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HvV ?r r7f'Tt
li i . . iTr i5""" -
OF FANS HAS BEEN $1,000,000.
Horry H Smith in tin- Sail Francisco I
Chronicle hns the following to nay nncnt '
L ilm career of .1 unit's W. Coffroth, rated !
creates! promoter of boxing com
ltests in the world: I
Started promoting boxing matched in
I' 'f connection with Jim Kennedy of New
ark, Jack (Ilcason nml lion uroom in
February, 1001.
Has taken in over 1 .000.000 in irroM
receipts, of which approximately $050,
000 has gone to the lighters and a good ,
percentage given over to the expensci j
of the mutches.
Wan first to hold open-air fight in
r.iuht time, when Jeffries and
inoii.i boxed opposite Ilecreation I'ark
grounds in 11)02.
.Biggest gate drawn by Jeffrie nnd
Corbett, August 14, 1003, $02,340; second
biggest bonne, (first
fight in day fine), lllilS,
Smrllest pate liv Cross-Dick
Hylaud, 1U09, flbSO.
His reason for success Always giving
t lie peo,de their seats. In other
wonls, organization.
In tbo boxing game close on to thir
teen years as promoter of the game
jeire mid fimplc, during which time he
has seen champions come ami go and
taken in over n niill'on dollars from
tho pub'ic, until now lie is ranked as
the premier handler of fistic contests
in the country, is the history of dames
W C'ofTroth of Sou Francisco.
No promoter in the country has at
tallied the success of the San Francis
can. No one of them has been able to
gain the confidence of the people until
it is not stra'nlug the truth to remark
that given the same curd, under similar
conditions lis any other impresario, ami
f'offiotli will do cusilv twenty-five per
cent more business, chiefly I ccau,e of
bis own personality.
If there Is any one thing at which
CofTrnth excels more than anv other
even his own business of handling boxing
contests it is facts ami figures.
Just where he carries them is the wonder,
but they are there beyond
A fistic guide isn't necessary with
CofTrnth around.
Just tell him yon want to know
when Jim Jeffries beat Hob
and on tho instant he will give
you the day of tho month, tho year,
how the fight ended and how much
money they drew. And to provo that
it's no mistake, you try him out on
some more insignificant match and
you'll discover tho information at his
tongue's end.
"What do I think is the one thing
above all others that constitutes a successful
CotTroth repeated tho question to
himself, and then answered it.
"Organization" the Secret.
"Well, you'll probably laugh," ho
remarked; "but my answer to that is
giving people their ueats. More seriously,
1 suppose, it is a matter of organization.
I have built up un organization
of men who know just what
they aro to do, so there's little left for
mo but the making of mutches. It i
like a well-regulated army, with a job
for every man. There's no hurrying
and scurrying at tho last moment, and
no Dinner. i.vcrytning proceeds according
to schedule. That gives confidence
to the people who attend, and
they will como again. The simple matter
of seeing that pcoplo get their right
seats is a tremendous factor. Thoro's
no reason why they shouldn't, but from
time immemorial it has been the custom
to scramble. I changed the plan,
aud it bellied wonderfully."
And those of you who buvo had any
trouble in getting tho seat you bought
and paid for will agree with the promoter.
C'ofTroth was iu n measure
into boxing from the standpoint
of promoting. Hack iu 1H00, when he
was secretary of the Superior Court
Judges, CotTroth made u trip to
his first. Wblio iu New York
he ulet Jim Kennedy, who was then the
"big noise" m pugilism. It was just at
"the close of the llortou law Into iu the
year, after which the game was to lie
dropped In jscw torn, nini naturally
j n it mix was on iuc mm re ui too gume.
Tim hun 1 runcisco Held was men
tioned und Coffroth, although his only
experience In boxing bud been that ot
an ardent fan, ui induced to associuto
himself with Kennedy, Groom unit
Uleusou in the handling of cniitets.
"The first show we held," tells CulT
roth, wus u tight between tleurge
Hawkins mil (leorgo (Kllions)
We diew only Hsuo, hut I
was mine exiled than 1 ecr liue
since Ihut tune, which shunt what
epi ii.iut in the gume iIuhs for you."
