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vol. vi., ko isi HONOLULU, HAWAII TBKIUTORY, l?..C'liMr.KK 12, .J3...M'..MI WISEKI.Y. WIlgl.K NU.MHKR 3807
Chamber of Dcp,a cs of Mexico
Votes to Qiva FrvX s;onal
"' ident Full Authority in Admin-
' istration of Department of War,
Department oFFinance and Da-
partment of Interior.
Family of President, Thought to
Bo Fleeing Toward Manzanillof
Will Be Granted Refuge by
American Warship at That
Port, Is Announcement Does
Not Mean Hucrta's Recognition.
12. (By Associated Presr
Cable) President Huerta's
power was made more sscurc
by the chamber of deputies last
night when that body voted him
full powers for the conduct of
the department of war, department
of finance and department
of the interior. Thit
places Hucrta in absolute con
trol of all branches of the
ernment and especially on
vvuuuw vjl !' mm me ruining,
of funds' for carrying on his
campaign against the Constitutionalists,
and makes him absolute
diotator of the Republic.
. yirelessTelegnpli.)
WASIIINCTON, December-! 1
(Special to The Advurtfaur)
The United States will uivo
to, tlie family of I'njsidcnt
Utiertn in. casua request should
ilfc made that they lie allowed to
stake refuse on an American war
,'TIie attitude of the United
States does ntit include- a non-'
recognition of the women of
famUy. It has been reported
that 'the dictator's rein t hoi
a id en -route to Mananillo and
juik'lit make the lequest of Admiral
Cowles on thu California
That cruiser repoited its dei)ar-
. tin u today fioin Mananillo to
San Hliih. Another shii iirobably
will he sent to Maimmillo.
' iltcports from the City of .Mex
ico Ktati that I'lloi'ts wen' Dcinc
made by nu element in the pro
novernineiit to iudiii'i
1 1 licit a to negotiate an
iticn Ciiinmii. the
(onstitiifioimlift leader poiiilin
nu eli'i'lion
III IVlTl Mi(li 'UlifMh)
JlHKI.IN, Ihwuiiitirr II rd(w( 1"
'Pint AUrlUMT) .'H" h
Miut'v flum JWIIm at l In' iii- i'i
I'fln'x lhMMtiwt't rn .l'ii iii 1 1- ii"i
rUtilt; trl I thti ini. " I b
I If JHliMl Kuilid M. Ifcilm
"TIm likw' wvll inri'
llilil Wu ul li . Irwbu tiH'M 'ii ''
4mwi' ji llif rvjxi'tl (
l,uutt .mi I'lin. .
HHltliUei lht Hit iikii Au.ii.ai.
JtHttini Qui i tiiiwi. ttlii.ii.i,
Ml iNNftiMfcMMMM , 4 mkl
JIA91 0mii tuU0i'
(-i -
deuispiu. M gT 4r
Hawaii's New Governor Leaves
Coast, December 23 ; Many Tour-
ists Eooked for Islands.
ily WlrrlMiTfloRrjiifi.)
fcAN I'l.XCISfO, L'ceemLer 11.
J?ir to Tl-e AiHertitir) Word ii
nu -I era tiKlajVifroiii ViiKhlnston
ltli.it, t tRSjifyiiiieil
na iiut liis toniiuUntiuu
retjaritfu lluu;ui.in afTnirs n early us
expected. Hb will Icjic tlic Capitul in
time 'to arrive liere on tlie sixteenth,
lioucver, mid Mill sail fbr Hunohilii on
Tho liaiiquetx uill be,giveii tlio new
(lovernor during liis few daj liere. At
one tlie hosts will be thu local
of the SiiKar' l'attora
whiln the Hawaiian residents of
the city will lie the hosts at the other.
(lnTnior I'iiihhuin has accepted both
iniitiitions, which were telegraphed to
Ihe Miitsoii liner I.urliiio, now on its
A.iy to lloiiolulti, is larrjiiiR (lfteeli
freight cars for the 1'earl Ilurbor naal
station and some army and navy supplies.
All the December steamers for Hono
lulu are booked ftjlNup and this month
wjjII probably inarR'a
lor the Hawaiian capital.
(Hy I'edernl Wireless Telegraph,)
WASHIXOTON, December 11. (Spe
clnl to The AdiertUerJ Thtit Assist
ant Hecretarj of Labor I'ost expects to
sulimit a comprehensive plan in tlie
interests of tho workers of the nation
was admitted nt the labor department
today. The mont Important ftuture of
the sdiemu lonteiiiplates thu stoppiuu
of :liits in the labor market, tho aid
if the agriculturalists and thu welfare
if AmcriMiii farmers, and lialdeutully
will (i 11V j u solution of the imiuiurutiuu
., , ..
