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i .. . . v
VOL Vl I . NO. 8
Honolulu, Hawaii territory, Tuesday, January. nt ion . -semi-weekly.
nnirf nrn
iJI.lLiw 1 Lll
Railroad Traffic, From On End
of the State to the Other, Is
'. Crippled or Tied Up, Streams
: Are Running Banks Full and
Further Floods From Cloud-
. bunts Are Feared.
' (Associated Press by Federal
Wireless)' " .
Mr. and . Mrs. , Louis Jones,
drowned near . Santa Barbara. .
Hugh Havens, of Chicago,
drowned in storm drain ditch near
Los Angeles. ;
Unknown boy, drowned in Los
Angeles river. J r
W. Monohan, drowned In tor
rent near Fresno.
Unknown woman, drowned . in
San Joaquin river. . '' ,
Rico Rodriguei, drowned in San
Gabriel river. .
Seven person known to be dead
is the known toll of the , storm
which has been sweeping through
California for the past three days.
Shipping has , been inconven
ienced, train schedules are demor
alized, and: the valleys and low
lands sre .threatened with floods
in by far the worst storm of the
prevent 'ason; and one ' of 1 the
worst 'In California MTest.". The
snowfall in' tha . Sierra, Nevada
mountainsi -has1 .been ; .unusually
heavy, '. cloudbursts ,. in different
sections of the State are reported,
and washouts and landslides have
completely tied up trains in many
sections of California and delayed
traffic everywhere in the State.
;. It will be difficult to learn the
death toll until reports from the
mountain districts where the storm
has been heavy are reported. :
Louis Jones, . a .retired banker,
accompanied by his Vwife, lost
tKeir lives while attempting to
cross a torrential stream near
Santa Barbara. "They were over
taken by the storm and caught in
a' cloudburst and ; compelled to
abandon their automobile. In at
tempting to reach Santa Barbara
afoot they , tried to cross ,iht
stream, and were swept away to
, their death. Both bodies were re
covered, i
' Bugh. Havens, a Chicago' qapi
talist, visiting ia"L6g Angeles, lost
'his life in a slorni drain ditch near
there yesterday. The body was
minus a hand. , The severed mem
ber was found caught in the wood
work of a bridge near the Bcene
of death. ' ;;. ; ' -r, ';'
An unknown boy perished in
the Los Angeles river, a Btream
which at few times in the past
dosen years has carried more than
n. few feet nf water. ' It is now a
' rflffinu- torrent . .
; W. Mouohart,' an engineer, at
tempted to swim his horse across
the King's River near Fresno. The
torrent swept horse and rider to
' their death, - ' , W ' .
, A similar fate met an unknown
aged woman in the San Joaquin
river, twelve miles north of Fres-
no. That stream is running banks
full and it probably will be days
) before the body is recovered..
Rico Rodriguez, a Mexican la
. borer, attempted to swim the San
Osbriel river, near Los Angeles,
in order to reach home in the
Vtorm. He sank in the middle of
the stream and was carried to his
death before aid could reach him.
, The flood damage of the stornt,
it is believed, will exceed the bene-'
,M that otherwise would have ac
crued from the dreuching the
State has received.
S FL0!l
Secretary of Navy Appears Before
Senate Naval Committee to Urge
K Government Manufacture Of
. Armor to Insure Peal Competl-
ytion In, ShapjTBiidiny7;vStanss
Asks for Fighting Snips, ' ' V
' ' , .,. y . y
WA&HINGTOX ,' January' MAe-
sociated Press by Federal Wireless)-
Serious consideration ' wu given., by
the senate committee en naval affaire
yesterday to the recommendation of
Secretary of. the Xavy Denude that
the government . engage In the menu-
iwiure or an tne armor plate used in
the eouatnirtinn af. t..tluh:...
This Is a part of Secretary Daniels'
livgrin Bunuunceu two montttS ago.
At that time he pointed out that only
by the manufacture of ita own armor
plate -could thia government hope to
secure real ComDetitina In tha MH tn
contracts for building its battleships.