Harry i grliclt imoelutud hliu.elf
With i he combination In I Una it ltd IIMJI,
but utter Ihut dropped out ami Cull
inth hua wily MuiktkJ Hluue since
Ihut Hue In limS the promoter wtts
hid out of nan I rutuiwu tliiuunb full
tilt I' sci urn ami ujwruUd in
(he I tn pa.ilioii pi ulwa Ihut iuuy
nun e liunic I down
Auiin in luu;, iuhs w Dmi,u Li, wt
or i I nut uf lh ill) hAul beM fur Ifar
Jiii) ! purl "I'" air on hoJUUl
ijlilis III Ilm MiMWU Ml uisuii,
l w lir hm Urn pirns In, IPW
lublib III Mill Jiuiifirrg. Jim Jw
Milt ilflsklini l'M llUlill
wjul.li '
iWVl nil sen tm usit lIHI ii " '
v Hunk (? iylh lf
l urn
If trtt,, i
scale (if prices that brought 130..S00 into
the ho.ilc
Out- t.f tlie nmiisiug inridents fif his
.iri'r wai, the stiiging in IIMJI uf n
bout between Jack Johnson, later destined
to become champion of tin) world,
and Sam MeVey, not so long ngo n
l'nrisian idol. Tlie house drew just
$2000 and Johnson's bit wus I0I) for
wiliniiig. AleVey was no curd lifter his
defeat and for a time took to carrying
a spear in one of the meliidrumiin.
Inauguratc.3 New Class.
It was Coffrnth, likewise, who was
reiponsihle for the "light henv) weight
championship," iiinilgurntiiig Hint class
when he brought lloli I'ltrsimmous mill
(leorge Unriliier together iu the fall uf
lilil.'l. (,'olTroth hud a lot of overgrown
middleueihts oil his hands and to
make iiintchi s he iuentei the new division.
One of the few times when
feats ever ut .fo n throw was nt Ilm
time of the I'itxsimiiKiiis fight)
n lOiiditiiiii that wus miide
"e ileiiiamls of thn fighters
Tho following list of sumr, of tlie
louts coiiducted li folTruth isn't iu
tended as being louiplete, hut they do
gie a comprehensive idea of the vast
amount of money till en iu and the wi
rions chamjiioiiships that have been de
i bled. Itiingecl i.ccordiug to jenr, they
aie as follows:
Terry Meflovern vs. Oseur
ner $IO,7(ld-
Jeffries vs Itlililin Sl),MM
Jeffries vs. ritxsimmniis .. .31,100
.1 i mm v liritt vs. Trunk Jlrn . 10,709
Vouiig Corbett vs. IMdie Man-Ion
.' $11,200
Young (Icrhett vs, Terry
Foe Onur vs. Will'e Fitzgerald.. S,I0(
Frniikie Neil vs. IVuiikiu i'orl.es l.fiOO
Jellries vs. Corbett 02.310
Filslminons s. (leorge (lariluer 18,0(111
Jack Johnson vs. Sam MeVey . 2,000
Jeffries vs. Jink Miiiirne . 22,000
Jimmy liritt vs. Joe flnus . 23,00(1
liritt vs. Uatlllng Nelson . 27,100
Coffroth wns out of the (ity so fur
as pcrmils were concerned and gave
such matches us possible at the little
Colin i arena.
liritt vs Nelson $48,300
Jack O'lirlen vs. Fjt7.siuiinoi,s. . lO.fiOO
This wns the year of the bickerings
of the fight trust anil the nirthipiake,
nnd not a particularly busy year for
Herger s. Kaufman $10,700
Squires vs. Tommy Hums ..$23,200
Ketchel vs. Thomas .... . . 8,000
lohnsoii vs. I'lynn . . 5.200
Aftell vs. Mnrnii . .H.'non
liritt vs. MeFnrlaiul 0,001)
Ketchel vs. Jack Twin Sullivan 20,80(1
Oims vs. Nelson ... :'. . .. 2.i 400
Attell . Moniu V.' . .. 14,0'l(
(Jans vs. . .. 18.000
Ketchel vs. 1'npke ... 11,100
l'ke vs. Hugo Kelly . ..$ 8,000
Ilyland vs. Nelson ..'. . .. 14,00(1
Cro-s vs. llylnnd ...jfifc . .. I.Smi
Ketchel vs. Fnnkn S.WT. . . .. H.S0O
Johnson vs. Kniifiiiiin ... .!!!! . . . 7,."00
Ketchel vs. Johnson ... 27,000
Jloran vs. Murphy ...t 8,111
"oigast vs Hums . ..ifif.,220
-Moran vs. Wolgnst . . . . , . .. 30,(100
McFarlaml vs. ilurnhv , . . . 8,100
Murnhv vs. Attell . . . ..t fiilHi
Ititchie vs. Wolgast . . .. 27,107
. ...
