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ill ! l .PT TO fiSSASSIHATE "Crss Raati;lAjVi-6d .m Mexican Affairs I Q II F R fllFR T J ll R
f- r r "nim ni n Tim I nmnrn ft.TP.P,crtoflird tM.Tr;nrt tmtoB Dock ady. for Embatkment of .Hotdier. Stationed at Texai City: Below U,Ul- UU " LIIKUII ; ,
Bullet Lodges in Hip and Inflicts Cfnly
Slight Wound
-tive Lind Holds
- Personally Responsible.
Great; Britain.Will
: Land - Marines
y: Rebels Cut Off
Tampico Garrison. -
VERA CRUZ, February 13. (Associated Presa by Federal .Wire
'. lesa) A bold attempt was made last night to BHmtnainate Flay Lieu
tenant lArthur M. Cook of the United Statea battleship Connecticut
' in m well lighted and crowded street in this city.- v
t ," The ' would-be alayer fired one shot from a ' revolver the bullet
. Ktrilnnir Tiiciitpnant Pru1r tn (In kin kut lrU',fir.r. !.. . ' .i:ki
O " " ja
woumL. The assassin escaped in
' shOOt illl? and the DOlicn thll far
Lieutenant Cook, with his wife and. a friend, had been dinner
guests" on shore of Admiral Mayo of the flagship and the lieutenant
Was returning in a carriage to his ship. Vv ;: ' . ; ' , ; -f-.;
: He waa in full dress uniform at the time, the street was brilliant-
ly lighted at the point of the attempted assassination and the assail
ant could not have mistaken the, nffiir for sthf than an Airnnin
nava attache.' v , : V
The news 'of tbe shooting was
Mayo, who reported the incident
VSfJP- aimo or -r'Kiient Wilson jAvho.jearlr, this morning, oni.
military. cominandantunder;ProvisioDal. President Huerta. , '
' ' Special, IJepresentative Lind yill today officially notify benerid
Maas that, he will hold the commandant personally responsible . for
: mij uumjciv aKainni vMiicncniin uiuer foreign resiuents. . . '
. After , an ; investigation' the police and military '. authorities an-
ttmitlAn1' MQtl 9 4 ll I u n.A!n,a 4 I. . I A ..... IK .' I ! . il. i al . i
t ing was1 not a deliberate plot at
' Pedestriana near the scene at the timeof the ahooting, howevl
' declared that the shot came suddenly and without anV linmnBtv.
' i i tui. u i.; .i . t
. mm ujr imi wuuiu-ue Binyer wno
UiUiAl fiAliaifl MAX JUflLNtl xaAicinS TO ; ' ; (hi.
.' T TT7 TT1 ITS VTTrt I aA
wii vr -.jurailu. renruary
Wireless) Members of the European colonieg in the capital, alaftn
ed b.thr tVqf nt rilmors of conspiracy against President Jlnerta rthd
a threateped tiprising and fighting in the ity, have resumed their
organization lor the defense of themselves and their properties'
theevent'of flKhting sueh as when Madoro stormed the eanital. .
JIuantitios of rlflea and maehine guns, with an ample supply of
munition, hav.-been , moved into the British legatio which will
oevaae the central point of the defensive organization.' . .'
Great Britain is to seek permission today to transfer a detach'
me ol mannej from a British cruiser at Vera Cru or Tampico to
hanjne the gnna stored in the legation building. ? :
T-? : :
BIBMINQHAM, England. February
12.-r(Aaawiate(l rresa tJablel A dig
' antroui fire In oue of the city's aub
. urba early this morning resulted in the
destruction . of the ' Carnegie library.
