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Tcaceful Solution of Situation in
Latin Republic Now Hoped for
in Washington as a Result of
Message to Congress of
President. Hucrta.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASTTTNCITON, September 17
(Special to The Advertiser) Tho nil
ministration in more hopeful of a jiciico
fill solution of tho Mcxlcnn situation
follow ng the absence of
demonstrations during yesterday's ecl
1 ration of the annicrary of Mexican
I'elilent Hucrta's promise In his
message to congress "to ginrantee
fully in tho coming elections tho free
casting of the ballot," and his as
suranee that "it will constitute the.
greatest possible triumph for the interim
gov eminent to surrender office to its
successor if the latter is to be oxiiected
to perform Us function with public
pcarc an accomplished lact," wero gen
orally construed hoic as amounting to
pretty much the pledge for which F.mls
snryLind labored no hard.
Tho distinction drawn between tho
American government and people in the
portion of tho message referring to
"tho tenseness of relations vv)th tho
government of tho United States,
though fortiimtcly not with tint peo
pie," as well as tho obserntion that
"this strained relation has caused
Mexico to suffer unmerited afflictions,"
came In for some criticism, sti 1 it wis
regarded as practically offset by the
Provisional President's expression of
his liojie for "an early solution of the
differences between tho two nations.'
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, September 17.
(Special to The Advertiser) Secretary
of State Brvnn today cabled additional
instructions to Former Governor Llnd
at Vera Cruz, based on Provis'onal
President Huertn's message to the
Mexican congrcs. Ho declines to inako
"ftatdlc tho 'details of his mcssigo to
'This Is Now Theory of New York
Officers Who Caught Murderer
in Clerical Garb,
UlSip.W r,,era' Wireless Telegraph.)
NEW YOHK. Seiitcmbnr 17. fSim
ciaj to Tio Advcrtisor) Is Hunt
Schmidt, former counterfeiter and inur
derer now held in tho Tombs, tho smie
Hans Schmidt who was ordained to tho
priesthood in Ocrmnuy five or six years
ago, or is the prisoner hero an imposter
who in some way c.imo into possession
of the credentials of tho real Father
Hans Schmidt?
The lelief is exprossed hero that tho
real FatLcr Schmidt cumo to his death
in Germany and that tho prisoner seized
his papers aud name and used thorn to
further his own criminal aims.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
iS'HW YOrtK, September 17. (Spe
cial to The Adertis0r) United States
secret serue men today wero tracing
counterfeit operations alleged to hae
been conducted ) Schmidt nnd his
friend, "Doctot" Muret, dentist, who
is being held in the Tombs on a tech
nical charge. A number of bogus ten
nnd twentv dolhr iaior bills recently
wero placed in nearby Connecticut
towrjs, and the secret sen ice men uro
trying to trace them to Schmidt nnd
Muret Muret to lay declared that it
was Schmidt who suggested tho coun
lerfcit scheme
ftchtrudt no doubt laid pnrtlculir
streps upon the f.ict of how easy it
would be for him in his priestly garb
to "shove the "
queer In case ho
wero caught m the act of passing bogus,
money he could cnsilv explain thnt the
money lml been in the collection box
and so ecap0 an suspicion thnt he
was implicated in its manufacture
Jroni thoe who lived in tho neigh
borjiood of Muret 'b flat, which, it is
said, Schmidt visited nlmost nightly,
today came stoilcs of wild escapades
in which women and girls ue.irlv alums
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph)
. C'HATTVNOOGA. Tennessee,
17 (Special to The Advertiser
1'olitnal leaders among tho eU
.craps of tho Grand Army of tho lie-public,
in national encampment here
today admitted that indications pointed
to tho election of G. i: Adams of
Nebraska as commander-in-chief of tho
Grand Arm of tho Republic.
The slate picked us a winner is
headed b Adams and includes W W.
Jrcnch of Tennessee, for senior ico
commander; A 8 Fowler of Arkansas,
for junior mco commander, nnd Pov,
Henry M. Cnrr 0f Kansas, for chaplain
lu thief.
