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VOl VI.. NO I7 iHiuiLtU', HAW Ml IIKKIIOKY. ' t 1 1 .
Diplomatic Rclatkns Between United States
k and the Troubled Southern Republic May Be
Severed at Once; liuerta Unalterably Opposed
to President Wilson's Policy.
(Ily I'Ydei.il Wireless TcletUJiiili ) I
WANlUNtiTOX. November III. (Spemnl l Tlio Ailveitiseri
The diplomatic relations butweun tbe I'liiteilSliite.s mid Mesico will
In- within fu hours, iiiiIiwm lluuitn tierces to tbe
the Aniericiui tluiiiimils.
more points o
This was learned at the Mate dupaitineiil today. It was supple
indited by the additional infoniiiitiim that the Msvonuiee of the diplomatic
relations will not necessarily nii'iui war, unless Ilueit.i takes
the initiative apiinst the United States.
Secretary of Slate Hrywi today received advices from Clmrgc
d 'Affaires 'O'SliHttKhnessy, Knvoy Lind and Doctor Hale, which in
dicated that the Mexican situation has once moie reached a climax.
Lind Mission a Failure.
Lind was reported have left Mexico City for Vera Cruz, where
he will remain until recalled by the President. His mission to Mex
ico t'itv was admittedly a failure.
O'Sliauiilincssy informed the state deparlmeiil today that lluertr
. ...j? r ,..i;.... I..
sllOWS 111) intention in nudum i"0
the demands of the United States.!
O'S h a u ir h nessy recommends'L
that this pivernment withdraw all
its diplomatic agents and leave
liuerta to shift for himself.
The American charge de'alVaires
takes the stand that liuerta has
shown himself unalterably opposed
to the United Slates and
that this .'overnment .shall' have
nolhintr inrlher to do with him.
(Ilv Federal Wireless
v X sill XUTOX. Novembt r 1 3. (Sp--
cial to Tl e Advertiser) An i.rlic'nl poH ,
of tho senate, toiiay uniraoi "111
Stone favoring armed Intervention
:.. i. .,,,.,, a were far
iiiiMiiMMJio aW
for enforcing' rVnuniicInl liloeit.uU'
against President liuerta. Practically
all tlio squalors" supported President
Wilson's policy.
(lly Vcdornl Wireless Telegraph.)
C1TV or Mi:XICO, November 13. ,
(Special to -The Ocr ,
mans Irving i Moxlio were alieil by I
their legation here toilay to lenvo tho I
iiiiiiitry, the warning being lirertotl
pnrtltularly to the roi.loiits of Tor 1
reon, in Durangn, lint those of other
stations are imluiic.i.
This indicates Hint the Orrnan gov
ernmeiit expects widespread Inutilities
i.. -. time, l'innuunl aid will be
given to GurnuuiB nimble to leave other-wise.
livery tniln leaving for cra Cruz
was crowded to.lliy with passengers.
J "civ of these arc Americans, but all
citizens of thu I'nitCil States who remain
hero are making arrangements to
leave at a moment's notice
(Ilv IVilernl Wirrlesn Telegraph.)
!ITV OK MIIXICO, Xovcinler 13.
(Special to The Advertiser) The re
port is current here thnt real
izlng Iho fuli.lt of further defying the
Cnited States and having no money to
run tho government, is drawing up .1
notice of hi conditional abilleation.
High members In the government denied
thi but indication are stmng
that liuerta will be compelled to yiild
to the prcssuro from Washington.
Tim dictator is still missing, but his
friends denied that he had tied tho
rapital, explaining thiifho "vrai In
(Ily 1'ederwl Wireless Telegraph )
(.'IIIIIBTCill'IU If, M'w Zealand, No
Winder - (Hiieliil to The Advertlwr)
Thu lubor sitnalioil throughout NeH
Keujuml in ruplill Hppiwiuhliig a
u It Ion linn iiihhw iniiniBi ihh II MM
wiry, uiiIh Ihei It HII ilUUItsUll.il
eliiiiigo for lh U'tter.
