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vol. vi .. NO. 171 IIONOU'I.r, HAW Ml IKIDAV, OCIOUKU 31. WKF.KLY UMnER3857
Cavalry Being Sent to the South; Feverish
Haste 'fs Being Shown in Getting
Trained Forces of United States Army
in Close Proximity to What Seems
Now Will be of War.
(By Federal Wirelos3 Telegraph)
;.CITY.OF MEXICO, October SC (Special' to Tha
Every prominent supporter of Felix Diaz hr being se-'
cretly arrested on orders issued by Huerta. Many have been
seized in the federal district and Vera Cruz. Among the
are wealthy men who furnished funds for the-,Diaz campaign.
All are held incommunicato.
Reports are already in circulation that, soma of the men
arrested have been assassinated, though thess rumors are unconfirmed.
It became known tcday for the first time 'that the conspiracy
to put Diaz in power in Huerta s stead was widespread.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph,)
WASHINGTON, October tfO. (Special to The Advertiser) The
.Mexican situation assumed a more ominous nspuct today when it
Ws officially admitted for the fir,st time that a heavy movement
of troops toward the border is uow'ln progress.
A significant fact is that theMroop.s being sent southward were all
cavalry. '
In an official announcement Gen. Leonard Wood, chief of the United
States Army htaff, stated that troops sent to the border will
"relieve" those now there. There is no doubt, however, that if conditions;
warrant," all available forces jyill be held for immediate action.
General 'Wood says: .
) How Troops Are Distributed.
Mid Fifth' regiments of cavalry from Fort HIishjVTdxns.'arUl Fort
iruaehuctf', Arizona, and their irjpliieenietit by tliq Tenth "and Fifteenth
Cavalry. The Tenth Cavalry, which ia now at Fort Ethau
Allen, Vermont, will be moved to Now. York and thercVwill' embark
on the Army transport for Galvcsjon, Texas, whence it will proceed
overland 'to Arizona.
"In the menu tifne three squadrons of the Fifteenth Omilry which
is now located at Fort Clever, Virginia, Chicago and ,Fort
Kansas, will assemble at' For.t LcavcmvoYtha!Jd prpcc'ed
southward To Fort Miss, relieving the Second Regiment. ".
"Both and Fifth regiments will be relieved 'of bohler
duty and moved' to posts in the north, the Fifth going to' 'Ethan
Allen and the Second divided between Fort Jleycr anil Fort Leavenworth."
War College Maps Out Plans.
With u large force already at Texas City, Texas, this would give
the United States a force ample to intervene -fn Northern Mexico
and curry on u campaign until reinforcements could be ruslied from
the north. ' '
According to the plans already mapped out by members of the
Army Wnr College1 n .'portion of tin; troops now iu Texas City would
in time of .war embark on two Anuy transports that are now held
at Galveston and proceed immediately to Vera Cruz under convoy
of a portion of the Atlantic Fleet, already in the Gulf of Mexico,
innding'these at Vera Cruz coincident with crossing" the border by
the regiments at Fort Hliss and lluaehuca. This would give Ihe
United States the advantages of having two great forces converging
on the City of Mexico, one from the north and the other from the
rr.ht, which would prevent any combined resistance by the
can army,
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
VERA OKUZ, Mexico, October HO.- (Special to The Advertiser)
The local press is aggravating the Anti-American sentiment by harping
op the part which United States Consul William Canada played
in the fight with Diaz. It criticizes the. American government for
interfering with Mexican n flairs.
Vera Crux officials today adopted a severo attitude toward sailors
if the I'fiiled Slates warships iu the harbor and refused to allow
them to play a game of baseball with a Mexiea'n nine.
On account of the strictness of the Mexican olllcials. sailors leaving
United States ships on sluuvleavc, are instructed to be exemplary
iu their eondiK't ami do nothing which eoulil give offense to
the Mexicans. ,
Diaz, is being held under i,riet surveillance: on the Louisiana.
fl UirlM !. null I '
IMIMH, (Mulirr i" t Tb
Ait"iixr; M)i I'WlsmM Pk
burI, wlin li a (iiylljvr hum Hi IrtHC
dun jii, Ihsl she mf iltvtiU
lu gu Iu "" 'llntl UttHm lu hii
Iiw uttfMUt 'ummitit, Htm rftv
uv dim iiw linfc to tr wMim '
lliiiii.r iIjk JwirrnaUl i t Vttifc .
