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' 1 WII
ill Km
Boosters Had Forbidden Juice at
S?aauilo, According to Report
From Hilo Police, and Now
Hilo's Leading Citizens Will Be
Called Upon to Tell Who Pur-chased
(Mnil Special to The Advertiser;)
1IIU), December 28. While the great
series nf raiils maile by Deputy Sheriff
Diehard, which resulted in the nrrost of
twenty-four persons 'on charges of run
ning blind pigs in Huninkun, was sen
sationul enough in itself, those who aie
connected with the prosecution of tie
cases intimate that the moat sensational
featured thereof are yet to come to
While the olliccrs liavc done no brag'
ging about what they have done or
what they propose to do, It ha Wen
learned that one of the stunts which it
in vroposed to pull off in connection
with the prosecution, will be based on
an alleged sale of beer by one of the
defendants to the very highest ami
'most prominent in tho world of com.
mcrce in the Islands. i
The officers of tho prosecution ?ny
that ono of the charges which they have
evidence to cover, against Ilnyasliita,
will involve the alleged rale by that
gentleman of beer with which was Waked
the thirst of some of the most prominent
business men of Honolulu and
Hilo. .
Hayasliita is a .inpanose who runs a
.tort of hotel and rcs.tnur.inl at the
of the Hnmakuti railroad line, at
I'nnuilo.. Ho worked on the l'naiiilo
plantation for over a score of years be-fore
lie took eliarge of this restaurant,
which ho did at tho recommendation of
Manager l.idgatc of tho llnmnkun Mill
Ad Club In It.
There nave- been several discs of illicit
liquor sclliug worked up against
this man liy the police, who claim that
they are all strong ones. On the other
hand, the great trump which the authorities
claim cannot be beaten is based
on tho alleged snip of 'beer to the
business men referred to.
"On August 17 the Honolulu Ail Club
visited the Island of Hawaii, ami during
its stay it went' to- Panuiln in a
train excursion. That was when
the sale of beer took place," saiil one
of the officers last week. "There is
no doubt whatever that tho liter was
gotten from the Hayasliita restaurant,
and that it was tnl.cn out by several of
tho most prominent, citizens of Hilo.
As a matter of laCt. the excursionists
had taken with thorn a nuantitv of
beer, soda wiiter nnd Whito Hock mineral
water, but while they had enough
of the latter and tij. spare, even bringinr
back with them some of tho soft Muff,
rail nut nf ltnpr nnrlv it, tin. rtnmn
- - --.-- --..., ... ....
. H ,
and a nnrnber of bottles were bought
at the Hnyashitn plnco at the end of the
Didn't Know It.
The officer mentioned some of the
gentlemen who hint officiated as finny-moils.
There is no doubt about their
prominence. Tho authorities fully
tho fact thai nono of them had the
slightest intention of breaking tho law
or even aiding therein. As n matter of
fact, none of them thought probably
anything of the matter, 'but that it was
perfectly regular and that the beer was
jirodiiced in a pqifectiy legal way. This
is shown by the fact thut the purveyors
of the amber liquid acted v.ithoiit' the
slightest concealment, which fact fit the
same timo lias mndri it easy for tho authorities
to secure the cvidemo connected
-with this Virticu'lnr alleged violation
of the law. Tho Hilo men wero
eager, in their capacities of hosts, that
their visitors should sufTcr for the want
of nothing, and tho bins of hospitality
went the only ones of which they hail
any thought at tho time.
Good; Witnesses.
Tho ofllccr stated that it s?emed certain
that the ense would 1)0 taken lip,
and that some qf the business men
would 1 o called hi witnesses. As n matter
of fact', tho very fact that they tiro
men of unquestioned standing, makes
tl.eir evidenco of a value greater thnit
, the Evidence used in the average run
of liquor cases. It is said tn be most
likely, however, that this partiuihr
casn will bo handled by tho federal authorities.
Another chso which Is In 1 ,,
brought against this same Hnynshitn involves!
ns witnesses, the members of
tho lliln linml. According to the authorities,
the bund had Ventured forth
from Hilo to nssjst In sooie celebration
which was tnfciug in Hamakua.
J'lm members of the band had their
luncheon at tlm llnvnidiltn hotel. It is
a ive'l known fact that there is often a
Mibtlo connection between , production
nfmiddc nnd and this uu
nppeo.rn tp tin v been no exception. At
mutt, the oflirerii elnliu Hint the bapiN.
men liiui Iwer with Ih'ir virtunla, ntni
twit tfce Inter wns litnil.liinl illleltlv.
Ily will be culled in wtnea, or. lit
i'nl, Mime nf them nil, 'Hie nflleera
my that It Iim hcoji iidniltti.,1 ly
darvalao ttut liwr waa wriad
Willi th itwl In qumtian.
ii i.