Tii inuru tirilm lndr wm
lu.ru (ixliiy und iinruiJ hIH w4I
(inn. llurw tlmu uu thouwuii nrui4
vuutblii ru duJuj! sink duly u Ww-1
'" '
Vonniii amu nrilltliu
Uh rdii'i wirii TfinimpM )
JUItjH, NivHwr II. 4'Ul m
'iii 4rfin m. raMiu, "'
IMWH lWl W 'lll I'" 1 1 I.4m
tflif U iMMfJMi ffll ff'll' k Infill
Chief of the Constitutionalist Party in XortliPin Mexico.
MKXK'O ( ITV, November 14.
it Asmiated (able)
Jtiillciitlng that Mexico fears
mediate action by the United
States toward intervention in that
Kepublic, Minister of tho Interior
Aldape, n member of liuerta ' ru
bluet, late yesterday appealed to
Charge d'AITuIrs O'Shanghnessy,
t of the 1 nitPil Stutes legutlnn, to
TJX mZ to wiihhUi Z
(ion at this time,
(y I'edcral Wireless Ti'legraph.)
I'lliri)lt( IIHHM'J.N, (lerinniiy,
WJilr IH Wjx'i iul to The Adver
iffft) - A new record for nntulncd
Heronlmie IlluhU liy llirec nerjons was
imide hern todiiv wlii'ii llerr, fiihnrr
niatktur ujllli lun lifiuuiiliiiiirtf riim d I ll n.l
J, , luur U)1 (IfjJ, ,l(MlM,
(Hi 1'iUrsl Uiirlnw 'IVInvrop'i )
H'KW VullU. Komiulfr II.- (iw
tVtuf in T dMin 'Iuikhi if
Uii'tisv - .. yud hit lira .-,-.,.-- fliililnm. ... JuLu , '
I llm imIm HMUMH tZ. uiliiJJ 42Li!2l
li..y .MUr Mtit 1
ilislKnlMi fMr?f
brfi'l ttlU'uttUii .'.
c.iiiuii l wtmwf
' iiiimi in ii mil is
' ffn T"K
-4- '.r ' ' "W
I.Min k l4i ( , , S mi Wl.l.M.Y WHOM! Nt'MIII K 3861
BB ,yt BdBBvxVxB' fi VvxflBff lit ' BbbW" P BvJP vtci 'Bvi '1Br 'Vlt v BBvSrvSvxVxvxVxVxvxvxvxvMlisvxvxvxvxvxvxvJB.
ZMmmmswmwmMn school ghildreh
Kiii,yP if t Tii , u liriMli P ibW
;- $$&$& -
I " . .Myj,. " " ll
foiHflM ' V " " , , , ... ,4 I
Japanese Cruiser Will Call at
Honolulu on Its Way to the
West Coast.
TOKIO, .November 13. fable
to the Nippu IIJIj to
rt ..U. .rot.ction fiom Mini.
. '"r Mnmteliiro Ailmlil, Jan ropro
seniatiio ill H'jiro 'uy, inu go 1 it 11
meat hme toda rem lied a final
slou, ordeiing thu armored
1IIUIO, 1)1)00 tOIIS I1jw(
to the wustiirn tout of llnxrio fiir tbf
purpose of piolwtiun uf SiHHI ,Ihiikh
wi'm iiirmully wmiIh this morning by
Unnin Muklni mid Ailmlml llmou mi
lu, tliu mluilr ut foil(w ifir miJ
i wiMHiff m iiin kiuvy tHiwuMiiy.
The sritliimti I'ralmr Uvinu Is in Vo-
uuf fA nud i
iiuu ! wirw biiiji mtiUt ii mid mghi
' lu I'imhu" lift ui put lu This iif
lemuuil it Wit unuuiiitid b Mlinlr
Miiu l)it l!.m ivkrskip shuul'i U o-l
I lu ilym Y4iik fur Weti, uu ilu
llo'lllll, AH ll llll.l HI 1. nl Sun I1.I1IT .. 1,
Tl ui '! Bl
4s ll Iminui hi" u 1 '1 ' I ui
1 vi ui t lnurtr p u mini tk0 ui tui.i - ii x
'"""" wjiin.it., rn..m(. I., n
Haw .,w ft , ., - 11- lMMy.tlMA
.. IiHkiiI Iii Mlinatif INIitx . 1. l-.l
i.'. iuuiii.(.nmif uf iiihi iiwiwi
Manaiw" Will Soon Be Spelled "Wikiwiki"
Above Typical struct, crowd in
between hf'aso and
) n cuvalrv.
el'v Wlreleis
TIIKDPOIIl), Ontario, Novem-
. tier M -(Special to The .Adver-
ti 1,'ive big ships are at the
tnttoin of Lute Huron within a
radius of fifty miles. One hundred
or more tailors havcltetn drowned,
A The property loss will tot.il.iunuy
$ millions of dollars, finch is tho
story of the wreckage.