"I lc jJJ(MMtt 'f p!4 l
I by H "
llli llrral Wiflcn TrUiirriiili.)
JMItlH. flrinlifr 3 to Tli
,tiwlUi) - J'lprra M' cuitfiiniir
i'Jui i huh iu nun m hi nl t Ij r rp"iri
ltw HnO uf Hip liitfuHiiurc tt'UM
IrttHMl TarkHf at IIik IIiiIuuiImii Armv.
wtid it oa iil( Buy Uit ia (livllriit
ilw I'ttwk vrttr ia it ilunl'lf fin n
titp ie aiKihm iw iHram iif rrvltr
bUb tii m4 rtiHt Ilic lulMf
I !'
O c
5outh America's firebrand, Whoso
Causes Anxiety Among
(y JVdewt Wirelens TelOBrai.li.)
(SpFcJaT"!''?! Advertiser) Al'-
tur a volii Keurcli of tliree inonili
for iiiforjnutiiiii recanting Jiis
ivhcreabou(8, tlic friends of Cip-
rjapo CaHtro In this rity arc con
vincrjl that lie i eltlie ilrinl or
a iirifonci1 in n' Vonezueian dim !
r" neon, :
Electric Fan Also Disappears, and
Petty Thieves Are Balhvcd
to Be at Work.
Are thieves operating uitli IioMiich
nliout the cajituli In substance, this
whs the question uskcil yesterday by.
many who inlinbit tlio bit; government
uullding uiirmg ofileial luixincii liours.
Four bicycler, the property of govern-
nient employeM, were misled Veiterd.13
from tlio Baered precincts of tho
"It couldn't have been tax ollicinls
who got thes. away," said 0110
attache of tho territorial gov.
eminent, "for all of them had tho 1913
tag attached,"
A mull electiie fan nag missed yesterday
nho .from the desk of Ouon T.
WVbbor, a draftsman of the public
works department. Tlio worst of it,
thought Webber, was that the fan wiU
IiIb personal property.
"I wouldn't hao mided it so much
if the weather waas iouJ, but ti come
Into a iiiiui's ofiico with tint ueuthcr
as it has been and walk: away with
the only article of comfort in tho place,
I think was about tho ami low-Mt
trick that could be iiloyed 011 a
hurdnorking olllrlal," abl Webber.
As soon us KteoiiKrnplier ilisn Harriet
K. Walte heard of the Ions of V&
ber's electric fan she immojliately "bid
her own little cirntlou of ,lipMno art
In one of the drawers of her typewriter
de.k. "Tliete,' said MIm Wmte, "If
the want that fun they'll lime to leal
tho desk with It."
A M'urih of Assistant 8iiniriiiUiii!eiit
I . Wheeler' olllr? is i to bavf
dcM'lnpu.1 the furt that iiuthiiiK li1
been lulmii from tkciu. wits
left iinloiifhfd. Ih he Hu. Uil
llieie, Not muu Hie plum of IIiii
knnu wim, Khl.k was ie.lroJ
rouiile 11 f yel Itgo, IkiiJ Kiiiiel I Lie
rui.i.lih uf llw UUiHlifl)
'If wmitimly wall unIv ll ht
liulklvK lilL WkM IU mfffbt4i far
Me ertilf I $u In mspiil iitr win
uumIIhm HieMml ik lriuiiiii iim
,," MlM NM I', DtntMfgtrwtil it,
"I Htxiltl, fiyr , Im wtUrlM wiili lU
Flfjht starts to Sot Asido
and Place Deposed Executive
Back as -Governor of New
York Injunction Filed in Court
o Appeals.
(ilv lVderalWIrrlesi Telej;radi,)
XJ3W YOUK, October SO. nl
to 1'lie idvertisef) ;Thr? iiupcachliio.it
mid remoni o,f .tiiibsrr, Iroiu tho
of .Vciv into
the federal court thpniKli t'ie
of mi lumtictinii sititjfilcil iu tho Un ted
Htatct .list i t ruiirtly W. II, Moote,
one of his ndhercntSlMoliet urldc fin
impeachment jroceCdinrs. The nctlo.i
ih based iipon nn taaunpiioii t'int the
judges of the rpurtf'of,'iippe'iI and kii
ite had no right tnviiupcach H ilr. r for
.mytliiiig Jirinr tit his' ti'inij ofllc
'llviin, the ofllrers of lire Stile gov
eminent, tlio juitleen of the court o'
appenN and all State seintorn weri
made defendants, nn'ln" S Izer hinweif
iu order to make the ijocerillngi ligcl
Takes Part in Gubernatorial Campaign
for Fielder and Tells
What Democracy Stands For.
