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Reports Frojn Capital City of
Stato of Chihuahua Arc That
Hncrta's Troops Are Retiring
For Lael: of Supplios In 'Case
Of Siege By Army of 'General
Villa, Which Threatens Them.
Imprisoned lYIexican Congressmen
Will Uscapo Sentence of t)eath
Through Fear By Provisional
President of Intervention By
the United States In Case of
JUAREZ, Mexico, December
2. (By Associated Fress 'Cable)
Word received from-the
City of Chihuahua, capital of
the state of the same name, is
to the efTect that the federal
tioops are evacuating that city
for fear of starvation, in case of
a 3iegc by the rebels, which is
threatened. With the loss of
this stronghold the Huerta
will lose practical control
of Northern-Mexico.-'- --
(!! Wlrelcs Telegraph)
CITY OF 1UBXICO, Decunihei
1. to The
- While llucrtn to elinc
to the presidency as Ion;,', as pos
nil)le, (he .Mexican ii.
taking no chances oy. forcinjr intervention
in this country by the
United States.
This was shown when a
annouiieeiiient was mndc
that an exeeiilive release would
likely be ordered for all member
of the Mexican conjjrcKs recently
Iluprtu is afraid that finding
these nieinhers guilty of sedition
and seiitenciiif; them to death
would result, in prompt action by
the American government.
(Hy Federal Wireless Telegraph)
WASHINGTON, December 1.
-(Special to The Advertiser)
Reports which have been reaching
Washington the last month
that Huerta is levying taxes on
the moneyed classes of his nation
were confirmed by dispatches
lrom Mexico City today.
President Wilson has been
aware of the fact that Huerta in
event ol' a shortage ofJ'niMls.will
do nothing short of seizing the
hanks in Mexico City, (p reciaip
himself, lie has many sources of
levenuo wfiieh do not appear on
the surface. These ho has been
compelled to utilize to an undue
extent fthiee the United States
has o,tnhlishcd a financial blockade
agniiiHt him.
Doctor Halo, the envoy sent by
1'iosiiloiit Wikon to
the bailer of the
hIn, retui d to Wiurijliuttou to-
iluy and ul onee uotifiod thu l'i'os
1 1 .' 1 1 1 lliHt be wnij to
make a (tomplofe roniill to him nf
uognMiitinim with t'ODntltuiKuinl
iitU ut uii.v lime (b'siri'il,
IJitelor Hale to ilim'lliu
IiIh mtMHiiiri in mhtiiiee of hi
with l'l imiilelit WiUoil.
RitnfiinriNT aiuVioizni)
ron mkxioah rouoy
ill I'.lirnl (ii.U 'I i'lir,.u )
St iUU, ll.uil i'i I m.iM.i!
Voiuon of Chihuahua Who Helped Repulse the Constitutionalists
,. Be Called Upon Again to Face Rifle Fire in Protection
." " ' '.;"" , '".'-'; ' ''"r1
t i
' "" ' ' "" "" - - i i .- i" nn'm
urn ii i i i i
O -
. . r r , , .
Map Bhowing eight principal ports in Mexico which would have to be closed in the event of a blockade
and the location of United States war vessels now in Mexican waters.
to 'flio Advertiser) Col. Gonrgo
mi :ibccial article: published i
tho Times, (liveubM'H tin1 Mexican
:unl I'rchlont WiNon's policy.
Ho lias nirivod i tlio conclusion lliat
tlio Wildon policy has failed
to accomplish tlm .'fleet desired, anil
"iiggests tii.it recognition of tint provi
sional government would allurd tlio
easiest jroiulion of tko problem anil on
ublo tlm Mexican government to work
its own sanation without external in
llu bays tliat tlio fact that this non-policy
ouM avert war, at least for
tha tunc sulhcicnt to allow for adjustment
and 'iiutual underbtnndlng, is tlio
'til intpintaiit consideration which aliutiUl
fhuuld iiillncnco tlio President.
(Hy I'ederal Wircles3 Telegraph.)
I'AItIP, Uccrmhur 1. (Hpecial to
The Adxertiser) l'orfirio Hiii7: refused
today to dineins tint report tint ho has.
Iiern notified I- President Huerta tha
the Jiamo of J5nz hag been irstored to
tho army rol, in anticipatloii of his
return to absuino cuinniand.
- :
f llv 1'eder.il VVI elesi ToleHraph.)
WASHIXt.TON, December . (Special
to Tho AihorliKcr) The of
the no called book trimt to maintain a
lntrary talen on eoiyriIitoil boolis
today in n ileciitiiiii . from tho
Buprcmo Court of tlio United btates
iiguiriKt tho trtikt.