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph)
I " Z8!""! to Tho Aihortiscr)
Cabinet duties will ,ao to wait
cm tho complete recovery of See-
retary of the Interior Lane, who
collapsed in tho grumMaud nt
Oakland ou Admission Day. The
fimetiiry chafes under inactivity
but his phjslcliin Mated Unit
other collap.e will follow any
tmupt to work.
President Huerta's Peace
Emissary from Mexico
r? JEL jj, Sj- ??iMvV7if,i' v
t BBisiP'vTT'''' t
81 JBMMMMIl&,w ' r
Who iis heiit In Wnshiiirton nn 11 mission to President Wilson pat al-
luk'd only by tho mission of Wilson's iniiii, John Lind, to Iluerta.
Pinkham Hands Answer to Committee
vt .x s c.
Is Bashful in Discussing His Politics
By Ernest G. Walker.
(Mail Specinl to Tho Advertiser)
WASHINGTON, Siptcinber i.h. K.
Pinkli.un, the gribern itonal numincc, in
back in Washington, stopping at tho
Oingrcss Hull Hotel He has compiled
his answer to charges, filed beforo the
senate committee on Pniitie Islands
and Porto ltico nnd is biding the is
sue. Ho said tonight that ho hid hand
ed in his answer to tho couiinitieo uixl
not to President Wilson. It is Understood
that tliis answer will bo placed
bcluro President Wilson to determine)
Prison Stripes for Diggs and Caminetti
., .
- iS wt .
Eacli Receives Sentence of Two Years
(lly Federal Wireless Tolegrnph )
SAN FHAN'CISCO, September 17.
(Special to The Advertiser) Maury I.
Dlggs, former stto architect nnd V
Drew Caminetti, sou of T. Anthony
I'nminctti, cciminissioner general of 1m
migratmn, wero today sentenced by
Federal .ludge Van Fleet to sorvo two
venrs each in tho Federal Prison lit Mc
N'eills Island ami piy n lino of two
Militants Apply the Torch to Mansion
V VS v" Ot .S 0 vt
$1.50,000 Home of British Lord Damaged
(11 Federal Wireless Telegraph )
LONDON, September 17. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Militant suffrngct
f.lu ... lm .11 I-....I to .1. .,!.... I... n .1.
,..., ,,.i. destmy by firo tho
$150,000 inmisi of Lord Do Lvslo nnd
,. ., . , . . I I
Dudley nt Puuhurst Place, Kentshire.'
Blood is Shed on the Keokuk
. .
-" vst Jl
Pirates Mutiny, Wires Captain
A Imny and somewhut disconnected
wireless inessngo recoived last night
from tho renonuo cutter Keokuk, now t
steaming toward Honolulu from tho
(iilbert Islands, uud signed by t'aptuinj
Tapham, announced thnt he vvus hnving
trouble on board with tho pirate
oners and that another outbreak, moro
inaii mo :irst, nuci been quelled
only after the shedding of blood,
Captain Tapham stated tbst his force
of men was considerably reduced because
of sickness. The blnckblrders,
who number fifteen, wero last night
confined in two separate rooms below
hu(ches with double guards placed over
them. Threo nf tho blnckbmlers were
seriouslv hurt during the mutinous outbreak
Doctor Carroll, the ship's surgeon,
reported thnt the wounds, which
ore long slush ints made with cutlasses,
will not bo fnlal
luptain Tapham stated he whs
crowding the vessel uud Imped to reach
Honolulu tomorrow night or early Sat
lirilny morning, nnd after n da 's stuj
would probaeilj leave for Han Francisco,
wirelessed orders having re died
him to proceed thero with all possible
Are j on subject to iittncks of dmrr I
lineal Keep absolutely uiet for ti few I
davs rest in bed if possible, be care
fill of jour diet uud tako Clumber
lulu's Colic, Cholera nnd Diarrhoei
Itemedy. This medicine has cured cases
of chronic diarrhooi thnt ph.vs'clnns
have failed on, nnd It will cure jou I
For snle bv Heiison Smith & Co , Ltd., i
agents for Uavvuu
whether tho nomination of Mr. Pink-bam
shall be withdrawn.
