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tn 1
MHtiHij mum umtii u
Alma )' dmwxi
m mm m '
M.mmmii mmt
I m$ teitert klw Imivii iwf iWf wm U B 1
1 rmmmmw mm
T'boto, 1013, l3
Liccnss Feo3 Ordered Refunded
Bj Legislatv.rc Cause Treasurer
To Ecrin Investigation.
Territorial Trensmer 11 l CouMiittf
3esterda Karout an inkling on tho
HiteetiKution whirh he has been quiet
It (iirrwnj; 011 for some time pust ami
lo which refereucp wiib made in The
A(teitiser on Sunda,,'j'hts has
to 11 lair passed by the last lejj.s
In t in i whirh uppropriateil mount, t re
fuil a la re number of luerdiaudise
lueiise fees lolletteil 3 ears ai;o 'and
which the supremo (ourt shortly after
declared to hate been iIU'kuII.V collect
td lit the got eminent.
In an intcrvlett with The Adtertis
er teslerday, the treasurer makes pub
In for tho iirst time just so ninth of
il-e inesti;atinus as rim lie done lit
this tune without injurini; the sue
lesslul outcome of his work
"Kuno .I11110 this 3ear," sani Treas
urer ( onklini; jcstrriliij, "the terrltor
ml treasurer has paid to Goo Wan II03,
as assignee lor many Chinese firing
storekeepers and incrthants, 114 claims
for merihainlise liienses that were
paid illegally to the former not cm
1 t of Hawaii.
"The iliiiinniits are now liegimjiiiK
lo pilo into the treasurer's olflie to
find out why they hato not reieitcd
tlieir mont'3 ami in every instance
thet hate declared that Goo Wan II03
lies told them that he had not tet ro
ii'ited tlieir money.
"I'pon looking up tho touchers in
thisolfneit has been found out that in
tin neighborhood of $5000 has been
paid to (loo Wan as aj,'ent for
these people, anil I am now at work
makiiiH up 11 list of nil those-11 hose
limns hate been paid so that
nils, instead of loiuini; to the treasurer's
offne, may deal direilly with
their iiyent. TI10 list will bn iiuhhhil
111 11 fen 1I.13S for the Iniormation of
those Interested "
TDK IO, .lapaii, December 22 (lly
rroi luted I'ress Cable) I'mntism De
l.n Harra, former minister of foreign nf
(airs of Moxiio, biter Muxicnii auilrns
mdoi to the I'tiiteil Htates, arrited here
luiliiv 111 his present rolo of n spet lal
entot to .lapnii. '
AKitntors for a an al
liiuiee are plaiinlnn nfiHn iiieetliiu to
hi Inline him.
Festive Christmas Piglet
vt & ,. kt
Yule Tide Famine
Mil till liilllllU 1 IlirL Irollln.l !.. UUIA
iijiHfr Will) l(W llujltjM II Wi .'Oli.ldi'rH
Hon im bit dMjluyi lip mn led sml
miuMfiNj will itfiuxl HUU Ihsre mm
er) piui.'l ifml ill ghnrl life wuuld
In 11 iwiry mu, I hit )jt' nail hsti
Iiccij m ifllwww Im JflliMwl' y uh
oii) 10 Uw mrim'B Mi u" li
lukr lfh4 Wiimi llw uiiMsiu
iflur, lu DM rVW WMHIMK, lll'll
4WNHHW Wmf Ml OHM Mi bill, till lit
llu . ..lu k ... '
I !
JitLmikMMiMd uu Uut 11ml
ut thn flullt 3 ')m wnt4 lm
i mm
lmrt but rl
f um mm (HHl INtU
imm k Mi mhm
m:i m m
m mm
Soldiers In .Mexico City Threat
en To Lay Down Arms Unless
Paid; Dictator Economizes.
C IT OK MEXICO, December 23.
