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vol vir;. NO., JO
- - v - nl' x ' x v s i . x x . ' w- x r xy -x:- , x v ;. , . .. v' -'jy sr xx - vw . w , - i
Hundreds Add i Cheers to loise of Bells
and Sirens Ahnou'ncino;' Arrival of
Newest" and Most Modern Vessel; of
r Great Line as It Ends Voyage Estab-
Hshine New Record from Sari Francisco
.: ). . ')'. .-.: .- .. :.: ' i i .. "... '.' i ;- ' , ' '
. " ; " ' ' . . i- r : v ' : . - . ,' ' ' v ! '. .
RpprCHentinK an inveHtment of a million en J a half dollars and, the
labor for ayear of'a regiment of skilled workmen in an Atlantic
;Coast shipyard, the steamer Matsonia, the llafwhip'of the, fleet 'of
the Mtson lNV)Ration company
loomed into Honolulu harbor at three
thirty e 'clock yetterdny afternbott o
Hi maiden voyage from San Fraaelwo,
the highest poible eiempliflcation of
the aolidity of the ommet-e of tliii
port and of the stupendous force back
of the growing commerce of the Tad
fte Ocean and of the partto We played
in thia growth and development by the
induatriea and capital of Hawaii. -
. At Ave o'clock sharp the big gang
plank at pier No. 13, familiarly known
as the Oneen atreet wharf, waa raiacd
to the deck f the Matnopta, amid a
dia of acrenmiog wWtrtlea .from . ahore
and harbor, in which were mingled the
. ahouta nd eheora of the thonnanda o
the pier, the muaie of the Hawaiian
, land and th waving of individual reo
ogaitiotia from whar to datk and deck
' to wharf..' '. ' - '.
At the 'bawnere tightened and for
the Ant time the good hip Mataonia
'acrapod ite ruggoU aide againul the tim
, bera of its Honolulu borne, eager friends
on ahore wolcomed a throng of jaFsen.
gera eoming down the. gangplank in
'' true Honolulan fashion. . , .vi'1
K The embodiment of the strength (
-steel wrought into thounaad perfect
; ed uses by the akill ef man, the huge
hulk ef the bir fre'-htnr and splendid.
"" ly equipped atoAiiiot "tUJiio around
-inn.1 Hund Tet.terdnv in nla id' wata s.
after a voyage of live days, foiii1 hanrs
and sit minutes, and appeared as a onr
; scious leviathan; serene, and msjeatid
' amid th 'greeting of mny small craft
that ran far put, with music from dofka
and fluttering tUpa from midget, top-
. rtsre, to voiee- aa aloha-to tho big ves
sel aad trt extend a welcome, with many
circHngs and rneings around snd along
side tho heralded sbiQ.. '. . " ' .
Bscord for Matspn Una,
'' "the pi-rformance of the Mstsoiri on
. iU Initial trip to Hawaiian waters was
In evorv way ratisfactory to Cpt. Wil
- liam Maston. president nd general
martager for the company, and to Cart.
;' C..W. Saunders, Vho rommanded the
veel on this trip, vice t'npt. I'oter
. l.hnmn Hfttmined at his home by ill-
''nefs. The record on the: down trip of
the Matsonla Is the cst ever made by
any vesoel nf the line, and eonsidorlns
tlit the maehlnerv throughout was still
' a little stiff because of the vessel's re
. j.n lnnnchinir. Canta'n Matson Slid:
. . '. t i
', " Tne Mats9nia nas ncqumru crn
to the full satirfsction of all of us, and 1
we are satisfied hat the people of Ho
nolulu will be pleased with the eeryico
" the ship will give them." .: '
" ' The exact time msde by the Matsonia
from the liphtthlp off Ban Francisco to
Diamond Head was Ave days, four hours
. and sis minutes, sn averags for the
v trip of reventeen miles an hour, figur
ing Ran Francisco ss 200 miles away.
'! After the first serenade had been ren
dered br the Hawaiian band from thS
derfcs of the tog Navajo, loaned for
the occasion by Admiral C. B, T. Moire,
"which met the new liner farthest out,
and rlreling the' incoming vessel, the
musicians rdayod Hawai'an welcoming
airs, the Mntsonia was boarded by Xr.
