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. v V..- ' ,; v ., ; ..
1 VOL VII., NO.' 18
Declares All Information Regard
ing penton'- Must Ba Secured
from Him Through British Dip-
. , lomauo Agtnu upnoicu vma
:,for Halting Commission.,:- .';
Wilson: Deplores
; Cries for .Haste
i-aiia ntmraTwrmni ' rnu u.
mands for Intervention Will
Call for Sacrifice of Many
litisrlooni an1 ' TTa TToaitntita
Ordering Invasion of Mexico.
. KOQAXiCS, Anson, narca a. t As
sociated Presa by Federal Wlrdeaa)
Oenaral Carranaa yesterday upheld tha
tenon oi uenenu vui u nuuii ioa
commission composed of American and
. WWtlali nnwunffttlTM ttrllA vera ' tra.
CMdlng to tho gray of WUllam Ben
ton to examine tho remain of tho alaln
British anblect in their lnyeatiEStion
of the causes leading up to the execu
tion of the wealthy cattleman.
any on dtstrinf lnf ormtloa concern- -
to him at directing head of the reroln-1
tlon through the diplomatic agenU of,
', Britain. This is thought' tp'
. i,- 111 fe BVVliuuo
". i tal with Amei 'cf i Tonros-ititattys
. etuig sue i7ywar wwu, .
v j., . UA THAT . "
: BAUVu . uutix milium
CHIHUAHUA, Mexieo, March 2. ;
Though the .United State Is making
' , every effort to recover the body of WH- j
liam Benton, the British subject killed
at Juarez, indications today gave lit
. tie prospect of success. , General Villa
' gave out a statement here this morning
m wntcn ne says mai me aeiay i
investigation Of the Kenton case is due
to Oeueral CarranraV determination
' personalty to 'conduct all diplomatic ne
gotiations. - Many people believe that
Carransa and Villa are temporizing on
: til the . body is so badly decomposed
lUl in muilii'iil u ml mm t inn can be
made with any certain: prospect of
showing evidence as to how Benton
'mUa thnf Vtiniiilcnla knvfl bfioa
used to secure the same effect,' '
': The attendants of fc the cemetery
where Villa says the body lies, declare
that there have been no recent burials
there., 1 n -
Villa has indicated that Gustav
Bauch. the American eitiaen who die-
' . . l A 4 M.
appeared irom jmrei, mm.
.. . l. .i .
. says tnat osucn armm-cu mVJ
a fortnight BK 1,81 1)600 nli8lDK
: since. Villa xyt that Bauch had mauy
enemies and' was doubtless assassl-
.-. nated. .. .. , . ' '..,...;".:.' ' -...:
.WASHINGTON, - March 2.( Associ
ated tress Cable) NVith "growing ex
citement iu Europe echoed by growing
.excitement in America over the Ben
ton case, and the unsatisfactory atti
tude of Oarranxa and Villa, President
Wilson today too4c the newspapers into
his confidence and discussed the s tua
tion freely with them.
. fart of his talk ami (part that he
wlhhod told the country, was the d.-pr
ration of haste- in forcing the baud of
the administration.. .-He told the core
spondents that the United States will
aiu-ely accomplish in the end whut it
desires in Mexico. He said that those
urgiug the ' adminlstiation to hurry
bboulj ren ember that they themselves
must contribute sons, 'brothers and
sweethearts to the death roll that will
bo culled if the United (States inter
venes. ''If we wait,' he said in sub
stauee, "this will perhaps be unneccs-eary.'-'
AU8T1NY Texas, March 3. (Asso
ciated Press by . Federal Wireless)
Qoveruor Colquitt yesterday received
urgent appeals from the 1 residents of
Lyford and other points along the bord
er that Texas Hungers be seut to the
various points for the protection of
lives anil properties. The complainants
allege that bandits from across tho Kio
(rande durrug- the niitht steal the rati
tie of the Americans aud commit. ojwf;j,iied; iu fact, It is proscribed
Honolulu;-. Hawaii
Maximo Castlllo-Fiend !
