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Federals and Robeh in Dominican
Ropnblic Laugh at Threat of
United States and Arc Again at
Each Other's Throat Two
Aro Fought With Deadly
American Warships Are Believed
to Be Now on Way to Scene to
Afford Protection to Foreigners
and Probably Carry Out Ulti
matum to Establish a Protecto
(By federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SAN DOMINGO, Dominican
Republic, October 16". (Special
it) Tin Adveiliser) In direct defiance
(if the ultimatum issued by
the United Stntcs government,
war has been declined between
the l'uoito Plata rebels and the
Federal government and two battles
were fought with deadly effect
last night.
Foieignerji have been warned to
leave the country and James M.
Sullivan, the American minister,
has ben refused ollicial protection.
'American waifehips are
''" - "",
Ignoring the dictum issued hv
Secretary )Vf J. Bryan that the
United Slates would intervene
and hold San Domingo for an indefinite
period of time if theie
was any attempt at civil war, and
characterizing the ultimatum as a
bluff similar to that attempted
upon Mexico, the Federal forces
and the lebel auny yesterday concluded
the armistice and declared
that no further riicgoliations could
be entered into'
(By VcdernI Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, October 10. (Special to
Tho Advertiser) Tho tank liucr
which sprajed oil on thu
waves about tli u burning tteiimship
last Thursduy night and Friday
morning quieting tho sea to such an
extent that lilo boats succeeded in
reaching the distressed eruft and taking
off its ctovv and passengers, nrricil
at tho Hillshurv dock today with its
tharo of the survivors
A tug with n urius liand met thu hi,;
tanker at the mouth of tho Thames
mill escorted it to its berth, tho baud
playing "Hall, the Conquering Hero."
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON, October 111. (Special to
The Advertiser) bir l.dwin ltay lain
hester in a letter to tho Daily Tele
grnph this morning on tho scientific
nepects of throw iug oil on a ftorniy sea
attack tho HrltUh government for
ships to go to set
without an apparatus for this purpose,
negleitlng III this irlauner. Ipo s;i , one
of tho 'slinpliitt precautions ur thu
tiifetj of Hkingor.
(ty I'odt'fttl W)fidt Tel.'grnpli,)
IIALTIMOIIIi, MhoIuikI, (b tuber Id.
(i.itill to Tliti A'lvuitl.er) It wu.
Irwrnml td'Ul tlmt HtMiry t lux Crlrk
iml lW (!,- WlUu ut lilt 0ll,
Ci4 I'lUk, la MIm 1'nminw Dixon ut
tl'lj flty yi'iftJriy, nmileil iliw bride mi
(WW! "wHtlulW M rliMk In lir
miljfi (or itSfMJfm. It l nmlrtnu.
, j
"NV B wBb t
w fS''i'ii.3 ' i
ism?. . . .CVAI 1iT -. iv .i -'
vhrM;11 ' Vat "K
MBKto'ElmSSfamaL Sa "(; .
iMKmmmfM mmmmmmmmm
I ' ' T r' feJf ffr Rp"'"'H-s
. TfT
w S 1 An Riots Stuart in Mexico; w All SUGAR
Police Subdue Mob; Trouble is Feared T
Joan of Arc Leads Rebel Troops in
Battle That Results in the Capture of
Guaymas from Huerta Forces, Who
Are Disheartened and Weakenedirom
Effects of Hunger and Disease.
. .CV X- " " WJ V J
nviN & G IN TENT.
Private Walker of Fort
meha Passes Away After Being
Taken to Hospital.
I'OHT KA.MKlIAMlJltA, October 10.