WOOIHIUIV, New October
11. (iiy Atisociated. ,1'ress Cable)
lorepli MMit hero by I'residcnt Wil-On,
to uid in the camp'ilgn of Fielder,
chu nemucratle candidate tor (iovcruor,
,ioke to a large crowd here last night
urging tlie ejection of Fielder and de-lending
tiie Democratic, party iu its
present pglfcy,
"Democracy is not fighting wealth,
h has been elalmod," 'said "but
t is combatting tho fonditions that
rcate poverty, licmocrncy is not an
.sjiemv toeliternriife, af our opiioneati
"fihv) maiiitnineil, but It in the friend
of 1 oaest, legitimate ilovelopment. '
I mm
is i
Joseph Rothmirn Claims That
Killing of Mexico's President
Vas Witnessed by Wilson.
' ' Madero, President of Mexico,
was murdered und ills death was
.Wtuessed by Henry Iane Wilson, Anier-lean
Ambassador to Mexico." This
statement was niado yesterday by
ltothmau, u rcfugeu from Mexico
who arrived hero this week on the
transport Dix. Itotbiuun says ho was
in Mexiio at tho time, employed by tho
statu department ut Washington, and lie
nus on top 01 ine American consume
opposite the palace in tho Cltv of Mex
ico when Madero, iu nn uutomobilo was
Doing com eyed toward prison.
Attacked from Behind.
"It was just after daylight," Bald
iioianiau yesteruay. iiioy were passing
tho (.onsulatu in if 11 automobile
lion Moxicuus sprang out and ran up
behind the President. Almost before
no had timo to defend himself (hoy
struck him large knives. He turn
ed ami wounded two of his adversaries
fatally before he finally icll dying from
the machine.
"I think tho United Stntes will be
years in recovering from
.i,e tioublo it will bring on itself if it
intervenes in Mexico,
not more than ono thousand associates
owns practically all of Mexico.
Ho should not be in coutroi. Tho only
way to do Is to let the warring factions
light it out and givo tho strong
ett a ihance to restoro peace. It seems
the heiKl't of foolishness for Wilson to
withhold recognition from llueita and
yet permit him to import ammunition
and arm trout this country. Why not
gito the Constitutionalists the same
priiilvgi'J The present procedure causes
Mexicans to look suspiciously toward
llils country, flittering an they Iiiinc
been under the tyranny of n, privilege 1
class they feet that this tatnc class is
using its inlliience to retain tho llueita
regime In power, though outwardly
seeking to end the war."
Speaks Fourtftcu Langugc.
Joseph llothiiiau made hl way with
six hundred other refugees frpm tlum
inns and other porls on the West Coast
at Mexico 1111 Ihe U"U'nimcn( transport
lluford to Han Diego, Troiii (bure he
uikd his wnr IOKHiitlJn an, I nerei1fl
111 I mm 1 lure lo Honolulu on
the lmiilHiil Dix. He ci'rrles
liU by Tuft aii''
othr hlb goniriiment nllltlal", lluM
iiiiiu piwh fiiiirlenii liint;tju(;iss, i u
JloiiMiHUjltU If biflll Dili) MM A'lieiKKU
iiimn vaurlltjau When mil
Me imlllas m to natch of uoM'ru
mmi iufruMHliii uiiiJ mlrjiiilur, kr lm
tin, I iu b I'lillmj Mlalwii tiiit be wits
a )li ulil. lie wys Le ilues uul
ki y h U mtiuu n ifu III lluliO
lulu, ikuvgli Uf ! luiMun for a witiuu
Clarence Mackay Files Suit
for Divorce Against Wife
Telegraph and Cable
ft' r
y a; 1 ires or
c . - . , , , ,, vr,Je
jucuuuus jLyj. ill -
ried Life. ':
(Hy I'ederal Wireless Tolegrnpn.J
NilW V01IK, October 30. (Bporfivl
to Tlio Advertiser) Claremo Muek'uy
has caused Ills Mrs. Kufhcritie
puer Mackay, to be neried witli 'npers
in a court nit Ion. Mueltay's action follows
a suit brought against his wife
by Mis. C'atliuiine llluke for 'six iiil
Hon dollars lor alleged ulleuatlon of
the aflectlous of her 1 usl and, Dr.