This is thc Attna cf th3 Mexican R3Volutioa! For tainy
months he end his bsnd committed robbery.'ropine and murder,
In th northern pnrt of M:rico tinmdlestsdt Then he stepped .
on th3 toes of Villa b7 holding; tip 'ad' tasking an AmoricaT- '.
: control ed trxin which Villa had promieod protojticnl Villa'
ror.nd:d cp and execttod a s:ore cf Castillo's henchmen! Ca3
tillo, in' retaliation, ctY.tvse& a fr;ijht tra!n of the Amjricaa.
contrcllcd system, s?t it on firs and sent it into the Cumbr '
tunnel which he had previously wrecked with dynamite! Then
he nllowcd a passnjer trr'n to cifi.ih Into the chol!ed bore!
Fifty one persons were killed, includ'n? niue ' Americm!
Castillo es:,ipcd tha n?n hunt which fo!lowoi but was later
arrested on tha merisin sfdi of the lins! He is now a mill-
tary prisoner in one of tha United States Army posts in Tens
. where he is held despite the protests of Texansl
- - , ' '
ill !... '.'. ti m T. ' j i i
II '.. ,T f '.'.III
Mir- j '
' " " v - ";- r. . v ' .- " '
Legation Protection
In the. City of Mexico
The New York . Sun comiiic&ts edir
tprially on the progress being ma In in
the Mexican capital by the several Pow
era to prepare their locations for dis
order 1 and .the signiflcauee ' that tho
United eHate ia unable to take ktp
to afford hor citizens safeguard' in the
City of Mexico. - ' . "
'The rejiort, which seems to be au
thentic, that the European and Japa
nese legations in the "iy of Mexieo
have taken measures "to protect, their
nationals in the event of disorder hut
the Huerta government cannot rope
with, does not make pleasant reading,
particularly when sirens is lavl on the
fart that the British have planned to
take care of eit'zsus of the United
Htates;". saya the Hun. "It may be
true that blood ia thicker than water,
but Americans would, prefer to sea one
of their own people siting upon C'uin
niodore Tattnall 's famous r.eoipt.
"Tho latest development in the liga
tion situation at the Hty of Alexfco
is the dispatch of two machine gilns to
the lapitnl by H'.r llirittupher Craddork,
the British admiral commanding the
small cruifir squndrou at Vera I'iuk,
and It is aaid that all the. Kuropenn
Powers concerned have sent ofllcers and
men, but uot in Uniform, to guard the
legatious. At last accounts the Japa
nese were represented uiider the fl. t oa
of ceremony, It Is pi ot ally with the
consent bf the Huerta government that
the British are ' dispatching much Inn
kuiih by whv of tho Nutiontl Kb Iwav.
To these elaborate, if aumewhat s rat,
preparations to protect natiouals, the
United Htates is uo party, and, oill
eiullv, it rauuot cooperate, because tha
j Huerta government has not been recog-
It could
i logically object to the lundiug of United
rw yTior . . . iiiuuii
NtHtes ' marines "with fluid piucos f or
police service at the capital.
."However galling it may be that
the British or the German can do wl.at
our policy forbid us to do, aud which
we could eiisily- do Without risking a
conflict with Mexico, we: cannot take
exceptions to the joint action of other
I'owers to protect their legation, with
or Without President Huerta permis
sion. Whether we like t.uolr prefers
tions or not, they are going ahead with
amplft warrant. . t is a situation which
Americans' - cannot contemplate with
SHtixf action) but they must . bear in
mind that fven if the Hiurta govern
ment had .'been recotniiZHit Mexiians
would st'll object to tho jiresence of
American murines on their noil."