Tk- K mm. mm,mm V. .. IV ....... 4
CITY OP MEXICO. Fiibruarv 13:
(Aiwoclateil, rVeda by Federal Wlreleas)
kwtbi lorcea yen tern ay aynanuted a
tram, t uuna irqjii ja.ilipiR4l 101110 pJ'
Am.m.!m. V - . . J M PP . . 1 I
. uui, viuing ana wounding many or tne
talPDUtra and aiinihilatinir tha Ftvlarul
olilier escort of fifty men. The ear ui
' Which the eacort was riding waa blown
. to iieees. ; A' large force of Federal
aoldiera waa immediately d:siatchej to
the scene of. the tragedy, to aasist in
caring for the dead and wounded and
in Kiving battle to the rebels who torn
niitted the dynamiting.
: BAN ANTONIO, Texas, Febmary .13.
:'r (Arsoeiajed Prens Iby Fetleral Wlre
lea) Word was ; leceived' here last
bight that the rebel fyrce surround UK
the nort of TaJiiico, on the eaat eoast
ef Mexico, had cut off the water supply
of the city and extinguished the light
of the Altaniira lighthoue iu order to
compel the Huerta Ftnleral troops hold
ing the city to tome, out of their eu
trenohiueuts ed fight it cot for 'control
of the port. A jrerioua attempt of the
"'V ll ' .TERRITORY, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY' 13, 1914.SKMIAVfEEkLY. , : V j;, , " ' WHOLE NUtffcZ
Special Representa-
Commandant Maas
. r
SeckPermission to
to Handle Guns
; Water Supply of
miik muitbiu Vlll a tlllll(
the confusion which followed tbe
hva ni pIiio trv Kia irlnntittr '
v"; ''.
carried immediately to Adraital
to Johu Lbrd,; special ;representar
assassination, of Lieutenant' Cook
. ... .. " "w.
quicKiy mouea into tne demoraliiied
i.j. (Associated I'ress bv Fi
(Associated Press by Federal
rebels to draw out the garrison by rot
ting oft the water aunulr failed. Tam
pico is one of HuerU's most formid-
auie etrongitolda and controls the north
ern ' eeaboard of. Mexico. It" baa for
some time been the retidetvoua of sev
eral American battleships, ,
; WASIITXOlYW, Febmary 13. (Aa-
eoclated Preee by Federal Wireless)!01
The visit yeaterday of Sir Cecil 8rinir-1
Rice, the British ambassador, to the
state linartm.m i.. .j... :' .
porta that gTeater pressure is to be
. " "BU
brought to beer upon Pro vi.ional Presi.
dent Huerta to force hia resignation,
, ' . . . . .
..Mra..... Polly Brooke Kalua,; wife qf
Judge John W. Kalua of Wailukp, Ma-1
sixty years. Kh waa nna nf ho l
graduate, of M.unaolu Beminary"
Mrs. Kalua waa a woman of charming
personality, beloved by a number of .
friends not only On Maui but throuuh-
out the group. i . . . ,
The funeral was held from the fam-
lly home at Wailuku last Bunduy and
waa largely ' attended.
- - ' ' ; - -V::-
ui, ciea last triday. the result of an 1 wrre carneu
attack of aoonla.v .ln,. l out to,,a-v wh"n k"''ound was broken iu
a Wait tJ KS,xy- V B rel ,Th'' ? West i'otomac Park in this city for a
was 'LriS t nL7.C'th,,ifb monument to Wneoln that will cost,
I71u,l it .tt H??0,u,i ywterday.. completed, $2,1100,(100. '
Mis. Kalua was a native of Maul.-aired .' . , v
i i i.
1' ..Y a ... . '
vjannon Vjriucises
',lT(idcnt VYilsOIl for
L ..
I . ' j D : l .
' if "
p t
'phner Speaker Declare Demo-
,'crata Have Smashed Repub-
' , .- .i . . ,
.lican Record for Proeperity.
.,i BQy,'-'' Illinois, February 13.
