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VOL l NO lx-. IIOVOl.l'I T 1II1 IIURllORY, JKIDW DlipMlilU l'. v. Mi UIIKU Hl 1 i MM K iiJO'J
Orders Issued by the War
Transferring Many High
Ranking Officers of the Army,
Including Brigadier Generals
Funston and Macomb, Who
Will Go to the Mainland
Brig. Gen. Clarence Edwards, Now
in Command of Maneuver Camp
in Texas, Will Relieve Brigadier
General Macomb in
of First Hawaiian Brigade,
Latter to War College.
(IJy rederni Wireless Telegraph.)
"nSIUMiTON, December IS.
(Specinl to The
Important chiui's in Hie commands
of high I'linkiiiK ullicers of
the army were iiiniouiK'cd at the
war dopuilmi'iit today as follows.
Maj. (it'll. Tliomas II. Barry,
coiiiiiinndiiig the Eastern Department,
with headcpiai'ters at
01 m Islands, New York, jroes to
(lie Philippines JJcpai tmi'iit in
.March to relieve .Ma.). (Jen. .1
Franklin lU'll, who will return to
the United Stales in
.Maj. Jl ii'ii. William II. Carter,
eominaiitliiij,' lliu Second Division
now in uamp in 'I'e.Mis, j;nt's to the;
Hawaiian iJepaitnient to relievo
I rifjr.ijoii. ti'ri'iloiiek
who, ni "April, will return to the
L'nitetl Slates for assignment to
a brigade, eommaiitl here.
Hrifr. (Jen. ('larenee Kdwards,
I'timlunuiliiiK the Sixth Brigade
maneuver tamp in Texas, goes to
Hawaii to relieve Hng. (ien. M. M.
.Macomb, commanding the First
Hawaiian Hrigndc.
Weneral Macomb comes to
Washington to relieve ling, (ien
Hunter liigget as piesident of the
Army War College. General
will take General Edwards
.Higade in the Second Division.
Urig. Gen. John Pershing, re
tit'iitly relieved from command of
the Department of Mindanao, and
now on his way home, goes ti
command the Eighth Brigade, at
the Presidio of San Francisco, relieving
Brig. Gen. Ramsay D
Potts, who goes to the Seventh
Brigade at Vancouver Barracks
Brig. Gen. John P. Wisser,
commanding the Fourth Brigade
of the Second Division, goes (
command the Pacific Coast Artil
lery District.
Brig. Gen. Charles J. Bailey, at
present at Fort Wordon, Wash
ingtnti, goes to command tin
North Atlantic Coast Artillery
District at Fort Totten, New
York, relieving Col J. B. White
llrigndlcr (icncriil I miMiin, when Informed
of tin) contents of I ho above
disputed liv 'I'll" ilveriiii"r, stated llml
il wim "news to linn," mill wis n
CCeilillgly lllti'fl'itl'il III till' piopoil'd
"I mil tli' ni'iitor brlgii Her gunnriil,''
rniil Ot'iivml I'uiiitnn, "liniillng tin'
l)at uf liitiiillr wild llrlg.nlinr (Ien
iTnl llllw, ttlie in In lunnimiid nf III"
Honifieru Dn Hdiiit'iil. Tln'V e uliufl
of iiiunr Kmifmli o.er mi I'm iiiultiUnil,
iiml, I hii )kw, I will be tiivfii pom
inliinl uf Miif of III" drHMii ills,
l wo of I hi km mm i oiMinmi.liii li.'
iiijfdlr nHrnl. ' '
fleueiHl I'huIoh iliil iiul I glint tin
Wutllil 1)1' lMllllIUII'v VU441I lu lb
rilMk I'f inlijof ifi'MKrul luliumliny llwl
till lfullllllUII WMIll'l I'liMIU Ml I))
ui Him, but neurit iwiiiiiH
l rsr uf fori4i.ll mv i'v, Ibft'e yw
Willi Ibis ofll ftiiiiji muM lw Mil In
lbrii0 uM.
