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Wife of Plumber Is Alleged To
Be Blackmailer Who Has
Operated Long Time.
OAKLAND, ' alifornin, December
30 (My Associated Press Cable)
Hardly a detective story jet written
ran eipeil the sensational features connected
with the arrest here yesterday
of Mrs. Mary ( liiUtinan, the. wife ot
a plumber ol this city.
The arrest of Mrs. C'hristninu is tho
culmination of a search for lue years
for the woman who has been blackmail-
inn prominent women of this state. '
When arrested Mrs. Chrihtmau conies- I
mmI, statint; that she had written
droits ot letters to professional pcoplo
of the city defaming the tharactcrs of
prominent women. I '
The method of tho woman was to
demand l.iro,o sums of money from
her ietims under penalty of defaming
their character, whilo she also
others with death in thn cent of
a refusal to meet her demands for
ill B
VSHiN(iT(JN, December 80.
(ltj Associated Press Cabin)
Mat st let riiiiin ed hero yesier f
lIlu. i10vv tlt during tho yvi
l ,ja . t,, ,ir(t.tim . . . . nf the Unite 1
j,...,.M ri,I1(.l.,l t, stiineudniis to-
, ,, lf ,,. t illl uti dollars.
Of Ibis L'reut miiii the six mil
I..... 1 ......I. .... ..r -.. ......!. ...I i. ik
null li.eo.ue of (he billion dollar '
fur Hi,. vir.
I It U ...tlmaied that tin. Iwet
, j. . . . u
n Hiiufi r I'rf.i. n. I i.m villi in rv j.
.in.n. ii .sMifHii. ., i.ii.. n,.i , ,r I
fu,. erm. of Louisiana was i ulii.nl M
IV. MilllC, lie. .mUr D (I) .
A.oiIim pre, table) After Mui
) wi fnr lea kt.vrs II hunt iwliiN( u
v.(rl ik, Jt),y wbtll Uu bMM I.Mir
a r'M" li " r ' ( '
ilk itfldil. lla.Ll fiabmbll uma
AmkmTum mMtimk. It it i.i.. j
UlaaW tim mmmtmuU'
llMr w imtam. -
Where Rebels and
j' J T1. Tjr
szf Jm4
mfb a ft
Terrible Scenes During Attack on Cars,
Which Are Riddled by Bullets, and
Panic Follows Battle Near Ojinaja.
SAX LUIS l'OTOSI, Mexico, December .10. (By Associated
Press Ciilile) Ilclicls attaeked a passenger train near here yesterday
ul the little station of Ipinn, deiaihd the online and looted
the ears, after a desperate light with the escort or soldiers on the
Details of the tight indicate that the rehels were in force and
ainlnished the train, after removing a rail. Thirty soldiers of the
escort were killed and eighteen others aie missing, and it is feared
they have been taken into the hills as prisoners.
During the lighting the ears were riddled with bullets and a
number of the passengers were
killed. There was a panic among
the women and children on hoaid
the train.
PRESIDIO, Texas, December
HO (H.v Associated Press Cable)
Following up the Federal forces
under General Oroeo, who retreated
lecenlly from Chihuahua,
the in my of (lenernFPiineho Villa
yesterday attacked the Federal
forces which had toi tilled themselves
at O.jiuaga and inflicted a
partial defeat upon them in the
first stage of the battle.
Four hundred fpgilivcs crossed
the bonier, but later returned to
the Mexican side Jiud joined in a
(lelermineil nJVoit tiuiuslljiack JJie
Constitutionalist forces, which
m u estimated at 4200, In lhe .second
stage of thu battle the Federals
recovered their main posi
lion by a determined attack and
are holding their ground.
The casualties aie reported severe
and eye-witnesses of the. fighting
assert that the lulls and brush
near Ojinaga are filled with the
dead and wounded of both aimies
who are scattered about w'ncic the
lighting was most desperate.
Many civilians from the Mexican
side have crossed the bordei
to escape from the rebels. It is
expected that the fighting will he
resumed today or tomorrow.
. .
WASHINGTON, December 20. (H
Associated Press Cable) Col. W. C.
(lorg.is, the sanitation expert of the
Panama Canal, is now most prominent
Iv mentioned to succeed Surgeon den
e'ral Tornoy of the United States Army
who ilieil last Saturday. The matter
rests entirely with the discretion of the
President Colonel Oorgas is now n
South Africa.