.,- ; . -
BOSTON', March The entire Kust
iijiponrs. to have I een Hiiiitten by the
lug blixzard. Shipping on the Atlautiu
Coast, purticiilnrlv coastwise trailie, ia
IbjIIv Jemorulizod. ,
, ." .-'-,
NbW.'.Y()RK, MaV.h 2.-0en. Ho
ratio King, fauion Civil War hero, edi
tor, publicist, author ami long promi
nent in politics, died, here toduy. He
wu a (lulcl UiunocrHt in IHlMi and later
a Progressive HwpuUUran. His talents
were many and he Was eonspicuoua in
several widely divergent field.
TUKSDAY,. MARCH -3, lfll4.4-SEMl-WEEKLY. : V - . nvft6ttWNU?rJL 3890 :
IJS'i wm
Etorm Claims Toll of Five Deaths
and Heavy Property Damlgi :
Trafflo Crippled.
NKW VOKt Marcli S. (rociatej
Trei-H by Koleral Wirfes) With the
fciHiir.-ntiirt rising and fair weather
(Tomied for today, New Yora and vi
cinity lurt night Keiui emerging from
ihc ii:ct dntrurtive Worm which has
. i:tvl this rogioii s!n( tho memorable
ttorm'of 1888. . '- '
Kivo jersons are fiorted to hsve
die) (rom cold, ' exposure and want
t Sim lhe Milliard swooped down en the
, (it and this number aisy be increased.
'Property damage at present is local
i nlahle but it will reach large flgures.
The suffering among the poorer classes
and t!ioee engaged in Outdoor work has
been intense., .
!' Reports from other' cities are that
the dnmage worfced by wind, rain and
Icet has been widespread. Prom the
New England states romes word that
much more damage is expected because
the streams are rapidly becoming swol
len from toe melting ice and snow. '
' Kxreit by rouadabout routes and
with the aid of underground wires New
York is cut off from .communication
with the West and South.- ,-
Traflie Ss , crippled, both because of
the heavy drifting saew and hard
winds and because of the difficulty in
Vrepinir Lie si'rfsoo cra and motor
.'ties running wittri Vie emploes ax
nosed ! Ions hours , in. the cold. .
Wall street was paralysed yesterday
for the first time In manr ' yesra
weather condition's-being so bad that
practically nothing was done' by the
stoca excnanire, ., i . .-
A milk, famine Is feared, as the milk
routes are demoial.seu. ;
Grrercency m Assures , have beea
adopted to leer the anew from th?
msin and residence streets. , Thousands
of extra iren hav been employed, and
it is estimated that already a million
dollar have fceen apent ia this-work
WASniNXJTOX.Ularch 3 hnws-
elated Press b. FederM Wireless WA
..wirelw'a message , ayjndn''vja. the
nvsi. towers-.at viArUngton ' and -the
Kiffrl tnwer.o at - Paris Informed the
Hr Huh foieiga oilii-e yesterday that dis
patches from the enbaasy hen would
be dnlsyed a day or two en account of
the damage to the telegraph system of
'ew York.-..,.;-
HALIFAX, Nova 8-ot!a- March 1
(A's'cirted Press -by retleral Wireless)
A heavy gale and rain swept Hall
fax yesterday. ' The 'effect alone the
roasta is beliex-ed to be severe." Some
where off the eastern coast. Jhe collier
Eusington is caught la the ice.
i i iii i .i
His Honor Feels That tDismissal
of His Sons for Incompetency
Reflects Upon Him. '
According to Supervisor' MeClellan
there was no petition before the caucus
of the supervisor at the Sunday caucus
demaudlug the removal of City and
(iounty Engineer I M., Whitehouae, but
there wero advance neraiainga or a peti
tion with over three hundred name at
tux-hod demanding the reinstatement of
Thoma F. Kennedy, roaa vereer, re
centlv removed from omce. The rein
statement petition in Kennedy' behalf
i beiiiu- eirculatM y William Ksat,
the stalleman in the fifth district who
also felt the . retrenchment ax and is
out for revenue. V-.
