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vol. vi , no m HONOUJU7
warn m Dozen Dreadnoughts in Readiness to Do Their Monarchists Planned Had MlfFIEWILL
to Kill
Part When Intervention is Ordered in Mexico
NOW IN President Arriaaa
Government at Washington, Scaring
Outbreak Dur
ing Election in Preparer
for Instant Intervention Nin-Dreadnoughts
Rczdy to Joir
Others at Vora Cruz.
Hucrta Issues Eleventh -' hou:
Statement to Cabinet Minister:
and Diplomats in Which' Ht
Says His Only Purpose Is to
Establish Pcaco in Republic and
Protect Foreigners.
CITY OF MEXICO, October 21.
(By Associated rrcss' Cable)
Provisional President lluerta, iu
a statement last night, which ho
read to diplomats of the different
governments now In tho City of
Mexico and to Ills cabinet minis-
ters, gavo assurances that the solo
use he will make of his power as
Provisional President will bo to
establish peace in Mexico, and
comply strictly with the law
orniug tho elections to bo held
next Sunday. Ho declared in con-
elusion that th3 Mexican govern-
ment as it is now constituted is
determined to protect foreigners
at all costs.
.niiK.im ufnin iT
(By Federal Wre)css Tolegraph.)
(Special to The Advertiser)
Fearing :in anti-foreign outbreak
during the Alcxican election, tin
administration today eompluted
preparations for annuel intervention
in Mexico .should this become
necessary. Both the Army and
Navy are in sueli form that they
can bo moved instantly with t)ie
least possible loss of ofTicieney.
hi addition to three dreadnoughts,
now anchored at Vera
Cruz, niny of the largest .ships in
the Navy, the "Wyoming, Utah.
Florida, Arkansas, Delaware, Con
ncctictit, Vermont, Kansas and
Ohio will steam nut of Hampton
Heads Saturday morning.
The big ships will not proceed
at full speed but will, cruiso leisurely
eastward so as to be within
easy wireless communication with
Washington for thr.co days aftet
nailing. The warships now at
Vera Cruz are tho Louisiana,
and New Hampshire.
(lly Federal Wirclejs Telegraph.)
CITY OF .MEXICO, October ',,
(Special to The Advertiser)
It is generally accepted that Great
Britain's refusal to follow the
policy of the United States iu
Mexico is aa eiidorsemenl of tho
lluerta administration by that
country. The diatator intends to
hold the reins of power and
preparations are Iming
made for a .qouji d'etat by which
ho will be "loyally" ejected.
Tho plan is to make Kreilericn
Clmrilioti, Ilia GiiUiulip party's
withdraw his iiiiiijo at the
last moment, when lluurta'h name
will bo guhitJliiUri and lio lip
T!lP ConntUnllnunl pi'iivUJojtf
bjinin? Ill'- frmii
WASHINGTON, October 23,
Hawaii to"nlake a final report on
uvuauucuuuuuus wiui mo secretary oi we navy today. He recommends
that the drydock work on the old location be proceeded with,
but suggests an entirely new method of carrying on the work. His
recommendation is' that the drydock be of a new type, to be built in
3mall sections of reinforced concrete cast outside of the dock
these sections to be floated into place and sunk, to bo Liter
concreted together.
I he recommendations of Mr. Noble as to the method of buildin"
the drydock follow those made by Franois-("Drydock') Smith a!-though
they may not be.dircqtly along the proposals made by him.
Mr. Smith s idea was to build reinforced concrete .sections, as Mr
Noble recommends, and to tloat these into position. The plan, as he
talked it over here, wis to have what would really bo huge concrete
scows, a hundred feet wide and the length of'lhu width of the dock
one hundred and twenty 'feet, These scows would have a depth of
rrom fifteen to twenty feet, and the. concrete in them would be from
two to four feet thick. '
These scows according to Mr. Smith's plan, would he floated Into
position and then spnk by pouring in additional concrete, while the
ends-which would form the sides of the drydbek were to be bound
on by leinforcttment irons and built up to tile required height for
I he dock. As these hundred-foot sections
were sunk side by side
they were to be knit together with concrete and steel to form a com'
plcted graving dock.
