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-!? B Km''
- UJ . '.V 'HI' -
vol. I . NO K4 HONOIA'Ll, HAW Ail TORY, IllSDAY. (XTUltKlv i 1 IKI.Y WHOLE NUMBER 3850
Jobbics Attempt to AiTCst Annie
Kenncy, Chief of Staff of Mrs.
Pankhur3t's "Flying Army"
and Are Forced to Fight Their
Way Through Fighting Mass of
header is Finally Dragged to a
Taxicab by Plucky Officers and
Hurried Away to Holloway
Jail; Dulci E. W,est, Recently
Freed, is Also Carted Away to
(Ity IVdoinl Wirclcs1 Tclcgiaph.)
LONDON, 0tu!)cr 0. (.Special to
'lie Adveitiser) Hiotoiix scones today
ttemled tin1 arrest of Auulo Keniiey,
ii olllcial of tho Women's Social anil
'olitical ITnlon, tlia militant wing of
ho ami chiof of staff ot
li'o militant Hying army, ,illt as slio
; starting to make a speech at tlic
veckly meeting of suffragettes at tho
'aviliou Music Hall.
Snirragottos in tiio audienco flung
hei"sclvoi upon tho police in an
to ri'suio tliuir 'leader, but woro
Irivcn hack. At tho first sight of
onus tho women begun to "loo" and
mrl verbal threats at tiio "bobbles."
"Gv?t nut I - Got out!" cried tho
vomen. "We,nrpvsat)icredicre in "
lio cause of liberty for a. momont "
icgiin MKs Kenney, when a policeman
prang to tho platform and laid Ms
i.inil on iicr suoulilcr,
Pandemonium bioko in tliv audience.
tried to fiuht llicir w.iv to the
tugo, wlilln other toro up seats and'
iimci whatever missiles they could lay
lands on at tho policemen. Jliss
ib dragj,vul and carried to a taxi-
nli and liiirriiil away to Holloway Jail,
biiing tiio struggle, Dulci 13. West,
ither militant, who had been recently
reeil rroni prison, attempted to enter
lie hall, and was besieged and jailed.
1 T
Friends of President Wilson Plan
to "Prod" Dilatory Senators
, on Banking Committee.
(ISy Federal Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, October: fi. (Special
to Tho Advortisor) Friends of President
Wilson nro. planning to "piod"
tho three members of the foliate bank
ing and currency committoo who arc
boliovcd to bo responsible, for delaying
actmn on tho I'urrem'y Hill in tho senate
According to statements made im
high authority theso three senators are
HitcliLiick of Nebraska, O Gorman of
New York anil Iteid ot Missouri.
Trunk A. Vandcrlip and Joseph Tab
bert of tho National City Hank of New
Yurk will appear before tho banking
and enrroncy comniittco this week. The
committee expects to coiichulo its work
about Octolier "), i(
Tho bankers of tho nation aro
in favor of tho currency
measure, according lo I'rcsidc'iit Wilton.
Thousands of letters have como
to tho White Houso voicing approval,
it is said.
, .. 4...
(Il, IVdernl Wiroliw Telegraph.)
IllillLIN', October (I. (Hpociiil to
The AdvertWur) Cringe Victoria
Liiiiim', only daughter of Knlwr Wil
liiliu, mid 1 ridu of Prltico Hniot An
gust of iniiherluiHl, U to reign a u
(Jiiciv alter all. It wn lourucd today
liiiin" a sin 1 sourri Hint the dinpniu
tiiitweeu the I mini's of (inolpli and Ho
I iHiznllorn over I lin rlaliiis to th Huiiu
leniin ih, ii",. Iuin iiii 1 i.iii, rmiilMMl.
Prime Lrinsl Mild t i bule will liiukn ' 1 onn.in l will liv kritnigml kiiort
tiilemii ai.iry inin itnuuiyn k before h ' ' " 'I'1"1 . d llii'i.. by trxa
1 lill.lll.Hh One of I ll UWldlutr ift 'ly, Tll MUIIuHl'OIll)t WIM DViiluillU iu
mis 11, 1 1, lu'lmi of tin Uuihi i.f.tsudtsl lu allay rumor Mm I mi ulllcl
)it,n mm, l, 1, a Kiutfloui, nhUli Cramt
win to nib'
ft . tfHKJJE jFBr, V
Whoso rc.iloni sisters fought London
bobbies to sui,, iicr from prison.
First Election in New Republic
Rcsult3 in Re-election of Leader
- on Third -Ballot with Margin of
one Vote to Sparc"; Li Yan Hung
is Closest Opponent.
(By federal Wireless Telegraph.)
