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Forces Gathering There for
Battlo in Which Foroitrn
Interests Ate at Stake British
Oil Interests There, Worth Millions,
Are Threatened by the
Constitutionalists. "
Dictator Says He Will Go Down
Fighting, But Knows That 'He
Cannot Save Himself British
Member of Parliament Says
Pacific Measures by the United
i States Will Accomplish nothing
(li.v Federal Wireless-Telegraph.)
VERA CRUZ, November 27.
(Special to The Advertiser)
A battle is imminent in the
oil fields around Tuxpan. This
will imperil foreign lives and
millions of dollars' worth" of
property owned by foreigners.
Five hundred Federals ' arrived
hero from Mexico City today
and General Maas
he would send them to
Tuxpan at once to attack the
Rcbefcfthiic. ,-." ""
It is said General Aguilar
has inotifled . Rear Admiral
Fletcher that no harm would
come to the' oil wells unless he
is attacked by the Federals,
but in case of an attack he
wouldiset them afire.
: OF
(Hy FeTlcial Wireless Telegraph.)
27. (Special to. The Advertiser)
Huertii and his dlutulorshipsurc
tottering- x
Tlit bt'j.'inuiiiL' of tliu end is al-
ji'iuly in flight, according 'toll diplomat
wlio enjoys the confitil'iicc
of Ilugrta, lie said today that
lluurln himself had little confidence
in "his ability to hold much
N longer, hut lind expressed his intention
of "going down fighting."
(By Fedcial Wireless Telegraph.)
NI3W YORK, November 27.
(Special to The Advertiser)
"Intervention by- the Onitetl
States in Mexico wijl be nOccssary
1 to icstore order," dechueil 'Sir
Onirics' Henry, Libernl nieinber
of parliament, who is here, today.
"Pacific nicHHures will not
anything. Kngland will
give moral support to any move
President Wilson may inula'. The
opinion in England is that tho
l'residelit is eiipahle of handling
the situation, but we are waiting
for the next move "
(Mv Fedeial Wireless Telegraph )
giTV OK MUX ICO. November
li7. (SiMTiiil to The Advertiser)
huandi'i'o flonjilfK Tim ino. mi
unole of tlio lute President Mildew,
wiix niTwdnl lodny on ftm
pei'Miiiiil order of 1 limit".
wiih miml nt tii ,isnnriiiii
iin lie wiiN'Diiulfliig liU liiiu'gaBe for
lllghl If) Vi'ni fViu, nfiup rooiv
lug mmm Hint unvpi'iiiiimii
nKoiilfyvoro IninlliiK lilin. I To wnn
Maderos Uncle May Follow
Nephew's Path to the Grave
Uncle of Late President Madero, Arrested by Dictator Iluerta.
Mexican Diplomats On Manchuria
Coming On A Mission To Tokio
(By Federal Wiro'ess.Telegrnph.)
SAN FJtANCISCO, Novcrhber 27. (Special to The Advertiser) Among
the proniluunt passengers on tho Man hurlal sailing toi'.iy uro tho following;
- liobcrto Nervo, Manuel (luasipie und Luis U. Galvnn,
.J .. . J" . i . ... V IM . . f.l . .. W .
?T5tt!!1.J'. w .' jonug to .iapan,i
liui iiiiiiii ituin, iyiu iiuu
Alfred If. Ke'fler, her daughter, Mlbs
to Honolulu; A.T. llarr, Standard Oil
Orient; Capt. C II. firay, of San
Kotng to HoiikUohr; C'hn. L. Lcuay,
his dutica after u t)
ictiiiniiiK to
. .. .. .. ,.
r i :...- t i i ti a .1 i.
paini. iiiuii, uuiiiL: lui mv wriviit mm mu
turning to Honolulu
Joins Fourteenth Cavalry on the
Border Wants to Be in War
,If One Occurs.
1 i-
(By I'edcrnl Wireless Telegraph.)
Xi:V YOItK, Xo ember 27.
to The Advertiser) Chapmnn
Grant, son of .lessc It. (Iraut and
grandson of Gen. U. S. Grant, has entered
Uho United States Ariny, winning
u second lieutenant's commission in
competitive examination.
j "If thero is going to bo a war 1
luint to he in it." bald the young man
todav. after receiving order to ioin
tho Fourteenth Cavalry on the, McxU
can uorucr.
