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i 1 I I ' I I- t V I 1 i -..-
.-.Eruption of Japanese Volcano of
. SakuraJimi Destroys Village! in
, - Sain of Fire and Great City of
, Kagoshima Ii Threatened - by
Showers of Ashes, Mud . and
. Rocks. :' - '"
Continuous Earthquake Shocks
"' Accompany Eruption and In
habitants of District Are Panjo
' Stricken and Seek Escape From
: Fiery Island in Boats, Which
, Are Too Few to Hold All.
" TOKIO, Japan, January 13, -(liy
AnKoc'iated FreH Cable)
Fearing that a tremendous loss af
life has followed the eruption of
the Volcano of Sakurajimi, on the
Island of , Sakura in Karfaslmna
Bay, orders were given yesterday
for the immediate despatch of
warships to the scene of the ditms
ter to render all possible Hssistance
to the survivors and relieve the ir
.distress. .' t -
Naval", officers hfire' conversant
with the situation in the tliatrici
affected believe that the conditions
there are serious and thaf there' U
great, dangertbHt .he cityroj ,Ka-
gonhiinr will" snfl'er gruat damage
from the rain 'of ashps,'imid aud
rocks,' which are ; reported to " 4n
r..li:-.I it - , . I
Killing lllClf. - .. . . , -,. $ '
Reports are that ' earthquake!
shocks continue alon& with the
eruption, and. a panic has ;' seised
the inhabitants -of the district.
Several villages are statedto have
been burned and the loss of.. life
is. believed to be very great. '..'
TfKtO, Ji) Janiwry 12.(By
Hieciul 'bli to .tha ftippu Jijl) On
. ' .tiilto, the srtive volcano oi tl IhIhbI
.' of Bkurjim, la tbo Bay of.Katjo
".' nhinia, , blunt into flew' ecuition thU
norning, arid ft diiiixter aimilar to na
ture t that of Mount -VMHvkiia i nw
. .. fparl tn the fotitbern ipart of tlia
lun.l of Kiubu. " '
Continnmia eartliqiiak hav been ro?
. -: rordeil, t'trtv being rAfiiKtore ilnce this
lnorninif. The iukabitaot of akvra
arc ianie-trt:k-n, and as fat f they
ran Co arrow the otraita tq the rity
... of Kagoslunm fiey sre ong 't
l.data are warce. . , ' . 'f, ,
.)r many, peopl have terialiel on
Hnkra.iima U a yet uuknown. The
,'- village are all on the moimtain slope,
' Whirh ia ertfwnM by the volcano at an
. eleyatlon of 330 feet. . It-In feaif'd
. llmt many are dead. Baku'ajima.nait
au area of about twwty-flve' aqtiajre
mile nnd a imputation of neveral thou
: aand people, t v ' ' j '
At dawn today a terrifle explonlpn
' . waa heard t Kjohtnia, and the I
' . land of Silkiiraliina waji Imnied'ataly
' : enveloped in a dome cloud of volcanic
VBor., Aahea and roeka have been fall-"
- lug in the rity of Kafrotd'l'na... wbitU
v.-i haa, a popnjnt.fon of a;boiit fll.txxi oiil.
.,. A pillar-of fire khof upward' into the
.Uwkened aklen, and detoweUona, aa pt
' ',. nionHter cannon, were heard at, fromieot
' , interval. ' ' ' t" m
(ieat itonfnaott exlat i Tang the
' nfaahitant irf - KanhiHia,.. s ad- tkoi!
