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VOI. VI . N'.i 17S MONOI.n.t, HAWAII IIRKirOKY, IK1MW liill - .t . sj mi KKKLY. WHOI.Ii NUMMKR 3859
Big Ships of Atlantic Fleet at Staten
Island Navy Yard in Readiness to Start
for Battleground; Rushing Coaling on
Chester; Charge d'Affaires
Sends Secret Message to President
from City of Mexico; Hopes for
Peace Slender.
(By Federal "Wireless Telcgnipli.)
CITY OF MEXICO, November 0 (Special to The Advertiser)
Angered by the recent pressure from 'Washington brought against
him to eonmel his resiiinntion Huerta told his cabinet today lie had
decided to remain in the National
demonstrations by the United States. i
The 'Mexican situation is further complicated by President Wilton's
latest demand for llucrta's resignation and that the plans for
a peaceful solution of the problem have been at least for the time
being frustrated is apparent. '
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
PHILADELPHIA, November G. (Special to The Advertiser)
Intimations that President Wilson may declare u blockade of the
entire Mexican coast were borne out here today' at the League Island
Navy Yard. ,
"Stand by for ordeis," is the rule.
With the armored scout cruiser Chester already under sailing orders
for Vera, Cruz, Mexico, and ready to get up
steam at, one. hours notice, everything on League Island is ready.
The uluittci; for active service-has sent a thrill of-anticipation through
every V&Uuttjft,r in tin' yard.
of coal Turn continued to pour into
(liy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
CITY OF MEXICO, November . (Special to The Advertiser)
The possibility that the Fuited States will go further in its naval
demonstrations in Mexican waters has been to some extent strengthened
by t lie developments of the last seventy-two hours.
A number of political enemies ) .the dictator have pledged their
Mipport saying that Mexico expects to see Iluerta remain in the
National J'alaee and refuse to give way in the face of pressure from
Washington or any other foreign menace.
On the surface there is an appearance of apathy. Underneath
there is a strong tension.
News that two more American battleships have turned tovard
Mexican waters to augment the fleet of fourteen ships already in
Mexican waters has caused mingled feelings of anger and alarm.
Charge d'Affaires O'Shaughncssy sent to Washington today a
long dispatch telling of the result of the conference which he had
with Iluerta lato yesterday. O'Shaughnessy refused to divulge what
hurl been discussed at the meeting
flly Federal W.lrcless Tele raph.
FJIANKIXHIT, Kentucky, Nnveml er
' (Special to The Stato
lrnrim ivere culled out liv Governor Me-
Orenry to guard tho jail at Somerset,
I.- -1... 1 ...I.,.. l .1... I l.
lug nf Hob Onrrett, 11 negro ilinrgi'd
with iittfiiij'tiii to n'siiult 11 whitJ'
Miutn11. Twice ilnrnis the nig'it 11 mob I
fiinoiiMded the mil and llneuteiied to
break down the doom
- c
IN OY 121,2811 VOTES
(Uy floral Wiir. Tiri'U
WW YORK, Nrwber ri
U Tw - Jolm I'unoy
MMiltV lorllt fur in ,i.e
HijlJ Toeni, u .! 11 I., niti, ml
fMWMt 'J'.'1, kit TttiniiiuK. !.!(
flMM I llMA) Ulml Nuipit out
iMMSf BIHMIirr NollH.NlU.r, J,
ktwthi'i ii"pnii
Palace in spite of any threatening
vti, ,,-5.
bideis yesterday a steady stream
its bunkers without a minute's
but his anxiety was anna iretir
iy Jiuiiuiiu vvirciess.j
( HILO, November (1, (Special
The Advertiser) William Lai
"'I'. ''inner cleiU In Judge Winn's
rourt, was urrested jesterday on a
ll( ! 1 III I tl II I J(ll ll Af lililillin ,.iiiIl.h
'!'" ""t.i" " runs-.'