Voting Grant has been assistant etira.
tor of the Children Museum of Brook
lyn Institute.
LONDON, November 28. (By
Associated Press Cable) Before it
'll a brilliant gathering of notables,
both American and British, at the
annual Thanksgiving banquet of ,
tho American Society hero last
,eveninc, Viscount Bichsrd Bur-
don Ualdane, British Lord High
Chancellor, In a strong speech, 1
emphatically upheld tha Monroe I
Doctrine, as formulated by the "
United States. Ills sddrees was i
enthusiastically applauded. .
hustled to jajl and held
Tin iiiitlinritinx lefiined to tell
the uliuruii tiifitiiiHt liiin. Tiuvinii
win ii'utjntly liniMKliI iM'l'ti fi'oiii
Mimtoroy on u ohaiqe of audition,
but wmk miii)im! pu bull hiui in.
funnuil Ihiit tint aitiirKo wnuld bn
h iiiiss.oii,oijJienior iiucrtu 01
wivw,m, ujii iu jtiuiiiui ,
At, Kelly mid Miss N. Halleigh, goin
man, wife mid inf.int, k0'"1!! t,ie
ifc and titter, Mrs, (.'. b'. Wrljjht,
as'ociatcd with the I'liineo ;ocrnment,
tho. United States; 1 V. I)oneoii,
.. mini. .. . .i j iiiv...ii ..
iUHipunisi im u. o. utv. itiniif.rt. rr
Blanked Varsity Rivals on Home
Field Result of Other Games
in Many States.
(Uy l'etleral Wireless Telegraph.)
l'HlLAlH.'M'illA, November L7.
(Speeinl to TJic Adertiser) Cornell
was tho winner of the big Thanksgiving
Day gridiron buttle with the iTnUersity
of I'cnnsylvania, the Ithicans pounding
their wny to :i score of twenty-one and
blocking everts attempt of the I'emis
to bieuk through the, dofeiisc. A tremendous
crowd was out to watch the
contest, and although the homo tcjm
was blr.nkcd, tho final tcore being
tq nothing, the spectators apprc,
tinted tho fait tiiat'they had had their
inoucy'3 worth in last playingA
Other Games. t
The result of tho other Thanksgiving
Day games were:
At Cincinnati Miami, 13; Cincinnati
Cimcrsity, 7.
At C'lotclund Western Iteserve, 17;
Case, 0.
At Pittsburgh UniAersity of Pittsburgh,
7; Pennsylvania 8tatc, (I.
At Kabton, Penusvhauia Lafucttc.
7; Diekineon, 0.
At Washington, 1). I'. Georgetown,
HI;" Holy Cross, 7,
At Washington, Pennsylvania Washington
and Jcllcison, SL'; Jluckncll, 0.
Milwaukee St. Thomas," a; Mar-I
quette, 0.
At ht. l.ouis Syracuse, 74; t.
Louis, 0,
At I.anta'ntor, Pennsylvania
7; 1'ranklin anil Marshall; -10.
At Itlchuioiid, Virginln Virgiiiiadi
North Curollna, 7.
At Vork Itoclipstcr,
ji, iirnnisou, u,
At C'liuttauooga Hniverslty of Chat-
tunoogii, 55; Oeorgetown, Kentnky, 0.
At Lexington, Kentucky Trunsylia
iiin t'nlveralty, ll; Central University, 0.
At Lexington, Kentucky Kentuekj
niHin unieriiv, a; rniverslly ot Ten
iieto, U
At Kuiishd I It) Iln.liell Indians, 311,
riirUtluii llroil.ers, 0.
Tlif1 Is' a link i wr)ms sUllou reiiurlwl
U.I nlKl't Hiui the Pueili liner Mini
gfa was 1.51) mile west nf Honolulu
mid would HriUf In iin nf
st tin n 'f link Haliirdny
AJI h. ,
King Victor Emmanuel, in Speech
to Italian Parliament, Tells
Vatican to Keep Hands Off,
(llj IVdernl Whole Telegraph.)
KOMK, No ember '.'7. (Special to
the Adertler) At the opening of the
fcrst ltnlinu parliament elected by uni
pi-.I MitTragc, King Vu4or Kminamiol
tot'in iirelareil the Vjitivnu will necr
be ulumed to interferon state ntTnirs
Among thoe who IWtened to the
sperfh were a numlcLof nbnly elected
Cajholle depiitle, one of whom is the
1 ope's pliMilcian, .