Short Sports
Willie Kolehmnineii, the professionul
ruiiuer, lias gone to Fngland. He will
run in the Powderhull Miirathon race
at l.diiihurgh on .New Year's Day
New York I'uhlic .Schools Athletic
I.eugue has niiitertnkeii the
of leaching M.IHKI boys of the i
elementary schools how to'swim. i
John II. IWler, secreiarv ,,f .
(liants, said jiwtwnlHy Hint' he ha i '
heard iiolhiiiK Ut deal h herein
"IIhIm" Marumn Mi
llermix would ho In the Ho.lg.i. i ,,
rlmiejfii for "Xiip" Uucklei, in ii. at,
iue uf ,ui,u Milium, Mi iVm
IIik (limit' iepreiitall -i
ifniirs, nut u says he Ii.im, t ii , I
Hiote iu I his line,
JuUHIhltN 1 1 UW kiwi, Hie limn ui,
lilml I letter tt' I T. the (n. I n,. ,i
trutliliy cktlNpiuu uf Hie IUiiiI
lll trilxi llleMif M. f,., . .
IMIMr liviuif hi iclirmi,l si loi,,'., ,
N, J., leioiitl) his tl.,1 i,
H.IIuk IU Mill unsulci. 1 1, ,, ,
tif Mml ut M iMMof ! plu.lu.id
M N,ftMl fc I III iturW '
hm mhh mlmm Iimi.i iul4iuilb
--? i n m i mtrwt
m mmtm. Burr W
(I'rnnl Mnndny Advertiser.)
I. A. Cs, 7; All-Chinese, 1.
Manager Manuel I'aresu of the fort
ugiiese Athletic ( lab ball team is wearing
one of the happy smiles that won't
come off since jesterdny while M.inagcr,
Sammy Hop of the could
not smile if he wanted to. '
And no one can blame .Manuel for
smiling nor can they bliime Sammy fur
nut smiling, for did not tie'
tiou of the f minor I'lost decisively trim
the aggregation of the latter by u score
of 7 to I at Athletic I'nrl. .vesterdliy
iifteruuoii f i
'Irnly it was n sad I low to the All-Chinese
und their liig lor not j
alone were they given un awful trouncing,
hut the 1'. A. C's hoys took away
every lent ot Ilm gate receipts it
ing been agreed on lielore the gume
that the winners would take the whole
I'erliaps .S.iuiiny thought the I'. A. Cs'
Mould he easy alter the way they had
Leon and mauled aliout by
tlie Iliiuulis anil llieu Mitiuny luiglil
have thought that Poster IfolmiHon wus
a fill pitcher than Tuny
and lor those reasons made it a
winner-lake fill proposition.
II those Were haiiimy's thoughts audi
.he thoughts ol Ins team, they certainl t
. e. er. id uu aw I ul ,:olt tor 1'urisa's'
.urn I lieu LUtpl.ied ihe All ( hiliese in
veiy angle ol the game while
,i(eii',l big nn's and little rings'
ll'lHiii,l Foster lioin start of game to I
. In finish. .
Scorinc V"ns Ea3y. j
Joe Sou.i wus Ihe Hist 1'. A. C. to!
face the rejoiibtable Foster and when
ho went out on an easy grounder Sum-1
my muled for the fiist and lust time.!