'Die main question at-' Isnlio was
whether or not tlio truit uhould liao a
cdpnulit monopoly in the rnlo of
bdiool books,
(llv Kolwal WircloMi Telosrapli.)
LONDON. DHNwilii'r, . Tlio Cnnn
ti ul Warwick toiuy iHifCMii her
ilntliui n edlliir of thu Wunuu
I'liliu" uf Din DiiiU Kkvtub. HIin'meHini
lo ttvuld Nil t'ulitl0varlitl wilijmtl,
mill ait nulfMjte. Tbe rMiil i I but
tlio family U not proipmnu,
WIIMIT . ml. r I, (lly
-.1 lull- I I'll In "tar Hi Mo
ti i inr i I TnaiM Uil
ii i i, M ,i hi i i i lunuli thai
l iM ...-i l - i mi I In Mill III.
HutiTiiwrm tui lit I (a
Tlm Biibbcilptioif lint for the 1111.1
Mnliliini Christmas Trett fund
was opened jcatenlay morniuKi
tho first Milisi'rilipr for tho yiar
beiiiK Oswald A. Iliialiueli. Ho
began tho fund for a most worthy
uufNt by handing in a. dollar to
The Advertiser.
1'our othors who wished, to bo
early in gcttiiiK thoir money in
to 'liojp iiuiku a Merry CliriHtmas
for thp poorest children of
Honolulu muilo tlicir
during tln afternoon, the
lihtjfor tho first day closing with
tho mtv satisfactory total of
$1I).00. Tho list standH:
Oswald A. , $ 1.00
Kjlwnrd Smith 2.00
Newcomer 20.00
. MeCnrly 2.00
A I'riend of (.'hlldreu. 15,00
Moeting Today.
TliP rniiimlttfO asked to tal.o
chargo of tho Malihini Christmas
Trco will meet this afternoon at
tlirf'o o'clock hi the makal pavilion
of tlio Alexander Yuiing Do
W'A.SIIINOTOK, December 2 (H.v
Aniotintflil I'rejis Cubliil l'ormer 1'ron
ident' Jam Belaya, of Nicaragua, fur
whnni eitnnlltlou paper on ii'ihurtfc
of uniriler worn iibIioJ for by I'rtwlileut
Diax, tlnoueli tho tjtn ilopnrtiiient, liua
nKreod to ruttirn In llnrielnim, Hpalu,
from whii'li iort liu euuie tu tint I'nitod
(lly I'wliral WlirliiTnlira'h )
KA'l1'l.r., WhiIiiiijiIuii, Dit.iiibr
1 - (MHMlal lu Tin Adeiii(ir llxar
V'luural HuWf't 21. l)Mrln urrlvniLU
Uy (rm llu Swrfnll. Kui Vin.i. atid
luli.OTKWa.wlll tMHMMi HJIMIIIOUd of lin
' .Hi iviirvM 1'Ut.t klalii.ii,.,) u Hi.
,..i is.,miii I(ird, aui'in I Mj
ICi'ar AiludMl Alfii"! nuuld, mhu
jliii U'l'li trillfirril In Wnalllliglull fur
in the Last Attack Upon Their Home City and Who May Soon
of Homes and Honor.
Congress Opens With a Battle
Over -Water Supply For
San Francisco.
(My I'odeial Wireless Telegraph.)
WSIIIN'OTON', Jlcccuiber 1.
(Special to TIiq Advertiser) Tlio bat-
tlo to giAu tho people of S.iu I'rancHcu
a miiily of pure water opened on the
floor of the bcunto today, when thu
chairman of public IninlH commission
projontul tliiv Jlutcli lletehy bill tm
Tho bill was tho first, meaBuro taken
up b tlio new longress and wjis tlm
first acted upon. Senator Meyer
called tho bill "a ineasuro of extraor
dinary merit designed to moot a pressing
Woiking for Sail 1'rancisco nro former
Major .lames I). Phelan, .Supervisor
Vogelyang, itj Attorney Kong, Super--visor's
Cleik Duiinigan and tlio
delegation to eongress, with tlio
ex( option of Senator AN'orksy who wants
tho present bill iimendod. Uifford
I'incliot, tho conservationist, mid tlm
public lands commission of r tho lion so
and Bcn.ito, aro also in favor of the
bill. -
who favor the bill Iioio It will
be prcuntcd within two weeks. If tlm
aiiicinlincnta proposed are carried out,
liowever, It will havo to go back to tho
house, mid final paHfugo may bo delayed
for more tliun six luoutlm.