He strongly advocated before th com-
uii,v m provision- oe maae in us
appropriation for aa armor plate plant
r Auuurai mrauss, Culel 01 the
ordnance department, Ja his report to
the General Navv VUr.l nhn.lt.
ted yesterday, recommends the immed-
ibis ruDBirucuon or iour oattiesnips,
sixteen toriedo boat destroyers' . and
eiuht tornado boats. . It U KaTtav.l
that most of the deytroyera and tor-
petio uoats are intended lor service in
the Paciflc. , ' ':;.-.' .;
' BATAVIA, J)utch East Indies, Jan
uary 87. (Associated Press by Fed-
eral Wireless) Forty -eight ' children,
sixteen women s and one man were
killed in a panic, caused by a fire in
a theater during moving picture ex
hibition here last night ' The exhi
bition was - being held In an im
provised theater on one of the planta
tions when the flames were seen
emerging from the operating room. A
cry of fire was started and the nanic
followed. The. place was filled mostly
uy cuimren ot plantation laborers.
forty-eight ; of the little ones being
irainpiHi to ueata oy tnetr older com.
paoious in the mad rush for the exit,
The Matson ateamer ITonolulan will
be one day late-in reaching Honolulu,
according to reports received bv Ka-
huku wireless at fight 0 'clonk last
night. . The vessel was then 450 miles
Off port and reported . it would not
rearh here untl . tomorrow, morning.
l ne iioooiuian is bringing . seventeen
passeugers, 400 bags of mail, thirty-six
packages or express and a big freight
Action of Building Trades Fed
. eration Affects Two Hun-
. dred -" and Fifty " Thonsand
Ttrsons' aad Threatens Serious
r i . .
Trouble Throughout the United
LONDON -Janoarj 27. (Associated
Press " fcy"1 Federal wireless) Labor
troubles affecting twoV' hundred ' and
fifty thousand persons ::nd " threaten
ing industry througheet the United
Kingdom are feared aa a result of the
action of the Building . Trades Federa
tion yesterday. . That; body ordered
out' all members of 'the plumbers and
painters anions and alt allied trades.
In addition it was voted to favor the
national building strike,
' Negotiations toward 'a peaceful set
tlemeat of the threatened 'trouble have
been in progress for some time. Hopes
for reaching aa agreement were given
np yesterday and the action of - the
nuilding Trades Federation in declar
ing a walkout waa announced soon
afterward. ' In one way. or another
the strike of the trades mentioned
will seriously - affect industrial opera'
tfons throughout the United Kingdom,
QUEBEC, Canada, January 7.
(Associated . l'resa by , Federal
Wireless) Wilfred Botiin, a youth
agtpd' thirteen : years, with his
clothes afire, last night frantically
ran amuck among , his relatives.
la attempting to extinguish toe
fiarnea their clothing also . took,
fire, Snd hefore the fire was finally
.t"'Wtyfpl J'T "persons, incliid-O
4 ing the .'unfortunate boy, had per-
ished. ; V A . v.,' .-,'.
HOUGHTON; Michigan, January 27.
(Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) The Western Federation of Min
ars, through its attorneys, yesterday be
gan its fight in the courts her in be
half of President Moyer and thirty oth
jrs members , of . the Federation who
were recently indicted by the grand
jury on charges of conspiracy and the
interference with non-union miners.
LIVERPOOL, January 27. (Aso
ciated Press by Federal Wireless)
Four persona were killed yesterday
and -many were Injured in an explos
ion' of gas aboard the liner Mauretania.
The vessel hag been undergoing re
pairs. Most 'of . those injured were
workmen. ; -
ibTOBRS, U tab''' January 27. (Asso
ciated Press by Federal Wireless) An
avalanche sweeping down the mountain-
tide here yesterday reduced four houses
to 'splinters, killed three persons and
injured three.
8AN FBaJh'CISOO, January 26.
(By Associated. Press Cable) Import
ant developments In transpacific and
Alaskan communication by telegraph
were forecasted today in the announce
ment that the Western Union Tele
graph Company has agreed to an in
terchange of foreign business with the
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company
at rate of a third less than the reg
ular rates. Furthermore, the Mar
coni Company here announces-, that it
expects to accept messages for Hono
lulu and Japan beginning in April.