Thn ni'Nt mini to the bat, lliishiielll
poled a liner into leiiterllcld which wus!
misjudged by Un Sue owing to thiii
glaring sun und before he could find
tho hull Henry rested ut second base,
f. Ornell.is was out ami Sammy was
just beginning to smile ugaiii but a
ong drive lor one base to centerfleld
by Williamson which scored Huslinell I
caused Ihe smile to vanish. Willis went!
out On a drive to Apau which looked
as if he hud stooped the hall but lis
the umplets said no, there was no argument.
I'uiesn's gang showed a llash of the
big long mi stuff iu this second half
of the Inning which pulled Mcdciros
out uf a deep, deep hole. With l!n
Sue out of tlie way on a drive to Soua
which wus udmirnblv handled, Avail
singled to leftlield and so did A. Aka-
un. Avail went over to tlnril on tlie
hit und then Akiina stole second. 1..
Ahiinn hit sharply to Williamson nnd
it looked like n run for the All-Chinese.
Williamson though made a great stop
and pick up of the hall and with u
perfect peg nailed Avon nt the plate.
Kali Yin ended the inning witli a
grounder to Huslinell.
Still They Scoro.
Another tally was added to the 1'.
A. ("s count iu the second on a single
by M. Ornellas with two iu the hole,
'i pass to Tony Mcdciros and u safety
by Joe Souza.
Ily this time there was u lurgo lump
iu the throat uf Sammy ami n dimness
was before the eves. With the close
of the second half for the I. A. Cs
Sumiiiy wns shedding largo crocodile
tears.' With J. Ornellas out of tho way
Williamson laced a dandy single to
loftfiehl and then Willis laced a dandy
to center. Franz I.a Mere, who tied
up the game on Christmas day with his
trusty war club, picked out u Uohlnsou
bender at this stnge of the game poling
tlie Lull to center for a
which, of course, sent the two runners
over the plate making it four for the
I'. A. Cs and the game not half begun.
In the fourth the I'. A. Cs did nothing
but the All-Chinese gathered their
louu one und were then und there saved
the humiliation ol being whitewashed.
L. Aknua Scores One.
I.. Akiina opened the round for the
( and was safe nt first because
Williamson I, out, I the hull Lane hit
to second base Iv.-n iu hit to Willis
at first on a luii Willis dropped
the bull lie ,.he, I it up Iu time to
ret i ! in. but spoiled a double play,
DfJ.Collis Browne's
A Ii I k fc'ijriii in
His r"7 Hr (; ii
Tin only Prtiiuiit hi iuuhawu, gout, phvumatum,
' f i ill!. iiutlft
Aknnn getting to second because
touched the bug instead of the runner.
Mitrkham's liner to left scored
Akunu. Robinson also hit in tl is round,
lut Pink Kong ami Apau fell victims
to the deceivers of Mcdciros, and the
Chinese did no further damage.
A neat double play, executed by Apau
ami Denny Mnikham cut off a run
for the P. A. C 's in the sixth, and
Kotis'n. by running out of line in the
seventh, cost them another tallv.
In tho same lining cut off
two Chinese! from scoring whin he went
buck into center field mid ginbl '. a
ll.v from the- bat of t. Aknua, with u
man nt second and another nt third
with two down.
I.a Merc acts a Homer.
Willis started tho eighth for the P.
A. C. 'h with a long Ily to l,n .Sue nnd
was out. Next : Franz I.a Mere to
the bat. ami he was crowned n hero
two minutes later when lie completed
the circu t lifter pasting tlie hull toward
the big tree for a homer. It was not
one of just-o e hits, but
a miijlitv smash that cleared the tree
n'ld is still )oiug unless some s'cnll b y
corraled It in its flight through the
Iu the ninth inning Parent's crew
added ii couple more to those nlresdv
jotted tiou n iu Ihe big book by little
W'lb" Ituposa, the man who fold F.
Hernardo Ids phonograph.
Inn were in tlie hole when liuslinell
found Itohinsun tor a sin"le Tha'
would have been the end of the rumpus
bail Merkham held n jiopii'i 11 v fioin
the bat of J. Ornellas. This Denny
failed to do, and it gave Joe another
chance to Int. Joe was safe vhen
Deiinv hobbled Huhtiell
go'iur It) Ih'rd on tlie iiiis,day und Joe
lo second. Then loth scored when Wil
liniiisoii hit sufely to right field. Willis
was safe on A. Aknua 's eiror, but a
rjti e' throw to Ihird iiinue.l Will am
son, ami the agony for Sammy et at.
wns over.
