18.
t Tho Advertiser) Death will bo
tho penalty demnndedliy tho State for
Hans Schmidt, slayer, jOfiAoia
Tho authorities today were suro
tboy could combat any insanity
that might bo made by the man
mid force ile.ith sentence on tlio confessed
(Hy 1'edcral Wireless Telegraph.)
Xi:W YOItK, September IS. -(Special
to Tho Atlvortisor) Papers ami
letters found today show" thnt both
Hchaiidt nnd Muret lived under many
uliiiH's nml that Mnrct who puked us
u single, mail has a sick wife in
A letter written by her to Muret
breathing loc -for tho man told how
glad she was that ho hnd escaped tlio
country beforo the Hcotlnnil Vnrd d-
tic lives arrived ut their Loudon houuu
to urrun htm,
wioni:i.I) H.MIII.M'Kfi, rVptein.
I'fr IS.- Troop I', I'lipldlll W. . Hliort,
J 'in rt It ' main loiniimnilliig, U to pro-i
I'i'il tods In lliiiuilulii to ri'ii'lw uint
'Hi t 1. 1 to im- pot llflv liliin bri'd
luilm 1 ...ill. jui Imai'l ur hu
I. mulo.
lire'iln into print with declaration to
Progressives tl'at the fight has enly
r r
5" T
Bull Moose Leader in Message to
Progressives, Says Battle
Has Just Started.
(!!y Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASH! NUTON, September 18. (Spo.
eial to Tho Advertiser) " Vo aro in
this fight to tho finish regardless of re-bulls.
Wo have only just started to
This was the message fiom Theodore
Itoosrrclt, conveyed to Progressive
members of thu house by
Hiuebiiugh of Illinois at a special
conference today.
lliuebaugh was suminoned to New
York ro"ently by tho former Piosjdont.
Iliucbuiigh told his fellow Progressives
that the olo.iel is optimistic, as to the
fnturc'of tlio party.
Ctlv lVil prnl Wlrpless TelecminliA
SAN FltANClSCO, September
18. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
The electrical machinery of flic
new Navy collier Jupiter has
en highly successful on tho trial
tiiji of the vessel, awording to un-
olhuial ndvlccs received
by the roilorni Telegraph Company
today from tho collier.
!: Tho rnllior is Hearing port after
a to days' trial run at sea.
Tlio dispatch says that though
the vessel eucimntered rough
weather and heavy seas its electric
engines proed a success ana aro
bound to revolutionize shipping.
(Hy 1'edcral Wtrqless Telegraph.)
LOS September 18.
(Special to Tlio Advertiser) With
eye downcast mid face colorless from
excitement, Miss C'lcb Helen llarlter on
tho witness stand today in tho trial
of George II. Ulxby, pointed to tlio
Long Hcach millionaire, who sat facing
her and said: j
''That is tho man." I
Then in a subdued voico siio told
ot lfer relations with him. Tho court
room was ciowded, but so still thnt
tho whirr of tho electric fans could
plainly bo hoard. Only two v.onicn wcro
(Ily 1'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
AVASHI.NGTON.Scptemiior IS. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) President Wilton
today scut to the senate tho nomination
of Joseph W, Folk of Missouri
to bo solicitor of tho stule department.
Highwaymen Make a Rich Haul
Escape In Victims' Automobile
(Ily IVdcml W'ri!iiiM TtdacronlL)
TOLKIK), Ohio, Miitamlier )h. (8p.
i1h to Tin- Ailmliwir) Ueruiaii C. (I.
UiyllH nml a irty uf Ova of PI.
Luula, mi mriliir trip wont, were hold
up nt ili.' unit it r. iiihern bs hlgli
uiimuiii i . 4i r 1 ir v un, iihiii, iuiIv toduv
MM ml' " I oi lluil Uiituniubilu, f.'uug
Hucrta Orders General to Return
Home Taken to Indicate That
Ho Will Support Him for Elec-
V ', ")) v v.
tion May Appeal to Hague if
United' States Warships Fail to
f ."TV QF MPXl.CO, Scptcmbor 10.
(l)y Associated, Press Cnblot.o The; An
vcrtiicr) A. Ipoptby oblo mcssugo was
tout to General' Felix, Diaz last night
by Prqyiidvnal Pretidenf Hucrtn. Tho
message, orders, Diajo return to Mexico,
in view of tho tenor of Jfuerta's
to the Mexican, congress this, week,
tills is taken to indlratQ thflt tl'P provisional
ruler of tho Lntjn Jt.cpubKc hns
given up, nil ,hopo,4 becoming a. can
didate, that no .recognlr.es tlio growing
idrongth pf Diaz nnil the danger .of a
second uprisiug and decided to
throw his support tu,thfl Vine man whom
he lias always felt would' bo thoihtrong'
est 'Contender for tlio Presidency of
M il'Ml'l! I V ( i ; 1 i i
,i ,! r
(Uy federal Wireless Telegraph.)