1'. A. Walker, n private in tho Sixty-
eighth Compuiy, Coitt Artillery, vvas
found early this morning by ono of
the men In his tent in a cutical con
dition mid unconscious. The uiso "as
reported to tho authorities, mid tho private,
was iuuuodialcly removed to the
Doctor McDonald, Sergeant Spencer
and the privates ol tho hospital corps,
worked over Walker until nine o'clock
when thoy Jeurucd that tho man vvus
Tim f.mt CHllhn nf his ilp.ltll ifl lint
known, hut it is believed that alcohol ',
contributed to his death, lie- was
his third enlistment.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
HACKAMIINTO, October 10.
to Tho Advertiser) State horticultural
commissioner Cook and tho entomological
cabincSt decided nt Its meet-
,g today to place a quurantino against
oranges jrom i iunii, ubuuuh him. ..-I
an on account of tho prosenco of
and scale in tho fruits from
those pluces. Tho legal points of the
order will bo submitted to attorney
gcncrul Webb for his approval.
(Ily Volenti Wlrelcsn Telegraph.)
OLVfe'dOW, tJentlaud, OctoLer HI
(r.irll to The Advertmer) Tho Uirce
miiriiigotte vvlo lirnku up a miluinn s"s
Inn nf the court by singing the "Mar
mid liurlliig rnttvn apple ut
.luilgu Hnl mis' lieud tveru roniunde.1 to
dlt Hllil jlllirgisl With lOllllHIIpt cf
(Ily I'o'Urkl WrrlMTUuruph )
lul to Tie Ailcsitlier) TLo
tivitUu Aabn (ilf, ycc
luriur rr IImsUIh by nv ur lv
tanw jli uixl ill IliP lilgjiil pyfl vtTfJJ
tol w mr iLl)' mu. er tU
i;riwit MBfw
Government Begins Retrenchment
Pojicy Under Tree Trade Internal
Revenuo May Help.'.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Octobcl 10,
to The Advertiser) Tho iictuul cf
feet of tile new tariff law on tho government
revenue will presently be disclosed
by detailed comparisons and eotin
pilations neing inline tor becrptary
Tllo estimates of expensesjfor
all liranches of the government aro almost
finished. i
l'rcsldMt AVilton has i.sscd word
along for snno etonoiny. Treasury1 of
(licials do not interpret this to mean
that any government service should bo
crippled and while the (iistoms revenue
lias uuctunted too inucli to v.irrnnt any
satisfactory estiiu'ito at vhat may be
ejipeitod, tho iiiternnl revenue receipts
aio running up u normal increase all
nlong'tho line, so far1 showing four million
'lolluiK ahead of thu b.imo period
of tho latt fiscal venr.
FiiliiiT '
J ,
(Special to Tho Advertiser) A
thousand persons nro nonn less as f
the result of u 'lire tins morning
which destroyed hulf u squuro
milo of houses.
AI.I1ANV, Now York, October '17.
(Ily Amo, iatcl Inns Cubic)-Of the
eialit t'(iiiut) upon wliiih the lourt nf
luihoMrhmeiit hern bus tried (Invurnnr
tiil'r n f New York tlmt I ody ut u late)
hour lust nlyht llnallv foiirid the ihlef .
exoi'iitlve ciillly of tint llrst, rwotal mid i
lourth and not guilty nu the (bird ' ,
luiint Thtro lire four eiiuiils reiimin
liir lu hr.ndliia In its rtport lutt night
lli riHirt rulnd tlmt llm tilntrKc hI
rWy klilulitill iu the opinion of
Hie Jiulgfi tllMiutillflM KulMr lis
of Kew I oik uud liiMlmtxi hU o(
flj farMlra. u
Ily Jdtfwl i tiiupenol Willi tjir
UttlVtolllU I hill t',111 S.lloll due Ulll
uiwUfy him fruM ktpaii m'kiu$ klw
Upper view i3 froma recent photograph of Sonorita Dolores Mendozn
taken siege of Guaymas. Lower is viow of Quay,
mas, Sonora's largest city, now in hands of Carranza and troops.
,'(Bjr Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
OITAYMAS, (Mexico, Octobe: 10. (Special to Tho AdvortUer) The
Rebel forces of Sonora state le I by Sonorita Doloros Mondoza, tho
Mexican Joan D'Arc captured Ouaymas laft night. Sbo.lodthataclt..
on the rear.