In their half the All Chinrse got Ping
on the baes, but he was forced nt second,
and Sing lleong, running for Avail,
was thrown out nt second. F.u vSue
ponnetl out to right.
Thus did the AIM'hinesc suffer defrn'
and thus did they also' leave the ball
park minus anv of, the gate receipts
Here is the tale of'their overthrow in
tabulated form:
P. A. I'. All ItllHSHPO A I!
Sous.!, 3b 0 2 0 1 1 0
Huslinell, ss . . . I 0 4 t 1
J. Ornellas, rf . iji 1 1 0 0
Williamson, 2b i 0 1 2 1
Willis, lb 4 0 0 0 0
I.a Mere, c . . . . I 1 3 0 8 0
Swiiiton, of ... . 3 0 0 0 1 (I 0
M. Ornellas, If , 1 1 0 0 0
Mcdciros, j 0 0 0 0 2 0
Totals .37 7 12 1 27 11
Fu Sue, ef ...:. ..-1000200
Ayau, sa 0 2 0 1 .1 1
A. Akana, 2b . . 0 2 1 1 0 0
I. Aknua, If ... 1 0 1 10 0
Kan Yin, e .. ., 0 (I I) 1 3 0
.Mnr'tham, 3b . , 0 1 0 3 2 2
lioblnsou, p . ., 0 1 II 0 8 0
Ping Kong, rf . 0 0 0 2 0 0
Apau, 11 0 1 0 10 2 1
Trials 35 1 7 2 27 20 4
Hits and runs by innings:
P. A. C- ltuns...l 12 0 0 0 0 127
11. II... 2 2 3 0 0 111 212
Chinese: ltuns...O 0 0 10 0 0 0 01
H. H...2 0 0 2 10 2 0 07
Summary Home run, I.a Mere;
hits. Huslinell, I.a Mere; sacrifice
hits, Hushucll, Swinton; double play.
Apau to Miilkham; bases on balls, off
linbiiisnn 1, off Medeiros 2; struck out,
by Knbinson 1, by .Medeiros S. Umpires,
Stayton und limns. Time of
game, one hour and twenty-three minutes.
Ku Sue had considerable trouble locating
the ball when it wns hit into
centerfield. Thnt rap on the head in
Saturday's game evidently had some
thing to do with making Charley's
eyesight bad, but at that a glaring sun
continued to shine from start of game
until almost five o'clock iu the fielders
I Chtcki and rriU
Lull fUuioil)' known hr
i ftul tUHbUMlf
District Attorney McOarn Rcitcr.
atcs Stand Regarding Enforce
ment of Federal Law, as Announced
in The Advertiser, and
May- Prosecute Those Taking
Fart in Fights Staged Upon
Military Reservations.
(from Monday Advertiser.)
I'nless the promoters of the boxing
contests at Schofield Harracks as well
us thostwho would undertake to stage
Lox.ng contests in Honolulu, can show
District vAttoriiey McCarn thnt two men
engaging in an encounter with gloves,
whether they weigh five ounces or fifteen
ounces, that said contest does not
conflict .with section 320 of the Federal
Code, then ring contests are pan
for all time in the Territory of Hawaii.
Keiterating his statement as published
iu The Advertiser ot yesterday, District
Attorney McCurn last evuuiug said
that ho would not tolerate any infraction
of tlie law.
If it is brought to my attention,"
said Mr. McCnru last night, "that the
.aw has been violated and a prize light
has hi en staged 1 shall pruceed uguiust
every one directly or Indirectly connected
with the affair.
"I shall warn no one of what I intend
to llo or whether they are going
to violate tlie law by staging a prize
light. I gave my views un the enforcement
of the laws of the Territory ol
Hawaii thruugh the ruliimiis of The
Advertiser yi stenlay ami 1 feel thnt
as ever one reuds The Advertiser my
position is now perfectly plain hi the
"As to whether the men who took
part in the show at Schofield Harracka
December 23, violated the law I tlo
nut Know; iu fact I was not aware that
a prize fight had taken place there that
evening until my attention was called
to the matter by Tlie Advertiser.