Frederick Trotter, chief quarantine offl
cer, who gave the vessel pratique In aa
short a time as the large list, of pes
seugers on board permitted. While the
. doctor 'a examination of the ship's pa-
, pers wss in progress the strong wind
to landward against the high super
s structure of the vessel carried it inward
toward the reef until the pilot gave a
signal' for reversal; uui,iiest to. csrry
the Matsonla toU sU(WplHce farther
. ' out in the stream, The churning of
- th waters by the pMverful engines of
' the steamer carried the mail boat ami
' ', the customs launch. Brothers, swirling
along tho ship's side and sfound the
: fcow. Man on the ei'stotus launch, sc
quaiuted with that part of the harbor,
exprexsed themselves that the Matrouit
was not in immediate danger, In't at
. . th aame time commended the prec'au-
tionary action of the pilot '
First Greetings Exchanged. ,
', With the completion' of tho inspeo
' tUm hv Poc tor Trot ter tho delegation
consixtinir of a joint eominittee froia
. , the Honolulu ChsmWr of t'omnieree
and tbft Merchsnts' Association elimbed
-aboard, and exchanged greetings with
Captain Matson. hU family and tho
'. ofllcea on dek. . f umiediatolv theie
followed in the forward lounging room
, of the Mstionia the pretty and alToct
ing cercmonv of greeting extended to
, . Ckptnia Matson ty the eoinmercia
bodies of Honolulu, v.
m, ('"ntnin Matsnu wreathed in maile
and flower leis standing with Mrs. Mat
son. Miss Lurline Matson sud surround
d by a company of friend were given
President aud general manager of the
M ut no n Navigation (mfiany.
Wv Department Decides to Ex
- r tend Term of Servioe in the
" ',. ' Islands.
. WASIUNOTOK, ' January 23. The
War Department has , decided that
length of torm of duty of Army officers,
line and staff, in Hawaii hereafter
shall be four years instead of three, as
has been - the custom. , . ThS . term of
duty' in . the Philippines' and the Pan
ama' Canal- sone will remain'' at 'three
years. . la previous jears ' when the
sanitary conditions - lu the Philippines
were 'Dot so good as at , present, the
term of duty for staff officers was two
and one-half years, and for. life on-i-ers
two. years, 'aud, later this wss ex
tended to three years tor both classes
of oflieers. ; . . ' , : : .
The increase of dutv' br one vear
for officers in Hawaii is based on the
fact that the climatic conditions there
justify the same length of servles as
iu the I'nitea Htates.
George A. Brown of the eominittee, the
other members or wniua , were i. A.
Berndt, Wallace It. farriugton, Thorn
Church, II. !' Wood, James A. Kennedy,
.1. Jl. Drew, Oeorgo B. Carter and K
It. Mtackshlei, . , , . ,
Chairman Brown held in bis hand a
beautifully engrossed parchment scroll
and in presenting It to Captain Mat
son said i "As chairman of the joist
committee of the Honolulu Chamber of
Commerce and Merchants' Association
I have great ploasare. in reading the
fornuil welcome tho people of Honolulu
extend to you and your ship through
us." .-
(Continued pa Psg Three) ,
, "The Mataonia baa acquitted her-
aeU to the full saUsfactlon of all of
na, . and we are satisfied that the
people ef Honolu'.a will- be pleased
with the serrtca the ship will g'.ve
thsm." Cuptaln WUliam II. Mat
Ion, Prcaldant of the Mataen Navi-
I at ion Company. . .. , .
Shipping Manager of Castle & Cooke,
. , Ltd. f
! '.' ' .'' .
WASH1XOTON, February 3.
(Associated Press by Federal
Wireless). ' For the first time
4i since the Civil. War the enlisted
s complement allowed the Navy has )
been filled. Hereafter only ape-
cially qualified applicants will be
accepted. The excellent education-
al ; advsntagea , provided by ' the
Navy, says Secretary Daniels, are
responsible for tire heavy enlist-
meuts in that service. t .
, - .:.'.''. .:.'
BAN. DfEOO. California,' February
3. (Associated Press by Federal wire-
les After beina on tne roau six nays,
Robert Harwood and Mortimer Miller,
Americans, who were reported to have
been executed by the Mexican Federal
authorities, reached Jfinsenaa, tne- cap-
ism ll( JWWDr .MV.M T'- '. '
"Hing to advices reaching here last
sight, v
1'hs news was sent toy the United
. . 1 . . .rmai. mmK.ar.. U - Ml.