Senator .lolin Sharp Williams of Mis
sissippl said today thoro was nothing
new in tho caso of Pinkham, us fur us
ho knew. Ho was waiting for evidence
with rei'nrd to Mr. Pinkhnm's politics
and if tho nominee for Governor wore
ltopublican, ho shuuld oppose his confirmation
us hard as he could.
Mr. Pinkham was nverse tonight to
discussing tho cliaracter or bis reply.
As 11 matter of fact ho walked uwny
unceremoniously when asked what an
swer he hail innclo to tho charge of be
ing 11 Hepuuiiciin.
thousand dollars nnd fifteen hundred
ilolars respectively.
During tho ten clays pending tho com
inittnient, the attorneys will decidn
whether the cases will bo carried
through tho higher court. Probably appeals
will bo taken. Iloth Caminetti nnd
Oiggs talked todnj liko thoy might
servo their timo if thoy wero. allowed
to have their own way about it.
The building was only partially destroyed.
Pieces nf ribbon liniirimr tlin nnLri
?, 'tho Women's Social and .Political
""un were neii 10 .. tree's . 011 tlio law ns
nnd cards bearing tho inscription "Tho
!nriJ'y, t.ories coul'1 ',0 something useful
"i holping women got the vote" wero
..!... i i
scattered about
Fstelle D'Orte?, said to be n girl of
Spanish birth, is reported by Cnptaln
Tapham to have been found in tho
(amp of tho pirates on ono of (ho Gil
bcrt Islands. Sho is said to have a rel
ntivo in Honolulu, n sister of her
father. The local authorities linvo
1 eon requested to make n search for
tho sister. The girl's father suiled his
own the Snntn Maria, out of
Miinilu bay ten .venrs ngo. The vessel
vvus not henrd from ngnin until the
blnckblrders were enptured nnd tho
daughter found among them.
While Captain Tapham expects to
arrive Friday night, it is known that
the Keokuk is not capable of mnklng
much speed ngninst head winds nnd
h nvy seas, nnd tho local authorities do
not look for the vessel to nrrivo until
Saturday forenoon The pirates, according
to Captain Tupham's latest despatch,
will be brought nshore uud
nt the prison, and then re-turned
aboard the steamship. Ho is
also willing to have the pirates
in the hope that some
may recognize tho two old men, reported
to have left this port with
"Bully" Hnjes, who raised the black
flag in tho South Seas jears ago.
(IJy Federal Wireless Tclegraih.)
HKISrOL, lthode Island, September
J7. (Special to The AdvertUer) It
was learned toduy that another New
Yoik Vncht Club sjndicate, to Include
Fred K. 0. Iloume, George F, linker
,Ir. and probably O. Oliver lselin, to
linel. u second Herreahotr loal to com
pete, in the Unl for the AmerUnn cup
defender next vear ti it strong
h '
Claudius MrBricb Takes Up Cud
gel on Behalf of Applicants for
Land in Puukapu, Hawaii, to
Have Commissioner Alter Deci
sion Not to Open Property for
Settlement for Present at Least.
(From Thursday Advertiser)
Land Ciimmissimicr Tucker tins now
on file the applications of twentv seven
Ililo people who want the land of Pun
Knpii, near Wnlmea, in the South Ivo
District of tho Island of Huunil,
opened fur homesteadiiig purposes. 'Ihr
cominlssioiicr, replying to Mlurno,,
Claudius Mcllrile vho seems to bo rc
presenting tlm Ililo upplicaiits who nrc
eeekilig to' establish their residence
seventj miles from tho Hawaii coiint
seat, wroto hun Us follows, under dat"
ot (I;
"I bc tu nckiiow ledge receipt o'
tweni -seven npplicutimis, in duo for n
for the. ot the, Puiikiimi lands
Pliuknpir, foiitli Kohala, iltvvnli
"I be' to into. .11 you that there will
bo no lurt.er homesteacling of govern
incuit laud in tins tract until tho re
mninlng lots .wjijch linvo been udver
tiel and not taken uro taken lip, nut1
again, tho retiring Governor feels that
the upeniug ot these hnds should be
loft to his slice essoor."