With nn unpaid on his hands,
and fighting lor u taue m which they
lone nun lost heart, I'rot isionul President
Htieif.i in beginning to strongly
I'rcsi'lont Walton's
PtmiiLinl bluckudu on Mexico. There
is sign nf Unrest und fnuch grumbling
among the troops now protecting th3
capital, and with a holKtaj proclnma
tion issued todtt the condition u.
made more serious, lluerta has declared
that the remaining ten dis of
the present 3 car tlialt eonstitu'e a holi
Int this action Ijoi iilt taken in the hoi c
of stemming tlie'runs which have been
in progrcs on tho banks for the past
two weeks. '
lluerta has gone to the mil of the
hanki in phicins guards about their
doora lo inert riots.
A mossige, unsigned, was sent to
Hiiirtn tod.i, turning from the federal
troop:, and announcing that utiles they
reioiM their pa within the next fmt3'
eight hours tliov will lay down their
arms and rofnse to defend the city.
Thn troops were former) paid d.ulv.
1'hia was lengthened to ttcchl, finally
to nionthlt, anil it has now been e ght
weeks sunn tho soldiers lime been MS
1 teil li the .ij master.
esoi luteil Press Cable) It was an
loiimcd by the CM lean minister here
lust nii;ht that the fpeech of Murciiil
1 11 tine7, former imiiieter to tho I'nitcd
Stutn's, iliirlntc the reteition to Colonel
iloM'ell at nantliiKo, C lillp, last bat'
urdiiN niuht was unauthorized.
Itoosevelt leiternto'l his ilrftjnse of
he Monroe Doctrine, h polici le lured
')) Marline. Id be 11 dcml shibboleth.
The remarks of Martinet have bteu
bramli'il 11s iiiu'iilled for. i'peilull m.
he (ontrovers3 was stited iliirinu 11
pceptlnii o 11 (,'iH'Kt. T7' stiiteinent of
the Chilean luinUter here hut niuhl,
nukes the nllalr siuqily a iirhalii
mid with no tnternntlniiul siitnlf
11 hiiiu between this louulrj' ami Chile.
HM'J'N, Jli.emliir J ill
Ahl' iuli i 'n. I aide 1 Ariin Ulll
Nmi iilliM'fs 11I1 1' i' Mf lu sutler M"
jh unlit fur olliii'liHg "in ilJinily uf
I'rwi'lviil Wilson Th tollw ylr
4r Iwi'e.l mm wlw itwi Itw utttfr
rMHHit'i fur 'It )liMtN t ik 1 lrf' M
k4i)Biui I'futnm it m I'ulllj'
IMMb rtiriui Hit mm h mmut mm
hjf Op wiiiuit uf4iv Ok htvjm
abMll km &jiMiilv SMl
MiL Kin
1 eil'rai eonimamlcr, wlin lias leen iuisi
sinie the fall ot .luuej".
I'HIIhNO, ( aliforiiin, uei ember 'Sa,
(H3 A.KoeIaleil I'renil
umi3 of 120 idle men wittiofffwKPkrW
eiuumiieil at the city limit h. TtttMi
perxislors at n npei ml iiuet.nt; thdn3 !
tl.l.Ml.ll fill llll..lllllli . 1 . Ndliriiliriiillii. , ...
a... iiiiiihi ..i. 1.I 1 11.11 ,1.
provide fond for the men lor two ibn
III this time it is expei led the), .an
liuikij urniiiKements to puss on In an
other toiuitj Tin1 mieinpliDeil nrr
mardiliiK south Tint lire luaintiiiu
iiiK an iirnuniiitiiiM 11ml innrcliinti it ti
hit iiiiuiiions siiniior 10 inime iniintteil
by nieinliers of the I. V V. during
tlieir intiision of hoiilheru Ciiliforuia
two 3 cars auo
Posse on Trail of
. v . A
Hilo Solon Faces a
I Mail kjwc'iul lu Tli AiiwillMr 1
HIM), UfwlMir 1 If yn 4onl'l
llMiM'M u mft H UIK which IS Ht III
Mud III His jre nl of musm
Uurns, om lml l m IwUI iffgir
UIMllhlil IllK in fuel, I'iiUBty
iuH l( i kmm it, l(
limit 1 pijt, Wfc mnl wbito, Willi
lljf Is im r il unit ciuitMeiii
ll t 1 4lMMl LH, illmiM !
