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VOL V! . NO 1.' IIONOU'M.', I!ll II KK1IOUY, iiMU, Hi..itJK ., Ml Wllkn WIIOI.K NUMIHiK 3856
Washington Is Placed In Touch
With, .Situation and While
Question of Asylum Is Being
Considered Diaz Is Being Protected
by the American Consul.
Votes Are Being Counted Slowly;
But It Is Already Conceded
That Constitutional Majority
Has Not Bean ?.e;cived by Any
Candidate ; Huerta Controls
Congress and Will Retain Pow-e;
VERA CRUZ, Mexico, October
28. (By Associated Press Cable)
General Felix Eias late last
night, fearing that an attack vas
to be made on his life, appealed to
the American consulate here for
protection and asked to be taken
aboard the r American gunboat
Wheeling, now in the harbor. Diaz
has been granted the protection of
the- American consulate. A re
port has been cabled to Washington
and there seems little doubt
but the request will be granted
and that Diaz will be taken aboard
the American ves3el, probably before
Indications arc that an effort
may be made to prevent Diaz
from leaving shore, but this
would, it is believed, be resisted
forcefully by the American forces
now within closs communication.
Diaz, according to the latest
election returns, received last
night, was leading Gamboa for
the presidency so far as the number
of votes arc concerned, and
had the constitutional number of
ballots been cast he would have
been elected to the Presidency.
Diaz has discreetly refrained
from any comment on the election
and throughout the campaign just
ended and has steadfastly refused
all invitations to visit the
During Saturday and Sunday
he remained in his hotel apart
ments, private guards barring all
visitors from his presence. '
Yesterday a secoriS pressing invitation
came from the capital to
have Diaz visit the government
department and when an immediate
reply was demanded Diaz
sought the protection of the American
Excitement was more tense at
Vera Cruz lest night than at any
timo sinco the present crhW' has
arisen. That Diaz will bo
by tho Americans is conceded.
What action tho Huerta forces
will take in face of this protection
remains to be seen,
l I'Mlriul Wlules. '!' l"ifia'li I
l '.Ml in, uuir er iM...iii
lo Tl'o 'lit" JWili
IK vuti'Mluyul IhH tNJtlr!.! lit
I nil ! (!! lit luiid ilil
lu liiuyr 'IKflruk (u jiruii 1 1
1'iKitili ml Umr turn Una!
him uutrMM. II I' vMHtmi lb
iiumltfi. U mm m Joywij, t
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wffi i iHM
1 M; :;ISB
Fluted States gunboat Wheeling,
aboard which Gen. Felix Dili.
seeks protection. Gen, Feix
Diaz, candidate for President
of Mexico, now in peril.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CITY OF MEXICO, October 27.
(Special to The Advertiser) This city
took the-appearance of an armed camp
today as the returns from scattered
election districts made it certain that
no candidate had received a majority
of the votes cast in tho presidential
Though no disorders attended the
balloting here Sunday and there were
no disturbances during the night,
troops wero brouRht into 'the city at
dawn In the event of riots upon the
promulgation of the official announcement
Horn the government that the balloting
resulted in no election.
Moro than two thousand troops
moved into the city during the early
moraine. The fear of an outbreak and
violence was increased by the receipt
of dispatches from Vera Cruz stating
that Felix Diaz would leave there during
the day to come to the capital,
As the result of the elections Huerta
will remain lu olfico as rresidont. In
the returns received thus far Frederlco
Qainboa and Felix Diaz urn running a
close race, but because of votes for
other candidates ncltlwr of thete men
will have a majority, The total num.
er of votes cast was less than one-third
of the total voting strength of
the Republic, which is required by tin
Constitution to nuke the election legal.
'flic election of senator and deputies,
uowovir. will not be hampered by this
.'omrtitiitiouai piovirlon and It 1 cer
tal'i that the Catholic Party, litaded by
3anibo, and supported by Huerta, will
1 iv control In rnngreiui, 'fills assures
'tnrru full control Instead of a UkI
latlvo revolt whKli continually threat
ened M in In the bt ronwreiM which was
onlrolied by MaderlsU.
It will be teyeral weiks Wore all
tio i rturiu are In from the loitl
IM lions of the lletiublle. but It Is nrob.