PI3KINU. October (i. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Yuan
kai wirt today reelected President
of tho Chinese itcpublie. Ho re-
ccived fi(J2 votes on the third
lut in tho assembly, ono moro than
the number required to elect him.
- His opponent in tho first ballot
received 170 votes. On iho second
ballot Yuaii received -197
-voles or mno short of tho two
thirds necessary to elect. On tho
third ballot only his nnnio ami
that )t Li Yau Hung were pro-
scnted. , (-
..... .
I ill
Crisis Between Mexican Administration
and- Chamber of Deputies
Believed Near.
(riy Vedcral Wireless Telegraph.)
CITV 01' ML'NICO, October'G (Spc
cial to Tho Advertiser) Tho congros
bionnl committee appointed to lnvcstt
Uato tiio situation as regards thn pen
eral election" scheduled for October 20
has decided to lircsont a report recom
mending that the election bo postponed.
General llueita, is bitterly opposed to
any plan for postponement.
Tho crisis which lias been imminent
.botween tho administration and tho
chamber of deputies is expected to T)o
readied as soon as tlicro is 110 doubt
(that tho deputies will adopt tho com
mittco's report.
(Ily. federal Wiroless Telegraph,)
WIASIIINGTO.N7 October 0. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) ot Harry Jv.
Thaw's treaty rights as 1111 American
eittoon woro violated when Canadian
immigintinu authorities iorcihly do-
ported him a few Weeks ago. That was
the ruling todny of Solicitor Joseph W
1 one or tnu i 111 1 department. '
TIihw asked the Stato deportment to
make representations to the Hritish em.
liassv in prntost against his deportation
on September 10, holding that III
rights bad been violated, Tho department
declined to ill) so,
., ;
(Hi Cjidornl Windess Ti'loRraph )
ItlNHTAMJNul'I.K, llrlolinr I),
ih Ui I'lie .'dvurtlser) An
imumoiMi'iit w,u luhde lime tuduy lliul
Itnlnarmu 'I ml. Ii'iu) mil lull' h lidbl
u,jiiiiii ibr t'KiU. una ftmlum.
London Times So Describes Conditions
Existing in Ireland as
result of Political and Industrial
Conditions Belfast -City
Hell Fitted Up as Army Headquarters.
(Hy l'odcral "Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, October (1. (Special to
The Advertiser) Tho authorities aro
taking a grow I ugly serious new view
of both tho political and industrial
outlook in Ireland. Iho Times says
conditions in Dublin suggest tho hor
rois of ncttial warfare. Tho stability
and security of tho whole British nation,
it declares, aro threatened by tho
obvious sympathy between tho Knglish
and Irish working classes. Sir Kdward
Carson's- inflammatory campaign is
adding to the ministers' anxieties. Nobody,
least of all the King, wishes to'
sco disorder, nml Helfast as well as
Dublin, embroiled In civil war.
A remarkable utterance by Jlrs.
Lloyd George nt a Liberal meeting at
Llalifyllin, Wales, is attracting attention,
as a probable disclosure of -Mr.
Asqnith's dllllcuUy in maintaining a
united cabinet, especially sinco Lord
Lorcburn's statesmanlike appeal for a
settlement by consent. Tiio wife of
tho chancellor, of the exchequer, whom
every ono has hitherto regarded as n
homely person little concerned with
politics, ,ald:
No Compromise.
''Somb people aro trying to incite
civil war in Ireland, mid others aro
asking us to compromise. 1 can not
see at all way wo should, and can not
sco why the Liberals should wish to
3iltcr any conference. They should pass
tho measures as they stand. Tho Lib-orals
aro not going to give in now that
tho promised land is in sight. Wo arc
going to carry theso measures. Wo
have, no 'cabinet secrets. Hut do not
think tho government will givo in.
They will 1 go on and carrv them
bound'to' keep their"
pieuges to tim people. If they did not
Welsh peoplo would have no faith In
the Liberal leaders'."
Like a War Ofllcc.
Two hundred thousand peoplo woro
present at the agricultural grounds at
Uolfast on "Ulster Day," including
spcctatois and volunteers. Tiio latter
numbered nearly fifty thousand, of
whom eleven thousand are from Hel
fast alono, composed of cavalrv, tho
lnniskillen Infantry and dispatch motor
cvclists. At the military command1
they advanced fifteen paces, and, 111
stead of saluting tho commander, gave
thrco cheors for tho Inrgo Union Jaei:
floating abovo, whilo the massed bands
played "Itule llritanuia" and "God
Save the King." Threo cheers for tho
union were also given, after which
thcro was a brlof address by Sir Ld-
ward Carson, who is beginning to show
traces of tho effects of his energetic
campaign, utcr mat enmo the In
spection of file Ilelfnst contingent.
