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VOL V J I., NO. 3 ''
Five Persons Injured and Six Jail.
-r ed for ':" Inciting ; Riot When
Teamster Attempts to Drive
. .Through Crowd During Parade
of Unemployed ' 'Along: Main
; Street of San Francisco.
Future Parades and Use of Public
v Parks for Meeting Places Is
. Prohibited Without Special Per
missionWork of Caring for
Needy Unfortunates Continues.
.-(By Associated Press Cable)
, Five persons injured and under
.. .the care of physicians, six in jail
' charged with inciting a riot and
' the entire 'police force of San
'Francisco i summoned for duty.
v '; ' ' This is the result of the most seri-
ou8 street fight that has occunred
since the beginning of the unetn
ployed troubles in. Say jbVancisco,
,'.;.; It happened last nighV dHn
. . parade of hundreds of ii iVnrMy -.;-'
.': :' ed through thof streets, '.Lnu.-.i
- caused by uieAnister who attcmpt
ed to drive through ft crowd. ''Thu
; ' .'-'.fight followed .ahd.,htfridrtla took
:.;,'' ; The, police; charged the .crowd
t ', with . drawn : clubs, - beating back
"" the.1 jn6b:,until tlicv succeeded in
'arresting six self-appointed lend-.
ers who-were engaged in urging
the unfortunates to resistance,
,'- '" ' : The register books show nearly
'seven thousand unemployed ' in
. San Francisco. .Many' of Ihese
' have been holding pubHc meetings
' , in the parks, parading through
, the streets at will. Speakers have
also been holding forth at street
corner. ,. ' .'.. '.' .
r As a result of the demonstra
tion here last night Chief of Police
White issued orders prohibiting
parades and denying the use of
' the 'public parks for meeting pur
poses. Police have been detailed
to enforce these orders.
. Work of providing for the tem
porary wants of the unemployed
and arranging, for' their empioy.
ment continues. ,
" SXJf ANTONIO, Texs, Janusry 6.
(By 'Aoefte4 Prew Cable) Geueral
Manclll of tb Fednrul army in Mexi
co, reaeb'd here toilny. He wriounly
ill. (Jenersl Waucill tllil not . desert
from, the FetTersI army at reported
from Preaiilio yfHterilay, liut made kii
-way acroat the liue to ecnr medical
attention. Ilia condition wai luch that
ho waa allowed to proceed here where
be ia now under treatment. , ,
, HOUOIfTOM,v MUhigan, January. 8.
(By AMoiiated PreM pVla to Star-1
BuUetin) ;ha. T. Moyer, president of
the WVHtern Federation of Miuera, ar
rived here under a guard of apecial
deputlei, who will vvrort him to C'alu
, met, from which plare he waa aummar
ily deported fw tlavi an". ' Mover
left Chicago aeeretly last night. He.
waa runheJ to a .hotel, here today and
ha refined to t! ire out any interview
aa to, hia inimiou. leaid in Chicago
that, he waa going Ihk-Ic to Calumet to
help prOaerute the wen reitponaible f or
bil depurtation and the rough handling
to which he was subjected.
At the first stock holders' meeting of
( the Pattelle' Sugar It'fluiug Company,
held yesterday morning,' the fulluwlug
offlcer and nieiuLei's of the board of
' directors were elected: .
0. J, Iledemann, president) William
' Princess Dons Charming Uniform
. v. t ,. !,s 5t - . . .
FnoiL s photograph f the youig wtNtiaiL.iri the uniform of a Gefman
iVnuy wnleer. ' The Princess here, appears in the role of a'PrtWHiftn
' wiwu L i Sh- is- Mtceeditigly jmlnMitftfterlwt.'.'. sU--- Aji-jisL-l
Captoin and Family of British
; Ship Eescued with Crew by ;
ASTORIA, Oregon, January 8. -(By
Amoclated Preu Cable) Ten, days out
of Newcastle,1 with a cargo, of . coal
bound for 'Vancouver, the British ship
Battle AbbeyCaptain luarkltus, kw.
Are through spontaneous combustion.
Captain Ma raters, hie wife, two daugh
ters and members of the crew, number
ing twenty persons In all, realizing the
hopelessness of battling with the
flames, took to the boats. A few mo
ments after tbey had gotten away from
the doomed vessel a tremendous explo
sion f oAowed and . the flre-wreatned
vessel tank before their eyes; ;
For two days they drifted before the
Qermau lark Eilteli hove in tight and
picked irp the castaways, ,
. The Eilbek, with the survivors qf the
wreck, reached port yesterday. The
Battle Abbey was formerly engaged in
the Honolulu trade, touching there reg
ularly until a few years, ago, when it
went into the coal carrying trade from
Anntialia.'. Captain Maratert is .also
well known to Honolulu ahipplng men.