aanda are fleeinjr into the wurroundinK
.'eeuntry in un attempt to gft away from
-' what thev believe . In an impending
doom. The Wal police aud military
'. force - are rendvrintr what . amriHtanee
; they ean, and supplies and flret aid
material are boinr rueliM froni maiiv
nearby point to Kagoehima. . ;. . - ,v
Pr. Fusakit-hi (nicrl. the '.eminent
, Btudiyit of , volvauie aetivitv, ha left
here for the reiu of the diitaster, ami
exett to get to the Inland of t-'akiira-
jima in time Jo tnuke firnthnd obpervs
tion. . Aoeording to . Doctor Omorl, it
Ja expected that i eruption of Outake
will lat Several day longer, t- ' . j
The Islam! of 8aWitr,ii'n r in rele
. ; brated for it health fl ing volet nic
and miuernl water irint!B. amonrf thee
luing the hot prlng of Kiirimito, Art
. mura and Tehikami, The, Volcano of
Ontake ha been in cbntinuout activity
Map of Southern Japan, Showing SiU' of th City of Kagoshlnia
' ' ' Nift i:i ' 'Gong A., Y v vr
Kagobiina U the southernmost large
IF' ti ! '..:.' ;,'". r
- ' . - ' ; . ' . ...... ,
Eesponsibility for Arrest
Says She Must Leave. , '
, DENVKR, olorado, December :1
tISy Associated ..reaa C'aUe)-fOqvorno
Amnions last evening "issued a. state
ment te the effect that he assumed full
responsibility for the arrest od deten
tio.ii at Tr'nidHd, this State, of ''Mother
Jones," the "Friend of the .Miners,'!)
who ia a notable &Kur wherever there
la trouble among miner in tho United
States. ;'' -- . .; : . :
Governor Ammone added to his staW-
m.lll (Ut It HI A. I. A. Imina ' I -.111 A U.l.l
in cutttodt until she promise, not only
to leave the strike cone, a she had done
once before, but until she agrees to
l.. iL. . . : -'
Tbo aged woman, who was Wlieved
to have left Triaidad for thl. ity, re-
turtcd to the hesdquarter of tre strik-
ers yewterday and wa promptly arrest'
ed. The striking miner in that rity
are reported to have .mads threats that
11 kick, "UoUer Jones" ia released they
will resort to violence, it oeeevsary, to
sot her freo. ,-. . . .. ' . . . . ..
PRETORIA, South Africa, January
12. (By Associated Press - Cable)
Htrinifent martial Jaw has beea pro
claimed, to become effective tomorrow,
on account 'of the disorderly' condi
tions existing her and elsewhere ia
South" Africa. - . ;
Dynamiter are to be shot on sight.
They have lately been very active , iq
blowinv up railway station and other
railroad property, .; ,
klMfiERLEiy; Bouth" Africa, January
12. A desperate attempt laai night
to dynamite the bridge leading from
the city and rut off : communication
with northern cities failed. The ap
proaches to the bridge were badly dam-
agea, but the bridge stood. '
for many yearsl and cesionally has
erupted with disastrou efloct to the
villages vrbii'h ufstle aibout Its slopes.
' The city of Kagoshima is on of .mod
ern appearance aud is a prosperous and
enterprising mart, toeing, the lafgest
city in the south of .laan. The ety
is separated from tbo Island of Hakura
.jima. ty a body of water, constituting
the straits; of Kogashima; only two
mile ' wido. ' Patsinna. celebrated "in
Japanese history, -is , not iukv inllei
iiwav from the present scene of fire and
death. .-. : . . . 1
of Colorado
C ton ant
0 w
-pity of Japan on the deep bay of
..'" .pakurajima ia situated.';; '.
. The rstes for hack, hire, automobile
hire,' taxlcab hire aad draying charges
will soon tome up for a complete over
hauling by- the board of supervisors.
An ordinance covering these: phaaes
of the traffic business in Honolulu and
bringing rate to be charged, for ser
vices performed by public vehicle
carriers down to date and to conform
wjthi jpresent conditions will , be pre-,
eutcd for' the 'consideration of ' the. su
pervisors, as soon as the draft can be
ftompleted by 'the city attorney of
floe which, will be within three or four
' .