"Hveu if such wus the cuse it would
not be futr for me to begin punishing
those men or the promoters, nor will 1
tuke any action whatsover in the matter.
As to my future plans iu regard
to prize fighting at liurracks,
1 am not in a position to discuss.
"I am here to tee that the laws of
he Tinted States me not violated and
vhen they have been violated 1 shall
prosecute the lawbreakers.
"I am intoriiied that plans are under
wny for he staging of a boxing contest
iu Honolulu next month. I shall
not interfere with the plans of the mail
who is said to he ready to stage that
coutist uoi shall I give any warning
that he .is about to violate the law, for
I tlo not Know that he is going to pull
jtf a prize fight.
"Hut when the affair is ended and
I am of the opinion that said contest
or contests were in violation of the
law then I shall take action against
every person directly or Indirectly connected
with the affair. Until tn"en no
.lctlou can be taken."
Prom the foregoing expressions of
District Attorney McCarn, It can be
seen that in the, future all those who
desire to promote boxing contests must
do to iu such u manner that they In
no wise coullict with the Federal Code
of the Tinted States, otherwise they
will lie subject to arrest and punish
ment ns prescribed by Section 320 of
the Federal Code of the United States.
Considerable interest was taken in
the announcement of Mr. McCarn 's
policy regarding tho enforcement of the
federul anti-prize fight law in this Tor
ritory us published in Tho Advertiser
yesterday. This was especially true
of the troops stationed at tho army
posts. They wanted to know if District
Attorney McCurn intended to apply his
policy to tho military reservations. His
announcement published this morning
would indicate that this is to be his
course and will result, it is believed,
in putting an cud to boxing exhibitions
nt those places.
It is also po8illlo that Mr. McCarn.'s
announcement will result iu putting an
end to the proposed
Hverything is reudy for the recep
tiou of the Puiinhou Athletic Club of
Honolulu due to arrive nt Wailuku,
Maui in tho steamer Honoltilan Now
Year's Day
Manager A. It. Custle of the Puns
is sending eleven clever bull players
with him and un interesting scries is
looked for bv the local fans.
Last Sunday thn team
which will take part in the
series won u close game from tho Heat
by n score of to -I. A. lloliinsoii nnd
1. inures mini (hit buttery for the All
Munis while Hal und Dellego were at
the points fur tho losers.
(leeff Tavlor, stroke of thn Argonaut
How lug lab of Toronto l(i3 1,'uglish
llenlev el, lit oired shell crew, who entered
Oxford I'lilwrslty, is lowing No,
1 oar In the Oxford No. I trial eight.
Ills Inlet reported weight Is IhiH'j
pounds, which lops iin)boly In either
of Ihe Irml eights. The next heaviest
Is a Is.' inland man In the olher trial
crew, und those two are the only men
over I'" in Ihe whole sixteen crewmen.
I'toin Hie Iwu trews' will be telei'led (he
c'Kiii In row Hguinst Cuiiiliiidije next
In un.1 there wsre lno.miii head n
if .utile iii Hununry than In 1011, ami
i in. f i is Niwlwilh rjiiiJIle Far
..ur iiv uf bMF wliUli w upivprcui
in the h, 1 1 rr inn uf Kill, 'IV llijyji
i nhuui'itii iMiihj (tiMrksii) mt jiwilU'
ullv I Mowing MUlMi MM) iff LfCnV '!'
phj.ed bt rtUWWUNjlwiJr. AIJ9IJ17 MluJ
vlhvr W'sJiiu 41 u, vswh v WW&
torn liMi' ttuj
liliu st
M turn mmtfi
iwmm mm
l!iD mm
mKn:Gaiota Brand
Ur UtrtitoulUPI
CJcvvi Eays "Hish Ct of Capi-
tal" and Pernicious Political
Activity Are Factors.
Henry Clews' special letter of De
rentier 13 says that!
"Securities continue to exhibit sur
priing reaistiug qualities. .Discouraging
influences arc numerous and active,
and yet values, except In special Instances,
are well maintained and show
a disposition to rally upon the slightest
encouragement. Of course this Is attributable
to tho sold out condition of
the market; also to the fact that the
financial district has largely discounted
any possible business rent tiou."
