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jcmpromisc Report Is Reached by
fjmocratic -Conferees on Tariff
"Bill, Many Changes Are Made,
and Serious Blow to Hawaii's
Chief Industry May Yet Be
Reported That Part of Plan In
cludes the Elimination of
Eight of Cuban Treaty by
Which Sugar From That Country
Is Now Brought Here Under
Preferential Rate.
(I!) f cilor.tj ..Wireless Telegraph.)
AVASIIINUTON, September 29,
(Special to The Advertiser)
The compromise icport of the
Democratic confereen on the Tariff
Hill was presented to the Repub
lican conferees this motinng. It
is scheduled for adoption by the
house tomoriow. It pronnbly will
be adopted by the senate Thurs
day. iX'inocialic leaders .say Pres
ident Wilson will .sign the bill
Thuisday night.
I'he only possibility of a delay
is for the licpiibjiciiim to make
Until Jipoeches jiVjAviu' of prlleu
tion. Hie hotis'e is expected to
adopt tlio Wilson-Smith-Lever. sub
stitute lor ine colloii man eJUrv
It MTbellOVeO,' however tbaltliC
senate until d refuse to adopt the
substitute and that the entire cot
ton futures section would be elim
inated from the bill!
The house uttes on photographic
and surveying instruments, opera
glasses and similar instruments are
reduced. Cement, asphalt, lime
stone, pig iron, ferap iron and fer
romaiiganese arc put on the free
list. The rates on steel products
also aie reduced.
The conferees agreed to the
postponement of the fice listed
The duties on cattle, sheep and
other food animals, arid on wheat
pioduets and eggs, were removed,
and the house duties on oats, butter,
beots, peas, currants, chocolate
and coco are i educed.
The rates on fancy veaved and
novelty cotton cloths are reduced
slightly and tlio rate on cotton
yarns increased. The duty on lace
em tains also was increased. The
wool tales generally were lowered,
including those on flannel blankets
and cheaper stockings. JTJie
duties on the higher priced stockings
were increased.
WASIUXCITON, September 20. (By
ssqclaled I'rert Cable to tlio Star-Bulletin)
The houso and senate conferees
on tho Tnrlu" Hill to day ngreed uion !i
plan that will prevent Cuba from
tho benefit of thn preferential
tanir provision now in effoct between
( libn and tho Cnltcd States. The plan
is to eliniinato section 8 o( the
treatv with tho I'liltcd Statcs.M'n
der this lnn, ("ill 1111 sugnrs nro filveii a
twenty per cent preferential rate.
(lly J'i'ilonil Wireless Ti logiupli.)
llOMf, 'JO. (Hpu'inl In
Tim Ailirrtltur) Puiw I'lus X n wd-
MiK.1 lod b Ills pliy.lelaas lo nvn.e
)l0ldill2 UtllliPIU'fH Oil BCfOUIlt of thu ,1m
licMle Niliditinn f lilt inltli, It ws
I'vpluluH thst His IIoDiim It unt mif
furliijf from any nol&v jAtUdy but
DiNI he U iliawlug lan of Miiurnl
Tammany May Yet
1ft v
Get in the Toils
Becker, .From Sing Sing's Death
House, in Return 'for Life,
Amazing Confession.
(lly l'cdornl Wireless Tolcurnpli.)
AI.IIANV, Now York, September
J!. -(Spec al to Tlio
Slug's ghastly "Deutli
Ilouc'i t'oday contributed nn amazing
chapter to thu storj of tlio 1m
pe.iclnnimt of Stilzcr in which It appears)
that Lieutenant Charles Becker
has prepared evidence slrucing
at the political life rf not at the
personal freedom of a doPPn men
high In the official life of the State.
This story is alleged to bo back
cd by such proof its a shroud and
resourceful Tietective might produce
and bus been offered by Heck-or
in refurn for his life.
Till P
Felker Now Believed to Favor
Honoring New York's Demand
for Escaped Lunatic.
(Uy fcdcr.il Wireless Telegraph.)
C'OXUOHI), New Hampshire, Soptoni.
ber 20. (Special to The Advertiser) --"If
(!oeriior J'clUer oxtiuilltes Thaw,
his decision will bo a conditional
one," declared n member of the Governor'
eoumll today.