Cass Against Former Supervisor
Lyman in HiloMay Havo
Joker in jit.
The Hilo Trilmnepf Tiiestliiy. last
printed the folTpwingf1
"While Prosecutqri Hreekons is in
Honolulu, nttion in the various Kraft
cases is being continued from time to
time. The matter of ex-Supervisor Norman
K. Lyman came up for plea
"morning, 'but was continued until
next Monday morning, as County Attorney
Ueers explained, to the court thill
Itreckons hud written to him thnt he
nnd 1'rnnk Thompson, who is Ijj'nian's
aitorney, will probably eomoto Hilo
next Sunday, when they will be ready
to argue on v demurrer and a plea in
bar, which will bo filed by the defendant.
"These pleas will be based on tho fact
that tht offense alleged to havo been
committed by Lyrnnn is charged in t lie
indictment to havo tnken jilnee in February,
1011, whilo tlio statute of
limits the lime wherein
entlon may bo institiled to two years I
niter tlio commission i tue intense, ox-cent
iu tlio nsc of certal;i ofTonses spo
HBeifby the statute, ot which, however.
Ih" bffenrn of fnlseeertlficntion, -which
is that charged ngnfnst Lyman, Is not
one. In other words, it is claimed that
as it is charged Hint the offense was
committed more than two years ago,
the piosecution cannot prosecute.
Not a Surprise.
"This defense does not come as n
surprise. As n matter of fact, when
the indictment had been prepared, but'
was as et teforo the grand jury, County
Attorney Heers called the attention
of Ilreekous to 'this point, which Tieers
then toiisblcrcd, mid which lie stilt considers,
a -vital defect in the indictment,
which will rnuse it to be thrown out.
"After the grand jury had returned
the indictment, the attention of
fins wns t.iiieii tti tiie iitci mat tuuiiuuii
report hud it that a defecthe indictment
had leen sought as n 'put-up jon,'
wheieliy the public might huve its
lamnr lor prosecution apparent1? satis
fied, wailu nt the snma time no harm
Was done to any one. At that time
Brcckonij stated that this was a very
unreasoifablc report, as ho "had worked
hard and earnestly on the Lvninii ease,
dolng.the very best he could On the
other hand, the nature of the case was
such thnt il offered eousjdernblc tech
njcnl mllicmties, vrlilfli miiile It impos
Mile to s"vuro u strpuger indictment
thin that which was returned. I
Ilreckuns inniutalns that the per
ported defect is n futnl on, and
that he has foam authorities width
lend him to believe that he .tan make
the indictment stick.
' To stop cfamor.
"It Is still stated by Lj man's
friends that he was assured bv.Rreok
oes that ho need not worry, nipl the
report insists that, when Lynuin asked
him why, in ease the, indictment was
no gonil, ho had had it (brought at all,
the prosecutor replied that it had to
lie deno in order to put a stop to the
popular clamor.
"It must be added that attorneys
sny that the Lvmun rase did oiler some
very intricate points.
"The inse of Knoch Tlrown, which
came up for sentence yesterduy morn
in lt, was also continued, owing to the
absence of the prosecutor."
(By Federal" Wireless, Telegraph,)
CINCINNATI, Ohio, November 27.
CSpecial to The Advertiser) Fairfax
Harrison, tha original of Mrs. Francis
llndt'MHi lluriirtt's "Little Lord I'nuiit
leroy" Is "tipped" to become presl
dvut of the Queen and Crescent, uc i
ceedlug W. W. Firiley who died Tues
(lly Federal Wireless Telegraph,) i
PAItlH, November 27. (Hnecliil to
Tim Advertiser) Piliiitess J.imiUh of
llelgluin, daughter nf the lute King
Leopold, lias by iirilrrvwif the. I'srU
nulls beeu evii'ttil frniu"ir residence
III I ha Avenue ,(u 0 Mh Houlnviin ti)
her UiMllsdy, Mrs. WlillNmib, wbluw nt
h wwillliy (JdllfniiiUn, "''ie Pfjuc
fulled to 'y hr ltu.
