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VOL VII., NO. 16
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Drilled to HMirtUte In - Perfect ; Line,
, Uncle Sam's Men jm" Khaki Demon-
' strati Thiit 44 Kev to' the Parifir" is Re-
Cope With Any
The"itrlotio ardor of tho thoiiRandl
in Honolulu yesterday, mom lug wat
roused to the bigbeHt pitch wheri the
carnival wa brought to a grand climax
by the celebration of the birthday an
niversary of George Washington, Fath
er of our Country, in a manner far sur
passing all previous orcanloua. As be
fitting the nature of the celebration,
the day was given over to a grand mili
tnry pageaut. More than seven thou
sand troops, comprising practically the
entire army of defense on Ouhu, were
In lij. In a single unbroken column,
extending from Aala Park to the spe
cial director's reviewing stand in Fal
'fce Square, were the - mobile troops,
' comprising the three iufautry regiments
of the Hawaiian Brigade,' the cavalry
and Held artillery regiments, the Pro
visional Regiment of Const : Artillery,
marching as infantry, the infantry regi.
- meat of the Hawaiian National Uuard,
' the Signal and Engineer troop of the
regulai army, and the Kamebameba ea
det. ... '
Thousands Enlhualastle.
TUn walks on King street on either
sido were packed with a cheering, ap
plliuaing throng of muny thousand per
sons, whose enthusiasm: passed out pi
- doulUs lor tne nrst time wnen company
after company, batteries aud troops of
horse, in seemingly endless, succession,
passed by, each with tho erect, eontt
tlent bearing' of well drilled fighting
' men anil as far down King street as
. the eye could ' see front . the Capitol
I Bquare towards Aala Park waa a con
tinuous roliuna . of marching soldiers,
. affording a martial .spectacle 'which
could be witnessed in but very few
..places is the dated Mtntes toduy.
. - AH along King street, through ' the
, business district, tho wiudows, balconies
' and roofs of buildings were crowded
w th eager sightseers. And the walk,
, the eutire leugth of the line of mar- h
were packed several persons, .deep with
, an lutensely interented nnd enthusiUhti '
. throng, lu (he Capitol Hquare, th
Iarty iu the Governor's reviewing stuud
and the Honolulu Ad Club in the st-wij
: opposite rose to the occasion, riniug ell
masse and cheering in salute as each
. standard and set of regimental colon
was borne past, and the passing troo, s
rendered the marching salute to Gov
ernor Pinkbani.
The regulur soldiers are no longer
strangers In a atrange laud.ln Honolulu
aa waa clearly demonstrated by the r
. eeption grveu them as they passed in
. review before thousand of people, AH
' 4 ' ' . .
along the line of march they wars greet
ed with haudelapping and applause, jt.l
the voices of friends in the crowds catl
ing to the men in the ranks.
Aid if the troops were made to feel
by the reception afforded them that
they are among friends, so it was borne
in on the conviction of the citizens that
from General to youngest lieutenant,
from boyish recruit to the gray-haired
professional soldier, serving patiently
towards a peaceful retirement, should
the fortunes of war and the vicissitudes
of the life spare him, the regular troopt
in line are all a truly "our boys" a
are the national guardsmen who follow
ed them In column.' The pomp and pan
oply, of martial spectacles was missing
from this parade
Compact, Efficient Army.
With all tho troops, on the island in
liue, residents and visitors' saw pass ba
fore their eyes, a compact, efficient,
complete army, all arms of the service
being represented. And like a great
areaiiuougbt attired in it . dull . war
paint, .Impressive and majestic in ita
silent imposing display of power, so
the : army turned out, maneuvered
through the streets,' and marched like a
great machine in it drab khaki, the
uniform for war. But these seven thou
sand Americans, organised, drilled and
disciplined as they are, did Jiot march
live a -great mu.l, unreasoning machine
which is the bugbear of all anti-military
people. For a week past these of
ilcers and men have trained for their
part In the pageant by a full and free
participation in the gayeties of a car
nival, the biggest and best Honolulu bas
ever bad. t i-,,--
When the regiirents a'iid battalions
and companies debouched on King
ftreet at Hiver yesterday morning, and
started .over the route of the parade,
gone was the . careless demeanor, the
free and ee.sy manner of .the American
regulur , off duty, and in their place
were erect physical symmetry, the easy,
graceful swiug) of the well drilled
marching soldier, ami an alive, alert
intelligence that coordinated the march
inn; organisation into vast military
iuhi hi ue that marched with precision
and in faultless lines, that ino.eu .u.i
obeyed the slightest command, spoken
or indicated, with exactitude and cor
rectncnsvthHt halted in placa, marked
time, cave or took interval to the right
or lft without any eommaud whatever
as the o"caion required,, and resumed
the march ut the proper time. '
Made Fin Showing.
And this beautiful display waa made
possible by the spirit of the occasion.
For a the relaxation of the Carnival
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1 - -: "
Uppef View shows troopt paasing in review before Governor Pinkham and staff in Capitol square.
