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Messages Received From Admiral
Fletcher, in Command of United
States Fleet on Mexican Coast,
Says Constitutionalist Army Is
In Full Retreat After Crippling
Waterworks, Since Repaired.
News Is Welcomed In Washing
ton of Restoration Of Order In
Recently Besieged City
Makes Grand Stand Demo
cratic Spectacle Of Himself to
Gain Popularity.
WASHINGTON, December 10.
(15y Associated Press Cubic)
Two messages wcie leceived
from Admiral Fletcher,
who is in coniiiiiind of the fleet
of Aiuerienn warships on the Hast
Coast of Mexico. The first was to
the effect that the Constitutionalist
troops were in full retreat fioni
Tanipico, but had succeeded in
uniting oil- the water supply from
Hint city.
Late last night the navy
received ;i wireless dispatch
itiiiiouncing that rep-tits had been
and that the. pupiily had been
Admiral Fletcher also gave the
welcome news that all was again
quiet in and around Tanipico and
that business was rapidly reaching
its normnl condition in I ho cil
oneo more.
(liy Wirchss Tell grnph )
lfi. (Special to The Advertiser)
1'resident lluertn undertook today
to show the people of this
city how democratic- he is. lie
donned a battered felt hat, a
overcoat, a gray sweat
cr, a pair of greasy old trouseiH
and long unpolished shoes. Then,
instead of taking a caniage, lie
walked from his residence to the
national palace.
of great britain
(Ilv Kciltrul Wireless Telegraph.)
LONDON', December 1C (Special
to The Advertiser) The Tunes ile
otes three columns this morning to re
liortx 1 rom lemling commercial mill
imlubt rial icuters of the Uuiteil King
ilom on the uctunl, or prospective, effect
of the Underwood tarllf on
industries. ,
Somo manufacturers are optimistic,
some urc diffident and many cautious
ly nan-committal. There has lieen no
appreciable expansion of business In u
majority of places from which reports
have been received, but several cities,
including Ieods, Dundee nnd Hclfnst,
refuirt that the new- tarilT has (jive a
decided fillip to trade
T j
(llv I mlorul Wlrulu.s Telsrupli.)
I'ANAMA, ln sinbcr n Ihpwisl I
lo Tbu A'lvrtir uf liv
imiuI ihjihimIUb Mltv llit If uo
liuilitir Mtt thkr (il lb Ur4 sliip
will iu tlirmigli 1 1 MiNtl In January, '
. l
I'US ht t'ttd.
(AtlditiBi T'lrvrtpu Nttvi vu I'ngt ) I
Birdseye View of City of Mazatlan
timt c'ty held liv the lluertn forces
- Jf TNl.
iJJi I Hi
itFrSP w3S3s
Ma.atlau is the only impoi
li."S-' '& M II PFI IM If I III ' I Hi
fisaW mmM
?53B$5jl!ffl vmmtM2i i i$F
Will Return Ahead of Pinkham
To Sot In Motion New
(Hj IVderal Wireless Telegraph)
SAN rJiANCISCO, December 15.
(Sie(i.il to Tbe Advertiser.) While
speculation as to ho new secretary of
the lerntory of Hawaii is still rife, i:,
A. Mott Smitli, the iiicuiiibeut, will as
"1st (loveruor I'inkham in launching his
This was made certain today when
it was learned that tlio secretary, f j
lowing an of courtesies witM
tlie new (loveruor, would precede him j
to Honolulu on tlie h. . Mongolia next
Tluirsdiiv, whli h Is due in Honolulu
December 2).
Ily ariiingeiiients with rJnveriior
I'liiklinui, Setretary Mott Smith will
in motion in Honolulu the ma
I'hlnery of vvhldi IMukliaiii will take
ihargu niioii his arrival, and It is understood
'tlmt the new policies will
the new (loveruor, as a touse I
It is iinmiiiiiitMl Hint Hcirt'tnrv Mutt I
Mnltli will hold a ((inference with Hut
(loveruor Thursday mnruliig, just be '
tore he leaven, nud that ho will re
ii'lvo Ins instructions then.
(loveruor I'liilthnm will sail for
Honolulu on the steamer Hoiioliiliiu
I 'hi iiiii her i,
fl IVdiirHl Wirslmw TlutHdi)
HowTiiN', UiMir
Tlt )sltMk lll
piMl4 4mm sliiit, wllfc blak
kava Mr 1. ill. ir i.i.. miBdc at llttri u, I
I . . .t . ,,. . . .. . i
- ' ', .' "'i.i.i, iiiih ( wi
1 J l4lil, Ut
Iw.-4 lliv Inirilva l lauiuliv I, ilia L
i.iH miwi
Masked and Armed Men Invade j
Town, Burn Houses and i
Maltreat Family.