MW flUrtHp urn Iwihii hvHkI In
liw.nniiiiii i:rria i 4himi, t, n,
ih I ,H l, lliul
I1 i, li tii, hi ip
ttinn awl mttvrt:
MH alwrl aUawl ill ,,
lull .1,1(1 iiiiiMiMntut m,i i, in,, uu)l,
1 ' I luti.alw will Mi, i .hi i, , , il,
l I .lirii .i
Bar Association Formed in Hilo
ami llntiiuVciia. forme
Iliilo HI relating- to applications for
Hiliiiiwlnns to the bar was niiieiidi'il yesterday
by the kiipreme court to H'lul lis
"I. UhiIi upplii'iiut for adiiiUalnn to
the bar ahull rile with tho clerk nn
Kotling forth hi name, age,
UNtionalilv. lart place of ruaidanra, tlm
and larm uf lua tudy, Hint,
If bo hu. been uilmilted In the bar
of any other ruurt, thai h li lii gnod
Udin, KuNUitNl 'rtlHcala of the
ainlliniii ' good moral tharasUr, atnl,
,i iualiiii
'ftm CHII.01HIH H vnwn.
toll' h II" . Illl .! H . i, I. It ,l
1 1. 1 iii i liin tli tt,H,.ii tin tiialilt
t 'I .1. If t III.
I . Il I- (m.Ii.ih hiIi' i una I., h
UMixt It .'( ..iiii.u n.l iiuaituMul Uti
ll 'li i , ,, 1 1. I u i - ,11. I i . i. .i,l
i II It I ,i I i ,' i, . . i I . ...
".'I ' .!' II. t.
ID GLUB HADTfourth circuit loBiiTciifiEO
; LAWitnn bumuint ihitu nnunuLti
to Promote Professional
'Good Fellowship.
(MniiASpectnl to Tlio Advertiser.)
December 2S. Tho attorneys
practising in the fourth Circuit, which I
Father Slashed Baby's Throat to
Get Even With Mother, Who
Had Disobeyed.
(fdnll Special to The. Adertlscr.)
1IIU). December 2S. Crazed w t Hi
joulousy and strong drink, Arthur Ko
cnmi.rNcs tlm ilistriotH of Hilo. Puna I n Hawaiian laborer, last lhuls
cd n bar association cm me mroni 01 ins two-yen
Inst week. The mi mliors thereof am
most of the attorneys who have n
Ho practice before the circuit
jBbDJ&H . T"a. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaH
President of tho Fourth Circuit Bar
courts of tho Territory, tho more polico
court practitioners not being eligible
The organization of tho association
Owed its 'iiitiativo to the meeting of
attomevs which was cabled recently to
consider and suggest new circuit court
rules. The meetings at which three
rules were discussed, were so pleasant
and so eminently successful that it
seemed desirable that an association
bo formed whereby the attorneys might
bo brought together more closely than
has neen the case in the past.
A number of the nttorneys met to discuss
the matter in the circuit court
room last Tuesday. A temporarily oi
ganization was forme,! at this meeting,
nf which ( S. I'nrlsmith wns elected
the chairman nnd Claudius McHride the
secretary. A constitution and a draft
ef by-laws were submitted, but in order
that all the members of the local
f.nr might have an opportunity to participate
in the di.scii.'sirJii of these, tho
meeting was adjourned until the following
day, 'and lequests were sent out asking
them to be present.
- v president Carlsmltli.
The following day tho constitution
was gone over and adopted, ns well as
the by-laws. The election of officers for
the first year resulted as follows: President,
S. Ciirlsmith;
Harry Irwin; secretary, Claudius Mc-
llrnle: treasurer, H. t Kolph. The ex-
committee, in the hands of
which will I e placed most matters, for
primary action, consists of the follow
ing meimieis: . II. Smith, chairman;
(.'lauding Mcitride, secretaiv; S. S.
K.ilnb, .1. W. ltuskoll and Ilnrrv Irwin.
Tho initiation fee is live dollars, nnd
the annual dues uniuimt to n similar
sum. Ar,ilicatioiis lor membership have
te pass through the hands of tho executive
committee. A two-thirds fuvornble
vote is also required for a successful
candidacy, so entrance to tho legal
hnon of 'bliss is going to be to some
nttorneys at least al out as
a proposition ns the proveibial needle
eye is to the predatory rich.
Promote aood reeling.
The objects of the association are set
out to lio the promotion ot good feeling
among the members of tho 1 nr of the
I'oiutli Circuit, to take action for
the general uplift of tho legal
profession, to assist its members
in every way consistent with public
duty, tn recommend legislation and,
iiuaiiy, when oven a membership cannot
tempt a member to remain any longer
in this vnle ol tears, to see to the
proper Interment of his mortal remains.