)ja (hat lufor that Unit conrM will
WV reitveuud and declare tin iUpu
if Alt'! tU4!ftls mivuorliyl by (lis ,Ur
ojjs nlH'ted and cIi.5mwi Uutita at!lii
jii i'i(jutiii ait
Gunboat" Wheeling is-Well
Armed for Emergencies
Coininnndcr Sumiu'r E. W. Kittdle is in comnuiiirt i)f tho 'gunhont
heeling. The- vessel was hunt to Vera Cruz early in the present
-Mexican situation and liiis been .stationed off that jHirtlou of the
resienn const nltiiost continuously for tho past (.eVynil weeks. The
A. heeling lias M'sited Honolulu. It was built in 1SH0 at n cost ol
$348,515. The di.spheeiiient is !)')() tons. Jt is iilledXvilh 1081 horsepower
un;;iiics kikI has n speed of twelve knots aiKUonr.
The liinin Imttery of the trim little vessel eoiiMKts of .six
rapid tire nuns. Its .secondary battery consists of .four
rapid-lit e nuns, two rapid-fire guu4, and oiie
autoinutic un. The vessel is well manned by due while its
rank second to none unions cither the Vauitle or Atlantic
fleets. In tnrjrel woik last yyw the Wlitelinj; iiukIc a showing
to irjnlc it as one of the best manned of the smaller fi;htintr
ships of tlj.e Navy. ''
Points to Millions He Saved State
As He Offers to Pay 35-Cent
Bill for Dog Bi3cuit.
(Itv Federal Vireles Telegraph.)
NEW YOHK, October 27. (Hpecinl
to Tho Advertiser) Augvicd over tha
publicity gicn un item of thirty-five
cents, charged the State for do bisi
cuits purpliaced for 5Ir. Sulzcr's pet
dog "Patsy," Sulzer sent the follow
iug telegram to Albany:
"Acting Comptroller Walsh: Tf you
will trend me the bill for I'attty's dog
biscuit, I will send J'ou my chock to
reimburse the Stato for this thirty five ,
cents It cost. In view of tho graft ot
millions of dollars 1 uncovered dining
my administration it is gratifying! to
know that your ollico is now on tuo
job ami liaH not overlooked the fact
that I'utsy got uwny with a dog biscuit.
I'oor I'auiy should bo impeached."
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegrujdi)
SAN FltANOISfO, Oetober 27.
(Special to The AihertUer) Adam'
fllll of Vdlluio mid A. Xlnlikski of Bun
haV.i organized a movement1
,,...-,... , ,, .... ,
Ul" "V in inn Miuiiiy m;
Miu i ruui'IiM'o to lie ulliweU to enlist
In 1115 for u short time in (jriler lu
man tho Oregon nu tho trip through the
I'nuuinu l.'anul lu Hiiu IVunflsin ut thn
hesd of tho Atlantic fleet. The fifty men
were pallors nliourd the Oregon iiheu
it mndo Its fumoiii journey iiruund the
Horn In IDAS In be. jiretent ut the
lighting ut Huntlngo,
JIOh'm.N, October ST, In
'I lie Aiherllker) I'rufixNor I'ernluil
I .on ell, the noted lnllniioiner, U lint lb
urnnl with l he tliilunieiil of Jijtul
lr, Hit) DmIm Milmillit, tlml IliKrii Is u
eiit), of luiilliigiis uiiiwrllluw tWutf
pH'c oil iln ijmii 'fllo, like uib)ta7
ritMi ll'iHf nil luriimJ un ! lU "
lime wtolili tuw .Mlumiir lu IhjIUv
id Murttmn se Irylng lu aUjMi i
n$lHiar lffl tjuribnus n
i14m ljmi w lie mitu" t iu
Maddened Russian Troops Plan
Massacre in St. Petersburg
Repelled by Police.
(lly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
.ST. I'KTnitaUUlta, Octobe'r 27.
(Sjivci.il to The AdtertUcr) (Druiikcn
and inflamed soldiers, excited nt tho
actions of the Ititunls at tho trial of
ilendal lleiliss, attached tho Ghetto at
Lodsty with tho intention of .-. mm
sacro today.
The no'leo attacltcd nnd droo ofr the
troopst and jireyented any hilling.
During the lighting two soldiers wore
kill il imil fifteen were wounded. Forty
arrests were made.
'(lly I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, October 27.
to Tho Advertiser)
reieutntlvo LaffertV of Orciron to-
duy inlrodiiceil a bill providing
(or ownership and ojierution under
the pohtollico department of the
telegraph and telepbono lines.