VKKA CHUZ, Mexico, September 18.
(Special to Tho Advertiser Special
Ihivoy John hind, tho personal
n long ealilegrain from the stato department
Heports are current today that the
dinner givu lust night by Mr.
at the Terminal Hotel for
...:...i it cj xr ,- .1..
iiiii.ii x- juiiiiiT, i .a.i., wus in ino nature
of a farewell affair.
, it is intimated that if. tho Uniteil
States houir Hiierta's latest
doiiianiI""Uiiif" Uiilted States
willbo removed from Moxicun
wniers uy .sovemner i, tno
government will carry tho question to
Tho Hague,
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SHVlLLi:, Spajn, Scptqmbor 18.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) In spito
of assertions of tho family that it was
plainly suicide tlio authorities todaj
began investigating tho tragic and mysterious
denth of Mnrquis Del Ynllo Do
La Arrina, who wis shot to doath wliilo
hunting with a party on the cstato of
Ban Lucas Do Barramoda.
The Marquis, who hnd been tho
est member of the party, was formerly
u mcmiicr ui 1110 uortoz ami related to
General Marquis Do Pola Vicja, former
captain general of Cuba and the Philip,
Two bullets '"had been fired into his
MAWXKTTL', Wisconsin, Sep-
tcmber 18. (Special to The- Ad-
vertiser) Peter Kcsoskl of
gara was nrrested hero tpday
charged with cossiiimg. Ho is tho
first man to bfa prosecuted under
tho new "Gossip Law."
The arrest followed tho charge
that ho called a woman an un
sayory name in conversation with
friends in a barroom.
britisher wants to
meeT'Willh: ritohhs
(Ily rcdcrol Wireless Tolegraph.)
LONDON, Soptomber 18. (Special
to Tho AdvortUer) "Sapper" O'Neill,
tho Kuglliili soldier iioxer, leaves for
the United States September 24, hoping
to meet Willie. Ititehio In a contest for
tho lightweight championship.
i w . -I
in ciikti, u gold piir and a
iiiuntltv of jewelry.
The three Iminllt" Dvnopml dnwn upon
tln party In u high powcri'il unto nml,
after stripping the let I'iih ut ull their
VMliiable, left th'1"! to walk tutu llryuu,
while Ibi'v ipeil nway in the two inn
'linna i.utir the bandits wcie chji
lured l.v u iberllf't puu uftor ft 'lUh
nl liatlU, .
Suffragettes of London in Militant Demonstration
Assem&lc Around Nelson's Monument in Trafalgar Square
The latest niililant demonstration in
Soldiers Under Sentence at Scho-
field Gain .Liberty. and Go on
" "Rampage in Honolulu."
lireaUing tent prison at Schoflcid
Harracls early yesterday morning, slipping
by the armed guaids, and making
their escape, Harry Louclis, a private
in Company II, Firct Infantry, and J.
Iteavis, of the same regiment, begun
a career of window smashing nnd law
brenking in Honolulu Into yesterday
afternoon, and were jailed at the police
station after resisting tho police officers.
Tho pollco say that both men formed
part of a crowd which mudo light
hideous in Iwilci on September 13, at
which time four of them wcro arrested
for severely beating a Chinaman. Tho
soldiers asked the (Jhinamau for tobacco,
which was handed to them. After
taking what thoy wanted for their
smokes, they pocketed tho remainder,
and starlod away. When tho
followed and demanded tlio return
of the tobacco ho was mot by a blow
by, Loueks, it is alleged. Tho military
patrolmen in the district arrested tho
men nnd tool; them to the police station.
iTIiey worn turned over to tho
Schofiold lJariacks authorities, tried by
a court and bentenced to "3-30,''
which means three mouths and thirty
lieloro daylight yesterday morning
three man, including Loueks mid
managed to work out of tho
tonmoiit prison nt Schofiold lliirracks.
A guard on duty as they emerged from
the. prison structure, nttemptod to bar
their progress but was thrust nside.
The men disappeared in tho darkness
and made good their escape.
An a 1m rin was sounded and patrols
sent out to recapture tho men. About
half-past four o'clock yestordny afternoon
a drunken soldier, on Hotol street
between Milium Ken and Smith, mudo
himself objectionable in many ways
and concluded his fliu by throwing an
empty soda wntcr, bottle throuirli tho
window of tlio To On Tong store,
smashing four panes of glass.
along tlio street, and meeting
u Japanese named Kumiirn, a resident
of Cinilia lane, added to tho list of bis
crimes by striking him u blow on the
uoso with his (1st, say the police.