zlixl ninety-live dollars iro'ii the
fines and costs eiitrmted to hit
chnri'i', the Item belntf 0110 of
eral apparent shortages discovered
m lil .-mounts by llxpert flooding
4 Hell. Lal lllp was nrrnlgneil yes-
.v,.,, ,p ,,BP veil
lii'i ng toui in tied to
the giund Jury The Jury nlrea.Jy
Iihs his cmhii under iimu ligation.
op hiiavp rwvmvn
(iir iV'iciMi Wirrl Tvlegiupli )
SV.W VIIIIK. X'uvmnber & Hiuuii.l
o Tint iesM)na)tlii nt
t'o to verv, PUM Ortiwr 8iLigiburK,
tli.. wj la immun numm jit l!i
wnwta lama Utitmr m
v.nfu.'.l M Uyi Uffl flf ILe I Vi
h.k.ih, Iiks bmm rtwtlljljlo
United States Troops Now Being
Rushed to Texas-Arizona Borders
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
GALVESTON, Texas, November 6. (Special to The
The United States Army Transport Kilpatrick,
which has been here since the concentration of the second division
of the Army here in February, sailed today for New York
where the Tenth Cavalry which has been stationed at Fort
Ethan Allen, Vermont, will bo taken aboard and brought here.
The troops will then entrain for Fort Bliss, Texas. Other
movements of troops were announced as follows:
Four troops of the Fifteenth Cavalry now at "Washington,
four troops of the same regiment at Chicago and four station-e&
at Fort Leavenworth will move simultaneously for the Mexican
border in Arizona.
Assassins in
Nicaragua Are
Getting Active
President Diaz and Members of
Turbulent South American Republic
Marked for Death, According
to Confession of One
of the Conspirators.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telcjraj h )
MANAGUA, Nicaragua November
6. (Special to Tire Advertiser)
Wholosale assassinations luvo
been planyed by political conspirators
who.aro'plottinj the death of
President "Diaz, tho Nicaraguan
cabicct and mombers of the
according to a.
inatlo here today by ono of
the ringleaders. It is said tho conspirators
aro divided in threo
Croups and each man bad his vie-tin's
marked ont for him.
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
NJCW YOHK, Nov ember 0. (Special
to The Advertiser) William II. Taft
p.'ays nu Important part in n moving
picture, "Tho President's Pardon,"
which wus shown at- tho llroadway
Theater today. Tho pietuio shown Mr.
Taft in his homo at Hovorlcy, binning
a "pardon" to be presented to
tho little duughtor of ji wrongfully
lonvlcted army ollicor. Herbert C
Uoagland, manager o- the Patho J'rcres,
said that -Mr. Taft and originally posed
for tho 1'atno weekly in' order that the
public might see him writing his signature.
Later, with his rousont, a story
was woven ubout the picture.
(Hy federal Wireless Telegraph.)
ciul, to Tho Advertiser) A ruro occurrence
took place In tho supreme court
of tho Vnlted States when Mrs. H. B.
Sorin of Arirona appeared yesterday
as the sole representative of a corpora-
mm in n nig milling suit, Unly on
few occasions hnyo .women addressed nt the State election next year, accord-the
court, and then in nearly every In-' Ing to an nimoiiucement mndo liv
only as atsoclato counsel. ernl of his, friends today.
Scent of Opium Leads Sleuth to Den
' . ." . tt ,.t vt
Chinese Owes Downfall toOdorpus Hop
i' "" 'H'b fter a long pull 11ml
'.n'strong pull, not on tho oars, but at
I the Inmbnn, turned to hU right 'ililn In
T,... , .,.,,. nf 1,1. ,,., ,
. . ' ' "" , .-
''"''" .low,, near rlvB, yer
! 'Ip" '"l ""! "" drpnmlnjf of ih Hrv
llefon, Vim llontdd ny l lh U,
of Nnd he (irutluQoJ Ih flMt llml
' fu",M tntm " ,ni TPn M"'' nril md
MM to twimi
(Jte tbrut F.iaiMiraf uf I'himt m
liravy l,Nl km ItJd UMiu 1,1 slxwlijor
urn i,r w en 1,1 way to tb he, I
iMnahut and i)w ut labor wlii kvis
m JHimt rtii iiu iimmi
AW U W Diul Hlirnlt How tUi,
8bttM Vuw Man Jin fiuin li,
tliajfili Tlu tliuuil MiMvd iuiiiiok nf
he luw Hi pckevfull) uinu.Uri,i!