Tho petition will be presented for
action by the supervisora tonight, ana
i suid to be sigasd y many of th
voting mn workiug for the county,
The desire-for-revenge program wa
given a keener and louger edge at the
Sunday caucus, when .Mayor Fern took
it as in assault. uion bus own juijg
ment, when hi two sous wero dismissed
by tho engineers In the new bureau of
permanent survey on the ground of in
(oit iK'tency. The mayor blames Whit
house, and Whitehouse says it wa up
to the eng'neers in this particular de
partment to insist on the quality of
assistance they required.' . Whitehouse
disclaims any animosity toward the son
of the mayor, aud the mayor claims
that the removal of his boy 1 a slap
direct at him. The mayor threatens
political reprisals against all supervis
ors who uphold the engineer,
It can he taken as a foregone eonclu
siou that the suiervlsors will turn down
tho offer of the Associated Charities
to supply two hundred laborers on the
rortrts or the county Tree of cost, if th
struw poll taken Sunday can ba relied
on. to Inst until tonight .as the aenti
niuut of the supervisors. A prominent
leader of the board said laat night tbat
the proposal would be voted down a
i ii iiiunn
contrary to law, - , 1
'" -' .-H as aa. -
Pacheco Declares That Question "' -. B " " w B ... w TT-T J ' t; '
Of Postmastership Did Not v Rrpi BR TH
b-s- v. Mi tirn
.... .
Behind -lfcd doo:, th members of I
the , Democratic trr itorl 1 committee
held ft strenuous neet'ng I St nl ,ht,
t which ;rogrcs w- reported a har-
ng been made In reshaping and
n(f the rnle of the rarty orpan'sitlon
to conform with the letter and s l It
of the : primary election law, and at
which the previous recommon1a.ionh of
th? Demornt'e territorial commit')
for j:ididal appointment la the differ
ent judicial d'stri t of the Islinds Were
reiterated ia a s'and-pat spi It of unity
and steadfastness that nrcnght back a
glow of pride to those of the faithful
who had come to ccn'era l-.t j with di
tre the never-ending signs ff d'scord
and disrvrptlon to the local Democratic
party. .- '" ' 1 .
Facoeco gtana ng rat. ,
. Ia feply to a question, Clial-nian Ps
checo aaid that the postofflce question
was ia no way lefore the meeting.
."I have th endorsement of the ter
ritorial committee and Ihrr ia no fur
ther need in my tehalf of action by
this Wly until we hear from Washing
ton and learn just what the appoint
ing power there desire In th way of
further Information," . he said.
Th territorial committee' did nil
take cognizance , of county , pcliticil
squall a kicked up in the actxn of
the coird of supervisor and heads of
departments In the local government of
ihe city and county of Honolu'u. While
Col. CD. Pringle was present, ther
was bo action taken in the direction of
endorsing him as the eoeeessor of the
'ncambect, Chcrlna''A. fottrill, col'ectw
of Internal revenue, ': '
According te the solemn assertion, of
loya member of - th ; ec,ret ,. aesslou,
t her was nothing don but to approve
tif l partially completed work of the
ceAntjttiV polrted. imw .tiuiyu,
revise'anii amend the party ru ! in
committee, consisting or, Les. 1. 'J
Ryan, John Bright and Uabriel Kiawj
hakiu, made various miner rhanues, li'
the pr'nripaf point ado; tad br (He nine
member and tea proxie prenent war
that of adopting the ptimary law. aa I
rule to be followed In the elr-e'iun ol
member of h territorial eonm t ei. .
Oratory Flowed Frl?. "'
The' fresentation - tf . the varlout
amendments called out unusually vo:
uble oratory, in which the satirfact; on
gained .was principally with the or
tor. v '.'
Affirmative actiou wa taken in re
affirming the previous endorsement o
J. J. Hmiddy for I'nlted Wtstes niar
hat. Idlings is still the- choice foi
judge of tho third circuit, A. 0. Corre
for judge of the fourth circuits and
Harry Irwin for th sec o nil circuit.
which include Hilo.
In Honolulu the committee' remain
quiescent, as to recommendations fot
circuit judge appointment, but still
back Ashford and Quarlea or the sit
preme bonrh.