Guaymas has been under slojo for four mouths. Starving; and with
their forces depleted 'by battle and plaguo tho Fotlerals fought a brave
light' for "hours and Wcro 'finally forcod to retreat In tho evening to
the barracks in the' hoart of Uu city wb'ch was captured Just boforo
midnight. "
(By Fedeutl Wiielchs Telegraph.)
CITY" OF MKX1CO, Qet'ober 1 (J. (Special to The Advertiser)
The .situation of toreiynerH here is heeoining critical. A mob of
students today started a riot by denouncing Anieiieiins and all other
The mob was subdued in a brief encounter with the police, but
other tiouhlc is looked for tonight.
Iluerta'h supporters aio deserting him. The dictator and his cabinet
ate takiiiK precautions to iruiud against an assassination.
A Spanish woman was arrested
to poison Senor Adalpe, minister of the interior. Keports are in
continual circulation that Huerta will tesigii.
The rumors are discredited in official eireles. Because of the
ruiuois ate discredited in official eiieles. Because of the pro-
elainatiOn, of Huerta that he has taken over the duties of congress,
fopr of the judges of the supieme eoutt have tesigned. It is
that Huerta has otdeied their anested on a charge of sedition.
The force of Federals held here for protection of the Mexican
capital was weakened today by Huerta, within twelve bonis after
' eceipt of the jeport that the envoys of six foreign nations had
decide)! lo repoit to their home governments that a Heel of warships
jind a guatd of five thousand soldiers were uecessaiy to assume
the safety of foreiguers.
UisieKarding the action taken by envoys of (Jieat f?iitain, France,
Spain, Cuba, Guatemala and Noiwuy, Hueita oitlered one thousand
roldiers to pioceed north to aid in an attempt to leeaptuie Torreon
(Ily IVderal Wireless Tclegntph.)
KANSAS CITY, October Hi. (Special
to The Advertiser) Churles W,
Armour, president of the Missouri cor
bpnriitlnn of Armour & Company, pack
ers, siih if (oiisiimors will cjlscontiuuo
eating veal for two yours until tho supply
of inttlo U brought 'buck to its
normal londitlun thu bottom will drop
out of prices.
(llv Inderal Wlrulinii Telcgrsph )
NKW YOUIC, Oitobcr inl(Hpeelal
In 'llui Adverttoer) Mto Clesnor Wil
tnu U Innluhl iiiimlilrrliig mi utter nf
I hi, IIioumiii ioliit, liiuiln to her In
dny 1 1) riurenie and ilnry .Vuh for
Pity from b'r iru. prmbllng li is
mIiiI fpr i'iirrlng jmrpn.c, MIm
II wry Nii)i i iuilng wianun n "'I'hn
liBro" Bil Ijit stoler liuVirumliivut
wrl In "Wlllilu tliv ln,l
tonight on a charge of attempting
( Ily I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, October Hi. (Special
lo Tho Advertiser) Another jump
lu the emit of living is due, according
to agricultural department export who
today announced that meats ami food
crops are scarce. Imports hold little
hope for cheaper meat through rnmpo
tltliiu with Argentine and other beef
producing countries under the now tariff
law with the uto nf free markets in
1 upland Mini other countries.
HAN KltAS'CISCO, Ottober HI (Hy
ncinte I'rcm Cihto to Slur llulto
llalph Hose, noted Hthleto sml
i liiimplini shot-putter of the wurhl for
verul vmrs, dlrsl nie toiUy of
Dphobl finer. Ho ih been III only
a furl night. )lno was
jean iibl, He llrl nine Into
us n slIioullMiy In IlimliUliiiru,
luii'r going in I lie Wiilvmli) ur Mliilil
gun, lie wim a iiiemlmr flf the t)l1utis
I taut tlmt wrnt to filvtkliolm,
Daring Traffic in Morphino and
Cocaine Results in Filling Army
Hospital with Victims, Is Claim
White Physicians in Honolulu
Under Suspicion Board of
Health to Act.