J' KediTuI WindoM Telegraph.)
hlIIMiTOK', Deiember II.
(HiiMil to The Advcrliner) The
.'iil it teleurniii In the vhumber
of . iiiiimtTi ul llmdimter, New Vork,
lu'lu), H'KfitllliL' Diut lie Has nimble In
ii'Miurs HihI luiuy lonlylit y lurf ills
iNUiti Ii'UiiIhhix 'rim TriUi ' vuiio
IS lllil ill lUKilltioll VIlM' l'fHlillll
Issiisll H.k Ii- ik rnuinik fnr I lie
- -
(llv I'h.iu) Wind.. 1'nltuii'li )
)Mmi tl.HWCiMll
i 'U ttititiwi Wis l'Htf n
uu IIH mt WMIM M IWil' U
r i.ifii'U'tt xluwl In mat Ky,
leii i J Irmti !'( jwatlliut ilj u.ylit
I'lti tU Imt4 uf 1uMtMi h$4 i'
i. vo lr ririMiM. ImmMintrtS
iiK idy HMtiUatKNiDM M liM Vvtt
Hit Ywutt mtpurt
the Rebels in
;te:i ki .-a rm&.s
ilS3Es&r tf. v v
. tfraj , "i ?.
Threo of th men in command of th regiment f the Mosicnn rebels who
are entitled to the credit of bringing it to its present high clliciency. Left to
right (Jnpt. Aiitomq A. liimrero, loiouei unregou ami uapt. .lose A. lioelia.
William H. Goetz Is Called
Suddenly, to Final Reward
One of Honolulu's Best Known1
Citizens Stricken With Apo-1
plexy Dies Within Three Hours
Prominent in Masonic Cir.
cles; Mystic Shrine Ceremonies
Indefinitely Postponed.
William II. Goetz, one of Honolulu's'
best Known and nyist beloved citizens,'
is dead. Within three hours after In'
wus stricken shortly after six o'clock
last night death had claimed him. Apo
plexy u'a tho cause. 'J lie cud came
ut o'clock last night, despite
nil that atteudiiij physicians' lould
do to bring Iniik to tousCloi)snpN the
iiiiiii who but a few hours liefori) wu
apparently in the best of health. His
wile wus at the Include.
liu I'ompluliiuil of bemx ill wliil on
Ids way Irum his ullice mid ivns uslst
hoiiiu by u friend.
Deceased was a Millie of WiMoiwiu,
iige'l lorl;.tliri'i yenls. Ho is survived
by Ms wife together Willi Ids iwillur
qui) iiur, 'llin lullur two rmtu a
Laiidoi, V(iiulin. They Mill U Huli
(11 of the d ii j Hi iliU luorniag. Mr
(loeU iiiotjuir vlsllwl with Iwr sun mil
liitv in lliiuululu iluiing lli
si suiiinmr.
)i'tfttMti was ujriulvudi nt of the
llb((iiUil fctipKHmul ol lb- mm H '
lutin. He win in lltmvlijlu klut
ymn wu Hunt Huimuh i i .
UtftfMtWO. Ml I'll Ttnrf Hi vv j mi'
uf llif rtiufi" Uwttt ut u,i ul iln
lltiHl4i lie Dim ifij (or I in Mir
itui l)lf fw TU nil. i
) HnfyUHU lli iwiimIuIiii) "'
lfc Hu mkuii sitio i"
1M MiUil tt tinm u( bit 4sili
Ul Uutt ' potniiiftil 11 Mu'ii
I lit If ( llMli'l (4tlft lu III
tfu lu wit4 ! I-! iiivii i ill
Mm ut Atirftn 'Km Hi,
Ji- Mt)M-, ft Ht.iidi.li. A, ll I. I
Mt its' KM UUJ iLttil tkMub ..I
Turbulent Mexico.
. " 1 '
that order, mlMuiciug from tho position
of rubbaii.
In 1M!I he was iiiarried to Miss Jessio
Whitney of Wyoming, tho result of a
while the young couple were
attending the Voming university
Mr. rioel moved with his parents to
Wyoming while ho was n child and It
was there he learned the printing bust
new, tho public, suhouls and
tudloil for two years In'tho statu mil
In 1U10. he utrong bucking In
his i'innlli(ii.'.i for luicriuil reieaint ol
Iwlor In Walter Drake.