"I niuiiJ ' 4dil II.hwiM 11111'
luN. "it Will I' Hit hh DiMf
mollis IB Mir' "I
liriirxl Hmm , i il" ft
llolioli In .li.l IIhI.ii, l .in r 1 1 hi li,
will li. . in In li u I 4llll' .'jl I 1,1. .
II III H .1 I I I 'lil till I ) ...
o - - - - - --o
6 o
tJf9feJft!Q ft? $J5"??jV"
Who will succeed ling, fien. I'redericlf
Knn: ton 111 ouni. anil nl I lit- 1 1 au :ii in 11
Alio will undoubtedly lie Riven com
inniid of 0111 of the big mainland dc
tin hui nil jirenlduiit of
the Armv War College at wmtliuiKton,
here next iinyHiiy. Oener.'il mil
Mm l'oiiMoii Time Hindu n host of
friemU 111 K1.111 l.ilu, und there will lu
ueinnil ri'iret lien the time loiiipn for
iluir ili'i'mttiro, lot they will Imvo tli"
licsl uialiiw of till to njiocil them.
Ilri?.iil er (leilerul MneMiili,
it the rirt llnw.illnn Hrlpulu,
uhii Inn liei'H lure for tliri'o ye.irn mid
Inniitfiimted innili of the iinny work
wIiIpIi Iiiih Iiuoii I'Diiildeled or In wt III
under wiiv, m eiijiiixe'l lljion hU Hlililllil
text ride, wlli lmuiiiuirer ut Hit
Ip'wii. He hu re'ii'liml i' ti U'j'lionn
Ut niiilit mid Hie I'lintmitii of the il
Miili rami In him, mid ho eniri''''l
Niiirh iutHiMl in 1 he nevm an e; veil hllil
hv Tli Advi'llwr.
tinirral aiuluil Hint ho Iiml
hud 11 n iiitliimllnH I lint Im wnulil Im
Mltfiieil lu the Wltr I'ollejju, liut III'
iliHimtili In ISim Ad writer Ibii Ural
iiilii iiti.' eerfoliorgOoii Im liM li 4 Tim
llmti i,l hU IntlMfwriii Hllil imknowii I 'i
iiiiii in iii iii lit Hum I liw jwfiliuil'ir
Im of uevK )if will Imth fur MfftiwH
Uttlii lleueml uuA Ur MimuiiiI i
niimi'd lu) i. urn1 sig iliir urriMf HI
li'iuinn ittiir 111 m' frltiioU in Honolulu
We bu' lii h tlvlttf li rul ituie dm
INK llin 1 1 rim )mtf ' Int'i' 1'i'fii in
Honolulu," ,eUinrl 1 it Mr
Hill Im wr in haw- '
Hulli liviiKful ii I kit . M11 in '. bin 1
lkH v Mrnt I ii 10 i'i' ml hfu
nl Ik- Wiw1 ' 'l"'l h" I'm
umi mutwm ! 1 'i ' on rr.i ... I
' il huuuJi. w4
'I I .1 lllll llllililiipll Hkicu
nlr '.H " ':" iii'
' Mi- I i i i jii j.ui in mu I
Board of Immigration at Meeting
Decides to Await Arrival of
Governor Pinkham, When Mem.
hers Will Tender Resignations
Frotest to Be Made Against
of Burnett Bill in
Present Form.
In eo iHidernt on ot the vil 1
uliieli the milijc't hears to t 11'
fii'iiri" ilPvuloimriit of this Ter.i o '
mnl recoHO kiiii; that the new iidinlnis
trntion wi I prolnlilj deeh)i its own
jiolliies In the future conduct of this
linn of iork, the hoard of immlj:riitioii
nil aw.'iit the nr.lwil ot (Invrinor
before, making nn.v further plans
TI10 tioard, at its meeting
was niiniiiinouB in the opinion that Gjv
crnor t'iiilcluuii fliuulil 1) (,'im-ii
n free Iiinni. They will therefore
biter theii ho that if the
Governor desires to appoint men of his
own part to rarrv out any plans in,
niny hae for Hawaii, he may have the
utmost freedom in no iloiii'.