"This must not lie taken as coming
officially fiom Governor J'ell.ei, but
only as my personal opinion bused upon
an intimatd knowledge of the
an opinion which will bo borne out
bj developments within the nevt few
Tlio informant expresses tlio general
belief voiced about the Uruuite, State
cnpitol. i
The efTect of Governor folkci granting
oxtiaditlou papers wouhl,.bc to
throw tlio iiihe into tho foderal courts
and erring the, scexuf.
Jrlni his ,'i(v to7Joslon.
Sensational Trial in Los Angeles
Ends in Acquittal of Long
Beach Millionaire.
I)S ANUniiKS, .September 30. (lly
Associated I'rcss CabliJ After ouo ot
the most sciibntioual tnalp in the history
ofthis city, a 1laco whero trials
of more than ordinary sensationalism
have been frequent in tho past three
J'cars, Georgo II. liixby, the millionaire
resident of Long lleach was ntipiittod
a jury lato yesterday attenloon of
contributing to tho delinquency of a
number ot girls.
The trial had been in progross for
tho past Uircc weeks, and was marked
by sensational testimony on tho part of
tho chief witness against tho accused
Other witnesses wero siibpticnncd lo
tho prosecution in nn effort to establish
tho alleged fact that UHby and his
find made it a prattles to lure
girls. Objection by tho defcne, how over,
to tuo liitrouuciioii ot any testimony
but that bearing directly on the charge
against tho accused man, was sustnrned.
JSivliy in ins ilolcnso mado a general
denial of thu charges of contributing
to tho delinquency of tho complaining
witness, This, with the testimony ot
witnesses who testified to tho character
of tho woman and tho argument of lit
tornevs for tho defense to tho jury is
believed to have prompted the verdict.
Tho cojrtroom was ciowdrri, the
jurors flle.l In, Those prominent in tho
social reform movement In Ios Angeles,
ns well us ninny who hnvo defended
liixby throughout the trial wero In at
tendance, tho latter starting to cheer
as tho verdiit was rend. This vwis
stopped by tho bailiff After thanking'
the jurors, llixhy loft tlio courtroom, n
Jjto man,
N'HW VOltK, Beptembor 3 - (llj
Assnrinlod I'romi Ciible) Timothy
Wciodriilf is in clinrge ot phylclaini
hero, I he romilt of nervous cidlup.ii
wwtiiNluy, WoodruM is nuiTurinj fiom
li t'umpUto norvouji lueuUduHii H'-
ihlltU hme 1 11 n ciiIImI in It is
H i"l wtl nljpttlHle rust llin nirk
i"" "" ""l""'"' ..
-.,,. .-.
XAJIAN'T, MutMiiliiMHtu, MoiitMirfiwr
911.. I Aaauilalwl PrM I'mIi) la
veiikiisj whlh It l fwirid nuy ptuiH!g,r lliillrllni Aeuutor II lne of
tlm furvruniiiriif H iii i Mm. lollnpM' 'J'hi' 1 lnii'll h npilHtid on I odd)
I ..ni 1 1 T ploluiM I lua du luis to loiigu'i'nr ii uim ill ii 111. 'Ullililluli la
iimu of hi ill Hint dwlui, liipvitl iuinluri''l
, us ' ' ' "
I II rTllsliTlTl ITIOKLAI II PL . .1 .,..,.. rLr . '-. 1
'- ?&tm&WW : yStfXk A
t IBS ir $f8 BEftU'' i'ifSt7im
mi JM . m ' rJIIBm vHn
ii wnmv9m&mmm$y vn.is
& mmmmm:m&y ' my i -mm
The, illustration show how Constitutionalists; crip)do tho railway
serxlco of Mciico by destroying bridges. Tho iibiittniouts nro
blown up with djiiumito and tho woodwork burned In ono of tho lower
pii tares uro two women soldiers in tho Constitutionalist cavalry.
Iho other shows another who travels and lights with tho rebels, but lit
present Is one ot tho guards on tho destnution train. Thoro aro many
women iu tho Constitutionalist rnnks, and they nro said to bo good
Americans anc Natives Cross
Line to Escape Routed Army
Fugitives, in Full Flight Before -Federals,
Devastating Country
as They Retreat.