The by-laws also provide for nnlm.il
meetings to bo held on December 23 of
each year. The other regular meetings
will lie helilNpiarterly, tnking place on
the third Wednesday of the last month
ot each quarter. The by-laws also innko
provision for nuniinl dinners, to take
Tilucc in .lanunry of each year. Tho
first one will be hHd next month.
Those who lmo already joined tho
association nre "Attorneys Cnrhmlth.
Ilqssell, W. H. Smith, Corroa, Khip.iinii,
OMirio, V. K. l.yiunn, Wise, Meilrlde,
Irwin, Itolph nnd Kerry. .Judge i'aisons
was elected an honorary member.
child and then his own. It wns his In
sane idea that he wanted to punish his
wife i- exterminating the rest of tho
s TCepekulo and his wife have had considerable
trouble, and it was only
recently that they affect ml a
conciliation, when the woman clime
back to Live with the husband, whom
ine noil deserted, tin riiristnius Day
lie wanted to leave the house In oritur
o enjoy the Christians festivities else
where. The husband objected,, but 'lie
went away in spite of his protest.
Kepelinio in hl turn accumulated a
jug, and when towaids the latter part
of the afternoon he returned home, only
to 11ml that tho wifo was sHIl away,
his drink-sodden brain went reeling.
lie cried aloud imnro?ntions neninst
the absent wife, and finally
nis intention ot killing his child and
iheii himself. He reasoned that the link
of affection shown towaids them by 'the
woman made life not worth living for
the two of them.
Tought Aged Mother.
There? were in the house at the time
two Hawaiian women, one the man's
mother, and the other a rather well-known
woman, named Anna. Thoy
with the man, lint he becainn altogether
frenzied, and before they
could prevent it, he had secured n razor
with which he slashed the throat of 'the
child. The mother grappled with lt'i"
liekaio, but he Is a stioiiff man. nnd' he
flung her away, when Anna tackled bun.
in spite or the fact that her hand was
wounded in the melee, she hung on to
the man. He did manage to gash his
throat, but the wound wns net serious,
ami finally tho woman miiiinged to
break the handle from the 'blade of ho
weapon. In the mean timo help arrived,
nnd the mini was. seemed.
Hoth ho and the child will survive.
(Continued from 1'ngo Ono)
principals of those bouts for
feeling that they did not thoroughly
understand the meaning of Hie
law and, moreover, they wero following
out a plan which hnd been in
voguo for many years nt tho barracks.
Now that the district attorney has
set forth in emphatic langungo what
ho will do in tho future, and with
lleneral Kunston siding in with him. it
looks ns if tho gamo of fighting vith
tho padded mitts has nbout said its
last farewell.
Word for Clean Sport.
Tho policy announced by d'eff Mc-Cam
in regard to tho suppression of
prizefighting in Hawaii was a Biibject
very generally discussed on the streets
yesterday. The opinion commonly expressed
was that voiced by Ifev.
B. Smith, that boxing, properly ami
fnirly conducted, is u clean, nmtily
sport and one that most men enjoy
Hut that prizefighting as a profession,
where men xtnnd lip rind ha'mihor
an opponent, or befit ono another into
insensibility, or where tho fight degenerates
into a mere bruto endurance test
of a man's ability to livo 'through so
many rounds of terrific punishment
for a cash prizo is nn alleged
"sport" that this country enn well do
Tint MMitimcnt. was hlso freely ex
pressed that Jeff McCnrn will ony bo
doing his fluty when ho uses the power
of his office to enforco any law now
on tho stntuto books, whether concern-
f - 1.--1.1! ..'.- . 1
lllg priKCllglllllit; ur uiiy uiucr iiiiiutt
ful enterprise.
Approves Mc'Carn'8 Stand.
Kov. Itobcrt K. Smith said";
"I heartily approve of Mr.
's stand. The law should be sustained.
Whilo 1 am not opposed to
boxing as a sport, fairly conducted,
whero two we'ii stnftd i! and try their
skill with the gloves, 1 am very sro6g.
ly opposed to such brutalizing exhibit-in-
us Hhvh been jivcn lit the theaters
in Honolulu, nnd I do not believe that
thoy should bo permitted. Mr, Mc-Cam
is taking exactly tho right step
nnd T, for one, shall uphold bis ac
fMnll Hpeeinl lo The Advertiser.)
HIM), December 2S. The Children's
'liritirnu Tree which was given nt the
Aimiiry lust Thursday afternoon, was
an even greater success than usual.