According to those connected withU.e Pearl Harbor work who
oulcl be consulted yesterday as to the, probable plan outlined by Mr.
Noble, this, or something like it., will be the method under which
the new work at Pearl Harbor will be carried on
ceding himself will be disregard-d,
the IIuertistnR maintaining
"hat the suspension of congress
'or sedition also suspended the
WASUI.NdTON', October 23. (Hy
Aaaoclntoil Preen (al'lo to
For the first lime since liin Inauguration,
Wilon today
to cliscwi.4 intruintioniil iiflnlr
with tho iicwnior cnrrctponilentH, ami
his ntlitudo in such that ther in no
lonr nny iloulit, tlint the ferioilHiicm
of the Mexican situation. In its varloua
pliaeos Iiiih lioeii increased by
the Urithh .nliey.
Ilccanso of thn previous frankiiois
with which Mr. 'WiUnu has tkp,l In
thn press riMiro'xontatlvc. evii when
what hi tahl wus runflilpiitlnl, Ins
ilenrr now Is .eonsjilereil deenlv
us bcarlinf on Oreat llriliiln's
Httltuilu tuwnnl tlm Maxima situation.
Tho trouble Ihut llirrntniiH friction
the two lireni roiinlries nrose,
ft UBi llirnrwl .lnfinl.tli. 'n.lu.. ...I
the n'v HritUh umbassinlor to Muxlim,
Nr Lionel V. Canlen, ,itntiM hu cro
ii'iinii iiiti nay aritr lmrHl IIihtIh
HIKl IlliprUoneil tilt) liuuiibefs at u.
. I '',"JJif'''1.1 ltr. Sir Lionel
n hi i i no .iini'riNiii aLavuruini'iii
u'i uutJpriUml I hi' .Hi, hi,,,, ii
, Kjntv rif ijib it'fiual of (ha
im at"! I" resuw Jtim i'
(Special by Cable to Tho
the Pearl Harbor situation, filed his
RovcTinnriit to tjio point' of sending all
ninl.assailor, ii taken ns that
the Ilrltish foreien Is oi'podiig
tho AincriiMm attitilile.
CITV OP M. EX ICO, Oitober 23.
fHv Ayloelatcit I'res C'nblo to tho Star'
Bulletin) Xcws has boon received
here. that tho rebels hnvo exterminated
an cntiro vlllano of fifty, tho jiopnlace
MiiKerhiR the rebels by defending n
chiirdi from looters. Three men who
were lakon prisoners wero put to torture.
The sole of their feet weie
sltlnni'i mid then thev were iiiirrched
snvera miles, while (heir
to make them ehecr for
(JarrHiirn, tho rebel lender. When
they refused, tho men were beheaded.
M!v IVdeml W'lreliss TilcKni'di )
UI.S'DO.N'. )elidWir i'.'l 'ft, ,.,..!. I i,.
Tim Advertiser) f'rar Nicholas tn.Uy
niiiiriiiiKi mug iipnen im, i jry
or llreiit llrltuiu llmt mii nd.llllon tu
the I'likulnii rnlTfniiiv is ixpmtel
shortly, i
HltATTI.K, 0. tuber il.
J'rw f'ublii to Ma,
tin" rjUHlt f thi tf WM
rjiu flUflid,JwJih)jpM, u , i ,.
'HmW lsW iWt T de.in.v ilic
UJiEP 011 S9diM'hliiii. ..Inn; Hi.'
HlflffflflUl. -
Mattoawan Escapo" and Four
Others Are Charged With
lly 1'edernl Wireless Telogrnph.)
NI'AV yOHK, Oetolier 2.-l. (Special
to The Advcrtlncr) A supremo' court
iudKc today reported tho returning of
indictments against Harry K. Thaw and,
four other men and bench warrants
wero issued for the nrrost bf Thaw and
Ids companions. Conspiracy In
tlon wjth Thuw's escupo from
wan is charged. This means that nil
obstacles In the way of Thaw's extra
uiiiiin 10 ic" iorK weio removed.
The indictment was voted after
eiuhteeii witnesses had been examined.
