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. V( I. VII., NO. 11 ' ' fTDMOr. TTT TT ! IfAWAit "ri?t o ithd uomAv' Jtrtirw y .A.i' ...... - "i ' " - i, , - -
- ' - " -' '"'.w(,'i.uunii:,,WT oliMl'VV lil'.M.Y. " - . ,1.1 ItmnM. A.Knn Awn'.V
- - - - - - . . , . - - . , vv r ! wij ,11 r-.L M r k
111, l il'IS TO
Richard Ivers and Edward Irwin
Spalding Beneficiaries of Multl
'-'i Millionaire Sugar Planter Lo
, cal .Bsociated Charities Be
quested $25,000 Bulk of Vast
- Estate Goes to. Widow Tota!
Valuation $5,000,000. , ;
. cUN. FJIANCISCO, February 5.
(Asociatcd 1'ress by Federal Wireless)
The hulk of tbe fortune, left by tbe
lata 'Williani O. Irwin, which is Osti
mated at five million dollar;, in be
queathed to M widow, the text of the
will Laving beon mad public today
Ttaa other1 beneficiaries include Richard
Ivers of Honolulu, brother-in-law of the
deceased and representative Id Itawai
. for the Irwin sugar interests! and Ed
, ward Irwin. Spalding, ef Honolulu, who
had been Mr. Irwin V personal repre
' eentative lo Hawaii and the! holder of
.hi persqnal proxy" in Honolulu in mat
. ters restive to the VilHam O, Irwin
Estate Company, The Associated, Cha-'
rlties of Honolulu ilTalso remembered,
. among the other charities named In the
will. .. ;.' . , . '. :-v
- One surprise of the will is that Mrs.
Templcton , Crocker, who ,was ' Ml
.' Heleue Irwie, only child of the deceas
ed millionaire, bequeathed only twe
. ty-flve thousand dollars.- J?he received.
' howerer. one. million dollars from her
father on her wedding day, a short
', tiiue ago, and her husband is a wealthy
man and heir to a great fortune.'
-To RUberd Ivera of Honolulu is left
fifty thousand dollars and a like amount
is loft toE. I. Spalding. r V
.'; The. Associated Clmrrtic is. to reecive
'. twenty-Sve thousand dollars -under , the
terms of -the Will, with! certain Condi
tions attached. " ' 1 '.' ': '..
Included in the I hit of beneficiaries
are many ot the Irwin servants. . The
coachman Is , givon a ; substantial
' amount, the personal Chinese servant
of JMr. Irwin Is remembered' and Mtn.
. Irwin's maid. Tbe list' of charities to
benefit under the will is a long one,
including those In Hun Francisco ud
in Honolulu.' '' . ' ,.: v . 1
NEW YORK, February
ociated I'ress Cble)--A
B. (y As-
attempt to erotis the Atlantic Ocean by
improved aviation; will be 'mado this
summer. It was 'learned , today ' thai
Gleuu II. Curtist the aviatoV,' Is build-
, log ..a huge hydro-aeroplane for Bod-
- man Wanamaker. ,- Wanamaker. is jtrjj
paring te try the perilous tranautlan-
. tie flight this summer from tit.. John's,
Newfoundland, to Ireland.. V; V.
' . The distance Is KiOO miles ud the
aviator and Wanamaker figure tuut.it
(an be eovered in 13 hours. ' i -
CurtUs saya he believes the plans are
feasible, declaring that other aeroplane
motors already ha'e ruu 40 hours with
out stopping. I : .i,'. -
jack iiisi"bl ' .
' -'CHICAGO, February 6. (Associated
Press by Federal Wireless) Fred Law-
' reuce, a uewspaperinaii, while testify
ing before the federal grand jury yes
terday, produced a : cablegram from
.' Jack Johnson ini which thargci ' are'
made that the, pugilist gave 20,(Hio to
be distribute among federal ofMcials
' b fore' his jdeparture for rauce. John
son is ia .exile iu Euroje, having for
feited tio.ounlail bod which he fur
uished to secure his freedom pending a
new trial after conviction of violating
the Mann Wbte'Wnve Art. The iu
vostigation bv the gro ml jury is that
vof eharges that Johnson used money
freely to enable him to leave the coun
try. . ..'..'., -.,V-
Who is made beneficiary in will of
mtilU-mllllonalre tugar piantef. .