Six hundred delegates uro meetlnir in'
tho Helfast hcadquurters to discuss tho
provisional government scheme, and to
name oinccrs to servq under tho
Unionist Council. Thoy will include
Sir lahvaril Carson and Lords
Alicrcoru, Kllmoroy and Londonderry.
The old Town llalLat Belfast is lie-ginning
tq rcijemblo a vvnr office, with
wireless on tho roof nu guards outside.
No Election Likely.
In official ministerial circles no
(ireilcnco whatever is, given to rumors
of an appeal to the country, either by
a gcnoral election or a referendum, before
tho Homo liulo Bill becomes law.
It seems almost certain, from the fact
that important mombers of tho ministry
and of tho opposition in both
houses havo been in each other's company
during tho last few weeks, that
informal conversations on tho subject
df tho bill hafi taken plnco, but no
authoritative aiiuoiincoment has boon
nindo nor is likely to bo nindo until
Premier Asquith delivers his annual
address to his constituents this month.
(Ily l'odcral Wireless Tologrnph.)
ALBANY, New York, October II.
j(riicclal to Tho Ailvnrtispr) Governor
Hulzcr told his louusel tmlnv Hint tin
'Insisted on testifying before tho im-
peaciiiiieiii imirt. tjio lawyers object-I'd
to it, but Uni Governor ropllod that
ho intoiuloil In cndorm) tho stiiloiiioiit
of his bgcreliiry Louis riareci.y (hut If
ho had been ' crooked" ho could Imvo
lnl.011 noii.iliH) cnslly.
It was iuihiiIiiiI I oiln y Hmt un
Murphy of Tumiiiuny ulto winitinl to
(Ily 1'mlflnl Wirtdws. Tvlognpii.)
I AN I'llANl'lHl O, llilidmr (I. (Mpv
cial to Tim Aiyerir) -Tim I'uilml
tsiali's tmuspurl I .u j;it n siiid I ir ll
nllii via Honolulu niid luium t uuuu
iMduy It i miomu u full litt uf
Munuvfi HUd tit buudrid liuup.
t Everybody's Doin'
' YORK' ITS A, "
Wrl j'K
Bender Against Mathewson, With Betting
Even ior Opening Game of World's Series
Ey Thomas J. Lynch, President of
the National League.
(By 1'oderal Wiroless Telegraph.)
NKW V01UC, October 0. (Spo
cial to Tho Advortiser) The world
seiies starting tomorrow- promises to
bo ono of tho most oxcit'ng
in history. Naturally, I
tho honors will bo with
men when tha final jjamo is
ended. Tiio New York te.(m has
shown a wonderful tonsistency and
it lias a wonderful pitching staff, a
valuable adjuiut in a short series,
McGraw is ono ot the most wonderful
managers tho gamo has over
,Mack is a wonderful lender, too,
but I thins; New York has a slight
advantage. With 1111 eVen break 1
think New York has tho better
ehnnce of landing tho world's chain
pionjhip. May tho best team win,
(By I'Viloial Wireless Telegraph.)
NKW YOltIC, Octob'or 0. (HpeciaMo
Tho Advertiser) Bender against
and tho betting at oven stand
out m tho big tacts 011 the ovg,of tho
first gamo of tho world's series,
I 'nun Pldlailelpl.ia came tho an-
nouncomeiit tonight that tho x Indian
tins uli.iosl lerlani to btnrt tho crloi
Tiiis is for a two-fold reason. Theso
reasons nro that C'oiuilo illicit Is desperately
eager to grab tho first, guina.
Another rnison is the f m t that tho
Plilladelphlii manager i eager to work
his stni twiitcr in Just as many 'games
us possible, Which moaiis that Jlendm
iifll lie ruiily lo toiiin iiack sooner II
ho works in tho first gamo (Inn If lie
wiib held foi some othnr. Aiiotlior
niasnii fur nohjUiiig tin elilef it that
it will givo lliu yiniiig twlilcr nu tho
Athletics' stall inula conllilenci) if tha
first L'liuie Is a win.