, SHE t P
(llv I'iiIitiiI Wlriios 'J'elegrapli.)
I'AIIIK J.- (8iminl to
The AdvrrliiiT) A ninmlliiii hut been
I lie iipiit'araini' hero tit Minn. Vuliiiitiue
H- Hulnt I'ulnl, illvuruil wlfu nf u
iiii'iiiImt ut Ike I'mui'li fublnit, In uu
UHi"l iUitb Hi4W be fur i) n mii'i't
ii.Ii.ii.ii uf llliiiary awl nrtittiv liulil
iu nii ntudlo, In Itie I'liiiuipji l),i tlun
Hia limiilrfil iijiMji Hun1
lirrM'iil mm hi, llieni U1J1( ijl tik
hi. iiii.... i I'Nriuv ut .n'gjLpiiiiiluu.
hUh im. n id, i .hi 1 1. nsmfpr wl
u,.t.k i,vu.... l..,i. ..i,.u,M...r.,n..t.K .
! IiiIhk ii.. i. i li 4u,rvilg)il PiihI I'arl.
Ui puvl, um) kariul, U'MiJlT ut Hif
I .iluiinl iuu tinval
Two Moro of McDufflo's Lieutenants
Fq.ce Dismi3E;il and Criminal
Charges Detectives
and Mendonca Accused of
Practically Robbing a Shoj
Charges ngainst" two nioro of (iil"f
McDiiIHo'h men wc.ro made jesterday to
Sheriir Jariutt, eliargoa tliat staggerM
thai ofirclnrwliun lio'llrst heard
They implicnte two of thu men who
liavo been tho loudest shouters against
their follow olllcers, who liavu regiirded
loyalty to tlio sheriir and tlio law as
greater than tlicir lovalty to tho bureau
chief. Ono of tlio accused men is Detective
Hubert Hull ron. The other 1h
Detective Mendonca, lloth face
mid a probable speedy discharge,
as tlio accusations nro lu relation
to recent occurrences and,
nrssea are ready tu testify to tlioir
Tho charge apainst lliilhron is that
Im entered a .lap.iueso iiicyclu shop and
forcibly seize ! a 'bicycle, declaring tliat
he was a pullcu oiliier and that the
wheel v.ih a stolen one, whereas ho had
complete knowledge of tlio fact that
tlto wheel was tlio property of his
brother, David llolbrnii, and was simply
being In Id becaii'o tho rcptir bill was
utip.tid. In in.ikiiig'his selruro lio was
aslstei by Detcijivo Mciuloiicii, who
Is charged with having helped iush the
.inpanese. out of tho way when lift attempted
to prfvont tho removal of the
wheel. Ilolhrou is said to havu exhibited
his police badge as Ids authoritv
for seizing his brother's lilnyclo and
carrying it away with tho bill on It
I'aluier J'arker, son of forpicr dipt.
Wiilpn I'ffrlter of tho on e, has made
a statement -for the sheriff to the effect
tint he mvv tho illegal seiure; saw
Ilolhrou llach his police badge and naw
Meinlnnca use force to put tho Jnpie
n"o re.ilrcr nside. Tlio affair happened
last week.
Mentloiica's Affair.
The report made against Mendoucn
Is of a more serious nature, lie Is
charged with having first broken Into
tho room of an Okiuauan girl, mimed
liana, who lives in a respectable lodg
lug I'oiiKo'nii Vlneynnl street. Having
taken poisc'idon of tho room, ho Introduced
a Hawaiian woman. Tho bind-Indy,
wIki was absent for sumo (time,
nicoidiui; In the rnport nn file, found
the couple in tho loom mid ImirFo"' eject
loiter, she rays, the detective re
turned tovher liuiinn and threatened her
with arresl, tnviiig that aim win
ii .liii'i'iler'y hoinw. Her belief, im
ntnted to the therill', is Hint he did thlt
to iiecur" reveiye upon her for having
I ul linn and niinpunlnn nut. Her
iaii"irut is lorrobomted wlili one
r...... .1... . i.i .i-.i '
ii. .in in.- j i no mi ii ifiri.