"1 rpniouiber when Mr. Mcllndc
called at the ollicc ami saw ilr Tucker
about thin mutter," said Walter A
I'nglc, chief rleik of the public lauds
dcpiirtmont and sub laud ngeut for
Oahiif yestorday. "The coiumissioner
was as cordial to the representative ol
the Ililo applicants for tho Wnlmea
hind as ho nlwnjs is to everjbodj
There whs no fuss; the applications
.wero received and placed on file and
Mr. Tucker gave tho nttornev n writ
tell reply, a copy of which is now ou
file in this olhcc.
Names of Applicants.
"Tho applicants aro all Ililo resi
dents, with the exception of ono mini
who lives at Ninole, North Ililo, ono
in Olna nnd another nt Pinpiikou
These applicants nro: Aelnm L. Duncan
of Ninole. North Ililo, JMvvnrd Austin
Peck of (Jlan, F.dward F. lllaisdell of
Papaikou, nnd George Tucker, Fclwnrd
.1. Smith, Ilermuu .1. Lndwig, David An
knl, Adam Kvnlnkai, F.dwurd A. Wil
helm, August M. Herring, Thomas W
Kekoa, John Holmenbcrg, O, W. Hose,
.lames 'M Cameron, Herbert K. Jinn
don, Iiiijinond P. l,ucas, IMwnrd IC.
lllaisdell, Alctander Lancaster, Pale
Iiouintutii Phillip A. Victor, Mrs.M.i
kvlouliflNikela, Max Campbell, J. JI.
Herring, William A. Cahill, Hector P
Morton, William A. Cahill, dr., and
Gcorgo Mundoii of Ililo." t
Land Commissioner Tucker was lint
seen jestordny, ns ho had loft the of
lice carl, being still under the weath
er, but tho statements made b his ns
sistant, Walter A. Fugle, clllTcr mater
ally from tho story received bv The
Advertiser from its Ililo correspondent
and which is ns follows:
Stories Conflict.
IIll.O, Hawaii, September 1.". It
seems too bid that now that the Wain
kci homo tr.ict mutters seem woll on
(ho vnij to ii satisfactory termination,
tins city should bo the scene of an
other prospective b.ittlo with tho public
lands department. Still, :i battle
seems to be Imminent in tho Puukapu
homestead matter, which originated in
Ililo a week or two ngo, although, of
course, it is possible tint the prospec
tivo settlors may jet have occasion to
call their Uncle .losh blessed, ns did
tho Waiakeu people, the other da. .
Claudius Mcllrido, tho nttomoy and
olhcial Moses for tho intending Pun
kapu settlers, submitted n icport to
them deiling with tho result of his ne
gntintiniiH in Ililo nnd later on in Hono
lulu with Land Commissioner Tucker,
lis well as with Governor Frear. The
modesty, reticence, tact and aversion
to notoriety which has made) Claudius
conspicuous, prevented him from giv
ing out to tho press nnv statement in
regard to tho matter but his clients
have been hampered by no such considerations,
nt least some of them
have not, and they announce, gleefully
and with some show of anticipation,
that tliev nio going to fight it out with
the Land Commissioner. They claim
further that Ihoj have littlo doubt but
thnt they will vun the victory since
thev have Governor Frear, (iod ami'
CJainlius. on their side.
Statements of Applicants.
Tho way they tell the story Is somo
thing liko like: Thej siv Unit Mcllrido
appro iched Land Commissioner Tuck
er, during his recent stuy in Ililo, and
that he told liiin that his clients, svmie
twentv six or twentj -seven in number,
were about to file applications for the
opening of u corresponding number of
lots nt Puukapu, neir Wnimou, where
n number of .lots .were opened fvr settlement
V short time ago.
When the first opening took place,
about ten lots, which are said to be
virtually worthless, were left on tho
hands of the government, ns no uno
vvns tempted to tako them. Tucker is
reported to have taken tho stand that
the Territory would o'pen no more Pun
kapu lots until those ten remaining lots
had been disposed pf.
Threatened with Pigeonhole.
