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The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, February 20, 1914, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI

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.1 ! .V'v'-'M'j"
V '
; -ttavmU' four hundroj Vear airo!
'; Hucli w tle tme jirpxcntotl at
' tie piodurtioti -hy-tt ml-Hawaiian rant
of Tbe Wooing of I'ml unJ IMiicea,"
liwu; moviuu i.lrtnro of u old Ha
waiiau U-gpuJ with ; atteudaut'auciapt
. chata and cerrniouiu j i(iract"rixti! of
old Hn.wrail add alaiiejl iu a Kf tting tlmt
J . jerhaj. wa not far, diOffiVut than a
' similar ettlnj wouH have' been four
(vaturiea ajo, ' i ''
- : . ;It waa truly ia niaifiiidcpiit flar1;
'.Mh' Instructive la it hiatorl litre; luridly
. utillciiijr Jn ita njhueaa of coloriogi
oothiiiif in ita eavironiufut of tropical
auiilijjht and virdura boart-tourh'iag Id
rowaatidaoij weird In 'Ha. barbaroua
. ehantti, enehautinup In lt wondroualy
aweet' melodiegf l,iHj,uiaj Ja it. entire
Wild lte of barbaric HuWrvl.ffccy and
love of being ruled of tii ceutiiriea
on by, . r . .
, n eoiiM' not h0p, bowever, . but
fool tbo neonjjruity of thu rama to
i'and Piikea:
By Thousands
Ibo pitture- the eoimneriiajisin W the
ifteut KrandUnd packed with tbeir
tUounanda of onlookersj bras, band
drowning out the old Hawaiiaa chunti
muniiii uiwora. Vet, denpite ail,
ft W an entirely diffeienti wgrld that
waa abowa, even to tbe dreamer, for
be could wiohl realization of the mod
ern in bur eeatacy. and .ee naught but
the Hawau that waul . .. .
And to tbeKa dreamer, there Wa
offered n.uoh food for reflctioa if he
ehaueed to glunre at the atand Of I)i-lector-lteneral
Ja.,.. m i. .
Llliuolala,i,.the lart native ruler of
the Jla,,d, ..tting Wde H ,,Je with
H. Dole, the flrt .
........ l. V .. i'""""! iirr tue
0verthroWLOf ,tbe inouanhy, and (!ev,
head of the Territory. While the eye
roved over th ,,r..i u ... . r.
v.mi uriuu pre-
Honied iukI then bnek to the r.nA.i
there i'onld not heln li..t ho .. '
it the ehaage. whiek have taken place
in the government and pooplea of the
lelande in the lank twenty year, and
that prior to that time the .eene beinjrl
portrayed before th .t.i- 71
ucb an unaual one,: . ;. "
1 .
'I dlrou Without Halt
Anolher thing tout iiuprenned Wna. tbe
Wonderful hitdrienie nnvrnro nf Ik.
or. to the pectBcle.' Kveryone a Ha
waiian, with on It (aw rahi.u. i..
niHKKH-e production wu.' giren without
n, wunoui nemtatfon, without em
barra.Hinent bv the inriclmin. i
aeemed a. f every lhembor of the ea.t
Wa. Illltll V . llvllli M'uin In .
of I"' ferbunrs. ,
Tha.uroii. J... . ill a .;.
I, r- . nil OT HiriK-
ing tableaux and the busb vwhich foil
.r-VV..- Is; .;.-v.. '
1 ,
hvrr the thon.ands pt aueetatora from
Till ft 1- ml AaMtlit iiA.I 4 1 .L. ... 1 i. il
tin flrt anil roiUiauetl tp tbe end tnti
.iru . u.-m m ine lenaueena and im
pelling force of Jhe eitravagania. ,
The legend en which the play wa.
founded and whjch Wail faithfully told
i. a pretty one,: Uini, ki ig of tbe inl
and of Hawaii, and Piikc i, princes, of
Maui, were bora about tie aaine time,
about the time, whoa f jlumbua wa.
Jtnrtlng (at hi.' voyage , of 'discovery.
I'ml hHj heard of the urine.! ,! k.,l
at'ot hi i chief nUnUter to Maui'tft lue
i i
i. J S
'X ' -t
. for her hand.