KOMI", December '!). (Ily Assorted
Press Cable ) The, heals from the
apartments of thu late Canlinul
formerly papal secietnrv of
state, vvoro removed todav and a
search made for his vill. Later his sis
ter filed u will dated in 1SVJ, which
makes her his sole heir.
. .....
LOS Ai1:L1:S. December HO. Ml
Amocinted Press Cable,) ltalph I'lirisB,
the tialn robber who was eutenced tii
death lust I rblaj for killing u trawl
.... ....... t. trill ii hold ill. iinti III.
iii mini a il lip neur
Monte receutlv, has dei ided I tii make a
fight for his life In the liluher inurts
He had pleaded guilty lit Ids trial.
WAhlllN'flTON. December
AsKin'lut..,! l'nM ( able) (if
lhe Interior IJIlie irilsies til Willi
Iiiiw nil I'libllf lauds roiitn.iilng rtn
linn mi. I iitilKfl the mi I put for tli pub'
I .- Iienltli servile, iuntrvjuK it m inn
lilli'illv III (irupihttil linn uttm.'lwl
Mill llltl'lltillll
VIHN I'lll VI., lMdN, Dni'Uilmt UK.
u .. iHlml NU (ble) -A loir
iiiiIIh,ii ibillur Hl uimIiihI kuu bar
t,U lhe IIIIWIWU UMkb III irt
Hutu in lUkl ll ilMiMuatil tbr M
urn. ii.. i h utu whs m mm m i
UWI'Int Hll. IW '. HMrtritaM
si ii i.iiuwiril, im It
i.r l- i ul li Wm . MMMI ml
it wi'iimni.
ii I'.'
,, V ..fLL.II li '. .' -1
lV W'WBlMMbgE&.V IWH'ii mm, I
fV ' Z' ". V i, V' , 'Jj'A! r - wyt ..,'. m visy
Wireless Rates Will be Gut
. .
v't V .'t v- v ."
Mutual Anticipating Fight
What Is believed to ho the forerunner of a three-cornered fight in
which tho Marconi Company, pocElbly tho Federal Wlrclchs Telegraph
Company and the Mutual Teles Company will take part was indicated
yesterday in announcement by the Mutual that, beginning February
li substantial reduction in tolls for messages to Island points will
go into effect. One important coucetsion, according to those who havo
business with the company, is that doing away with tho minimum
charge now in force.
At present tho Mutual is the only wireless system operating
the Islands, but with the Marconi plant Hearing completion and
the Federal plant undergoing elaborate Improvements a change in theso
conditions is looked for.
Hawaiian Tobacco
Kona Crop Sells
Hawaiian tobacco is coming into its
own in the markets of the world, an evidenced
by cncoiirajjing returns reieUed
the lutterjpart of last week by .lured (1.
Smith, the. Kuun tobaieo grower. The
figuics show Unit his imp bus brought
un uxcrnge of tea it'iits n pound in lid-I
Mime of .that rcieived for the UHJ
product, with a good demand for the
entire shipment
The reports b Mr Smith
from his lommission agents in New
York show that up to Dei ember Id
tln'1 had disposed of tlnrt one bales
ninl ten cases of his toliaoo The sales i
Aeri' at tweiity.fie, tlurt fne, forty,
CllU'VfiO, December 3n llt A.si
elated 1'ress Cable) p
crating nil ( liniles Mojer, piesideul nf (
'" 1 .'.lerntloi. .,f Muiers, who , Iml. r .1 .r.nrl iKii.i.t the Quaker ll.it
lil III Mliimol, .MiiIiikhii, l"ill'iniii.iiiv l tin. wln.h
iIuiMirtwl from that pl.iee lt ".,
snr.iiii.iiu . nisi i.tiiiiitiir .iiuiiivi.iI u .. lulli(
- - .p. - - " - ..- n ....- -.
friim within liMlf u iml. of tlm i
"''''' "I"""' Mr i llH KWtillg
.mill' in m Iih'IiI lnwinml
Plum o it the .i.unlrv ImIiui
iililoin arc priili'sling nuMiii.l ll dv
lirtH'iiiH nf .lii)r un.l I Imrlea Tmnier,
HiiiitliiT iiIIIh.hI nf Hie fwlerullnB, immI
Urging Hint mi IiubpIimhIIoh lie mi !
i."., bt Ih l..,..rl SoM.rn i.l
-.,. .