"I will open no maro lots there until
Uiomi now available, luivo been taken
1 can't prevent you peoplo from
filiug jour applications, but 1 nm go-in.;
to pigeonhole them. Vcs, that's
what I lira going to do," is what Tucker
is reported to have said, or words to
that elfcct.
So I uud hi j took n hurried trip to
Honolulu, arriving there Siturday
imirning nnd leaving there on the afternoon
of Unit same day, in tlmo to allow
htm to make) his report to his ex
peetiint clients on Sunday
Tho .ulendliig settlers tell of the
Cranks Shower Affections
ion Wife Murderer Charlton
HsssssHissA9iDssi9sssV9lsHL sssssssssssssssssi
IHH' " W0ikf$r '"' .ssssssssssssssPI
.:.'":,:: jgKmi
HssssssssssssHHsssssskv .psHssssssssssssssssssssssssi
IssisssssssssssHisissilsV HiLsissssssissH
ssssssBffiHHsssB iV ' .isisssssssHssssssBisssssssssssi
sssssHssssBRuhscSsssssssV . ' ssssssssssssssssssik9RHssHsssssSsshH
BHsHsB3!S3hHsW '"i ssssssssssssssssssHGKIkI
sssHKBhwSISIB ssssssssssslisssssKiUPMXHvl
' sssssssssssssBBSNQIHsssfssBsssHHIHEI9ssV K i ;:"' -5
I ' Jkik4BIH3ssi9iWBS!ii!!2sssssssPIIiV U'ilfi...s. firsV il!.
Son of wealthy Aiimtu'iiii parents,
v of imiidt'i nit; wife niid throwing romnins, in .trunk, into lake.
(IJ.v Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
COMO, Italy,' Scplenilier 17. (Special to 'PJie Adveitisor)
of hyinjiiitliy or (Iciiuiifiiilioii, gifts and otl'ers of various kinds
uic daily pouring in upon Potter Charlton. 'I'hrJ yoiiiiK prisoner received
an oll'er of in.uu.inc fiom a youpg girl wio .said mIic had fallen
in love with his pietute. H
trip nf their rntrinrch with glee. First
of nil, they say, 31'cISrldo went straight
in Walter Francis nnd told him
that his clients wanted new lot3 opened
nt Puukapu in Virder thnt thoy might
obey tho call of. "Luck to tho Intnl.'
With his nsuil effusiveness Wnltor
Francis fell on Mcllndo's neck and
wept a little, assuring him thnt it would
break his palpitating heart should 'ho
not be allowed to carry out this pro
position beforo shullllng dawn from
the Uirono
Jesting aside, it appears that tho Gov
ernor expressed his: thorough approval
ot tho proposition innilo through Mc
Hriiie, mid that nt this appropriate mo
incut Claudius I, ild him tli.it tho land
commissioner hid intimated that ho
was not over enthusiastic over the
Favor By Governor, Is Report.
Tho' Governor expressed somo doubt
that tho land commissioner should bo
so hardhearted, so Mcllrido hustenod
irom the robins-egg blue chamber
down into tho cellar, wheiu Tucker of
liciates. Thcr', according to tho sot-
tiers' story, ho aglin confronted Tuck
er with the upidirntiuns, and received
Ian answer similar to tho ono which
ue n hi received in nun. .Mcnrulu ask
ed Tucker tu put tho answer in writing,
which Tucker did without hesitation.
Armed with this document
hastened back to Frear, to whom
he exhibited Tucker's written statement.
Tho Governor is reported to have
promised to do vvhut ho could in tho
matter, should he remain Governor longer
thin he expected at tho time that
he was likelv to i(o sej In tho meantime
tho matter is likely to hang firo
until tho Governor returns or his successor
js appoibtod.
Tho settlers, or at least some of them,
claim that the Parker ltaucli is bitterly
opposed tv) tho opening of the hinds
in question, ns ever acre of this tract
is opened for settlement reduces
corresponding! v the urea of very desirable
land now held under lease by tho
ranch, but it would Bycm well townit
statements from the. Jaiiil
er find the ranch .utliorities beiWe
forming tiny conclusions.
