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VOL VI , NO 160 IION'OIAM l', llll HUKirORY, IIISD, (K rilllKlt 14, Wl-IKI.V: WHOLE NUMBER 3852
Slaying of Deputies in Capital of
Southern Republic Will Sound
the Signal For Action That Will
Result in American Protector-ate
For Every Country Between
Border and Panama Canal.
Quick Change in Acute Situation,
According to Washington Reports,
is All That Will Prevent
Intervention; Huerta Assures
O'Shaughnessy Prisoners Will
Not Be Harmed.
WASHINGTON, October 13.
to The Advertiser) De;
spite the Hooseelt and Urynn
statements, intervention in Mexico
is again imminent. The Southern
Republics international situation
is so critical Jliat n combined
movement by tho American Army
and Navy would surprise no gov
ernment oflieial in close touch with
the Hiluatioii.
It is ttntl)irKtoT)d;ihat, ever sine"
Dr. Villiaiii Bayard Halo liatj returned
from, the city of Mexico
with his oflieial tepoit on conditions
tlieie, Piesidcnt Wilson had
been of the opinion Hint the United
States would ultimately have to
use fitioujjcr methods in dealing
with Pi o visional Piesidcnt Huerta.
Secretary Bryan has from the
beginning opposed intervention,
but if Huerta slays the deputies
whom he anested on charges of
sedition there is no ttoubt that the
government will use a mailed
It became known today that
Great Britain, Germany, France
und the United States are agreed
as to the policy to be followed if
this country bus to invade Mexico.
From "that time on the Unit
ed States will exercise a virtual
nrotectorate over every country
between her southern border and
the Panama Canal.
Confidential dispatches iceeived
from the City of Mexico say that
six British ships are already on
their way to Mexico to back up
the United States if intervention
louilcl necessary, ucinmu mm
Iis Bhips will follow at once
unless there Ik a quick change in
ihe situation.
f segretabTbryaw will
(llv IVdernl Wlrelcsi Tt legraph.)
WASHINGTON, October 13.
to The Hry
aii's liislniellons to Clurgo d'Airallui
O'Sliiiuglmeksy loduy to confer with
the Mexican tiilnlstw nf fnielgu allnlr
at the City nf Mexico nml to tell lilui
that "ths United Btate. will not allow
iiiiv violent o toward lln Iniprmoneil
ilelHitlM," followed it coiilereuiv 1
tuVeii llui 'reldent uud the secretary
ht itiil" iiniiinliiilelv nffr tlm Utter
lwrrlt.il reliiru tn Wiubliiuliiii.
Aivrntury ltrun, wln'ii imkel whu
tint UnlliM Btlilis ivnuld iln If I'1" M"
Itmi tjiHiullivi wurn lmriiil, ri II! i
llpt Is u liyiMillietii'ul i Msilun I
Jan 'I inrit lt iIIhmm ll' mullr at thl
fllllH "
TliV 4f Ury kiIiIinI thai Ihe I'ultwl
RjultM Mill tukt mi furlbrr 1v In llm
Mrilsn niHilr m fei,t, but will
IKill "cIllllWll "
II Mill llif fu( ilNrHNt)ul lint nul
,M)HNlJ Buy mlJillmui) wurlili lo
lie irul im "n't, itikj tw
MfiilriMcl b VHti (Vwi'liirr nf
n.9 mvt HmrflK mIm mM Ihni Itc
nvv i(NiiiwoMi Mm UHtiif im ln
ltH'l iltlHHMll(UH III HkII'U
- i
i444iuvutl Wiili wh l'g I'm)
IMMY flRRFF E WITH Pill If ImmMMmmmmm
CITY OF MEXICO, October 14. (By Associated Press
Cable) "No violence will be inflicted upon the members of
chamber of deputies who arc being held in detention." This
in effect is the tenor of a message sent by Provisional
Huerta last night in answer to a request made by Chargo
d'Affaires O'Shaughnessy, representing tho United States as
to what protection will bo given the "Mexican lawmakers who
were arrested for sedition on the order of Huerta.
iiVS ''' tWBrMfl KilSrSiSl9KVlM Entirc Bloi?k in Ncw York Shaken
lISjjBPrF Ey Explosion; Black Hand
l!f$iRRw lc Suspected.