Mexico Is tlisapjiearittg as
and tho Currency Hill has passed beyond
the npprebensive stage. Mr. Wil
soli's stand on tho probable trend of
anti-trust legislation U received with
Clews says thut the blame for the
general business stagnation is the
"worldwide high cost of capital."
Visionary Reformers.
"The signs of recession on this nc
count," he says, "aro (jiiit as pro
iiouneed ubroad as In the United States.
In Kurope the situntion is aggravated
by militarism, and in Cnnaila liy a too
rapid expansion. Neither of these
ilitiuns exist iu the United States.
There has been, no serious overstrain ot
credit iu this country; nor any over
expansion in generul business. Uu the
contrary, the hanking situation is
pretty well iu baud, aud our various
merchandise markets are more likely to
sutler from scarcity than from overpio
duction. As a matter of fact econo
uilc conditions in the United States
are sounder anil more eucouiaging than
those prevailing elsewhere. Ami yet
business depression is nowhere so mark
ed as along the seaboard of the United
States, ami this depression is grail
unity extending itself throughout the
West and South, Why should this eoun
try suffer a keener recession in bus!
lieSs than any other country when iu
trinsic conditions are generally sound!
There is no other explanation for this
unfortunate condition of affairs except
thut of iicrnicious political activity.
What with the meddling of visionur)
reformers and the attacks of radical
politicians unon till forms of business
activity, legitimate enterprise has been
almost Jiterally destroyed. The spirit
to venture and invest, which is tin
mainspring of industrial progress, has
been thwarted in every direction li
constant oppression. Our 'new free
dum' may lie born, but it is not yet
even a lusty infant, ami tho countrv
is suffering sadly from unwise interfer
euce or downriibt injustice emunntlifg
from political influences. There arc
signs, however, of ,n change iu this direction;
Mr. Wilson, although a pro
gressive of tremendous power seems
tpiitc inclined to curb tlie ambitions of
extreme radicalism, and there are i ml i
cntlons elsewhere that our visionary
political leaders will be forced to sit up
and take notice of tho eonscmieuees
of their actions. Especially will this
be true when tho nrmv of unemployed
increases, as it surely will unless business
men oro spared this incessant ir
ritation and interference with legitimate
European Situation Improves.
Tho Kuropcan situation seems to be
slowly improving. If tho notation of
the French government loan brings out
tha hoarded money of tho country the
situation will nt once improve.
"Tho local situation is still one that
requires caution," continues Clews.
"The outlook is still somewhat uncertain,
but adverse influences have been
so vigorously discounted thut they can
have little effect upon tno market, jue
sharp declines in New- Haven, New-York
Central und Canadian Pacific
came us surprises, vet the shock did not
extend beyond those issues. Lowor
prices may be expected as we approach
nearer to tho new year, but should
there bo any improvement in prevailing
economic nnd political tendencies a re
covery in values would promptly follow,
and the riso would be materially
nccclorntoil liy tno present ouisinnuing
short Interest. Depression in the steel
trade is less acute, and idle woolen
looms are beginning to restart now thnt
'hey can better estimate the effect of
the" new tnriff. Tho more distant outlook
for money Is for relatively easier
rates, although such can hardly bo anticipated
before the middle of January,
and some stringency may occur in connection
with the closing of the year.
January disbursements aggregating
about $2.r0,000,000 will shortly be duo
a ml the December investment demand
should be nn element of; support, especially
In the bond market and for high-grade
VIKNNA, December 8. Doctor llli
rak of the Prague Hospital has successfully
replaced the diseased porlwn
of the bone of a girl's nrm with 11
part taken from another
girl's arm, after the death of the lat
ter, The operation saved the patient,
Marie HiibacK, uged HI from 1111 nmpu
ration, Klie now uses the arm us freely
as before her Illness,
... ,
Nl"ctla hut nlrenil) a little more thin
idne hundred miles of railway, nnd the
imperial I'livernment has suusllone.1 thu
ilntnils fur n iroHisfi Nlycilun rii.tem
railway fiom Ignucliu, at the liii'l nf
tlie Ilniuiv mlunrv, In the lllver K-du
un, where It Will Join the eililllU line
It U estimated In m.t a I liwtl MnMNl,
I'liils'MpliiM Milium wutl receh
dWIi tip 1 llie l8li)euJ t uu (
1 1, iu wis iulmiileil la nnnrir ulunali In.