I'riiiu (lie lime of his arrival hern
about (iflceij VKuri alio he bvunn iii.i'
I Hi Pittas, tHlllig mi asllve. tlmiigli
iiiiiiiiinRK Inlsrritt In pnlillc nlfuirs
ind espKifiiilly Ijj Idninic en'iiln As
ii i uipiujrn vm Whj '0iulur Willi Ills
i r,.ii,H wurkinen mi rMli in 'Iimui i
of men UU puitjiirlty mjii! lulled and iki
HM buw "Hilly" Qimii lut Ii. wunl
lu uumiist Mih niT0Mi( lilf frlvmls. lie1
a jfWMt liusUdd, y HuMli) illicit,
Ml frtemJ, mii wtliii Im Mill be
iliiipli fl l) I his )HHHMUlit
lie fimwsl W im mS from Uu
. . I'ithi ii iniiiirrow n(iiii"iiii on
llin uiiti of lb tliili ui Ii I
ih. H n mi Kill t fMluHKil
11 H nil til lh HllliMIll 'I lili
' i".l' On lltJjlN iii.nit)l
Ki 1'ifcw limidv Mi(lr Hbriii .lnl
I I III i i I'll lulUUIIUW, bli I'll'l.
t.U llilil wtsHMH Uf, (luWs umI
uti.u tis4ii ft nrujiiii iU
ltlt (ul llllll Sfl
I.neUmg funds, t,he f
re lal to mole troops in any way pus
Ible as long as thev arrlied at the tie
ired devtiiiutliin. In the picture they
ire shown nil the top of a rattle, ear
virt of 11 rebel "troop train."
Miv Keder.il Wireltsi TvluOTiiitli )'
im pecia
r r
la The ilrtlser) f ie juttililm'unen
of a new mord for the nrrtial of lin
..!... nnnoiiuced ... .lillls Is
IllUlilllin t.n Hiiiniiini vn w. -.i- -
I . ...T ....I.... M.. .it... scarain ilnVu 4 lit
llllll llf'lilt. I'll iU "J ' '
. I.....u.....l immigrants nrriim
week (en 1.IIIJII1.IIIII 1 filHIIIP .-
on vnriou lmeis, the previous .record
I flag yeven luoiishiui hi u rini;m dny.
IniliiiitioiiK point to ll coiitlnniiiiro ol
thu. lieaiy iimiiigratinn indefinitely.
(Ily rcderal Wirelcts, Teltgraph.)
1IAO, ilorocco, December JI. (Special
to Tho Advertiser) i- I'ifieeu
l'reniliiiicn were killed today and twen
wounded, including a captain,
and ii lieutenant, in a clash in, which u
Trench column captured the town of
Ainga'nUa from the Moors.
illy redcrnl Wireless Telegraph.)
SN I'KANUSIO, December 11.
(tpcciul to The Advertiser) Tor
iienil two weeks W T. Denlsou,
njipointed seiretnry of tho interior
of the Philippines, foruierly assistant
United Ktntes attorney general,
has been walling at the I'lilrulont Hotel
for his toiillrmutlou by the, senate.
Meanwhile two transpacific liners linvu
left this port.
Denlsou was loiifideut this morning
that lin would reielve tho nccosjiury ud
vices in time to enable him to sail on
the Nippon Mam, whiih loft this port
this afternoon, but 1m wus
as ho was u few dajs ugo when an
other t, re nt kteamship pulled nwny,
(lit V r I 'I eli'iinipli )
MU MiHK, littiii.ler II
In Th AUturllxT) " UIihvh thu I
before ihe end ut this month (lruit
Hriluln will nuuuui lis JinUlflii t"
pitiiitliiHie oflliisll) in lb Mud 1'h
.Km spud i urn," 'Iwliirtil Iwri Ki
luifi pruuiuttu or mi rinUW)l w
iinti'i, Him iu i i lorn min Ut
Ii Mi I
II. i. leu In u H-l "4'M ftf 111
I im i Him iilnliil ul tin Anl(vJj(M(l
.u I'tjjrt iii.ii hi l,n Ion, vvM'h owns
mil Mn ll "! fl.lil) lh ll'H
id unit mini ul "i'il isif lh rllil1'11
'iclkiii hm lit Awiflu Ainrin lit
Piili'ii i'd imu,iiii ii iu Man fru
Mayor Fern Leads
Dance, But Balks
in Doing Tango
Hizzoncr Happy as Ho Smilingly
Gives His Ofllcial Approval to
What Proved to Be Most
Event Under Municipal
"You bet city dnnce Hue thing;
I Ink, everjbody happy; no pl'i
kin." Thus did Hizzoncr, Mavor
J'ciru, ldbt night bestow- las
blessing uponKVrhnt promises
to be one of HonoliAu 's most, sue
cessful municipal amusement fca
tures, the public dnuie. One thou
snnd men and women, ho,)s and
girls, danced and looked on us the
mayor graceful hud smiling, g ided
tlirimfiV the opening waltr in the
renovated pavilion in Knplolnui
1 ark.