... ,. ,. .
' '. ,.;-
; - ' .: - v . .
WiASHINOTdN, January B.
(By Associated Press Cable)
Kapld progress ia being made to- v
ward the organization jot the de-
tails of the new Currency Law.
Already ' twelve hundred . and
eighty national banks, located in
forty-flve . 8tatea in the Union,
have aiguifled their willingness to
enter the federal reeerve and take
part lu the benetits .offered under
(he new finance measure.- t'.
-' .
O. Hull, vice presidont; H. P.-Benson,
treasurer; H. H. Walker, tocretary.
These, with R. A. Cooke, A. hartley
and O. P. Wilcox, constitute, the board
6f directors.
R, E. Battelle, the discoverer of 'the
direct sugar rcfluing process which
bears his name, will leave for the Uaat
tomorrow. He goes In the interest of
tbenew company which waa formed to
handle hia process.
",r''' ' " ' ':
Philadflphia Company in Hands
of a Receiver-Only Slight De-'
"Suspend operations temporarily. In
structions on the way." This is the
tenor of h message received by & J.
LpriJ, manager' of the Ililo breakwater,
j'esterday. . it . came from the Break
water Company of Philadelphia follow
ing the announcement that the big cor
poration had gone intO( the hands of a
receiver. '..-
Operations on the big contract at
the Crescent City will accordingly be
stopped, but those in a position to
know fee) confident that the delay will
be only temporary, and that receipt of
further instructions will show that- ar
rangements have been inade to carry
the contract, to completion.
The newt came at a surprise fa that
arrangements had only recently been
completed to carry the work thiougu io
a speedy end. .
Though the contract - - probably has
been a heavy drain on the company, it
is uot thought that it ia in a posi
tion to drop it before completion. The
nlunt now being used on the. contract
Is estimated to have cost $180,000. Be
sides this, the company has a security
company boud in the sum of $223,000.
.Home time ago the Breakwater com
pany floated bouds to the amount of
$1,000,000. These were underwritten by
the .Asset Realization Company. It it
thought probable here that thia organ
ization will take over the affairs of the
Breakwater company, effect a complete
readjustment and tee to it that the
llilo contract ia carried out along the
lilies qow under way..
, Not in nine yeara have the storms
along the Molokai coaat been ao severe
at durisg the past week or more, ac
cording to information received from
Biiperiuteiident McVeigh of Molokai
Hett lenient yesterday. He says that
during the present week the waves
broke over the landing at Kalautapa,
reaching as far as the moving picture
theater and vixitors' building on the
Dia,in street aad even sweeping over a
tiortion of the pali trail. - Fortunately
ut little damage wat done aud no one
hat been injured, taya McVeigh. .
Chief of StafT ; of (United, States
: Army Says United States in No
Condition to Go, to -War with
First-class Power Urges Six
Million. Appropriation Toward
- Remedying Condition. ' V -
W'ASfTTNOT()N,; January 8.
'(Ry ' Amoi iated ' Prs Cable),
Ma.ior Oemral 'Wood,,' ch'ef . ef
staff, ha prepared what. Is' pigTU-
aHy k! last olficial' report to con-
Kress, in which b' repeats what
he has teen preachlrig for the past
c two years, namely, that the United
s Btater Army is id no. condition
to go to war with any first elasa
l ower. The field artillery t ranch
of the Army ia particularly, weak,
he says, and there are- neither
guns enough nor Jtmiuiinition on
hand for what gone there are to
gve any general confidence should
be be called npo to face any
Wel1-equiped foe.
.That this condition should be
remedied without ibilay it the ree
ommendatioa of the chief of staff,
who suggests that at least six mil-
A- lion dollars bt appropriated ai thia
ecss'on towards tl pun hes of
field pieces, half to be given to
the militia of the various States
and lalf to be ap4ortioned to the
ii w of the rcgi lar A"'.v, with thfl
field artillery branch recruited
to ttrength sufiicient to handle the
reinforced, batteries. - ,; . s
The mobile force of the Army
as a whole should be recruited up
fto a peace strength of 75,000 men
nd offlcera, practically an increase
of one-third, over the present ao-
tive strength in Infantry, cavalry,
field artillery and. engineera. ,
''-;. . -'....- .' .