The Marconi also contemplated ' an
early extension of its field to Alaska,
according to Marconi's vice president,
Nally, a former postal official.
Plan for Another Effort to Take Guaymas From
; : the Hands of Federals. Now Being Considered
i . . -
Upper photo Rives view' of City of Gaaymas,' Sonora, on the Gulf
Federal Infantrymen marching to repel Kebel attack on city.
Only Point in Sonora Held by
Federals May Again Bt Scene
- .' of Clash,
NOOALEH, , Arlxona, ' January 27.
(By Federal Wirelcs) RcporU reaeh
iny bore rouJIurniosiilo io Watehat
af Tonstitutioaalistf . who '-otherwise
e in complete ' control of the State
of JBonora, are planning .'another at
tack upon Quaymaa. f For the past!
several days the rebels in the northern
end of the State have been "decreasing
in numbers, first, bec&Rse there seems
little fear of Federal attack on this,
end, and Second,' it is. believed, to re
inforce the rebel forees . which ..have
been boldjng (iu syntax in a state of
siege. v .'.; : . '
American - cruisers are stationed a
few miles off Ouaymas in tha Gulf of
California ready to take on, refugees
in tn event. , ... . . '
' v v
BALTIMORE, January 27.
(Associated Press by Federal
Wireless) Miss . Margaret
Qnayle, daughter of Bishop
Quayle, of the Methodist Episco-
pal Church, who is suffering from
cancer, is believed to be oa the
road to recovery, the' result of
taking the radium treatment. 'Her
condition yesterday was reported
as considerably improved, '
; ",
. ;. , i ,i . ... :
SAN DIEOO, California January 17.
(Associated Press by Fedora! Wire'
less Telegraph) Lieutenant Edgerly of
the Second Infantry, who- has teen de
tailed for instruction iuj aviation at the
Army aviation camp on North Island,
was ordered . yesterday to h relieved
from further duty here and to report
back . to bis regiment . at Honolulu.
Lieutenant Edgerly recently aompleted
hi course here, maikiug an excellent
showing ' in altitude endurance and
other tests. '. '. i. . ' V
NEW YORK, January Tv (Asso
ciated Press by Federal Wireless)
Indictments were returned here by the
federal grand jury yesterdsy charging
Lucas Littauer, former congressman,
and his brother, William Littauer, with
smuggling. It Is alleged that they
brought a necklace Into the port of
New York from Europe without paying
duty ou it.. The necklace is valued at
forty thousand dollars. v
' ' ' ''".'- . .' : ' '.' - v' '
v.. , - - ' w
.u ......... )
.... "- p ,
- .
I -
i. IV
ervisors condemned tor
Condition of
One of the flaest thoroughfares in
any country , k anparentlr leiiur al-
lowed, to gq toradk. ami ruin .through
in.liffwrsss', Ignorance or inoinpe'ter-;
Seording to the expression of a tt' 'inter
ested eititen. ' He ssys: . . "' - .
, "The condition of Kalakaua avenue
from the point where the narked sec
tion ends to Makee Island is U.suoh
a terrible coudition that to drive a
car over it at night, unless at a slow
speed, is' unsafe aud dangerous. .
. "Toimsts who bring automobiles to
Honolulu and tourists who travel in
automobiles hired fiora the local stands
complain that this is the worst stretch
of road that they have ever motored
over. .
"Considering the fact that there are
at a low estimate over 2,MR),000 worth
of automobiles on -this Island, it is a
mystery to visiting motorists that the
first road that inclination and adver
tisement! invite them to take is the one
worst road that they ever negotiated.
- inc nrsi piace that the visitor
wants to see in Honolulu is Waikikl
beach. He finds himnolf itlnV nv..
a corrugated thoroughfare on his first
inp out oi town." -,. . -
Money Short, Say Supervisors. : '
The board of
they are short of money and cannot
spare the monev ta mnJca t k
- v wviun
Improvements out on Kalakaua avenue
Suervisor McClellan state that noth
ing enn ie- uone on tbe paving of thia
avenue until the property ownera have
put in their curbing. When naked why
the property ownurs were not forced
to put in the curbing nnder the statutes.
j.icicimii coiiki not explain.