(,'pcnino and morphine are slowly but
steadily enslaving soldiers and oilers
residing on this llnnd, according to
Information of a (lmrnctcrjhid
Loforo the terrltonnl board of he. lth
by l'retident J, S. U. I'ratt at tho meet
Ing hold yesterday. Trallie in the drugs
is being ontried on, it was charged, b
unprincipled persons, and with tho aid
ami connivance of at least two white
j h h'icI.uis in Honolulu. So great hits
the evil become' within the pust tine
months that tho Army authorities lave
taken it up. An investigation within
doubt will be madu luid nothing will
be left undone by, (ho health oHIcers ti
put nu end to tho dumoraliring ami
Until dealing tralhc.
Eighteen Victims Ilcported.
It wns learned jesterduy that Here
were eigiileeii sullitus miner ircatiium
n one ut tlin A mi) hospitals ofi Oiliu
within thu past few w'eeas, ail of the t.
plijrieal vi recks irom the ellects of the
trrrllle drugs Which have cnslivcu
them, llozeiis of otter casts a c saic
to lie known to thu Army' olliiers. It
s believed tlmt investigation will sIioav
thnt iierlmiis hundriils of i c sous re
aiding in Honolulu are likewise slive
jt the drug habits
Win to Physicians Suspected.
The boird of, hciUh if in posscssioi
of evidence shewing wliere tie tralllck
era in morphine and cocaine have se
cured prescriptions for us much as n
half-pound ot morphino and an ounce
nf cocaine ut u time, A few grains o
either of tlicc drugs is generally tin
most that is prescribed, and according
to Doctor 1'riut thu ph)siclaiis issuing
tliesa prescriptions must linyu known
tho purposes for vvhich tho drug vvus
to liuve been used. Tho druggisti, wht
have 1 oeu .sclliug theo drugs lif auh
quantities, It was "argued, must nlscr
uavunovvn tnut,,tnoy vvero fi ha
ben used in a nefnnous trollle.
VTlio names of tho two white phjsl
ciuns who nro sftid to Imve nlded in
tls tialfic were not given out by the
boiu.l. Instead, notices are to bo sen.
o nil ilisicians In the Teiritory, ask
ing them to aid in combating the clrui;
avil on tho Islands, nking their co
operation in having thoso who iniimso
iijion their authority as phjsitiiiii pun
tolled for so doing. Tho board
lias authority under the law of revoking
the license of any physician in thr
Torrltory found guilty of gross
fesslounl conduct
(Ily i'ederiil Wireless Telegraph.)
I'OUTSMOUTH, Hnglunil, Octo-
tier 1(1. (Special to The Adver-
v user) tlrent llrltnlii's n 1-n fuel
tnittleshlii, the largest in the
world, was launched hero today.
Tho ship was christened tho
Queen i:llrabeth by I.udy Mcnx,
jvifn of the commander of the
I'ortBiiiouth Navy Vnrd. Tho bat-'
lcshlp curries eight f fteciitinch
guns. '.-
, ..f..
(Hy Vcdernl Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Octobor 10.
lul to Tho Advertiser) Vico I'resl
dent ami .Mrs. .Marshall find it too lone
ly without Thomas Marshall Suthor
bind, the famous "borrowed baby,"
mill today they sent to Hcrkley Springs,
west Virginia, to norrow mo young
ster again Tho baby paid a notable
visit in Washington last spring when
lie presided on the Vim President 's
kueo during u session of the senate,
(l IVderill V iH'le'lecgniph.)