It charged that tho. plot to frco Thaw
was hatched in New York. Tho men
who wero charged with aiding Thaw to
make his sensational daBh out of itaU
teawnn and into Caiiuda nro Itichard
liutlcr, Micljnel Okecfo, Hogor
and Kugeno Duffy,
-," .
SAX October 23. fllv
Associated Press Cable to
Snn KranciBfo's second 1'ortola
festival ojiened jesterday with tho
streets of tho city thronged with
from all sections of'tho Coast
State. It is estimated that tho attendance
this year is much larger. than dur.
Ling the event of 1003.
The events include manv in which
the entire West will participate, for
the whole Coast, and tho Jliilpnelfie,
too, nro helping celebiato the Four
Hundredth anniversary of tho dlscnv.
ort- of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Xu-in
do Ilalboa.
There nro nnipnntx. l,,v,w, .,..,
tions. biiunucts nnd insneclini, r n.
waishipi In the harbor.
The musical program is elaborate.
MMcring tho entire festlvul. Throngs
.Will gather iu tho open air. under mi.
,onipled decorations, for this phase of
tho holiday, Xeer was elty garbed as
Situ rramlsio is for tho 1'ortolu, miles
of streets haw been turned Into bowers.
I'y 'lay lis well us by night there
hio flroworks, on n lufgur scale than
th A nriflr Const has jet soent and in
"million iiic cuv a HI nariinr nr,. ..... ,,,,.
. ' , .
II.. ii. f ,a '.
'leifldlv I liimliialed. I'Iim'I ,!.,,,, m.,..i
worships Hash wnrtline slgnuls as they j I
lie iu the rvllKllim of rustellated hills I
Try?, Bl '
1B.?::,!.,",' A .Hf' .. Vn. '".'
r,MH . . . nun . i iriJi . ii iijiit man naviMiU'ti ,,,..,.. 'i.i,.u. '.
i- i - '" --.,-. wmft mft nii(imi ii,
t,Sii.tt'aS :i;i! PSSSMJB
lr vm
liiHMtbllM aw uud nml wiilar: or .:
Itrjt ii, ti nf miiLtl IjiIiht Vfn, ,.,.;,!, ..ir i.T.
.uuijii4(hW Jo Thj OVimiIi Binfjjr
Noted Expert Tells Manner in
Which- He Hopes to Mako
, tfOhild aHealtliy.Man'.
(Ity IVderal Wlrolrs, Tvltgrnili.) '
cial to Tho Advertiser) IJr. llanov
Wiley, who has built a "puro .ulr
lioui" in winch to rcir his "pit
food lllllll. " linw iiIva.'i An, ,n,n nl'
tho hcnltir texts on which ho will preneh
iih gospci oi rigui living to Ills boy.
He s'lid:
. 1 ' Ill'trnll1l01ll 1,'iu ti lipnnl nt,
I r ' " l'iili wii
' elilldiun, ami this ty is going to have
.i iiiiiiiuiui mow irniu ins Homo, lln
life will bo
"He is going to have plenty of puro
air, plenty of puro food mpl .plenty of
exercise, mid plenty of work when he
grows up."
(Hy IVderal WlreleBH Telegraph.)
AVASHI.NOTOX, tktober 2.-J.
to The Advertiser) Legislation
piohlbitlng polygamy and abolishing
tho Mormon Church iu , tho .United
Stntcs was asked fif President Wilson
today by the Women's Homo Mission,
nry Society, representing twentv thou-sand
women of tho Methodist Church.
They sent a letter to tho President
transmitting resolutions offered by Mrs.
B. S. Potter, secrrinrv nf flu. lTlnl.
Conferenie passeil linaulinously by thn
smiciy ill i no Closing session of its
convention heie.
fllv IVdernl Wireliss Teleernidi.)
IIAITIMOIiK. OllnlH,r "1
to The Ad'ertlser) According to
ri'd'IW"! hero Inlm, iiegoliatlnns
natu neen eiosiii i,y H Hrltlsli syndicate
lor the purehase of exteiiclvn coal
land imd milling iirniiertli's In the Now
lllver of wt VirKiiiin at a
irue siil, I ti, approsliiintn $.1ii,iMm,0)0.
lin liiiiidred uud filtj thniiwiml aoioi
of land unit rolllerlos ur
hi the trnilwirtinn.