K Tint hill llln iirnvldeu n ,j,
slon of eleven, to consist of the
Kslmnster general, snveral mem if
'"'rs of,",u J"l'ftoto (oinmere.) if
eniuinlfsinn nnd tluou other mem it
poiiiiiiIhIijh nil. I three other mem jf.
upprnUe anil condemn tho Hues,
gj. '
- - f T
(iv I'ediinil WirulitM Telegriijihi
UJMlliN, l)riihir '.7"tipuell III
'lie .4dMrlierj sullriigtlus
IwJuy IimjU engunii(u upon the, Hume
"Mielnry ltgluli aUJnjlTnii li bum
iutj lli ntsidaiiii) uf Ills jQlhar, T- lr
Kviihn, t jloriirw. 'n'U,flJH"iil iwui
luu un Mill lllHJjr.KW HlM
I III llnllUKe HlllUnllIf 1 1) ifOUUU.
The la li Wirt iUtW
ni.'MiuK iiimiKii umIiiiI Hi, iKiliali
i.i iii.ii'ii.i uu I Hu'iiv MiirreUrt
i,iiu iii puiiu iiiur
llili;:il N JIJI
Claim That Action of Liquor Commission
in Denying Licenses to
Countrymen Was Unfair ; Editor
of Hochi Says Japanese of Honolulu
Will Probably Not Take
Part in Carnival.
A strong protest Is being mndo by
the Hawaii Hochi nnd the Nlppu .Tijl,
on bch.ilf of the .liipaiirso of Honolulu,
ngnlnir I he uclinii of tho Ihpinr com
missiniierH Inst, ueek lu lefuslng to
s.iuotion lireii'cs for to wholenle
llipinr firms, controlled by .Inpanoso
ytorUholdcrs. lloth .laimne.e lmpers in
their Ifsucs jestenl.ij' sneak in strong
teriusMit the netion of tho commission,
intimating that tho members noted in
nn unfair manner, not so much ore the
lireuso applications us agAitist the Juia
uese people ii f llnuoliilu. It is pointed
out b both that ll(Uor llrms.
controlled by peiHuns who are not Japa
neso have been trented inure consider
Would Reopen Cases.
H is understood that nn effort is to
bo made to have, tho commission re
open tho eases nnd grant niiuther liejr
the meantime, nnnrding tn the
.Japanese papers, the .lapnnese Mer
rhnnts' Ashoeiation has ills
cusoed the alleged unfair nelidn of tin
commission mid il.usei it ns an
of unfairness toward their race
whin it comes to meeting other race?
on uu equal footing. The recent nvc'r
sight in not appointing .Inpiiui'se deb
gntes from Honolulu fur the Civic Con
vention i nlsn alluded to.
The iipplirntlotiB for I'liuni
llceeses denied at the last laeetlng of
the llipior commission wete 'those uf T
Usui i fonipnuy, un King inn'
feliiynma, also on Klii'f strict.
Hochl's Strong Comment.
The Hochf, sKiaktng editorially yes
terday, says:
"It is not our intention to mnhc n
fuss about thn action of llio liquor commission
or others In otlleiiil ilrel", but
we do not deiio to slimy timidity or
onwinlie in not expressing nurwlvef
w'i?a ,n learn of tho unfair rnndiict
of then bodies or people. At this lime
iWo desiro to call attention to tlie uiifnlr
notion of tho lliiuor commissinii lu 0'
nlng tho npjilications of reputable
Japanese linns for wholesalo liquor
licenses in Houn'ulii.
"When the Knjimn Liquor Company
first annlled for n llcensn it' was re-'used
beciiiiso It was el limed that
the proprietor, Mr. Kojiinn, ro
turned hero only at such times ns the
licemin wns to be renew ml he could not
bo classed as a rosident. Tho business
had been conducted for twenty years,
lie wiib told that otherwise: there was
no the liccnuo slionld not be
granted and that the altering of the
site nnd nn application under u corporation
composed of residents of
would be considered. Not do-siring
(o cloe the storo in which so
inueh stock was enrried, a cororntion
under tho title of Kojlinu & Company
was formed. Hut once moro the license
was refused, on the ground that the
majority of the stock was held by Sir.