v Official taxi stands, auto stands and
hack-stands will also be'dealgnated ia
this ordinance, al( after due eonslrtora-
! '
?ZlMM 1
' . T
Hon ana bearings xrom tnsee inter-
questions faae a ' greater im
portance ia Honolulu with the advent
of hundreds of tourists every winter,
many of whom areunacqnainteit with
the rule governing vehicle charges la
the city 'and frequently' aVe' liable te
impositions front the dishonest driver,
NEW YORK, January 13. (By
Associated. Press Cable) One of
the worst storm of wind which
has ever swept oven this city is
blowing, the wind rising to a ve-
loclty- at times of iseventy-four
mile aa hour ,.roii the aerth
r west :' ;,'; ;
At midnight, last night the mer
j cury -marked only twelve degrees
above, sero and going down, and
the auffvring ainbng the poo? of
the eit is intense. It Is probably
the worst storm here since thu
s Miatrrd of March 12, 1H8S. ..
. ,
sj s , ' r s
NEW YORK,, January; 12.-(By As
sociated Press -4'sble) Austin' Flint,
the . tooted , alienist, said today In a
statement that life ia unsafe if Jlacry
K. Thaw is given hit" unrestrained
freedom, .- He declares that the, young
Pittsburgher has homicidal tendencies
of a chronic character, v" .'.. .
Roger O 'Mara,' the family agent, be
lieves that Thaw will euter business In
Pittsburgh,, if he is allowed to choose
his future. ' ,:. it- .-' '
1 . '
and Location ot th Eruption. I
same name, in whkh the Volcano of
Eider on , Postofflce Bill Would
"w Exempt Assistants From .'
Iu Benefits. .', , ,
t WASHIXOTOX, Jaaaary , 13. (By
Associated Presa Cable) Tacked, upon
the PovtoHlc Appropriation Bill,' which
was submitted to congress yesterday la
a. rider supiorted by the majority of
the Democratie metubefa of the, house,
providing that assistant postmaster
shsll be exempt hereafter from the pro
visions' of the civil service laws. - It
is believed the clause will pass.
The appropriation . bill carries the Im
mense sum of iM5J47,751 for the ex'-
pense of the postoiltee department for
the current year. The extra expense
under which the department lies is due
to the extension of the parcel post and
rural xree ueuvery. - . ,v:,n- ,
. ' ' '''''' '. y
: A FRANCIWCO, January ii (By
Associatod Press Cable) Joseph Kinds-
uiucller, who was an assistant clerk in
tho ollice of the assistant paymaster of
the Marine Corps, with headquarters la
this city, committed suicide yesterday,
rather than submit to arrest.
Kindsmucller wa charged with ' thi
theft of two cbecIA aggregating the
sum of 1244, with the possibility that
he forged the . endorsements necessary
to have, them cashed. Orders for bis
ar,wt, ind beta giveaf but before he
eoma tua taken in custody be killed him
self, ..,':, ?. : . ,-
'KMiaciiuteuto Filipino, 'a - vernacular
paper of Manila, 'advocate the passage
of a law by the 'assembly, authorising
the bureau of labor to. inspect at all
hours and as frequently a It may see
m, the quarter where the laborer con
traded for the various companies are
held prior to embarkment for Hawaii,
anu ain.-i a law wbica make illegal eon
'tract not approved, by, the, bureau of
moor ana wnien proviaes penalties for
suy violation ol tuese requirements.
Another clause, the paper says, should
provide (tenuities for tejmbip eom
panies or their ageuts carrying laborer
passenger whose contract has not been
approved by competent authority, .
Directors of Merchants' Associa
tion Elect Officers and Pass
Resolution to Hasten Organisa
tion cf Fropcsod Greater Cham
ber of Commerce Busy Meet
ing by New Board.. .
i Directors of, the merchants' associa
tion, at their first meeting yesterday,
chose W,. R,. Varrington aa president
of the association by a vote of five
to four over Kd Towse, the oppositioa
candidate. The ' other officers elected
were Otto Bierbach, vice president;
Robert ,Ti. Booth, treasurer, and J. U.