New' Continent Near Siberia Reported
. . j 4itfr&i jj
i. .- tc f
Discoyery is CreditecTBy r Explorer Peary
(By Xeileral "Wireless Telegraph) .
IMUTiAUnLFIIIA, Octobr 13. (Spc .
clnl to The Advertiser) Hear Admiral
Itohert j:. Peary, explorer of tho North
Polo, is optimistic regarding recent dispatches
from Alaska which heralded
tho finding of an immense continent
north of Siberia by n Itussinn expedi ,
tion, lie bases his credence of the re-
Admits Killing Twenty-Five Persons
Signs Contract to
(Uy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CHICAGO, October 13. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Chicago's most peculiar
murder case became still more peculiar
today when Henry Spencer con.
fisted the murder of twenty-five persons,
signed a contract with Du Page
county 'officials that be should be
uanged at tuelr earliest convenience.
h'pencer said lie was anxious to die
Flames Make Living Torch of Soldier
J J! .S " & J
Private Willis Badly Burned in Explosion
Coercd with biiruing oil' from an
exp'oding pas to'ch, 1'ihate Charles A.
Will s, C. A. C,
wns remineil from Port Kamehamelu
Saturday to the sub-hospital and
to the general hospital. Ho is badlv
liurned lrom the waist to tho feet, awl
his injurlis may proe serious.
urn coinjiaiiy was siarticu uy tno cry
uf Urn from Sergejut Duett, the first to I
sea the nun, a mats or llumus, slugger
(lly Wlreleo Tnli'u'rli.)
l,llll..Di:i.l'IIIA, Odoljcr 13. (Bim
clnl lu Tlm unk,
uraefc vrtfrun Alhlniln jhfr, fur
ItilMitfifl )tturn a nieiiiber ut Connie
Miti'ii tw Mnl i'Iikd lu forty litil
u( utfe. is rliiiKe, hit iiifin). flu l
mil iwi ii a In if)it,
llu 4rltlfH tutMtluy lAiiniiiiK I hut
b wimlil Ull IfKiilmll Hlili llm i'm
if lie Uk rfl'i.
''I hud u fmllim I but I hml vuouiili of
IlW nmt bul I fhsiiiiiMl lm lilUfr'
I ltd i I'Uiih "I fwj lu tin kuhiJiiiuu
'sail rubld iilhli isln lols If I unulu
Msii. tvsblsJ w s Av iv "
r r it" i hi
tat-, ', vamrm
port upon tlm theory formed a long
time ago 1))' Dr. Itollin Harris, the tlilul
export of the United States Const und H
fleodctic, Surrey, who declared tlmt
the tides of the' Arctic Ocean tend to'
.i.ni ih..t M,dw iu n ir.. tr ,f in,,.!1
near, tun role lint Admnal Peary
doubts tho statement that tho lontilient
lu ..., fi ..,1 ., l.
ln.n na ..nl n u .1 u
patches from the Itussinn expedition
'would imply. ,
. j
be Hanged Quickly
and that if the sheriff, coroner and
Statu attorney of I)u I'.ige county
would swear to u promise that he should
be oxosuted, .is quickly as they eonld
arrange it 'with a court he would appear
.befoie any judge and plead guilty
to the rainier of Mrs. ?.J ildreil Allison
ltexroat at Wnjno, Illinois, whom ho
shot, and then threw her body on the
railroad tracks to be mangled by a
freight train.
from his tent to the company street
ami start to run. Duett caught WillH.
His efforts to quench tho ilaiues
proxed iiniailing uud it was not until
a later that .Mechiiuin
Dais managed to put them out by
shoveling dust on Willis,
Willis' tent and all it imit'iined were
burned, his companions detotlng their
attention to Mm. Ills wounds were
by I'lrst Meut unit Mcboimhl
.M ;.
- f
(Uy l'Mlrul W1rlM Tnlcrb )
I.OH AKGil,l!l, 0tiir II. -
(l4i u TU AJvmtiMir) Tlm
flul iniil UlploU Urn In llm
Wiillftl 9M lu I ho 11 MKty "
mvn u wrw mM4 l Ihti f
turn tit llflwrl Albrl l.m.ll lu
it", lVll l U Hills ttiitur ii
lftfvtilB rulun l f.Miil.u Id
Ui 8 WMK nl I. Uh 1u xuu H
JwlllS Ut wu rJ'Kdt ban b is 4
KMd 111 MIHlbsl M4HMMlfwM) III
( Idyll I Ml uf Imutf
"4 ' ' 4
Scenes along tho Mexican boundary At left International monument at Eaglo Pass, Texas, showing
Mexican soldier on ono side and American soldier in Texas territory on guard. At right
Rebels destroying bridgo on National railroad in Mexico. Americans are heavily interested in
this line.