; . . . - .-
Every Move in Mexico Is Being
Clcsely Followed and Uncle
Sam's Forces Are Prepared for
Invasion. ' y , j
Ioformalten Contained' In a ' private
letter to an ofT'ner' returning, on , the
Thomas to tho State from an officer
of ti e Hf teenth Cavalry, now at El
t'sso on .oider patrol duty, indicate
the war- department is meklnjr every
effcrt to fnmiliarixe every oflwsr on
the frontier witi bli ne'.ensary, dope on
conditions in Northern Mex!co, in viesr
of a fusible invasion ef that rordtry.
At Fort Bliss,1 Fort Xlar'i, Fort Mcin
tosh ami at the Aritona t order station!
where, the nouiber ft, dicers on duty
is sudll lent to conduct tKe war gae,
wHhAti!va' the theater of curv
miuii, tlii method of instanction is le-
hi -i riiX.k Ait aluL af . tlt "jnjet'er
ttitna along the Km irfcnde, eveu if
he eg inni sm contains .but soJUary
o(Iiiyr., jirol leftist tuj received ; wet'kly
and siliitions must be turned in: by
the ftffieerV '''.' ' ' :'';' 1
.' A Fort'niins th ofleers arestedy-
ng and A genes ot. ptbJoins invoUing
the ' defoso"4f ; Kl' Fjaso have been
irTirkol out in', thej' dofenslve studies.
Tho offensiVe opurntinH, according to
tne letter, iuciude a close study 'of
large iu:vj .of Mexico ' and imaginary
advances by 'Americaa- troops -aga,inst
hihuuhiin, Monterey,' Toneon,' Agnns
alicntei and the. City of Mexico.; The
series of prolilumn, furigmly, do not in-
Indo an advaneo Ironi'Vera CruK,"but
re confined ' entirely to' expeditions
from tbo north, and west.
It seems that the war department has
se nrcii' nmcli data and accruto mans
howinjr the topography of all of tioith-,
em and central portions of Mexins).
and in addition the eooiuuiiidinir con-
era! of the. cavalry division at Fort
Hbss is f)Uvinel constantly of the move
ments'of the Mexican troons. Federal
or rebel, throughout the part of Mexico
nnct'ng bis lrontief, and also knows
nd strength of each force in the vicin
ty of each city, the trails which could
uiost ' easily take u "body of men to a
desired point, and the mountain Kaxsos
tended in a march south. This informa
" " M "uiu iinsro- 10 hkvd or tie
tion, which has ibeen constantly eath-
ered since the beglnuing of the Mexi
can revolution, is fiirnUiied to the olli
cer of the several k)U, and the prob-
..-.,. i-iinnv: wiisj tue ieeeiitt of new
urormation..- -
SUlLTT OF f,10Efi
N EW YORK, February 6. (Asso-
iatel Press Cabled Th ' n-.
Kihml.lt, bogus priest ami sejf-eonfess-
a mur.ierer of Anna Aumuller, tbe do
nestie whose , bodv mt .
thrown Into the river, was found guilty
today of first degree murder. This was
his second trial, the first hivln.1 m.
suited in a disagreement Of the jury.
POHTL'ANI),. Maine, February .
(Amiociated Press by Federal Wireless)
Former Presldeut Theodore Roosevelt
will come to' Maine next fall to assist
the Progressives iq their state earn
puign was. Hnnouncel vesterday by
Chairman '. Perkins of the executive
eouucil of tfte National Progressives.
s. 1
HEDELS PLI1II ' I Plaza BoloEncsiOnc of Public Institutions ' i I Ifr" I! F Ml T f J T Q
Of DIB w
Carranza Secures Option on Steel
Cruiser J3andit Leader Works
Beprisals on Villa's Forces
Constitutionalists Purchaslnff
; Immense Supply of Ammunition
-On9.' Carload ; Held Up .for
Non-rayment of Charges.-
NEW ORLEANS, Tebrniry 6 (As
sociated Frees by Federal Wireless)
Th ConstltnUonaltet forces, leaded by
Oeneral Carranza an! General Villa, are
planning to attack ho Hnerta govern
ment forces by water at well as on
land, accordiug to a dealer In war sup
plier who tM here dealing with rebel
representatives. .