lllake. Mis. Hlake nisi sued
her for sejrtiratiou. When Mr.
llluke was told of the court acttjn
against Mis. Mackay sIio hall;
"Well, juu know I never critiilxo
my huslinnil, 1 mil entirely iu the
hands ol my luwjcrx mid it would not
bo proper for me to oifer any
"Hut doe-i tic news of, this latest
court action against Mrs. Mackay Hiir
prise youf" bIio was asked.
"Xo; 1 lime for several years wondered
-it Jir. Mackay 'b ntionce," nhc
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
Ml'NK'ir, Octolicr .'!U. (Special to
The Advertiser) King Otto, "Mad
liulcr of Havaria," in mi no since 1870,
was dcposcil today. I'rinco l.udwig
nscended tho. throne.
The succession is approved by tho Hit
vnrian legislature.
IleceutlyKing Otto was very ill und
ten days ugo was said to bo dying."
(Hy I'ederal Wireless Telegiajih,) '
WAHIIlMiTOX, October 3U.
to The Ailvertlsor) After a tec
mantle louilshlp of Iomi than a year,
it J Keith, tho owner
of 11 cifull nf namleville houses In tho
I'niti"! State, and Miss Kthel lllid
I'luise, nvel thirl) -ix, 11 bs.iHtiflil
woman of Dili rllv, were murileil lust
night on Mr- Kuilb'i pi I Mil 1 yacht,
ilt IV.Ieml VIuls Til.uraph,)
M U MlllK, (IctoUr ltd. (Wnjj
to Tim A'lO'itlM.ri - WiIIiniii lllbli,
iimimiiir uf li ft a rile 11 Ulub,
uiiliouli.cn Hint Willi ll.li III IllW
Ix-s. h I toss Kill box l uua4 kt
ilU.llKA.l U....Mfr fl..lu.. l... I. '
PtW,MV pfiir,i tHi,) I'fHIl
ill, lenlll A 1 nni'illlllS
tvri uiiiclelcil In. Is; IJflii
iir wlllUuw ut Hi finrdeii Umm
WWw, nburnbj' bs buul will Iw rUM
u, ioMiuj lu MlirtiuU.
1 '
Clarence Mackay, Tclograph nnd
Cable Magnate, and Ilcautiful
Wife, from whom ho now neoks
Supervisors Will Have Attention
Called to Acts of Legislation
and City Ordinances.
' It is not likely that tlio city will
giiciccil iu punslug coutroi of the
to tho board of health. This
subject formed the main topic- of dis
cussioii at tho regiiiur weekly meeting
of the board of hciiltb hob) yesteidu
afternoon und ictiiltcl in tbu iiieui
bers totu.g to hate I'n i leu: 1'r.itt ml
dress a letter to supervisor! pointing
out the laws, pawi I Iiy the liiglsl.ttme
and the nrdliiiiiires iiilnpled by the city,
relating to tho INIiiuurM'.,
II w'us brought out yesterday tlmt
ihe board nf hsullli 's ejiiponvreii to
provide MuillMH irfinl Jt'iin fur Ihe
niNrkitt u,l tu niie pjrmiu to those,
who fulfill llij.i ifiilii'iuus. Not until
tin rilt 14 Issue I is . 1 trotsurer
Villi oHfieit lii issuu a Jleeiikit to ie
iilwif It i hum I'gu'iM Hint unjust the
liurd ii,es thuso pJfuijui ' rcusmer
i,i ii will uul irMui pud Ihe
iMiiilinr, stulls will Ijii .inniiiinlly
i. 1, ii ilieir usuieis iwrslH,
Hi. .1 Nn- (w inlufir iIi'IhIIi lei lu
U lu itf litis foyJwmiHiIin nf
biMiiHiirx ImjmI Iij (lit HObbIu
TL"e troiti iJIUHill JuiillJf Did ifH
Iwii MvvviiiI tillmr uiuiur Illllll twin
Four Vessels Out of Forty Known
to Have Been Wrecked and
Many Perish When Wall of
Water Sweeps Into Harbor of
Casa Blanca Sweeping Everything
Before It.
