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0rifiHh A
Hucrta Determines to Show- No
Mercy to Foes in Northern Mex
ico anil Decrees That They Shall
Be Shot on Capture to Avenge
Massacre of Alvarez and His
Men. '
Fifteen Thousand Rebels Reported
to Be Marching on City and
Residents Are Horror Stricken
Constitutionalists Capture
Many Fieces of Artillery and
Millions of Rounds of Ammunition
at Torreon.
(By- Todcrnl Wireless Telegraph.)
MEXICO CITY, October 9.
(Speainl to The Advertiser) No
prisoners will ho taken by Federal
troops in northern Mexico if reports
that General Alvarez- and.
12,r of his men wele massacred by
Constitutionalists at Torreon were
confirmed by the war department.
War Minister lllanquet may be
ordered by Ihleita to take tha
field in peisoh it was learned to
The "executive has resolved to
show no mercy o the northern
rebels in the war of extermination
followiim the report from Torreon
of the ias"wslEi:!or,';i Uiorft.
nfter the ,capiuie of the town by
insurgents. All .rebels captured
will be tried by ""drumhead court-martial
upon capture and shot.
A rebel anny of fifteen thousand
men is reported to be marching
on Monterey and the residents
are horror stricken .teem dint: to
information received here. General
Alvarez and many of his officers
were assassinated by their
own soldiei.s who revolted when
Torreon W"K captured by the
rebels and joined the Constitutionalists.
The robe's ciptured at Torreon
many pieces t)f artillery, one thou
sand rifles and several million
rounds of 'ammunition. General
Aubrot, one of tho Federal lead
ers in tho north, is reported to
have joined tho. rebels.
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph,)
NEW YDKK, October 0 (Special to
Tlio. Advertiser) Determined to rid
- the sidewalk of ticket speculators, the
Shuberts'have just placed an order for
nix trained pollcp dogs which they will
add to the stnif of detectives alroady
employed aiMMid New York hippodrome
in supprcBtdnn tho nnisanrc. Tho or-der
for thtf dos ha been placed with
Mnior Hichardnoii k kennel of Aim-dale
ut Onivo End, Harrow, KnRland.
(Hfr IVilrrnl Wirrleia T 1 RMph )
ST. l'lVrKIIBIUIItO, Oilolcr 0.
(Special to The Ailortlei)
Plyoiliid, loaTlcr of iiiluu polar
I'Xpedllion, write to N'nvon Vrtinya
that he in uln lmr iimtcHil of ilo
for tlm piirnoM'n of tnimpartatiou.
Ili'iim uri' nini'tliiii" um'd tn (Iran
trolkuH ut Arrlmnpi'l, Imt they need
ii lot of lireukint; in. ,
(lly l'ixlurl 'IVh'Kruph )
I'.MIIH. Odiil'i"! In Tim
Ailll'rtlii'r) M. I'iJouU ni"ril Iwp
ipuVioji nrl'al MPI wl luiib' uilttior
it lif yurUl wildtfl u nw tlir II istity
whan .. In) iurrlil h liiliur ., ulufl. llifu ...
t i .,';. ". -a-
iftti uii rriiiiiii hni iir iimi4
iiflHii lai m iwu I1IHHIIH', .III.OHU 1.
IwwuO li6 (oi I ttPMUrf lwu time,
im w iw hti limn hIi h UuliUmi
iM'ii luudt by Im it JkKlll,
Mack's Baby Battery Toys With Giants
Bush, Athletics' Tall Grass Boy,
Thirty' Thousand Fans
oee, LYicuraw s Lvjen
Beaten on Their Own
Grounds When His
Pitchers Underdo
by Fancy Sticklers
of Philadelphia.
(By Fcdornl Wireless Td 'graph)
NKW '01tIC, 0(tobervi). (Sseclil tq
Tho Adertltci) Join McOraw nmf Ills
lighting' (limits were rudely mauled and
cutTcd about this afternoon on their
own playgrounds by n baby battery
Hush anil Schaug in tho third game
of the world 'n series, losing in the
f.cuflle by a score of 8 to 2.
It was another one of t'no'C unlooked-for
and unheralded surprises for which
tho" silent lender of tho White
is noted. It was the feeling
among tho fans that Connie M,lf.t
would call upon the mighty Bendcrl
again toany, niter ine way me mams
had won fioni the American Li&gutt
champions on WidncwLiy. When he announced
that he was to send in a
busher who was but a year old in the
major leagues and had never gomj
through the fiery baptism of a world's
series, the fans gasped.