. High Cost of Living Hits the
1 -''Nation's Thanksgiving Dinner
, (Hy Federal Wireless 'IVIenninli)
A'A.SllINtiTON, November '27. (Special to The Advertiser)
Tliiuiksiriviui; "dinner today was the most expensho
holiday meal tho Ameiiean people have eaten for twenty-live
years, aeeordin'to Koveriiiiient statistics. It cost from thirty-five
to one hundred per cent more than it did ten years ao,
and fifty per cent more than any Thanksgiving dinner during
the la-it six years, say the figures.
vllv l'ederal Wiieleis Te'egraph.)
WAKmNUTO.W November "7.
(Special to The Advertiser) .Mlm '
Klennor . . , Wilson . , as attended by n pin I .
today. ,
Her Illness, it was fnid, win not te
rious. but resulted from um outness in
eidental to the extltement tit the wet
ding nt the White House, Tuesdav, of
her sister to Prancis Howes Snj re. I
Former Commandant of Honolulu
Naval Station Given Command
of U. S. S. Michigan.
(Hyj, l'ederal Wlieless Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, November "7. (Spe
cial to The Advertiser) The following
orders were Issued today from tho departments
of war and tho navy:
Navy Orders.
Cltpt. A. P. from Nnval War
College to (.ominnnd the U, S. S. Michigan.
Capt. 1". I!. Capehard, from ttiminiind
of tho U, S. S. Michigan t6 wait ordors.
C'rtinniinder H. A. Wiley, (o tlio board
for the lnspil'tion of Hhbroiifatlons, -'
Lieut. Commander 0. 8. Lincolli, from
Miire Hand to tho U. S. S. South Carolina
ns navigator.
Lieut. C'oiiimoiidcr W. S. Whlttcd,
from tho tJ. S. S. 'South Carolina to
wait ordciM.
Knsign I'. L. fjlieu, to th6 U. H. S,
Arkansas. .
Knsign II. F. Settle, to the U. S..S,
Georgia. '
Hnslgn F. L. ltiefkopl, from U. S. S.
Ilenhnm to U. S. S. llauiiib.il.
Surgeon .1. W. Ihickus, from the U. S
S. Soutli Dakota tu the Navy Vnrd,
Puget Sound.
Surgeon II. II. Odell, from Mare Island
to the As'ntic station.
Passed Asst. Surgeon N. T. McLean,
from the Pacific reserve ileet to tlio
l S. S. South Dakota.
Passed Asst. Surgeon W. S. linen,
from Navj Vnrd, Paget Sound, to Maro
Army Ordors.
Capt. C'hiiH II. flntewooil, from tfie
arsennl nt W.itervliut, New Vork, to
tlnlveston, Texas, ns urduaiife ofheer,
relieving i'iit Lieut. (!eo. .1. Aliern,
I.ieutennut Aliern, to tlio PJcntlnny
arsenal, Doverf New .lersey.
'apt. IMmiind N". M. We'rel, Coast
Artillery Oori, to the One Iluudrcd
ami ('oiiiiauy.
Capt, t has, II, N. Howard, Const Artillery
( orps, tianserreil from the Oie
lluniired and Forty first to the Twenty
sixth Compnuv
Following first lieutenants, Medical
Corps, nro to icport to the examining
I card ut Manila for exnmiuntion for
promotion- Frank . Chilton, llnwurd
Clarke, .Ino. H. Coulter, IMgur D. Cr.ift.
Thot .1. I'ljini, Paul W, Oihson, .losiali
II. Hnllaiul, Leonard ., lluglies, i,loyi
A. 1sfnuv cr. (leorgn II. Lake. Daniel
F Maguiie, L'ugemi (1. Ntirthlugtoii,
Jno. .1 Keddy, lMw. C Register, .las,
L. lioliinson ami I rant is htriing.
Following first lieutenants, Medicnl
inris. nie to report to the examining
board, Washington, l. C, for
iuii lor iiiomotinn: Henry O. Ford.