Hull rou Is the nllluer who
hoars in MrDufflo's rur.iu al tjui
Hotel on Ilia inciiing Utio lie
leititc I'liplnln vn miHiiiliiiL linlim
llu lllliMllli. bV llOMg I'lllH, .Mf)Ulll
ii'iun of a I Mnaa MIi nWcar, iiirHlnll
hIki in grave elntuim lit t'Klor I Iku wnt
i ilii'lc lo I lie alloriiey Keiiiral lu I lie
ira.ii of MluTilf .laiii.il durinir (Im
M'ilulllc iiivealiiiali.iii linilii'ilfalllij'
m'lar M. fiiillif iiintUiil Hioitg
, um,v Mi. .'I I hp nut m i. I.. COM
j plalur.l uul'ilol linn I I. r nrri l for
iiaiii.ll . .n.llll i III., r . v
i li. . ill I ir. ii in,.!,, . I'd uUllI
Illll III Mi . ' I hill I il iiiit .'I.. IM
Ill' Hill'l ,ul W.. l id., in
ttliti 'I'. " ..ii.. in. fljMll. fllfUlM,
am) if Mili'tirl 1 1ml tl.ai I ni i ibiraa.)
i inn' m lali lliv iiumi Mini iiviluu
lH(lbt t
X rm "ncftVW ISfJP
mi HAS
Bishop RcsUirlck'Sayo bf
His 'Ovvn Church Should "Be
Treated As Othor 'Ortrriblcrj If
They Play Bridge 'for Money
ly oh 'All.
ii "b
"If 'blayllig lirlilgo fqt trioilny
Is robtriiry to illajlnwa rclatiiu;
to gambling til' Hits, Torrltory,
then if any of my people, brcik
tlio livr no moro favors should, bo
oxtended to them than to tho Ha
watlan youths who aro arrested
for tliootliiK crapn, or tho Ohlncso
men who aro arrentod for earn
l!t''ig. I bcllcvo no favors should
bo known tn enforcing lawn."
lllshqp ltestarick.
Yestotdny, in a second letter on tho
question of church lotteries, raised by
the holding of three raffles
with tho Itoniau ntholic Church
fair en Saturday, DlsTiop Hcstarick
made clear tile fact, that his objection
to, tho r.ifllcs mid his part In tho after
math were not dictated by sectarian
reasons, nor in a desire to promote a
e"tiir'.aii row. The Ilishop of Honolulu
declares tl at he is opposed to gambling
iu any form, whether it be craps,
stud poker, raffles or .briitgo whist
for nionev, and lielloves that an) ono
cnught taking part lu nny oild of these
trifl'tigs vvitli tho (loddess of Clmnco
pliould lio arrested and punished as by
law provided.
Tliousaml.Dollnr rino.
I). I .. Withlngton, wiio also wrote to
Tho Advertiser yesterday lu the mat
ter, draws tlio attt.ition of the one
who engaged In the rattles nn Saturday
that the lino can bo as high lis a thousand
dollars for each, or u voar on the
rcci, wiiuo inoso wno siiupiy huciiiicm
tho fair and nro Ihercforo to bo clawd
as "piesent at a gambling game," aro.
quilo llu iiiikIi lu Hanger ut arrest mill
active partlcipanls lu tho
sale and purchnso of,tho rafllo tickets.
(Continued on Pago Two)
(lly IVdcral Wireless Telegraph.)
TJJTUAN, .Morocco, December
' (Special to Tho Advurticer)
I'rinco .lfoii7.n, (ousiii of the King
of Spain, aiconip.iiieil by Colonel
Vivien, today flew from hero to
Arsilln, over a route infested by
Moors. Wlilln it wns hovering
nvor the eucmiis' position, tho
Moors !hot at tho aeroplane.
(Hy Cediral Wireless Telegraph.)
NAd'ASAKI, .In pan, December 1.
(Special to Tho Advertiser) Tin- li.it
tl cruiser Kirishimn vvnj l.iiiin.lir.1 to
day at tho ilislil yards In tlio
iiesenci of many prominent nnval olll
icrs. Her displacement is 7,.'i0() tons;
her turbines aggregate "0,(100 horso
power, She carries guns
ami eight torpedo tubes, uud has a
speed uf twenty eight knots.
(llv I'edernl Wireless Telegrnjih )
WaAJIIMITOV, December 1 -(Hpe
cial In Tho Vlvertlscr) A bill provid
uijr for one ci'nl Jelter pintagu was in
Iroduci'il toilav h Ui'iresciitiitive i'ark
of Ocoruia,
-- .1.
flly IVdirsI Wii.'ltws Tiii'urupli )
I.OSI.IIlN, Ii.ihiiiI.it I (hiimial lo
The iiullmnl rMrd da
tarliVM mo HinriHg Kniilailil and Ilia
itwilUMMil for iiiiMauii ul dollar
wilflli ul lalelv alttlun frum I lie
lluka nf i .maauKliI, Ku'enmr ueun.a
I uu. ti tut le invl.rv aurrMmda llu
4miUwiiim Ul liM. Jiwala. 'I'kf um
I n It liilil.' luilud.i lh.i tudnuia uf
I lie. nib r ul llu Iluilvr ami liumaiuoa
illn.iiun.il ui.. I j. iihI. lii'i
On Russian Steamer By Ottoman
Police of Kaualdi
Who Assassinated Schcfkct
Pasha, Grand Vizier, Tlircatcn3
Troublo Again Between Thcso
Ancient Foes.