Over two thouiutnil children were made
happy, mid n generous had been tlm
iiimilon, that evim then thiTn wero
loya lelt over. Ilmlgii Htiles, who orlg
tiiully took tho InltiNtlve with the chlb
dren's tree IdiMi In lliln. I.i.k u
lt In chiirge i.f the Hulvutlnn Army
work nn (Inliii. but he h'a olwnya had
wi much from the varlima
iliurcliea and aocletlea that it U ccrlnlii
but the lice rH'ii! Mill cinlure for
if ha Is a ineniliMf i, I hi- bin uf unv ' lliniiv iiir In coiiin
iither tnurt, the n rtiritnie uf adwla , In U l'irt Vuri;ii ''hurcli w (lirlH
Inn in mn h bur. l'ill a - omi.uiiv the i uuia MititrtuliiHieut Inul pliiM Ida Tup.
wy rtwuiHijr, ft imhII promm
loltowval Uy a ( hrnlimn Irwe iim dla
inl iillso uf t(H I.. .
Ut Wa.lltiifiii.ytiliijt a I'liriiliiiiii
iii'i vi u ttaKiie Vvalukru 1oul
MfiTlTl H Rlll'ndcil hv
jloiil om Lua.lintl ami I Men I rlildru.
The dlrcilnr am) iiihh()ii and alia
J ol lira til taiiti'U t(al!i it lllllll,ta
II, i (.ii I la) i , , l II,, U. Int. . i,r Ilia
Men Accused of Killing Japanese
Hack Driver Begin Fight
For Life.
(leorgo .1. .1. J.yons nnd Itny C. Smith,
vhnrged with tanrder in tlm first degree,
their alleged victim being a Japanese
linckdriver who was killed some
months hg6 nt Iwllei, were yesterday
placed on trial. City Attorney John
V. Cnthcart Is prosecuting the case,
while. S. K. Chlllingworth, Sr., represents
l.voiis nnd l.eon M, Straus IS defending
Tin' full panel of trial jurors' was
present In Judge liolilusoii's court yesterday
morning when Clerk M. T."
cabled the roll, Ueo'rgo J.
O'Ncil previously excused for flic term
alone not belhg called. The first
twelve men .drawn by the clerk to try
the ense were:
tleorge E. llruns. WJlllnm K.
James V. Winn'e, Jntnes
Joseph Kernaiides. Joint Coffc'o,
William O. Kranklluj Ktigene X,
bell, Ocrrit 1'. Wilder, Sam ruptihi,
John It. Thompson nnd Charles .1.
Joseph Kernaiides nnd William 0. '
franklin were challenged for cause by
tho prosecution and excused; John It.
Davis and 'Charles 1'. Osborne were
drawn their places. Osborne wns
challenged by the prosecution and excused
lor tho term, John William
being drawn in his place. The
prosecution next challenged John II.
'ihotnpsou ton'd On his being excused
for the term the panel became exhausted
mid .link' i" ltobinson ordered Clerk
Sinionton to draw a special venire of
fifteen additional jurors wlto nre to
serve for tint rmlanco of the present
term. The additional jurors who are
to report this morning at
oiglit o'clock are s follows:
llnriy A. Wilder, Clarence W. Waterman,
Hober't Hnir, JnniCs W. I).
Htephen -J. Alencastre, John (1.
ltothwell, Itudolph I.. Auerbach, Walter
L. Kmor.v. lljalniiir 1'. It. (Hade,
Nelson H. Lapsing, Henry V. ltoth,
inald W. Warliam, Chnrles riilllips,
Hugh II. Walker and William (lrrvn
What the lino of defenso will be was
Indicated yesterday by the hypothetic
al question pui. xo, mo irospeciivo jurors
by Attorney Leon M. Straus. The
question was us follows:
''If ft is pioved to you beyond n
shadow of a doubt that ono of these
two men iiiust have committed the
crimq; if it also is proved boynnit n
reusonnblc doubt that tho other is
but Tt Is not mado absolutely
clear which of them, coinmitted tlm
murder, Svill you n?'iiult both of tlienil"
With but very few exceptions tho
tnlesiiicn replied in the ufliriuativc to
the 'question.
A whole sugar plantation, including
the mill, warehouse, cottagCs, water
taukp, machinery, tools, appliances nnd
growing "cane, has liecn sold by Y.
nnd 1C. Mnynhara of Olaa to William
Kinney of Kallmann, Hilo, Hawaii.
Klnnoy for the entire
estate, but iissmiies tho payment of two
chattel pior'tgagCH which .now exist on
h'o property. Tho 'ot the sale
of the Hawaii plantation and mill' were
tiled in tho office oV the registrar of
conveyances .yesterday.
The inift in ipicstlon is a one-roller
nffnlr rcehfly put hj "liy Japanese of
Olnn. The now in cultivation covers
twenty aOres of leafed land. There
is oho, on hand a small quantity, of raw
sugar In tli'o warehouse.
Just what Kinney will' do with tlie
firoperty is fmt knohn nt this time.