Lato Candidate for President of
Mexico Attacked by Assassin
on Streets of Havnna.
HAVANA, Cuba, November 7. (Hy
Associated I'ress Cable) Felix Diaz,
Into candidate for President of Mexico
and at present n refugee from tlint coun
political rolugeo, nttackod on
streets of Havnna.
try, was attacked by an assassin early-last
night and wounded twice. His in
juries nrc not considered fntal. He was
stabbed onep behind tho cur, nnd once
in the neck. In addition he was struck
on the hend by a henry cane.
Diaz was promennding along the
Plaza when the attack camo. IIo wns
knocked down beforo ho hail time to
defend himself. Ills uksnilaiit was
overpowered before ho could complete
his murderous work and wns quickly
taken to jail. Diaz was hurried to a
hospital where ho is now under treat
(Hy Federal Wireless 'Telegraph.)
Al'STIN, Texas, November (I.
ilnl to The Advcrtisor) Joseph W.
Hniley, former senator from Texas, will
tin .... . ..
.1 ..( ...Il.l.it a. C fl....... r.
down King stteet whoa the faint smell
nf "ul' "I11" to hi nostrils,
"'.'"h. !,,w,,'.,l,, v! t'1.?' "iw, "
""'' '"' "" ''"'. ' "" l ""
m iuag swircu lor me irinisgrownr ol
, r4l,,M J II H the hlglav. and
.vwVi uf tin AMrltf McfjjH the keen
was truUK Rliil Miuintlinns It una fniu
t.iijie Him w nu lli0Mirif of giv
rka, but n lrMv mn
Nvr falUn umi tu hit duty tn, 1, ,,r
polliwIMKU bold,
MudiUiily ti korn tiff ww a fsmt
puff uf natrrkn iHwtirg fjgifl H i,fn
rliiMxl VlMilAW.
I "TJi in nr uU wltlioiil ir."
miiri .1 His iunii uf tb liivs, , "ljt'
he n look," ami sura auontfli thira
" 'im "'in ''111, ilri'i)ifl(nj( ul luiv
'I In h viiii. the nnlirH,g ii. Him
JlfllaH ull, Mill, Jill Will hll il all
In llu jinlyi
President Conveys His Views to
Senate Currency Committco
That Ho Wants Bill
Passed Action May Bo Secured
by Calling of Caucus.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WAS1IINOTON. November C (Sno-
cliil to Tlio Advertiser) President Wil
son today decided the, currency situation
conld lie allowed to draft no longer.
In conference with Senator Simmons lie
nave orders to tlint effect. It is believed
that a pnrty lancus will be called
just as soon ns the Fenate committee on
currency shows that it U definitely oi
poed to the main features of the (llas
Owen meiisiiro.
"Theio is no reason to expect tlint
Democrats on the floor of the. senate
will support a bill which the majority
of the Democrnts on the bunking and
currency committee refuse to, support,"
nld Senator Simmons after leaving tl o
White House, pointing out tlint the bill
now Is being remodelled radically by n
combination of a minority of the
onthe committee, and the
Simmons look word bach to the sen
ate from the President that he was In
favor of calling a caucus ns n last resort
to ne the OlnssOwen measure.
(Hy redernl Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, November 0. (Special
to Thu Advertiser) Miss .lessic
Wilson, bride-elect of tho White House,
todny tried on her very best visiting
gown, which will form an important
TentOio of her trousseau.