It ia said that Oeneraf Oarranxa has
secured an option on a steel cruiser as
the nucleus of a nary, and that other
vessels are .being bargained . for. No
Intimation la given of the source from
which Carrans will secure the steel
cruiser. , : . . ; ,i
With a batUeshlp of this type, the
wrumnruonjuisu could work havoc
with the small gunboat possessed by
Huert and would have Vera Orui and
other ports en the east coast of Mexico
quickly at their mercy. The rebel party
is known to have plenty of money to
me purcaacta or warshipa. ,
JUAREZ, Mexico,-' February 8.-
(Asseciated Press bv Federal Wirelms
Maximo Coetillo, the bandit leader,
seeking reprisals,, following the .rap
ture ana execution yesterday of twen-
ty-twe of his men by the rebels, last
night fired the woodwork of the Drake
Tunnel of the Mexican Northwestern
Bailroad and -destroyed two bridges as
wen as two engines of tbo railroad. He
then escaped to the mountains. . ' - '
Costillo was : formerly chiet body
guard of President Mad'ero. (..- .
. JVXHrXY&tuArr ( Associated
Preea t.y1 Federal Wireles)--ThO rebel
iionaiist President Cerranxa, placed an
order with an American firm for one
million, -one " hundred thonsaad ear
tridges, tea thoiiasnd carbisen an.l five
thousand rounds of shrapnel, to be used
ia thrt. camiaien ' about . to be started
on Torreon. ., ;, ' . . .; .
The rebels a'so hope to obtain a larea
amount of their ammunition and other
war munitions captured bv the United
titatea troops during the pest two years.
From Chihuahua comes word that
Ueneral Villa miirht return to thn bol
der within a, few days lo facilitate the
purchase of ammunition., . 9ne carload
ready for shipment was stopped because
ii uau.noi ueen paia lor.
WASHINGTON, February S.( Asso
ciated Press Cable) Iteports from
many sources along the Mexican hnr.
der, particularly near F.I Paso, Texas,
snoweu toaay mat the Constitutional
ists are losing no-time in taking ad
vantage of it he new order of things by
rliich there is bo embargo against their
purchase of arms and ammunition.
Hundreds of thousands of rounds e
1 - a i l , ... i
nr miu niacnine-gun ammunition are
linM .1 .1 : .....
uviiivmu - nrrtws ino ooruer as
fast as the rebels ran prove their ova
ersliip. ; Orders with the hig ammuni
tion firms have doubled' in the last few
days and more orders are coming. -
CULIACAN, MexUro, February 5.
Many representatives of arms and am
munition manufacturers are now offer
ing tleueral Carranza almost unlimited
credit. V ila has ordered 1S.O00. .rifles
for the rebel army and intends to equip
an air fleet under quailled Mexican pi
lots. .
NOOAL.KS, Arizona, February' 5. '-.'
Advices front the rebel eamp today re
lmrted an important C'onstitutionalist
victory. The rebels have captured the
important and wealthy seaport of Ma
zatlan, giying first access to foreign na
tions. - : ,
MARVSVILLE, California, February
6. (Associated Press by i'ederal Wire
loss V Rlaiikie Ford and 1). 11. 8. 8uhr,
the T. W. W.'s tried for murder for the
killing of a district attorney, a deuntv
sheriff and two citizens during a riot
in the hop fields neur here, were
found pnllty here today and seutenced
to' life imprisonment.
Plaza Bolognes!
O ---
'. : .
The Plaai nolognoel Is beantiful public square of I.issa. Peru On
- feast and other days the two places are patroslxed bv Lima ' most
, prominent people, j From six fo seven in the evening they ere crowded
with i vehicles of all descriptions. In the center of Jhe Hai Bolognesi
is the Pologneer monument, dedicated to the memory of Col, Francisco
- BoloRnesi, who lost his life on June 7, 1880, in the heroic defense- of
the Ariva Morre agtinst the Chilian forces. At bottom is a portrait
.of Ouillcrmo liillinghurst. . . . . .
