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1 1 V'i
LA H '!'-
r j
VOL VH., NO. 18') :''r ' ' '", '":-,. '"
Dcenerato Firhtln.? Rcrjorted at
. Nrevo Laredo and Ojinaga with (
Large Casualty Lists Consti-
tutionalists Try to ' Surprise
ICcxican City, But Fail to Cap-
t:ir It and Battle Continues.
Fugitirei from j'Fedsrai ; Forces
. Who Are Wounded Cared for
:- , by Americans and Others Dis
armed United States Troops
. - Will Presem Neutrality Laws
Under All Circumstances..
LAtiEDO, Texas, January 2.
.'(By Associated FreHa Cable) '
The. Constitutional ikt forces which
were reported marching to the at
tack ot Nuevo Laredo, the Mexi
can city opposite here, across the
Uio Grande River, inade an effort
to surprise the garris'm of .1200
federala,' '. but.- have 'met with ; a
steady resistance. y v ? v
The ' battle continued during
the afternoon and vnrly last even
ing and will probably , be resumed
this morning. The rebels haye .ejit
.',A country 'and' captured tho railway,
... streniftheuinjt themselves In their
positions.', It 1 ot a ted - that . tlic
- rebels number about 4500 . men,
'. but that many of them are poorly
;.. armed. ';''' .'. - . ' '
The report last evening was that
; 300 men had', been killed1. during
tho fighting yeNtertlay and several
' hundred wounded. 'A number of.
the latter have made their way to
,. this city from across the boundary
.'and a're beihj? cared for.' v
: A strong farce of United States
1 troops is stationed .on ihjs side 'of
the boundary, ready for my emer-
. gency. "r ' r t : . .'.''
:'' PASS CHRISTIAN, Mississippi.
January 2r-(By Associated Press
Cable)-rSpecial Envoy Lind ar
rived here yesterday evening from
Vera Cnus, Mexico, and M ill con
fer 'with President Wilson -later
today upon the situation in. that
Republic. . It is bi'lieveithat he
will make certain recommenda
tions for the consideration of the
President,"" r r-j-V;
(Hy Associated Press ('able)-V
Kenor Querido Moheno, the new
, minister . of foreign affairs for
Mexico, has assumed full control
of the foreign office and is push-
''inir' negotiations with a British
syndicate, according to (a 'aemi
oflicial statement yesterday, for a
large loa'ji on behalf of, the Iluerta
v government. ' - ;P, '; , . -
.. ''. v i'r: ' .
rKfJSIDIO,. Toxaa, .lamiary 1. (By
Associated Preaa table.) Kcenea of
blood and j-arnae around Ojinaiia, un
preeedentod in the history of MeKlro'a
recent clone righting, wera witni)Hnel
today by thouiantU or apei-tatora on
the Amariean aide of the river an the
rebel force' under . Oen. : Tann-ho Villa"
.and General OrteuM4eadly drove, the
shattered fuiler&ri'crcea to destruction
Ilimilmdn of the Vederala.'hard-preiia
ed by the enemy and fearing ineUnt
nociition. plunged ioto the yer and
made their way to the American aidd.
7'.x,.t of those who tried to rrola were
. ' oiij el. They' arrived ou the Aniert
cm. nit (iAcririAir 4ir Tiuf.. .
., i -n'trtera from the rebel army wlrtjl
d to the Ainxrlian ride were dia
Htnii 'i'by the l ulled Htate soldier,
1 .j!j' lif out order to preserve, idrict
Hi, aurrender of the 'entire garriaou
to thiAtnerkan troops is uiomeutarily
v i One of the Terrible Tragedies of the Cruel (arfare in Mexico 4 ;
: .. : .,V: ... . " ' .,; .' y...'' ' , r, " " 'y' ' ' e
" ' i ..,.. , ,,
, . 1 1 , , ' !- 1 . : -
Erjcution of a Captured .Officer,
,. . .
New head of the J)t'partnieut of Foreign
..Affairs for Mexico. ,- '. 1
expected. General Villa is apparently
carrying out a protfrani of annihilation.
' Army Works OU Wall. . '
VERA XHV'l, Mexko, January 1.
