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rnmB A Q fy
vol. VI.. NO. 174
Premier Asqwith, In Address at
Never Considered the Advis-That
the Government Has
Never Considered the Advisability
of Intervention in
Is Civil War.
Torpedo Flotilla Now Stationed at
San Diego, California, Receives
Orders to Sail at Once For Gulf
of California and Mexican Coast
Refugees There Tell of Battles
In Northern Mexico.
LONDON, November 11. (By
Associated Press Cable) Premier
Asquith devoted a good portion
of his address at the Lord
Mayor's banquet here last night
to a discussion of the situation in
Mexico. He declared that the La-tin
Republic is in the throes of a
civil war and, despite the reports
to the contrary, Great Britain has
never considered the advisability
of political intervention in the affairs
of that country.
Ho was followed by Rt. Honorable
Winston Churchill, first lord
of the admiralty, who stated that
the naval projrram of Great Britain
for the corning 'year is greater
than last. Thi3 means that -the
"naval holiday" program
informally by the Powers will
probably not be carried out.
An address by the Japanese
was steeped with expressions
of goodwill for Great Britain.
The Japanese Ambassador
denisd the truth of rumors that
the Anglo-Japanese alliance had
been abrogated.
SAX DIKGO, November 10.-(Special
to Tho Advertiser) Lieutenant
Metcnlf, in command of the first division
of the Pacific torpedo llotilla,
stationed liere, recched orders today
to proceed with his llotilla to the (iult
of California. The Unlit draught of
the iiiosqultp fighting vc&sclg makes it
safe for thorn to enter the many Kinall
ports alone; the Lower California
loast as well as along the West Coist.
The vessels are already being coaled
and provisioned and will probably bo
convoyed by a coal ship on which to
draw for their fuel supply.
The first division of tho Pacific tor
pedo llotilla is in toinnmnd of Lieut.
Martin K. Motcalf unit is composed of
five of tho fastest vessels in tho mosquito
licet. They arc:
Destroyer Whipple, llagbont nf the
division, in command of Lieut. Martin
K. Metealf.
Destroyer Ho'Mus, in command ot
Lieut. .lames L. Kauffmtiu.
Destroyer Paul Jones, in command of
Lieut. Karl It. Shlpp.
Destioycr Perry, in command of
Lieut. Al ner M. hteckel.
Destroyer Truvtou, in command of
Lieut. Hubert F. Cross,
WAHHINliTON, November 11. (Ily
Associated Frew l nbli'j With n
Unit is boing described Ha III-
most rloii'iil. Cmii I'liili"! Hntos is
bundling llif titiiutluu along I lie
of MokIwi, prupurcl to !me
but Intituling to iirneliilUle eon
llicl taut will involve' two vouutriM In
u miiiuiilMiiry Uniifshj,
Tterf r flioTnr li r rbim
i"imr far wsr, fltlnr Mho mimly ur?
il.ut (miry tmmly h iinutd lotor
ImmlHH ilut, A 'lu im.
UliwWl'KNt H Jbt of mum I lie rm
htJljtfJ ijUlW' puiliiijj mm. iii the
l'aitltnMttw fla. i'fwf
lfiier riiltiiro Shows tin' Wiitorfront nlonj: the IInrlmrof Win (ill.
ii Photofrriipli nf ii
i IU l
dent Wilson has been appealed to by I
Jriends of the rebels in Mexico to
raise this embargo,, claiming that with
sources ot ammunition and supplies in
tins country open to' them on the same
terms as Huerta they would not be
three months in ridding the Mexican
republic of the forces now in control
of that (,'Overiiinpnt. It is possible
tills action may lie decided upon.
There will probably be no message
to l empress lroni the President oil the
Mexican situation at present. Ho announced
today that no kpcclficd time
has been fixed for a reply to tho ultimatum
to Huerta. His plans, ho
stated, are still not formed, because of
the confused condition of affairs in
Mexico. A slight change in present
conditions may alter tho entire pro
graui as now mapped out.