State Senator from Mississippi
Candidate for Position of Col- ,
: lactor at Honolulu.
WASHTNOTON. robruarv &. (floe.
rial by Cable to The) AdvertUsr)
Malcolm A. Franklin of'.Coluntbna, Mis
'ssippl, ia an. active candidate for the
position of collector of ustonu for Ha
waii. Mr. Franklin U forty five years
old, member of the'Mlssixsippl Stat
enato and promiuent politically in the
8outh. .Jfik tvmlr ha4 raa IweaUfied
with the" rommeroi!. and hooking 'In
terests' of his State for the poet fifty
years. " He, has strong backing for the
place and la looked upon hero' as a
likely candidate. . - v , .' .
. - . ; '
' Ia State Senator.' 1
T linow Mr.' Frnuklin. but I never
heard of him before as a.eandidate for
any place in Hawaii'.1 aid K. M. Wat
son last night,' when .informed of the
contents of The Advertiser 'a special
cable. Ho is very well known thion;li
out Mississippi and very:well liked."
ollector Stackable had not heard of
the candidacy of the Mississlppian until
notified .by The Advertiser. :The news
appeared ,to, worry hihi , none. ,The
last I heard was that there would be
no immediate change in the cllactni-
ship',, he Raid. 'Of ourse' there are
applicants for" tbe position I under
stand that there are at-least five fu;h
pidications in irom Hawaii."
. CottriU GeU Good News.
C. A. Cottrill,. collector of Intcrnnl
rorenue, for whoso job a Kentucky man
is making a strong' ruuninir. has re
ceived f heering news by the last mail.
While Mr. Cottrill does Sot announce,
the exact information ho bns received,
no intimates tnat his troubles are pau
for tha. time being and that he will
e collecting in torn 1 revenue and fed
eral income taxes for some little timo
vet. '";..
WASHIXOTbX, February 6. (Asso
rted Fress'by Federkl Wireless)
That the unqualified endorsement of
President ..rilson is behind . the two
battleship program proposed by Secre
tary of the Xavy Daniels (for the naval
bill was made known ,at the White
House yesterduy when callers asked
about Hecretnry Dauiels' testimony be
fore the bouse naval committee.
This rs taken to indicate that tbe
President is of the same opinion, as
Hecretary Dapiels that by the building
of two battleships each year the I'uit
ed Htates can retain its rank as the
soioud strongest naval country in the
worm ana that this country is not third
n rank at the present time as is Indi
ated by the official naval year book.
. - . .i i ...
WASHINGTON.' February B.-rfAsso-
listed Press ( able) President Wilson
oday announced that the administra-
irtu will use every legitimotn influence
o repeal the bill giving exemption
from the Panama Caual tolls to Amer
lcau coastwise shipping.
inn a
One x)f Public Institutions
Founded By Deposed
. '''!.. . O
Politicians Determined That De
posed and Eiiled ' President '
;: ' Shall Not Return, v! ' ..' ;
'. LIMA,' Teru, February By Fed
eral Wireless) TbqYiK) an' air', of
strained expectancy pera-aded the cap
ital all yesterday, .following tho sud
den, and epectaritlsr '. revolution of
Wednesday, when military forces com
manded by Colonel Renavide captured
the Royal Pulsee.i killed Minister of
WarlVsrnla, arjeste President duller-"
of. govern meti over to D'r." Angusto
Ourant, a 'irorpsional revolutionist,
there has been no indication, of a move
ment to unseat the self-coosti'tutod titw
ruler. f . :'"";' . ' ' .'
Henavides' soldiers are petroling the
streets and will not allow puMic gath
erings to discuss the overthrow of Kill
inghurst. The deposed President is still
being held at Callao, awaiting his being
sent into exile. His followers are silent
as to any plans which bey mar have
for reinstating him in' office. Rliould
such a move be started there':, is cer
tain to be a reign of terror, as the
politician who opposed Billinfchurbt 's
economic policies are determined that
he shnll not return to the Hdv pl-
La.ee as President, and the soldiers Who
surccssrniiv carrieil mit the revolution
are entirely subservioot to tho wishes
of the political leaders.. V.