,,,.--. v .-.,,. wr,
LIMA, Peru, Ife.nwWr mi - i i A
MwiniMl l'rM I turn
lli I'ltftiaMi ii AvkMnu iM uf .la
pifntfiln" mtutmvut imtni l mhik
jiHii llw umiibt ,,. lt;;i
Federals Are .Contending- for Prize
Port- al72smpa9
Much in Demand
V v-
for Record Prices
forty-five, fifty and sixty lents a
jiounil. The average for tho entire lot
was cents per pound.
All the tollmen is of tho wrappei
quality and nctordiug to Mr. .Smith's
reports the demaiiil tor tho Hawaiian
prodni't is stcnilibj Increasing. Ho is
lonfulent that when Iluvvulimi tobacco
beeonies better known tho demnnil will
be very large. The Komi wrapper is
litlit, mil' and elastic and works up
with verv littlo waste.
.Samples of the Kona Tobacco Com
pain s Mil.) . rop nro said to be ot erj
line qunlilv anil eauiint be distinguish
eil from the shade grown and Sumatra
tjpes, so miiih in ilemand in the nianii
of high grade cigars.
i UK Ai.u, D.cember 30, -Illy Asso
niiie.l l'ri" Cable) -Suit was .-mil
this dty yesterday in
tlnil'riio .Into is of liuporlau. n m vlew'ol
,. ti1, f iM)fi(mjLM
.... ... .. ' 'T . ..
penult to. Hllxgeil vlnUllllll if the
Hn in, an Villi Trust lulls,
' I Llya llnu.l...r ' "ii '
,.. I . . ..' .
" "" '! rtium i'uiii)
of lnfiiir. IwIuukImk i
hi,. ri mild llu I'lB of m go'H
ie.' ul for...., rvultv. umr ifca Ihtruimi'
knl I Mr tmUmn u4 HWNl on
rmniw, kllllM Mvti tiitJuik uml
mm $m rrinWir fjg wN 'i
VtMM mmmYmmmmmfU w" Wt
Indicted Supervisor Will Head
Demand Now For Finish Of
Hawaii Audit.
(Mail Kpeilal to The Adwrtisei)
II1I.O, December 2S.The inuiplctiuu
rf the Ciioilliit Piehl u.nlit fill be
paid fur ly tin) Cojilntyor lluuiill. In
spite of thu fact ti.Tit tlm Insertion into
thu builget of tho if:i0i0 limn nskeil
for .y the i.robe lommission was do-
feated by tlm board of siipervisois at
Its last meeting, a resolution will be
introduced at tho next meeting of the
board, profiling for tho appropriation
of the money needed for the niidlt.
As three supervisors oted for the
item at the last meeting, namely Ly
man, Yules anil Pritchurd, only one
more otn is necessary to carry tho appropriation.
Tho one vote which is needed to
make the continuation of the nuilit
possible will be furnished lij
John Kealoha.
Tubllc Statement.
Tho AiHertiser eorrespouilent has in
his possession a statement written b)
Kealoha, uniler date Wednesday. Do
i ember 21, and signeil by him, as fol
"To tho Public Concerning the proposed
appropriation suggested in he
inndo by tho board of supervisors o.
the Count ot Hawaii. I ileslre to ina'te
public my attitude, concerning the
same, and hau to state aH follows:
"I am heartily In favor or an up
propriation of the sum of $3,000.00 or
such further amount as uinj be neces
wiry, tu complete a thorough audit ot
tho county finances, nud shall, at the
next meeting of the hoard of supervisors,
introduie a resolution towards
that end
"I did not oto in favor of tho suggested
appropriation at tho last meeting
of the board, as I did not know
thut the mntter was to be presented at
that time unit had no time tu consider
thu matter, moreover 1 felt that thu
appropriation should be taken up nt u
regular meeting.
"After looking Into the mutter, I
find that there is a general demand
that tho audit bo completed, and I feel
It my duty as a member of the board
of supervisors to comply with such
demand. Itespectfully,
"J NO. A.
".Supervisor, N. A H. Hllo,"
Ills Own Ideas.