Bttftfi ii ii Wli ' J : W
(r,y Inderal Wireless Telegraph.)
I'AHIH, Oetoler J I!. (Speciu I
to The AiHvrtlser) Adolpli U
f l'egoinl, the inventor of fantastic
i- avruil soiueisiiuitH, caused thou
Ja",,s ' ktoiih to hold their
,"u1tl"," a,""'0","tt i cstonljy at -K
llncby, looping tho loo p ten liinoi
at an altitude of fifteen hundrnl
feet mid then dropping Ittnd down
for a distance of tuo hunHred feet.
The latter feat he repeatod six
times. Ho performd other
tioniil exploits. Uxenbodv was'
bewildered except Pejoud. i
(lly I'edarnl Wireless Telegraph) I
WASHINGTON, October 13. (Special
to Tho X'tertiser) A crjsnnthii
mum uciblfng appears to bo thu plan I
for theWlilto Housu nuptials of Miss
.Icssin Woodrow Wilson and l'rnnels I!. I
Rnvre .N'nvembnr "fi. Tliniwiin.14 of
the beautiful . "mums" nro being
grown 111 the vlilto House conservatory .1 ,
for ,lho event. Mrs. Thomas It. Mar - 1
shall, wife of tho Vice President, tiai i
bought many j arils of exquisite hand
made lnco for tho wedding finery of tho
brido elect.
,,, ., , . , . , , , ,
I!v lederal Wireless lelegruph.)
Clili AGO, October 1!!. (Spednl to i
Mm Hdiliu MiOnort), tho
ishknsli middleweight, through his
, . in i i . i . . I
"'"'. """." V"""' y'y." '"
iliiim lor the title III his division.
i ililie's inuiiacr argues now Unit
KJuus lk hi mi knoiked Hill he mi lung I
er is ii imilenilcr nml Hint shite lis beat
I'tilli Klaus nml liii diislly, lie Is en j
Ihntlwiimr. IMdlu liopi" In'
. eUMiiiv Jliiiiny roffrotti in bunk ium
wUuiiibI I'xtriNiktiy Mini llitu iliuiiiit
(My l'.lml WtflM TeJfl8l'h I
V, llM)TuN,l).lub . (H.
ml In I'll- V.Hprlfwr) Htmlttt I hl
I vi in n uf lliKM is p'epMrlM II bill I
nrutiibii m tM M M pMNjhJC lllfutll
I rl.rl l ..l cllJlIp, IwiUNstlON ut n
uf smnllii ur "l II HI III liiiHiiyii uf biiils
S!lU iilUKIIsl luu ut ttlli'h 1 mulilliili I
His .. Ullir lM
(Ily IVdernl Wireless T legraph )
NIIW yOHK, October 1.1. (Special
to The Advertiser) Despite the rtceut
joundiip of men suspected of being responsible
for most of the bomb
(ommltted In Now York, tlm
Side was terrorized today by one
.the JilOft. Jfjjltl, bouillcixp)oslons
yiurs.' An entire lilock'Va.i shaken
:uiil -every pane of glass throughout the
block was shattered.
Tho grocery store of Cnndele Ontto
was wreclnd. No one was injured,
(latto hail received several Ulack
Hand letters recently. Two hundred
nml llfty persons were driven from
tlit i r hollies by the explosion.