w, m mniui ut lW, il It 1 fctii
ww in
ITM I'ltf iiw 1K Tlcwt( 1 1 WW1
iui i I IJW MHIUm of Mmui Kni
WllU 'iH
ItUUUI lit uu tutmmtt tmmnam,
dlls &
Cudorwool i I udcr ,tonl en Yor
Friends Gather to Say Farewell to
Popular Diplomat and
With the departure of the I' K K
liner Tentn Mum for t'io Orient tester
dnt, Japan's ,re resentalhe, Consul
(lenernl 1 hi dial i left the Isl
ends, prol ablt lor good, piini; towards
Kit ' ) 3ss4
what his fritnila .iter to lie substantia!
promotion 111 the diplomatic sertiio of
his coiiutrt 'J lien was a lare erottd
at the steamer to bid himself and
He doi's not iredit the i'eiort that he
is to be made iiiiuiHtrr to Hinm. fl.la
pinere consuls in all parts ol the world
are noit heiux recalled, as is tho rii'O
when 11 lieu emperor tul.es the throne,
and I am nut In a position to sit who
will bo .ipoiiitcd consul for Honolulu,"
he mud.
I'litil 'the appointment of the new
lonsnl general, thn tousiilHte will lie
.n charge ot Vne Cnusiil Arita, former
It ol the 'mown iiiusiiliile, who has
not tet urrnul Imt who will be hero
lirnhalilv this week
SI W ili''K, luniMiiliii Jl (llv A
Mil in I ed l'ri' 1 11 Ml ; Il MltS Nil
nonni H In furuiKi I'lisidDMI 'M)
u( SUmiitntm lust nitflil tun I Im will
il far Kuriijm tuuiufrotr, 6Uiyn dw
Imivu In Sum York lot wmi tin, lis
liws im) Mimli Icuuwii miy uf his Hiia
11 1 "gun! lu Muulk NMrii'n
mm jjrhuid'rk again
MM.lmi KM- a Nim, iieiyMiiwr
;'. il Assvuulid I'nu 1 shin)
NsC bus I" ffei.e.l l.ern fiuw Mm
nwh smdUl ul r'ffin li 1 nlviluulit. uf
rrww uutiirHiL ulfli iAmmiinh
i 4wMw 4 mnmilm MmU it
W Wwr Htykm, HMtfltrmtiiMt
mi mftmm . mmi ut mutt ?
, mn few mm mmtt km al Ul
JMMf m fipt liHl m ttvHkt
w Urn MlNIofl
1 J m
Gloss Measure As Finally Agreed
Upon By tho Conference Committee,
Passes By a Vote of 208
to Sixty, in Which Party Lines
Arc Not Followed by Lawmakers.
Signature of the President Will
Enact Law Which Marks the
Carrying: Out of One of the
Most Important Pieces of
Legislation Of This
WASHINGTON, December '23
(I3y Associated Press Cable
All that now reimiiiis is formal approval
by the senate and the signature
of President Wilson and
the Glass Currency Bill, but
slightly changed from its ontiiUHl
form, will become a law. By a
vote of 298 to sixty, in which Re
publicans joined with Democrats,
the house yesterday passed the
incisure as it had been agreed to
by tho senate and house conferees
It is expected that the senate will
act tomorrow and the measure
will then go to the Piesident. Tim
action, it is believed, will be folf
lowed by adjournment of both
houses for the holiday vacation
TJi..,.ssVtawan;port.d IiihH
week; will be until January 12.
1 lie Currency Bill in its present
iorm is intended to meet businrs'
fluctuations aiid to enable tli
banks to quickly contort their as
sets by uringiiiK out the new federal
curieney provided for undei
the act in times of stringency.