Warren, secretary. . 'v - '. :
'Norman Watkin presided as chair
maa of the election committee until
the election of president then he ap
pointed Mr Towse to escort .the new
head f the merchants' association to
the chair. . ' i ,t ' " . - i ;
In regard do j. the appointment o.'
standing ' eommiteet President Fa
rington announced that he believed it
would be a good thing if member ol
the directorate ' would , volunteer to
serve on the committee which they
would prefer, if Interested in any spec
ial work nader way by the associa
tion, lie postponed appointing 'the
committees until after , a conference
with member of the board. ,
In his opening talk the president
laid stress tuion. the Importance of the
business before the directors and. the
association ' ia . brinstna ' abont . the
amalgamation o( the association and
the chamber' of; commerce, la the
establishment of a greater, chamber of
commerce, which would be thoroughly
representative of' the ? business conv
mttnlty of Honolulu, a quickly aa pos
sible. ' . :' 1 ' 'ml '
. Ed Towse came out strongly for im
mediat action, stating that the pro
nosed amalgamatioa should be an ac
complished fact within three motiths,
and the greater cjiambef of commerce
be completed as to organisation by
Ussnlva to Act at One- '
- Mr. , Towse ie'i lnte.iic(t rejoin
fioa, whiehrva"'1 naiHnioUsly, to , the
effect that the. weeldent- appoint
eommittee-or-committee "to- art with,
similar eommitteef from the cbambei
of commerce to arrange for mi amal
gamation of the two bodies as a great
er chamber of commerce, the commit
tees to be known- as the Joint commitf
tee on bv-laws, and that It r 1 the
sense of the association that the amal
gamation be ' effected by Mare, si
1B14. ' .. '".!
Thoni'ss M. Church fathered motM
that a tommittee bo appointed t try
and -jiersuade all th merchants in the
titvto declare atunlv, February 81,
a business holiday, and to request toe
chsnber of commecce to take aimilaf
Director Oenernl Dougherty of tt
Mid-Pneinc Csrnival stnted that this
Paturday was a half hol day anyway,
and It was desirable to have a holMay
then, as the championship swimming
races would be held in the nior"lng and
the floral parade at two o'clock in the
afternoon. ,,'
Messrs. Warren, Brown' and..Paxon
Were appointed the committee to. try
and bring about this holiday.
' Hmne Buying Campaign."
Auother resolution paesed'waa that
the new board approve the acts of th
iwevious hoard on Decemler 18, ia
favor of home buying campaign, and
the president was authorized to appoint
a committee to carry on this campaign.
There was considerable discussion
over various siteeial committees, espe
cially that for reforming the bylaws.
Mr. Warren - acknowledged.' that notlv
ing had been done, and on motion the
committee 'was discharged with thank
Hiii'd much good-natured laughter. The
pwi car cemmittee was also dismissed
- The old .floral parade committee te
place a float in the parade on behalf
of the association was continued, with
E. 8 Paris,' ('. . 'rane and CI, R. Fra
aler In charge, The committee on re
ception for the Matson liner Matsouii
was also continued, as waa the commit
tee headed bv O. (I. Guild In leference
to Inviting the internntional warship
fleet here in 1911, after participation In
the Panama racinc exposition.. '
It wsa'dccidel to change the repular
niontbly meeting dav from the third
Thursday to the third Wednesday in
each month. . Vnomcially the dire-tors
will meet at luuch in, the Commercial
lln'b every Thurwlsy noon to eat and
discus matters, of interest to the asso-
ciatien. .
.. '
LOS AN0ELK8, January IS. (By
Associated Press Cable) The-Wilrard
jury, which haa been locked tip for the
day reported yesterday that, they are
hopelessly divided and unable 'to
agree upon a verdict. . The jnjrv
stands ten to two. They -were locked
up agala last night until today.
Informal bida were submitted 'yester
day by The Hawaiian Gazette Company
the Ptar-HulletJn ('otnivuiiv aud the
paradise of the I'aciflp for the printing
of the report ,of the public works de
partment.. In all rases the bids of Tn
Hawaiian Gazette Company were the
lowest, jso award has been made yet.