SAN DIKGO, November 11. (Uy
Associated Press Cable) Itefiigees
reaching her from the west coast of
Mexico, yesterday afternoon, report a
battle between tho forces of Huerta
and Constitutionalists under flcuerul
Carrann, near Mnzatlan, ten days ago.
The fighting lasted over n period of
throe days and resulted in the deaths
of four hundred Federals. The loss
to the Constitutionalist forces are not
The refugees brought stoiies adding
to tho reports of suffering which had
preceded them from along the West
Coast. They state that the presence,
of American vessels in the Gulf of California
is not generally known to
either Mexicans or Americans in the
interior of Mexico, and hope for
is openly expressed by Amor-cans.
Battles between the Constitutionalists
and Federals in small mini-he,
are almost of daily occurrence.
Government vessels now on the
West Coast and those enroute there
ire in wireless touch with tho navy
department. All are under orders, ft
is understood, to take aboard nil refu
gees who apply for aid, Irrespective of
llieir natlonalltv.
LONDON, November II. (Ily Asso.
1 re Cnl lc) Aiiierlinn
Walter Iliues Page, who was n
gin-id at tin Lord Mayor's Imiiiiuet last
ul)llii, plululv eoiivi'ved the. atllliide nf
tlu I'liltttl Btules In Mexico, when he
vailed mi the foreign nillcu )itirluy
nflruooii. Us loprntis! the formal no-
t l(cal Inn of bis nimtry In II
Ihut none of fn Nfls nf DUImnr
'lurli In limine will be lutknj upon
UMiliaft tv ttV I'iiIiio) 8l I i'f, nud
that ki wnln m In tin tvu t'Mriul
h ii h ww nuilllisi f Him
Crowd XoIIiiiik Imt lints.
PI1TMIU',, w !. 'ilJUlW"g!V
Sent to Gunboat
Ct J . o w't
Sails from Vera Cruz
November 11. (By Associated Prcs3
E.. Kittle, of the American
hurricd'orders from Washington late
full speed to Tuxpam, a ssaport
of here. The order was
request for aid from the
at Tuxpam. The town has a
thousand with an American colony
hundred men, women and children.
action where anchored in front of
harbor at Salina Cruz, immediately
sent to Tuxpam because of it.t
it to enter the harbor at that
Tho city is filled with
Demonstrations of a minor
vessels of the American fleet are
guns ready for action and in
event of trouble.
it '" nf
NKW YORK, November 11.
(ily Associated Press Cable) A
threatened strike involving
ployes of practically every great
railroad east of the Missouri river
ami affecting more than one him-
droit thousand engineers, firemen
and railroad trainmen, was "
ed last night when the railroads
granted the contention of the rail-
road men nud general mhance in
wages averaging seven per cent
over the present sialo will go into
effect at once.
ThiB question has been under
arbitration nnd discussion by the
railroads and their employes the
past year or more and at ono
time it looked as if neither side
would concede a point and that a
strike tying up traffic would re-
An tinusual number of jail sentences
was handed out by Judge Liiriiue.li in
police couit yesterday, terms on the
reef, in his estimation, apparently, being
better than mere fines. Tho victim
hank-it hit yesterday was Frank Flint,
a soldier, who was given a year for
larceny. ITnder Army regulations ho
will be automatically dislouorably discharged.
Two sentences of sixty days each
were handed out, each for assault nnd
battery. They were drawn by Koto
Kndn and John Kuohele. M. Iliuliard
drew sixty days for larceny In tho sec
oml degiee.
The only fine was gien lo .Mnlkiu
Makam, u Filipino, charged Willi
He was cniight mined with
concealed capons.