Mexican military authorities have as
sumed routrol of the Afcuila Oil Com
pany because of, its refusal to face reb
el threats that the romps ny would be
puuished it it supplied oil to. the Mexi
can National Hallway. . The company
declined to supply oil to the govera
ruent in the face of the threats made.
' l'p to a late hour last night the de
tective department 'had not discovered
the identity of the ma r.ho fired the
shot that killed tbe Chinaman al VVal-
uin. early ew rear a' morning.. Ae
conling to. pojico reports dance was
(riven at a house in the neighborhood
f the Houglas premises near Kapio
lani 1'ark, at which a .number of en
'leted men were guests, and several of
"m disrhartted firearms during the
relcbrtttlon. Aiparently. no effort is be-'
my. made by the detective-department
to carry on an inrestlgation. ; ,
' ' " ;''
- N'KW YORK, .Tanuan; 1:M By Asso
ciated Press ( able.) Indon has lot
it honxted ire-eiiiinvhce' as the world's
ttrestest city, , according to flu'iro
I'ade public today by h statistician
of the board of health, New York's
remarkable growtk during the past few
Yn has now, eeordhig to these fig
r(, given it at the beginning of
"o million greater - population . than
1ondon. ' ... .;'.' j . . .. .J
i ,, i i ' '..
f Hl'cACiO,'.Tauuarv 1. (Bv Assm-1-fd
Press (slle "hale T. Mpyer,
fresideat of the YetiB Federation of
Miner, Is found to V suffering-more
from kicki he received In the assault
n him at alumet than from the gun
hot wound. ,. .
Den'ea Inactivity. ,
WASUTWlTON, -Ta-minrv 1 By As-"f-ciated
l'ross (:nrdeV-retarr'.WiI;
'Mm R. Wilson of the department of
abur. today denied eliarge emanating
from nflnera at Globe, Arirona, thnt the
Jppurtinent of liibor is inactive In the
fuce of the (aliunct crUls.
l.(Bv Awe-
utsi! J'r, ,,i, CabUV It ' uiioulrUHv
niioiiiiced today that Italy has decided
'o I'Vrllcipate In the 8un Friinc.im-o Kx
position. Onlciat aonouueoment to this
'"'t Is expected siioiu A handsome
ouildiug pBbly be erected.
- ''U''- J'.v :
Who Faces the Firing Squad U
. Northern
New Year's j&y Observed v
Business Suspended and Everybody, Ir
respective of; Nationality: Celebrates
Nationar' Guard ; Officers Call on
General Funstori Y.M. C; AKecps
Open House. ' .
: r
.Witlra perfoct Vliy !to start the New
Year of 1914, thd'psople ftf Konnlulu"
yesterday .Celelirati'iU 'nt "with
t heirrvmmA-WiWs'lnelw; frtmwifiW; "ot
nationalityi'ln ' fact 'the ' Chinese- resi
dents of tie sity were; more in pablir
ryldence then those 'wbo coutentel
themselves i With lees display', tut the
Japanese,' Portuguese and other whites
also observed it with theusual cus
fouia here., i A feature of the day was
the great , number of automobile par
ties which, took advantage pf the Hue
weatoer. i . ., . . f " . --
a1 V.iiai n.i. aiiai.nft.
ed and nearly all the store were closed
in the oriental quarter of the city yen-
terdy, altbeugh some of 'them opened
In'ilie ar'teru'ooo. The main point of
interest among . the 'Chinese, however,
was the annual 'ew Tear'a recept'ion
at the headquaitera of the I nited, ht
neee Societies, on King near Vauaou 1
Although this society in divided into
two factious over the recent election
and the ease has been, carried to the
rireliit court,' all was harmony at head
quarters yesterday, on the , surface.
President Ah Lrong received the con
gratulations of his faction, while Tres
idettt Vee Tap of the ether faction
also received the salutations due the
occasion. Incidentally an immense num
ber of firecrackers were exploded as art
evidence of good faith- The reception
lasted until noon. i - ,-' t
New Year'a Calls General... '-'
' '''During'; the day and especially last J
evening,- acquaiutanves paia milium
rails,, the ntea of the family, .dressed
in their best, calling upon the women
folks of their' friends, greeted in each
place with J'Konohi fat choy," with
sweetmeats and nutt and tea in un
limited quantities, ; , . t
. Among the Japanese also the custom
Of New Year, calls was followed, and
at the residence of the Japanese vice
consul, llut-himo Arita, the vice consul
and Mrs. Arita and the staff of the
consulate, teeeived all callers from .tea
to half-past eleven o'clock, f . . ; .