However, ho is said to bo an expert
jpgnr man, having 'been manager of the
llonomu tMignr Company somo years
. .
A .lapnncae laborer, employed at
committed suicidit late Thursday
evening liy .throwing himself Into
life sea olT tho Ifoiioinu roast, reports
the tli'nvall lli'lald. Ho had been spending
th(! eVejiIng with several friends,
and towards midnight set olT alonu for
his home, somo llltln dlttauco awuy.
lie made, lio as fur at can
I'd Ritthcied Irotn XMio who iveru In
his company thut evening, til Ids Impending
itoutli, hut loft them iippiirently
lull ot L'ood inlritn. Karlv viterdav
mornlhg one nf hit friends culled At
hhji limitc, anil flu. ling him hbneiil iiuidit
llllllllril'a HS to Ilia MhlllOMllOlltS. It
was then dividual flint he had not been
home nil nljlit, uiTi a n'stih wu in
alllutiK) for htln. Hy tlie luimli hU old
Mini III alloc hit lint there
wiia mi sign n' the man. Tlie
wero infoiiiiail and ii wul.li Mat fl on
(lie Iwucli, JiiiriiiK yealer'lu) fdrauoou
uii iili! wan mpfnil in ilia naler mii
dislamit fiiiin (hit alinre, vrhl)i uaa fl
vrwanlt ruMiul tw lw Ihe titil lly ui
a man. An (Hurl wa made hv liy
iiu'd IfHMiilltni in tribu
ili brtily nr)nn by mihhmIu)( w uial
lining lu lie li hihi In llii' I Halt Tin'
imlrr HU' low lunyli, liuwi'ii'r, ainl I In
wiff to ,..,-l fiuu, Hirir
plain l,,,nli (ifh if ii.i. Hit liinl)
lull. , jl
Die it
Hawaiis Chief Executive to Bo
Given Rousing Reception By
Citizens Irrespective of Party
Affiliations; Ad Club Members
To Lead Paper Lantern Procession
Escorting Man Who Now
Directs Territorial Government.
Delay in tlie arrival of Oowrnor
I'iiikhniu until nine o'clock this evening
has made only ono chnuge in tho.
plans of the Ad Club nnd others to ex-lend
to him the welcome and greetings
which had been arranged for this
morning, nnd that change is In timo
alone. Tlie gathering of tho Ad Club
clans will be this evening Instead, nnd
the program as at first fornn.:ated will
then be carried out.
One new detail lins been added to
tho former program, ami Hits i that
arrangements hnve been Hindu with jtho
Hawaiian KIcctric Company to hnvo
live long blasts I low n on Its power
house whistle ,iust ns soon as tho steamship
Ilenoliilnn is sighted. This till
give time for the members of the
"white brigade" of the Ad Club to
get ready and gather at the navnl dock
to bnanl the nnvy tut Xnvajo. The
Homilr.lnn was IMS miles oil' port nt
nine o'clock last night, and reported
to Kaliuku wireless that it will arrive
in port at nlno o'clock this evening.
.Members of the Ad Club met lu the
Young Hotel Unthskeller at noon yesterday,
under the leadership of President
W. It. l'ntringtnii, nnd decided thnt
whenever (lovemor I'inklmm reached
Honolulu they would be ready to welcome
him, without regard to time or
weather. It wns nNo decided that tho
plans should hold for the reception.
Special Saluto for Qovefnor.
When the steamship is sighted the
members in white, with white hats and
yellow bands, will board tho Navajo,
which will circle the llonnlulan, firing
a Governor's salute, Tho tug will then
carry tho party buck, to the .Mutson
pier, where the uniformed company
will lino up and be tho first tn
porso'nnlly greet the flovernor as ho
leaves the steamer.
Also a special laulich, the Ilclelie, has
li'M'n vhnrteied by the Ad Club, and
on this the members of the icceptioii
committee will sail ntound tho
with the Navajo, returning in
tune to the pier to takn part in tho
welcoming ceremonies there.
It in expected that the Houolutaii
will reach the Queen street wharf soon
after nine-thirty o'clock.
All the Ad ('lull member will carry
pnper lanterns to ndd to the
of tli'o pniade in thu
V honor.
lu tills pnrndo theie will bo n number
of automobiles in line, tlie first tn
contain Hie Ad Club reception committee;
tlie second (lovemor I'ilikham,
Mayor I en, 1 resident Inrringtoii ot
the club, Colonel .lones, adjutant general
of the N. O. II., ami Dr. O. II.
Cooper, surgeon genornl, X. (1, H. In
the third unto will be tho ofllcers of
the Ad dub, and in those following
the city mid county ollicials and others.