It Is a combination gown
of dark bluo chiffon brocaded In tho
same color, olyct combined with plnjjn,,
velvet of the same shnde. The dress is
uiado of tlio brocaded chiton will a
kneedeep seam of bluo velvet. A loose
sleeved coat trlmlned with
moleskin nnd a rather vvldd' brlmmtd'
black velvet. hat with u soft crown and
a Hat bow of bine velvet couipletod
the costume.
...4.... ,
(Hv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, No ember 0. (Special
to The Advertiser) William G.
McConibs of New York, chairman ot
the Democratic National Committoe, Is
soon to le married hi louiluu to 'Miss
Dorothy Williams of Washington, District
of Columbia.
News of the approaching ceremony
was reported hero today by friends ot
thu brido.
Mies Williams left Washington a
pianth nso in company with her
law. Joseph Lelter, and her sister, o'l
bonid tho yacht which the Loiters ciiur.
tercd for n cruise nrnuud the world.
(liv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
MAD1HD, Spain, November 0. (Special
to The Advertiser) Tho disappearance
of jewels nmnuntlng to several
thousand dollars 1 c'oiiging to Joseph K,
Will.inl, (he .American nuiLassailor, was
reported todny to the lioliro 1- tho
uinn'iiger ot (ho Palace Hotel,
(Itv Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
MONTHIIAU Quebec, November 0,
(Special to The Advertiser) Two
threntenlnir letters have been received
In Fvlvn Nisbit Thaw from anonymous
v. 'Iters in the city, winning her If she
ill I not cense her appearance at the
Prince's Theatrr thev won l""get"
(liv Federal Wirelemi Telegnij'h.)
KDIMIl'KGH, Heotland, Nnveml'fr (I.
(i"pi'i lal to The Advertiser) Audiew
1'iiriingle Jias presented the Dumeferllii
.MiiSHUin wun a niimier or articles
! wliirli I.Wuilue.1 In his fnlher. Wllllnm
CsruiHile The miilrlbutlnin liiilud,, a
) prlnied 111 1 tu I nm n 1
IIII11J vtith iiiaiiincrlpl notes rcfiTling
In tin' wen villi; (raile.
I Kv IVdsral Wliele Tsejrupll.)
1 (hvitfflal Hi Thu Adveillior)
I'rr.ldl wiimh lias pktii 11 urtlMf
(HI f 4lUt miaiive rattier h
. . .
i.i 1 1 ;..
Hfya wirwr m HIIIHU HI
w 9s.J9fm . . fatal va4 n j
fal M
ni oijJaul
nu ajrbl
' 1 MiiT&TllM.
'a wft lii
Troops at Kiev
Being Massed to
Prevent Trouble
Fear of Massacre Following Verdict
in Ritual Murder Trial
Prompts Russian Governor to
Put Cossacks on Guard at
(Ily Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
KII-IV, Hussln, November 0.
(Special to The Advertiser) Tlio
(lovornor of Kiev linn bosun to
mass troops here in anticipation of
violence following the verdict In
the "ritual murder" trinl.
The government has given strict
instructions tlint pence must bo
maintained mid n massacre pro-vented,
A spccinl guard has been provided
for tlio defendant liv tlio
event tlint he needs It. When tlio
summing im wns resumed today
mounted (,osaeks patrolled the
streets about the courthouse. Three
hundred additional troops liavo
been lidded to the barracks.
Army and Navy Orders
(Hy Federal Wholes Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, November 0. (Spe
clal to The Advertiser)
Navy Orders.
Head Admiral II. T. Mnyo, aide for
personnel, to temporary duty Nnval
War College: Capt. W. L. lloders,
Naval War College, to command North
Dakota; dpi. W. T. Fullam. aide for
Inspections, to aide for personnel) Capt.