I'oetor Dnrant is widtdv known as a
professional revolutionist, and i sim
ply a servant or the politicians who
fomented the revolution. ' During the
innimteney of Priident Prevola. lu-
rant was chief Jieutfliiant of the thief
executive. Upon the death of Prnvnla
n 1908 he attemnted to ajsnnin rnn-
trol of the. government, but was placed
under arrest. .
Kscaping rom his prison he made his
way into Chile, in which country he
made bis home for a number of years,
'-iiirinnK io j.iiua oniy recently. He
is a
hliv oi i-eru. -.
Domestic cats gone wild 'jn the brush
on tbe pali above Kalawao' on Molokai
are becoming a menace to the residents
of the Hettlemeut,. according to reports
which filtered through to the board of
health from Huperinteodeut J. 1. Mc
Veigh yesterday. The cats, says Me
Veigh, are as vicious and erarty as
tigers and have started to curry off
young pigs' owned by the thrifty tosi
dents of Kalawao. 1
McVeigh was disiiH-lined to credit
this until with an armed squad be is
mined on guard at oue ot the small
farms oue uiglit. roon the watchers
were rewarded by seeing a brludle tat
of tremendous size, --jump ovess the
stone fence, sink its teeth into ths
throat of a good sized suckling pig
and almost before any of the tiring
squad could shoot the feline with its
bleeding prey between its teeth, had
darted up the puli and escaped in the
brush. McVeigh is going to make au
effort to exterminate tbe wildcats, it is
SAN FRANCISCO, February 5.'
( Associated Pres-t Cubic) fniues D.
Phelau, former mayor of Sim Fran
cisco, today announced his candidacy
for the United States senate.
President of Peru
I f
mm of. E'six.
' '.' . ---t. -.
' BALTIMORE, February 5.
'Associated - Press ' Cable)- Con-' a)
gressmoa Kobert O. Bremner of
New Jersey, a personal friend of
President Wilson, died today of
cancer in a local hospital. Ev-
ery attempt had been made to save
him and 100,000 worth of radium
hail been secured la an attempt
to check the progress of the ean-
eer, but it -proved nnavailing.
Even wbHe Bremner lay dying,
the house was debating his pet
measure, a bill to establish a bu-
reau of safety as a national gov-
ejjimental office. . at
' ' I
. Ill II ' . .
(IIARRISBCRa, Pennsylvania, Feb
runry 6.' (Associated Press by Federal
Wireless) Gifford Pine hot, former Uni
ted States forester, has been formally
invitel by. tbe leaders of the Progres
sive party In Pensylvania to become a
candidate to succeed Senator Boies
Penrose, who has served this state in
the upper house of congress since 1897.
WAsillNOTOX, February 0. (Asso
ciated Press by Federal W'irelesi) A
bill introduced in the house of repre
sentatives yesterday by Congressman
Hnltz of Illinois would nrohibit inter
state shipments of strikebreakers or of
anus and ammunition for their use.
WASHINGTON, February 5. (Asso
ciated Press Cable) In au address be
tori' the house immigration committee
today, Secretary of State Bryan de
clared that he has strong hope's of an
niiiicublo and early adjustment of tbe
lupancse ipiestiou, with particular ref
erence to the issues raised by the pas
sage of the California alien laud own
ership act lust year.
' r '.' I'' wt
. I ' f- i J ' y t'i
r ' .
' v.. ,.; - jfer
I l IV Llul Lis I U
Mrs. W. I. Thomas" Prominent
Charity and Relief Worker of
, Chicago, Tells Members of Hu
mane Society That Conditions :
Here Ar Worse Even Than In
.Illinois Metropolis.' I ' . V
"There must be sciostifle maaago
meat of all charity and. relief work'
said Mrs. W. I. Thomas of CVcago In ,
her address before the' Honolulu Asso
ciated Charities yesterday. "Effective
eharity work," alio said, 'must bo
based on human interest fend have tho '
Dacsting ei piHuie opinion, ana. unless
the community as a whole will give or
ganized social ' work its full snpportK
t bough tl-Tis giving may do more harm
than good." -. ' ' ''',' .;',
Mrs. Thomas fold about the Associ
ated Charities organization of Chicago.
in which, she has been interested for
niBT irnftrs mm VnlunljMr wih4m
The Associated 7harities of Chicago
is primarily relief society. It does
not attempt to fight poverty,' because
poverty is aa effect and not a cause.