Tho escort will consist first of the
white brigade of tlm Ad (lull, then
the other members of the chlb not in
uniform, followed by" the Democratic
cohorts, all with badges announcing
they lire Democrats, aiul then will eohio
tho niipiiin contingent, which, it is
expected, will eclipse all the, others as
to minihcr, led by a drummer boy.
nilpinos Will Bo There.
The Filipinos will hold n meeting
in tlie I'ilijiino .Mission lit noon today
to make the final arrangements to ,j6lu
in the reception of tho Governor and
take part In tho para'de this
The Hawaiian Ilniid, led by tfiiptnln
Herger, will heiitl tho procession, ainl
his new piece, "Tho flovernor Vink-ham
March," will be tlie tune, to which
it will move along. The lino of march
will he to Queen fttioet, to Kekaulike,
to King, then to lort street, up lort
to Hotel street, mid thence to Itisliop,
to King stteet ugaiu mid along King
street to the Capitol grounds.
I'roiu the other Islands are arriving
Democrats ready to fall Jnto lino In
greeting- the Governor, nnd the llnwail
Democratic county committee has appointed
a committee to represent tho
Dig Island at the reception tp the Governor
The coniiultliio consists of Imry
Irwin, Deputy County Attorney lleen,
Senator D. I;. .Metzger, David Itaiitlkn,
Kepresentative Archer Irwin, Attorney
'Correa, 'Senator I'raiik Woods, 1', I',
Woods, ,1. ,M, do .Mello nnd Henry W.
Tomorrow evening It Ih expected that
Governor I'ilikham will take part In
tlm New Year 'a Kvo Churlty Ilall by
the V.Wr, and ii box ha beeu reserviM
fur film In the big Armory.
The principal i eruption, however,
will be nn Nmv Yiair'a D"'i Tliuradiiy
(limning, when an uftluhil imiopllmi will
he linlil In llic tkiiiiie room, with
ua luniiter uf
At I 111 racuptlnn, which will
he Dumonriillt', I ha iniuutiara uf Ilia
will be In the foiKurouml, and
al the nf I he i mcjMiihfm
HlHitriinr I'lu'tliam will ihiI Ida iua
Mali til llic ato(ic of Hawaii
I'liial MiaiiifHiii nla areiv ihade lual
i'vwiih(r for a aali'ii uf xm.iiieeii uub,
w la tlnsl l..t a llim siiuail nf the
a.iil tc rmi i.iin.aiit, S ii II in
haiii -if l,u i.li i.unl Haiti, t , ,,, i,
at'iml o tin- linn n nr ill ll, iij ii ,1
friMiH'ia I Ilia I'teiiiun I'lie atluliHi will
I' llri'l If 'HI' IWIt liin "lllii llulllll.la.
trillion tt In, I. tt.ii pin , ii, , ,,i iliiii.n
Ii i ll . ... ' it I i ,ik i i I. , li i ii i
id. m
By Merchants' Exchane
1'riday, December li.
YoUohnmn Arrived, Dec. 23, S. S
Nile, hencn ,Iec. 10.
Dec. 21, S S.
for Honolulu.
Sail Sailed, Dec. L'.", bk.
itlthct, for IIoi'iolulu.
San Arrived, Dec. 25, S.
S. ihiterprise from Hilo, Dec. IS.
Nitrnto l'orts Sailed, Dec. 2j, schr.
Alert, for Honolulu,
Saturday, December 2".
Astoria rrived, Dec, SO, ship
benie Dee. t.
San Vrancisco Arrived, Dje. 27, 7
a. in., S. S. Hongkong ilnni, henco Dec.
, Monday December 20.
Hamburg-Sailed, "Dec. 7, S. S.
Menes, for Honolulu.
Yokolinma Arrived, Dec. 20. S. S.
Nippon Stum, henco Dee. IS,
Tridny. December 20.
O. S. S. Sononiu, from Sydney iiml
Sninoa, n. in.
Str. Maui, from Mnhukonn, 1:10 a. in.
Saturday, December 27.
llr. S. S. Kestrel, from fanning
Islnnd, 7 a. in.
Str. Mnuna Ken, from Hilo, 11:30 n.
Str. Miknhulu, from Maul nnd Mol
okai, II a. m. ,
Str. Noenu, from Ahukinl, ,1 a. m.
Sunday, December 2S.
Str. Cliiudliio, from JInui jiorts, 12:05
n. in,
Str. Kiiiau, from Kmini, 2:1.1 a. in.
Str. Llkelike, from Nawiliwlli, 2:15
a. ni.
Str. Wnilele, from Hilo nnd llnwail
ports, 8:15 a.m.
M. N. S. S. Wilhelmlna, for Hilo, p.m.
Str. Cliiiuliiie, for Mnui orts, 5 p. m.'
(J. S. o. Sononiu, for San Irancisco,
5 p. in.
Str. Miiiin'a I,on for Komi ports, noon.