In furtherance of this policy the
hoard nted not to talwi iirtloo in re-fjord
to the fuither employment of Spc
cinl AkpiiI Itavmoinl ('. Ilrown, whoso
sommis on ex I i l)e nnler'JI. Cliair
man Wodehouse laid that the balance
of about tloO.Oiln renminbi;; in the
t reunify to I he crrdit ot the itmriigrri
Hon fund sliru'il lie re a lied intact, hi
that (love nor I'iiAhnm would lave 11
liberal nil iwrnice for coutini'iu; the
worl; n'on whatever lii es lie ehnoe
until hiii'h t me us the next apportion
ment ix iimde The'lonl anioiint nwiil
ible will be less in I'llt than it lias
been, 1 e'a'e Iho tetr t'r'al in nine ln
rate will Jje qut to one per cent mid
only half of this has been nxie,ncd ("
the support of ininiieiatiou.
Brown Explains Work.
The lo.ird'of iiiiiuir.itiou eimen"d
in the dliectom' loom of TV II l)i
vies &. Vinipanv, CI aiiinan II, II. Wo.le
house, tembers 1!. vvt aud A. I., C
Atkiimou, Secrefnry It A. Keaius and
.Special Aurnt H. f. ilrown iirero'it
Tin' inevtinu w.is ik'l.ijeil over half an
hotir throiiu'h t'e 111111 nrrival of . I,
C. Atkip'on, aid ilur 1 11 u Hie wn t
Ilrowv disci 8-ed iiiliipnallv svjin'e of the
more iirportanl phai. s of ! i iuvn t
(rations in luitiitful, Sp'in, (l.ilic'n und
liussian Poland. He (.aid l.e thought
that the uoili oiirI t mil o he alloHpl
to lapse) th it cteii if the 1 irvjer iin
portntions were disciintiiiiied it would
not bo either n ditliuilt or expensivo
matter to (jet thirty or fortv families
every two iiioutl h or i-o. There was
consideral lu dicnssion of the ronteini;
of imlnnrrnuts, Ilrown Invorinj.'
I'nlifh, to be 1 louclit in the Til lis
Pibcrinn railway.
Wodeho'iso tlionelit that the cunt of
rcntriation of nmlesiraldes was
to becomo a rather serious consideration
The board lias entered into nn
agreement with the federal government
to pav the coit of the return pass.mc
of 0'iy one liable to bceouo n public
charge at nny time within throa a oars
after his hIuiIskumi to llawuii. Thrre
have 1 een a nuiulier of cnes of this
kort. ImmiKrmits brought to Hawaii
lmve cono to California, and, nrnviiifr
undesirables, tho bonrd lm4 had to
Bt.iml tlio cost of repatriation from
Ivers Urges Caution.
Hers llmujilit I he board would have
to go slow. Tiw work deponds on
taxes for iti support, he said, mid
with (ho tiend of mi ar legislation there
might not, bo any incomes to tux. Tho
two moii hers present agreed that the
work would lime to go ilon lor another
sU mouths ut least.
A. 1.. (, atkinum haiing arrived, i.
iuorum was estalilislied, ami tho board
got down.to bnsiiicss. Two letters were
lend from tho manngcr of Hawaiian
Commercial & Kugnr Company asking
Hie hoard to help the wife and children
of i ripmlluril and the son of n Portuguese,
in their employ, to get Passage,
to Hawaii. After discussion of the advisability,
of inaugurating this policy
the. board voted to pay the transport!!-Hon
tout of thisu immigrants to Hawaii,
provided tho above named
would i outran with tho board to
puy tlio repatriation expense bhoiihl
tin-Hi! Immigrants nn or after iirrhul
prove to lio in the nou uiliuissiiblu i lns.