The tonfidence of the veteran plloier
ot j'oiumnt winners ana worm's en im
pious in liUMh was not misplaced, anu
Connie Miuk had the pleasure and good
fortune of tho youngster make.
"flight at Vm!" was tlio slogan
of the Giant us the Athletics took
tho fteld, anil McGraw's men started
ivltli the determination to do or die
then and there. Bush, tho tall grass
1 oy, was cool and collected, and in
the face of tho hostile crowd and the
menacing looks of thu big fellows, flit
looHO'with a brand of choots and slants
Hint soon I owlldercd Mcdiaw and his
lighting men. ' .
Bush Had Everything.
He had a sizzling brand of peod,
mid sharp breal iug curves jilijeil a big
part in tlio downfall of the Giants.
Ilvro nrd there tho joniig fellow got
into n hole, but ho got right out again
Once he hit n batsman,
Behind Bush as the marvelous
ynung eatilicr Scbang, illno from the
briiih country, and seven other men
who fought tooth and mill, with calm.
tics mid grit, lo help Bush win.
UaiV hndvglvin his men luttrurtlous
to plat tlij "wlilii open" game, ami
tliciv follrnrrd his orders tn the li'ltc
lllglit from their first time ut bal miMI
the i'id fit tl'o ganiii tlwy hved tosr
roiifili mi Iri'Jdv biiH'liall, bud
when It was ull over .lofin Mcflruiy's
men had ivrlti'il mi awful d'libblu'i,
III' Jll Ti'srwn. inut to Mutliuwson
Dm best cif New Vurii ' lllnmt
I he I oi u nf he (linuU Ami llirlr (lilrly
Ihowmnd frlemli. but blj; J of fll ly
llir WM)h)e, nixl In I lie lh imilnu
wHiry oi Nil, he luld iaim lh m
Ihji. rlilHH wiiv In "loi" Omiiilull,
h lluml) Amir uf (Im 0Im,
ui of voutii i'rviili(.
l u no mi'i ;ftulli vuy)il wwill,
uinl lU In by balliry Kb loo muih fur
AUiloUcs All It lilt SBl'O A II New York AR K HUSH I'O A K WiSWeMJlV. KKwdfU -FN
1 2 0 2 0 0 llerzog, 31i. . . 1 0 1) 0 1 0 0 . m ,fiffiV? 'Wim W Vl
S 3 1 0 0 0 Dojle, 2b. ... 4 01 0 rf 1 0 w WSkW&Mt &&& W
2 3 1 0 fi 1 I'letclier, 88. . . 2 0 1 1 2 2 1 J ajSlSSflSiS $tfJ 3ft
12 13 10 Dupis, If. '.... 4 0.D o 3 0 0 , ,l'?$SJIfi?f ' JCTVidi'S' A,tS
i) n o lo o o simfcr, cf. ... :i i 'j o 2 o o t.J fvrir v & 4$B2s.
II 0 0 10 0 Murrny, rf. ...! 1 fl 1 4 '0 0 J jf &Wsffl&HSU& ' M VflSKS
0 I (I 2 3 fl M.Lea.. .... 2 0 Jlkoi3 . 1 0 - fofiLlMl
K. Alurpliy, rf. fi
Oldrlng, If. ,. fi
Collins, 2b. .. T,
Bhker, 3b. ... 4
Mclnues, lis... 4
btrunk. j
Barr' -s. A '".i
Stliii& 'e? lc. -1 J 1.04 2 0
ni8liy,.:ni5fi vi 'o o l o
"Cooper tun for McLean in fifth inning.
Athletics; Huns... Ii 2 (I 0 I) 0 2
Bnsehltt... 3 3 0 10 13
Xew York? Buns... 0 0 (I 0 1 0 I
Babeluls..., 0 0 0 1112
Summary Hits, oi Tesre.ni, 11 in 0 1-3 innings; firsf base on called hills,
off Bush, I; ttrnck out, by Tesre.iu 3 (Melnnes, Selung 2), 1
(Bush), by Bush 3 (Tesre.iu, Hums, WiKon); hit by pitched ball, I'letclier;
two buichlt, Sluifcr; three barrhlt, Collins; home run, Sclinng; doublo
plays, (Jolli'iiR to ll.nry. Hush to Collins to Melnnes, Hoylo unassisted. Umpires,
Itlgler, Kgim, Klem and Connolly. Timo of game, two hours and
twelve minutes.
the veteTaus of the game. Tho Mack-. eenterfield. Baker forced'Collins, end-men
pln)cd with tho two big fellows, ling this chapter.