Undies of sailors are floating on
1 the ( nnndian shore, from Ooderlch
I on the north to Point JMward on
. tho south. '
lulo Tnliayuri
was appointed his absistant.
( omniander Mori.v.nna is one of the
prominent factors in the navy circle
rf the Kmiiire mid he served the coun
!iv n speclnl envoy to tho centennial l0Ilrtc",. ,i j, kiis as her main
of luilependeiicu of tho Ar- Un.. her complement being ofll
niiiie iii'jiiiitiM', inu years ago, 110 if
familiar with the general conditions of
the Central mid couth Ameriuiu He
and he is eoiisidered most able
i fulliM the Vlsion in tho Mexican
MsmiHo irunlliara, formerly seere
irv in the JupMnefo embassy at
was today appointed 11
pent of tint .lapanwu lorglgu depart
und nrfbired 111 InvektlLHr
ttnu thorn uglily into the Mexican
llaiiihiirii was given periulsjiinii lo
board the Ixiliiin at 'Vokosuku
110 the iIhv of ljnr dflparllr"e,
J'lillownitf the iiilldluntll'ii uf the ie
ilsion (ill tfy prt uf lllft Japuuose gov
nfumi'iil to iWml m winslilp to Meiiiiiii
wslirs, nit oftslal to ih
llMnl!l, byt Jinjfcly nil
mliini lu prnlv IUi lljWIIMi
lu tlinY country, m nmn twlili b
liuruw Mskmu, tlw wlNblff t forviuu
hHhIu Thl mmOuwrnimiiU u f"1
"Mlmill Slimrlii ltMnrBliuw notMe
ii. iipin mi fplbiws, tfl JJr mid
inti'U of Hm lnr tUMMMi J
1... 1e.1l.nl In Meibu MfWlf fiur
ii'. I I'll ,p tli tinivmi
ill i.llli. .
"M 1. 1 Adkehl, .liii mirii
' 1 n ) Mi in 11 't j it M'IHi
. li,i ,uM, n iuii, iitr UMMMMK - v
1 M: ." ..,,,,
... .. ..
1.. ..II ..!.... uiliL Ji.. i
'" '.'. " "" V ?"'"""' W "'""
1. Hii'i.iii miii'Ui, una 11m 4n
III. I'lHtil l. MIU of
ii.umii'.l Ii, llr 1 1 1,', 1 p
uiwi ll'ilv
Citj of
Mexico and interiiational
Below a troop of re
'S MISS 01
Voyage of Idzumo to Mexico Is
Eijrply to Take Away Japanese
(11) l'edeinl Wireless Telegraph.)
TOKIU, .November 13. (Special to
The Advertiser)- The foreign olllcu
laid mmh hitsis upon its assertion
'that the uiihslou of the Mikado's
i miser Mumn, now on its way to
was merely to tnko oft Japanese
residi uts there in case they were endangered.
The lduniu is one of the best of Japan
s unnoreil irulseis, although twelve
jenrs old, having been loniplitod in
1HU1. She was built at I'.lswick,
and is u sister to the cruiser
Jwate. She carriis four and
iers and men. rjhe is of IliDU tons, has
a length of 101) feet, with u beam uf
is'j icet and draught of 'Jl feet.
'J he ld.timo has probably been selected
for the Mexican trip because of
her excellent Htemnliig ipialificatlous
fiii'l In r n cord for small coal consumption.