Tlin other fiiiies (hat caiua up in
jiollci) court )itcrdiiv niunilug wer
tlumfl of .liilin Paris Jr. mul XwkKninlu,
who were ntriti'i Himduy ,v
mi mi mi lit imueil from the ICuIuh
court, Kniim. Their iiiw wvtv
In I he Kiniul court. 'j'iv r
ucciimsI nf horn- sWiJJinf,
II I'. I'friTMsijH atiit(ir I, rbrgMl
wllh tin- muiiW at ilil 1). Abfu,
llm Llle oObtor, II m$ not xmtn
uiilrV hr hu jUisrtiijy, but AmtMM
jifMiluwr 8. vM "C I
tfivnn dim tii w AtMniib.
V -.- "
w jl jf
BT" " v-' L I. -. - '3 It;
f 'TiiSiW :77T "n - . " Til
BW Wm'iWItIYiii 'wV'imi"Vrw.SiiiiiWJiiitiir' Bi y v- 7j . , ,. . ..vtjjB ?' T, ' t ' 'VS
Emergency Orders
iS & J S
The Wheeling,
VERA CRUZ, Mexico,
Cable) Commander Sumner gun-boat
Wheeling, received
yesterday to proceed under
on the Vera Cruz coast southwest issued
in response to an urgent Ameri-can
consular agent stationed
population of about five
estimated at about three
The Whseling, cleared for
a Mexican gunboat in the
got under way. It, has been
light draught, which will enable
place, if necessary.
Excitement here is unabated.
and American refugees.
are numerous. Larger
anchored in the roadstead, their
position to land troops in the
whirh is tin Poil for tin- Cil.v of
Defendant in "Ritual Murder" i
Casa Declared Not Guilty
By Jury.
KII'V, IJnssin, Novemlier 11. (l!y
Associateil i'less Cable) With a cordon
of Cossacks surrounding tho courthouse
and whilo u number of other
troops were held in resono, a juiy
yesterday brought in a Verdict of not
guilty in tho case of Mendel Helliss, ii
Jew, charged with the "litual murder"
of u jouth, whoso Irmly was
found mutilated in a cave. The court-loom
was filled nud hundreds crowded
the streets waiting for tho result.
it was n dramatic end to one of tho
most sensational trials in the recent
history of itussia.
The Itussiau government was accused
of being a party to tho prosecution. Tho
presenting of evidence against tho in-
used man was marked by tho most intense
The prosecutor's closing address to
the jury called for the life of the
as the only means of atoning tho
death of n Itussiau youth who was mar
tyred to make a Jenlsh holiday, as he
termed it.
Tho case of tho prosecution was not
strong enough to combat tho defense
introduced by attorneys for tho accutcd
III ii n
The authorities hero feared that a
verdict ol guiltv would have resulted
in a masnicrc of Jews here.
NKW iOHK Nn ember 'l(l'v As
sociati'il I'resi ( able) In a ten round
boxing rontmt here last night, Itlichle
iHitboxod Leach ( ro Though (he l.iw
iloiM not allow the giving of a decision
'In boxing rontett in till Statu, ill the
jeiiil uf the lentil ri'iiinl the ixipuliir !
cUioH himiI to Itliclilc,
VHW VOHK. Oitolmr M, A
it l HNSMtitUy HtuiliM bar
.Ur (tot ih PHw Hm u i VM
im unu umamt "nmm. ib
4Mfblr l llw dMr."
Mmii'o. tin- Itntth'sliips will
mP. mm
SAN I'llAMlHCO. Nu ember
II (Ily Associate 1 Press Cnlle)
John i. Iloyle, J'or many years
warden of .Sun (Jiientin .State
prison, and under whoso administration
niot of Hie piison reforms
in California have liceh carried
out, tendered his resignation to
the 1 oard of prison directors l'ist
night and it was accepted. The
action came following tho reprimanding
of Movie's yard captain
by n prison director.