(Ily l'edenil Wireless Telegraph.)
Jiisoun, December
I.I. -(Special to The Advertiser) Kif
teen masked and armed men, Said to
have been feud enemies of the Collins
lainily, of Old Morton, mi fobucd vil
Inge in Howell (ouut, rode into that
town vesterday, burned four liousen bo
longing to the family, K'verelj beat
several of the Collins and warned them
to leae the lonimunity Immcdlatclv on I
pain of deiith. 4 1
The miiiauders went to the home of 1
Mrs. .lane Collins. Her daughter was I
whipped with switches. Mrs. Collins,
"who Is blrud, was handled roughly, but
not seriously injured.
Alter lenioviug the children nud fur i
niture from the house the men setyire
to the building nud vvatihed it burn to
the ground. The home of Dan Collins
was next lNted bv the Imml aml'lhe
house nud bam set on lire i
(H.V I'eilerul Wirelew Ti legrapli I
NKW IIAVI'.V, luimeidiul, Diiii
Icr In Tin
1'iHsldsiil V II Tft loot,
Unit bp)oniiiif Minimi., i mi iiiiiion
of IlllMT ill.puls. whli Ii Ik muI lii.t
ll flHIIIll UM'I Mill m,mhI.,I
MpjWillllMtlllt or U I III. Ilh. I ullllll all ,i I
tt$r its lliw liilli li I , I ll ,i.I,i I, In
till- allll, I I uf atllki
Mr 'lull gnu n ii , ' H Ii I
lilla III H ll Ii ll III Hill ,1 ,l Ii V ,il
kuitlMMff Jubll ltMl) II.. I, j..,,..!,!
of lll lltlfMllOHnl Hkis luriiui, who
puk uli " 111 liialllkl l'iii '
in Sinal'on.
Tl inMhn ... ,i;A
in Northern Mwiieo.
Seal- His Help for Militant
Leader Continue Work
of Destruction.
' JL.
(Hv I'ederal Wireless Telegraph)
LONDON, Deienfher IB. (Special to
The Advertiser) Soulhorueigh, an un-'occupied
inuntry ..house near Hristol,
vvat burned dm I licit he night.
gette literature was left scattered
about thtf place.
Militant leaders 'luechiro tliev would
ush their (.uiupsiignjof destruction with
nil possible energy as long as Mrs.
Pnn'diurst vvns held, ifi jail.
Suffragette, lenders today sent the
following telegrniiito King George!
"In .voifr Majesty's name, u noblo
vvmriiii Is being dJinu to death. We
tail upon your Majesty to stop this
mine Lcforo ltfjs too late."
Militant MiirtuKDttWffctui;teiJ n firu at
Jioviu port. Today vvhiAa "tlbl $.iOU,UUU
damage. Tho conflngratipn entirely
the Toc Klliott Company's
junl nnd soverul neighboring build.
uiifo The iniendinries left a pliuanl
near the seem of the lire inscribed,
"Ucvenue for Mrs. l'ankhurst."
Mm Sylvia 1'niiKliiirHt, who, like her
mother, was sorving a Jail sentence tor
ini'iliug ;i riot, was released this
nt the point of death fiom
thirst nail sleep strike.- Hesldos
to cut or drink she'vvalked
about her cell tn keep herself
from sleeiilng,
When given her liberty under the
( at and Mouse Ait she was at tho point
ol prostration from olTccts of fluting.
Shouting "Votes for women," a
handsomely dressed suffragette threw a
hammer through a local police station
window today. She was arrested.
(Ily 1'ederul Wireless Telegraph.)
M:W YOltK, December IS. Speiml
to 'I ho Advertiser.) A magnificent
diamond, said to surpass in size and
quality tho famous Kohinoor, Ciillinau
ltegunt, Star of tho South, and other
large illuiiiuiids, is on exhibition in a
special show easo ut a 1'lltli Avenue
jewelrj store.
Tins stono weighs )fi() i units and is
valued at moro than $300,000.
(IU Federal Wireless Telegraph)
WASHINGTON, December 1.1. (Spe
(ial to The Advertiser) The tango
crae has MrucR the cabinet elide, as
we'l as the diplomatic set and the win
ter colony Mrsi A. H.i liurlesou, wife
(.1 tlio (ntinustor general, whose iliaim
tug vouiig daughters, Misses l.ucv and I
"iTIiii'V, are the tango exierts, has Is !
stic'i numinous Kir a tango tea, to lie
given in tlie new homo of the Iturlesoiu
on "Iloxer Diij," Deieinbi'r 20,
ltv IVderal Wireless Telegrnpli I
IjUMXIS, lleiemlier Hi. , Special to
Hi AilMTlI.er) Mrs, Kellett Clmili
I cr, lmllsr knoiMi umler the 'ii iimiiic
of "Siiin (nrnw, " It In id n KuuiarilHii
HoapitNl, rtituverln; from u aerious up
sihIIiu Mhieh wits ieiforini"l oH rl
1 dsv.