A seductive taligo was tho sec
mid number on thu program mid
thu major, it is said) was about to
attempt the dame that, now agitating
tho old world as well us (he
new, whin he thought of the dig
nit y he owed his position and with
a polite bow led his prifttypartiior
link t her seat and witli her
watched while the happe throng
glided through the enchanting inline
of Cnptalu Henri Merger's -
It viij a j erf et niooiilMit ulilit, &
and Manager Hill 1 ad Inntle pro a .
rations to lea. tint the visitors
were well received.
It was a tisfnopo'itnn crowil, but
the dnnie was flee from lowdvlstu,
and every one who went, whether
to dance or luo'r on, had a i owl
time. 'I here is no doubt, it is
claimed, but ihee public dancis
will be made net My features.
"1 tel1 ,voii what,' slid thu
mavor, "that dance he was good.
Mr, l'ualii not Here, but she could
ome If she want. There w.is no
rough I oiim', no row; overjthiug
go just fine f ami dandy. Some
ore lu .like tango, all right; just
tonight, my feet he no feel good."
(Ily lVderal Wirolejss Telegraph.)
Jv'I.W YOltK, December 11.
to The Advertiser) .Secretary
llr.van. Sjieakiug beforq tint cl?rial confluence
ot the New York IVderntion ut
fhurches on the sublet t ot ' ' I'lindi
mentals," tonight del lured it to bo his
belief that "it i.s possible for a mill
really to earn honestly i:!(),0()l) a jear
for a llletimo of thirty liren and one
third wor.ilng yenrs, or .1 million ilol
lars in n lifetime."
'Secretary llr.van mode this decluri
tion in disiiiheiiig man's relation to the
society nliout him,
(Ily rcdernl Wireless Tflegraidi)
U).'DON', December 11. (Special to
The Advurtlscr) Thu appeal of Mis
u. w. vnetli Miujoric .Webb from the
decision ot tl0 Incorporated Law So
ciety refusing to admit her to the bar
becauso of hoi sex- was rejected toda)
by tho high, court.
Tho lourt adhered to tho Mow that
n woman is not a "person" within tin
meaning of the solicitor net of 1KI.1
gratefully adding the words, "doubt
less the app leant is of superior cduca
tiou uud intelligence to many males
but the court lias nothing to do with
(llv I'etlerul Wireless Telegraph.)
VKTOIIIA, II. '., December 11 -(Special
to The Advertiser) lu replv
to n large deputation of women whe
(ul'ed upon him toda, Hir lliiluird Mi
llrlde refused their request for the In
Irodiiitiou of a suirragu bill liv the gov
ernment of llritlsh (.'olumida Tin
I'reiuier suld hu feared that If women
got the vote they would soon sit in
parliament) uud it would be ruusoiiubli
to tiippoMt Unit some time they would
form ii woiuun's jmrty uud thus nttempt
In run the ullnirs uf thu coiiiilri
(I'v lelrrsl Wireless Teli'glHph)
NrW MillK, HfetiiUr 11 iHm"IuI
lu 'I'll AdteitiMri I uunltHM IkI Nuiii,
mLh hsr umnmnit wus Mrs Kbvi
Wrijhl, gAS K tlliiMr fwlluwml b)
luiii lui ill hr Iiimw lutl nllil fur UIm
IIWmi )Iuiuii liumiMMlsw uud lm
me, VinrDl AHut,
wi.iit, itm little uf tu riUieii hu
hut ).l btiu mlstlii ll will l k'Ii
Usi. i y ,g i.t iu 4j,4(j iu u Wu.i
gtril's itiwitli g NUktburM, wlwri
Hi. HiddlHH uf Ills lluulttitfTuli's I'U
li Ul luur ili
N 1
Ex-Senator Achi Heads
to Improvement Measure
at Rousing and Enthusiastic
Meeting Held in the Fifth
; Pacheco Also Takc3 Hand
in Opposing Tax Law.
In Unimpassioned Argument He
Points Out the Advantages and
Increase in1 'property Values
: That Will '"poliov Opening,
Straightening and Improving of
Streets of Honolulu.