Str. Itikelike, for Knuni. 5 p. m.
Str. Manna Ken, for Hilo, 3 p. m.
Am. schr. Dauntless, for Gray's Harbor,
8 a. in.
Monday December 20.
Str. Claudine, for .Muni and Mnlokai,
5 p. m.
Str, Miknhala, for Maui nnd Mnlo
kai, 5 p. in.
Str. .Maui, for Muhukotin and
10 a. in,
Str. I.ikelike, for Kauai polls, 5 p.m.
Str. Noenu, for llaunlci and Ivutiai
points, 5 p. m.
I'er str. Miknhala,. from Mnui and
Molokni, December 27. II. C. Ilnwninn,
fl. 'Stanley, A. 1). llowman, Miss A.
llonpill, Mrs. H. Cockett, R. K.
Mrs. S. Mookini, Dr. YY M. McCoy
mid child.
I'er str. Noeau, from Ahukinl, December
27. Miss liny lies and O.
I'er str. Milium Ken, December 27.
Prom llilo: .1. K. Sheedy, T, Yiimada,
D. K. Met7.ger, Mrs. Geo. T. Kluegel, It.
Ileen, Miss F. bteele, .1. 1'eieiru, .1. 11.
llrarton, W. .T. Jlamptnn, T. H. Mullln.
l'rom Mnhiikoua: Mrs. (I. I.. Kopa and
two children, Miss Akmiu, Miss K.
Stewart, It. A. Austin, 11. 1 Wood anil
Wife, Mrs. Vi. T. Durston. Prom Kaw
iilhne! O. Soteiison, Prom McGregor:
M. l'eresi nnd wife, MIsh IVre?., V.
ITcnidu, V. I.. Steonsnn, .1. .
K. Halauia, I,. II. Hart, XI. I'..
Tlond. I.nhninn: 11. linker, K.
Mitnni and wife, Miss M. P.
Predenberg, Miss M. Leslie, I,.
uer, .Miss j;. ri. Minltii, v. uatiiuian.
I'er sir. Klnnn, from Kauai, December
2S. -Mis. I'iiiiI, A. libeling, Miss
Jlnndoii, Mrs. Y Kim, Mrs. T. lirumlt,
All Chock, li. D. Tiinmons, A. I..
P. Schmidt, Mrs. A. 1.. Sam,
Miss A. U Sam, Mis. Oliver, Mrs. 11.
)'.. Telilit, .1. '. Ilartcls, T. Onoken, It.
Hilvn, Miss M. Silvn, Mm. Chns. Akau.
WASHINGTON, December 11. At
the last ipiarterly sale of ivory in
November 5 mid 0, 301,000 pounds
were sold, as coinpured with SIM,iMil
pouiidH lu 101'J. The stink on hand is
only fortyoint tons, us compared with
Ui inns in r.u..
Sugar quotation, recolved yesterday
by tho linwiiilan Sugar Planters'
from tho Cnlifnriiln and llawal.
Inn Hugur Itcflnlnu ('ompiiny nrni M
ilHgrfe tat rentlifiigiiU S.IIA, !.'., Ml i
ah degree nnalyaia hunt a IDd, T,a7.
Mra. James V.. Pumano ,ifur maay
tH.il a rualilsnt uf Ililu, ni ltr
home iim PoMUbuwai slrnl m ilmt , n,
lata! Thursday mtiriiinu niii r nn
lint laaliutf iibiiiwt iim m n. tt ,-burn
in Sew Vi.ik ki.iI, i,i. M, iii
S'i, lallu, Mild went In 1 1 1 1., in -'
b lit, 'a ,i ilaliMI, ii, alt . Inl ll, . II,
I nut 1
u at 1 1 it fa
1 .Im .Hi 11 I ,.. .
I laltfc liillliber nr I iHiple
wilt 1 1111, liii led In Hit
1 hi I III, (mill ,111, 1. mil
I ... 1. I 1 -.
I I , 11.1 . 1 1
I 1 11,1.
Honolulu Stock Exchan,
Mnmln. Iiecember "J!', 1015.
Alex. & HaUltvin Ltd . $ 5.003.000 100
C UrcwttA Co llJOMuull IUl!
r.w , 5,nto.coc
lUlkU i.soo.ooo
Haw. Alllcullunl ...J 2.000.000
Haw. Com. & Sue. Co. i lo.ouo.nor
Maw. Sue. Co , 3,000.000
nonoKia ..; 2,iuu.uu.
Hutchinson Sum Hlin-
Kihuku , I
Kckahi Sutir Co i
McUrmtc Sue. Co. Ltd, 1
Oiliu Surjr Co
Olli Suiiir Co. Ltd .
I'aauhait Sue. Plin. Co.
Pioneer Mill Co ..
Walalua Atr. Co...