It was he iiiiiiniiiioiiK opinion of tint
members Unit die boar. of iuimlgriition
I'oiild well afford In iiiideHHkn work
along tills line ns united fiunillwi would
probably jirovi' innro lonlentml nu.
woitlil lie u ImIIit liiM'ilnii'iii for Hie
Tho iiuimilim t v,m U , W,
Iruwn limn inmn up uiunum uinl the
I'lwnl prwuuuiicud in fur uf iiUHiiintf
ill" tt'lMlOlmi uf ii poli,) !) Quwrum
'ml ijor i liiiirwmi Wuilrhuu.. tl.
llml Jin blitnii. tliv TwilWl Mould
l'e lu ruulii'iin Hiu vrurk wiihmIiiil
Rluuy pfiNyiMl liut.
U, Ibel Hiu flooding a( lUw.ll with
u miiwiJnJ niiuibir uf I'illpiHiis uunbl
liul lu Im peniiillcl , oiiliimi', n.
llr.1 I iiuntu .i (ii ui iuii wunl I tHItM
u ! iMtll'ii I In. Hjuiiklil Ui.il (in
iiniiiivrdlun Hiok Mould bin, i U
lunliMiud (01111 iimr Inil llml (, ,. i i,,
III unit tiling I.I .in . I,, yi i
r null null Hi ' I ml Hull I I
'" y MM"""' I KIIK Hie ulk liuHn .
HU)! tlllilkl I (II I 11 till lli.ll liU U L. II..
- " " w
ww mm" iim
(I Mblllitii I u 1'utf, ji i
Governor Pinkham Outlines His Policy
. " v , v
Explains His Stand to The Advertiser
'My Policy Is to Give a Square
Deal to All the People of the
Islands and Not for Any Par.
ticular .Class," Declares the
Go Slowly in
Making His Appointments.
(in t'edunil Wireless Telegraph )
SAX rMtA.VfMrJ.O, Dinen ber ih
(S)iecinl lo 'the On-,
emor I'iiikhaui, who arnwd Irom
Washington today, wrs rlosctisl I r elly
Willi Secretary lott Siuitli, going.oVer
Hawaiian otllciiil mutters. i
Secretary returned on the
jteamer Minxnlii', sailing tnd.iy, to pre ,
pare uieln fortlio Oovemor's peiusal
Tlio secretary will remain in ins oris lit
position until his siiecescr is appointed.
Governor 1 iukham, in nn interview
or The Advertiser, outlined for thrfi
first time his policy us OoVcrnor of tho j
Teriitorv Speaking without
h"s lalioii, Hoveruor i'iiikhaui said: ,
"I mu very glad to be uble to make
a statement to the people of Hawaii
through The Advertiser. My polity is
a simple one: It Is to give a Mpinrn
deal to nil the people of the Islands.
I am winking for the Territory, aud
not for nn v particular class. What we
should do down there is all to pull to
gethcr, paiticulnrly in business, and ba
a Milnl union.
Will Clo Slow In Appointments.
"As to my policy in npHiiiitmeiits,
I am not prepared trt answer regardim
i hanges in the governmental family,
but I will Ut about those
changes. I vv'll go How ami give my
careful consideration to eveiy proposition
laid before me. -
"It is probably .writ known that I
mil nHviv.s iihmi to suggestions, but it
is :i!st well Known I rmiuol be forced
into 'doing that which 1 iloii't believe
COST Mbly jf " '
Government .Preparing i to Buy
Up Tclsphons Lines and
Install Telegraph. -
(liv. I'edral Wireless Telennrph.)
ml to The Adveitiser) I'ostinaster
leneinl Jl'irleson is supervising the
draft of li'niHation fnp.tlni over
of telephone systemK throughout the'
countrv us an adpinrt to the postal
service. '
In connection wifli tliis service the
government eontomplates the
of : teleyriiih system on telephone
wires and equipment to carry both
services, lu Oils way it will enter into
direct competition with tlio telegraph
just as tho panel post is competing
with the. cxpicss companies.