' General Funston Interested.
LAt nine .o'Vlock yesterday nioruing
the officers' of the jSatiouul Guard of
Hawaii paid their resects to Hrigadier
General Fwnston, eominapdir Of the Ha
waiian Department.. The gathering was
in the lobby of the young Hotel, .where
General Kunston' and his aide, First
Lieut. W. G. Ball, greeted the callers,
all of whom were in white uniforms
and aide arm.; ,1
General Funston made a little talk
to the National Guard efllcera present,
stating that although there is 'a gen
eral idea in some quarters that the
national guard and regular .army do
not work well together, this) is a mis
take, for the regular army realiies that
the backbone of the defense of the
country iu time of war must be the
National Guard and able to take the
(laid .before volunteer forces could be
organised. And especially; he said, was
this true la the case of Hawaii.' '
General ' Furtston expressed the wish,
that he' rould remain "here to aee the
development 'of. tho National Guard of
Hawaii, us he takes a keen interest in
its well-being, and in time of troubl
it would h exacted to take a promi
nent part in operations, ( -J''
-r OfAtera Pay ieapecta. "
i Col." .f. W. -tones, adjutant' general of
the guard, replied for the orrhVera, thank
ing General Funston for hit interest in
nbound and Not Blindfolded A
Mexico;. .v I'
Honolulu Spirit
the guad and' tor, What )) had !
for it rtere,
.. ACcowpBuitNi oy iieui. A. it. liump,
XL, . A.the olUrwvnr y.f - vt -
N.''il. 1l.''?;ed Va ticuc'ral Kunslou;
Col. J. X Jones. CoU- C!. Zetgler.
Lieut.-Col, 3. W. fthort,; Lieut-Cot, Fih
er, '.Major Moorer, L.rt.-('ol ' W. K.
biley, Ma.).' Gustavo k one, ('apt. M. M.
Johnson, 'Capt. T. B. Cummins, ('apt.
J. A.' Thompson, Capt. Ham Keliiooi,
l apt, 3. 'M. Camara, Capt. John W.
Cook, Capt. Benjamin Ka-ne, Capt.' H.
t. O'Hiillivea. t'ait. A. .. K Neelov.
J Capt.' Walter V. Kolb Capt. Laurence
Kediugtoo,. 1-umt. V.iinam Abia, Ueut,
Henry Vsu uiesen, Lieut. Louis Ka-ne,
j George B, H nrader Lieut. Isaac
. -V V'f "
W. Wnrhuin, Ueut. L. R. Mcdeiros,
' '., ' Many( Xatertainmenta. " . '
Lant evening there were many Wi
tertaiument in all parts of the city,
but the-- principal one waa that given
j,y tBe feung Men's Christian Associa
tiou in lea Tine" building. , ibis was
thrown open' to members and their
friends," nicludias Women from , Ave
o'clock- in the afternoon until after
teu o'clock last1 night. - The place waa
thronged rnd-an exceedingly pleasant
time was experienced..
,. in' the lobby of the' building waa a
Hawaiian orchestra which played and
sang. The cafe was thrown open and
an extended menu wa nerved during
the' dinner hour, while late 'light re
freshments' were Served to all truest.
The bowling alleys, gymnasium and bil
liard rooms were open to all and many
women, and girls rolled their first game
of bowls during the evening, y
Shortly after eight o'clock the pro
gram of entertainment for the even
ing opened in games hall, where seats
had been placed tor four hundred aud
fifty guests, and the ball was well fill
ed. The program as printed waa slight
ly rhuuged, but complete as a whole,
(trneml 8ec ret ry Hu uer oien-l ' th
proceedings' with a pleasant talk and
wished everybodv - a "Happy New
Yar:. ''':,..;..',
An Fxcellen Frogranu . ; '
There waa musie and singing by the
Karurfaameha quartette, consisting of
Heorgo A. Andrus, James P. French,
Chester G, ' Liviugston and ' Earle O.,
Durtlett . Mrs. Kobbina B. : Anderson
so'ne Neaiwlitan folk songs and
was encored twice, and Mrs, A. il. In
galls 'gave a number' of violin solos,
which were appreciated. . Mr, lugalls
wi s the. accomiianist. f : ;
A, large curtain had been bung at the
mnuka end of the Urge ball and uon
th;s screen wne thrown, the brautrfui
pictures illustrating the lecture of
iapt. George rituiienterg, U. 8. A.,
upoiitSuplee and I'ompeiL . This lecture
was one of the features of the New
Year's entertaiunient and open house
ot the Y. M. C. A., and was thoroughly
enjoyed by all who heard and saw il.