The basic principle of the
i1 is to pi o vide a circulation of
money at a time when money is
needed. The icserse fund may be
held by the banks in compliance
with the law This is provided
for through the chain of legiona'
banks wheiein all national Imnkt
must deposit about one-half theii
legal reserves and fiom whence
they may borrow, if occasion
aiises, on commercial paper. In
teiest will be charged on 11101103
thus seemed in 4rder to force a
speedy icturn of the loans and
the consequent strong condition
of the reserve fund at all times.
These national banks will be
known as member banKs and must
subscribe for stock in their
bank to an amount equal
to six per cent of their capital and
surplus. For the surplus of eacl
member bank the new foim of
emergency paper curieney will be
issued through the government,
and in turn through the regional
banks, which in turn must hold
forty per cent in gold as a reserve
plus one bundled per cent m
paper behind each note
By this plan it is expected to
diive all emergency cuuency into
letirement when its use is not necessary.
The system will be administered
through a fedoial icserve board
to consist of k'ix members with
headquarters- at Washington, The
members will ho appointed by tint
Piesident mill include tint seent
taiy of the treasury, the eomp
(inline of Hie tieiiKiirv two in
pcit bnnkoM not iilllilaleil will
any of tho lunik mid two otliom
Tllithit III tlll'lf tvlll select fiom
eight tq twelve eilliw foi the mn
labliliiiiiit of the idkioiiiiI buiikt.
whose illici'lois MX iiic uliomiii
fi inn t lift hloulfliolillng iiiiIioiihI
Imiilth, mjiiI Hi rue mo iiihiIiiIihI b
llie iiworvn homil,
Kllllrt mu(N hid lujmiMtu) Iw
liiuinhtfuljip W Oil! kihjju iirufi'
hlinik iik I lie iiuTIqjihI IjbijIw If limy
iiWU'll IRlUuilijI IlliJUMlliuN
J'uriiipUftU in Iht w
i lri muUmi uUJj il Hi'
"No Pay, No Fight," Federal Troops ftcll Mexican Ruler.
3.orgc T. Cooke, Wife and Mothor
Shaken Up When Their Pullman
Is Dmioliwhcd On Santa Fe In
California ; Pinkham May Come
In Jackling's Yacht; Tourists
Headed for Islands.
(Sieeial to Thn Adterller.
bAN I'HA.N'OISCO, Deiemlier 111. -
leorpe I'. Cccike, ol the Molokai It.iucli
mil a member of the Cooke Kst.ite ol
Honolulu, and his wife and the lattir's
mother, Mrs. .I111M, narrow lv eeapel
serious injuries in a ti iiu sttreck near
Cnlitornia, while liouu 1 liom
I.os Angeles to han I'riuivisro on a
Jniitn IV train on .Snudat, Derember
s, 11 broken axle on one of the 10.11 lies
of the "bnint" neiessittit iu a eali
lor iDsistaiu" Iruni a station ten miles
list .lilt.
I lie which the t.ookca were
.i.useiigers was due nt Sa'i riuncisco
arlt in the toieiioou, but they did not
.Cicli tie cltt until niter four in the
ate. noon .Mrs. ( ouke was injured mi
ho shoulder, while .Mrs. .ludd's hcinl,
tthiih cuiiie in cnutiiit with n sleeping
lierth partition, was tjuitu sore. -Mr.
l ooke esiaped injur iilthough ho wiif
shaken up.
'1 lie disabled train readied bloiet
and then the tre)t began shitting ears
about The passenger train InliottcJ
come cars up a tract. It was the
tli.it the inrs in ltout were
0 take a siding, lu the tog the tear
nun came 011 and crashed into seternl
'.Ut- wife was sleeping nt the time
a 1 thout a pilloit and us a lesult her
liniilder and head were, banged against
(he partition," said Mr. Cooke, ".lust
im cause I nlit 13a sleep with a p llutt
inder 1113 he.ul I had a cushion mid en
oued oil" nitel. Hut 3011 should hate
eeu the dining room, it was a miss 01
.ot)thiichs, pickles, 1 roken crockert nun
A lew other incidentals iouail lu 11 din
iiig cm, wlnlc one of the colored potters
eeined to huu hail his skull frattured.
in 3011 see, it was some crash."