Ino, II, MeKnlglit, fleo. L'. .larireau,
I'leinens W, MncMilInn mid Horace M
First lieutenants, Medical Corps, lire
to report tu the examining board nt
Fort Sam llimstnu for examination fori
-promotion, as follows Fred IL Hum I
side, Henry P. Carter, Kami S. Creltlh
ton, Win, Deutou, (ieo, (I. Divine, Fred
II 1'oin'sr, Hurley ,1. ilitllett, Henry
C Mudilux,' Henrv ( Mlchle dr., Jos
C. Walilup uud .Ino. M. Willis
, .. .,
The Tliuuksgivliig service nt Oaliu
prison jenlenlu'v iifternoon was enrrled
out according to it pro -gram,
mid In addition .(ir. Putrlo iiddiil
iiiiicli in its Interest with two reel's i
lions minnn'rliite'ii) tliw hsIiiii, wliidi
were sideiullilly rendered. '
The lios about lliuli tiliiirlir ll(iny'
fetllvu liouril gave imprixwluu tl) tlielr I
(tiHlltmle to I fid je vvhn Kiii(lliyiH to
ii very iupuhhi 'iimimitfiving nay dir i
lliein, sin uirlluUrly tu laliii lk
Miirln wldi sjhiioJ ho 4tUs tu umb
the pifiymii riijoable
(lly l'ederal Whuleis To'egrnph.)
WAHIMNOTON. Km ember 1!7.
(Speelnl to Tluf Advertiser) Secretary
Jl'J'Vii un"nXOrcomo ,b' ''"'"ti'ess at
the White. llone lit the reeeiltion fol
lowing the wedding of Mr, Savre and
MUs ,lio WjNoii. He was agisted
to an itiljolning room where lie tpiirklj
leeoxered. Few persons noticed tho in
eident, and It onl became public to
All-American Service in St. Pat
rick's Cathedral Honeymooners
Slip Into Baltimore to Dine.
(lly Federal Wirelesi Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Novell 1icr !7. (Spe
cial to The Advertiser) Thanksgiving
was celebrated quietly iby ollicinls in
Washington today, j'resltint Wilson
npenisl tho day by uttcndlug the
Thanksgiving mass in St.
Patrick V Cathedral, and returned to
the White House for the rest of the
day. (
Thanksgiving dinner was served to
tho faintly und a, few friends, and relatives.
(lly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
IIALTIMOHK, Maryland, November
1!". ("Special to The Advertiser)- Mr
and Alls. Francis Howes Sayre arrived
nt the linmetuf T. Harrison (Inrrrtt, on
the outskirts of tins city, this noon mil
had Thanksgiving dinner with the
Tl.ey were illst'overed about three
o'clock, and immediately lett iu nn ait
tomohilc for an unknown destination,
Picking Swimmers
to Compete Here
For Championship
(By Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
SAN FltANCISCO. November 27.
(fcpecial to The A special
series of swimming trials will be held
eurly in January to select tho tiiam
which is to gu to Honolulu' to compete
iu tlio Midpacific championship. The
selection of the Pacific Coast teams H
In tho bunds uf A I. Coney of the Olym
Ilc Club, who will manngo tho team,
(lly Federal Wireless Telegraph.)
NHW YOItK, November 27.- (Spe
tial to Tho Advertiser) Inhu II. Mi
Oiirk, nt one time proprietor of :i no
torious resort, known it "Suidde
Hall," on the Hovvery, who died ill
California In .lanuury lust, left mi es
tato valued nt $102,730, llccoiillng to
the appraisal filed today. Mcdurk's
pin r ii was given' Its iinnin "Sultbl
Hall" lieiniiso of the number of young
women who took their lives there.
(Mall Special to Tho Advettler)
PA IMS, November 27. (Speefal to
The Advertiser) All French spinsters
pe'id bathelois older than thirtv miles,,
they havo nt least three persons do-1
1 ii'llng nil them, lire to be to
an Increaso of twenty por cent on the
income tax iuin.oi by the bill now
under toiiklderatlou.
In all parts of this Terrilorv interest
ill center loiluv upon the meeting nf
the Hr. .lost) Itlxul Society nf lliivvall,
which win mii iioi.i in me rillplno Jlu
slim Oils evening, In practically ovtuv
Ulmid of tin Tsrrltnry I'lllpluos will
iumhIi Hie imws of Hie iirrungeiimnts la
be uisiltt Hilt evsiilng by 'riIUii II,
A, Liu in mi mid (lie soslety fur llm
and mmlvertiiry In Honolulu pi (kit
lnlmrv of itie weilynloiH bM)olnr
, IIImI, whn wai iliat in do I'lilllrmluM.
by lU' 8nlrdi, for hit iIdvoIIbu tu
i ik ruiiiiio uin, '
In Churches and Homes, in Camp
and in Field, Thanksgiving Day
Is Fittingly Celebrated Throughout
Honolulu With Religious
Services and Special Programs,
With Feasting and Rejoicing.