Tho pour old frontnB" tax law was
jumped upon, knocked down and held '
i to be bulfeted.flgmn in a most im-
ii'iirciiui iiiiiuuer titsu iiigni ul u
of tlie i'.ilamn lninrovement Asso
ciation, nod full btflucky to survive,
iccordlng to tho cinmpions ot the opposition
as expressed at tho meeting,
the find on tlio fronlngo tax problem
held iu the fifth district.
I! Krnntor ( buries ehl simply
"jmstei'l It oon" in tho ujo, and
lli.il the lit'st thing to do was
to borrow lp),QOO and s)iend It all in
the Uf th ilistrut for good roads and
In in r ",
A for 8uperv;sor Wolter, he, slapped,
it oil the wrist igood nnd plenty,' lie.
put ii iroldn up 1 ft Albert AVnterbouso
which nicJited '.'strtinper," and
itfas e0iH.riir.llel;lfpl,4lt,reUtc4. trf
piece. o' Juil'tli roads
on threo sides null n frmitnge tnr f.0
pnv. I.csUr I'etrle solved the ptoblem
bv saying he would sell It.
llarr.v Atild piesided nnd called upon
Ihe v.irioii" peol.eri to tell what they
thought thi) knew about, tho frontago
tair. It wne .1 curious medley which de-vi
loped. Ihrco sujurvlfdrs wpro present,
nt,d all of them told what they were
doin for the I'eople, and especially fbr
those of the fifth district, uud then they
procc'ded to prove it.
Albert AVntcrlionse snld he hadn't
quite iii'idc up his mind, but thought
tho frontngo tax w.is the solution of
Hie tliflicullicH of good roads and would
be sure to toine.
Hupcrvisoi I'ctric told lion tho money
goes ms handled by the board, stating
that the estimate for roads for the next
six months is .(iO,000, but $.1(1,000 goes
for sprinkling the streets, cleaning and
nro of equipment, which leaves little
for the loads "themselves. Taxes, ho
mid, wcic not increasing, but tho roads
were. This yenr's tnxes arc $27,000
less than tho expectntlou, Mr. Pefric,
however, fuvored tho frontago tax as a
solution of the problem, although lin
lcknoulcdgcd that fifty ptr cont of. the
people who use the streets aro not property
Aclii Sounds Note, of Warning.
Then Senator Achi started things
going in tine fifth district style, speak-
'ng in tlnwaliiiu. Hut there were cries
of "(!ivo us aomo haolol'' and he
switched to eloquent Kuglisb. Ho did
not speak in Chinese
Tho former senator paid a compliment
to the preeut board of supervisors
bv blaming tho condition of the
fifth district roads on former boards.
He compared Makiki street with l'ua
'ane, and asked and answered the question
ns. to Mukiki by saying tho
g.ivo the land and the pooplo
paid for tlie street.
He pounded a note of warning against
the lilshop Estate, which, ho asserted,
on nod fifty per cent of lh.) property
In certain sections, anil, under the law,
could mil for frontage tux Improvements
mill lorce the poor people to
pav tor it. IN'tfie, however, iiunounocd
that tin. board of supervisors would
have suiiiutluhg to snv iu such u cn?o.
Achi accentuated the fact that tho
llstrlet was ut the mercy of the Illshop
Mute, .Hid that the samo conditions'
nrevuiied in other parts of tho city,
lie snld Ihe fiuntngu lax wus n sue
'i" lu iimn.v iltios nu tho inalnlnud,
hut u litloim hero were dilfcreut.
I'liwii he niH nli o tint prejudices ut
lllllSU piUM'Ill,
Will lit aro Montrd Men,
"Thti Iuh suvs that thu froiitiigc tux
ss.minenl. k,H ) ,, N lt tlu ,r0,,
riy nut I uUvud of any mortgage 'I'li's
'iieuns linn mi) llavvulluii or innu of
mull lueses muiiul Iwrrutv on his prop'
rlr urttur 'irenmiun. c Morn
ihAM llllt per rn uf Ihe lioii's In
lluiiiiliilu me lulll with borruwid
mini' 1 1 i In- liourd ul ii,i'i nurs
unl iln. Im it will sur Iho
iiuui'd mil n -M l m bi, will unl Icud
iiuiii j, ln. I I Ik it Iui lujtiuuivi Of U
Nil 1 llliii' I I '
"'Iln I i ' iUllliut'd Add,
I- I" I" , .-!. Ill ItuiruM i),
't'W Mbl urn rut v ik iimUs In tint 'lurid
nli H nu! applnuiii i
( I vtiliuuaul UN I'sJJS lUJfJ

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