It is estimated Hint tho acipiislliou
of tho telephone lines of tlie country
will cost Mlu,O00,00O. Tho pilrchasi
money is to bo raised through a bond
Issue charueil against tlio postal service
of the Kovcruiiicut,
H - H
tliy IVderal Wireless Teli'Krupli,)
MIW YOKK, Deceinbor 18.
(Hiiiiclul to Tho Ailverllser) i
Wflllum I. MiCombii, eiiulriuuii of
Hie National Dwiiucmlle f'oiuintt
tee, kuvi! his ri'iisoiis for ilecllu
niK Ihe appointment na uuiliusta
dor lo I'rnnce.
"The post I'litiills Iim nupeiiill
liiro of ubout 160,000 u )er,"
he said "II pay tlT.Afiu. 1
i oulil nut alfoid In iii'irent il I am
K'J'i'K I'm k lo tlio prMlisn of law
lilld I hope. Il) I nil i' tioiin innniiv "
W JiMHIMi'lilN, llHiMtliwr U 'j
milli. l.i Avnllif) Tkr I'"-dill I
Mil In II plimliif IM ill Wblll Hon
Inl HI lld'l a i'll ltm$tt, tHUHHHI
in ui iii u iruiu Id hjli0wt ll' '
r ' U I 'irfrpsn oi!i J . .
I I II' i It llMlllllt III V il'l
Is nii I ut IfeU m '" IK
ti.ii in it III iiuti (u rmneiii ml o.
lln I'll 'i UfU ili 4 i in i I'll
f III lll'tlll' lllll p.ll II II ,
Who oiitbnci li s pnllcv for tho first
time 1 1: r in all ibe Advertiser
"I am very eld to be able to
make a statement to the people of
Hawaii through The Advertiser. My
policy Is a simple one: It is to givo
a squaro dcai to all the veople of the
Islands. I am working for the Territory,
and not for any particular
class." From Interview with Governor
I'inkham. I
is for the public wxllnre I decile lo
give Hunan mi niliiunistialion which
will be right.
"One of the fiM things I slnill do
will I e In i;n ovi r lhc budget cireiiilly.
1 see low Hie reveiitieii iiiiiipire
nifl' tlie i slim airs lor the fiiiamlal
prolileiii nt lie Terntoiy, wh'eh
will le liniliule..
Little Fcleral Aid.
"I nscerliiiiied before having
that Hawaii i.ui little
financial e from the feiUrul
Head of Local Rapid Transit System
Makc3 Statement in
San 1'rancisco.
(1 leiliial Win less Teej;ruih,;
KAN I KA.Si Si (), Deieiulur 1H.
(Kpennl to The Ailvertisur) i.. Ten
nvy I'ecl., iresideut of the. Honolulu
Itnpid Truurit i. I.t.nd i ompaiiy, saih
tor Honolulu on the steamer Mongolia
today. He reported that the Ilupiil
Tiausit tiaiiciiise eitcnuiou bill is
in (undress, but t lint nn entire
new deal wns under nny, as Honolulu
municipality will eventually own the
system. J.aih tare paid now, ho suid,
portly (joes to puy lor the system. A
siiiKiiil; luinl is to be raised by tho
municipality to take it over.
.Manager llallcntv ne of tlio Honolulu
Kapnl Tinusit t. Land Cumpuuy, when
iuiormed ot the spciuil iniinii;ii
from Kun I rniicisco by 'lliu Advertiser
uiu'it, exjirosseif tho
that Mr, Teiinuy I'eck's Meaning
hud piohubly been iiiisiuterprc'ted by
the Km Train isiu oi respondent.
"We have licini favoriiblu reports
ifLiuimuj; the liiiuihibii bill now before
roiiunuw," "id Mr. Iliilleiityne, "but
tlicic is no m deul iiiider way, so fur
Us I linnn. The cluuse ilculini; with
the pun base nl Hie line by Hiu city is
loiitniui'd in the I ill us originally passed
by the legislature, us is that
tu the sinking fund."