MtUruw, ol I'liuise, is jnl s ongvr
to grab this tturtor, and Miilhaivsiiii
lockiid his lmt bul, Hut thuru U muni
' ' ' ' "m -
(iy l'udufijl Vnel Tolimrilili,)
MOITIUMITOX, ISuglmiil, Uulr
ll. liT
Kf in pi of liiimniK, tjww1 it lliu "irumii
iioel," wlin si one linn i'u;jl Willi
iletit Wi iii'luir ifp ol I'ploii H(ii'i
Hits t)liii lu l.nily'UiiM
d u iwuw Wlieu M 1 1 W e
is tip in- fil I -. iliu,ru'd litWMid ')"
to lingUiid mi I lie liior H'Wuiv, I'M
iii Ji m 1 ii'Uluad. "uf bu urs
piiiiblx i niic 10 iuii ai 11 if on lo (r
Ik iiud s I'ubh.liii tvr till IWH,''
President of thn National League,
who feels certain that Mi draw's
warriors will ay Athletics low.
Weather Report is
Not Encouraging
a H!-!
(Bv IVdernl Wireless Tdegrnph.)
NEW YORK, October 0.
cln to The AUverttser) JJasoball
fans were In groat forco at the
local woathor bureau tortuy, when
tho forecast for tho firat world '
scries gamo was leaned,
"Unsottlod woatlior Tuosday; !
if Ftrong to brisk northoast winds," m
Is tho report that g'otcd thorn,
cluuicn of Hid Giant iiiunuitir wit hiiitf.
j'i'lie aood lint haiujirs of llie Ainoricmi
Lungiio )jvu hum mighty iiirwtlvo
1 nguliist the Miickmeii, wliirh uruumJ
wojl for lliu etmniiH of alnroiiliril. Til
belting wns HllliosL nil,
'I he limnli moJ on the blub. Tin
AHileti'i, exi'i'l nt (ho I Ml
Bul whtui il i'0iiUs to liuiing
1 IIH 'i'i, IlliuuU, lifluit ttty
Amui'inIi I l'ru f'ubjw lo Mlur HiiIId
Iiiu I'l 11 p'llliM kUVH Hutiritill"d I list
1, 1 j m ol II mn'dr ihui ll'ii'i
ripl'll'l'l till IKUfPMl'd liln, 1 1 1 1 bu
I III III. I , ,, 'i t -l , llll I,, I , ,1 ') 1 In
I i ,1 ,il, Ii I llll Mil I I Ii I I Al r
lu tiii, I I ii") null milt .? I llii '
bel lid'i lie iolii b bkl iWMMI4'
l.nifi'iii (illiei' uiirl(i, llii: pullrn
,.m lumid mil lllsl lu mull ) ill
jupiulo bul lljl bllU'M' i(
uitkjt cat 1 y -
By Ban Johneon, rrcsidont of tho
American League.
By I'edernl Wireless Telegraph.)
NLW OKK, October I), (Special
to Tho Advertiser) I predict
tktory for thu Athletics not
I am president of tho American
League. It is my firm opinion
that tho Philadelphia Club will win
but lliey wilt not do so without a
New York showed us in tho
with Boston last year that they
aro fighters and thoroughly game.
They arc also led by one of the
brnmlcH men who ever woro a
spil.ed idioe. There is not, howuvor,
shrewder man in tho game today
than Connie Mack, Ho has constructed
n wonderful' team of batters
and I am proud to havo u bunch
of sluggcis liko tho Athletics to represent
tho American Lcaguu in the
struggle for (ho world's champion-'ship.
elWit roilfideiiio lo back oiiinlous with
dolliirc, there is nothing doing. Olio
of tho giualvt crowds that ever
on u ball field is certain o be
011 Iho Colo (Irouiids tomorrow. All
of thu rororvcil seats havo Iiivh old.
Tho thirty tliousnnd geiioral udinistion
'mil griiiiilHtiuid tiokols will lie placed
On public wile tnmortow, Mi'liraiv is
lellllg on Tiwioiiii mid Mnrqiiard to
win Ule light ngiilimt the Athlutles for
liljn, niid tliniv two will (Ignre in most
if Iho Wiiiie. if tlie kiiiios goos six
gam ui), I Juno two will figure in four
iiml AJtty and lmiiiuoo will work in
blio Hjiieto.
Cohli nattlnif Wlrard,
Cinr.Uif), lllinoii, Octobgr (). (Ilv
AwpcHilud praiw Cnblo lo the Hnr Bui
Cobb, Bntroils's gioat run-I
iiftlol Jit, is thu liiiidlng butsiimil uf I tin
mnjiir lixiiii', ncwirdnig In m nlllcinl
uvuNgtia Hindu pnlillu to lay. In the
IjUli few wUt ''0I1I1 distil iifiiij .Ion
iTllfilubll, Did CIiivuIhiiiI mIiiijiiI', Uud llll
Isimd with u immuiilagn uf MH. duke
ftJUMMrli flrsl btuMtniMii fur lliu Brooklyn
mklkuoi', lusds thw Ndliiinsl Iwjguii
Wit)l ,8W.