Kmphiisis lias been laid In tho above
on tho dale on which the letter was
handed to Tlm Advertiser (orrespond
..ul. tifimi.ii V'i.ii.i..u.i...' iv........!..... i.
tlm fact that it shows that, whatever
may luivn been Kealoha'H motive In
lui.tng the stiiiul wl.lih he lias taken,
it Is patent that the idea is lil own,
mid that Im wits not prompted by the
lueri'ls.i f I'lTkinmlon nr iullueiii'n. As
a mutter uf lucl, us Ki'hIoIu. last Wed
iies.lm, when h went in. reeord n
Imw n, t.iuk the stand which reiieiiis
the I on nly nf IInwmiI finin tlm burden
uf illajim.'M wlil.h the hi tin u i.f tlm mi
Jotlly nf I lie Ituuril lmHd iisiu II ul
.he mat M.wetiutf, il Mvifis Imrilly full
to lunk Im.Iu.I Inn Hi'llou fur hu
lnu.il.le inulive,
1 1 U im UihI II ww lliongkl tlmi
UmiIuIiii, lk mu wllii ili witllCluiU
f ImlMwoiiU tplwil klw, wmiM m
iW taut Hum Mi vol tw Ik n41l.
Will, b IH 4u M.
li to fmnttUmMf umtm( (a ImIi
tUX IrWMi I Uw Wtik. iMfiit
wt pnmitmi k tflv lit $Bwm) Im
('uuIImuihI um I'ttfo TtiiM)
f Knhiikn wireless settled all
doubt as to the nrrlwit of the
steamer llonolnlaii shortlj after il
o'clock last night, when it got
tntn rommnniintioii with that
sel. The Mcniiier reported being
.'IIS miles ntf port with smooth
seas and eierjliod.v aboard, in
eluding (lovernor I'iiikhnni, In ,,
good health and iMijoving the
ago The llonolnlaii will reach
port at nine o'clock tnnl;ht.
Federal Code Is Far Reacning
Against Glove Contests No
One Will Fight Uncle Sam.
l T l 1 "ii' P
llrigudier (ieueral l'uiistuii, in
in ui ii in me liiiituiiiin Depart- 'f
ineiit, staled last evening that
while he had not looked into the
lederal mile governing pnre
$ tights or boxing miiti lies, he be-
llevid thut such n luw, if il was
there, should bo eufoneil. It wus
possible, he thought, Hint there 4
might be some distiui luni ma, In
In 'tween amati ur boxing by iiieiu 4
bers of a miupnn an, I a contest
where gnle reieipts or n ehaiiiplnn
ship wus (might for.
"lleie in llnwuil, however, it f
seems to me that the laws made
by iiingrcss must be IniplUilly
obi .veil iv the arm, whlili owes 1
1 Us evlsteme and government In
congress, and I see no rensuii vv liy
the teileial should be ills
olioved l.v the iirmy," said (leu
eral ruiistuu.
Home people cull It boxing others
i all It plizu lighting, while others mil
it sparling. District Attorney .eft
.MiCarii ,saji uny Dim of the thiee Is
a vlolnllon of the Peder.il Code and
with the. assurance on his part that lie
will Ihi violations of thu Ian'
it looks llku "good night" uud "good
bye" to tho staging of exhibitions nf
tlm manly art of self defense, uot
all, no in Honolulu, but on nil the other
Islands, and on tho military reserva
tlons as well.
Among the followers of tho padded
mitt artists tlm sounding of the knell
for the game in Hawaii is given until
nig moie than nasslng notice, except
thut Item and there one hears a few
scathing lemarks uhuiit laws which
take iivvav a mail's pleasure, if the
watching of two men battering each
other can be called pleasure.
In speaking of tlm position taken
bv the district itttnrnev in the matter
ono of those fellows who hns iiinclo his
living around the fight gaino since lie
grndiiateil out of knickerbockers, said
he did not cure so much that fighting
was pan, but he hoped the law would
tin, I ii vvnv to reach many of the either
so called sports.
Old Timer Will Quit.
"Do jou know," said the old timer,
"that is not us
brutal a sport as lootball. Look over
thu records of men killed and injured
in the boxing game ami then over the
records of those killed uud Injured in
football and the former does not ionic
anywhere near up to the list of futall
ties on the urnliion. Htill,
ing is a violation of tho law nud now
that Mr. Mi Cum is going to eulorce
in infraction of tho same, believe me,
shall be among thoio absent when
there Ik any attempt to pull off a
Whether tkCluiv reirnr.lu.it i.i...niuti..
encounters will bo as far reaching as
io prevent any nun all kinds of contests
with tlm L'lnve remnti.a tn l.n
seen, but from the opinion of men
wnii nave sum i en mo law tho Btnglng
of un amateur boxing ' show would
bring the principals under prosecution
As the section rends it is unlawful
for two men to eiigugo in u contest,
whether with or without gloves, for
money, prizes, any championship or
anything of value where an admission
fee Is charged, directly or iinllrectlj.