(Ih Federal Wireless Telegraph)
L1TTLF.TO.S, Now Hampshire, Sep
tember IT. (Special to The
tior) Jubilant over the victory his
luvv.vurH had .von in tho federal court,
Iiiirrv K Thaw, the Mutteavviiu fugitive,
lolt this morning' for Concord,
whero lie will rcnimn m tho joint custody
of Sheriff llnlmoii l)rew of Coos
county and X'mted Stntl's Marshal L
P. N'ute until Governor Felker holds a
bearing uu the application of tho State
ef Xew York for oxtTudition next
Tuesday. A lug crowd gathered at tho
station an I cheered Tlinw, ns ho boarded
tho train
(By Federal Wirelow Tc'egraph )
LejW AMJKLKs, Seileiutur 17.
(Special to The Advertiser Mrs.
dnw Mrlraer, the lituiu1ios nllegcd
to l'sve leon brovigat to this counirv
Uv Priiicn Stnnislam Sulkowski,, this
atleriioou left .o Alludes for New
York in cuslodv of Inspector Kean of
wnn Uie.o, uud w 11 bo returned to
now at Conio, Italy, on a charge
Counsel for Impeached New York
Governor Insists That Proceedings
Are Illegal,
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
ALI1AXY, Sfv York, September 17
(Special to Tho Advertiser) The
Sul?er court of impeachment is scheduled
to meet at noon tomorrow. One
of tho first things to bo dono after the
cou irt is, duly opened will bo to ro
con tub answer of (iovcruor Snlznr.
Ihero will bo a number of prclimi
nary objections to tho trial proceedings
betoro tho real issue is entertained.
Ono of theso objections will bo raised
ljy tho counsel for SuUer is that tho
ontiro proceedings slruuld bo dismissed
on tho ground that they uro illegal.
It is expected that the court of mil
pcachment will wipe away any tcchnl
cnljtics that may bo raised and will
insist that the real issue, bo. tried on Its
In tho event that tho case goes to
trial it is now behoved that Mrs. Sul
7cr will tako the stand and attempt to
assume responsibility for nil alleged
dishonest financial acts charged against
her husband.
IE U 111
A Bid Back la Always Worse In the
Morning Honolulu Peoplo Are
rinding Belie.
A back that aches all day and causes
discomfort at night is usually worse it
the morning. Makes you feel ns If you
hadn't slept at all.
Can't cure a bad back until you cure
tho kidneys. Doan's Backache Kidnev
Pills relieve jlck , kidneys make yoj
feel (btor,work JJetter, rest bettei
and sleep better. '
The following statement proves the
merit of Doan's.
E. A. Stevens, 1611 Twenty-Third
Ave., Oakland, Cal., says: "For thirty
years I was HfTlictod with kidney com
plaint. It came on suddenly, a sharp
twinge in my back threw me from mj
chair to the floor. I constantly grew
worse and I was sure to suffer if I at
tempted to lift anything heavy. The
kidney secretions passed too frequently
both day and night. 1 felt weak and
tlredj could not rest well and had a
poor appetite. My flesh became flabbj
and doctors did not help me. Secinp
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills adver
Used, I decided to try them. In three
da) s after I began their use. I passed
a gravel stone and as I continued tak
mg this remedy, I steadily improved
t am today free from kidney com
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are
sold by all druggists and storekeeper
t 50 cents per box, (six boxes $2.50)
or will be maUed on receipt of price
bv the llolliiter Drug Co, Honolulu
wholesale agents for the Hawaiian Is
fands, (
liemcroDcr ino name, jJoan'i, and
tako no subitUote.
Civil Service Commission MakO
Ruling That Will Reduce M
Duffle to a Captain Whethd
Change Will Also Result in
Reduction of Salary Is QucsticJ
Not Yet Settled.
Theto will be no chief of detectiv
hereafter. The civil service comm
sion eradicated the nllleo from tho
lice department organisation lust nigl
when it formally changed tho name
captain of detectives. Whether tli
will bring tho salary or :fl!i0 down
tho iliO paid to tho oilier rnptnins
the force is onn of the questions tt
solution ot v.lncli remains to bo i
There was not much discussion
the section o itlining tho personnel
tho department whero the change w
made, but the commissioners were
the opinion that tho title bespoke co
siilenible more authority than tho o
ficc should consistently have, nnd th;
It uilglit too often incline tho incui
bent to a greater nuthority thnn ho hi
n right to use in handling tho affni
of tho depaitment. Chairman Wir
In Session Four Hours.