m m b
Four-story Junlcwrehousj Goee
Up Jn Smoke7 at San Francisco :'
ogs Reaches $100,000. ;
-,"v v ' '" i ''' ,v
BAN rRANCI8cb, January B.--(By
Associated Press Cable) Seven fire
men were injured,: some of them ' se
riously, and one hundred thousand dol
lars damage waa caused ia a fire which
destroyed the four-story warehouse of
Charles Harley ft Company here last
night The firm is one of the largest
junk dealing concerns on -the Pacific
Coast. The immense warehouse was
filled with air torts of material, much
of it highly inflammable.: ' The struc
ture waa built soon after the 'earth
quake. , , , ..-( ' ; .-
The fir started in a : quantity of
highly inflammable' material and at it
tpread rapidly the big warehouse was
soon filled with dense smoke aad flames.
Some of the Injured firemen were over
come by the fumes, others being caught
in falling timbers..'. .,
Though adjoining , property was
saved, the stubborn fire waa not con
trolled until the warehouse and itt eon
tents were a pile of smouldering ruint.
m .-, - T .; ,
:4.. '
"Tell the people of Honolulu,
and the world, too, 1 if you want
to, that I am through with booze
forever,? eald Private Kay a
Smith to The Advertiser shortly
after being released from custody
last night by the police authorities.'
Smith wat on of the men who
were , accused of the murder .of a
.Tapaneae at Iwilei last . August.
The verdict ' brought - in by the
jury last night clears him of the
'charges and ue further action will
1e taken by the military nt hoi i-
tics.' . : . .. ; '..',. i
"Not only am I' through with
booze forever,"- concluded Smith,
."bu I will usevery effort in my
power to make others think as 1
do.. This has been terrible lea-
ton to me.'
v. . .a.
Associated Press t'ul e) Kudolph
Spreckels must pay for his exposition
ttock, inrcording to a decision banded
doWn today by the superior court,
Mprerkelt subscribed for 25,000 of
stock, and-a' few mouth ago refused
to pay for it, claiming that the expo
lition niMiiagement hail not lived up to
itt agreemeut. Suit was brought to
compel him to pay for the stock sub
scribed, .- . -
Country Not Prepared to
Go to War, Says Army Ghie
.ivV-!--. i-'. i "
v 'f- Y
f-i:: ' -J
w. f
Chief of Staff of the United States Army.
Women National Democratic Or.
ganiiation at Rousing; Meeting
Chooses Congressman's Wife as
WASHINGTON," January 0. (By
Associated Press Cable) With dele
gates preaeut from nearly every Htate
in the Union, and with mauy; women
promineu in the nuffrng movement iu
different parts of the world looking ou,
the Women's National Democratic
League yesterday elected M re, William
A. Cullop president of that organization.-
- Mrs. Cullop is the wife of William A.
Cullop, Democratic member of congreas
from Indiana, tier' home is at Vin
cennes, Indiana. :
The meeting of the league is one of
the largest that has ever been held by
that organization. -The avowed pro
gram of the lenilers not to allow the
discussion of tho auiTrage question bus
to far beea carried out. '
' ' ; i '- ' . t i t
NEW YOKK, .!amiar.v. (By Asso
ciated Press Cable to Star Bulletin)
Union Pueillc railroad's proposed dia
tributiuu of stock ami cash among its
shareholders wus made a. eertuiuty toi
day when the direi-tors of tho road ap
proved the recoiumendutioiia of the
executive i-oiiiiuittee made u few days
agoi . t'uiler these . recouiineudatioiiH
S2,U(M),lH)li of Baltimore & (Hiip stock
will be distributed pro rut 14 among the
Union I 'ueilirstiirkholders and in al
dition the road will pay '. rash for
each share held. The distribution takes
place April 1.
. . , '
$30,000,000 CITRUS CROP.
SAN FRANVlHft), .lanimrv 1 tBy
Associated Press alile) California 's
-lru erop for 191 1 kbs worth 3l,.",i".
000. according to nVurca alinoiinced to
day by the vrouers' ussiN-intion. This
is inree unllions snort or ttie reeoid
. . :ff '
-.-r. jf.' .:' .-V :.V-
, -
- ?Ssn: , .-
4 r -
Cash Continues to Cool In Sub
scriptions Total $33,000
More Coming. .