Nothing that Tcsreau or Crnia'all put
on thu ball was point cnuugii to enecK
the. Tbntting olility of the llackmcn.
Kdme jCplllnsfwas n kingpin with tho
stit'it,' when lie HheJ out a triplo that
sunt men trotting ocr tho jilate.
Young Schang caught n marvelous
pa rue, and in one of tlrj innings lined
thtf' hill lar enough away to unite the
circuit ut a jog. .Ho got his handful
ot npplause, for it was tn the grounds
of the enemy, und the croud was nearly
nil for tho Giants. John FranUl n
Baker, the lioin3rnn hero, was the
fiiBt id. congratulate tlio oungter, and
this wab uppluuse enough or ftchniu'.
Others, too, stood out in tho limelight
for tho AthletilU and it was tho brilliancy
of their plajing, their during on
tlio bases and tho munncr in which they
hit tho qfferings of Tcsreati and
that won for them. It is this kind
of ball that is causing John Mettrnw
tn sit nwukn lnnir intn thn stnnll limirH
of tho night in his endeavors to liguro
out a defense.
Lost in the rirst.
Whilo the Athletics scored eight runs
nml laced uuttwelvu tiita, thu game hub
reallv 0er in.tho opening inning, utter
the White KlephoutB hud gone to tho
Kddio Murphy was mi easy out on
u pickup ami snap throu nirass the diamond
to Merklo by I leteher, aiding hit
sharply to center for a single und then
mined oier tg tlilr.l when lolllus drntu
the ball into kiilu territory over Ouyle's
head. Baker followed with u single
through short nml Oldrlng suited. Collins
uml Baker then pulled oil thn
double steal nml both noted ufler Mi
limes hud funned on I'lutcher's wild
throw (if Ktr u nil's drive over MerUe's
lieuil. Hiiro ended the lulling by pop
pliitf out tu I'leti'her
'Huso inreu runs vvere lerritie odds
fur Tnsrnuil In fuce with thu uihiiiIiij ill
Ihtf Alhlslhs hslf u. the ull liil,ll
uud two tiiura runs uure .hulked ou Hie
ft ore boiird Mum ihf muhI luatoll'
liivut enrtviL
Willi sfcliniiL out uf ih way on
lrllvi itiuj Ilutli ml iii"l un n lly bull in
Jlurfiy, 71, Jfurjdiy bwi wt mm uiii.i
Mtllll MM tfstM "Mil tS jlllnl im Hbl
riiiyV flWrfctt tint nwutld, um
u Mini MDiiim eiPil mi HuIIIm' )i lo
' ifRKiSir ol.
r ' il
i i:j 'wroTxrroiMn. uimLM. ja& "sa ar:t.j
Ti.sr.mii.t il ... 2 0 0-0,0 0 0 A3L ' 1 8ffl)5W. '. :V?Sm JUvf;Xfr
Wilson, V.
Crandall, p. ., r o n o o s o
Wltfo, lb.
'Cooper . .
.Totals . . ..29 2.C 3 27 (J 1
0 8
0 3
Had No Mercy on Tesrcau.
Steadily tho Athletics 'kept up tho
bombardment of Tcsreau 'b curves nml
In tho opening of tho sovonth inning
after threo hits, including a triplo by
Collins, tho big fellow gave way to
Cruiidul! checked tlio onslaught and
the only hit mude off his delivery during
tho rest of tho gnmo was n long
lomo run drive to rlghtfiold by Schnng.
jS'ow York's two runs vycro scored in
the fifth und soventh innings. Murrny
walked und stole seen, going to third
when Collins fulled to hold Scliang's
throu. McLean then singled und Murray
scored. Tho scioud run was scored
on Shafer's two bagger and Murray's
Gamo, by Innings.
rollowiug is tho detailed account of
the gume:
first inning: Athletics Murphy out.
Hetilier 10 .uenue. enuring single to
(enter, Uuinns singled over second,
sending Ohlring to third. Baker sin
glecl through short, Ohlring scoring, nml
tolllns taking second. Collins und
linker wurkud u double steal, Thev hud
siiih ii long lend because of .Tesrcau 's
wliiiluii that McLean didn't uttemnt to
throw, Mi I lines tanned, HtrunU gut1
three Mills and then lilt a grounder.