This was one of the only two ii
portunt changes mndo during u foi
hours' consideration bf tho new pollJ
rules last night. The other chango vis
in reference to tho radical clause ma
ing it mandatory for each oflicer
turn nil rewards received over to
"Polico Iteservc Fund." This sectu
wus left in the rules intact, but w
practically nullified by tho follow ii
"Tho foregoing provisions, how eve
shall not apply to anj' rcvvurd offcrc
bv the Unitecl Stntes government
any political subdivision thereof, U
Territory of Hawaii or any pontic
subdivision thereof, or any foreign go
eminent for thp apprehension of cm
inals, escaped prisonprs or deserters.
Unanimously Agreed Upon.
Tho commissioners agreed unan
mously on tho amendment, so thci
vvus practically little discussion,
was pointed out, how over, thut it woul
bo a hardship for thoso officers wl
put !n from four to ten hours' cxti
work n dnv 'trailing deserters from tl
Army or from ships in port to liavo t
divido tlio proceeds ot tneir oxtrn to
with thoso ofiicers who did the
straight, easy siiiftc'4'WOBt llomo a"
stayed home.
'There was sqmo hesitation over tl
trallic riili)S..Wu.h detylMlUircc page;
nf the tvnewriltcn manual. Chiiirmn
Wirtz that they might 1
getting nheud of tho supervisors, In
thn rules wero kept in und eve
strmi"thoiicd in snots. They nro fi
the guidance of police ofiicors in regii
lntiW traffic rather than Inws.
The other articles, relnting to tlJ
general duties of ofiiccrs nncl tho pni
tlculnr duties of ench grade, were lol
much ns they stood, minor ultcrationj
only being innclo in tlio text.
(By 1'edernl Wirclnss'Tclegruph)
PAIMS, September 17. (Specinl t
The Advertiser) Tho Michelin cup fol
distanco lling was tnnoy nwnrucn i
Acintnr Vnurnev. who covered 09!)
miles between August 2.ri and Soptenj
ber JO. tourney new cinuy, never one
suffering; serious mlsnnp.
fltv federal Wireless Toleorniih
LONDON', Soptember 17. (Specia
to The AdvcrHser) Hurry Quelch, So
cialist labor leader and former edito
of Justice, died today.
(By Federal Wlrolcss Telegraph )
DUBLIN, Scptcmlcr 17. (Special tc
Tin AilvprtlsprV Atnrn than twenty
thousand men today nro idle, either!
trom strike or lockout, in mc greii
movement of labor unrest which begin!
hero with tramwav troubles and spread!
to Fnglnnd nnd Scotland. Army police
firo.l nnnn n i rnwil nf rinlim farm la
borers neir F.ngluss, fatally woundiugj
a uoy, today.
SAX FHANCISCq, September 18.
(Ily Associated Press Cable) ChnrlesJ
Do Young, proprietor of the San Fran
eisco Chronicle and son of M. II, Dc
Young, died here last night after an
Illness of lovcial weeks. Ho was
stricken with typhoid fovor; compli
cations followed, and for tho past week
tho family of tho sick man were at tho
bedside hoping against hope that the
end could ho averted.
Charles Do Young vvns trained in
nowspniier work under the direction of
his father, who recently transferred
tno (.nronlcie to mm,
(Bv Federal Wireless Telegraph)
W'ASHI.NflTON, September 17.
(Special to Tho Advertiser)
The revenue cutter Tacoma has
won in u grim race with death.
A dispatch received at the
ury department says that the Ta-
comn has arrived at fcVattlo with
Fred M. Chamberlain, tho govern-
mcut naturalist, who was stricken
on St. Paul Island, one of the
Prlbllof firoup. The Tacoma
if bruke all speed records to reach
"i Mr. Chamberlain.

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