Many Disappointed.
'hi.7c whs general ilisnpiiointliiuiij
Alien it was learned that ittoteruol
'inkliam would not sail on tin- Mini
golia. I.ilanili'rs had bookeil heavil
or the Moiigubu wlieu it was riimore
that I inkliam would also be a pan-en
er lloiteter, 11 te.v tnncelleil theii
bookings ami re bookeil for tho Hono
11 Inn hearing ot I'lnkhnm's debit
II is possible that (loteiuor I'ink
hum miiv be iimtcd to tiatel to Hono
Itllu 011 I fllonel duckling's prltate
steam t.uht, the (tprus, should that
tessel leate before Christiana. Ottuitt
to nrious delats and the colonel's lib
senci 111 Malt Lake at present the ilale
ot ilepurtnrc ol the mu lit for Honolulu
s not now so definite.
The tin lit at Iirst ran into a setent
mile gale alter lenting be.ittle and put
lank at the colonel's request, us he had
no desiro to make his Iirst tup one Unit
ivoulil liate 11111103 lug memories. Then
tlin taiiit started again, but this time
put bin k on aciount of tho crew The
latter was loiupcised of undesirables.
Then just us it ttus again starting oil,
a 1 Image ot laptains was ellected. '1 he
tprus arrited on December 1.1 und ip
noit rigging in Nan I'raucisio 11113.
Coast Promotion Office
The I'aclfle Const bureuu ot the Ha
itaii Promotion Committee is the inecin
of Islanders The hate shottn much
I0311H3 to the new tenture, and find it
.1 enntenieiit placo to ie.tni Hie where
abouts of other Islanders and to look
oter the files ot newspapers t rum Hono
lulu, 'lhe .mini inquiries to the olllce
ire grndii illy im reusing us the olllce
and its purpose become better knot) 11,
while, the ersoniil inquiries are also on
the increase
That tourist trntel his again set in
is etlileiiied b the tint that this week
three lug iicein linen sail for Honolulu
line ilut apart, tunning 11 proi essiou ot
fillips tho I'ntiflc. The Venturu
will le.it e tiida full up with piisseu
gers, sixty of whom nre for Honolulu
Che ilhelmliia 1 ill luite ISO pissen
;cr touiorroit und the .Mongolia, sail
ing Thiirsdiit, will hate nboiit seteutt
iasengers lor Honolulu, Tho shi will
leitte han rniinlsio harbor with price
Hi alii eterv berth taken Honking 1
for the Honolulu!! urn also larije, while
the M11U011 lompiiii reports 11 large
booking for tlioii tosseU in ilniiiiar
Slid rebriiiii)
At the Hotels.
IsUiiiIkis louliiiue to be prominent 011
Hie Imtel registers, Thsie nure lliltteeii
in the dining riHim nf the Hells) ui II 11
I ul, last nlghl. 'I'Iihm' liirluilpij Mr. unci
Mra llvoryf t'ouk. Mrs II. I. .Imld
Mr mill Mrs Wil!r.l IIhidii. I'. V
KMwbii, Mi mni Mr. A I'. Tujlur,
Xnriflsi) ul Hie 'JVrrlur Mutt Huilli
ml Mi Moll Kwilli Mr. WMlnrbury,
rrt riiiigui, Mr laiffin n Muiiib,
uibor nn1 kiihn'IihI tlilt wMb m4
ihh will Mil tar Itwuc mi tlm Ma
wilt uu im )mi will 110 Mr. ml
11 Htuitii Mi h4 Hit i'lmk Hjij
r 4un r n mmntaa, air, gtitf ut
an Mwiiti
A I Hiv tM ffniiei la Jjuiu. i Ktm
wf u iMr, aa W law tat
turn aa i wiiwumm
One Of Largest Factories Of Its
Kind In tho East Closes Down
When One Thousand Women
and Girls Quit Work and Walk
Out Because Of Reduction In
Owners Of Big Property
That Curtailment Of
Expenses Is Only Way They
Have Of Operating Plant and
Refuse to Recede From Their
Stand With Arbitrators.
lMIHADIIU'HIA, December Hi.