And tbua for the last. time in the
hixtory of the world the . first day' of
IDU passed, away in Honolulu with
general good wisiiee 1 among everybody
tor a proHerous year and the univer
sal sentiment of "Konohi fat choy' .
. ' . i '. .
JKRUSALEM, Syria, Jantiarv, J.
(Hy 'Associated lress 'able)-FIylug
Icom I'ar'a in auccifv'BTfes, Aviator
Honnier landeVI hi aeroplane oO-the
'edge of the I'ool of Siloni, noted In
r.il.licHl history, on .New Year's Kve.
The natives marveled at his. foming.
Common Scene at This Time In
; ....;
' '";: ' ' " 1 'V'"' ' .' " '.:
Hccse Naval Affairs Committee
v, Considering Great '. Pearl .' ;
' : Harbor Improvement. !
By Ernest O. Walker. ,
; (Mail Hpeeial to .The Advertieer.) '
; , WASHINGTON,.. Jecember 48Tlie
house naval affairs eommittei i giving
serloaa eonslderation to- the (jtJBrtion ol
a Urydoolt' for Iet Harbor. .Tfc re-
i - - t , . ' ,
trtr$F W MtnA ble has Vea
jwaultf y 1uMruiunad'At,"rfSl
house eohimittee. i The . teat waa for.
warded to him at, the, Capitol a tew
days ago, and after acrutiuising.it with
some care Mr. I'adgett fiad a confer
ence' at the navy department about it.
The, text of the report lias not yet beea
made public and there Hi 'no Immediate
indication that it will be. !
.One thing stands 'out, as quite cer
tain that th:s session of congress ft ill
make an apiii-opriation for A.drydock
at Tear! Harbor.. - Tue argument rana
that there is great necessity for such
a dock, and whatever tu exena3 the-e-
of tfae-tovernment mnst have it, Thtite
has beeip4 ajient 'about 10,OO),(l0r) for
th naval station at I'earl Harbor, but
tae vaine of, tbis expemliture to the
navy will be groatly diminished unless
there is a drydoi-k., :
Another question, however, la beJug
consi.lered. .That is the liability of the
contractors for the construction of the
Irydock which ' eolla.psed. ' Chairman
Padgett is nswllling to take the re
sponsibilitjr of asking rongrce lor more
money, unless th status of the, former
enterprise! is very defluitely fixed. It
is upon hHirmsn ladgett 'a insistence,
chiefly, that the question of the con
tractor' liability has been' turned over
to the deportment of justice for'a legal
opinion, itetue nice points of law are
involved., ... V ..'.'' '. V'1' ;'-',',..
(hsirman Palgelt belie v a, when fie
nutter of additional appropriations' for
the Pearl Harbor drydork come op la
the house, inqn'kitive members will
have many questions to ask, and some
will demand that the eoutrsctor be held
strictlv to t'rnia. Whatever the ehair
uian'r opinion about that may be, he
wishes to he enforced by. an opinion
from the attorney genera as the gov
ernment's chief law olliccr.
Governor Pinkhaia having depaited
and Delegate Kuhio not having arrived
in Washington, there ia aiih h qdiet nt
the Capitol In Hawaiian affairs, .The
Kapid Transit extension bill Is etil
pending before a subcommittee of the
house committee on territories, and
Prolmbly will be there for exMiie daye.
tx-Governor Frear ia expected to tub
piit to the sui committee in a few days
a plan for consideration by its. nrem
bera. ' . ;' .