"v IV.le.al 'VI..r..b.)
umi.Ji.: .. i'., :'" "' .V- ""Tf"ri "" "i iw HI uih IBU III
nr ins UBlMJi I
'Ilia. ba lu
nr hm MBr
inw my
Portuguese Conspiracy Is Thwart
cd When Govomment Puts
- Down Second Recent Uprising
ir. Lisbon.
(Ilv IVderal Wlrelefs Telegraph.)
MSIIOjV, I'ortiiKul, October,. 2).
(Sieiinl to Tho
T o.o W'- n to ond outbreak of thb
I'liitiignese ii.o mrelilrnl upiisl..g
tntaiy, when a J,rnip of s'udeiils
s'.cnrd the government buildiiias.
'I heir leaders, rs well as ilftcen
other' persons, were n rested.
According to the authorities mie
prisoner confessed that Pre, blent
Arrlagu and the I render were to
lo nssnvdimted lis irt of the lut
ujr'iliis.t the government.
Thn eltv is under martini law,
M'unl ers of tho lablnet do nut
alitoail unlerg surrounded by
(lty Tederal Wlrelrss Telegraph.)
MANDiA, October 211. (Special to
Thn Advortiser Krosh triums worn
dispatched today for the Allpao in
Mindanao where live Phllippino scout"
nin reported killed and eight wounded
In lighting with tribesmen who uie fortified
in their swnmtiv ttitmln fmlntui
("nptaln Harry MrKldcrry, Thirteenth
lompnny or l'luupplno Scouts, is, expected,
to recover, lie has been brought
.fllv IVderal .Wirnlens Tnlonrnnli W
- ,r,IlANi;TK, Kansas, Oc,tob?r,23A ;
V (Special to Tlio Advertiser)
t couicny posiqrs anil otlior
blaring billboard scenery display-
ing fenmlo figures In tights or
nnv costumes not "deccntlv num.
pleto'' weio placed under a ban
todav bv the eltv mitlinrlttes.
Members of the linlicn.ilettiirttnniir sk
weru about with brush and paint
and plain white paper 'covering up
those portions oC posters not
pioperly dressed.
(Ily IVdijral Wirelets Tolegrnh.)
pAWSO.V, Xcw Mexico, October 23,
(Special to Tho AdvortUcr) I.ate
yesterday nftcriinou the force fighting
tlin fir.t In tlm litfiiif.1 tif tl,. Kin,. fan.
yon I'uel Company had'niado some Iio.k
iu controlling the (lames. Not
muru innu a nozen noiues navo inu
fnr been recovered. It Is fiellowd tint
it will bo found that but Jew df the
2S4 uiifortiinnte minors who wero nt
work in rlie nrnnertv ilien thn fYiilri.
slon cut oft their tscapo are
now nlve. rmiillles of the entomlel
men gatlienvl around the pit continue
io iion inni some oi mo men win oe
brought out all v e.
.. t
(Hy IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
AhitANV. New York. October 23.
(Sliccial to The Advertiser! If Sillzer
iu elected to the State asscmblv elforts
will be made to bar him, This state
ment was made today bv Atsciiiblyiuau
Louis Coiivillier, who tnldi
"The a'scinhly hus the right to pin
iiioii the character of its members, and
1 believe removal from nUIro a
uioiiiid for mi open exprcnhni nl
0inion on the part of the nssombly
us tn whether llmt body deoms oultir
fit for inenibershlp. "
-- -
(Hy IV'lernl Wireless TKlnuraph.)
I'AIIIU, Oi'lohlT U (IJpiwlHl o
Til" dlwipjii'iiHtaiii! of
. Piiul -.. II , . iiiiu, .,..,, rMi,t, ,.,,' ).,. ,ih,, ii,., ..i uiini' m...,
liiilli ur is pliiii I, Ids rrwlllirs sny.
Returning Homo Today from tho
Orient, Ho Will Be Suspcndod
hy Sluriff Jarratt Will Bo
Given a Week to Answer
Arising from Attorney
General's 'Probe.