Wailuku Sucir Co..
Walaunlln .........
Wiimca Sugar MU1.
Haiku PS P Co. Ltd.
Haw. l'.lcctric Co....
Haw. Irr. Co. Ltd....
Haw. I'incaiiple Co ..
llilo R. K. Co. ltd..,
llilo R. li. Co. Com..
Honolulu Itrcwinc A
MallmjCo Ltd...
Hon. On Co. PId ...
Hon. (Jas Co. Com."
II. K.T.iL.Co. Com.
ri. Co..
Mutual Tel. Co ,
O. R. iL.Co
Pahani Rub. Co
Tanjonc Ulok liub Co
Hamakul Ditch Co 6.
Haw. Com. & Sucar Co.
It. ..!: t.. r. c
,.Attiiaii 11, vu v..,..
Haw. Tcr. 4 p c (Re-
iuiiuiiik i:vj
Hiw. Tcr. 4 p c ,,,... Im
4 p c Pub Im
Scr. 1312-1313
Haw. Ttr. 41J p c
llilo R.K.
llilo R. K. Co. Kef. i
Iixtn. Con. 6
Honokai Sue Co. 6 p c
lion. (In Co., Ltdris..
Kauai Ky uo. M,
Kohala Ditch Cf..(i5...
Mcltrrdc Eucar Co., M
siuiuai ici.os
Nalom.il Con. 6s
O. K. A L. Co. 5 pc...
Oahu Sucar CO. 5pc
(Illl Suaar Co. 6nc.
PacillcUunao fcrllizcr
Pacilic Sutar Mill Co.
oi , ,
Pioneer Mill Co. b pc. .
San Carlos Mill Co p.c
VVala'uaAgr. Co. 5 nr..
Onomca I.WI.OOt
202, 00C
Z. 00,1101
Ami. Out
10 1
14 4n
50 . .,,
Between Boards.
Wainliia. 20. 10. B5.IJ0: 10 Pines.
ri7..'i0j 23 I'ines, yS.00; 75 Hilo Com.,
Sugar Quotations.
SS Dep. Analysis Hoots, 8s 10yd;
pnrity, 'd.Olj 110 Veg. Centrifugals,
(Continued from Pago Ono)
biggest possiblo Christmas present it
could get, namely the restoration of its
good name, ills stand has mado it
immaterial what stand may bo taken
by Kaulinuo or any other opposing
member uf tho board,
Keuloha says ho is prompted by a
desiro to do his duty ns a member of
tho board of supervisors, nnd tho dnto
of his determination bears him out.
Tho community should bo gratoful
enough nt cscnpiug tho ignominy which
seemed certain, to take Kealohu at hla
Democrats for It.
Tho dawn of an active reign
Deinocriiev in tin lslnnds liroii"ht to
lif.t tin. Input Demnfcnits last week,
This manifested itself through a
iiil' of tho Democratic county comt
tee. it was a very representative one?
ami also very successtui. y
While the niniii object of tho rnept
ing was to discuss ways and means for
haviui; tus Islnnd fittingly represented
in tin reception of (lovemor I'inkhnni
when he arrives in Honolulu, the committee
took tho opportunity to fc on
record n being strongly- in favor of
having tho audit of tho county finance
continued, it did so by tho adoption
of the following resolution, which "was
oidereil seat tn Kwaliko and
the Democratic supervitors:
"lio it rosolW by the Democratic!
comity committee of the County of Ha-wail,
representing the Democratic party
in said county, that it is tho sense of
the said committee thnt the audit of
the books of account and accounts of
the saiil county should be completed;
that a aiim of money to defray
the expenses of such audit up to and
Including the thirty first of December,
IPIU, shmihl be appropriated out of tho
eoiuitv fnuds; that tin money so appropriated
should be expended only for
tho audit of the sold books of account
and accminta, and for no other purpose;
that a ropy 01 tills resolution no sent
to the membera of thu faid
hoard of superviiMira, with Hie request
that llic Kit il auHimanm In, e tho ncu
iiMiurt atepa to lirtim about the upprn.
print I. in ni iilhilciit .iiiiiiiv In provldn
for the aiii. audit.
" I'liniiliirol lt limit Irwin
"hiriiuili.,1 ii) o. T Mhiiuiiaii "
Kanlaiiu I,i Died M
'tli fur noun u,i mil tint Ohhu
'ami niii,iiiii mil Mctalni,
'-unit 1 ini,, .nt hi His of
if 1 ho ft. I urn I court
thai "hit wiifhliiK
inl tin airaniar p
). 'i lual he wail
.. iini leu lit a 1 uu nf miW
l.i. ii,i.'.i r..f iio mjiiriea
. 1 it,. .11, 1 v 1,., nt rgurl n
I ... o (I u '

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