Ex-Supervisor Murray, who was the
chairman of the road committee under
the county regime before tha present,
states that the sanm niitinn
gnrding Kalakaua avenue during his
itmlnii.,w.4lAn II. . . . I
-i........,, jifl Biu mai if it is
true tbat tka nMunnt 1A.. .i v
, , - uaa nut
sufficient money to make permanent im-
vu tuis avenue, there is no
reason why temKirary repairs should
not he made at nmi .
'"When the matter cam up to us
V, . 'orn,er administration," be
said "we scarified and shaped the ave
nue for the sum :of,1300. For this
sum it was put In a condition beyond
criticism of the automobilists, that
lasted for more than t. . .
only two weeks to do the work under
iuo uirecuon or j. w. Caldwell,, who
was road supervisor at that time."
Cluster Lights Unused. ;
While talking about county affairs,
Mr. Murray went further. He said
mat uyring tne same period appropria
tions were made for the purchase, aud
purchase was made, of forty cluster
lights for the streets of Honolulu.
These have been paid for but have
been laying In the government yard
for fourteen months, rotting and rust
ing away.
Supervisor , Mcf'lellan claims that
the reason the cluster lights have
not been installed is that tbe elec
trical department has been overwork
ed and has not had time to make the
"However, we expect to start on
this work soon," remarked Supervisor
When ex-Supervisor Murray was
asked if the present board was uot
of California:; Lower view shows
Main Avenues
playing politics and - looking oat for
its, constituents, in' the Outlying "dis
tricts .in paving 'Corkserew Alley"
andftfrriag curbing- in "Frog Lane"
ami shing work on -several ttrer
prominent thoroughfares where the
voters live In thickly settled Colonies,
Murray said "The preeent board ia not
even doing that. " ,
It Is a common remark every day
that there is sot a road in Honolulu fit
for an automobile, to travel on. - .
. Pavement Wearing Away. '
The permanent pavement on Kala
kaua avenue is already beginning to
wear awav. owlnv. tn tha C.nt .n
the traffic and travel en that thorough-
iare is eonnnen to tne paved side. Un
less the avenue is paved from aide to
aide and from end to end, there will
come the necessity very soon of doing
the work all ever again. ;
A prominent nutnmnhil man mtmimA
yesterday, while threading his way
over tne corrugated aectlona or Kala
kaua avenue, that he had heard of the
Rocky Road to Dublin, but whatever
that famous road may have been, it
was nothing for rough stuff compared
th the Kalakaua avenue to Wai
kikl, ,
William F. Fook Leaves $27.50 in
Gym natrium Locker; Returns to
. Find Money Gone
' Mysterious Raffles is again plying his
Calling at the Young Men's Christian
Association. Last ' night William F.
Fook, a messenger boy in the employ
of the Federal Wireless Telegraph Com
pany, suffered lose of 27.50 through
the light-fingered aneak thief. ,
, Fpok,, who, jla, a'naerober of t"he Me
Kinley. basketball team, last night
changed bis street clothes in, the locker
room for a club uniform, and in leav
ing the room left the money In his
locker. - " '
doing to the gymuasitim, Fook hung
tne key or tne locker on the keyboard
aud then took art in tbe game tbe
McKinlcys were engaged in. Upon the
conclusion of the' gum he took the
key from the board, and upon opening
tne locker discovered jus loS. -
The police were immediately notified
and every effort is ibelng made to ap-
prcnenu to tnter.
. ,
WASHINGTON, January 28, (By
Associated PreHe Cable) r President
WiUwn, it was learned today, cannot
offer Colonel Goethala the goernorship
of the Canal one until he has organ
offer Colonel (loethals the goveruoisbip
in tbe none.
With the Announcement of New
Management for HU Auto Sup.
ply Concern Comes f Flood of
Light Upon An Interesting Cv
.. reer of High Finance in Many.
' Places.' "'- .'.-'; . 'S ..; .,' . v
"Western Automobile Association of
America,'? is the name blaconed upon .
the glsM door of Room 4)9 Judl Build- ,
lng, behind which door aits George P.