( ollins und linker scored nml htruiik
inn hod second on J'leteher's wild
throw over Merlile, Hurry popped to
Jletchir. Three runs. Threo hits, One
(Hunts -Bush appeared imrfeitly imd.
llirzug out, Hurry to Melnnes. lie
waited I or Unci) uml two bcfoie swing
ing mil' (if tli" Atlili'llr youngster's of
ferlngs. Iliisli cave Dovlu two bulls,
but split llm pliitu with thu third.
iiiiiix I iiouimi'ii a nil nir Hush's glove
whlih the nnriier was lnii'lr utile lo
snoik down, (lush thievv Id a flrtt re
til Mlufpi tn the
bNtf. Ie WIU lll III Oils by Ull Uttl'IMpt
' Hi V I'wI", wlitnb VUI Imlkvl !
l.y I'lutilmr fouling ulf uiuj, I'lelehei
mi hit by irtuimr "ml Willi tu Ursl
Tli eiovwj resrwl In jMbllMJO!!. lh) If1
wuwm iitiMJ iy nuiinsg nf jsvumj m
iw4y l (il. Hums ittifJ iu (ul
it wlio iiMfil Im fluff Ui'uWina wp
vi N miM, ()m nil, Jti! wiurt
((.'oullnut.1 on 'H un three,)
to Tune of 8 to 2;
Twirls Spectacular Game
r - wTnKmmnmxiK - w
' ' ' i X JilH
..Wv-! i-;
Bush (left), tha young pitcher who
SchadV, who nailed Cratldall for
of Now York fiu:s leaving Polo
E ie
Anny Flaccd on War Footing and
Is Prepared for Turkey
and Bulgaria.
(Bv rcdpr.il Wireless Telegraph.)
ATIIHNS, October 0. (Special to
The Advertiser) Tho flivek Army has
I eon placed on u war footing und is
now prepared for nny eventuality which
Bulgaria or Turkey may force.
In spito of dispatches from Constantinople
siijing that general demobilization
of tho Turkish Army was begun,
tho (Ireck government foars' n trick.
Tie Greek residents of Southern Al
banin are ilunioiiiiu for war. tiTnlKinir
C'oi.stantlno tins gono to SiilniilViliwdTcro
ho established general stall' Wjilqunr,'
tors louay. f
- ph.
(By Tederal Wireless Telegraph.)
(.Hpiciul lo Tho Advertiser)
DrupcrWs will not conceal tlio
beuutles of ulussle statues nor tho
ml do In paintings in thu forth- U
nulling winter exhibition of (ho
Cur. urtiii (liillerj, This
mini was uimlii today. It was duo
to a ioirt that the prrvnlo viuw
i iilwas Hceonluil tlie hre'lilent and
Hi Ii s personal Hlul olllclal fiuuilles
at I til iipeliliitf nf the uasou, if
Mould be un i'pur(te.l niio i
idiiA4: sy)(( 'l'H
f 'Km
"" h,,,H''8 l!1", 'l"",'1 IffUUP
n.Kliug wirliH l tfinhi uVlwk iu(
HiHul (ik i v i i i urilv al Off
wViM I "C '" llflllui.ul.
Tim WtlMWlKt fMTl'l ll wlltui
out Willi BU wMiiwr Mil UI.
held OiantB to five hits, and Catcher
homo run, with view of typical crowd
Member of Church Refused to
Agree to Summon Doctor in
Event of Illness,
(By Tederal Wireless Tptrcrapn.)
Xi:V YOIIIC, October II (Special to
The Advertiser) frauds I'nlkonbury,
31 years old and piarrled, a member ot
tho Christian Science C'uurch declared
toniglit that ho was refused by ono of
tho big life iusnrnuco companies when
ho declined to sign an affidavit agreeing
to summon a medical practitioner
in the event ot serious Illness,
,'ltvis admitted by thu applicant that
tho company's olllcinls stntod plaluly
that Jis rejection was nut based upon
tlio fact ot his religious tulth.
(By rcderal Wireless Telegraph.)