(Amoriated Trrsn by FHeral Wirelo.n)
t ' ' Uncle Joo'.' Cuniion, for:' 36 years
a number of the lower houae of con-
"."ll"l.'fr f1' 'M? Beaker, in
anufvernary .dinnnr here severely 'criti-:
eiwwyf t Wilson for hip breaking
of uraiudontial lirecedents. Cannon de
dared among other things that Presi
dent Wilson and the Democratic party
had. swashed the Republican precedent
ot prosperity.
v.'.,vr- : ' - -
LIXCOLX; Nebraska, February 13.
(Associated I'resa by Federal Wireless)
-Judge Munger of the Federal Court.
notion of attorneys for the state,
J'.M.t'ay dBU,"",? the eases against
eorasKa ra.iroads, which were
brought for the pnruove of teatioa the
i vueviiuiiuiinn j V -i m W V Wfj'VCll Ii 4 KI tf
j"'1"1 the tate legislature in
mT-' V "r ' '' '
WASHINCiTON, February 12. (As-
sociate'd Pre Cable) Patriotic cere-
mon,'w m Stnkuig tribute to the mem
. . .
PRAV'lt. i'..hn.-..'
(Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
V - Lord and Ladv Peciee of London are
here, eu route ou a tour of the ould
railroad system.
- I'll "--"
... . , :,;; " I -
hi m - -
' - ' :
i i it ... . - i ii i
i i . i . . ." '
. : -
. - , ...
; NEW VOHK, February 13.
(Associated Presa 4 by Federal
Wireless) Eight persona ' have
been frozen to death since the be-
ginning of the cold snap which is
holding the city, in a .tight grip.
Unless ;the - weather ... moderates
soon this number will grow . to
much larger proportions There is
much anrTering among the poorer
classes and the problem of hotis.
Ing the thousands of bomeless
men, women and children who are
pitifully walking the streets to
keep from freeaing and begging
for shelter from the bitter cold is
serious In the extreme. All the
charitable institutions are exert-
jng themselves to the utmost to
provide t havens for the Buffering,
but the number is so large that the
task is a diflicult one. ',. -.
' - 'v :.':.:.
OKLAHOMA PIT?-, Oklahoma, Feb
ruary 13.-(Awociated. Press Cable)
The court roam here was crowded to
the doors today when 'Mrs.' Minnie
Pond, 'who. f lias : sued Senator , Thomas
P. Q9re for $30,000 for an alleged
sanlt in a ,Wshingtm hotel, took the
stind to give' testimony, The details
of the ease are highly sensational. The
blind senator ' declares that be is tire
otject of an attack by. political ena.
$62,111111111 FDR NAVY
TOKIO,;' February 12. (Associated
I'ress Cable) Japan is pledged to a
greater uavy policy by the action of
the imperial diet today in adopting a
budget of 2,000,000 for navy expan
sion, to be spread over five years.
Local Gbinese ; Paper ;
Barred From Mails
Because of; Policies
Governor of Province of Peking
Objecta to Support Given Dr.
-Sun Yat Sen:'''
Doctor Lee of the liberty News, a
Chinese newspaper supporting the cause
of Dr. Sun Yat Hen in Honolulu, last
night received cable advices from
Peking announcing that the Liberty
News has teen placed under the ban
In that province and will be refused
future transmission through, the mails.
The cable is signed by Kow Tung Po,
governor of the province- of Peking,
This drastic action is taiken' by the
Yuan Shih-kai administration aa a re
sult of the bold attaoka upon the Yuan
Shih-kal administration ; made by the
laberty. News, together with Its advo
cacy of another revolution to plaee Dr.
8nn Yat Sen in power, j ' ' k ,
The Sun. Yat 8n followers 'in Hono
lulu are in touch with Potior 6unr it
is said. He is now (in Japan, actively
organising another revolution,'
... . ".I m i
' NEW YORK,' Febrnar 13. (Af so
rioted I'resa by Federal ,t Wireleas)
Twenty-eight thousand union longshore
men of Or eater New York will go out
on strika.. hauiiiiiincr navi fni(1 Tk:.