He wus irviilM la illMitMC 8? S ! Msl I
plli ttlllfll nj) l Mll
11m tfMUtmm Up ft"
sin! tu,m till IU UKW'
J; OWlM I'-'i K'
ma bn itffu
tthlthUSU d ic "
v As! "Dt '"n,,j'
A Happy New Year
to YOU
Pacific Guano Fertilizer Co.
Honolulu and IIIlo, Hawaii
FItOM (jUEUEC TO t.l Kltl'tnll. .
via the
the Famous Tourist Route .11 lb. U or 1,1
In ruunectiun with
AuMralasiuu Iiomii Mail I.i n
For tickets and gruentl uifi.ruiAtii.t
apply to
Oeneral Ageot
Canadian Pacific Klv o
Castle & Cooke Co., Ltd
Honolulu T. 11
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Kwa Plantation Co
Waiatua Agricultural .V. Ltd.
Apokau Sugar Co., Ltd
Fulton Iron Works or St Uiuls
Illake Steam Pumps.
Western's Centrifugals
Iiabcock & Wilcox IJoiUr.
Ortcu's Fuel ncouomiter.
Marsh Steam Pumps.
Matsoo Navigation Co.
Planters' Line Shipping Co.
Kohala Sugnr Co,
Bank o? Hawaii
Incorporated Under the Laws of the
Territory of Hawaii.
SURPLUS 100,000.00
C. II. Cooko. ...President
K. D. Teiiney ,
F. H. Damon Cashier
J. 11. Fuller Assistant Cas ier
, 1. McCorristou Assistant (;.ishler
1 DIItCCTOItS: C. II. Cooke, K. I).
letiney, A. Lewis, Jr., 11. F. llishop,
F W. Jliicfiirlane, .1. A. McCandlcss,
0. II. Athoiton, Geo. 1'. Carter, F. H.
Demon, V. C. Atherton, It A. Cooko.
Strct attention given to nil tranches
.' of liaiikitig.
Ewa1 Plantation Comf any,
W.ilalua Aericultural Co., Ltd,,
ilpokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.,
Kohala Sugar, Company,
Wahlavva Water Company, Ltd.
Fr.ltcn Iron Works of St. Louis,
Babcoclt & Wilcox Company,
Greens Fuel Economizer Company,
Ctiaa. C. Moore U Co., Engineers.
Mi.tson Navigation Company
Toyo Klseu Kalsha
of every description mule to
id v
I.DNIK IN, Dei ember II A gonlnleal
of ijuiet illtfiisalon is p roe ceding re
tiurdliig I're.lleiit Wilson 'a exti'imlou
ol the alnurne Do, trine The London
lllube, whine piopiistors lire now sul.
10 iiitdiidii bh Max Aitkeu, wi)m
"Thu Monroe liiiftiini', from being
11 purely di"eiii.e intiasure, ui been
eon vr Its In'o 1. Heapun uf ulTnicv. 'I'd
(diMi) fureUn suiium lo uhmox tern
lor) 1 go ml in m iirMervsiinii,
Iu elaM I" iMlrol fheir vuiwnri'iul
enlnffirlh la ii'ely an list uf uguris..lini
Tbo WW do, Imi, umy bti nnLi In
Mr ISll r. 1 dli.t tfum uUglillMK
NUMWMHl's, '"'I "") lly m Jwnlup
Ml illU the 1.1 I" 'II uf MUU Autl
M niuuup..l -, d M lrrilgi'lilit
eF ilm prin if ,,f tM rjjffctf"
.ippvilumlv t,ili. ,1 btyailftu HS
of tun .1,4 hi ui Tl MttlUbl mil
If uudilil,,, 1 11 1 1 Atgf&MM !
It ltd. till'. I lv4tfc lijlMl
MHHll) "

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