Hovk resented intrusion on his
discipline of the prison, insisted
upon retaining full control, nnd
when tliiH was refused by n ma.
jnrity of tho board he gavo up
his position. It is believed that
the action will result in nn investigation
of prison affairs in
as conducted by the prison
WA.SIIINdTOX, November 10. (Ily
Associated I'ess Cabin) The Aimy
general staff has asked for Hawaii six
regiments of infantry, one regiment
each ot cavalry and field artllloryyono
battalion each of engineers and heavy
Hold ertillerv, one aviation corii nnd
thirteen, ciiinpiinles of coast artillery.
The total appropriation called for now
for Hawaii mul the Canal Zone Is three
nullum do'lars,
WASHINGTON, Nov 'i .r !'- (Ily
Assncltileil Press Cable to
tun Dinlli'V Field Miiloun, son
of H ii.tnr D'doiiiiiin, New Vilk, ".vus
linmiiiNted by the President todnv lo
succeed John I'urro.v Mllchcl as
of the poit uf New York, Mitciiel
Inning been elected mayor of New
Vork last Tiiesilny.
lilNDOS', NoMwiber u (Ily A'
"M I'rMi r'Nblti lo HUr llullstlu)
He Kuwrimit, tlin Mlclilgun girl lia
kM lkM nrMiutly .lntir.i Mlh
HlliUll MifffMOU rtlviliM ltfU, Wfj
hlftnA iMi filit Iii m riot (
! viiii. HL uttiil w!it If
rMii t tw aMioii uf id in Kin,
(Inllu - r in .mini, of Wnr. Ht-low
Great Fleet Thunders Salutes to
Ruler on Bridge of
TOICIO, Novepiler 10. (Sjieclnl Cable
to thn Nippu Jiji) His Imperial
Majesty Voshihito, I'mpcror of Japan,
today reviewed from tho bridge of the
battleship Katori fighting ves
sels of the I'mplre, usscmlded in a
grand nnviil review, which was held oil
Yokohama bay. l'ery vessel fired a
salute of twenty-olio guns as tho Katori
proceeded through the long lilies of
warships, and tho scene was strikliigl
In tho course of the review, n,i as
tho Kri(ori was steaming slowly, hydro
plnnes wcru seen flying over the ship.
These flying machines were In charge
uf the members of tho tint al aviation
corps, who have distinguished them
selves by ierforniliig before the eye
ot tho I'.mpcror inuny difficult teats in
His Majesty expressed himself much
pleased to see that the Japnuoe nay
had so raiildly gained progress in t It
art of iii'rinl navigation.
Tho war vessels today reviewed by
tho I'mporor were as follows:
Total Tonuiue.
II dreadnought battleships. . lli4,S"S tuns
'I battleship cruisers 70,ir)0
i misers .'l7,Ultl
(I cruisers ... :to,r.2s
.1 guuboa's .... .IS.SKI
1 guiibn.it ... 3,701)
Total .13.1,010 tons
llesldcs these, twenty eight torpedo
ieslroyt'is, approxinintely 15,0011 tons
participated in today's rinlew, ami the
ofiftsinn was one of the most brilliant
affairs during tho year.
Thousands of men and women lined
the shore for several miles to witness
tliiii review.
k (Hpeclnl Cubic to Nippu JIJI.)
TOKHI, November JO. The IiiiImiiiIc
plague In Yokohama, the origin nf
ulili'li whs traicd In (he eutleuu
of Hint n Mir I to the tllfmrltnl
ruts, i clulinliig new vltilum a very
The pliiiiue hml Hlmmly iii'iul to
Itob.'. purl uf cill fgr Hie 'twlOe JIhII
Hint To.m iu liiifm. uiul tfay a
frh i wai rMwrua (tw tJjii i'i
Tli bwilili Miiliili at ilmt oir.ic.i
im r lablui evrjp trrUv mMu
lo ilisi k It funir iirorl
il&iW&ttMmilii '.r..