Jane's " righting Ships" gives
I. or i.winge as u.ght tons an hour at
1',')ii horsepower and ten mid a half
tour- p r hum with engines developing
I'.iMin horsepower, lit whbh latter en-.
mo o.r she Is nble tu linikn L'0.7.1
IikjIc. hhe inn i in ry I m tons of coal
III ll' . linn) lis
. ...
fin I i'iiritl WirMvM Teluginph.)
MW )OllK, Kutvmbir 11. (Hpe-
ml in 'lln Adwrtlsmi I'ullowlng tho
I'lniU of a vulmitgry w(ilioii lu
(IJ.ii v , WHS llppUljltj.il linliiy
fur ii ll llullliii mid i'nmmuy, uua of
ih. Im(il ' In Wall trt
liiilililii' mn ulteu iiiMI'IMM
bu.l s-.ii- Mm .".11,111111 und
in..,, mi
W t,lUMiTOM, Huit II. (MtM
ml lu Tli AiK..ef) TI VMMUUi
In .i- of At'UmdM Mwli ui IUt
1 im 'tnk I" mit
3pccial Services in Honor of
Arbor Day and Planting of
Many Trees.
Throughout the Territory today tin
rhools, and especially thu goxcrnineul
nes, will observe Arbor Day, which
uttom has set asido for planting ol
rees mid to inculcate ill the minds ol
ho children, who will bo the men and
lomen ot tomorrow, the value anil
rorth of nrhoreol culture.
In nearly all uf the schools of Hono
11 1 ti today there will be fitting -'"
ises, including souks, declamations anl
ppropriatc stories in willed the
will take part. In many sdioob
will be carried out, Kacl
chool, as a rule, has decide on soin
Kind of tree for planting, l'or instance I
at the School, whos
school color is jellow, the children wil
plant a number of golden shower trees,
which in time will beautify the school
grounds with its beautiful
of yellow flo,wcrs.
Most of the territorial schools will
let out at noon today, following the
carrying out of tho exercises set apart
for the day, but in u'few, where these
exercises are curried out on a more
elaborate scale, school will be over at
n later hour. '-.
Arbor JJar was illrst nmilttiuu7 ol
genernl observation in the yerviiurn b;
J. Stirling Morton, who become fecre
tnry of ngrlciilture during President
Cleveland's last term. The observnnc
began in a small way and wns for 1
number uf years restricted to a limit
ed in 011 of the Union, but today it ii
ohHTVed wherever the I'l.ig waves ovei
Atrerican territory,
(Ilv I'ederal Wireless Tclegrapb.)
ifAItTI'OHI), Connecticut, No-
v ember 13. (Special to Tho Ad-
vertlser) -Mrs. Kmiucline l
hurst declared this afternoon, 4
A when asked if she would accept
the marriage proposal of I'r, Hen-
ry S. Tanner, of Lou Angeles,
champion faster of the world. A
"it's Impudent and most insult-
ing. I am a politician and am not
considering such things," euid
Mrs. I'anUhiirst sharply.
f IIV IVderal Wireless Telegraph.)
MiXINOTON, Kentucky, November
13. r&uoclal to Tho Advertiser) J. K.
Madden, proprietor of the Hamburg
place, lias sold to Jiimes It. ilaggin, of
the Klmdorf farms, thu famous thor
oiighbred racer and coining young sire,
liullnt. The price Is said to be fSO.QOO.
(Ily I'ederul Wireless Telegraph.)
Ni:V VOIIK, November IS.
In The Ailvfrllscr) The
police were tonight asked to look
lor Anloiii'lln Homm. an litlnio
live I'li'ii.'Si woinuii, aged lliirtv
i'ir, ihurgeil b nine Maiden
'l.niie JnMi.r.v llrms with I lie lar
ii'iiy uf Jew hIs valued at 4150,000.
Hlf IVdsisI WiriMTi)lvuruti,) I
mill), duly, HmUr II. cBpukI")
In Th A4vtiilr) I'illfr (HuiltiU),
twuim mm m iim iliaruu ar mr
'mug mh (1 Lata itiim, in j
: ud$ iMiiblmim m
iii . 1. ivliiig wait Wim
Colonel Gocthals Writes to Local
Chamber of Commerce Regarding
Blowing Up of the Gamboa
Dike and Tells of Great Landslide,
Which Will Take Four
Months to Clear Away.