' BE
BINGHAM, daho, January ,"-'(Hy
Assoc ateil Press Cable) The hunt by
posHea ; of armed nied led by deputy
cheriffs for Jose Lopea, the . Mexican
bandit, who killeil twq deputy sheriffs
and is credited with . other murders
near here, will be resumed tomorrow,
tollowing the Christinas festival era
son, . .-"'.. : . , -
. Lopes was reported to have taken
refuge in an 'abandoued mlue, whivh
was pumped full of poisonous' fumes,
but he ia believed to have fat-aped. It
is hoped that he will be raptured or
killed, ha he has stated be will fight
to the death.,,- . " , ,
Small Army of Unemployed 2cn
' Besiege Home of Governor'
. Johnson, Who Is Out
. HAN KRANC1SCO, Jnry 4i (lly
ilfiMX latl Ptfm Cbl) -Suifc reac
M hav not hero witafi hrt for flf
tfn yara took pla- ymtmiuy when
JO IX) mn out of employmrnt gatkortl
ib troat of the rfni.teui. of Uovarnor
11 Irani Johanoa Riimian Mill; for tk
purpoM of making jliniaiiU for tMlnt
nce, aid to auk what kia, inUotioni
la ta rrfpct are. , , .
liovrrn'or Johnnoa waa away from
home at tho time . and after waiting
anout for-thrrc boura a rommttUfl of
thn mm ilrw up a note which Wa toft
at hi honae for him. , ' V
. Thii note mak a rK)ucit that tho
(loveroor apirar before them tbla morn
ing when they again aiwemble and an
twer plainly' their demanla f6r work
for al laya a week, for erht houri a
day and pay at the rate of three dol
lars a day..'.'. . ) .
. T.V0 DJTTnllJS
Official Orders. Beduce Status of
. ' G. H., and Kefmental
''.)' I 'Officers Retired. .' :'' .
Official, orders were issued yesterday
hy Adjutant Geueral Jones, N. G. H,
bw which the First Begiment organita
tlon ia dissolved and ia its place two
battaliona and three separate companies
are formed, and all because of the lack
of fonrteen recruits for the third re-
crnlt company,' tapt. Taul Snpef. The
separate, eompaniea are at Lahalna and
Wallrikq, Maul, and lUkt, Hawaii.
: By these orders Col.' Artbvr Coyne',
av.treM'rt'L' jtiiTM: 4vevt5fr .rMft
duv, a weir as the btlici rcgimculal
pincers, are placed on, th retired list,
other officer reduced in Tank and two
Or three promotion made. Tka )iow
Quartermaster Corpe takes the place of
the old quartermaster, subsistence . and
pay department. '' 'v ,'. .
However, aa Colonel Jones explained
yesterday, there is stitl hope that the
regimental formation will soon be re-i
sumed,.when the necessary twelve com
panies are recruited ur to the required
minimum strength, eleven ot . tuese
comf-snies already exceed the required
number of men; in fact, there are more
men In the National Guard of.IIawai'
than is necessary to form a full re-jt-ment,
but one company has: not enough,
and that throws out of guar tho entire
militia organisation for the time kelng
The division of militia affair' ef. the
war deportment Is reorganising the Viti
sen force of the country, and the fed
eral government ie extending nvu h
help. . .The local national urd now
receive at the rate of SH.33 for ecefc
maa ia the guard more than it did a
year ago. on December XI, J91S. . ;
Liens, A. Tk' Hump, U. 8. A., nsoecto
of militia, .will begin the training of
the recruit in Captain .Snier'n com
pany in the .new armory St half-past
seven o'clock next Wednedav evening.
The orders issued by Adit Gen, J, W.
Jones yeeterdev are aa follows: .' ,
" .lertitorv of Hawaii,' ':
v The -Adjutant General 'o Office.' .
. Honolulu, January )st, 191 4.
General Onler No. 1. i
The-following changes In the organ
isation of the National Guard of Ha
waii, In conformity with the provision
of circular' No. a, division of militia
affair; An trust 1, 1913, are announced
for. the information aud guidance '
all concerned;
General Staff Dep&rtrusota, ;
. Chsrles W. Ziegler, nisjor, inspector
general' department, with tho brevet
rank rf colonel,
Kmil C. Peters, nut .or, judge advocate
general's department.
John W. Hhort, major, quartermsste
corps, with the brevet raak ot lieuten
ant colonel;',' .. .-;..",''"; '"' f t: -''
. Merle- M. Johnson, captaia, qnnrter
master corps. ' ' ; , ,
. Arthur. W. Neely, esptaia, quarter
master corps,.