.. , ;- ; -
' "-:-'.'. ' . ,
WASHINGTON,' January 11.
(By Associated . Press CUble)
Test case relating to damage
suit againstr the eteamship com-
panr foe loss of life aad property
la the Titanic disaster last April,
will he considers I Sy the United
States 8upreme Court todav-
, These auite have beea appealed
s to the supreme tribunal ef the
country ' to determine the' respoa-
sibllity of the White Star Line
for lose reuniting from the sink-
ing of the Titanic, aad suite for
St hundreds of thousaada of dollars
will) depead upoa the - verdict
reached by the court la the test
St-easesA -' ' ..
jii nn i ne
Some Supplied Received For Them
' At Presidio VUla Is To
, - . 'March South. ' - .'
pr.KHlbtO.'Texaa, January 13. (By
Associated PrCs table) The situation
here is somewhat relieved with the re
ceipt, of supplies,- although ration and
shelter for- the thousands of federal
tugitivM who are In custody of sla.jor
MeNamee and the United Atates border
patrol from the Mexican town ol
Ojinaaa, across the Kio Grande, are
still scant. ' The suffering continue
and all the ' t available - houses and
churches are crowded with tho woand
ed and -women and ehlldren. -
. t), the Mexican, side of the border
ueneyal viia is repotted t tae bead
of aeerty' 10,0tH) troops, Witi whona he
plans td march southward to, the at
tack of the City of Mexico M soon as
possible, ..lie is now in atmosr,cmpletc
"tr. Pt Northern Meir-V.-x--.
-. O'EJiangbaessy Ia Safe. .:'-'
iiTV- OFT MEXICO, January 1S.i
(by Associated Press -Cable) Nelaoa
0Bhaiighnoiy, charge d'affaires here
ror tae United states, and diplomatic
representative lis, tae absence or ' an
ambassador, arrived here aafely today.
Ilia detention between hero' and Vera
Cruz, ss due to A mutiny among the
federal soldiers, ' Who looted and
burned a freight trhi a and fled ' into
in mountains. ' '
feoeraSusep V
', ' "' ''
JlTARKZ, Mexico. Decembeh 28.
Henry Miller, son of a wealthy nuwhe
ef Santa l.'oloniania. State of Coahuilla.
has ajrrlved In ' Juarar' with one of the
most horrible; tales of atrocities com
mitted' by any ef the warring factions
in 'Mexico that has yet Men brought
(o tho' border.' . ' ' v : " '
Ho charges that .tho federal soldiers
upon the evacuation of the city of Mon
rlovia, poisoned the wells without noti
fying the citicons, aad that ast a result
more than font1 hundred residents -died
after enduring terrible agony.
Mr. Miller also charges that after
leaving Moncrovla the Fedoials,oh tbe'i
retreat, Imrncd village,' mtirdered men,
and even wofqen aad little children, on
the e barge of having given aid and Com
fort to the enuiy, and left hundred of
orphan to die of starvatioa and neg
leet..' -. . " )
Mr. Miller says that Oenoral Mecar a
the commander of the- Fedo;al garrison
at Moni-lovia, gve hi men orders thnt
every haeiegda, ranch house and vil
lageswas 10 no laid waste; that no
prisoners were to to" taken alive, and
that; all proerty of Mexicans was to
do e unseated, y ,. y ..
,- ' ; !
J -. - - ' '- . .
. Al the aunual meeting of the' Nation
al j woman a (kristiaa Temperance
Union last October a special line of
work was planned for the year 1914
looking toward securing national pro
hibition. To open Uiia campaign
Thursday, January 13, wa set apart
as a day of fasting aad praver for.
The day will be observed in Honolulu
ami; the W. C. T. IT. earnestly ask all
women to nnite with them in this grea
reform. A short service of prayer will
be held in the parlor of Central Uaion
church from two-fifteen o'clock to three
o'clock to which all wonieh are Invited.
At three o'clock on the afternoon of
January H in the parish house of ( ea
Iral I'nion church, Hon. Jeff Mt-Caru
will address the' women of Honolulu
upon the subject ol Prohibition.'