NKW VOIIK, October 0.
to Tlie Advertiser) Airs,
John Astnr out shopping this afternoon
far refurnishing her 'Jfl,
ono a vcur house at Twelve Wust
1'iftli Hlreet, luippeued to rest a
few minutes on an un(luue sofa in
a show window lit Jdiiillion Ave.
iiiiu nml forty-fifth street. Tho
I'lli'tur.i of u Inmiitlfiil woman fu
iiluidt on a red sofu Bttraeteil
srby uud Mrs Aslor smMunly J
ruuiii, uml a eriinii nan gainer,
I'd vjutshlu llm win. low. Aim iulck. id
l withdrew from view.
1i Hi
OlIB, Alunkii, OuloUr H) (n At
MHiklM.I I'rwM (own u(
feiuiuwu Imt lit'nu wljifil ulf Ilia luun
by the n tlwriii vylilrli swept Noiao,
twit nu fttlulillra Bfv fi'l'OMfl.
w I L s i j n
Urges Passage of Joint Resolution
Repeoling Olauso Qiving Five
Per Gent Rebatp on Imports
Carried in American Steamships
and Simmons and Underwood
Will Lead His Tight.
Secretary of Navy paniels Turns
Down Tenders of Two Steel
Companies on Ground That
They Aro Identical and Prices
Excessive McAdoo Names In.
come Tax Collector.
(By IVilcral Wiroloss Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Oe(obcr 9.
tS)et'iul to The Advertiser) Senator
Simmons, chniriunn of tho
st'iiatu iiiiiuiuc coiiunitti'c declared
Unit thu doliiiite action would be
taken in congress within a few
(layH oi ii joint resolution urged
by President to roiienl tlie eluusc
in new turill" giving u live per
cent rebate on imports carried in
American stuam.ships.
Majority Leader Underwood is
expected to cut short his vacation
at Atlantic City and come here to
lead the fight for the resolution in
the house.
"(By l'vdenil Vlrolc' Telegraph,)
lo Tlio AdvcrtlBor) -Secretary of the
Navy Mnlols tod "rejected tho bids
jf thu Curuojio fiSitlilehvm aud
fetcol C'ompauica for tho armbr
pluto for battleship uiinlber 39 now bo.
ing built at tlio Now Vork Nuvy Vurd(
on thu giviund that tho prices aro excessive
and the bids identical. Daniels
giUo tho bidders until Tursay to sub.
mlt new bids.
(By IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Octobor 0 (Special
to Thu Adveitiser) h. V. Sneer of
Bangor, Pennsylvania, chief of tho corporation
tax division of tlio treasury
department, was named today by Sec-
ruiury aicauou us iloputy commissioner
of internal revenue, to take charts
of tlie tucouio tux mluiliilatratioD.
(By Ttderal Wireless Telegraph,)
WASHINGTON, October 0. (Special
in Thu Advertiser) Third Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury Newton issued
an order today that Arabic
of Human numerals shall be used
to mark the duto of tho erection of
public buildings in tlio futuw. He explained
that tho averugo American citizen
win not faiiillfar with llumau
Army and Navy Orders
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Octobor (l. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) Army ordersi
Major ("has. 11. llulr, Infantry, to
Heaver City, Nebraska, for inspection
of mllitiii. I'irst lduut. John K. Hemp,
hill, I'nvulry, orcjered to Cleveland,
and Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit
uud South llm eu, Michiguu, to Instruct
militia rirst Ideut. Hobert T,
Oliver, dental surgeon, relieved front
treatment nt U'ttermuu General Hospl.
tnl, I'resldlo nf Sun frniteUeo, to 1'ort
Wiirden, Wiishliigtou. Hecond I.leut,
.If-ii II. Hliigli'tnn, lufiinlry, Iu tlio
Waller Heed General Hosidfal. District
of Columbia for examination. I.leut,
nil. W. I., Hlxtu I'lvM Arlll
lery, iwllcvi'd front geiieru! recruiting
service nt Ht Louis, lo his regiment-
upl. Diiuiul Vim Vuorliln tritutftrriiil
from I Ighih to Third Cavalry. Cp
lain luh ii I' llussuii, nstlgiieil to tun
blli Cumin
Kuv ui.lers I usiun Ii. II, Agri'll
mid I' I, WoudstdH M)il)iiiloiied. 1'sit
V..1.U11I Mumuuii I. M, fifionlill. N
till lliispl'ul, Nurfulb, tu Ifatr NVw Jir
) I'll I AmIiIniiI finriii U II 1 1
Iv.llv, Nnvsl Huilll iMytuii, u
ihs Mwrtli I'uimh,
ir t

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