- Charles B, Cooper, major,! medics de
partment, with the Vreet rank of lieu
tenant colnneL ';.'' ,
- William I Moore,' eapt at n, medical
department, with the brevet rank of
major. . - . ', . . . ;
Klmer T. Winant, major, orduanc do
pnrtmeut. - -'- , - , , ,
',- .' Una Officera. : , v:-"''
William H. Biley. naror' First Infaa-
tr, w'th the btevet rnsk of lieutenant
colonel, - . i" , :
- James K. Thompson, captain, anas
signed.:' . ' : " '' -'
. :: (Coutluued on Page Three) 'V,
ilos ANGELFA January 1 (Br As
sociated I'resa Cbe to Htar-Rulletia)
A wireless received here today from
the steamer' Willamette tell f aa at
tempt to hold np its commander. Cap
tain Reiner. Two mo who tried to
"stick up" the captain were disarmed
and placed in Irons. The steamer is
pounu tor peauie, .
i m
Sweeps Down from North and '
Strikes Los Angeles County
Shore, Carrying Away Three
Hundred Feet of "Mill: liar
Standard Oil Company ' Pier
and Doing Considerable Other
Damage. '. '.',-,; ; ' y , .. ' ' , - C ' '
."'. 1 ' . ( ' , . ... . ..."' .'
Beaches and Walks Washed Away :
and Buildings Threatened by
Tremendous Waves, Which ;
Damage Piers and Besorts ,
Along the. Southern Coast Bel
low Long Beach. , .; .'
'..'.' . ... , '.','.. . !v II- . ,'.'
LOS ANGELES, January 2.- 0
(tiy Aaaociated rrcss Cable) .
Tremendous damage along . the
waterfront of Los Angeles county
baa followed the tierce- northern
storm which swept down the coast '
yesterday and struck with espe- 1
cial force upon Santa Monica Bay
and its thriving towns and coast :
reports, v . ;. -' '
, Over three hundred ftyt f Uie ..
greatvpje'taf El Jeg;ndr, itear ;
pier had recently b?en completed
by the Standard Oil Company, at
a cost of over a million dollars,
to fthlp its oil cargoes from the .
immeuHe storage tanks at Kl Se-
gundo, It will be months before
the pier is a (rain in anatt to re
ceive tank, steamers. ,
At. Venice the storm drove th
heavy atirf over the low beach and
washed out sidewalks and boothn,
tearing away- great stretches of .
the fine sandy beach. . The horae-
ahoe 'pier was also eonaiderably
damaged and some damage was
done,; to buildings close to tb '
shore. -,';' t ,
North qf-Venkje the city of
Santa Monica was protected from -
theiwaVes by the high bluff, but
the beach along the foot of the
bluff; was badly washed out and
In aome spots it i feared that the ;
bluff may cave-in,' carrying . with ,
it some of the amallcr houses along
its margin. The big cement pier
there .has weathered the stonn
without severe damage. , Two ,
years ago it waa almost destroyed "y
by a storm, but waa rebuilt last
summer, of reinforced concrete, at ;
a coat of over $200,000. . -
Along' the south oaat of-tlm
country, from Long Heach to Bal
boa, reporta have been made of
damage to piers and , to tha
beaches. The little town fif
Naples, south of Long Death,' ia
one of the aufTerers. Very little
damage was dono'at San Tedro,'
where the new government break
water, coating" millions, was re
cently, completed. s ,, ;' ,
y - . ,.'...;
: . OVER
ftACBAMKNTO, 'aliforaia, January
t, (By Associated tress (VI)e)--IIop
is growing here that the worst of tbo
storm diimane i ever, as the rain and
sleet b tba northern part of the Hint
have abated, the storm has passed to-
the southward and the rivers are !-
ginning to fall again.
All danger ia not passed,
sed,. however iak,
ia the lollt'T. K;J
reach her to- 1
as the crest or the flood
swollen river is dun to reac
day, and while the flood has diminished
the burden -of t4 last, rush Is sweep
iu iown tho Sacramento . and Chico
fivers, fed ,v th American aud other
t reams, and no efforts are heiug spnied
to make tho le-ces safs.

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