Push 'Subscription! of $200 were rie
ceived by the carnival finance commit
tee of the Ad Club, and the campaign
of. the club to place the stock of the
Mid Pacific Carnival, Limited, on the
market closed, a total of nearly three
thousand dollars of extra stock being
subscribed yesterday, making the grand
total nearly $33,000 for the day 'a cam
Iaign.. ' . . '':'. ' ;
Hereafter all sutacrvptloni, and it it
expected that ' they will aggregate
110,000 more in stock, will he paid di
rectly to the finance committee of the
Mid Pacific Carnival.- Witch of thia ia
expected to come from the other Is
lands. K. E. Mahlum of Kauai will
ipiiko a report the last of the. week,
while W. ). Aiken of Maul haa sent
word that a few more flays will be
necefsiiry for hliu to cover toe valley
Isle and that he is meeting with suc
cess. - .''-.'..'
(. II. Vicars and U A. Thurston are
reprereuting the Blg 'lalaad, and the
itumpnlgn there will not end until next
Tuesday, wheu a luncheon will be held,
by jt he board of trade, aad it is con
fidently expected that a number of sub-
tunt-al sill si riptions will then be
niiide, . 1
Harry I., strange of the Ad. Club
I'oimnittee received the last re;ort
Iroin the team workers late yesterday
ii id the tl'iiil iu rash aa the wind-up
of the Ad iul campaign. But the
1 hiuese Merchants' Association and the
lupanese Merchants' Association of
this ritv are still engaged, in soliciting
doei, H.II of which will be turned over
to the carnival committee, probably by
toiunrrew, when the local campaign
einih. .
Hirei-tor fienernl Uoughefty and the
others in charge of the 1914 carnival
are enthusiastic over result and give
IN 1913
All Records Passed by Seren Pow
r ers of th World in Bnildinj: Up
Their Naral Forces During the?
Twelya Months .Which Hav
Just Come to a Close. ' ; ; , ;
1 '. - ''-.'-'-;-1. .. - .
Germany Takes Second Placa in
Tonnage Published with Britain'
at the Head, .United SUtea in
Third Plaoe and Japan, Where;
Nearly $50,000,000 V Wu ixi
pended, at Foot of List '-T
:'- "' ' ' ' 1 '
( WASHINGTON, January' k-rv
(By AsHOciatedl Press Cable)-wAU'
records for expenditure for naval
construction for. the seven leading.
Powers of the forld were paasea
in .the year just, clotwd. Jn that
time theae nations expended in the4
coDRtrutition and armament, of -.
their navies the tptal of 797,948,
900. Great Britain heads the list
The United States was siond.
During; the year Great Britain
spent for ita' naval armament' a
total of $235,7 1,489. The United
States snent the sum hf illO KiVi.
943; Germany,: 1111,270,025, J;
nan in." 1M - ,w v- .- I
i ,
Great Britain was also first in
the mount ' j'tfiop n n (rp v,-if h t v
Unitt'U, JBUies in third placu
Germany second.;
" The', total' tonnage for Great
Britain was 2,591,291. Germany's
new naval vessels built in the same
time had a total displacement ot
1,228,208 tons. 4 The tonnage of
the United Stales amounted to
921,844. Prance was next in tha
list with 876,158 tons, while Japan
was last of these five Powers with
702.099 tons. .1 ..; ' . 'i
'.- These fifrurefrVere made pub! iu
in a report issued yesterday show,
ing the naval construction com
pleted by the different nations of
the world durifi-pr the yesf 19p.
; ' w,;;':.f, ' '''- - . .
WASniNOTON,' 'January . (By
Asaoeiated Press Cable) Orders wrere
Issued yesterday directing that four
bnndred marinee now on duty in the
Panama Canal Zone t transferred to
warshipa stationed on the. east coast
of Mexico. .
The order has no algnlflraoeo beyond
the fact that it ia be inft- made for tho
benefit of. the health of the men who
have been stationed in the Zone. Their
duty on the Canal, also, ended when the
war department sent regular troops to
(arrlson both end of the waterway.
That the territorial grand ' jury' la
investigating territorial affairs' leaked
out yesterday afternoon, when a eora-'
mittee of tho grand jury visited tho
auditor 'a office and the ofltre of tho
secretary of the Territory;
"The committee called here thia aft.
ternoon," stated Auditor J. It. 1'iaher
when questioned 'yesterday, "aad it
went over a number of books of thia
department. I understand that what
the committee wai ,lootng for it found,
in good order." V . . , , . ,
What the committee is drivina; at
eould not be discovered, aa It 'Will re
port direct to the general inquisitorial
body, which ia now, off and a, in con
tinuous session eiriug its annual re
port. ' This report, it is exerted, wiU
be filed with Judge Robinson tomorrow
morning at nine o'clock.
full mead of praise to the Ad Club ad!
the members who got out aud hustled,
doubling the .expected stock subscrip
tions. It is believed now that over
t4(),mm will be the total amount sub

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