(Ilj IVdernl Wireless T legraph)
WASHINGTON, Odober 13.
to The Adcrtlsor) SulTrugists am
limiting ecry pixiible clToit to have
Mrs, P.inkhurst speak in Washington
on Nowmber "1 if she succeeds in get
ting into this lountr. Local
would make no comment on tho
action of Dr. Aiiini Shaw in cancelling
her engiignmoiit to speak at u Panic
hurst muting lu New York,
(IS federal Wireless Telegraph,)
AMSTKIJDAM, Octoler 13. (Special
to The dertiser) A body believed to
bo that of Dr. Itiiiluln h Diesel, the fain
ous inventor who dis ippearcd from a
sfeainship about a fortnight ago, was
funnel at the mouth nf tlm Schellde
riur tciduj. found on tho body
Kem Idoutified us thoso of Doctor
- ,
(Ily I'ederal Wireless Jl'elcgraph)
Dltl'SHI.I.H, October HI, -(Special to
'Ihe Advertiser)-Prince Joseph J)
f nramaii ( hlumy, deserted husband of
( lara Ward the Detroit aitrcss, died
!,., t(1uv l)f ,imimoia, i.rlllCe
( Imaav and Clnra Ward were married
in I SIM) ami lour ieurs later tin)
ess .loped with Itlgo, a cjypsy viullnlst,
from whom sou was liilur dlforied, The
,,r.n,.s now suing her third husband
for divorce
il) 1'idirul Wireless 'I'eli gi h)
i iin VHll, llitulwr 1.1 (HmImI In
'Ihe Aihitler) li'iUnsl .liiilgii Car
prulvr lo.lsy unUlml Ji'k JutlHMIl'l
t,iu,iMin ta IiohiJ furfell.d. Thu Hufrw
i i, Uillili i ii. Dili I In in Hie I iiilv I
Miles whlU MM kpMl lium Ms mii
lime lu mis )Kr kbil une ilkv lu 111
Ii 11 S I I'llSllW Ub'l tl f l""ll ful
i uUlioy IU" VAbih hu.ii Ih wuj.
i n liug
House Loader Groomed For Pre
sidsnt by Wall Street, Charges
Fiery Representative.
(llyTpderal Wireless Telegraph)
WASUINOTON, October .(Special
to Tho Aihtrtlser) Oscur W. Underwood,
Dciuoiratlo leader of the
house ami Itichniond l'earsoit'llobsou o( by
Alabama, liotii cmi.luliites for senator
lrom that State, engaged in an old
fashioned political debute in the'lious"
.today. . .
llolisou liaa dorenileil Liinselr nalnst
clutrges by iteprcscntalhe Donovan of
Coiiuectliut of neglect of his olliclnl
duties when he brniuhed olT into an nt
tack on Underwood.
Ilolisnu cliarLrcd Ilint tTndnrunnil in
'"tlm recent presidential light hail the
special aid of Thos. V. II) tin and Wall
street and llipior intercuts. t
(lly Pelerul Wireless Telegraph.)
OltAN, Algeria, October 13.
(Spoclal to The Advertiser)
One of tho most dramatic cases, of
suicide on record cama to light 1
here today lit the impiest into tho 4
death of '.Instill Soulbeilland, a X
military aviator. Tho ovldtnio
showed that Soulbeillnnd after as-
rending two hundred feet in his
monoplane, shot himself. The ma-
rhiife. with no one to control it.
VJrttrtfyio earth.
(Ily IVdernl Wireless Telegraph,)
(JAMIllMDGH, Massachusetts, Octo
her HI. (Special to Tho Advertiser)
Kuland P. I Col ley, a Huivard junior, Is
to lead nif expedition to South Amnri
can waters lu search of two uncharted
islands, which, according to tho will of
1. Ii. Kelley, his grandfather, abound
lu gold uust and pearls. I lie elder Kel
lev, in his will, requested his grnudsuii
to ke.irch out these treasure Ileitis bo
fore his twenty-first birthday.
WASHINGTON, October 13. (Dv
Assoclnted Press fable) Yellow fever
is reporlul to Im prmileut in I'armei'
nml Cumiiedio, Mexico, nml rufugecs
pre slriauiiiig over the IninUr Into
the Dnilid Sidles, ueiordlng to rtports
lrom Uf,. I rim tier Surgeon General
lllue bus issued orders that ttilet pro
ciiiiiiniis be nb'erved against the slue id
or Hie iireaiicii uiteiiie lit l inn cuinury.
flit I'silerul Wlreln's Telegrnh.)
IMTI'Mlll'IIUII, Ocliibsr lit,- (Hpelul
lo 'Hm ti)itrlUr) A rrlurii iiiiitvli In
hs l.i.hl wIInIii thu Usui t mii uiniitlis lw
luu srrii. Iiiiiiii I'riinii Klaus uf
I i. i I tM iryu Hud Uniir ciiljilluiius
v hum ii iii null ismii us fliMiruii l bin
win. iniiikiiil nut K Inns In Mm sixth
mm i i . r ibiir bunt lust MHturday night
Mi I ul will i rubbll) Im uvh h
I ill. I. ..Ih
DF G. 0. P.