(By F'di'inl Wireless Telegraph.) . ,
EAGLE PASS, Texas, September 29. (Special to The Advertiser)
Both American and Mexican lefinrees began potuin i)i here twlny,
lieeing 'before the rebel force, which was defeated in a desperate
ilnee days' battle about seventy-five miles to the southward. i
The rebels were at last accounts themselves in full flight tnvaid
the border. Ou their way the refugees declared the tebels were' de
stroying all 'property for which it was possible the Federals nibjht
lind some use.
It is said'that moie than five hundred Mexicans were hilled in the
battle which ended so disastrously for the rebel ijnny.
By5 Ernost Q. Walkor.
(Mall Special to'Tlio Advertiser)
WASHINGTON, Hcptcmbcr J8. The
caso of L. .l-Ii Tiukham is taking on
now intoprtt Jiuforo tho couiiuitlce on
Taciflc islands and l.'ort Iliio. Mr,
I'inkham's rcpiy to tlio.varmus charge
filed lias been considered
by tho colilfnltteo, including his denlul
I hut he is. a ItopuJilH'in iiml ii
hud lio it uud ha bcoii it
fully i Ji)'utiy with tho Wilson
niluiinlatriilloii. ,
thorn aro llguirn'rals nu thn rommil
tee, whofiiro ifUpOMnl lo verify this us
ril''ii ml lliiiilril oi irlt niiib iuvos
tMt Inti. Ami un luviwtluutioii tin""
will sMwimutly lie wiiuilicr liu win
lake the form of nuninoiiing witm.t
and nil Hiai r ijulie nppaioiil u,
II is llill IIIDMU tn gi'l u iiiuriioi or
thu (ommlllpe Uusliier Hint niininiii..
IiVIum uf llii) enuli uniiiillv inn
greMiw ety 'owh Tlii'u' ' dxii "'
fUItlf ftolli llliHUH litU n 4 u nil Mi
I'lnkliuw's iwlllirs. i t,.li mil
HppurilltK l' mirilhliKl' I till iKrvful
Vm ingiwa W uiljuuiu iii'ill., Mi
I'liikhaui would iiiolmlilv bo uuen a
recess iippoiiituient l.v fromdoiit Wn '
ton. There will In! some recess of i,du
Krc-s and if the oppiiMtioii succeods in '
pro'.cntnig coiiflrmiiliuii, Mr. finkliiiin )
may (jet o iue appointment anj vfay, I
which would hold tl.rmjli Hie rcrgnlurl
kmIou ol till tin) senate took
souio ui'tion iji) Ins i.tMnling unuiinutloii '
(Hy ft'dvral Wirwiiu 'I nonp)i.)
KHUMH, rtiiiio, N.'pi.aj!ir HV.
(hlM'chil to 'Hid Ailwitlmtytmtn
i t.i In' am' taafulli ilDf.nliil tbu iiitiii
imtiuuul k isll.iu i nil, Dm luuiua jl(i
, dun lli'iincM tni Ii)
Tin Imlmi of lln inii i iiiiHoiikl lo ii
i uim i I iln mil fi i, tin' inii 1 1 i
llni ii n iui . in I M I iiniMt, ii
n"i in nik! ill1" i i iii 1'inMill isliib.
Ii.ln I ii i vi n II' the iuli 1 1 i
lu.l.1,1 in, ui)l, Mil. tint 4atb"
r i.'i .' m li, In All iulimu MM vA an
mi, I. 'i'li i lip won lit v i lulu.
t 41 t mi. in ti'Hv, Itial ,um,
i . '
mm id Mi
Protests Against Establishment of
Transport Service Between tho
Coast and Honolulu Ignored,
and Service la to Bo Established
by War Department.
(lly rodor.il Wireless Telegraph.)
fAN I'ltANClBCO, Hoplemboi J.
(hpecial to The Ailvrtlwjr) A com
municntiou received from Washington
bj at) oflipr in tho United Htates Armj
quartermaster departuiont imlicntes
tlut the war department has decided
(o ignore the protests against placing a
spoein.1 transport in commission between
Sh.i rrnucUao and Honolulu.