States Tenaul at Euseuadk. '
... Tho two mei have been placed under
arrest, and it expected they will be
tried on a charge of smuggling arms
1 V
- ... 1 -
' . ,
aeroas the border. , 1
- '
NEW YOB K, February. 3. (By1 As
sociated Press Cable) Complying with
'the order of the interstate commerce
epmmission, express companies doing an
interstate, business put into operation
today new rates sixteen per cent lower
thso the former rates,
s ' ' ' "';.:..'.
1 Honolulu Turns Out in Large Force to Extend
-w: Welcome! tb' Matson Company's Newest Vessel
V ,
V . - r i v
S .- ; ;' i '' : , t , a.
: NEW YORK, Fel ruary 3. (As-
sociafed Press by Federal , wire-
less)-The National . Domocratie
'Club,' at a meeting" hold here, last
niicht, adopted resolutions demand-
S ing that Boss Murphy be retired
from the leadership of the Tam-
many orranizationv " " ', 1 ' v.
" The Bulzer disdosures and con
stant ngitation. that , haaoliowed
agninst Murphy since the ftulaer
impeachment proceedings brought
the question to an issue last liight,
4 ' Tho best interests and . future
prestiire of the Democratic party,
in New Yortc require Murphy's re-
tiroment. . ssv the resolutions.
That - Murphy 's jarticipation ,'in
the political affairs of the party
In harmful to its interests, in Jt-
feet describes the contents of tho
resolutions. V
', ' . , . ' V
u , m
LONDON, February. 8. (-Aseoeiated
Press Cable) Giving the bulk of his
private fortune to charity, education
aud benevoleni;eK the will, of .the late
Lord Ptrathcona waa made public to
day.' The, will leaves Vale University
$500,000 and other educational be
miettts amount to $1,735,000. The Royal
Victoria hospital of Montreal receives
500,000..' . - ,- t -... . ' :
,:.' . --. ' ,
TKTUAN, Morocco, February 1 2.
(Uy Associated Press ; Cable)--Deter
mined to crush the warlike Moors who
have been carrying on a guerilla war
fare for several years,'' the 1 Spanish
mititai'y forces in Morocco have com.
bined to send out an Invading column
and last TtiurHday .engaged ia a fight
with the natives in an all-day battle.
The Moors showed, stubborn resist
ance, and In spite-of . the " superiority
of the Bpanish arms, particularly in
artillery, it was not until evening that
the combat took a decisive tura In
favor of the Spaniards. The Spanish
lost four otlicers and 22 men,' killed,
Four otlicers and llti men were wound
ed. . - -"-'r.' '
Tho Moors fpught so desperately
that. when they abandoned the field St
evening the majority of their force
had beeu killed sr fatally . wounded.
' l
? j V
Upper scene shows'
9 .
V '.I
IS watching Mstsoftia
it-mi Vntnonia n
- l' ,' T a T
' Y
VJ newest addition to;
Congressmen Charge the Figures
Were' Juggled to Make U. S.
"'.Appear in Third Place.
WASinNOTON,' February 3. (As
sociated Press by Federal -Wireless)
That experts in the navy department
juggled the statistics in the Navy Yard
Year Book for 1913 to make the Amen
caa Navy appear inferior ; to the Ger
man Navy, and ' thereby Jsetting the
run,! ftrVt &awtk to third llae9. as
a navai TXiwer.'was 'chargc.r'ye(cdif
by RoprofenUtlves vJunersion
Heasley, mombers of the houss comnu
f.. ah iiavsl sffiilra: si ' . v" ' .-7
Tho sensational charges ;were maue
while Secretary of - the Navy Daniels
is before the commitioe. , lie. wns
callel Dctore-e oouj ui"'
K.wV nrnorsm for the comintf year.
The congressmen Jironght out the' fact
that three ibattleships, tne urenon, mas
sachusetts ,aml Indiana,' of the aame
tonnage and of heavier armament than
ten listed as German nauiesnips,
iof nt Cnited States list alto-
rthr. and that the Year Book, instead
of giving this toniitry.ss having thirty
air, battleships built and in the eourss
of construction, as compared with Ger
msny'a' thirty-nine battleshipa built
and in course of construction, should
have credited this country with thirty
nine battleshipa with a heavier total
tonnags and armament than thati of
Germany. ' .''.".":' ". , . .