, m, ..w.tv.H.. . 4H,
action was ordered yesterday, following
a council or. repreaeutattvea from all
the louexlioremen 's local unions of the
eity. The men are striking for in
creased wages and better , working con
ditions, beaders of the strike inwe
ment declare that the withdrawing of
2.()00 men will .iuiii.lf.IV r-i.i.. ti,.
shi)iiig industry of Greater New York,
"; -y niBir omaiias win De
Ouicklv COniDlied lth khi.
on the other hand, claim they, will hi
auio io oojie wun tne situation
WASHIXOTON, February 12. (As
sociated Press Cable) iSenator Augus
tus C). Bacon, of GeorgiA, chairman of
the couCmittee on foreign relations Ud
eonspieu'oua for his ntand with Presi
dent Wilson, in the Mexican troubles,
is seriously ill with kiilnxv n.,ku f
.AC .
Hanger Pans Too
Mach For Negro
" Convicts on Strike
BAN. FRANCISCO, February 18.
(Associated Presa by Federal Wireles)
After baring been maintained for a
iblid i week, the first ' prison hungei
strike on the Paciae Coast collapsed
yesterday at S'aa Quentin penitentiary.
I.aat Wednesday the prison authorities
decided to segregate, the white and
tegro prisoners becauee of constant
"riction- between the races. Resenting
hi action, .the aegroeti 4eeided. to. go
ia a hunger strike and reueed to touch
ny of the food served tbenu A solid
tmmt waf, maintained antii .tUy
vhen all tot six of the negroe'a decided
hev were hungry and ravenously at
'acked the viaads placed before them.
The six holdouts declare they will re
fute' to touch food until tha 'segrega
tion older is withdraws...
Funeral services over: the remains of
the. late Mra. Bathsheba il. Allen will
be held at half -past three o'clock this
afternoon at the Allen Homestead on
Alakea street, between Hotel and King.
King. - . .....
The religious servioa will ha annWt.
ed by Dr. Doremus fieudder, of Central
I'nion Church, assisted by Rev. H. II.
Parker, of Kawaiahao Church. A se
lect number of girls from Kawaiahao
Heminaryof Which Institution the de
ceased was a member of the board of
governors, will sing a number of sacred
hymns, both at the residence and at
the grave. ; -. '
Eight nephews of the late Mrs. Al
len wilL act as pallbearers, these being
as follows: James Jaeger, Charles Me
Wayne, Samuel Allen Walker, Allen C.
Robinson, Mark A. Robinson, Jr., Law
rence P. Robinson. Henry Jaeger and
Robbie Me Wayne. :.
The funeral will be under the direc
tion of H. H. Williams and burial will
take place in the family plot, Nuuanu
Cemetery, where Mra. Allen 'a remains
will be interred alongside of those of
her husband, the late Samuel C. Allen.
Many beautiful floral tributes were
sent to the residence last night and
many old-time Hawaiians called to take
a last look at the remains of her who
in life waa a true friend to them. Of
fleers of the Kaahumanu Society kept
watch over the remains of Mrs. Allen
last, night. ; .
' Yesterday marked the third anniver
sary of the reconciliation of the war
ring forces of North and ftouth China,
which resulted in the abdication of Dr.
ftnn Yaf Hen In hia candidacy for tn
presidency of China and the turning
over of Sim Yat Sen support to the
leader who is said now to aim to be
come a dictator ef the new Republic.
jwspiie tne ract that yuan rlhih-kai
has set a email price on Doctor Hvn'e
head and that the latter la now ilot-
tiig agaioit him, all Chinese ia Hono
lulu wno believe In the principle of a
republican forni of eoverninent foe
China joined yeaterday in observing the
anniversary, f irecrackers were set off
and a utimber of merchants and socie
ties held receptions in honor of the
.. t i .A
Chief Executive and Militia Head
of Oregon Held Responsible bj
Copper-field Saloonkeepers for
Loi of Liquor Stocks When
Town Was Placed Under Mar
tial Law bv Governor's Woman
.' Becretar.'
.. . .... . .