Polico ollicori. hjmina thorn 'Jose
1'erry, came upon Loueks at this period
ot lils career ami plnceil lain under arrest.
Tho muii fought -the ollieors, attempted
to tear their badges from. their
uniforms, nnd kicked and used 'his
(Ms, until finally landed In the pollco
While thero ho wni rocognized as one
of tho oieapcd prisoners from Helm-Hold.
Iteavis, meanwhile, wan under
suspicion in Iwilci and was brought in
to the station where he was ulefi
ns one of the men anted.
Hotli will be rent tn Kehofiijlrt
n ml agiilii tried, mid this time
will probably be given Ion); sentences
mid placed in the department prima at
Port linger.
fllv IVderal Wlrelen TeluiiiAph.)
TO KID, B.ptemher tn
The The 1'iinerslty of
Wiithiiigloii limi'l nil team, iiiiirliig the
Orient outuiiieil ill good nr,
by ilcfeiitiiig h,u okgliuiiiu
Hhoyo team cu t our, , w ,
London. Tin' 11 ii'i d tho women
base of Nelson ' , on i r it
M&SUmffl$3$tiKi!$n o
4 "Siaiai '.' t
ftji' ' .s ,' 'I
la i. - V-.'
Tho above is n suapsiiot tnken on tho
scene of recent rioting in London, where
Kngiish militants aro adopting; tlio
"garter daggoi " for their own protection.
This pieturo shows ono of t'llo
militants drawing tho dagger from ltd
(hv'illi, V-1
hhjt.it ehheuhe
(Hy IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
I'AltlK, September ID. (Special
to Tl'ii Adicrtiser) Aiiss Clirlstobel
Hinkhiirst, speaking for her mother,
Mih. L'miiieliuc I'ankhurst, us to liar
conduct In tho Pulled States:
"My mother feels that slip will
le warmly welcomed in the I'mted
States, and sho feels hurt nt scuno
of tie criticisms published in American
uonspapcrs," she declared,
. (H.V IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
OIILXT, Ikjjgituii, September
IS. (Hptrinl tn Tho Advertiser)
Lnorvious Onmnge was dono
hern todav by a fire on tho
grounds of thu (Iheiit Imposition.
The Haines otigiualed In a res
tiiurnnt nnd dentroyed four neigh
boring exhibition buildings. All
the cMilbits were destroyed. s;
l Ily IVderal U'lreUs Telegraph.)
IIALTIMOUP, Utr.vlaml, Mpteiubsr
m (Nptvtiil to Tbf
Charles (Iwtli. i . Ili.itmln i hisolato
iiiauiifni turer or this eltv, shut nnd
killi.l II i- Mnpliv, hm 'liiulfiiir, .ii
the iiii'ii' ii tin iiiiuiiili, t in r tills
luoriniiK 'J'hi "mi fini.'til .I. iate
Oadi hb aro .t I.
'is army can be seen around lite
General Committee Holds Meeting
and Prepares for, Reception .
jaf Delegates Tomorrow, a
A Cric Conferenco general commit-too
meeting was hold yesterday menu
iug at ten o'clock, when the program
already puhlislioil was approved witli a
few minor additions.
It is understood that the Hilo delo
gatlon will luivu some' special features
to begin on Saturday iimruing, sumo of
them to bo perpetrated soon after they
nriive in town. Tlio general commit-
eo was appiised of tho fact that stunts
would he given but luia little lulurimi
tluii us to their nature.
Secretary Wood uf tho committee
will maintain general headquarturs for
tho delegates at thu promotion commit
teo rooms and will ull'er them thu glm
haiiil from morning until niuht.
Tho Ad C'luli, in whilu uniforms will
meet the Mnmm Ken at seven o'clock
tomorrow morning und escort tho
to their various hotels. -
Tho delegates will bo guests of tho
general cilioiiiittei) tomorrow aboard tho
steamer JCiuaii, which will lie anchored
near tlio licgatta course. Luncheon will
bo tervod'aboard. ,
At half'past ono o'clock in tho afternoon
the delegates who wish Ui muku
the trip, will bo taken out to tho Marconi
Wlroloss Company's station at Ko-ho
lii'iulTho party will leaotlio pro-motion'
'W'"Us lironiptly nt one-thirty.
A motion picture display, under tho
auspices, of tlio'" promotion committee,
arranged by Secretary Wood, will bo
given Sntuiday evening fur the delegates
in tho V. M. C. A.
rninday will bo devoted to a round-
trip in mitos,
Tho. first business session will open
on Monday morning at nine o'clock
on tho Young Hotel roof garden. At
half-past twehu tho delegates will bo
tho guests at a lunchc'jii (o ho given by
tho .Commercial Club. Tlio evening; res.
sion on Monday will Lo devoted to papers
on "Itoads."