Thielen. The name Is tha outward k.J
Visible sign of the very latest "bnsl
neas" house to commence operations ,
in this fair city. Mr. Thleleh Is not
responsible for the sign on the door.
except that he gave "Raron Le Gay, A
tne latest scion of nobility to honor '
Honolulu with his presence, permission
to paint in the letters. And therebr
hangs a tale..' .. ""
Baron Le Gay "discovered" Hono
lulu a few weeks, announcing that he
represented about- all the big things
on earth, including , the Six Power
Loan, the 'Standard Oil Companv.
United States Steel, Yuan Ehih-kai, ;
Baron Bothchild and K-.few amaller
people, Including Kroppe and Jardine
Matheson.v '. He opened an office ia the
Jodd Building and labeled the door
" Reform iraning Association of
China," and, aa noted above, decorated
tne omce aoor or Mr. Thielen. He also
placed several printing - orders with
confiding typos and took a few news' . ,
paper men to his bosom, f ot the sake '
of not having hie light hidden under -any
bnshel. He established headquarr - .
tera at the Seaside, Hotel and got busy.
, , ; (WUHi 7.BUy. , j
' For a man of great conoectiona he "
exhibited aa exorbitant desire for local
manager . and partner.'' He laid
scheme' to ' absorb the automobile
business oft the Hawaiian Islands
before a " fellow passenger1, on
the : Manchuria, which was 1 the
baronial choice of liners on the
way down, . and generously offered
him tbe Hawaiian management of. the
" Western . Auto Supply Company, In- V
corjiorated" which appeara to have a
variety, of names and expressed a
willingness to let this new found friend .
in cheap." The friend. C. O'Keslin. .
said he would rousider the matter,
and did, by starting some inquiries.
The Baron, however, went ahead and
had stationery printed with O'Kes
lin 's name included as "Hawaiian
manager.",..'- y '
Another fellow passenger, a George
Fitxpatriek, had his name painted on
the door of the Reform Trading Asso
ciation and gave a real eheck for the :
privilege. FUzpstrick left hurriedly ;.
and bs eheck was either stopped in
time or dishonored, which was bad for .
tbe, Karon, as be had to dig up real .
money to make good his endorsement.
Would Ban Hackfeld Out '. .
Other passengers on the Manchuria .
were approached. To one waa tender
ed'the position of secretary, provided ..
the purchase or a block of stock waa
made by the secretary to ahow good '
faith. Millions were dangled before
hla eyes and he waa assured that when
the Baron and bis companies really got '
to going in Honolulu they would drive
von Uamm-Yonng out of business the
first year and put an everlasting ,
crimp into Hackfeld ft Co.. . The hon
ored secretary-to-be turned the matter
over in his mind and decided to be..'
come a reporter on 7ae Advertiser, a
regular weekly envelope appealing
more to him than the millions the
Baron talked about. . '
Another Local Agent
On Monday of last week the Baron
announced that he bad looked over .
all the bright 1 automobile ' dealers of
Honolulu and had decided to let E. 1L
Lewis make some mouey. According
ly, for $500, cash In hand, Ee had made
Mr.' Lewis local agent of his auto sup
ply company. Re sent out letters t
the local handlers of automobile sup
plies, on Western Auto Supply Com
pany stationery, "Home Office 807-308
Underwood Building, 623 Market.,
street, San Francisco," as follow; '
"Dear Sirs: We have much pleasure
to inform you that we have opened a V
branch here, and have placed our
'branch under the management of Mr.
R. II. Lewis. It is the Intention of
the Western Automobile Association,
for whom we are acting as the purchas
ing agent, to keep a stocfe ef ecceeso ..
He, tires, etc., in Honolulu, so si t
supply their members (of which we ex
lct to havo about HHM) within the next
two months). The Honolulu office will
control nil the other Islands,
Only Fair.
"We think it is only fair to you as .
the local ageuts of the various msnu .
(a t rers of cars and accessories, that '
we should give you the opportunity to
supply our tlemanils, and in granting
iih thu iimiul trrnie prices, Instead of .
our beail otfice in San Francisco. We
txvti qwite sure that even if you grant
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