(My IVifewl Wlrule. 'IVI.H'splO
' UK AM), Uiwiujiljrr IA (HM
i Ihe -' ClmlUtlMf
I. . , 'HnkfauvJ'' WH uf JmIjN
tiMUr iwwiiv liyiwlw ef llm IUu
"I,. lib, uidsltutd it wiiuisUr of
Hi I'luiialtut ( hwidi (imii lu'U
g H
(llv 1'edeinl Wirele s TeleKrnph.)
WA8H1NOTON, December 15.
(Special to Ths Advertiser)
Tho house Immigration con.mltUo
this afternoon favorably rcporto.1
on the Burnett Immigration B'll,
ncconipamc.1 by stringent Provl
s'.ons barring all Asiatics, mill
tant sulttagcttcs and anarchists.
The incasaro aho Includes the
literacy test, requiring all to road
and write- ono language
W :Jt );! Q
Government- Prosecutor Says He
Will Unearth Gigantic
tern of Fraud.
(Ily I'ederal Wireless Telegraph)
SAN l'KANCISCO, December lo.
(Sue ial lo The Advertiser) rigiues
taken Irom the books of the Western
l'uel ( oinpniiy Were cited todav by
Matt 1 Sullivan, special government
prosecutor, to show that the eomp.iuv
lied n ade nearlv '.100,000 by fraudu
lent method",
Sullivan's startling charge were
made in the opening stiitemoiit for the
prosecution in the famous fraud trials
before .lodge Dooling in tho federal
court today.
Sullivan s.iid thai within u period
01 ten jears tlie western l uei coin.
p.iny sold til, 01IS tons more coal than
it owned, If the weights were correct;
that the Pacific Mall Company was
paid "drawback" duties on 22,1311
tons of coal that was not entered.
These two Items, according to Sullivan,
amounted to Inixnl upon
the current prifcs of coal at the time.
On coal drlfyerccf to yiilted' States,
transports, lietwceji .Tuiiunry, 1 00 1, and
December, 1012, the gov eminent paid
tor 1.1,(1!) tons, eontlng approximately
whicli It did not receive, said
(llv I'l'deral Wireless Telegraph )
WASIIINO'lON, l)i ceml er 1. (SpJ
liul to The Advertiser) ( huugis in the
basis of rcpiesentation at future nil
tional (iinveutioiis, sj lis to reduce tho
Smith's proportion of delegates, will be
tho tojdc of at the opening
meeting of the Hi publican national
lommitteo here toiiionow.
Committeemen who had already ar
rived in the ut said today that the
members of the pari 's progressive
wing inuring them favored tlie move,
but the standpatters were undecided.
If i. majoritv of the loiuuittcc was
found to believe in it, a special party
((invention proliablv would be cnllo I to
mtifv or uverrule the plans.
,. .
(llv I'ederal Wireless Telegraph.)
SVDNHV, Australia, December 1.1.
(Special to The Advertiser) Australia
will be represented olllcinll.v at the San
I'riiiu isi n I 'an a inn l'air, as a result of
the visit of tlie Aineriinu lominissiou
ers. Hesides the ledernl governiuent,
tlie governments of New South Wales,
Victoria, South Australia, Queensland
and Tasmiiiiia have decided to pnrtiii
pute at Sau
The (liiiiueiiil grants probably will ag
gregale tftim.lili i. New 'enlninl will
nisi) be rfpri'MMitcil. Its grants mat
aiiininit to .'0(i.ii(ui
start devolution
(llv IVilmid Wiieli'M Telugrnpli.)
MAN I'llAMIWO, )iMli4ir
I' lu The Advrtlsr)
- Deuliiring I ha I Vuhii
Mii Ul vmt trying to Lwv dim
M(f dxilurwl Muuaiiur Mid iraiM
(mm Hi nw fWipirtillc lita i m
HlluiMry mumtk), wNirly H
tlUHdlMl WfMlWr Of lk (llllHtMl If
ralauy iiuii ymtty l lk i t
i Unihm m rtivoimloii m ewM hiw
flow alili
4' 'r ll
Japan Refuses Application Of
Marconi Wireless Company for
Permission to Build Stations
and Proposes to Erect Wireless
Plant to Communicate Directly
With One In This Territory.