This menus thut If two aiuiiteurs
iloniieil tliG gloves to contest fur n
mediil they would be liable to arrest
under Iho provisions of the act.
Verily as thu act Is construed un,,
from the stand tukeu by the district
attorney that ho will toleratn no in
l.n.. r il,. Iw i atrnnvlv
the iiltlmiito end of boxing, sparring,
prizefighting, or whatever yiui
want In cull it In Ihii Mauds tit lln
Wlity Will rromoter Do7
While It l iliulerstnud that there
will be mi oiliihitiuii uf DpurriiiK nt nun
of thu local theutem net iniiiilli and
(wo men who villi lakii uirt In His
iniiln event urn in trnlnin, It tonka
M If tlm lies uf bollux hull I n
Ml ll.triulil llmru.iLii in. Il,u i.lul,. ..I 11..
umiilar VI, were lhe Ut MrM, IimkI
ur Muiiivr iii hid Miiii uir wany
ywir tu utuw
flltril Alluruiiy MuCnru U tu uuik
tm HUIV WlrDlbor III IV WM tllrlkli
!Ml ttlM w iurl, I'm- Im UM uil wit-mm
Ik tMlMte, uud IliMi im li
WkVm IIWI 0 WNM UN! KtltrW YibHhM
'"" wtf mlMiirtit ur But. Aa4
MMMVff l t4M lUjl II tfU mil
If M pmM MM UW IrtMUliltW MM
( UMtlUUod till 'M Tlllm)
I Steamer Tasman Goes Ashore In
Gulf Of Papua With Madam
Nordica and Panama-Pacific
Exposition Commissioners On
Board, Who Were Bound For
Batavia On Island of Java,
From Australia.
Number of American Passengers
On Tasman Recently Passed
Through Honolulu Madam
Nordica May Soothe Savage
Head Hunters With Her Songs
' ' Arranging For Rescue.
iMKUK.UIKN'rc, Australia,
IK). (15y Associated Press
t'lililc), News roeotved here by
wiii'liNs hist nilit that the Dutch
sli'tiniiT 'I'astunii was wrecked
in the ( 1 til i of Papua and
ivill pnih.ibly lieeniiie a total loss,
ins eieati'il siiiuethiii); of a
on aeeoiiiit of t)iu many
imminent people; who wore
on her, hoiiiul for Batavia.
ULO"ri I hi' Aiiiericans on the
Te'iiner were Mailaui Nordica and
'L'ciiiiiiiissioneis Alvnlt Adams, Major
( 'Ionian ninl Thomas Stall-smith,
for the Exposition
at San I'Yniicisco in 1015,
with their wives, all of whom
passed tliioiiKh Honolulu recently
on their way to this city, continuing
their journey to Batavia together
on the Tasman.
Meaner details of the wreck
have been received at this time,
hut it is understood that the
itc'imer ran ashore in thu Gulf
dm in,' a io;;. The Gulf of Papua
is a dangerous place, as the' ocean
currents there sweep north of tho
Island of Timor and among the
numerous coral islets. The shore
of the Gulf is populated for the
most part with head-hunters,
many of whom are cannibals.
Arrangements will probably bo
made to send assistance to the
wiecked passengers and crew at
once. No record of any fatalities
has been received and the
are believed to be in no danger
aboard the stranded steamer.
IXJMXIN, December 30. (Ily
I'reis Cable) uyv methods of
conquering the Antarctic Ice Hoes have,
been iitiiinuuccil by C.ipt. Krnest
who starts next year for tho
Suiitli I'ole with il well equipped expedition.
Captain Khiickletuu states that an effort
will be iitiidu to reach the I'ulo on
u quick journey performed on sledged
Irlveu hi motor power, supplied, by
aeroplane engines uud attachment.
... ....
l'NH I HIIIMTI N, MLhlimlppI, l).i.
cumber 'Jtl ( Itv .Wni'luled Press
Cubic.) presiileni Wilson's hcsllh,
MMIII'MllHt III thu flltlgllcl uf
Hi lung Maions uf iciiigress, U rupbl
If linpr.nii.K with lili. I.oll.luy tot
kTiM'Kitui.M, HhimUh, DccKiulifr
-(My AMMiU4 I'rM
Mf III WNNMlMI liUl lrlillig
1AM Uw tHMM Pawapr Hi)lin uf
M uj 4fl. AH mmmhw uf lint
si tmwmy L iL.ul' H U
I !

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