Lower view shows Brigadier General M. M. Macomb and staff just before issuing command
for parade to start. "V:':;. . 'y
V- . , i
Pretty t Colorful 1 'VI vadousl
Superlatives, would be bourgeois if
applied iq amplification of the, above'
adjectives in describing the military
bull last night at the new Armory,
given by Director Uenoral James 1).
Dougherty and the officer of the Mid
l'ai'itic Carnival in honor of Brigadier
General M. M". Macomb, commanuer' of
the Hawaiian Department, and bis staff,
ai a testimonial to the part which the
army contingent -played in the carni
val. ... ' : 7
Pretty t No ye eould Oeny the prct
Uness of the entire effect of the great
Armory, the canopy, of IS tars and
Htripes, the greenery of the wall deco
rations, ita sprinkling of Hawaiian Ids
and navy pennants, the great swaying
throngs that Hocked the floor and the
balconies. No eye could deny pretti
ii ess in any direction it might glance.
Women Are Handsome.
Colorful! Xo eye conld deny the cot
01 f nines, the daintily tinted, gorgeous
gowns of the women, the handsome wo
men themselves, the brilliant unii'orms
of the army oilicers, the languid music
of the tropics, the very colorfuluess of
Hawaii rtKolf that it will uot concede
to any other portion of the globe
Vivacious 1: No eye conld deny ad:
mitting the Vlvaciousuess, from ' the
time the first guest entered the great
dnnce bull, through the period when
Hrigadier Oeueral Macomb swung into
the first twostep with Mrs. James D.
Dougherty until the musicians droned
out the strain of the lust dunce after
It iv as a fitting close of the carnival!
i . ..
1 .
' i - 'l
Hawaii bus never presented! a more
vivid picture of beautiful women, beau
tiful gowns, gallant men and gorgets
social environment. ' v f .
Armory Prove draat Asset.
Perhaps,, also, a never before, did
the affair give attestation of tho asset
which the new armory is to Honolulu,
iq the great auditorium fully Ave hun
dred eouplefe danced comfortably at one
time; ' hundred of other guest view
ed the fanciful gyrating picture from
the main floor nnd balconies.' The Kanl
string orchestra, bidden in a bower of
greenery in the renter of the floor,
made itself pnly daintily eyldeut." The
Royal Hawaiian Band, sequestered in a
Lower of palms nt the head of the hall,
was sweet and musical, despite the
volume, iu the vast building.
Long before the appointed hour of
nine-thirty o'clock the guest began ar
riving and were greeted by the commit
tee iu charge of the dance comjmsed of
A. 1.. ('. Atkinson, chairman; A. dart
lev, I'hurles V. Chillingworth, ' Harold
k Dillingham, A. V. Wall, Q, P. Wilder
ami T. II. I'etrie. " J . 7
Gueeta Are Received.
Forming In a long line, tho guests
were received in front of the Hoyal
Hawaiian Band bower by Director Uen
eral and Mrs. James D. Dougherty,
Itrigailier tieneral and. Mr. Montgom
ery M. Macomb, Mujor and Mr. A. H.
('onkliuu, (joliue.and Mrs. Archibald
Campbell, and Lieut. Colonel aud Mrs.
J. p. McDouald.
When the guests bad passed by the
reception liue Uie Uawaiiau ftriug or-
1914.-4-SEMI-WEEKLY. ;
Si 'k v
. ... -
chest rn, which had entertained with or
chestral selections cud songs, suddenly
burst Into a stirring two-step a nj, Major
Ueneral Macomb started the ball by
swinging out onto the floor with Mrs.
Dougherty, the director general follow
ing the lead of the commander of the
Hawaiian Department with Mrsy Ma
comb. From thut time the dance was
Incersant, the Kaai orchestra and Hoyal
Hawaiian Band alternating and, fur
nishing continuous ipiuxic, . . ';.-t
MAt Brilliant Dane In Island,''.
The affair was canity the most bril
liant dunce ever given .in . Hono
lulu unil to visitors presented a
typical picture of the Hawaiian
residents ut play 'brilliant lights, bril
liant colors, gorgeous gowns, beautiful
women, gallant men, fill amid a riot of
tropii al verdure and national color.
Among the prominent guests who
viewed the ball from the balcony were:
Governor K B. I'inkhnm, Brigadier
General und Mrs. M. .M. Macomb, Direc
tor tlenerul and Mrs. J. D. Dougherty,
Admiral and Mrs. C. II. T. Moore, Judge
and Mrs. Alexander Lindsay, Mrs. Wal
ter Dillingham, Mrs. Chniles Hubbard,
Mrs. J. T. Lewis, Colonel Kafferty, Col
onel nid Mrs. KeynuHs, A. D. ('. Atkin
son, Dr. and Mr. C. B. Cooper, Col
onel and Mr. J. Walter Jones, Dr. and
Mrs ( hurlcs Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Alon
iro (lartley, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hwnnzy,
Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur K.- Wall, Major
and Mrs. J. T. Myers, Colonel and Mr.
i. V. Kenuon, Mujor and Mrs, Timber-
Inl.e, l.i-Miteuaiit. and Mrs. Crockett,
Colonel and Mrs. Archibald Cumpbell,
ana juajor auu Airs. couKliug.