It is mini that as xion as tlio lluford
'Munis from Stoxko that vempl will
I hi thorouuhlv overhauled ami put Into
'""' iWSSK
fOht (it inauiiuuimg u aciiii vensoi lias
dei nl' d tliut it will moan a ronslderablo
ui,: of inouoy both for ffoluht
i hnr ,in I tho of men
1 1. in 1 1 I v. Itl he diiiiartoiont
Hi I li .il Win hv, Tuloiiruiili.)
juitt'jti, mt M:r J ' jn'i ml lo
TI V.UnrliiM plullm liia liM'l' ,
, i h v , i i , iii, ii, nil
'Hi i li I'l .III III lil 1111,1111,1,
1 1 1 1 t la Inn I llli i lll It
, , i , vi 1 1 , , l I I
I, .ill . I .1 I 111,11,
V l HillllK ' I
ii in 'I I ill 41. I
I .1 l. I
li 'iiililulll Ima llU'll I II V II, fill
V I null 1 Iui. I
King Manuel and
His Bride Parted
Princess Victoria of Hohenzollern,
111, 'Taken to Father's Estate-Husband
Going to London.
(lly IVdernI Wireless Teloe,rnph )
KKHl.IN, L".).
at lo The Advertiser) Princess
lflurit of Holicnrollcrn, whoso
liijytfrioiis illness puuled all
has parted from former King
Mam el. her huehand of a feu
weeks. Thl utarlluig news reached
Ik rim todiv on the heels of a dispatch
sa.lu that the princess had
tempted suicide.
l.ojal circles nre greatly excited
ixtr the troubles of Mniiuel.
thv "'ineesii is being removed to
, fnl'ier's eslatn at
en hue Manuel will soon return
to I.on'on for the winter.
Five-Power Agreement Is Dis
solved Bocauso Unsatisfactory,
Is Report.
(Hy 1'cderal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, September JU. (8poci,il
to Tho AdveiticerJ Tho Ilntish Knv
eminent announced today tho dissolution
of tho Chluoso loau agreement
from which tho United Stutet with
drew Its support wino time ago. Tho
agreement had not worked to tho s.itls
fact on of any v,f tho live Towers com
corned, Ore.it liritnln, Trance, Germany,
1'utBia and .lapiui.
TJio llvo Powers will still net together
In making lount to tho Chinese government
for general administrative, purposes
but each of tlio 'Toners fls loft
lrco to support any of its citizens )u
41in.t(!uJnHMa for rallromli amr fithcr
Industrial projects and fur provincial
purposes. ,
Tho declared object of tho original
agreement, it was pointed out here, wus
to prevent an International scramble
to lend China money.
m a
(Jlv federal Wirelgss Telegraph.)
VAItMOUTII, Kucland,
br 2!). (Spoclal to The Adver-
tiKcr) -".No vote, no ort, no
This was tho notice liostcd
hero today bv sulfmucttcs who aro
accused of damaging tho
pal gulf links, putting acid on two
greens. Tho loss is estimated at
poventyivu thousand dollars.
"Wo also burnoil a lumber jnnl
Saturday," another placard .road.
b !. t.'a
(Hy federal WJroless Telegraph )
l'AUIS, Soptomber 211. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Greece has borymo Involved
in thn Alb.mlaii war, according
to a telegram received hero today from
Athens. This message slated that a
combined force or Albanian mid Turks
ntta'licil tho (Ireek position nt Ravala
nun inai ngniuig is going on in
(lly liduml WlmleiW Telecjraljill )
HAN' J'JIAUtJIW'O, ttopUuihw W.
(Hpucial in Tiu Advof llr) -A MllilV'
r.nu riH'i'ivml front TmHuIIU, Mhimxiu,
unuouiuHtu the urrhij llir of "Hplgln
Ntticu, wiiaU'r uf lliv nmJ.nul.liie
riilt lis, Ills Mifu, llllld Mill) I'law, Willi
llw ttfws Umt lb Aiiiurptlm wL'lsh
ft Kewniistlu Annual II for Han I'rnj).
idiau, wus M f"ik un JwrvU Itlmid.
TtM Awtirb mm ivn'Mtl wu vyniikud
MM I li'" Null''
U' I'll I l'n? i u Uc IU Mini III III
nn Mil ' i ii u ti i' guin.) lo in in
III i i lli ni'U i ui inn i' .ik Mil"aii
TI, I ll ! I o lln rill" ll'l'il ' it'fi
lujiji 1 an ivluji Ibiuui ttln
Jhih hII iinl be suiiiii in hi Ij
I'liiiiaiiu i ii n Ullli iaii'Uiuiif rvM
JiUH In OUU n,,.,! .rf U a,
United States Immigration
Halsey Gathers Evidence
Against Ninety-three Undesirable
Japanese and European Men
and Women in Honolulu Work
of Arresting Crowd BeginB.