A. K. Fochtclcr, president board of in
spection nnd survey for ships, to nido
for insHetions. Commander Itldlov
McLean, to Nnvy department as judge
ndvo'nte general: Surgeon Win. M. Oar-ton,
Nnval Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia,
to Ken marge 1 Surgeon F, ,. Benton,
Atlantic Ueserve Fleet, to rco vlng
ship nt Norfolk: Surgeon It. It. Wil
Hams. leccivlng ship nt Norfolk, to
Naval Hospital, Norfolk: Passed
Surgeon W. N. McDonald, to
Naval Hospital, Aunupolis.
Army Ordcts,
Major Chns. P. Sumuicrall, Third
Artillery, to deliver two lectures, at
Army War Cullegqj First L!cut,.DHvid
Met. MrKell, Const Artillery Corps
promoted to ruptnliii Scmii'd LI nit
John H. Hood, First Artillery Corn-
promoted to first lieutenant; Second
Llout Cherubusco Newton .Ir., Coast
Artillery Corps, relieved One Hundred
nin Sixty-fourth Coirpany, to Coast I)
fenses 11 f New OiIiiiiiih; Cupt. Hubert
.1. Itenuj, Second Cavalry, transferred
to 1'lftccnth Cavalry.
Wayson's Opposition Will Not
Prevent City from Paying for
Care of Tuberculosis Patients.
Action hub taken by the snnitnry
committee of tlie board of supervisors
last evening by which tlio controversy
regarding the admittance of patient
to tlie I.eahi Home may bo satisfac
torily settled. Tire committee will
to tho board that It allow
the Homo .tLflO n day for every patient
admitted hereafter which is certified
to by the city physician. Dr. .1. T.
Wiijson, until December 31, 1013.
Ileforo this decision was reached,
however, tliore was the hottest kind of
a discussion. Supervisor Wolter advocated
the payment of tho extra tnonoy
over nnd abovo the i.W u month novv
paid the Home by the city, which with
the $13(1 which is tlio pro rata shun
of the city out of tlie IHU0 n month
allowed by the Territory, cares for fit
teen patients of this city, At present
there ure forty-four dependent utlenl
in the Home from this city, but oulv
11 leiv certified to by the'eitv phvsf
iJoctor Wnvson opposed tho payment,
claiming tlint there ivna discrimination
liv the homo against his patients ami
that in emergency cases they should
not refuse to accept 11 city patient.
"This committee mis bullyragged ul
the I m I meeting over thin queatiuu and
Ac should uiaku u lUmrt to tho board
at the not meeting mid thus keep urn
Aord," mild Chairiuan Wnllor.
hupervitor Mcl'lellaii explained (hut
the home iou not inrii lor more m
tleiils tlmu thu funds available permit
led, and ha toad mm n tuUnmni
Dr A S, Hlni'lalr, superlnlemlunt
(lis Hums, shimlng the work wlilsl.
hik being iione liiern.
' liMlrman Woller HlvoMltHl tho m
iMlilUliiuciil of limn Ui k ally fur
iu 1 me 01 ns tunvrfuiMis JWaat
but no aillua .i tukeu im tlU
Pailiam kMtrlail that then iluubl
be tume rfwtriil by tF "It)' uvor I he
laIWIMnni'e l lis pslleillt mill (Ins
Wnwd 10
Til' nw bii'l0 Will pruHdl' for III
fsrs ul uiuic imiIivuU ul thu lluuii ii
Dctcctivo Abrcu, Aiding in Capture
of Dcscrtor Wanted for Assaulting
Child, Fatally Wounded
as Ho Unsuspectingly Walks
Bcsldo Man Ho Is Taking to
Captain Ncilsen, Dctcctivo Swa-den
and Chauffeur Lillis, After
Desperate Struggle with Young
Would-be Murderer, Disarm
Him and Land Him in Manacles
at City Jail.
A buUottu from the bcdsldo of
t Detective Abrcu at ono o'clock
1 ttiis morning announced that thoro
Is practically no chance to savo
tho llfo of the wounded man. Ho
Is too weak from loss of blood to
( rally from tho shock, it Is claimed.