Iluwever, it is possible that Mr.
I'eck's reference lo li iltlloruiit
being planned bus to do with
(loveruor I'lushum's iiniiouiiceiisnt
lliut he i in on the franchise i
u'ltiiiii siifi guards. " Jt Is possible
the uicusiini lias been ulleri'd (o conlu
within w Jin 1 he believes urn Hiiisu re
I IVdirnl Winlisi 'JVli tfwpli I
t I'lUN' (.si il, )), ,.iubr IK. -
lhpiMl( lu 'J'llM iM'llMrj 1
Hiiid. di'iJsii'a llml Hiu I'earl llsrliur
diidmli vvill be buiJl, I nl llivl m fe
i nl lliu ftbiilu iiilloii l un
Wnlli'f I' llillMtM lll
ien n III Wubllill'li UUIII III n lllMl'l i
is Ml III. I
mourn ii moum ,
MMbw on mmw
I ' lul ml VS i . It . 'I'plt$inii) t
I Hit , in iiUuii'i jw
'l' v "itfD 1 urwh UUIMHt'i
li'ihiiii li M Wt'
ii i ' H n
Mil I'llMlll til Hill. I'l'ktSI'J f
''.Iii Hsu' fiiim rf. mi) uu iitiii d we
Idi I i
I ' I
Asserts That One of First Things
He Will Do Is to Go Over Budget
and Tackle Financial Problems
of Territory, As Shrinkage
in Revenue Calls for Strict
govetniuixit tor the mmUhk Hf ' x
'libit Ht the
n the ot I lie intinor :n
fuiinsl me fair had iihI.i f.c a 'I
pil.pilM'S j IHHIlll'PtlOM w'Uit tlie
"I lirllove one of im fimt tlms
Hnnuii ran show- mil Im- the brilliant!
Csh(s, tniMirKiss d in the o II,
an exhiliit that wvald le ruuiuieiitc t
Uhiii the world over.
" DcpK'nion in sugar and a HMible
lir ukiiie in revenues may i-all for
strict economy. Hawaii has had abnor
mill pros'nty in the ast. Now- the
linmiies must lie ur. fully adjutel. "
Olvei Cordial Greeting.
The (loverjior was inorlisi to Ihe
Stewart Hotel, was dworattsl
with Hawaiian lings. lie was greeted
tbere by Deputy Sheriff Itose ami then
by Secretary hater, Doc
tors Hobdy and Kayiuond, I'anl
All nrl Taylor and I". W. Klebahn
were Invited to the lm. rnor's mum fur
a chat.
in their jiniieiiii' (he (iuveriiiir'x first
ollicial aitiou was tii sign
p:is'rs for .Medenus ami Itevelt, which
cecrciary .Moll Mnllli liad previously
fcigiied. riuveruur I'liiLliam's lixnatuie
clilnlii'4 the logalitv uf the pupils.
I'll. lay I'iiikhaui will be Ihe
guest uf honor at the I'sufir luiin
tub dinner, ami Monday night at a
limit r given liy CharSws Stewart and
linilor llunaril, lotloweil by '
(iuvernor i'inkhaiii will in, t the If n- I
waiiun lliiildiiis' titc ut Ibe I xpositiuii
ttrnuml with iitlicinls this we.k
He )ill Mill for Hnnuliilii on
Action of Government in Burke
Prcs;cution Will Depend
on Technicality.
(Ilv IVderal Wireless Tidegraih ,
WAHHIMITdN, Hiiember 1
(Hcciiil lo The Advertiser) Hecretwry
Harrison nsheil Attorney Heuerul Jl
Iteyiiohls today to rule on the iuestiu
us to whether John llurhe, iiiuiuger uf
the I'nuamu Hnilroad department,
whone trniiractious are under
iiivistigatiou, is a guVerniuviit employe
or the employe uf u private inrpurution.