SALEM", Oregon. February 13. fAs-
loriated Preen by Federal Wirelees)
Governor West and Coloml Lawson of ,
the Oregon militia were made defend
ant! yesterday iu a suit for eight thou.
aad dollars damages bronght by three
inlooa keeper of Cop)erficld, V
In their complaint the saloonkeepers
allege that the governor and Colonel
Lawson are responsible, for the seizors
and destruction of their liquor stock's
when the town was placed nnder mar
tial law following the report of eondi
tiona in Copperfleld by Fern Hobba, th
fovernor 'a woman secretary, who In
vestigated the ronditiona.
When Governor West issued bis edict
io Copperfleld saloon keepers and gam
alers that they nmst close up their
placet the mandate Was unheeded. Mist
Hobbs waa sent to .the town to eaforce
the governor 'a orders. The young wo
man was made the butt of much ridi
eule and at the deot a great crowd
had gathered to speed her on her way. ;
Unknown to the throng, however, a
letachment of militia also boarded the
rain on the blind aide and only the
lews of Mis Hobbs coming waa sent
ahead to Copperfleld. . ' . -,
Accordingly, when the secretary
reached Copperfleld her demand that
all saloons and gambling houses be clos
ed wre not obeyed. At this jnnctur
she martialed-the milij4raen who had,
accompanied her, ilce1 .'..,..''..'
in loree, ordered tli
Jding heuseir ;loal
. .... . ... ...... .i
'e closed h i v; . c - i
wit the 5 r.'. .
laraplierna i'.'- : .. . , - -i.
i action tj ; ,. ..hi.. v.. .-, ''
eenbseattHl all
gambling, pars)
of this last act
.... m.w Bum ine arw .4
of the militia to recover for alleged
Governor Pinkham Piniahinir De
tails for Floating $1,430,000
' in" Bonds in the East.
"The last legislator 'authorized tha
Territory to borrow 4,503,97T.99 fo
stated ' public Improvements," stated
Territorial Treasurer I. L. Conkling
yesterday to The Advertteer.' .
"We hsve already sold bonds to a
par value amount of 13,000,000. This
will leave a balance of $1,503,977.99
to anaike np the par value balance of
the amount appropriated, but the pre
miums on1 the last two bond sales, to
gether with interest earned by the de-
rit of the proceeds of these two sales
the banks, bare amouuted, to Janu
ary 31, 1914, to : 72,008.44, leaving
balance to be raised of 1,4.114X19. 5-
or, ia rpund numbers, $1,430,000.
"The Territory will take a chance In
selling 1,430,000 in bonds for enough
profit to take care of 1909. 33. It is
possible that thie total asked for will
not bo sold. -
"On the two former sales of 3,000,- '
000 par value, the Territory realised
ia the aggregate, on premiums and in
tercut earned, two and four-tenths per
cent profit. This premium and interest,
of course, is part of th rloey fuud andi
haa been spent as such." ,
To date, since the creation of the
Territory the legislature hat author
ised the bond sale of S,274,00O, out .
of a legal possible limit of 9,000,000,
thns leaving future legislatures bound
to antboriee further loans not to es 1
eeed 726,000.;.
Governor" Pinkham haa had completed
a draft of an eighteen-page letter to
the secretary of the Interior of the
United States atlii In Hai.ii th. in
laws and lei(ia)atlTe authorUations, and.
T...i.n inn vuYcrnar aaa nnaily iasaed
on this letter it will be sent to the
secretary, mentioned, with . a request
that he recommend (o the Presideut
that tho new loan of 1,430,000 be
authorized, j "'
When the President hks finally eu-'
thorised the floating of the new loan
it ia nxpocted that flni... ikli..-
will send Treasurer Colikliug East to
rloea the loan in the big money raer
cte of the Atlantic seaboard.
Many public improvements await the
floating ef the loan, notably harbor and
port improvement thmmrhmit ku t--.
ntory, . ... ;. ' . . .
-HI. ,

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