I ' mi , '
I'mi iiml hi. .uite to the aeut of. , bin
throne to await the return of the mill
iliter. It in a pouilerou. procfiMilon of
attendaiiti and. court follower.. While
the .Vinft wait, bo is entertained ' hv- a
group of t tei hula dancer. ' the
continue. .cant to a degree that they
inny be believed to be true of the pe
riod of four eeuturii-. ago--are brilliant
in thi;ir rich coloring. f bright yollowa
ol red.' and acarlet and lurjilc, - -'
. . ' )
Queen JUuuokalaniV
and OovernorPlNKKArt
warcniOQ roe rpqeant;
While, the king i. being entertained
by. the dancer., a ruuner bring, word
that, canooe are aightcd and aooa tbe
nul Khmer, announce that tbe ntiuiou
of the chief minister haa been aureew
fill arid that the approachlag canoe,
are bearing the prince. Pttkea atd ker
escort. ...''.
Priuoeaa PUkea Lauda.
The eauoe. land and from tbe large.t
one, manui'd by a erew clad In red tapa,
.tap. the prince.., gowned Id a gorgeou
flowing rob of red and old gold. 6ur-
rounded by hergorgi-ou wort, attend- ,
ed by a bodyguard hoMing aloft fall
and iitntely kahili., ami to the accom
paniment of mele. rung In her honor,
the prinerr aprroached the throne of
t mi where the king eit. robed a royal
feather helmet , and. trailing yellow
feather cloak, . . . ' - ;.(
A the prince reac,he the throna
rhe hi received with greaC pomp and
i. led to a feat benide the king. To
riemonetrate that women have - felwara
been the name khe craeefully tucked her
robe, about ber to create thr uiont
atriking effect. Thea there' 4va. more
ungiug and dunciug ami flnally the iio
prewive wedding ceremony. The rhoma
.ingipg was especially good and pro
duced among visitor, and newcomer a 1
plcii.ing tmpreiwion of the natural
niu.iial ability of the Hawaiian, and '
the richne. of their Voice..' following
the wedili.g ceremonr there i. again
danrlng anil ninging . and - following
whii b the eutiee nowmblane file, from
toe Held in the order of eutry. Viewed
from the grandMtandi), the approach of
the princes, and the departure of 'the
entire court, pnmiug through a group
of tall. palm, and the entire picture out
lined again.t tbe field of blua ky ant
peaceful ore. a wp. a enchanting ah
ean he' found anywhere aniougthei
chaetnieiit. of tho romantic tropiia, f
Vtcwel by Teu Thoi ird ; A
fi . t ... . - 4 V
- J I on Li m" (iifiirlilt to ' rititmitc U6
thrortg .whii h wittii -.nod the apet'ta'de
bat. it would . be cojiHtrvativ .to esti
mate it clone to tea (hoiivund. I the
auction, of director Ortierul Jougherty,
he.idt'.a Queeu l.iliiioknlaai,' Jr'ornier
1 reviilent K. It. IHjIo and Governor
1'iukbain were the iollowing: i .
j Mr. and Mr.. I'red Macfartaoe, Mr.
and Mr.. J. 1). Dougherty, Min Alice
Macfarlano, Hrig. Oen, and Mri. M. M.
Macomb, Admirnl and Mr., Moore, Ir.
and Mr., 4 oojier, l.ient. and Mr.. Bump,
Lieut Lamlo', 11. H, X., Mr.. Join V me
ami Mr.. Mabaulu, I hlef JoHtica and
Mm. A. 0. M. HotnirUou, Mr. and Mra.
K. (), .MathoHon, Uwter Petrie, Mr. and
Mr.. A. K; Wall,, Mr. and Mr.. Robert
Lcwer., , Major and Mr.. Tlmberlnke,
Mi.. Kent, tieneral ami Mr.. M,.('l.n
Mle. Mct'lellan, Mim Pea body, Mr. and
wra. nennquoa, Ma (or anil lr. 0.
onklin, M,ra. J. T. Lfwia, Colonel aud
Mra. A. Campbell,: Mr. . K. Hayne.,
Mr. W. M. Williamson,. Mr.. Hobert
McKldowney, W. Jl. r'arrington. .. i.
The play wa produced uader the di
rectioa of the following committee:
John .. Wise, chairman; George K.
Smithlea, Hon. A.' L, C. Atklnon, Hon.
A. 8. Mahaulu, Pfof. Terley L. Horae,
Mr.. Fred Macfarlane, Mr. A. p. M.
ltobertson. Mr.. Edgar Henriijue., MNa
Ida M. Poie, A K Thiele, (War J",

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