I'pou the attorney general's ujdiiiou
will depend the action of tho government
ut the conclusion of uu iinpiiry
into churgis that liurlie has proflted by
riteiving gifts or couiiulssiuiis fruiil
persons selling supplies to the cnnul
commissury ilepurtmeut,
14,000 "eiveITlI"
gold pieces reaoy
B -, H
$ IS
(lly I'l'ilernl Wireless Teligruph.j
Ni;W VOHK, Deiember Iti
(Kpeciul lo The Advertiser)
y.ui li ol Iho fourteen thousuml
men cliildoynl on Iho mbivj wl
nlovateil Hues of the iulurhorough if
llupld Transit I'limjiiiiiy will re-
joivi' u t gold pleie for u tiinst
mas pri'seut nexl Thursday
-. -..
((I, IVderu) Wireless Tidigrupl'
MlS)i;.S, iJw'Miibvr l (,.. ml I..
TiiV 4itiUtr il I 7)oi'd lo i o'O
'iwuiuntlr lUu rwimmt uf Mnujswiu
l'ruHilJi iu Ibrtmmmif ''!", wUvtv
Uu work'uj iu iiHutiM Mkui, li iii
IW lul Iii lu ht 14MT ifmuri uf I'"
iiunb uf IM. IIuIIUImui' Urn lifml
i'ltfuitis ut fmuulii sslliU rii lu !
Ipltfifil in liw nli lien uu Jui I'IMl Hull
nf iim ilmpei, mid ild' il4m trill b"i
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Mexican Federal Soldier Killed by
United States Troops in First
Clash, During Which Mexicans
Open Fire First After Invading
American Territory No American
Soldier Wounded.
General Emilio Zapata, Leader of
South Mexican Rebels, Threatens
City of Mexico and Makes
Formal Demands Upon Huer-ta's
Minister of War for Its Surrender
lo His Forces.
PRESIDIO, Texas, December
19. (By Associated Press
Cable) The first fatal clash
between soldiers of the United
iitates anny and those of the
Mexican .federal troops occurred
here last evening and as
a result one Mexican soldier is
dead of his wounds. No American
was injured.
According to all accounts several
Mexican soldiers made an
effort to cross the border, but
were challenged by a detail of
border, tho rederab''answering
with shots, which were
and one of the federals fell,
mortally wounded.
Before his death the Mexican
soldier admitted that he and a,
companion fired the first shots,
but exemed his crossing the
border by claiming that he was
carrying a note for uelivery on
tho American side.
(lly Federal WirolmmTclegrapli.)
CITY (JF .MEXICO, December
IK. -- (Special to The Advertixer)
Kiinlii) ZiipalH today demanded
I In of the City of
Tin- incwdijie was brought
lii'iu by n courier under cover of
din knewi mid liilfcii to the
ixtl'l" Of tt'HT.
It in lii'lii'vwl Unit luck of artillery
proviMU the ZiipatwtiiK
from (itlnckiiii the cniiitol.
The Koveniinoiit linn at hint
tvv.iki'iii'il lo (lie K'rioinoieKK of
tin MliiHljuii mid im muiiy of the
;iii(il lioofm ami lie Mfiared
biu'ii itislii'd out to Hie
of the tlirwiteiied jiubiirliH.
IAIHSj, Dfiumlwr 18. (I)y A..oci.
Hied I'riss i uUlu tu kinr llullelin;
Wiliui' "llimuiml
ur Mvtim, batUml mii by thu tw
.ijiertl(lll ut III J'tfHfS, Is llrglHMlllg
lo nuuw Us nJfri'U 4iiiy. Ui'iirl
is uwabiii tw rU money uuy
win re iu umu'I lU ilret obligation
l ie iu luuuitrtf.
Hit ununls hr imvu Im'cii iiolifely,
bm iirii, Im mnl duvvw by Iho I'unvun
bunser., wl'ii bvvii Im4 hum llm (liv
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