"Then Mr. lrtul, former mnnnger of
the store, took a hand, orgnnlxcd a
company lor 2,ono, tho stock held bv
residents of Honolulu. Ho deposited
il 0,000, At the snmo timo former
of Kojiinn & Compniiv also
n compuny, nnd both filed av
nlicntioiis for wholesulo Jicetues. H"-came
of the sound fouildatlon of Mr.
1'siii mid his company, iivcryono expected
tho commission to at lo'st grim
this license, but tn our surpriso Loth
requests were denied on the ground that
there nro too many wholesule liquor
dealors in Honolulu, Thn elfoct of the
incorporation of these companies wuk
unfairly Ignored liy tho commission.
Partiality Is Allegad.
"On thu othor linnd a wlilto jicrsoti
who made application after tho .lupu
nese petitions wero denied was grunted
his wholesale license. Jlecausu of this
preferento shown for white persons as,
iigiiiimi .Jiipnuetu wnai course are wu
left to udojit but thu liquor commlssiou
Is prejudiced against thu .lujmnoset
"Judging from tliesu facts, It seems
plain to us that the (uiuiuisHluii's
sous lor denying the upjillcutluus uf the
.iiipaiiem) iirms was merely u pretext.
It Is quite re.'mouiililu that thu JliUineau
.Mereiuints Associuiimi slioulil hu
iliguniit iibuut tho netion.
Treated First Hllght Lightly,
"When thu .liijuiuesu uf Honolulu
INUO igimred lu not being Invited us
delenles lu Ihii i Mo wo
lie.iled (hu mutter lightly nnd imhed
our people not to look ii on It us uu
iilfrool. Hut iiiih wn reiillu hut gov
i riiiiieut uirieliili dure In I rent us lu
iim uhfiiir milliner niul igiiori' uur good
Mill I'u I he) think I boy nun i nullum)
lu miniiliiiii I he harmony uf hold
I Ion ii III ius b) lisliiius liku llieinl Our
of Dm inn Iter U lhu 'lliu llquur
iniiiiiiitsliili tlioiiM sue lo It Hull I ho iii
ii,e are rwjMiiiHil mid riitl Jilll'u
dou iputiibln busluwx firms. In ikli
ui Miiuer mu hu ami u louliliimnni 'p'
Hi ihmI ii4 nruMiHi rimiilly hIh Hum
hwwiifii lU whlliM uil lh(rHlui'iliWB
jpuiit hi iiwwimiy
-IP)'U Oil L"jully rrl!ft
ti mtm out nm mi k
..MJf'. !!.. m
Miij Hi' jwiid mm.
flf lMitor of Hochi taken dur
lug strike of Japanese laborers.
Fart of Law Providing for Military
Resorve Is to Bo
(lly 1'ideral Wireless Telegraph)
WASIMMITON, Octolie'r7.
to Tl-n Advertiser) ltcpresentatlo
luy, chairman -of the houte military
ommlttee intemlH to tnhu up, early in
.he Decuniber rossion of congress the
epenl of'that jinrt of the etlstiug law
,hat jiro'ids ftirji miljtury reerxy.
U'liis wn einutoi ly the histcou
zreiot when u LcnlintUKiut
period "wiiii jireicrtbe'd, .fdjtr vy,cnr of
r..i.r.i. i i',H.i..i I.'.., .rts. ('JT,,.
riuivii mil lu i,,i iii;viiiil tci,ivii , ii.r
Army mid three jears as n juoiubor of
the reserve.
Tho nirnngemeiit has 'been n failure
both boon luo it is ineffective to create
n rccru and becannu it lias materiully
deereukod eiilistmeiits.
(Hy I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
CHICAGO, October 27. (Hp-
cial to The Aihertisor) A -woman
chief of police of thirty years
is being seriously considered by
Major Harrison. Mrs. Gcrtrndo
Howe llrltton looms large in the
iiiiij or 's cunvuss of thu field. She
is a woman of independent means
and has for yenrs been prominent
us i social worker.
(liy Federal Wireless Telcgrujih)
LONDON, October 27. (Special to
Tim Advertiser) At a dinner given in
London toulglit to "Gaiety Girls, Past
and Present," four peeresses wero pros
ent. They weru tho Counteas of Ork
ney, fnimerly Cuiinle OUcrlst, a great
gaiety favorite in thu middle 'HO's
who beiumii known as "The Guhl
Gill" through Whistler's (minting uu
ler thut name, the Miirchlnties of
Heiidfnrl, formerly Itmdo Jloote, I.udy
roulelto, formerly rtyltlu lilorny, uiul
l.ii'lv ( liustuii, formerly DoiiImi Orim
Ollwi Ma), who married Lord Victor
uinl Xenii Dure, whom husband
is the Hun, Mnrijilisi) HretUnn, son of
Lord Usher, were nlu jirepuul.