'irst Official Word Received Hero
Declares That tho Water in
Culcbra Cut Is Now at tho Samo
Height as in Gatun Lake-Dredgers
Aro Now at Work on
Blocked Waterway.
I'rcblilei.t Oeorge It. Carter of tho
I'hnmber of Oolumeree of Honolulu is
the first to hear In nu nllicial way from
'vloiiel (Inetlinls as to the prolmMo
time the J'annmu .'nnnl will be ojwn.
On the occasion of tho llovving tip of
Hie Onmbon Dike, President Carter, on
ehalf ot the local organization, sent a
message of congratulation to Colonel
(loetlinls, nl tho samo time inijuliing
when tho big ditch would lo ready for
njp. This vu'ek be received fell vying
tetter in reply:
"Culcbra,, October 24, 1013.
"Cinmuerj.of: Commerce, Honolulu.
"JQcntlrincn: I beg to acknowledge
tho receipt of your cablegram of the
tenth instant and appreciate lhc inter-
cit of your organizitiou in theJBtiami'
("anal. I fear, "
up of the Oumbou 1)JW giAc rUe tp
some misapprehension. The dike. wo$
ncce'sfnllv shot oil Octolicr 10, null
tho water level in Onlcbrn ."nt is now
at the .tainrt elevation in that of (Jntun
Lake. The chiinuel of the Cut Is,
completely lilachod by the
slide for the length of 000 feet,
mil it is estimated there nra two million
cubic .vnrds of material In motion.
"The dredges lire now about to
the slide, and If they enn ronmvo
500,000 cubic yards 11 month, four
I'outlis will Ic needed to finish it, prodded
that not more thnn tho cstimatol
amount moves in. Hiciiue of tho tin
I innnot state dennUcly
when tho Canal will tin open for
but I hope shortly after tho
first of tho year. Very sincerely,
"o 1:01m 1: w. ooirniALS."
Army and Navy Orders
(Ily I'ederal WIrelesi Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON', November 13.
(Speclnl to. The Advertiser)
Army Orders.
The board the automatic ma-
hine rille nt the Springfield Armory to
i'ort Hill, Oklahoma, to contluuo tests;
dipt. August C. Nissen, Quurtermaster
Corps, to Ninth Cnvulry; (.'apt. Herman
A. Sievert, Ninth xC'nvulry, transferred
to the Seventh (Jnvnlryj Second
l.lcut. Thomas K. A. llolllns, Philippine
Scouts, to Manila; ('apt. James 1'.
Ilobinsnu. general stulT. (Ireenuood.
pouth Carolina, to inspect thu Halley
Military Institute; Second Lieut. Joseph
W. McNeill, Coast Artillery Corps,
transferred from One Hundred uud
Sixth to Company; resig.
nation of Second I.ieut, Krnest Osborne,
Coast Artillery Corpn accepted.
Navy Orders.
Cnii'maiider A. 0. Kavanaugh, to the
Naval (ol'ogo; I.I. 'lit. Comuiander (I. C.
Hwet, nnvy jard nt New- York, to special
duty lu the navy .viir.l nt Maru
Islmidi l.lcut. Commander 8. 1, M.
Major, licet engineer of Pacific fleet,
to wait orders; I, lout. Cominuiuler II-T.
Winston, to fleet engineer of Pacllle
ll. oil I.ieut. P. In Holland, of tho Ilir
minghnm, to treatiuint at I,aa lutmas,
Oklahniniis I'liynuulor ' A. Merritt,
to tr.'iilim'iit ut Wutliliigtoii
(Ily I'mJuml WlrnlMs 'IVUgmph 1
DlfllUK, IriUuil, Niuiiw U
(kunllll Mt Tin.
In lh 49mtdi uf tl lhw (wriy, Urn
MAVtVBIMril tMl.n lenwrl Jhimss I mi
kw, !" . imUj mi hi-
ftit '
& 1 1 i.i 1 1 'ii-'
lu. I. (ill .1. ll.
lmii'.ni -ii
III ulllli. 1
.. ilium
11 . I1.1.I w Ii ll I
. - ill i.l nm gsusiul
. 1.1. I w.W4t III
' 1. i.in. uf Urklu.

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