The member of the committee prrs-
cut were M. C. Iaeheco. B. N. Kahale
puna, John Bflinger, E. H. F. Woltcr
K. J. McCandless, Kteve 8. Oumpher.
Joe Kalana, John Bright and Peter
Manuel. L. L, MeCandlos, T. J. Bvau
('. D, Pringle and few other were
present. .
Another meeting will be held In the
near future to complete tho work of re
forming the rules of the Democratic
Woman Frozen to -vv
Deatsi While Man
Searches for Aid
Couple Caught in Pennsylvania
Blizzard Companion Unable
to Obtain Succor.
.H-AZ ELTON, . Pennsylvania, March
3. (Associated Press by Federal Wire
less) Ella Sweeney, tweuty two years
of age, wa found yesterday frozen to
death in a sleigh, where her companion
.1 sines Hurtholdi, had left here the night
before while he tajted out In the ul a
rani which had envelope the ooup
and the rig to seek aid.
Bart hold! tramped two miles over
mountain, though a refuge, unknown to
him, was distant only about two nun
dred yards from the xt where he had
left his girl companion.
Because of his exhausted eouditlo
when he arrived at a dwelling house he
was not permitted to return In search
of Mis Sweeney, despite hi protesta
tions to do so.
-With the subsiding of the blizzsrd
yesterday morning a searching fiarty
was organized, which found the youn
woman lifeless in the sleigh. Hartholdi
I is in a precarious condition from ex-
i I II . ....
CoL O. W. Ooethals Confers With
Secretary Lane Refardino;.
Proposed Railways. .
WASHINGTON, March 3. (Asso
ciated Press by Federal Wirele) Col
onel George W. Ooethals, chief cngla-
cer of the Panama Canal construction
work, and Secretary of th . Interior
Franklin K. Lane, held a conference
here yesterday reirardiiig the building
of government railroad iu Alaska.
hollowing the conference It was an-
oounred that Colonel Ooethals had ex
pressed his belief that the machinery
used In the Panama Canal. construction
work could be' used In the proposed
rairroad wora in tne aortnorn territory,
Commanders of Philippine and
Hawaiian Departments to
.- Sail on Thomas.'' .
When tho United States Army trans
tort Thomas sails from Han Francisco
larch 5 for Hawaii and the Philippine,
t will enjoy the unusual distinction, of
having as military passenger two ot
b six major generals of tha United
Jtatea Armyt-Major General Thomas
t, liurry, who naa been detailed to the
oiumand of the I'hilippin Department.
and Major General William H. Carter,
Aho will take command of the ilawai-
an Department.
Old army men yesterday scratched
their beada when they attempted to
.ecollect if two major goufral hereto
fore ever croased the Paciflc on the
atue transport in time of peace. They
lorlared the circumstances unusual, at
least. .;
Major General Carter, who come to
Hawaii aa th first major general ever
assigned to tuis post, will be accom
panied by hi aide-de-camp. First Lieut.
J. U. Pillow of the Thirteenth Infantry
and ttecond ueut. John u. geardb ot
the Kleventh Infantry. Major Oeneral
Marry will Dave as his aide, Capt John
h. vtoodwara or the Twenty-ninth In
fantry. ' ; " :
Other army onlcor destined for Ha
wail who will sail on the transport
Thoma are Major E. B. Gos of the
Twenty-fifth Infantry, Capt, C. Y. Bate
of the Twenty-fifth Infantry. First
Lieut. Harold Geiger of the Coast Artil
lery Corps, becond Lieut. William C,
Rose of the Becond Infantry and Misa
Kose Fegler of the Army Nurse Corp.
Besides Major General Barry and hi
aide, destined lor the Philippines, will
be Lieut, tol. t, 11. Mavens of the
(Quartermaster Corps, Capt. F. 8. L.
i'rice of the Eighth Infantry. Cant. C.