NEW YOKK. Folruary 3. (Associ
ated Press by Federal, Wireless) Jo
seph Cassidy, until recently a- Demo-
ratic lender in Queens couuiy, xoKiiior
with Iiouia Walter Jr., were xounu
guilt v fey -k Jury i the annrome court
yesterday of accepting a bribe in ro
1.1m for a iudicial. aomination given
William Gillette Jr., a former member
of Congress: '.' ,,''''; '
I j prrnc snows i n t i -iiibuu , ihnivi ' a a - .
. JS fJntt'POIll
The bright idea tliat somCl)ody had
that it would 4mi elussy to run a suo-
way under the O. B. U tracka at
Leilehua and "make a man work 'o
his beer by climbing iii and out, ha
been nipped in the bud, accordiug to
reimrt tbat circulated yesterday, con
firmed afterwards by t'uited Btatss At
torney McOara. The report said that
tM Army ''nigher-npa' had ordered a ce
ment cork for the subway, and Mr.
Mi arn says that bo would not be rur-
prised if this be true, as ha had drawn
attention to the tunnel In one of his
communications, to, Washington.
Tho aubwav had been cut out oppo
site the J Volcano House," as the new
KimSall beer hall at Lellehua is now
called by the soldiers, and runs in a
straight ' line from the front entrance
of th hostelry to the nearest point on
the reservation, providing a means
whereby none need wait for any lag
einir freiiiht traiu to pax, to get back
to barracks for toll call, or whatever
portion of vast crowd at Pier No.
approaching uerth. (Center shows
it was1 steaming into harbor. . Lower
1 .1 .InnBninS tiAmil trt
the Matson fleet. '; '
Pedagogues Ask Increase In Sal.
-.aries and Schools Are Closed
. ;i . .. When Refused." -
'LONDON, Febrnary 8.(Aasoclated
Prose by Federal Wireless) A strike
of the school teachers, the first of its I
i i 1- il. vt.t... .f dmi Retain, is I
w ., ia..- sw.a,
county,.: v : ; ' . - , - ' I
T K'gbtont or one uunureaan iwnuij 1
tZlJ -1,.1. udni. th iurisdio-1
tion of theeounty, eouncJ lospd Jfea-
terday a"s St-reaulf. ' ..
' The teachers say ihat they wilt re-
-l-i- -rtfr n mm ihniv dlomsnds far 'a
minimum silary" of one hundred, pounds!
.......l jnii,n nor annum be I
arantod. " This is S increase of ten
s . --. v ,r !-l
pounds, or ntty aouars, over mo wu
mum salaries now being paii
Hn fr the strike- has not been ae
sompanied by any irlolenee, . ,
I P Jl I I
y WASHINGTON, February 2. (Asso
ciated Press .Cable) By I VoU of 111
to U0 today, the hoase rejected the mo
tion of Bcyresentath-e Henry M. Gold-
fogle of New York, who tried te seeure
in amendment to the Burnett immigra
tion bill that would cancel the "ltter
av test." Goldfoale. who is a mem
ber of the committee on immigration,
made a fight against the inclusion or
thia test in eommittee, and renewed it
P the floor, '- -m. '
BARNETT,, commands
. WASJflKOTON February ' 1 (By
Associated FTess. Cable) Col, George
i.,r.,tt m Commandant of the ma
rine barracks at Philadelphia,! has been
phnn to succeed Msi. Gen. William
P. Riddle as 'eoinmandant of the Ma
rine Corps.
it is that a soldier has to get bade to
i . hnrrv. . It waa a nice little sub-
Way, cMselei. with care ffom out the
red dirt, snd its steps raa txth up and
down botb way. . . .
Mr. McCarn heard about H on a
recent visit to the vost, and It inter
tsted him. Cutting holes in a military
reservation was depriving the govern
ment of something of value without
due procesa of law, besides providing
a place wbjrs some wickedly inclined
rookies might pull off a prise fight.
60 he drew attention to it, as noted,
and attention having been arawa, ac
tion followed ra due order, and tne tun
nel is to ) corked. The only chance
for it will bo Jf a careful survey proves
U to be wholly off ths reservation, . Then
it may stay, opes, to the world from
both ends.