Former Foreign Minister ot Ar-
gentine Republic Makes Pertinent
Statement During Ceremonies
in Honor of Former President
Roosevelt at Conferring of
Honorary Degree at Buenos
lll'KNOS AYItKS, Argentina Ilemih.
He, November 11. (Ily Associated Press
Cable)- Tho honorary degree of doctor'
of laws was conferred upon Col.
doro Itooscvclt by the University of;
lliienos Ayres, nt elaborate exorcises"
hold In honor of tho noted visitor hero,
yost 'nlny afternoon, !
Former Forcle.ii Minister cualos,
who pnitlcipatod In the ceremonies,
took occasion to eulnglre Itoosevelt on
his Panama policy wliilo President of'
the I'nltcd States. Tho crollt for main
lug It possible to build thn l'.innmiii
C'nnnl was gixen to Hoosovclt.
ohnlos maintained that the United'
States must dominate In control of th'
canal und the Caribbean Sea, or
wise inu repuiuics ill tliose sections!
would nlwuis bo in n position to invito
intervention nnd possible dismember'
Mas3 Meeting Passes Resolution
To Tit's Effect Many Inter. '
osting .Tallu,
A resolution favoring tho frontngrf
tux system find nsking tho board pf
supervisors to inaugurate tho system at
as early a date as possible was unanimously
passed by tho iniisa meeting held
Inst night in the assembly hall of tho
Lilluokalaiii School under tho ausplcej
of the Kaiiutikl improvement Club.
I'tcr.v seat In (ho hall unn nornoU,!
when President T. M. Church called tlm
meeting to order u little after eight
"senator Albert F. Judd delivered a
speech on the frontage tux proposition.
He. spoke generally along tho lines of
his termor addresses on this subject
elsewhere in tho city, but in addition
brought in soveral telling remarks
which gao his hearers a lucid understanding
of tho question.
Supervisor Lester Potrie, -who spoVe
on tho iUestlon, gavo tho Kaimukl people
ii definite promise that by January
1 the board of supervisors would mako
public its policy in this regard and
would oulliuo n mode of procedure
which ho hoped would bo acceptable to
all concerned.
JM Towso, Kuimuki's live wire, gavo
a short but pithy talk un tho frontago
in nun iiiusirateil tils views
to a large extent on tho blackboard.
Fiank K Thompson showed
study hud been do voted by him to
.h advanced city ro.nl Improvement
idea, nnd handled tho subject in a manner
uhlch brought tho proposition force,
fully nnd clearly Vforo tho nudionce.
lii'prcseiiiaiivo f. a. 1MXS0I1, AlUun
F Clarke, i'eter Hnrron and Col. 0. V.
Ashfonl wcrivunong other speakers
presented their views on tho question.
.Mayor Joseph J. Fern, Supervisors
Potrie, W'olter, McCleHan nnd
otheia were interested henrers.
On tho whole last night's mass meet,
nig was pronounced the largest, most
representative and unanimous whjch
has yet undertaken a discussion of the
important subject, and tho meeting was
gem rally voted by nil a pronounced
Arriving on the stcuniship Hlerru yes
tenia morning tho Itev. A. A.
associate pastor of Central I alou
Cliurili, who bus been on a (ivo months
vacation on tho mainland, told of his
travels mul iilso his work in the sum
inr religious training school of Coluin.
bin I'nlverslU, which he attended during
July mul August.
Mr. I'berxile visited a number (if
ritlM during his trip nud Is especially
I'HthiuiHstii uii'i Portluml, Ori'xou, ami
Kudllle, Wanhliiiiliiii, which,
urn lining bcaullllcd for futuro
HiHrnllinis mid have n grcul (uturn
wfiire Hi lie spent two months on
the Miiiiii' imi huiI ri'lunu'd luokU
I he pi' Ii l' llMllll
Mi . will 't'L Ht IVnlrsI
I i I'"' ii ".'l Hulnliiy und till of
lb iitaiuu wurk he hoprf
to inn un in lhi illy,
"V -I

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