It does, however, seek to remedy the
ing end sickness. . In fighting the
causes of poverty the first weapon used V
that nf jkmnlnvrannt TIim .....I.:..
- --1 u m .ivu
is in elose touch with almost all tho
groat employers of Chicago, and the
first efforts after the immediate waate
of the unfortunate are supplied are
towards getting men' and women work,
so as to help them get back to a self-
supporting and self-respecting basis.
The Charitv onranlzmHnn irivo. !;
at once, - Then, aftor the immediate
wants of the person applying for ro
lief have been satisfied, the case lo in
vestigated. .. It would be inhuman, ahe
said, to inquire who were the great
grandparents of jf starving man beoio
giving him, soireth'ik o. jrat." .
."In iheir treatment) of tho-huligeat
sick tbe Associated Charities keeps ia
close touch with all the disnnsaris.
hospitala and infirmaries. The society
tlso pays particular attention tj the
proper housing of the poor.
In tbe organization of Chicago's re
lief eocieties they have attemiitH tn
eliminate th'e useless oresnlzatiana.
The Associated Charities has absorbed
many inefficient and wasteful TO lint v
eieties. Jf any organization is doing
good service, they work with it an.t
through it. but if it U aimnlr on. f
those sijrinelcss and objoctlcss clubs that
koou -people are all the time starting
the Associated Charities ndvn
ciiminnie u irom the field. The modern
i w must te construct
ive. The rtvina- of almB hu n
n the modern order of thi no, dlul
and charity workers must give human.
V"'i""7 ana personiu service. Char
ity work is of more service to tbo one '
who gives than to the ono who receives.
It must be, else it is not real charity.
A paid worker eannot da wht .
unteer does.
4 Must Becogulxe FamUy IJfe;
family life,, she said, as the most po.
tent factor in the mrsnnrutinn e . k.
human being that is d
Much effort must be expended in get-
tlnjr the hnniH 4K . ..
standard and, helping to keen them
xoe most important mrt nt thnVI....
iir won or a const-rnrti va 4.
done by "The Friendly Visitor." ahe
stated volunteers who take a single'
case, or n. single family; and follow it
up giving advice and tbe helping hand.
ot alma, but friendship," is their
motto, i Tbe friendly worker in each
district into which Chicaoo is rliviHod
meet regularly every month with the
paid workers of tbe association to dia.
cuss all the problems that arise in eon.
necuoa with the work. The Associated
Charities keeps ia close touch with v.
ery church organization in the eity, and
with the women 'a elnbs, the reform
Schools, the settlement associations and
dispensaries. It is community work of
the broadest scope, a groat social en
terprist ' that - involves society as a
whole, and demands intelligence.- hu
manity and charity on the part of its
workers.'- .' : :. ' .'' :".,'. .
Tact a Necessary Attribute. ?
Mrs. Thomas said that tart is a nec
essary attribute of the "friendly vis- '
itor'? tact and svmnathv. The.
friendly visitor" must not take no
work of this character u a fail Th.
obligation Is ahanliitA tA nlv 4V.A k.tn. .
0 , . w .- M V 11--
uh u.uu nuoucrcr mo run Mmu
wy ramtiy ts a standing euirnee-:
ment that takes precedence over every
other engagement." she said. "Tha
'friendly visitor must be prepared to
answer any call for help at any hour
of the day or night.
"No one ran tell volunteer what
to do or how to do It. You must edu
cate yourselves to do tbo work. Yor
raonot learn anything unless you do
something, : You must have' the spirit
of doing, the desire for accomplish
ment, with eourane and determination.
"1011 will probably ruin a lot nf
families at flrsl hut koa,,, ;..!, . u
until you lenrn how. , v
"Individual and indiscriminate giv
(Continued oa page three.) ;.
i i -

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