After Skirmishing for a Quorum,
Territorial Committee Has
Meeting to Hear Delegate and
National Committee on the State
of the Party Set Date for
February 24.
Dommittecmcn Determined to Give
Direct Primary Law a Fair
Clmnco to Prove Itself Some
' Plain Talking On This Point
When Convention Slate is Pro-
, posed.
Itcsolviug to pass up mooted questions
concerning changed party rules
iid nomination of candidates, tho Ite-
centrnl territorial committee
ast night arranged to call a territorial
Jouventlou for February 24 and turned
Inowu simultaneously th Ideas of
staudpntters who w. nted' things to
continue being run lu more or lets the
lne old way.
The convention ilrtta was determined
the Mid Pacific Carnival, the
draughtcrs of the resolution believing
that the increased steamer facilities
nml tho hUrticl(6ii ot ihe p"agsaut
would add eitlh Incentives to country
delegates who might not otherwise it-tend,
The meeting last night was to have
been a Joint one of tho territorial and
county central committees, but only
tho former secured n quorum, and that
only by William Jinwllns from
lie banana court for tho purpose.
tho meeting was held by tho
territorial organization only.
The resolution 'which resulted from
its didiborntlouH Is as follows.
A Rules Convention.
"Whereas, tuo passage by the legislature
of tlio year 1813, of a direct
primary law hai mado necessrfry amendments
to the rules and rcgulatlojy of
the Itepubllcnu party of tho Territory
of Hawaii.
"And Whercns, tho amendments to
ho made are so important in their nature
that it is advisible to call a convention
of the party for consideration
of proposed amendments.
"Now Therefore, Do It Itesolved by
the territorial central committee of
the Itepublicnn party of tho Territory
.of Hawaii, that a convention be called
;to meet at Honolulu, Island of Oahu,
on ine any or jotiruary, A. D.,
1014, for the purpose of amending tbo
rules and regulations of tho party, and
for such other business as may coma
beforo the convention.
"And Do It Ptirthor Itesolved that
the national committeeman, the chairman
and tho trensuror of the executive
committee and two other Itcpublicans
not members of tho committee to lie
appointed by tho chnlrmau bo and
they are hereby constituted a committee
to formulate amendments to be
presented to tho convention for its
consideration, said amendments so
formulated tn bo niorcly by way of
suggestion for tho benefit of said convention,
"And Do It Purther Itesolved, that
tho representation in said convention
shall bo the snmo as that provided for
conventions to nominate, a Delegate to
Congress, and that tho said convention
bo called and held in tho samo manner
ns conventions for tho purpose of
n Delegate to Congress."
Regarding Nominations.
Tho lesolution was intended to rep
resent tho spirit of n miioritv of tho
speakers, who believed that the con
vention, nt whatever dute called, ilioulu
not make any nominations or
for nomination, but leave the
selection of party candidates strictly
to tho direct primary us provided by
the new law. Among tlioie who favored
this method were It. W, llrcckons,
Delegate Kuhio, National Committee.
man ('. A, Hire and William Itawllni.
Senator Cecil llriiwn believed that a
poitlau of the old form should be retained.
Iln thought Hint the convention
should ouilnrsi) or recommend a certain
number of candidates for the politician
He admitted that they could not
bur tuiv vvhu hose to run In the primary
lilui lions, but otherwise win lu favor
nf Ihe resolution Ills Idea win
fur llw luiiventibii lu udjoiirn In Kf li
ma rv sin! luruiivuliM III Heptviuhtr to
iiumlimlu ii slain,
JIuhIIhs made the belt speech In ft-
tur uf Ism v luu the iiiimiIiihIIoii rlrlrtly
tn the HHinl in Ilia tlrtt frlmsry. lie
. i.IIk.I iiIIwhIiuii In the iiuniiruui
lium." uf " limllug" In ruuvinllons,
ii nl.iili wen ihuriol h st tksy lii
i. a .im mil uf iimiilnttleui M
i' uuliuii4 6U t (hits,)
' 5

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