SOffi '
I'.'i:. '...-rl :-i I rr iiifuj-
Quotations Received From New
York Indicate Better Kates for
Balance of Sugar Crop Now on
Way to Market and Until Tariff
Reduction Takes Place in March
Possible That Part . Of 1914 CroP
May Pass Through Panama
Canal in Direct Shipments to ,
East Coast Big Cargo Leaves
) Via Isthmus of Tehuajtepeev
'''. ' ' ' - ' : . ' i ,
An eucouraging ray of sunshine ap
peared out of the dark cloud for tho
sugar men yesterday witb fereit oif '
quotations from New Vorki'' showing
that the price of sugar had jumped to - -3.29,
as against 8. 24i tho previous
lay, and marking the highest point this
ommodity has reached si ace December -
18 last. -' ' ' .
The newa was received cheerfully, by
Allen M. Iff owell,. 'secretary and an-.
Sger of the ttngar Factors Company.
It Is the opinion of tho sugar men thfct .
the damaging effect of the Domocsatic '
tariff has probably, been discounted to
its null extent, thourh, of course,, tno
redivction la duty will not begin until i
March 1 nezt.- The trpward trend, .ye-,,
terdsr, ) the opinion of the mon- wlko
are in- close touch with, the aifnatini,
,sWan "thnt. auifsr1 prices have -priilwldy..' '.
toucb the low level. This doe not
mean- that yesterday ' quotation may
not drop back a few points, but if is
thought that the iirice : will remain
arennd the present figure and may pos
sibly go to .50 ... ,.
Erery Xdttla Helps. . .
' Vguring on a 500,000-ton output. e ... .
slight rise In price around present fig
ure means mnrh for the sugar men.
If the entire crop could have been sold
at yesterday's advance of one dollar
per ton it would mean a-half million
dollarr to Hawaii's crippled -industry.
-The sugar erop is moving in a satis
factory manner, according to Secretary
Nowell.. The American-Hawaiian steam
er Virginian, with a ennro of IO.iVio
tons of sugar, waa scheduled to get
away from Hi lo hut 'night, bound fo
Halina ' (Vuk. The American-Hawaiian
sugar schedule, however, has been dis
arranged through the cancelling of tho
Alaskan' (No. 3-1) trip. ,
Oiaing the sugar season the steam
ship company haa been operating a
welve-day so-heilule from llawal for '
8Hna Cruai' Tho Alaokan was duello
sail 'January 24 next. Under the uew
arrangement It will not get awav W
fore February S, according to advb-o
received by the Sugar" Factors. ,
' Canal Heady In March? . , . V,
It l jKwsille that portion of the
present sugar Crop will yet bo shipped
lireet to New York bv way of the
lanama Canal. - The American Hswa
iias vhipo will be among tho first to
take advantage of the opening of tho
Canal. However, but little n forma
tion.iua been reed vod aa to when the
new route to the Atlantic ei'obonrd will
be ready to reeeivo ahipo, ' , ,
Thern is an unconfirmed report that
the Canal will be ready to puss ship
early in March. - k
BAN FUANCIcMX). Ja.,ry 13.'-(TV
Associated Jress (feble) The light tt
power council of (he labor unions en
raged in , electric -ork,. yestordar 'de
clared at an end the long strike' of
emloye of the far! tic Oas and Eli'- '
trie Company. The aisrrender of the
labor unions is unconditional, t Only a
comparatively few of the atrikers 'd
secure their forti'er positions. H '
uiLMiislis W-
, .
NEW YORK, January 11- (Ry
Associated lree Cable) IWb
McAllister who performed remark-"
ably well in his previous bouts be-
fore New York fans, received a .
. setback to. his pugilistic career
here tonight when Mike Gibbous')
dropped him for the count after .
seven rounds of milliug. .
, The bout was a fast one, both "
men showing great ability ia box-'
ing, with Oibbnns showing the
better ability to land the bard'
punched , M ,

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