Oil Tuesday morntT.g a continuance
of tlio discussion of roads will lie thu
urdor. At twelve o'.o.ock th-Ad
Club will bo hosts at a luncheon
for tlio dclogatos on tlio sixth Hour of
the Voting Hotel, at which W. It.
tho club president, will mako
an address of welcome.
Tho iiftemuon bessiuu will bo devoted
to "Homo lluildiiig Industries,"
with a series of papers prepared under
the direction of Dr. K. V. Wilcox. Tuesday
evening, wdiicji marks thu closing
ot the conference will bo marked by
a b(iui)tiet to bo given ut tho Munna
Hotel. Jirmer Governor Oeorgo It, Carter
will lie the tnastmnster.
Diroctor .General Dougherty of tho
lMWJoral Parade and
C'anilviil was tho uost at the
Club lust night ,of a nuialier of
tlio leading Chiiiesu merchants of tho
city uuil of the mouthers of tho Hug-
dii pross and, former director generals
(if tho parade, the idea of tho gathering
which was uiiout the dinner board,
lining In enlist the early cooperation
of tho ( hlueio community ill
for the ciiiuing I't'lol. ration. A. number
of enUiunlmtli! speecliM wcro made by
lepros'eiiliilue l uuiiiiii, In uhiuh the
I'lirnent aasistiiuee of this Important
piirt of tin community was pltiilu"! In
hlV. Duljclu'i t.s . Pioiii thu tpenuhv niadn
but night, it may be proplifeleil that
the riilir. m" t .on in the next Plural
Parade wiH be fur llbnie the nwrugo
mid un iiiiporlmit I'Hit til lilnUiUi,' th"
a '4i' t'"
By house
Only Three, Democrats in Lower
Branch of Congress Tako Stand
Against Glass Measure Which
Makes Its Initial Journoy by a
Vote of 290 to
Ncgativo Volo on This Action Is
Cast Ohielly by Bourbons But
Little Difficulty Was Experienced
in Getting Through' Administration
Measuro as It
Came from Committoo.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WAHIUNHTOX. September 18.
(Special to Tho Advertisor) Tho house
passed the Glass Hanking mid Cur
rency licform Hill by n vote of 2110
to C! today. Previous lor final uction
on tlio bill tlio house, by a voto of
2H8. to 0!), indorsed tlio special elauso
that none of tho provisions of tho
shall bo interpreted ns lepoalipg
tho (iold Standard Act. Tho migutlTo
voto was cast chiefly ityy tho Democrats.
When tho bill enmo lip to'day
jiasMtgo the parliamentary Situation
was Dull linv member enubi. demand a
iJiipamto rejonl .voto' on;, any pftho.
.. , ..
.- .1 IT-. 1 C... 11. -a.-..!-. - imiit
iiiiiciiuiiieiiis uy uiu uuunmg uiiu
currency committee during consideration
in tho house.
Only threo Democrats votcll against
the measure. Thoy nro Klder of
Calloway of Texas und Wither-spoon
of Mississippi.
Mikado Rushes Vessels to Chinese
Waters Insisting Upon Compliance
With Domands.
(Hy IVderal Wiroless Telegraph.)
SHA.NUIIAI, Septombor 18. (Special
to Tim Advertiser) Jnpun Is
her iHjworful "vur fleet in
Chinese waters to compel tho Chinese
government to npologizo toJapan for
the accidental Killing of several Japanese
in thu lecent lighting at Nanking
nnd to force tlio reVtgnnJbin of Gen-cm!
Chang Hsuau, government commander
in the south.
Two additional cruisers nnd four torpedo
boat ilestroyors wcro dispatched
from Japanese w.iturs today "to reinforce
tho ilect. Thero aro now ton
Jnpancbo of varying gradoj
ut 'nuking-.
(Hy IVderal Wireless Tolegraph.)
C'ON'COltD, New Ifampshiie,
J8.f.Specinl to Tho Advertiser)
A lengtliy conference, with Former
Governor William Stone of
presiding, was hold by attornoys
for Hurry K, Thaw today. Governor
l'olker was in Itoehcster. Ho is expected
here Saturday or Monday. At
torney M. II. Grossman has returned
to Now York to keep a watchful eyu
on William T. Jerome,
Thaw is constantly under
but is allowed to reculvo visitors.
l IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
mdI'IA, beptenihor IS. (Special to
The A'heitlier) Many arrests wcio
iiiude bine today of" Hiilgnrioii army
jnlll. ei. who are inspected of complicity'
in ii plot lo dethrone C;nr lVnlluanil
not a pruvlilnual goveninnut
until u ui'w lulur evil Lo choou,

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