(IH- sHueinted Press Cable) Ono
tlioiisntnl emplotes of the Talbel
Hosier' Mi'ls, one of tho largest iiianU.
fai tilting nulls of its kiml 111 the United
States, walked out of tho big establishment
nnd tho great mnchiuea
of the establishment are practically idle
The loikeibout emplo3es consist most
I- of oiiug women und girls, the bitter
innglng from twolto to sixteen ears
ol age. The strike today follows set-oral
days of negotiations, which starteil
when Hie compiiny announced u geucral
ruliictioii in wages.
'KrVorti' nl a settlement fulled wiiou
Hie olllclals ot tlio company stated that
the- had no recourso lint to turtuil
liy reducing wagci.
It is not nniuiuiiced whulher qr Jlot'
ntrnUenlit will Iwrmudtc Iff uiorii(i"tha'
plart by securing oilier women unci
.Iris to "take the places of tho strikers.
The lockout has not boju uicoinpjuic.iI
by any tiolence.
oung Physician Discovers Ho
Suffers From Tuberculosis
Leaves Islands.
(Mu'l b)ueial to Tho Adtertiscr.)
11 1 1.O, December il. When tho
steuuishrp i:nteririso left Hilo Inst
iteck, sins took uwu with her a bitter-1
disappointed man, Dr. K. Downing,
the oung phsician wlin came to Hltn
a couple of weeks ago to tako tho position
as bacteriologist for tUs Jslauil.
D01 tor Dottniiig was selected by
Doctor I rittt, president of (he board of
health, because of the excellent qiiuli
Mentions which lio hud tor tho work
here. Just before ho left tho Const,
Doitor Downing was married, and tho
toagc to tho Islniiils was their
trip. During the fotv iliis Doctor
Downing worked in tho Hilo
he becamo ery enthusiastic- oter
the ttnrk, tthiih interested him partlcu
larly liecause it offered experience 111
many lines which uro not louml on tho
inaiiiland. Ho ulso liked Hilo, his
workers, in tuct evert Hung. Hoi
lorn did any prnnpect look more prom
I.nrly in the week Doctor Downing
one morning handed Chief llowiuiiti a
sample of sputum, asking him to ex
amine it und see what ho thought of
It. How man slid it under thn micro,
stupe. It did not take him long to ilu
I i'it tlie lireseiii'e of tuliereulosli im
"Wliosti Is that I" he iiskml,
"It is mine," replied Doctor Down
nig. Then he explained that the night
l.eioii' Im bad iittaknned 111 11 fit nf
ougliiug, ll'i took a suuijdo ot his
spuiuin, und when lie examined it thn
following dnt, Im uu iliiiublounduil to
ubttiiii thi smile result n How ins 11 hint
He liuil iiei it sutpeitud that he tviis
subject In the dienii, Inn iiiuu of
s. leine hs lie is, Im did mil wait long
lu mulct) up his mind Ho told Hiiwman
tlmt tin kiisw just th pluie lo go for 11
mire, in Sdh Mekiio, uud on I rnluv
Im Mud lii In idc BMilt.il in the sli'Uiuer
uniiUTiiiT lUAUHjFii;
1 lli uu, IhuMtiiM'r .. (Hi Am
MMJul J'ruM I ltti UmiIiu rliu
niitni II -in aut4 (ir "'l DM
mi ii 1 ii.hji Willmiii lis jii.
in iii 1 1 1 'i 1 Uhi nils muriu'il

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