TOKIO, December 1.1. (Special Cn
ble to the Nlppu .lljl) The lat, nnd
one of the most linporfint decision
regarding tlie plan of Ihe .Piinncse de
pirtmeiit ol louimiiuiciinons lo
direct wireless lervlen between
Japan nnd Hawaii was reached todav,
when II, Motodn, iuinltcr of that lie
.HHt iySaaallllH1
ir. lyioTODA,
lapnnese Minister of I iimuiunicntions,
Wlio Proposes mi Wire
less Service lu His Counti.v.
partinent, decided to Insert in jlie government
budget for tlm net eur an
item (iilling for an appropriation, the
amount of which is jet to le deiided
upon. Tlio budget will be prefeiited to
the .lapaiiCMi diet vvlnjn It
opens its iegulnr se'slon In Tij.lo,
Wrslne.sdny nt next week,
Thoilaus ,fpr pstabjishiiig iUliU
wlielefiSMcoiibuunUntiiin liPtw"cn "fa
wail niidT.l.ipnn are already ininplelel,
niter eiirenii luvestigntiou uy experts
iipiiointed by Minuter Miiloda. It nnlv
leipiires. to carry .out tlie plans, the
apjiroval of the 'diet, which, it Js l.e
lievcl, will be given with little ojipo
No Marccut Wireless.
Tie appliintlon by jhs Marconi Who
leis Cpniiniiv for the right to build
wireless stations on the .Inpanese
was re.fused n few di.vs ago, tlio Tokio
goveinment deciding to estnlilisli the
.lapiiii'llnwaii seivice under its own
control, 'Hie .lapaiieso wireless syttcui
will be adopted for o oration.
It was staled jesterday that the'
.raimnese jiovcrnn out will proliablv liuil
ililTlfiilli lit ... iidl,ilillul,l.., , .... I...1.'.. ....!
-.,..... -...,,o.., ,.ii .iiiii'jii'iiii
out vyiieless ktation anywhere lu the
uiiiieji lor tlie reason that It
(iinnot secure a license from this gov
eriimo'it to operate under tlie wireless
patents held in tills count! v. Jiipui,
W'itlm'lt lllitnnl ........ liiit.1 ........ lu . .,( 111..... ,
1 -, ,,i llilfl,, iu
use nuv equipment it mnv fancy, 1 ut
i en in me uiiiieu riiates
It is possible, however, the .iap.inoc
government Ins made ariaiigemeiits I
wan company, piwililv the Alar
oiii. operating in tlie I'liiled States to
estnl Ih1i its station here.
N( H. Sluightnr, resident engineer ol
the ..Marconi Wireless 4'aiup.iiiv. when
seiu vesterilay, stated that as vet lie
l.ns not received confirmation from his
ftiui.nnv tlmt the .Inpmese governmenl
has iref used permission to establish a
Hour in Hint countrv.
"This is news to me." he said, when
ashed for confirmation of the latest re
port from .Inpau on (he wireless sltin
tiort. "Mv eoni v has intructei nil'
to rush work on the Mnlmkomi station,
whicli is the one which will transmit
iiKissiges to Japan, ami work is now in
progress there It is possible the Jnpa
neso government nmv Inteml tn ,enrk
its wireless in connection vvilli stations
here, lint, posil 1 it has nunle ur
rnngeiiieiits to work with mini- COin
I win, possillt (Ik. Mnrconl o n,Mt
luOvever I linie no Information "
(In ledernl Wireless Ti lernph.)
W.W I'll N 'IMII, )ei ember IS.
(isKiinl to rin dertisiri I J Mo
deiiii., Hie I'ortngiii'.e of IUwhII, who
Is bwiiiir liri bv the loml police uwhiI ,
lug iitrHdlllnii for it
ver ill, mid Hie depurlurs uf lliMitv !
Mlierin lluw, who is now br wlt
iuy Hie iiniipleliiin ut tlw Ut'tsirv I
legitl foima, mmi I iMnyeil rr tin.
X ordllltf lu (III llllll rliei II
III II lie Hill Id vi line un , ,
lulkll, Hhiab mi II, , ,
I lsl I'lllU'r .10 I nil Ii ii ,,.!, I,
iMMIl ll i . I V , I, , , , , ,
I ll l I ,n , ,, , i ,
Hall!!'' , I II ii,,
I iflMtl I .bull I, Ui. ,j I j,
tin llMi'riii r I'lnL I,..,,. ... ,.. .. M,.... !.. --
I , ,H, wt
Mliidllluli .i i i.