CVSA ULANCA, Octobor 30.
to Tho Adveitlscr) Four csbcU
in the harbor of Casa lilaucn woro
wrecked today by n -tidal wn'vo. It is
feared that many lic wero lost.
The tidal wnvo swopt tho harbor during
the hciuht of u,Rrcat storm which
rnRcd for thirty hours.
The wall of water, whicli wras ten
feet high, swopt with irrcslstlblo force,
leningn mass of xyrcckngoln its wako.
forty shii had taken refuse iu
the spacious harbor when tho storm
broke, but thcro were n numbor of vessels
unable, to get Into thq roadstead
which arc llel ctcd to havo beep dallied
to pieces.
Tin; harbor ot Cnsa Ulnnca is kuowu
as ono of tho best of tho Atlantic Coast.
Young Women at Royal Hawaiian
Have Experience With House
A protcist wat . madq yesterday
against the alleged unrlvil treaimont
of u parly of vyouii'g ' wouu' n" ouristt
who ure gucnta at tho HoyutfU'awallun
Hotel. Tho accompanied
by cbuperunea and yvlth oxcollcut cro
dentials, are taking a vacation trip.
All are talented either tin lnuslcinus or
singers, though not professionals. According
to the complaint tho ptirt.Vj wiis
engaged in playing 11 piano und singing
classical music at tho lioynl Hawaiian
Hotel Wednesday night wheu a house
dotcctivo brusquely upproached, told
them that the music must stop because
it was ufter ten-thirty o'clock, and
while they were iittemfjtlng to explain
in him he- turned out tho lights. Tho
youug women und their guests, cmbar
russcit and in tho darkness, made no
further eomplnint but withdrew.
Manager (leorgo .1, Hrown of tho
Itoynl Hawaiian Hotel admitted stopping
tlio music wheu he was seen yesterday,
adding that ho had told his
watchman to no instruct the young
women, becunso thoy woro playing after
"People should not expect such service
here lis thoy get nt tho Young or
the Monnu," said Hrown, after explaining
that ho had no intention of offend-Ing
his guests. "Tho rates are lowor
here than at those hotels." Drown, did
not atato that an oxtrn charge is made
for courteous treatment at! the hotol.
It was called to his attention. that tho
promotion committee and citizens generally
arc doing all iu their power to
attract tourists to Honolulu and the
other points of interest in the Islands,
nnd man feel it Incumbent upon
selves to seo Hint tourists attracted
hero by promises of fair treatment aro
accorded such.
"It is diilleiilt to coildltct a hotel to
meet the demands of eory ono," said
Mr. Drown.. "I bclioo wo have a
very touitcous start of cmptoyoi here,
and wheiover I find n guest has not
been given tho best treatment 1 discharge
tlio person responsible for the
inconvenience. It is to bo rcgrettod
that tho young wonjeri tourists woro offended
Wednesday night, but tho rel's
require that music shall stop after ten-thirty
o'clock, nnd 1 had nothing to di
but nsl that the rule bo observed."
(Hy 1'eileral Wireless Telegraph,)
KIKV, Iliissta, October 30.- (Hpeclnl
to Tho Advertiser) Today' session of
the "ritual murder" trial of Mendel
Heiliss was given over to uxpvrt testimony,
Professor Jlcklilinelt, an alien
1st, iiml line of I he best known pliysi
clans (a Jlussiii, testified for the statu
but wds limbic to shako tbu scientific
evidence previously introduced by I'm
fei.or Hut loir and Dorlnr Kadyuuutf
fnr I lie ilufmite.
Tint iitroduitiuu ut" lnlliloiiy from
tlii'olili iuns 1 oieiiitiisns toiniiriovv
Ut tti uhiu, Due of tlittu tvus Ibv ap
uliitiisiil as u Imsfil uf hsullh SjtUIlt
u( Ali Ijicy l(, WiHil nf iouiiiuu,
111111 Kireuiiy a 111 iiimiiji (iltim, If or
imw rolilMIIMloii, t Wuliiieil. will h
nblit her tu mrry un k.er wark mt
luc, cufull;.

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