Inspector Personally Directs Raids
and Aids in the Capture of
Twenty-three Persons Crusado
to Continue Until All Warrants
Are Served Deportation For
Most of Them.
Honolulu's tenderloin will soon become
a thing of tho past ns tho resull
of cabled orders for tlio arrest of ninety-three
women of the underworld ninl
their aides which wero received by In
spectnr In Charge lialscy of .the immigration
station joslerday morning, fed-oral
authorities with tho assistance of
the police commenced to round them
up jeslerdny morning. Up to a lato
hour Just night n'ot more -.nan a. third
Jiail been arrested, owing, it is said
to a leak that gave the women an opportunity
to escape.
The ordors were received from Washington
and enmo In tho form of tlio
names of persons for whom warrauU
havo.liccn Jsiucd by
commerce and labor. -Tho vvorrnnta
havo ulrcndy been Hurled for Honolulu
and it is believed that licforo they
all of thoRo for whom they nro
issued will bo in custody of the immigration
lialscy Started Campaign,
Tho warrants aro tlio direct result; of
n personal campaign on tho -part of
tho under whoso direction
most of tho ovldcnco was so-cured.
AVashlncton's action will Jiavo
tho result,''1 it Is believed, of wipiug
out tho Honolulu tenderloin for years
situated in tho unsavory district of
Iwilcl. , ,
Tho evidence that was pent to Wash
ington was so bulky that it occupied a
largo box to hold it, it is said,
Immigration Inspector Harry K.
Ilrown win detnlled by 111118010 mako
the arrests uinl tho assistance of thn
pollco was asked for. Horgcnnt
was detailed by tlio sheriff to help
ami tho task of rounding tho women
and men up was commenced in tho lato
Fow Europeans In Crowd.
Most of thonn wiintod nro Jnnaneso,
but there are besides a mimiTi'r of
french Mid (lerinan women Thu warrants
nre believed to bo issued under
thn law which provides for the arbitrary
deportation of aliens less than
three venrs in the country who cnuaue
in tlio traffic of women.
The .Inpiineso will bo returned to
their own country whlln tho European
women will be sent back to theirs,
under guard of local pollco nuironi
if thn immiuriitioii staff proves
strong tn permit the withdrawal
of responsible ofllcers.
I'ji lo midnight arrests
had been made, two .liipiiiickii being
taken into Custody in ii local theater.
'J' ie mil service fiiiiiiiil.aion, II M
iiiiiinunl M'li r.luv, is slroii);!)' In
favor uwl will in ali ii no ilfurt lo e
I'lirs nn oflUiHl uppropriiilion to permit
Wieriir .JiiniU to suiuj h rMpouslhlu
dlllMir in study I he lleillllun iiud nuunr
prlHl (Valeuia Itlll 1111 lit filVf IUI
olriui" "' H'P bu ill iU)'uriiinnillj( 't
kilDWleilgc ai'il rmuiHU fiom iifullilmi'l
ijoiwrtiiienta aiu cunalsnll) rmmH'i'l
HaWHItf llir III" IITiftl II f JH'lal)l) who
am 'lnainU'il puiMv li Ihww v'jfin
NtiHriir ' hmrllly In fmr
Uf llin idea, II ir uii.li'laluOi', UUi IVlll
Inula llli llm rfli'l I" ot lull (WHimirfloil
ir Tin uHl'ii il" ll "111 Mfl W"l
iluillll. il in .1 l Un' ItU!H JlJ III
liuih lln in ii ' l'i lltlli'f Slell)l
i,f iLi il I in I in. I I
li . i 1 1 i i 'Hfr JL'Dt w
1 1 I 'n I. ..I.I III) IU OS ?.'
l I i I 411 IHffUJ
HI II I nil 'ic HiiITTll
I 41 II " ' '. W.J B IUI imt rnutf
Inn i ui U and saalfml inu In
ui v i airunuiy iH ilutiinui Ibul lump
, i .1 . I mull, '

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