Jeff McCarn, at Democratic
Declares That Party
Ceases at the Threshold of His
Door and That Protection and
Prosecution Will Know No
Honolulu Democrats Drink Toasts
in Nuunnu Water, But Even
That Failed to Chill Their
Throe Hundred Un-
terrified Greet New Official.
"At the conventions nnd polling
booths 1 vvAl know the Democrnts rrom
tlio Iieiiiibllcans, but when you enter
mv olllce von do so as men and as
neighbors, and not as Democrats or
I am in ofllcc as tho T'nited
Slates district attorney for this Terri
tory, not for tlie Demociatic party.
Mj nun will be to treat all men alike.
All men in this Territory, if thej nro
!,... ul.lildiiT will imt (lie nintectioil of
that olllce. If they are not law abiding,
they will get the other tiling. Aim men-is
not a ( hinaiuaii ur Jupuiieso laborer
in unv othei of the humblest who will
not get just tho same justice in my office
as the richest man in Hawaii and
no more."
Thus did Jeff McCnrn, tho newly
sworn in United States district
declare It in piluerplea nt.tlio reccp' .
tiiiji nlid dililier given him ift njglit ;n
Ijtfagua of Havvall7n retoptton attended
liw some three hundred Demociats anil
a si ore or so Republican guests. Tho
guest ot liouflr iniido u .decidedly
Iniprcss.on, both for tho sterling
aontlinents ho expressed regarding his
policy mid for the oratory ho displayed
throughout his address. Ho referred
eloquent! to tho iminedlute impression
tlie (harm of the country nnd tho heartiness
of the reception he had recoived
lind had upon him. "I have got so
that I find it hard to refer to
Nashville as home," he said. "You
know, when I left there J expected to
go bach, so t didn't soil my cpvv. I
teol her over to a neighbor, and I
sib: 'Hrother Stewart, iust on keep
Old Hosefor mo until 1 como back.'
Well, today I wrote; n letter to Hrother
Stewart nnd I asked hint how iiiiuli ho
would give mo for Old Hose. I don't
think, from vvhnt I can sec, that I will
ever need her again."
Mr. Mtt'ntii said that tho reception
lit had rei civ ed and the honors he hail
been paid had laid upon him tho great
responsibility of living up to the expectations
of Honolulu, nnd that ho Intended
to bend every nervo to accomplish
It, "I (anuot afford now," ho said,
"not to (ome lip to the measure of tho
real man whoso place I am taking."
A Tolerant Domocrat.
Mr. Mi Cam's address cuutalned a
great deal of his confession of faith as
a Democrat nnd his uinfulcnco iu the
policies being worked out by his party,
but his references to ltcpublienns were
iiivariiildv witt) and never Btibging.
"Its got' so with me, down horo, thnt
I enn't tell a Jtoptibllcnn from a Demo-i
rat bv looking at him," ho suid.
"Down iu Tennessee I lould toll a lto
prblirnn in rots n fort) aero field. I
was eighteen .veurs old before 1 found
out that 'damn llepublUan' was two
words. I never oven put a hjphen In
it when I wrote it. I nover heard He
piiblkuu without the damn. T know
better now nnd I nm a better Democrat
for knowing. I know that it is tho
individual virtues of ltepublicnns that
keeps that partv from being wholly
bemuse the party itself has
no viitue " ,
Concluding what vvns one of tho wit
tlest speerlu.s heurd In Honolulu for a
long while, the new district
said: "I am not looking for u light,
but I am going to miike euemies In Ho
iiolulu. Some will be honest men mid
some be dishoniwt men, but whulever
Ihev are I will be in proud ol them un
1 will be of the friends I will make
I want to make my enemies bv stand
hiK sipiarelv for what I believe to im
,1.. nlii 'if I inuke un error if Voil
are mv frievnU vou will come lo me
and tr'v to tmavluer. mo that I am
wrem.' lid If y eillivlliie iiiii I will
thjtiik'voii libit eoriMt myselr I want
tube il.'ht "
Nmi.mi Wtr,
1,, .Hill,. I .- IU c In "iiirn wn
lllltll nlli I ,,r ..I ill K ii "us ' '
lltl HllilM w i III rloua K'UII I"
ll'lll 1,1 1 1 H, I luilia (j "" "'"
1 1 It I III II i t , ii iluir . ue,
II ll 1 1 III ir i i 'lil H I "''ll
I I V UK itll illl"l
i im "ty
III ll I
id". ' yr
, tavilll ( li' Uf
lull, l..i'l) ll.iMovmlU 'Hi r MrM
,i ,i I imii'. I ull 1 !!l! 'Ill' '

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