L, 0. Frohwitter of the Coast Artillery
Corps, Capt. B, 8. Fitch of the Eighth
Cavalry, Capt. Edson I. Small of th
Philippine Hcouts, First. Lieut. J. A,
Ureen of the Coast, - Artillery Corp,
First Lieut. Frank O. Smith of the
Philippine Scouts, First Lieut. Albert
H. Kaempfer of the Thirteenth lnfan
try, First Lieut. K. H. Kackley of the
rbilippine ncouts, ciecond Lieut.' A. U
ISaudeford of the Eighth Infantry, Sec
ond Lieut. J. C. Thomas of tho Philip
piue ek-outs and the Misses Helen M
Pickel, Emily 8. Hess and Mary A
Davis of the Army Nurse Corps.
TXHAVEX, Germsnv, March 3
Axsrvinted Press by Federal Wireless)
Thirteen sailor of th crew of the
Norwegian Imrk Tasman perished when
the vessel eapsiaed yesterday in the
North Hea. Hi member of the crow
were rescued.
BAHRY and carter
... ;" : ij. W -- V 'i. v, 'i
New Commander of Hawaiian De-
1 1 a m . v , .
pu uucuii oajrs aauuiu i vim
Are to Be Brought Up to Full .
Complement Allotted by . War
Department in Orders of 1912.
. .-'- . t .
Sails Today
For The Islands
Thousand Men Also Coming On
Transport to Recruit Regiments
Now Stationed Here Greater
' Force Was Recommended ' to
.' Department by Macomb Board. ,
' . i " ' -. ':' - - - '
Asarwis fori Prpaa- liv 'Pil(ral '
Wireless) Major General , Wil
liam II. Carter who Sails today
for Honolulu to assume command -of
the Hawaiian Department of
the United States Army, said yes
terday s that the army! forces' at '
llawaiv will bo increased froixl
eight thousand men ,;to fourteen
thousand or fifteen thousand fnen
ia soon aa the troops' can be trans
ferred I row tWjBairjlH.ri'L m o -
tran'sporV with Major 0'tieral
Carter will go a thousand men to
augment the garrison on Oahu Is-
lan.l .' ...V
According to Major Arthur S. Conk-
lin, chief of staff, tho1 statement off
Major General Carter ia re'gavd to the
nraj.iii.nl .Imiltlincv nf itiA trnilia ln
stationed in the Hawaiian Islands un
doubtedly relates to the war depart
ment order issued in 1912 upon recom
mendation or tne Macomb Uoara allot
ting to the Hawaiian Department two
brigade or three more regiment than
are stationed here at the present time.
While the order still stands, there
ha not up to this time been any def
inite indication that it would be carried
out In the near future and it -has boen
the belief In army circles that Instead
of sending three more regiments here ,
to constitute another brigade the regi
ments now her would be recruited up
to' a strength of 250 men to a company.
' Under the orders of 119 the full
complement qf the Hawaiian deimrt-
ment is approximately 15,000 men. Th
thousand men who will come ' on ihe
are recruit for the regiment now sta
tioned here. !
' 'I , ...
Formerly Powerful New Yorpj
Democratic Dictator Entirely .
. Ousted from Control
ALBANY, New York; March 3.
(Associated Pre by Federal Wireles)
Following hi repudiation In the last
New York City election, ."Boat".,
Charles F. Murphy, head of the Tam
many machine, was given another stag
gering blow yesterday when William
Church Osborne,, an avowed anti-Tammany
Democrat, was elected chairman
of thet state Democratic central com
mittee, The election of Osborne prac
tically sealed the political doom of
"Boss" Murphy nod the Tammauy or
ganisation. FRED AYER'S DOG TEAM
vmi d '. ' -w V. ' ' i-i '
'"j'uti, aisits, jusreu o.v Associ
ated Press by Federal Wireles) Fred
Aycr and, hi team of dog finished first
here yesterday in the Solomon Derby
dog race from Nome over tb now
trail to . Solomon and return. John
Johnson' team of Siberian wolve was
a close, second. ,-, , ,

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