It is not known whether, is this
event,- s sentry will be ststioned at
the reservation end to keep the recruits
frpm rushing In where angels fear to
tread, and by taking an underground
wav of retting their near-boer get in
bad with the war department and the
attorney general of these United states,
. , .. . ....
I' i r.
1 2,000 REBELS
Qeneral Villa, Leyci, tot 'JCbfto. ' !'-.
hua En Route South to Join His
Army and Give Signal for Open.
lug of What Promises to Be the . . -
Most Decisive Battle of Mexi
can War; Huerta Prepared to .
JUAREZ, Mexica, February 3.(As- '
socisted Presa by Federal Wireless) ,
Torreon, the one point outside of the ;
City ;; of ' Mexico ' where :' President
Huerta hopes to , make bla strongest -stand1
against the rebels is to be the
scene of the next decisive battle ir
Mexico.' ' With a cordon . army ' of-.' '
twelve - thousand rebels already ;. ad
vanced to points north of Torreon sad! 1
awaiting word to open the attack on ,
the 'Federal garrison at that , place,' . ...
General Villa in command of the rebel
forces leaves this morning for CbibUa- '
hua from whence after a stay af sev
eral days ,he will march south to direct
the opening of tne battle. . - '
A courier arriving here from Torreon
last night said that the rebel advance ;
guards have already surrounded that '
city '.- - ' '" ; " '
Federals la Totreon hre preparing lot
the coining of Villa,' The troops are '
sleeping in the big armored steel ears, .'
which have been . made op into trains
ia the railroad, yards. The engines
have steam up ready to take the trains
sooth ia thS event of evacuation.
With General Villa are General Tori-
bi 0-..,,,. General Monclovie Herrera
aad General Panfilo Nstera, wbo fought
at Uiinaffa. ' r - '
-.. with some of his "chiefs before
he personally joins the rebels ia their
aouthward march. .
RenorU from Torreon said the fed
erals ther,. eommati-b"! by -general
lose Befugi Velaso, were greatly
alarmed,by tha rebel victory at Ojin-
sera. '
Torreon wTll be Huerta 'a chief point
nf renistence to the rebel wedire, and
he ia concentrating all his efforts
that town, as he hopes to prevent Villa
from reaching further sooth.
Bef usees are again being taken from
the traiae for the border. While VilUa
was directing the battle of Ojinaga Mr)
would allow no trains to go - to me
border. Now that he Is bsck he ia
sista upon Seeing all passengers In or
der to Drevent his enemies from getting
away from ths State. He took two
Mexican residents of Chihuahua and a
u.:.u fmm thn train. The
three told their friends good by, as they
expected to be put to death. 1 T
JUAREZ, Meiieo, February 8. (Ae- '
sociated, Press by Federal Wireless)
Francisco Guxman, who figured promi
nently in the revolt in the City of
Mexico against'Prssident Madero a
year ago, was executed in the front
yard of a house wcupled by General
Villa at this place yesterday.. Guxman t
had Just tome from Havana, wnoro 11
is charged he had been given a secret .
commission by Felix Diaa to induce
Villa .to denounce i-rovisional rresi .
dent CarrSnsa of. the . Constitution
alist goverument and to have Villa
throw his strength to a revolution m
favor of Dlaa. After making sure of
the nature of Guzman's visit, General
Villa ordered his execution. .
WASHINGTON', February (By
Associated Presa tVble) - Henry M.
Plndell, the Teoria (Illinois) publishes '
whose . appointment as ambsssador to
Russia precipitated a nation wide war '
of worda, will not be found in the St. ' f
t) K.. rw .mil mmT
Although Pindell has been nominated, f;.
investigated at length by opponents, .
and finally confirmed by the senste, he
has now refused the post. News of
the refusal was given out today, after
President Wilson had received a letter
from the Illinois editor. Ia the letter -Pindell
writes that he feels that it
were more delicate to decline the post,'
and that no controversy should sur
round International appointments.
In accepting the declination, Presi-
dent Wilson saya that he does ao with .
regret, and praises Plndell's discretion.
Washington gossip now has again sug
gested Charles B. Craoa of Chicago for,
the position, , -

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