(11) IVderiil Wireless
HftNNKII, riilumdu, Oululmr
lu The A.lmrlnil er. pro
ffaaluu it lriii, nurtc liming Iumhi
JlMarttsd uht (Mlmlllyg a fprluns
ffutu bf gfiiulfillhtir, UiuJ) lluukiu
uf I'luirli!), Illlwirii Iml iMii U
4tmt IU bru f AfiMr J,MMmU'h
fL"HWM Utut imwi fWfwi
iwr mi .UHHiiu wr B mist'a to
u iiums
President Wilson, in Address Before
Southern Commercial Congress,
Says United States Will
Never Take by Force Another
Foot of Territory on. This
Opening of Canal Place3Them on
Direct Line, Says Nation's
Chief, Who Charges That Thoy
Have Had Hardesl Bargains
Driven With Them of Any Nations
of the World.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
MOlUIi:, Alabama, October 27,
(Special to The Advertiser) "I want
to take this occasion to say that tho
United States will inner again seek another
foot of Territory on this continent
by conquest," declared President
Wilson lu his nddress ou "I.atln Amor-lean
Itnliitious," before the Southern
Commeriiul Congress today.
"I came becauso X want to speak of
our present relations with our neighbors
uf thu Latin American republics,"
continued President Wilson, in opening
tlie address. "Tho Vunnniu Canal will
open tho world to tho south, and Latin
American Stutes, which heretofora have
been isolated, now will bo oil thomaln
"You hear of a concession to foroign
capital In Latin America, 'That concession
is not planned in, the United
States. When enjiital comci It comes
Invited, but It id npU'rlv.ile.iren. J,tt
American Mutes havu had hardor bargains
driven with them than nuy other
people in thn world.
"The United States was trying to
deal with them on t(rms of equality.and
honor and the stale department was
trjing lu ovcrv way to deal with them
in n new spirit."
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
GKNHVA, October 27. (Special to
Thn Advertiser) lu ilefianco of .Emperor
William of flcrinauy, Kmjicror
Francis Josetdi of Austria and the now-
erlul Houso of Croy, Miss Nancy Irishman,
daughter of John G. A. Lclsliman,
lonuer steel palmer ot Andrew
in Pittsburgh, was married today
by .i civil ceremony to Karl, tho thirteenth
Duko of Vrojfnud desceudaut of
Hungarian kings, y
(lly Federal Wireless Tclcgrajdi.)
MOI1ILL', Alabama, October 27-(Special
to The Ailvcrtlser) A
system for farmers was pledged
for the national administration today
by Senator Fletcher of Florida la an
address beforu the Southern Commercial
(lly Federal Wirvless Telegraph.)
WIIKIILING, West Virginia, October
27. (Special to The
Kutheriuo Llkius wus married this
morning nt Klklns, West Virginia, to
Hilly ilitt. Tho wedding is the culmination
of n romance of seven years'
standing, during which Miss Klklus was
srdeutly wooed by both Ilitt ami tho
Itnlluu Hulie of Alirur.!.
(Hy IVdoiiil Wiroiuss Telegriil'li,)
MAIti: IHLANI). October 27. (Special
to 'I he Advertiser) Pnyinaiter
I'lysse (I, Amuum, II. H, N., retired,
died ut the Mine Island Ho.pltui this
mnruliig alter it long illuots,
Hit was ii sun uf thu lulu Hear Ad
inlriil Aiiiiiien uf run Wvr fni"
1'uymiiatur Auuueu wus a intmibtr of
Ihe coniiiilllie Hint luuuloil Msru Jsluiul
IIS II lllltul klllllull
(H I'mlnral Wliilsis 'J'nkgrojib )
Ijinuu.v, iniuwr 17, lBpesui
Thn 41 llfji bsliltl
(jM lri HIM vWabtM ly iml im riul
Id tiio graniliaj lit kSttM un PsUs
& YtUtumm m nrileiii. u ii
. im i n.. i, au5jj of JjtH'LlngliJ'U

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