Detective Mnnuel 1). Abrcu wus
wounded, probably fntally, shortly after
three o'clock yesterday afternoon
while assisting in the arrest of II. F,
Ferguron, wanted for ussniilt upon n
girl and for deserting
from Troop F, Fourth Cavalry. Ferguson
llred upon' t lie unsuspecting officer
without tvuruUigViiuil probably -'would
have nddedtftlier vktluis' to' h'is list
iiad not Captnlu Neils T. Kcilteu grappled
with tl.o murderer a'ad
jireveuted him from emptying Ids'
nnd with tho aid of Detective
jtohort bwailon nud Dob Lillis, polico
i'huuircii(, yvcrpovvercd und dlsaiiinod
tlio man.
Abrcu, not yet feeling tho shock
rom tlio terrilhe wound In his stomach
.isslsted lu hundculliug Ferguson,
ore ho realized that ho had been shot.
Attacked Without Warning.
The shooting occurred near Kullouou,
1I101U one inilo on tho townsldo of
tlie .Marconi W ireluss station nt Koko
ili'iul. 'J lib olhccrs, having learned that
I mini answering Ferguson's description
vns seen in that vicinity hastened thero
II an automobile. Ferguson was
to 11 girl nt tlie side of tho road
Mien thu oflicers approached. At first
.10 denied being tho man wanted but
toliinteered toreturn to tho city.
He wa...ed between C'uptaln Nielsen
and Detectlvo Abrcu, Hwailon and
l.illis walked about ten feet !i tho rear.
.Swadeu was the first to see Ferguson
step backt suddenly draw a revolver
and point it.
"Look out,' shouted Swnden, drop-plug
to his knees. A shot followed.
Nielsen grappled with tho would bo
murderer, Swnileu vns going to Bhoot
I'ergusou, but reconsidered mid jumped
Into tlio frny. hVrguson holding tho
revolver in a death-like grip, trying to
shoot his captors, was too excited to
release tho trigger to ngain pull it
back. This Is what probably saved,
the other oflicers from injury.
Ferguson, when ho realized that resistance
wus useless, submitted to being
handcuffed, stating that he did not
intend to shoot.
"Is liny ono liurtl" asked Swaden,
ns they wero lending Ferguson to tho
Abrcu Discovers Wound.
"Yes, I think I nm," replied Abrou,
vvho'o shlrtfront by this tlmo had become
red with the blood pouring from
the gaping wound lu his nlulomen.
Abrou wns ipiickly nsslsted to the
automobile iiml hurriedly conveyed to
the Queen's Ilospitnl. r. George F.
Struub soon uftorwurd performed an
opeintlou 011 the wounded man, sewing
up two porforntlou in the Intestines
iiml a soveied nrtery. The bullet entered
nu tho right title of the navel
pussiug diagonally through tho stomach
nud lodging near tho spine, leaving
11 rugged trail in Its course.
"Tho wounded man is lu a serious
rendition," said Doctor Htruub, Inst
night. "If ho thou through the night
It will bo 11 sign in bU favor, but Im
has siill'nred 11 grout shock and his re
cflvery It doubtful."
HIiqwm JUuiarkable Courage,
Abrcu showed rviuurksl le loiiriigu,
Hcrerdliig to his felhitv uflueis lie
gtva no hied iii Ins 111 1 . 1 r nut 1 1 after
art bad aide I in oiei powering Hie man
wlm Mam hi"1 "li'it hHI piolwlily In
1,1 daaiti Hixniil Nluirtly lelurs ha
a fpiibli'l 'poo vrsterdat he WIS
iiimsiIi. im I tilt. I 1 1.1, lit with his
im I .iiiii lnia H rsHlllHvd
1 Im! ),' ,. ,1 , .1, n,,iirn, lint nitt'lu
III! 1,11 I l t I
rmiuuii juruiiiud by Qjuid VHIlm,
Vi 11 1 1 . 1 ,1. ,1,1, sei.i, jbtak lo lli
' 1 Ml... J UU pag ijlJIJ,)

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