NI'.W VnllK, ()i tuber ID -(Special
lu The Adveiticr) llubu Miirquard,
who eloped with IIIomiiiii Hcely, the
nelre, Hinl iiuirrieil her lifter Iter bus
liaml, Jnmph Iviiue. dhnrced lifr, IimIii)
jwild Iv'nne I lie iUW lie lecclvnl na lib)
tlnire of the tvurhlV i'rje gmues, Knus
wiiii I is I W.uoo but limit vilait i uuM
Clash with American Sugar Refinery
in New York by Sugar
Believed Kesponsiblo for
Action That 'Will Give Pacific
Big Share of Island Refining:
Xeport Has It That Contract Entered
Into Calls for Handling of
Two Hundred Thousand Tons
by Spreckcls' Refinery
Thopsand Tons hy Vestcrn
About two hundred and fifty thou-und
tons of Hawaiian sugar will bo
hipped direct to 411 l'raiicisco out of
he entlro crop bundled this coming scion
by l'nctors, Thero will
o to tho ltollnory
t Crockett about two hundred thou-Void
tons and to tho AVcstern Sugar
Hclluory, owned by tbo Spreckcls
lirotlicrs about fifty thousand tons.
The uboro well founded report was
jeithcr ulllrincd nor denied by A. it.
Novvell in cjinrgo of tho Sugar Vactors
acadquiirturs yesterday. Ho refusei) to
be Interviewed 011 tho subject! '
For several duys rumors ofu serious
row between .the Sugar 1,'actorli and tho
American Sugar J(olititry have, been rije
about lluuolulu but absolutely'no
foi the stiUeiifculYan; lelpcatod
Tlio wise 0110s who hau lo put tiro
and two together to get nt tbo insjdo
information which Is held sacred by
tho were niado suspicious
that theio wns somothing big doing
when it was authoritatively stated that
the steamer llonoluliin would hot bo
turned back to thu
btcnuishlp Company by the Alatsou company
as wns thought would bo done
vhen tho Miitxoiilu is put on the run
in tho near future. Tho fact that tho
Matson company expects to handle somo
eighty thousand tons mora freight this
coming season out of tho Territory than
vy'ns handled during tbo season just
passed uiiido it necessnry to find out
a here all this freight was coming from.
It could not ho pineapples. An thero
is not much of nny thing besides sugar
raised hero it was decided that it must
be sugar. Then tho news that tho
Western Refinery was to havo fifty
thousand, tons leaked out and alter-wards
tho nildilloiial twenty-Ova or
thirty thousand tons was heard about
lor Crockett. This miido nearly tho
additional eighty thousand tons.
Tho terms oi tho coiituict nude or
allmit to bu made witli tho Spreckcls
aro not known but it Is thought that
they will bo more satisfactory to ail
concerned than thu going out iu the
ipen market and bulng Voruviiiti, Hex-lean
ur I'hiltppinu sugar on arrival
at San 1'rancisco. Tho Western
has a capacity of about ono
nml thousand tons n
car nml has been drawing on tho above
ugars with from tho outsido pro-Jik
eis of tho Territory right ulong.
Tho new contract will givo them u
ertain supply and nt a definitely nr
rouged pneo which will not be lower
th in the prlco paid by tho Crockett
roHnery. The shipment of inoro thin
half of all thq sugar handled by tho
Sugar Vactors to San Vriincisco will be
1 big saving in freight rates oven if
1 fraction ot 11 cent less than tho New
York market price is received. It will
1N0 bring the greater portion ot the,
ilevv crop within soveii'dnjs of n
instead of thirty-three or four davs
iwav from the market ns now in New
York. Messrs. V. I Ilisiop, K. I.
and .1. I'. Cooke, recently on tho
foist in lonferenco, tire credited with
having put thu now deal tjiroiigb winch
will mean so much to the sugar growers.
(Hy Vivlorul Wireless Telegraph)
VltANlvTOIlT, Kontuck), October
111. (Special to The Advertiser)
"The ileeieated pun-busing power nf
money and the lucrnmed mt nf 'living
have rwulted lu the courts of this
Statu approving larger verdtots lifilum
age rni for pnmml lnjuilc and
itonlli, wldi h viow tbto PUit mutt aim
tMlu," di lures Hit) rtiiiuty court ,uf sp
ptnito in rejiorllui,' thu ilerll"n of tho
Btirlbv .oqntv l(jlt court In giving
llni widow of n rnfjrpud tlriiiiiaii Judg
iiimiI fur J,e0d for tlii'of 0? lito
life in it iOJIitluii two )curs ago,

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