"ossibilily of Criminal Proceedings
Against the Two Detective
Heads Details of Charges Arc
Withheld to Give Officers Full
Opportunity of Filing Answers.
I'pon his arrival home from Shanghai
it noun today Captain of Detectives
itliur MoDnfllc will bo suspeiuied from
Jlllce, pending nil answer from him lo
charges that lire tho results of n threo
months' imestigatlon by Various territorial
and city olllclals.
Sergeant of Detectives .1. It. Kellett
will nleo be euspended under tho Baino
The charges deal with misconduct in
olllce. Their evict naturo has been
withheld by Shcrllf Jarre tt undor tho
recently passed civil scrvico rules which
require 'that charges against pollco o(?
3cers lie kept secret until n chance to
auawcrtlicm is glVcn, unless they uro
pravloujly, roleuscif with tho consent of;
.he olficcrs chargod. - ' '
,trniliinl lrtaeeutlmjtFift6UftS
pOfslblo In tho enso of 'fach' officer, but
It Is tosbe doubted whether shcriiT
will take any initiative towards this.
Xeronllii to nutiounccmontd' yesterday,
my prosecution that is undertaken will
no leit to the uttonioy general's olllce,
which elicited mot of tho Information
on which tho sheriff will act this
Tho sheriff yesterday announced that
ho would give tho two olllcers until
next week to propuro their answer to
-he charges, when, if thoy loll to
then-, thuy will bo discharged.
Tlley aio then entitled to, an appeal to
he civil service commission, wjiich it
s bcllecd will surely bo taken shoulil
Hie cases go that tar.
Attornoy Oencral Led Probe.
Deputy Attorney (.cnornl Smitli has
been actively riiRiigod for tho past two
Aeeks iu tho Investigation of conditions
ii the dctcctho department nnd during
that period has dotod most of his
imo to it. About twenty witnesses
liao been examined during that time,
Jight of whom appeared boforo him
yesterday morning. With oiio exception,
all weie Chinese.
Sheriff .larrett roM llmt 1...
had taken no part In tho investigation
but ilnon thn clmrL'OH flrsf iwln,. ..,,11,,. I
to his attention detailed ns many
io me attorney genernl's assist-mice
ns wero needed each IJii to
Inst night ho had received but a gist
of tho Information that had bceu so-cured
by the investigators, jnit will
piobably receive today tho complete
charges that ho will present against tho
two olllcers. Ho believes that ho has
plenty of grounds for summarily suspending
both McUulliu and Kollett.
Kellett la Sweat Box.
Sergeant Kellett was in conforenco
with .Mr. Smith yesterday, being closeted
with him for over an hour. Tho deputy
attorney general announced that
tho investigation was pot concluded
and that the office was on the trail of
considerable other data. This probably
menus that criminal prosecution will
not follow immediately upou the suspension
of tho olllcers, but will follow
There are not more than two charges
so far ugalnut MeDulIlo, and possibly
five or six against Kellett. These, it
Is understood, huve been selected from
u groat mass of statements iii the hands
of the attorney general, which uppcar
to incriminate both men.
Most uf them relnto to tlnanclal Irregularities,
foimidiirnblu uvldenio was
taken yesterday inoiiilug lu regard tu
these. One chlniinmii, named Hlu Yule
I.UIIg, iillegod In the jhiIIco to bo connected
with gambling cVelns, alter an
hour's Session with tin, ifhm
eral, wus sent dlrmt to tho police ta
nun, nilfrr ll WHS lOfKOll llll II1C0III
iniiiiiiadii iiinlsr order from Hherllf
Jarritt, luitiui'llons wero ft with
Hi .spuln ut tlm wii( to permit no
on. not miii pillun ullUotSj Id speuK
in In in wiiliHi iwriuiMiluii of tlm lier
Iff .ill i Ik utlitir Llilunja who wr
ufcm imo ih,' nitsngw wnftuVi f
Oi 0(, ,,in.,Mi at amfmT titer
K'' M,'1, " ttttmmvr mtliif,
aMFul hhluiJu ijurhfntj. nil fn a
n. w5hu.Viw. """ " "v ' ,v

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