Union Services in Central Union
Church Include an Elaborato
Program of Music; Also in St.
Andrew's Cathedral Children
in Many Home3 Made Happy
With Specially Provided Dinners
From ten thousand churches and ten
ntll'ioii homes throughout tho land
r.roso yesterday heartfelt thanks to
God for tho blessings which tho people
of the United States have enjoyed,
even when chastened, nnd nowhero
weio tho thanks more siuiere than
those given in Hawaii. For yesterday
was Thanksgiving Day, nnd in Honolulu
thero wore services iu the churches,
feasts of Rood things in thousands of
hoiiies, large und small, and even the
Japanese held services of thanksgiving
last evening, whon tho' Japanese Sunday
S4iool met liiithe Parish Houso of
St. Andrew's Cathedral,
Centering at Central Union Church
Iho congregations ol Ithif First
and Christian thurchos.'iis well ns
that of Contra, IJunu ''urch, und
many visitors u'nnttached, joined in
"Thanksgiving services jesterdny
morning, beginning ut eleven o'clock.
At tho suiiiotimojtlioso who worship nt
St. Andrew's Cathedral celebrated tho
day with religious services and paeans
Ilcllglous Services.
The progrnni at' Central Union
Church wns ns follows:
"Trauinerel" Itobqrt Schunuinu
11 mn S . '- 3-;i
Anthem "A Song of l'rnlso",y,.
K. L. Ashfonl
Itespouylve Heading, page 82
Itev. I). C. Peters
Solo "0, Thou Fronu AVhom All
lllesslugi Flow" .... Mrs. M. Uyo
Pr.iyer , Itev. A. A. Kbcrsolo
Anthem "O (Jod tho Iiock of
Ages" 1 M. S. King
"Serenade" Frnnz Schubert
Diftt "Tho Lord Is My Shephord"
Mis. Hudson and Mrs. Tucknhury
President's Proclamation by
.1 Hon. Sauford 11. Dole
Hv ma . , , . . . . No. US
Sermon ".Americanism, Its Pillars
and Perils" ..Itev. W. P.Ferguson
Ilyinu No. 70J
llenedietio Dr. Dorcmus Seudder
"Festal March" . William K. Ashmnll
In tho Cutholie Cathedral a special
mass was celebrated nt nine o'tloek.
The congregation, of St. Clement's and
St. HUzabcth's churches joined iu tho
services nt St, Andrew' Cathedral. In
the Odd Fellows Hulldtng the First
Church of Christ held speeinl servites.
Needy Not Forgotten,
And the poor wero not forgotten.
Through the Pnhiiuu Settlement nud uu
tier the direction bf Superinteudont
Hath, fifty well laden baskets of
Thanksgiving food were distributed to
those who must otherwise huo gono
without the feast they had. Their
thanks were not the least. At tho
Mission many wero tho hungry
ones who wero fed iu honor ot tho day,
that their thanks for good things migbi
not be missing. Service wero also
held there In which till joiued iu tho
singing, althoueh with some it was only
with their hearts.
Also were many persons made happy
b the work of the Associated Charities
under the superintendence of Mrs.
who saw to it that many a bare
homo bjoomod with tho happiness of
children not used to feasts. At the Cas
tie hiine, in .Miuiou Valley, the chil
dreu experienced u cause for Thanks
giving flay, anil mixed their childish
voices tn Die Thrniiu in prnlse.
Thun, ut Knrulanl Home, where the
working girls have good reason to re
joice, theie wero uln special services
of t hunks giving followed b a rent
tinod Thanksgiving dinner. And up Iu
KHiiiJeiiliini Children's Ilonpllul, wfiern
the little miles of Immunity struggln
fur M nud u right to rejoiut iu this
hmtiitifu! world, theie too, kind and lov
lug lieu its did ivliiit thrv w.ul.l In
miiliti the llllls one's Tliiiiiksgiviug Hsv
ii lirightnr one, with linpe fur le rt ,
iiinl tuuuy a mother, mid futher tan,
guv thMllks that lliflr Udnved iss smh
h liowe nuii mill ar ns h lhr given
Ml ili(l Dswtir mUsei lint ous
Hop md 'Diaiikfiilussi,
Out at Hi IniIiI Iluuie, wlifte liopa
priiiMs niMMil, vn lumiv mneig
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