1 1.
Mexican' Rebel Lrader Claims Tht British
rSubjept Attempted to Murder Hini During
; Conference Ovef Dejpredations Committed
by Rebel Soldiers.
. ' CHIHUAHUA, Meiico, February 24;
(Aso iated' Pres ty Federal Wire
U General Pancho Villa, command
er of the Mesictn rebel, yesterday told
to reporter hi story of the execution
at Juarez last Tuesday of William K.
Benton, a British subject fend wealthy
cattleman, and in the telling did not
deviate f rojn statement which he ha
heretofore made officially. : '',
Villa insist that Benton came to kill
him because of depredation on his
ranch properties by rebel soldier and
that when he admitted Benton to hi
presence the latter immediately began
to abuse him. Villa said:
"J had experience with Benton be-
ire ana anew ne baa a violent, tem
per and also that be had mixed too
freely in Mexican politic.
"J did not aL first susiwict that ha
had come to my office to murder me.
we nau not talked Jong, however, be
fore he reached for his. back pocket.
It flashed over me that he meant to
kill me. , ; .
"I grabbed hi hand and fet the
am time throat a revolver into, the
pu or ins iiomaea to (top mm, uuords
ruuhed in at thil snnnd nt bhIa
and seiaed, disarmed and arrested Ben
ton. . .' ' - ,
I decided to s-ive htm a trial bv court-
martial, and tlna wn ilon in ths
lar manner. The prisoner wa executed
etgnteen Hour alter hi attempt on my
life. ' We would have treated any other
onemler the same way, aud had ba been
of nr pther nationality." . j
Villa contradicted hi official report
to tho American cousnl at Juarea, that
uustave Jiaucn, a' Herman-American,
aOCUscd Of ibeinir a - inr. hail ha
brought - to Chihuahua. Villa said he
Itnew-. Irtthing of Bauch.
Britlah Consul to ZnTeitlgaU,
WASHIXOTOX. Fobruarv 24 r Am.
sociated Pre by Federal Wireless)
j no nrumn emoassy Here announced
yesterday that Charles I'eerce Ival, the
British consul at Ualveston, had been
ordered to El ro to confer with Brrt
ish subjects concerning the execution at
Juaraa by order of General Villa of
William 8. lienton. , . ,
WU1 Dtacuaa Mexico In Prtvau.
'WASHINGTON, February 24. (As
sociated Press ly Federal Wireless)
Acting Chairman Shively of the senate
committee on foreign affair. tl,t
conference yesterday with President
nson, ami an agreement wa reached
that it the Mexican situation was taken
up by the senate the discussion would
be held behind closed doors.
Neutral Zone Hot Required.
iEL PASO, February 24. (Associated
Press by Federal Wireless) Consul
Fletcher reports thst uo neutral tone Is
required at Torreon. He found thut the
remnant of foreigners there are guard
i"ng their property and do not care to
:V;';V VX.
leave. Certain buildings have been des
ignated a neutral by bag.
Attack WUaon't Btaud.
a LONDON, February 2.-The house
of commons cheered today when Hir Ed
Ward Orey announced that the British
ambassador hud notified Bryaa that
Kuropi-an opinion is likely to be e
rionsly affected by General Villa 's ac
tion in ordering the execution of Wil
liam S. Bentou, intimating that opin
ion will not favor the stand taken, by
the Wilson administration. , '7
Congress Will Take Action.
WASHINGTON, February Jl Tho
killing of William Benton, the British
subject, ia Mexico last week i likely
to be taken up by both houses with res
olution of various kinds . early this
Will Ask for Intervention, , ' i
WASHINGTON, February 23. Asso
ciated I'ress Cable) Senator Penroso
of Pennsylvania and Fall of New Men- .
ico have in readiness to introduce reso
lutions of varioug sorts dealing with
the question of intervention, but did
not send them in toIay, awaiting fur-'
tber statements of the facts In the Ben
ton . case. . In the senate there is an
air of expectancy regarding interven
tion. . .-. ,
. Ko Reply From VU1. . ; .
EL PASO, Texas, February 2S, (As
sociated Press Cable) No rcsjonee has
eome from Oeneral Villa or other pf
the Mexican military official at Juarea
to the request of the department Of
state for tho removal of Beuton's ody.
Kebei Dyn"-lto Troop Train.
VERA CRl'Z. Mexico. )')irin ei ,
Aociatod Prec, Vble) The rebels
wvve aynanntod a federal troop train, .
en route to Jalanu . tn.l .
tike flfty-flve soldiers aboard wss killed.
i ne engineer, a. British subject, a
also killed In the explosion, ; T ;
BAN FRANCISCO, February 24.
(Associated Press by Federal Wireless)
Women delegates to the stats conven
tion of .Iroquois club in session hero
yesterday brought up the question of
the Democratic party supporting the
proposed constitutional amendment es
tablishing statewide prohibition and fa
vored such a move, but were defeated
in the movement by Theodore Bel) and
bis supporters. Bell, in a fccatsd speech,
denounced the proposed amendment aa
aa attempt of the prohibitionists to de
stroy the grape aud wine Industry of
California. .

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