Constantinople Report Is Tliat
Prisoner Was Taken Possession
Of Under False Pretenses and
Czar's Government Now Demands
tlio. Fullest Satisfaction
For Alleged Outrage.
(Hy federal Wireless 'J elegraph.)
LONDON, December 1. (Special to
The. Advertiser) Dispatches from Constantinople
rflpbrt 'troulllo between
Turkey uud Knssi.i over tho reported
suicidn In prison, ut Constantinople, of
ICavnklt Mustaplia, who was sentenced
to death for the murder, last suuimor.
of friliciliet I'nsha, iraud vizier and
minister of wur.
Knvnkli was teutenced wlillo ulitl at
large, but ho vvns arrested a w'eek ago
aboard a itusHan stvnmer, on tho
of tho Turkish police that lio
was a loaimou murderer. I
The Itnsslnn authoriUeii twheiiJthoy
learned that Knvnkli was wanted for
(tijtojitiral crime ile'in.uulr..l;'lii.iiroiiipt
rqlcatc. This Turkey refuscif and
again sentenced him tu death at a now
court martial.
Tho bdory of his suicido is" not believed.
It is supposed ho suciiuibed as
a ip, ult nf poliio methods tslkun to extort
iiifiiriuntlou regarding tho dealings
ol I'riaeo Snbaheddine, chief of 'tho
Voiing Turk 1'uity, uud other
nf the present Turkish regime
dumiiiids tlio 1 idlest satisfaction.
First One to Be' Appointed By
President Yuan Arrives
In Honolulu.
Aecnuipanli'il bj his wife and fouf
ehililion ami Ills secretary, Wr,l,lK Ivan,
Woo iluuiia Die new Chinese consul to
Haw air, arrived on tlio ateancr Tcnyo
Muru yetU'rilnJ and at onco took
of tlio consulato on Sheridan
street. "
The arrival of Mr. Woo marks new
era lu Chinese diplomacy, fur ho is tho
first foreign consul nppniiituil by I'res
ideut Yuan hhlli kai, anil Honolulu is
the first city to welcome lilnl lo hjs
duties. This appointment lo take
tho plain of former Consul Chen C'hing
Ho, indicates that President Yuan proposes
to make n clean sweep iu tho
Chinese diplomatic survlie, as Wu Ting
I'ling' has ulrendy been olfereil the po
itiurt of minister to tho United States
uud has announced ho will take tho po
sit Inn if tlip olliio is raisod to that uf
C.insiil Woo is a rather heavy set,
well built ,iian, a thorough gentleman
and speaks Kiigltuli with a lluencV
vvhbh Is suririsiug. llu dresses ns a
well to do business man and gives ono
tho impression uf stningth, ns of a mnii
who does thiligH. lie is a Hrsonal
friend of I'realdnnt Yuan mid
hits eoinp to Honolulu direct from i'e
kin wldch ho left early in Nnvumbor
for Honolulu.
.Inst at this time Conmil Woo snld Im
would prefer not tn inakn any stale
mont for Ih xipers or tb Ills rouutrv
men, on tha grnuiid that lio had onlv
lust uud was unfnmllur with
Hie situation horn lie' spoke fraelv nf
the lu reklug h hen die Infl,
but ilali.il thai lids wim sniiir. time nuo
and lliori'fiiri. Hivm was im nnwa which
he had uf iuluii'sl
On boar. I tin- T. nwi ilnru, luiwevrr,
Im rrralvwil a ulnl.s.a niujWHKn an
IIUUIuiliH that an iilt..m.l had Iickii
luailr t. u. .inn I'i iiUliI 1 uiii.
amuiiaiilh I. Ii an aTT.i
pUlva I'm 1.. i bellma ilia
lor iiiii ii . 1 1 i l. . '"Ulaiii'a hi
I'll'.il. . i I. I . he war uill. i'
Wild tin I . lb if i'wa.'h
ii.'.n Im l I ( Pw.l
I. i I 1 ,. I nn. hi Mft 'i
ilia I u. ii It.. i m na attuimiii
Ulllltf llliv ul llii.. anai'laiU'i In if. I
al I'm . I. 1 1 UM I, Alia .l.llltlruu
i I.I ,:,,(, I, 1' 'J'U)
I ' ?

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