m)?HtlU RBhAl'BB
HW oUH, iiciolM'r 7. -.(Ily
UH4 Pi ' "i'l'' 1 Tiutottiy VVmm
row, iitiw of the pwlllbltl lit HYf
Vois, I i I" nil euiil MuixiiMl m lliu
nll.il 1 In l.r Im 1 11 lllllliUIMUSly III f'll
on tl 1' I i.ii( tlulll H Ul'lluuu
"dliil ' xlMI'se llll I'IMllI
III 1 mi llll I I'l I tl
b, ull. llwn 1
lewn MH"i IIikii Mbi
. ,.,,
- -
lull ol hi,- li'U ! Iiwn u4 Ihul Im
M' kiHl'l "HI HWUiWi
Fl M
Governor General Harrison Arrives
at Manila, Assumes Control
and Tells Natives -That
Administration Will -Ultimately
Grant Them Full Independence.
Initial Move is to Give People
in the Appointive . Commission
as Well as aMajority in
Both the Upper and Lower
Houses of the Philippine Legislature.
(By l'edetal Wireless Telegraph.)
MANILA, October 0. (Rpccinl' to
The AilvVTtiscr Tho now- Governor
General of tho Philippines, Francis
Burton Harrison, arrived today 011 the
Manchuria and vva enthusiastically
greeted by thousands of persons. Ho
took chargo of affairs aj once.
In his inaugural address ho declared
every stup taken by tho administration
would lie toward- iiltimato independence
of the Philippines.
"Tho administration will take ono
step nt once," ho said. "Tt will give
the native citizens of the Philippines
majority in the appointive, commission,
and also in Hie upper as woll as
the loner houso of tho legislature.1'
ill E !N GRiPQF
5T01 m FIRE
Alaskan City, Wind .and Sea
Swept Nov in Powci of flames ; .
Losbc3 Reach Millons.
NOMK, Alaska, October 7. (By As.
sociated Press t'ablo) l'or moro than
two miles along tho Ifciicli
Nome is built thousands spent last
night, 'battling not only against tho
storm that has been raging here fbr
tho past three days or inorp,. but in an
ollerl to combat tho flames, which have
11W started to add to tho (error ami
tho siitruring of those who nro already
homeless. ,
Tiio Haines, carried by tho' strong
wihds which are sweeping aloni thn
coast, will probably wipe' out tho
portion of tho place: before the storm
Hinriuit's or inv " nwis n.
coic with the fire. '
It in estimated tills horning that
the damage will reach in -'the 'neighborhood
of two million dollars, and
pmbnbly exceed this by several hundred
thousand dollars when tiro lire
losses are tolalcd.
T'lero Is no iiidlcaiidii of tho abating
of tho storm. Keveral hundred
houses have been demolished "in tiio
storm, and many nro now in Humes.
IIundiDiis nro now homeless.' Thu
electric plant is out Of commission,
plants have suspended, the
winter season is close at hand, and
unless help is secured' it is believed
tin re will bo iniicli, siiirvring. ;
riii far us can I 0 learned, thuro has
been no loss ol life,
1.1 1 !
fllv Coderiil Wireless Telegraph.)
J'OltTLANO, Oregon, October II.
lo The Advertiser) Pitcher
iliguiubotliaiii of I 'ort In nd was fctrlcknii
Hntiirdiii night with appendicitis and
will he out of thn gamo for tho rest
of (lie sminin. Both Igfiihothuni
Hiid Ml In. MiConnli'li, utility Inflclder,
win left behind 11 hen tliu teiiiu left
lust night for Hnu )'nilicieci,
TO 1
Mi uimI Mrs, II " Itukwcll wfm r'
luruilitf imMuliiiura oif ilm Millsoil liner
Ijowwlulsii, 'J liuv hsie biieii iiwiiV
ftMin IImnuIuIu for Wu yi"tr, wluit
wuullu at wj'lih hit" spent (11 "Ulm
durlurf ih ttu ii'ii'iulioii, Neiiriy
leur wtf nwiit in U'lnluu, wiiurx
llll" W M tf'liul lIl'Nl uf lbi lllllllHIlt
on)' ,1 'fbtf lii 111H1I
11 1 1 .1 1 1 11 lulld k if f'ei 1 1 Hill'
"I i"1"1 llvtl lit CfllP f
ih. "i,uu? w leVv bills
Main I In' I'll'" lo III V WffiiS of
H ' "I"' ""l MMi limn I'm
s'is ...111 uu hrnwi yuii ipUHWi

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